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Kingman Rink of Dreams will soon host happy skaters By Lori Larsen They built it and now they will be coming. Kingman Rink of Dreams is nearing completion and as soon as the weather permits the rink will be flooded and the fun will begin. After nearly two years of hard work and dedication by the Kingman Recreation Association (KRA), Kingman residents, volunteers and numerous donations by Camrose and area businesses and other organizations, the Rink of Dreams has become a wonderful reality. Facilities such as the Kingman Rink are more than the sports played there. They become the focal point for a community. A place to gather and share in the truer meaning of community. “We are really exited to get that sense of community happening,” said Lauren Anderson secretary of KRA. “I think there are a lot of young families that are really looking for that centre and the rink will help facilitate that.” The rink also gives youth and children a place to come and play, with no set schedules, the ability to meet and make new friends and just have fun. It will not only offer amazing skating opportunities on a regulation sized rink but has already proven to be a hot spot in the summer as well, hosting the newly formed 4-H, Bits and Spurs club comprised of horse enthusiasts from the Kingman and Tofield areas, who are meeting at the Kingman hall and utilizing the Kingman rink as a quality outdoor riding arena. “I am super excited,” smiled nine-year-old Kate Anderson. “We can get riding in it (the rink) in the summer with our 4-H club and we can skate on it in the winter and have skating parties and have fun.” According to Kate the 4-H club will be holding achievement day at the facility and riding nights during the summer. “And maybe have barbecues.” With enthusiasm Kate added. “It is also cool that there is going to be skates and equipment, such as helmets, jerseys, pads and goalie equipment, for people who don’t have hockey equipment to borrow,” graciously explaining that KRA will have a bunch of hockey equipment that has been barely used, to borrow. KRA member Trent Kenyon further explained that the equipment was donated by the Sports Central organization in an effort to launch the initiative in other communities. “We (KRA) will loan out the equipment and then receive it back at the

communities in the next five years.” To view the video submitted by the KRA visit https://youtube/o1LVcjJIdew. “Every donation whether it be monetary, work or material in kind, has contributed to the success of this project,” said Kenyon. Flourishing dreams

An aerial view of the Kingman Rink of Dreams shows the breadth of the project including the regulation sized rink complete with new rink boards and the indoor facility that houses the Kingman post office, change area, ice resurfacing machine, storage and maintenance shop, canteen and washrooms.

end of the year,” said Kenyon adding this will make it possible to maintain the equipment and continue the cycle of being able to loan it out again. “This will decrease some of the costs and gets children out to participate.” Sheldon Oleksyn , executive director for Sports Central spoke further to the initiative of supplying communities with gently used equipment for loan, and what it means to have facilities such as Kingman Rink. “The Rink of Dreams provides a setting and a place so that children can gather and play and we are happy to be involved in the project to supply equipment so that children who don’t have access to that equipment, for a number of reasons primarily financial and other, can have that equipment in order to introduce them to that sport. “Nobody can really do it themselves so it is natural to look for organizations that can take a piece of that challenge and provide what they can in order to make that dream a reality.”

brate Canada’s 150th FCC AgriSpirit fund has been increased from $1 to $1.5 million and will be used for projects like hospitals and medical centres, fire and rescue equipment, playground, food banks, libraries, arenas, swimming pools, recreation areas and community centres. For a complete listing of national selected proj-

of some of the considerate donations. “As well as the $20,000 donation we just received from FCC, The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation donated $10,000, Daryl K. Seaman Canadian Hockey Fund at the Calgary Foundation donated $28,000, and Makadiff Sports donated $35,000. “The Makadiff Foundation gives five grants out

Generosity abound

If not for the generosity of many individuals, organizations and local businesses the Rink of Dreams would not have been able to achieve the amazing goals it has and foster many other dreams of youth in the community. John Wegenast senior director Farm Credit Canada (FCC) remarked on the importance FCC places on donating to local community initiatives such as The Rink of Dreams. “It is important to give back to the agriculture community and the rural areas that we support with our business and that also support our business.” FCC supports rural capital projects and is presently funding 78 community groups across Canada as they work to enhance their public spaces. In an effort to cele-

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose FCC donated $20,000 to the Kingman Rink of Dreams, pushing the project that much closer to its goal. Accepting the donation on behalf of all the children and adults who will benefit from the use of the outdoor facility are front row left to right seven-year-old Clay and nineyear-old Kate Anderson. Handing over the cheque representing FCC are left to right back row Bailey Kasur and senior relationship manager Todd Skaret.

ects visit Specif ically, FCC donated $20,000 to the Kingman Rink of Dreams. “I think it is especially cool that we are investing back in outdoor rinks,” observed Wegenast. “When I was a child there were lots and they have more-aless disappeared. It’s nice to see a few of them popping back up again, it is a different experience then skating inside.” Kenyon spoke further

per year to Alberta nonprofits whose aim is to offer sports and recreation programs to children and youth in a different unique way, “ said Kenyon. “Part of their program is, each of the five agencies that receives funds does a final report and video and then have an opportunity for an additional $50,000. If we win the $50,000 it will go towards seed money to build 10 similar facilities in other Northern Alberta

Recognizing the concern that there are less opportunities for children and youth who just want a place to go and skate or pick up a game of shinny, as opposed to more organized sports, the KRA took on the task of building the Kingman Rink and indoor facility that will service not only Kingman, but outlaying areas as well. “The rink is especially great for any children and youth that are into hockey,” said Kenyon referring to the fact that many indoor facilities are often booked solid thus making it difficult to get ice time. “If they (young adults) can drive or parents are willing to bring them out to Kingman for a couple of hours to skate on a really nice outdoor surface, they can come out and play some shinny.” The Kingman Rink will be flooded as soon as the weather permits tentatively planned for the early part of December. The grand opening is planned for the new year. “We are hoping to have a dinner, charity hockey game, and concert at the hall, but no specifics are known at this point,” explained Kenyon. “All the work has been put into building it and soon we will be able to transition into planning events for it.” Although close to being fully funded, donations are a still welcome. “We are presently in the process of purchasing a skidsteer and ice resurfacing machine and putting in bleachers, all of which are wild cards as far as costs,” said Kenyon. On a final note KRA president Susan Francis said. “Our (Kingman) post office is at the rink now. It is a real central drawing spot for the Hamlet and the community. It is big thing for our community to have that central spot.” For more information on the Kingman Rink of Dreams visit Donations can be made through the ATB CARES Program (available on the Kingman Community Hall website.) Donations can be also be mailed to Kingman Rink of Dreams Project, P.O. Box 95, Kingman, AB, T0B 2M0 or made through The Kingman Rink of Dreams project Go Fund Me page.

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