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What should we be learning about in environmental politics? Responses:

John: How Governments can play their parts in Helping the Environment, not just by donating money. Sonya: Focus resources on useful/ essential production which include mostly education, military advancemnet and medicine, even if it means limiting or canceling other products Yuuka: we should be learning about things that people, cities, countries are doing now to stop global warming! Louna: We should all be learning medicine and first aid max: How to gain cooperation from the whole world on sustaining a healthy environment ALESSANDRO: Save resources to create sustainable resources Cyrus: go to space keven: Try to save some resources for the future ! max: How to get to another planet max: How to let go of materialistic views. John: Best sustainable resource to use. Cyrus: Get governments to stop pretending that global warming isn't happening. Just destroy ourselves so we give the planet a break :) max: To find alternative, sustainable sources of energy and materials ALESSANDRO: We need more activists to create a larger population for the protests riko: how to stop global warming by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions Pilar Barbadillo Vicario: How to more efficiently use our resources to create a better environment for ourselves! Louna: Start teaching the next few generations to share, not waste and not be selfish like the last few generations have been John: How can we lower the amount of CO2 that people emit. John: How to get the message across to people who choose to damage the environment "On purpose" Cyrus: How can we get rid of coal plants. John: How big are the changes in temperature from the actions we do? ALESSANDRO: The people should unite and protest/demonstrate to help stop harming the environment John: Protesting about what is happening to the environment and how every little thing can affect the environment. JC: Need to learn how to protect our envionment and we also need to try to influence others Sonya: Cooperation skills, Ethics for massive numbers, equaly divided reasources, justification for products which require finite

resources, Power to persuade government officials or the population, how to build a more honest connection between government and citizen, usage of alternate and infinite (or close infinte) power sources Nur: I need to start caring more about the environment, and find a way to stop global warming in the future. Cyrus: environmentalist's ideology, How to build better nuclear reactors, How to make e=mc² more effective, How to solve the energy crisis, How to develop deep respect for nature. Louna: How to deal with having to share the earths resources with everyone. ALESSANDRO: we must learn how to sustain the environment John: How to play our part in saving the environment. John: How to negotiate without loosing your head. JC: Skills to survive in a harsh envionment ALESSANDRO: Must have a good relationship between countries to discuss the world's environmental problems and try to solve the problems. JC: Correct usage of the resources John: Most effective way to sustain the environment. ALESSANDRO: We should be learning about how to deal with the environment. JC: Government, Wars, economic, climate change, pollution, global warming,

What should we be learning about in environmental politics