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Participant Three Age: 13 Sex: M Location: Norway 1.

From first glance, which piece of work looks more professional and why? The Audi image looks more professional because it looks crisp.


What feeling is being provoked in the 3D text piece? Audi image is trying to get the viewer to think about cars and the animation is making awareness of people with autism.


What are the main colours represented in the 3D text piece and what do they represent? The colours are pink and red mainly because those colours give a passionate love-type feel to the image.


Do the two pieces set a sense of false hope? How can you tell? Yes. The Audi image makes it seem like you are unable to be near one ‘Dreamin’. The animation doesn’t set a false sense of hope as it is positive.


What aura do you feel when contrasting the two pieces? The Audi image gives off a calm feel whilst the Animation make me feel idle.


What comes to mind when contrasting the two pieces? Audi image is about wanting materials whilst the animation is focusing on an issue in the world.


Are you encouraged to feel a false sensation? If so, how? The Audi image makes me feel good but the animation makes me feel bad.


How does the colour differentiate the two pieces from one another? One is vibrant the other is gloomy.


What would you change about the two pieces? I would not change them.

10. How does the choice of angles used alter the perspective of the two pieces? Makes the pieces have depth. 5 minute break. 11. How do the two pieces instigate you to create something of your own? 12. How does the 3D text piece lead your eyes to the main focal point? 13. What subject do you recognize within the two pieces (i.e. political, education, etc) and how does it reflect on reality? 14. How is the lighting different between the two pieces? The 3ds max piece has a dull and contrasting lighting to it. The animation on the other hand has vibrant colours that are one toned. 15. Do you think the 3D text piece has a good enough message to be shown worldwide, if so why? 16. Who would you recommend the pieces of work to? I would recommend the 3d text piece to an audience that have a preference for cars. The snack and drink I would recommend to an audience studying psychology.17. Which piece caught your attention most and why? The text piece caught my attention as it is bold and simple. The animation is quite long and therefore I lost concentration. 18. Do you think the animation still has a strong message if watched several times, if so why? 19. What word could you have used instead of the current word in the 3D text piece? 20. Does the soundtrack to the animation work well with the piece? Why?

3D Text Piece.

Snack and Drink Animation.

Participant Three  
Participant Three