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Committee: Environment Topic: Saving Rainforests And Using Green Technology Region: Latin America and the Caribbean Delegates: Nur Albarazi, Pilar Barbadillo, Yuka Kimura/ Delegates of South America and the Caribbean

Honorable Chair(s) and Distinguished Delegates, We are representing Latin America & Caribbean. We are here in Zhuhai because we all are interconnected. What we do affects the rest of the world. We have the main source of oxygen in the world. Our entire environment is linked. It doesn’t matter if we are making the problem of solving the problem. We should take care of what we are responsible for. We believe that there is something we can do to make changes in our world. We can work this out as long as we all agree. We want a fair and equitable solution. We propose changes that we can take and will take our responsibility, we are ready to take on this responsibility, we are going to put a tax on petrol and we are going to use the money to fund clean technology. One of our solutions is to lower the taxes so later we can pay for clean technology that wouldn’t be affecting our environment. Clean technology is a way to save money, things that we can do that aren’t to too different, but clean technology helps us saving the environment. Clean technology is not only for good causes on the environment, but its also good for the economy. 83% of our continent is made up of rainforests, tropical and subtropical forests, and almost all the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are LDCs’ (Less Developed Countries.) Our main sources of money come from the rainforests and petroleum; therefore we have to use what we have. One of our biggest problems are the farmers or the poor people in our forests, they cut out the trees, sell the wood and use the land for agriculture in order to get the money they have to repeat this process a million times which takes us to where there are no more trees. We have five well developed countries in Latin America, they are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Panama. They are our main source of money. Most deforestation takes place because of need to agriculture land. In countries with poor economies like the ones in Latin America, people turn to agriculture. Farmers use most of the land they cut down for farming.

Latin america & caribbean position paper  
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