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When I sit across the table from a college student, I always ask two questions: 1. How’s your soul? and 2. What’s the last thing you heard God say to you? These meetings are holy ground for me. Whether it’s coffee, lunch or a quick check-in, it remains the greatest privilege of my life to walk alongside emerging adults and watch them make decisions that will affect the rest of the lives. It’s a job that requires me to provide pastoral care and vocational mentoring, to give advice that is both direct and flexible, and to play the role of big brother and patient spiritual friend all at once. After 16 years, campus ministry is still the best gig in town as far as I’m concerned. It asks more of me than I ever thought I could give; and the rewards are often hard to put into words. But I’m reminded daily that I’m not in this on my own. In addition to the incredible young adults who serve on CCW’s staff in a variety of roles, there are board members, financial partners, prayer warriors and ministry friends who are in ministry with us!

I’m also aware that I am stewarding the care of parents, teachers and ministry of children and youth leaders while preparing hearts for future service in local congregations and work in the world. We’re all in ministry together, and campus ministry is a critical bridge in the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Similar to Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 3, some of our work in CCW is about planting (new ministries on campuses we’ve yet to serve) and some is about watering (nurturing young leaders); but it is God who gives the increase. In the pages of this year’s annual ministry magazine, my prayer is that you’ll get a glimpse of the good ground that has already been cultivated over the last 7 years of our ministry and possibly see how you can join us in continuing that good work into the future. We are all ‘co-workers with God’ in campus ministry. May we all find the role we’ve been equipped to play in raising up a new generation of spiritual leaders and Gospellaborers for the mission of Jesus in the world. Derrick Scott III  |  Executive Director

I planted, Apollos watered, but God made it grow. Because of this, neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but the only one who is anything is God who makes it grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together, but each one will receive their own reward for their own labor. We are God’s coworkers, and you are God’s field, God’s building.

UNF students are engaged in their communities, and readying themselves to change Jacksonville and the larger world. I am very fortunate to come alongside our students as they pursue a better future for all of us. We’ve been working to increase our presence on campus this year by tabling at UNF’s celebrated Market Days and meeting in Starbucks to hang out and hold Bible Studies. We’ve also been working closely with the Interfaith Center, which has involved having good conversations with students while sharing a meal together. There are a lot of UNF students, and we have more places to meet them in, but I have loved being with the students and participating in their world. Brooke Lawrence |  UNF Ministry Assistant

CCW and the people in it mean so very much to me. CCW has shown me that it's okay to take off your mask and be authentic. CCW has given me a place to grow, find, and question my  faith again.  CCW has given me so much more than just a place to share the love of God. CCW has given me friendships that will last for years.  Faith Smith  |  Flagler Student

A lot of students have found their personal community in CCW, and because the campus is small it's not hard to feel that sense of togetherness even when we aren't at Sunday night gatherings.

I think we are known for our love, which is evidence of what God is doing in us and on our campus. But because Flagler is so small, it can actually make it harder for students to find the place where they feel they best fit in.  It is harder to find their personal communities in the midst of the larger community. 

Flagler students are really passionate about serving their community. Through this passion, CCW has had the opportunity to partner with the school and local church in service opportunities.  It has been really cool to see students come alive and love their city, school, and church so well. Madeleine Dittmer  |  Flagler Ministry Assistant

So my experience in CCW was amazing from the members to the vibes. When I first moved to Jacksonville, I didn't know if I would find a church or a ministry until I found CCW. JU gave us a flyer of events that would occur during the week of welcome and CCW was one of them and was like cool let me go and see how it is. Turned out to be amazing. The service was on point, I felt comfortable, and since then I started to grow a stronger relationship with the people both in and out of CCW. I'm blessed that I found this ministry. CCW has helped me find my purpose in life and my identity. Eveul Exil  |  JU Student

CCW affects JU by running a ministry that is intentional about each student's individual growth and provides many leadership opportunities. When students are striving to become better leaders, that works its way into their day to day life on campus. . Since CCW is run on friendship, everyone's voice matters. The people at JU have unique and creative ideas on how to bring Jesus to their campus. Listening to these ideas and empowering them with the tools they need is beautiful to watch and an efficient way of providing the campus with its specific needs. Austin Davis  |  JU Ministry Assistant

I have never seen CCW more "in ministry together" than when students, interns and staff come together to create. Whether it's a blog, podcast, video, or illustration, our community wants to serve their friends through our online ministry. This year, students designed and illustrated logos, story illustrations, animated videos, and so much more. Even within this publication is the working hands of our students who want to be in ministry with us.  Gabriele Hickman  |  Assistant Director of Media

There is so much thought put in by the media team on what we can use to serve the most students. With the age of technology we are in, it is increasingly important that we offer these new ways of obtaining information. We are constantly looking for new ways to intrigue and include students in our ministry, and media continues to be a huge aspect of this. We are not limited by the grounds of a college and can meet students wherever they are. Michael Yarick  |  Media Fellow

I went to fall retreat without knowing hardly anyone and left feeling like I had known these people forever. Everyone makes it a point to make you feel welcomed, and like you’re a part of the CCW family. CCW has definitely helped me grow, especially in my faith. Listening to the passion that every person has for God, it is hard for it to not rub off on to you. Going to CCW has opened my heart up to diving deeper in my faith unlike ever before. They have helped me develop my passion for learning about God. I’m constantly wanting to go deeper in the word and learn more and more each time. College life gets busy and it’s nice to know that I have a place that I can go and worship God and be surrounded in community. Autumn Parker  |  Flagler Student

You. You are good. You are smart and kind. You are capable and considerate. You are skilled and filled with talent. You are beautiful, inside and out. You are filled with potential and accomplishment. You are good. You can do good You will do good, but you must be intentional about it. You must see and seek out opportunities to do good, each and every day. Good is not passive, but active. You are not passive, but active. Your existence is not passive, but active. So take yourself, all that you are, and go do some good. The world needs it, and so do you. Sara Taylor  |  UNF Intern

The CCW Intern Program has given me permission to take responsibility for my community. It's empowered me to include new members, call out spaces where the ministry can improve and step up and lead in those same spaces. This program has redefined what the church means for me, and consquentially, my role in it. By doing so, I've seen and am learning a new aspect of faith. The CCW internship, like the ministry itself, is organized by friendship. The kind of friendship where you laugh together and cry together and laugh together within the time span of 20 minutes. . Aziza Gore |  FSCJ Student, Intern

CCW is a fantastic campus ministry that focuses on personal growth for our students and our leadership team. We are all dedicated to helping and serving each other as we continue our walks in faith. We organize ourselves by friendship, and while hierarchy exists, we are friends who truly care about each other rather than a period scheme of power.

I've been given the space to figure out what I believe, who I think Christ is, and my place in Him. CCW has gotten me out of my sheltered life and into the world as a Disciple and a leader. I have discovered how to better love people and how to better serve them.

My biggest goal for CCW is to bring in more students from our current campuses and to expand once we have the means to do so. This will take time, dedication, and a ton of work, but our goal is to serve as many students on as many campuses as we possibly can. We hope to tell more students of Christ's love, and expansion will do just that. Zack Simon |  Flagler Student, Intern

I first got involved with CCW during my second semester here at Flagler in the Spring of 2017. After this semester of restoration and community building, I decided to apply for their intern program. Although I was only able to be a part of it for one semester, this internship allowed me to dive deeply into the scriptures and allowed me to grow my spiritual life while serving God’s people. We can call it a church, or a youth group or a community but it’s so much more. Joining the program helps you join a family of adults that are trying to find their faith in a broken world. Being an intern helps you take the reins of your faith and help an organization that helps others do that as well.

I am very thankful for this organization and all that it does for its students. Our college years are critical points in our faith and CCW does all that it can to give campus believers a home to worship in and a welcoming community to bring others to.

Jessica Chaulk |  Flagler Student, Intern

Annie Thompson |  Flagler Student

CCW has allowed me to grow as an individual in my walk with God, as well as allowing me to grow in community with others. CCW has also been an integral support system during my college years, providing me with a space to bounce ideas off others and receive a multitude of advice and encouragement.

If I didn't live in Fortdub, I definitely don't think that I would step out of my comfort zone as much as I do. Allison Corwin |  Flagler Student, Intern

The housing CCW provides is definitely a blessing and has allowed me to be a more effective intern and pleasant person than I otherwise would, as money would be a much bigger stress in my life if I were living in a place with higher rent. It is also really nice because I know the people I live with and we all share some level of common ground because we are all involved in CCW.   Sara Taylor  |  UNF Intern

CCW has allowed me to really learn what a life in ministry is like, at a level that is familiar to me, while also illuminating Jesus and His work in the world for me. I am in this wonderful and unique space where I have been able to grow while also helping others grow. I could not imagine a more fruitful situation to help me develop as I walk on this path to ministry. One of my favorite things about CCW is that we are organized by friendship and we operate by servant leadership. Love is tangible in how we treat and regard all members of our community. We don’t discuss anyone without the intention to better know, appreciate, and support them. And this love carries into all of our relationships, both with the students and other staff and Key Team members. I hope to continue to operate through this foundation of love in ministries throughout my life, and I am grateful to CCW for providing this opportunity to learn about them now. Brooke Lawrence |  UNF Ministry Assistant I came because Brooke continued to invite me to events. I stayed because radical inclusivity isn't just a value CCW says it has but actually lives out. The bottom line is that it's very hard for me to find a faith group that even welcomes me, as a queer person, and CCW not only welcomed me, but affirmed me as a child of God with no stipulations or conditions. Flower Hughes  |  UNF Student

I found a second home in this community almost immediately during my freshman year. The internship demanded that I grow personally and professionally, and allowed me to form a more intentional relationship with God, as well as a heart and mind for worship ministry. My current position allows me an outlet to be creative and serve the community. Those two aspects, creativity and service, are extremely important to me. I am fortunate to work for an organization that fosters both of them. I love having the opportunity to cook and create meals for our community, as well as our friends at San Marco Church. Being able to lead a team and run a kitchen is something I really enjoy. I love spending time with the interns and hearing about their CCW experiences as we work.  Andrew Simon  |  Operations Assistant

CCW meets people where they are at and affirms their place in this world. They validate a person’s feelings and boost their confidence and give them the resources to achieve and be the best person they can be.

Because we believe God doesn’t want us all to look, sound, and act the same, we get to encourage young adults to follow Christ and be more like Christ in their field of education, work, or passion; whether that’s in the pulpit, on the stage, or in the cubicle. My job is to create meaningful spaces that help students and young adults experience Christ on their campus and in their lives. I think it’s important that we see and declare every aspect of our lives as sacred. That coming together in a class room and sharing a meal as a community is just as sacred as being in church on Sunday morning. My hope is that our students see every aspect of their lives as sacred and holy. I’ve seen our team become even more intentional with meeting for coffee with those students and looking out for those that are on the fringes of our community over the past year. Troi Aragon Buchanan  |  Assistant Director of Programming

My role is to be a resource for people and help them with their goals on technical levels. CCW continually evolves and adapts when meeting new people. We never do things routinely because each person is different and we want to be intentional about meeting their needs. Ty Sullivan |  Operations and Production Assistant

It’s about helping students find a relationship with Jesus, and it’s about helping those same students become relationshipbuilding adults that share and show God’s grace. Jay Therrell |  Northeast District Superintendent The college years are so formative . There are many new experiences--new ideas, philosophies, opportunities, people, career possibilities. It’s a lot. It’s busy. CCW gives students an outlet to discuss these things and how they fit into the bigger picture of life. A place to seek God’s meaning for that life. A place where people can be themselves and be lifted up during the hard times.  Sharon Havener  |  Former Board Chair

In a time when the church is finding it difficult to stay connected to young adults post high school, CCW has managed to create a Christian community of belonging where students are allowed to question their faith, engage it with others and experience and discover God and themselves on their own terms. CCW has become the bridge. Students are falling in love with Jesus and on fire with a commitment to serve their neighbor and each other. CCW creates a hunger that prompts young adults to "come and see" and from their own witness, they testify to finding the better and more that Jesus offers. CCW embodies the balm in Gilead and I would be crazy not to give to that kind of Jesus movement! Juana Jordan  |  Pastor, First UMC St. Augustine

My current life-situation as a seminary student at Emory Candler School of Theology is in large part due to my experience at CCW. My involvement with CCW as an intern, a ministry assistant, and social media fellow empowered me to grow in faith, become in Christ, and discern a vocational calling to ministry.  

Peter Pitocchi |  UNF Graduate

I would like to see CCW grow in financial freedom. While I worked for CCW, we never wanted for ideas - and indeed we were often able to see our vision come to fruition.  My hope is that CCW would have the sort of financial support that allows them to continue to expand in scope and mission.   Cameron Garrett  |  UNF Graduate 

CCW impacted my life post-graduation because I can see how the experiences I had in campus ministry broadened my world-view and made me appreciate leaning into the hard stuff. Malarie Warren |  UNF Graduate

The Lord God’s spirit is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me. He has sent me to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim release for captives, and liberation for prisoners,' They will rebuild the ancient ruins; they will restore formerly deserted places;  they will renew ruined cities, places deserted in generations past.

It's about so much more than just being a talented musician. It's about leading others and creating a space for people to connect in a personal way with the music. The CCW band encourages dedication and hard work. We strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental space for musicians to learn and grow.

This past year has been an incredible year for the CCW band. All of the CCW band team members have grown in their musical abilities, in their leadership skills, and in their passion for the work. Our team is truly stronger than ever. Through CCW’s outreach and meetings with United Methodist local pastors, in the past 4 months alone, the CCW band has been invited to play at over 20 different special events. In the past we would have never been able to accommodate playing at this many special events, along with our three weekly gatherings. But our capacity has grown, and I am so excited to see this team do more for the kingdom! Sydney Buchanan  |  Worship Ministry Associate

I try to bring the best of my talent, energy, and creativity wherever I am asked to lead in a service. I love when we can get together and bring all of our unique energy to the table! Worship is a posture to learn and lean into. For CCW, when we all engage in song, we get a glimpse of what the Holy Spirit is drawing us into: both a connection with ourselves and others as well as us and the divine. Zak Calloway  |  Band Fellow I really desire to make people think. I believe so strongly that art has the ability to tell stories and spark thoughts we would normally have a difficult time getting across. I have the hope, going into each graphic, that layers of thought and feeling can be offered at a simple glance, that CCW can portray its identity and resonate its content to students both creatively and memorably, that something will be gained from each graphic. This can simply be the location and time of our next Evolve, but it could also be a representation of our values. A depiction of an intentional and caring community.  Michael Yarick  |  Media Fellow For the last ten weeks, I have been attending JU's CCW gatherings off and on as well as a bible study through the book of John, led by Shauna Clark. With each passing week, I've been praying more and building my personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the tools and applications provided through CCW's on campus ministry. I'm thrilled to be a small part of what God is doing - both on and off campus. I look forward to furthering my pursuit of becoming more like Jesus with the help of those at CCW. Joshua Andrews  |  JU Student

We would like to express our appreciation for the district churches allowing Derrick to speak, interns to give testimonies, and the band to play in their services. We'd like to thank the pastors and members of church staff who attended lunches this summer to hear our story. At Super-Charged Conference, we received more than $2,000 of Publix, Walmart, and Chick-Fil-A gift cards. All of this continues the journey of CCW moving forward, and we are so happy that you are on the journey with us. In addition, we'd like to specifically thank Jay Therrell, Pam Mullay and the District Office for their constant support, San Marco Church, Grace UMC St. Augustine, and Southside UMC for allowing us to use their buildings for our ministry and for allowing our students to serve with your congregation, Mandarin UM Women,  Christ Neptune Beach UM Women, Asbury Orange Park UM Men, and all other congregations for their financial support. 

An increase in monthly partners makes it feasible to consider expanding to more campuses and serving more students. Some have found it helpful to consider sponsoring a student. In 2018, it ‘costs’ approximately $78/month per student to operate our ministry. Here’s a breakdown of where those funds go: Campus to City Wesley is able to serve college-aged adults on Northeast Florida campuses because of the financial support of monthly partners. Consistent giving enables us to effectively staff our ministry and plan activities for maximum impact. Current monthly partners give between $25 and $500 per month to CCW. These individuals, families and local congregations are truly in ministry with us and we are deeply grateful for their support. 

Would you consider sponsoring a CCW student per month? Maybe your local congregation could sponsor two or three? Any amount given monthly is an investment in the work of raising a new generation of leaders and laborers for the mission of Jesus in the world. For more information on giving monthly by mailed check, PayPal or Patreon, go to

Staffing/Support (not including the Executive Director): $37 Campus Activities (worship gatherings + meals, small groups, one on one meetings, special events): $12 Leadership Development (internship, fellowship, other opportunities) $10 Retreats (two per year): $10 Housing for Interns: $6 Administration and Other Costs: $3

What I mean is this: the one who sows a small number of seeds will also reap a small crop, and the one who sows a generous amount of seeds will also reap a generous crop. Everyone should give whatever they have decided in their heart. They shouldn’t give with hesitation or because of pressure. God loves a cheerful giver.


I thank my God every time I mention you in my prayers. I’m thankful for all of you every time I pray, and it’s always a prayer full of joy. I’m glad because of the way you have been my partners in the ministry of the gospel from the time you first believed it until now.  I’m sure about this: the one who started a good work in you will stay with you to complete the job by the day of Christ Jesus.

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