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Amygdala Hijacked & Stuck or Ill?

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Amygdala Hijacked & Stuck or Ill?......01 Curiosity & Autonomy -vs- Fake News.........02 Advertisement Alamogordo Services...............03 The "WEE Concept"an Eclectic Model...........04 Forthcoming book The "WEE Concept"........05 Understanding Maladaptive Behavior..............06 Understanding Maladaptive Behavior............07 Anger & PTSD Not Exclusive to Vets............08 Anger & PTSD Not Exclusive to Vets...........09 GCS NEWS Readers Opinion ...................10 The Elephant in the NEWS.. .........................11 Amygdala Hijacked & Stuck or Ill...................12 National Alliance on Mental Health.............13 We Need Seasoned Leadership Today!


We Need Seasoned Leadership Today!


We Need Seasoned Leadership Today! .


How to Kill COVID 19 at Home....................17 Let's Kill the COVID -19 Virus......................18 An Eclectic Approach the "WEE Concept......19 A GCS News Advertisement.............................20





Coach Wes

In a digital world that is full of competition and distractions, GCS NEWS greatly appreciates individuals who are curious enough to allot some of their valuable time to engage with our digital content .

That said, in today’s current society many individuals are quick to tell you, don’t believe what you read, observe, hear, experience et cetera, based upon what they really value themselves. Then-to, to reinforce what they have informed you to do, they justify or mask, (at least in my mind) their intentions by labeling it with the trending term (both a popular and unpopular term) called “Fake News.” In fact, I remember a while back I was sitting down in a bank and decided to pick up the local paper to read it, when the gentlemen sitting beside me stated “ I don’t know why you reading the paper, cause it’s all Fake News.” Initially, I was somewhat taken-aback at what he stated and even thought he was just joking, until I instinctively read his body language (utilizing emotional intelligence or “EQ”) and determined that he really believed what he had just stated. Fortunately, from my perspective I just slightly smiled at him and began reading the paper because I greatly value critical thinking, autonomy and utilizing my own filter rather than prejudging or capitulating to a fragment of one’s group thought. However, at the same time I could not help but wonder, how many individuals would have embraced his negative energy and selfdestructive thought. The bottom line is that maladaptive behavior can be as contagious as any infectious disease or virus. One may not be able to observe it initially, however it’s symptoms maybe so subtle that you don’t realize them until it’s too late. Remember, curiosity is a characteristic of individuals who strive to get better, being gullible to the point of capitulating to the thoughts of an unknown individual or stranger can result in a unsolicited life changing lifestyle of perpetual chronic or acute anger, substance abuse and or premature death. Please enjoy our inaugural 2020 edition of our digital version of GCS News, and if you have an opinion or would like to share a letter and or story pertaining to Anger Management , please contact us at : Perpetual peace and happiness, Wesley E. Etheridge Sr., USN (Ret.) MTS/DCAMF Principal Consultant GCS Facilitators and Consultants


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GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" The "WEE Concept" an Eclectic Model We welcome submissions to letters at:

In the past some skeptic individuals have inquired about GCS Facilitators and Consultants eclectic approach to behavior modification, particularly regarding its success of behavioral change. To those skeptics and or critics a GCS Coach would easily inform them that since the beginning of humanity there has been no boiler plate or evidence-based curricula, methodology or program that has achieved 100% success with assisting individuals with behavioral change. In fact, since its inception the authors of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (which currently is the DSM-5) have never identified the word anger as a reason for a diagnosis, even though they identify it as a characteristic or symptom of several diagnosis they identify within said manual. Instead, for those seeking assistance from mental health professionals one must look toward the criteria for Intermitted Explosive Disorder or IED and it’s identifying criteria to get a better understanding of one’s unsolicited, maladaptive or inappropriate behavior. However, for those pragmatic individuals seeking to discover what’s happening within themselves, it’s the “WEE Concept.” According to the word “Eclectic” is defined as selecting or choosing from various sources. That said, personalities are comprised of more than one’s DNA, it’s a combination of a variety of elements or sources (social, emotional, financial et cetera) that come together in an eclectic manner that contribute to one’s behavior. Hence, a GCS Coach would share why a singular approach to behavior change would more times than not lead to undesirable outcomes in regards to behavioral change.

Then-to, from an analytical perspective which is becoming extremely popular amongst professional sports teams whose main objective is to win, analytics is almost everything. The bottom line is that the team’s executives, coaches, consultants and players are privy (using technology and the old fashion eyeball test) to reviewing their undesirable approach to winning and make the appropriate actions in order to win. In a nutshell the “WEE Concept” is a somewhat similar philosophy or what a GCS Coach would tell you "It's our methodology." The idea being that the individual is encouraged to value rethinking in a more pragmatic manner, but specifically to discover or gain a more comprehensive understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses such as what triggered them, what day, time or month was it and if it was significant or not , was alcohol or other substances involved et cetera, all are relevant within the situational dynamics but each can be countered via the correct and timely use of the five pillars of the “WEE Concept.”


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Forthcoming Book The "WEE Concept" We welcome submissions to letters at:

This highly anticipated book shall be a valuable reading asset to share with both friends and family members who exhibit characteristics associated with maladaptive behavior. Based upon the Five Pillars, this eclectic non-clinical methodology was specifically designed to assist cohorts and individuals who struggle with managing the secondary emotion of anger. The “WEE Concept� is utilized by numerous QMHP and Coaches, it changes lives.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Understanding Maladaptive Behavior We welcome submissions to letters at:


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Understanding Maladaptive Behavior We welcome submissions to letters at:

Just like the individual stated on the previous video it can be complicated. Maladaptive or inappropriate behavior is considered a liability in mainstream society. In fact, it simply means one has or is exhibiting difficulty to the norms within society. From a pragmatic standpoint a number of variables could contribute to one's behavior some of which could include mental health, family and or social dynamics, substance abuse, economic, et cetera. You could never know what a person's life has been comprised of just by looking at them. You may be able to assume some things, but for sure there is not just one single factor that could be determined to be the direct cause of maladaptive actions based upon the various daily situational dynamics that individuals are subjected to. It's not wrong to feel angry. Learn how to express it. GCS Coach Marie Wendy Gagne Ontario Canada More times than not, emotions are the catapult for such behavior. That said, for those who are cognizant that they struggle with anger, it must be noted that anger is a secondary emotion. Basically, that means that some displeasure occurs first, prior the initiation of one exhibiting anger. Newton’s 3rd Law states that for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. If you believe in his theory, then one’s angry action or reaction is a result to protect feelings, him or herself, others, property or something that’s valued, regardless if it is real or perceived. The bottom line is that anger is an innate emotion of everyday life, in a positive manner it can be utilized to motivate one to achieve goals and objectives, on the other hand on too many occasions it has been utilized as the motivation to act as a hammer or in a maladaptive manner. No one shall ever master the secondary emotion of anger. However, if one is struggling with the everyday challenges of anger, a GCS Coach would suggest that he or she research, observe and read the general history of mankind, as it will reveal that critical thinking individuals have a greater probability of navigating toxic or challenging situations, than individuals who just act initially and primarily on emotions.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Anger & PTSD is Not Exclusive to Vet's We welcome submissions to letters at:

Early age embracing of anger can lead to bullying Contrary to popular belief (and this is no secret neither) neither anger or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is excluded to military veterans, active duty or reserve military individuals. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one wants to view it, the term was coined by the military sometime after the Vietnam era in order to ensure that congressional lawmakers (for disability payment purposes) and the general public understood the seriousness of this disorder. Also, PTSD is not limited to combat exclusively. In fact, it is generally common in the civilian community because many individuals have had and continue to have experiences and exposure with traumatic situations. As a result of trauma (and depending on the individual), individuals are more likely than not to overindulge in alcohol and or other substances to avoid thoughts, feelings, or conversations associated with their experiences with trauma. That said, self-medicating is not the answer as it often exacerbates the situation. Then-to, one’s social and even workplace dynamics can contribute to normalizing one’s actions and justify behavior that can become maladaptive in accordance with mainstream society. Moreover, according to the National Center for PTSD anger is often a large part of a survivor’s response to trauma. However, exhibiting characteristics associated with PTSD is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that an individual needs assistance. Unfortunately, anger is underestimated and its negative impact on communities is vastly underrated. Similarly (not saying it is akin to this global pandemic) from an awareness or cognizant standpoint, just like the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was not taken seriously when it was initially identified, until now. As a general rule, individuals who exhibit challenges with anger have never really been taken seriously until their anger becomes problematic on an acute or chronic level and this my friends has been going on most likely since the creation of man and society. Also, there are a great number of individuals who were raised to embrace anger as a sign of strength. As a result, in their early childhood, adolescent, young adult and perpetually in their adult life, they shall be challenged to adapt to the workplace dynamic. That's because every interaction with society will be based on how they see their role, regardless of the dynamics of situations. The bottom line, they may enjoy being in the role of the social and or workplace bully which inevitably will lead to some form of conflict.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Anger & PTSD is Not Exclusive to Vet's We welcome submissions to letters at:

Trauma Informed Care is a term utilized by Qualified Mental Health Professional, Clinicians, Social Services Workers, Coaches and others in the Human Services profession who assist individuals in need of assistance with managing anger but also in particular experiences with trauma. It’s just one of a cluster of strategies that can be introduced to assist individuals in a manner that enhances their probability of daily success. The bottom line is that it shifts the focus from what’s wrong with you to what happened to you. The Impact of Marijuana on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) According to The Recovery Village ( many people who experience PTSD turn to marijuana to reduce their symptoms, which might include paranoia and severe anxiety. So, what do you think? Write us and share your experience at .


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" GCS NEWS Readers Opinion We welcome submissions to letters at: We would like to hear what you have to say. That’s why we value our readers stories about situations and or events that they have experienced. Then-to, if we have written a story of which you happen to disagree with, please send in your rebuttal (one which supports your opinion from a pragmatic standpoint), because we would like to hear from you. However, if your rebuttal is simply based on an emotional rant without evidence that can support your argument, it may not be published. Also, if you read or see something you like, share your opinion on it too.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" The Elephant In The NEWS We welcome submissions to letters at:

Because of the uncertainty of the CORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19), which is now a global pandemic, GCS NEWS has elected to share a World Health Organizations link, which is a very comprehensive overview of this issues Elephant in the NEWS, the CORONAVIRUS. It’s obvious that globally this life-threatening disease is sucking all the oxygen from every country on the globe. In fact, from an economic standpoint, it is predicted that it shall push the global economy into a recession. By now, most pragmatic individuals are taking this pandemic very seriously, as its very presence has changed the dynamics of all of our lifestyles for now and into the future. Just remember, it is anticipated to be 12-18 months before scientist are predicted to have a cure.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Amygdala Hijacked & Stuck or Ill ? We welcome submissions to letters at:

What’s an Amygdala Hijack?

According to Wikipedia online Dr. Daniel Goleman’s 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, an amygdala hijack refers to a personal, emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat.

Richmond Channel 6 Crime Insider Click on the link below to review the Devrick Gale Murder Trial.

Anger is a component of the human puzzle

Richmond Jury's Verdict


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" National Alliance on Mental Illness We welcome submissions to letters at:

NAMI on Incarceration According to an article written by Jennifer Honig on March 9th 2020 on the NAMI website: In the U.S., one third to one half of people in state prisons and local jails have mental health illness. Despite this fact, funding for prison mental health care has been historically inadequate, which limits access to and quality treatment.

Madison Wisconsin Channel 3 Interviews NAMI Co-Founder Need Marketing or Advertisement?

NAMI supported steps for Correctional Institutions Intake screening

Assessment Staff training Adequate mental health staff Suicide prevention response Treatment planning Service delivery at the same level available in the community Exclusion from solitary Access for emergency care Hospitalization when patient care in need• Adequate record keeping

Need help call : 1-800-950-NAMI



GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" We Need Seasoned Leadership Today! We welcome submissions to letters at:

A GCS Coach Editorial Military veterans understand the value of leadership under arduous conditions. During this time of fear and confusion as mature seasoned adults at a minimum, it is imperative that we summon every ounce of our leadership experience and exhibit it in a manner that motivates and encourages others to adhere to social distancing in a serious manner. This is not only to protect individuals and their immediate families, but to protect one’s community, state, nation and on a macro level the entire global community. Instinctively, parents protect their children and as seasoned adults it’s paramount that all of us (again worldwide) embrace a sense of urgency like no other time in the history of humanity.

This means that it starts with every single seasoned adult, not a single group of individuals’, single family, or a cohort of individuals. It’s a fact that in war, leaders do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their comrades, however the most important motivating factor about leadership, is that of leading by example, and this is where seasoned adults have to model the appropriate behavior. It’s not about what you want to do, it’s about what you must do. They say in politics that all politics is local. Meaning that the dynamics of your situation requires leadership “In the Here and Now” that is tailored toward the daily success and or challenges within your immediate sphere. It’s an extremely difficult task in the land of the free and the home of the brave to get people to exhibit the self-discipline to adhere to social distancing.

Maybe it’s because, in a democracy individual are conditioned to being autonomous decision makers. However, to a fault this attitude could be a major contributing factor to millennials taking the lead in ignoring experts’ scientific suggestions to minimize the spread of the CORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19).


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" We Need Seasoned Leadership Today! We welcome submissions to letters at:

A GCS Coach Editorial With that said, for those seasoned adults who embrace, ignore or just follow the lead of seasoned adults who do not take the CORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19) seriously while also continuing to justify their behavior to just fall in line with exuberant, impressionable young adults who don’t take it seriously (for short term gratification) themselves, perhaps they are becoming so comfortable with following others in society rather than leading by example (even when it is unpopular) that they are in essence forfeiting their privileged position in society as a seasoned adult.

But then-to, I would be remiss if I did not say that what’s more important is that these very same people (regardless of age), could be key contributors to the detriment of the health of their very own loved ones and community, by possibly becoming infected by what has been identified on every social media platform as a global pandemic, the CORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19).

Let's Get our Heads Out of the Sand!


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" We Need Seasoned Leadership Today! We welcome submissions to letters at:

There is no substitute for great leadership. Outside the human species leadership is not debatable, it’s an innate characteristic of living breathing species. Additionally, it’s not just being authoritative, coercive, aggressive, assertive, et cetera, because it also pertains to nurturing to degree to get something done. The reality is that there is no boilerplate approach to leadership, because every leader is a direct reflection of the leadership of which they have experienced before, regardless if they either embrace or reject past leadership styles that they have experienced.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" How To Kill COVID -19 at Home We welcome submissions to letters at:

Dr. Van Dyken and her husband Russel share how to keep your home safe from COVID-19. They have put together an excellent 14:30 sec., video (from the beautiful state of Hawaii) discussing the cleaning agents that work, the ones that don’t, and what to do if your store is sold out of the good stuff. Because of the current pandemic, it is a

highly suggested that you view the video link below for the health and safety of yourself, friends, loved ones and associates. : lick the link below to Out of the Doldrums Video " What You Need to Kill COVID-19 in Your Home" C

Were ruber gloves

Wash your hands

Use hand sanitizer

Use hydrogen peroxide

Use clorox bleach

Make it yourself

Use isopropyl alcohol

Clean high use areas

Use approved products


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" Let's Kill the COVID-19 Virus We welcome submissions to letters at:

On page eleven for the first time we shared what we identified as the Elephant in the NEWS and on several other pages including the one before this one GCS News has continued to share info on The Elepahant in the News. Again, it's everywhere and all everyone is talking about. That's why GCS News did not want to just bring the issue up without sharing information on how to kill the virus or at least arrest it, or prohibit it from being spread to friends, loved one's et cetera, so please let's practice and or adhere to social distancing.


GCS NEWS "FIDELIS TO THE MODEL" An Eclectic Approach To Anger We welcome submissions to letters at:

According to Merriam Webster online anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism. However, states it as a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong, wrath, ire. In both cases the common denominator is having a strong feelin of displeasure. Because each individual is an autonomous individual, an eclectic approach to managing the secondary emotion of anger is best.




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