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Lougheed restaurant claims Guinness record for schnitzel

Micha Hentshel with a plate of schnitzel outside his restaurant, Haus Falkenstein, in Lougheed. By Dan Jensen

Schnitzel with cream sauce. Schnitzel with tomatoes and mushrooms. Schnitzel with onions. Schnitzel with pineapple. You can get it any way you want it at Haus Falkenstein, a restaurant in the Lougheed Hotel. Haus Falkenstein has

347 different varieties of pan fried schnitzel – a Guinness world record. Haus Falkenstein coowners Micha Hentschel and his wife, Silke, started investigating the Guinness World Record for restau ra nt-style schnitzel over a year ago.

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“I did a search on Google and found out that previous record belonged to a restaurant in Herten, Germany, my home town,” said Hentschel. “They had 180 different varieties.” Hentschel’s daughter, Hjordis, scouted the Herten restaurant while she was in Germany last summer. “I asked her to go there to check out what they’re doing,” said Hentschel. “She found out that he (the owner) was using a deep frozen mass produced product. That is not the way it is supposed to be. It should be made fresh, not deep frozen.” Armed with that information, Hentschel asked Guinness to approve a new category for schnitzel that was commercially available and pan fried. “They didn’t want to do it,” he said, “so I grabbed the record from the World Record Academy for the largest variety of pan fried schnitzel.” Guinness also wanted him to provide proof that he actually had as many varieties as he was claiming. “They wanted me to buy a $10,000 computer till where every schnitzel was listed,” said Hentschel. “They also wanted me to send the sales receipts from each schnitzel variety, something I didn’t think would work.” The situation was finally resolved when Hentschel agreed to forward his ingredients list as proof that he was able

Micha Hentschel with a few of the 347 different varieties of fresh pan fried schnitzel he has on the menu at Haus Falkenstein. The Guinness World Record has helped increase business at the restaurant, with some customers driving from several hours away for a taste.

to produce all the schnitzels on the menu. The record was officially confirmed in November when Guinness sent out an official certificate. Of the 40 to 50 meals that Haus Falkenstein serves every day, 90 to 95 per cent are schnitzel. The costs range from $14.75 to $26.75, depending on the ingredients, like the Chanterelles, green peppercorn and white asparagus, which have to be imported from outside the province. “The one schnitzel that is ordered the most is the Jager schnitzel, a German classic that is made with homemade mushroom and bacon sauce,” said Hertschel. “My personal favourite is the Green peppercorn cream sauce schnitzel.” The Guinness World Record has helped increase business at the restaurant, with some customers driving from several hours away. “We place an advertisement in the German

newspaper in Edmonton,” said Hertschel, “so we are getting quite a few Germans coming from there, Calgary and different parts in between. Our customers are impressed and amazed about the idea of getting the world record to Lougheed.” Hertschel said the reason he started to pursue the Guinness record was to show people that there is more to the prairies than just cows, grain and coyotes and that everybody can set a world record with the right idea. “People who live in the big cities have a strange mind about what is going on in the country. I wanted to point out that there is a lot more than what they think.” Guinness World Record lists the largest schnitzel ever made at 550 kg (made by Martin Liebscher, from Germany, in 2011). The record for the longest schnitzel is 96.7 metres (produced by Landgasthof Jossgrund in Germany in 2009.

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