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March 7, 2017

Following the Rules

District Fish and Wildlife Officer Lorne Rinkel, who is based in Camrose and services an expansive geographic area in east central Alberta, had a busy fall and has had few slow days over the winter. Lately, Rinkel has benefitted from an abundance of solid information from people in the area which has led to an impressive quantity and variety of wildlife crime investigations and actual charges. Residents of the area have been invaluable eyes and ears for Rinkel since he took over the local Fish and Wildlife office in 2015. As part of his routine and professional responsibility, Officer Rinkel typically deals with trespassing and night hunting calls, injured animals, poaching and the general enforcement of legislation surrounding fishing, hunting and trapping. He gets frequent complaints of deer, moose and elk eating and damaging crops, grain piles and haystacks. Occasionally, he is called upon to investigate local cougar or lynx sightings. Unfortunately, too much of his time is spent investigating incidents of hunting out-of-season, shooting and leaving wildlife, wasting meat or incidences of hunting or fishing illegally. Just the same, Lorne Rinkel is really enjoying his posting. “Camrose is generally very peaceful, orderly and the people overall are very conscientious and polite,” he says. To contact Fish and Wildlife in the event of an emergency, call 1.800.642.3800. To leave a message at the Camrose office, call 780.679.1225.


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Photo by Sue Nelson

Fish and Wildlife Officer Lorne Rinkel confirms an active fishing license of avid outdoorsman and fisherman Will Honish. Will spends many days each winter enjoying the hobby from his well-equipped fishing shack at Tillicum Beach on Dried Meat Lake.

March 7, 2017 Country Booster  
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