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Sexual assault is a horrendous crime, destroying a person’s life completely. Today, we look at the lesser known victims of this horrible crime – the male victims



Tasha Aleia, a 21 year old finance student is already making waves as an R&B and soul singer in her circle. Read about her passion for both finance and music.



For Edison Yong, hairstyling has always been a calling since young and setting up his very own place EDY’s Place Hair Studio is considered to be one of his greatest achievements.



Here, we look at the benefits of video games and how it benefits you, if done right!


beauty buzz OF MEN AND MAKE UP

It may be one of the most debated issues related to men but we look at it anyway and give guidelines for an acceptable makeup wear for men. 2




Men are always strong and are always expected to be strong. Here we take you through what it really means to be a man.








There’s always something interesting about Thailand no matter how many times you visit. Campus Plus was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to enjoy the party city of Pattaya. Kamil Haziq captured this stunning beauty through his lens.


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With ‘The Angmoh’ as part of their breakfast menu, you know you’re getting yourself into a very unique restaurant and based on the writer’s experience, it’s a place one can enjoy food that is constantly re-invented.


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june 2016


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The number of fathers in my life increased in the last several years. When I married, I gained his father and my husband joined the ranks of fatherhood when we had our first child. I realise how important the role of a father is to a child and family. Being overseas and away from the family is hard enough. Despite the long travels and coming home exhausted and desperately in need of rest, he quickly cheers up and immediately goes cycling with the children. A sacrifice most fathers are prepared to make for their families. Father’s parent differently. While both mom and dad rock in their own ways, some things dads just do better. Generally, they are more fun and somehow home crisis involving kids seem like a fun challenge they look forward to. This issue we honour all men and how we must never take them for granted and expect them to always be strong and mighty. It’s ok to embrace your weakness and display vulnerability. After all, we are all humans.

a b u S



To all the fathers, uncles and caretakers— we are grateful for each and every one of you — I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day. You da man!



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june 2016

UCSI University Collaborates with Chinese Counterpart To further strengthen their decade long collaboration, UCSI University and China’s Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology (SICT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to focus at student’s mobility. Furthermore, the memorandum also indicated a new phase in their collaboration to set off a mobility programme. The important event took place at UCSI KL Campus with UCSI’s Student Enrolment Centre vice president Willie Tan Moh Leong, SICT’s Foreign Languages and International School dean Wang Li and other delegates from both institutes as witnessed.

Exclusive Screening of Showdown the Movie and Knowledge Sharing Session at KLMUC KLMUC held a special screening of the anticipated Showdown the Movie at Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC) with an exclusive sharing session between the students and the director, screenwriter, choreographer, producer and cast of the movie. The motivation behind this was to offer experiential learning to KLMUC Faculty of Media Studies students. The special screening was followed by the launch of Media Studies Faculty’s own YouTube channel that showcase the students creative work to prepare them for the dynamic industry. 8


Green Minds Converge The Arena of Youth’s Rebuild It Green (RIG) competition saw the four teams from Asia Pacific University, KDU University College Penang, University Kuala Lumpur, and Universiti Teknologi MARA coming together and relaying their ideas for the competition as well as presenting updates on their respective projects to Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) corporate communications general manager Noryani Ismail and the Arena of Youth’s organising team. Rebuild It Green is one of two competitions under the Arena of Youth banner, designed for university students to work as a team to develop solutions for sustainably mitigating the impact of natural disasters.

K. Parkaran

The New Generation of Journalists and Publicists from UTAR

M. Krishnamoorthy

The students of UTAR learnt about what it meant to be on the front lines in the Media Relations Workshop organised by the Department of Languages and Linguistics (DLL) of UTAR. Led by Al Jazeera Malaysia producer K. Parkaran and professional journalist and media consultant M. Krishnamoorthy, the fourhour workshop gave students valuable insights on how to get exclusive stories, shape key messages, how to prepare for media interviews, and the do’s and don’ts when dealing with the media. In three separate sessions, 30 students learnt how to shape messages directed at the market, writing a press release for the media, and how to prepare for an actual media interview. The experts also gave tips on the field of public relations, teaching students to not be afraid, and the best ways to garner better publicity for their organisations.

june 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS |




june 2016

Nutri Chef Challenge 2016 18 teams from various schools in the Klang Valley competed in the Nutri Chef Challenge 2016 organised by HELP’s College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) to create the best fusion dishes to impress judges and critics. This year’s champions, Choo Ze Hong and Lee Yong Sun from Confucian Private Secondary School, shared prize money of RM1,000 as well as a 100% fee waiver to pursue the Diploma in Culinary Arts at HELP CAT after presenting their ‘Fish and Chips Revolution’ as well as their ‘Lava Cake’ dishes. Initiated in 2013, Nutri Chef is open to all Form 5, 6, Senior Middle 2 and 3 students in the Klang Valley and aims to encourage culinary arts among youth.

The 31337 T3@m (Elite Team) of APU Through hard work and perseverance, team MD1337 from the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) triumphed over the competition and emerged the champions of the F-Secure IT Security Competition. The team consisted of students Ahmed Nabil AlEryani, Alexander Sukhamera and Marat Omaraliev, under the guidance of Yusnita Yusof, Togeswaran Nathan and Sulaiman Harun. “Preparation is the key to our success,” revealed Nabil, while Omaraliev felt extremely thankful of the guiding hands of their mentors, for without them they would not have managed to complete the challenges surrounding the theme “Protecting the World against APT (Advanced. Persistent. Threat.) The students walked away with a Macbook Pro each, a 1-year license for F-Secure SAFE, and a free student pass to the 19th Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR) International Conference 2016.





june 2016

The Light of the ‘Invisible Children’ Ushered into the bare, dark room of Black Box, Publika in Kuala Lumpur, our attention was directed to what seemed like simple black canvases, which will be signed by activists and celebrities alike. When the conductive ink of the conductive pen dried, the LED lights behind the poster lit up, and the face of a child not unlike the ones you see every day appears. These faces are that of none other than the stateless children – children born without any documentation or identification. “These stateless children effectively have no home, and no access to necessities like education and healthcare, making them extremely vulnerable to being victims of crime,” said the Voice of the children president Sharmila Sekaran. With an estimated number of 50,000 to 150,000 unregistered children in Malaysia, the goal of this campaign is to reduce the number of stateless children in Malaysia, and to raise awareness on the need for birth registration.

(8th from left) NBA Asia, Global Marketing Partnerships senior director Jim Wong, Ministry of Education Sports Division director, Dr. Mehander Singh and Dutch Lady Malaysia marketing director, Ashlee Ng and other representatives at the NBA programme.

Jr. NBA Returns to Malaysia

re with the invited students

d Coach posing for a pictu

G. Craig Brown, Jr. NBA Hea



Jr. NBA, the NBA’s global youth development programme that promotes basketball participation and an active lifestyle among children, returns to Malaysia for the third consecutive year. Reaching into Penang for the first time, this programme will cover 200 schools in Kuala Lumpur and Penang this time around with Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad as their presenting partner in Malaysia. Running through August 2016 with more than 4,000 boys and girls, participants will be trained in the fundamentals of basketball and learn the importance of the Jr. NBA’s core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, a positive attitude and respect.


by christopher yee

sufferers in silence

JUNE 2016

The male rape victims of Malaysia S

exual assault is a horrendous crime, there is no doubt about that. Not only is it a gross violation of trust, the act scars the victim physically and mentally, and might even destroy a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life entirely. Today, we look at the lesser known victims of this horrible crime: The male sexual assault victim.

The silent plights of the unvoiced According to Petra Gimbad, a rape counsellor and Vizla Kumaresan, a clinical psychiatrist, both of whom worked with male victims before, the very idea of male rape is unheard of due to the severe under-reportage of the issue. As they believe that close to no one would take them seriously if they came forth with their problems, most victims think that there is no



point in coming forth at all. Many victims might sink further into doubt, experiencing doubt and guilt about themselves and their own sexuality (if the perpetrator was a guy) because they might have been erect during the entire ordeal (FYI, having an erection does not necessarily mean that one is aroused, boners have a mind of their own).

There also exists a massive wall of existing societal attitudes and stereotypes about men and masculinity that simply makes it seem impossible for guys to be on the receiving end of sexual assault. In our society, men are perceived to be stronger, and whenever the act of intercourse is mentioned, it is assumed that the men are the initiators, and the women are

‘sexed upon’. As a result, questions like “Why didn’t you just fight him/her off?” to “Did you secretly want it?” will be directed towards the victim; and sometimes, even the occasional “She’s hot, what are you complaining about?”. There is also a fear of reporting when a guy has been raped by a male perpetrator, as they fear being branded as a homosexual, especially in countries that frown upon any sexual behaviour that isn’t between a man and a woman.

Power dynamics Gimbad also states that in most rape cases, there is almost always a power dynamic involved between the perpetrator and the victim. Rape can be seen as the ultimate form of humiliation and emasculation for a man, and is “done with the intent to dehumanise, and to

break down a person”, adds Vizla Kumaresan, a clinical psychologist. “Many of the rape cases I know of are done in prison, to refugees, or to young children who are too innocent to know what is happening yet.” She also mentions that for most sexual assault cases (men or women), there is a very high chance that the victim personally knows their perpetrator. According to Kumaresan, perpetrators have been known to “groom” their victims (which is to befriend or establish emotional control over someone in order to lower their inhibitions) and that makes the entire process of sexual assault easier. She reveals that in some countries that are experiencing war, rape is even used as a wartime weapon to demoralise and dehumanise not only women, but men as well. It was one of the ways of drilling into the victim’s head that “not only can we violate your women and your children, we can violate you as well.”

How to get help – Can you even get help? While it may seem daunting to be on the receiving end of sexual assault, it may become even worse if nobody believes you, or might even turn to question your sexuality. Gimbad relates one of her experiences accompanying one of the male victims she

was counselling to make a police report. “When we were making a police report, the police officers asked him to repeat the details of the incident, over and over again, despite it already being written down in the testimonials. All in all, he repeated the incident seven times, all in explicit detail - Yes, he was raped. It was a male perpetrator. He was forced to do this and that. Even the lawyers and the psychiatrist lacked tact in their questioning.” However, she did mention that while some police officers may appear insensitive, there are some who are specifically trained to deal with sexual assault victims and are much more tactful and considerate when dealing with rape cases. Such institutions include the Royal Malaysian Police’s D11 (sexual investigation division) and some anti-rape NGOs. While it is definitely better to have a male counsellor working with the victim as they possess the world-view of a male, Gimbad said that women support groups will definitely not turn away those who come for help, even though you are male.



eyboard warriors, humanitarian advocates and solicitous students are sharpening their minds in anticipation of the gathering of one of the largest regional model UN conference, Asia Pacific Model United Nation Conference (AMUNC) for in Kuala Lumpur. Voices will be heard debating the world’s most pressing issues during this six-day conference. Hosted by Taylor’s College with three student representatives at the AMUNC, it vows to engage all participants in mass discussions and social activities. There’s been many speculations that the younger generation is losing interest in keeping the world at peace since the rise of advanced technologies that has been keeping them busy. AMUNC is targeting to prove them wrong by providing an international platform for students to partake in communicating their propositions and visions on certain global issues that’s been disrupting the world’s concord. We got the insights to this conference from AMUNC 2016 secretary-general, Xiandi Ooi, 20, who is currently doing her Cambridge A-Levels at Taylor’s College. Once an introvert, Ooi said learning about Model UN has given her the opportunity to hone her communication skills, and she decided to be a part of this journey so that she can open her world to something new. She added that Model United Nations (MUN) became the drive for her to keep tabs on global

issues and she is especially attentive towards the conflict in Syria. Resolved to make AMUNC 2016 one of the largest conferences in Malaysia, she believes that this is an opportunity to introduce Malaysia to the international MUN scene and grow the local MUN community.

The honourable host, Malaysia There are so many conferences going on all over the world each year, and AMUNC itself has been around for 21 sessions. The stakes are higher than ever for Malaysia, as AMUNC’s first South East Asia host, challenging it to offer more to match the eminence of the conference. Malaysia rose to the occasion by injecting a dose of humanitarian work to the traditional AMUNC 2016 social firmament so that delegates can take home not only the fun but the attainment of doing their bit in molding a better world. A visit to Malaysia is not complete without diving headfirst into the rich history of

this multicultural country. Both international and local delegates will be able to experience Tour de Lumpur in which they will be guided on a heritage walk around Dataran Merdeka where they will be able to try local handicrafts such as batik and wau. Not to mention, they will not miss out on trying the famous local delicacies including nasi lemak and char kuey teow.

I believe AMUNC will serve as a very diverse platform for us to hear the opinions of the rest and how our perspectives are shaped from different parts of the region. - Xiandi Ooi

Assembly of Future Leaders The 22nd session of AMUNC will be held in Malaysia for the very first time this July. As the first South East Asian host, Malaysia aims to add a touch of humanitarian work for delegates as a new approach to this prestigious event.

Into the world of AMUNC MUN is the simulation of the actual UN and the conference has been hosted in the Australian region for the past 21 years before spreading its wings to a wider audience. Delegates of between 20 and 100 students will open the tables on world programmes current affairs such as UNESCO, UNEP, ASEAN, DISEC and many more to come up with resolutions when the conference concludes. “Compared to Australia, Malaysia is more of a central location in the Asia Pacific region. That is why we want to bring it to Malaysia so that we can encourage more local and Asian participation.” -Xiandi Ooi The previous sessions of AMUNC witnessed a lot of international participations giving life to this conference. A total of 5 days will be dedicated to debates and social activities to ensure that the delegates will get the most out of it.

The debates will include 19 councils with an average of two student officers each that prepares the topics beforehand. The student officers are also in charge of preparing research reports of each topics for the delegates to prepare them for the conference. The delegates are also encouraged to do their own research so that they have an in-depth grasp on the facts that will be debated.

AMUNC soiree “There is a tradition in AMUNC conferences; work hard, play hard.” – Xiandi Ooi We agreed that intellectual growth of the young ones is crucial but a balance of both academic and social conventions is what constructs a whole individual, and AMUNC takes that into account by slipping in activities such as

With great responsibilities, Taylor’s College step forward as the host of this reputable global conference with its President, Craig Arden Sherrin, leading them in making it a memorable event for everyone. Sherrin believes that the young minds will be able to explore various aspects of

Hosting a prestigious, international conference such as AMUNC would present a challenging task as there are many expectations to manage. However, I’m pleased to be guiding the organizing committee as they possess positive attitude and great passion for success – Craig Arden Sherrin

a committee for a gala dinner to create a partying atmosphere. However, the organiser tried to tone down the party a notch by including heritage cultural tour and community service at soup kitchen. This addition of community service is an innovation from AMUNC 2016 committee with hopes that it will offer an eye-opening and fresh experience for this year’s conference. For more information, visit

holistic education through global conferences such as AMUNC in which they will be able to refine their capabilities in problem solving, collaboration and creative thinking that will come in handy in overcoming life challenges. He also expressed his hope that the future leaders will gain a greater understanding of politics and international development and Taylor’s will continue to aid students with life skills that ultimately create the canvas for the future.


unplugged by eusoff andrei

tasha aleia

JUNE 2016


asha Aleia is a 21 year old finance student who also happens to be a pop, R&B and soul singer with an amazing voice. But then again, with Beyoncé as her idol, that isn’t exactly a surprise. Read on to find out more about this future music mogul who looks like she’s on her way to following her idol’s footsteps. How did you get into music? Ever since I was young, I’ve always been singing. I got into it professionally when people started asking me to play for their events and asking how much I charge. My first ever performance was at No Black Tie. It was just me and the guitar and a percussionist – it was fun! How does your family feel about your involvement in music? My family’s super supportive, especially my mum – she told me that if I love to sing and I’m good at it then do it but just as long as I’m still focusing on my studies and I’m still getting my degree. Will you be pursuing music full time after you’ve graduated or will you go into finance? I don’t think I would go into music full time as it’s more of a hobby. I love singing and it’s a great side income as well but I think finance would be a more stable, safe thing to do full time. However, if a big opportunity to do music were to come my way then I’d consider it. What are your thoughts on the local industry as it currently stands? It’s definitely growing but I just feel that its hard due to tough competition. The community is so small in itself and everyone’s just trying to fight against each other. Everyone can write songs, everyone can sing, and everyone can perform so what makes you different from other people? Another thing is when it comes to getting your music out there. If you write English songs, people are going to go “Oh, that’s alright,” because people are already listening to urban international songs. Where have you performed so far that’s your favourite? KL Live. It was for Gigfairy Live and it was really cool. I got to share the stage with SonaOne, De Fam, and Joe Flizzow and the crowd was awesome. Do you plan to release an album or an EP anytime soon? I’ll be releasing an EP soon but that is with friends, not a solo Tasha Aleia EP. It’s going to be with my band which my friends and I put together for the Yamaha Band Mentor

competition and it just stuck from there. We’ve written some songs together and we decided to produce the EP as a band. It should be out either in July or August. The EP will be titled ‘The Solution’ after the name of the band and it’s very pop, funk, and somewhat rock. It’s away from my usual R&B Beyoncé style but it has a very groovy and funky element.

hard unless you go international and you’d have to be super good, super lucky, like Yuna, to be able to make it in the U.S. I just feel like my safety blanket is by doing business and doing finance where I would be getting a stable income. I’ve had opportunities come my way to get signed with a label, a couple of opportunities actually, but I’m still thinking about it.

If you could collaborate with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Beyoncé. She’s my queen and I love her. Locally, I would say SonaOne. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with him since I saw him perform recently.

How did you overcome stage fright when you first started performing? You just have to go up there and know that everyone’s there to support you so you just have to give it your all. Just pretend the whole stage is yours and you’re the star of the show. I’m a little bit of a narcissist and that helps me to overcome my nerves in a way so I just get into a frame of mind where I go “This is my show, this is my time, and I’m just going to do it.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 10 years? I don’t know where I see myself tomorrow but I’ll try and answer this. In 10 years I’ll have a stable job, hopefully in high position but also still doing music on the side. Music will forever be in my life and I don’t think I’ll ever put that away. If your music career takes off, would you consider letting go of your career in finance or would you still need that backup so to speak? The thing is, I’m not sure if that line of life is really what’s for me. I don’t know if I’m prepared for that whole career image of an artist. I love doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I love singing and I love performing but I just feel that in Malaysia, it’s so

What would you say to youth who would like to make it in the music industry? Work hard. That’s all I can say. If you want something, you have to work hard to get it because things don’t come easy. Luck is one thing but you’ve got to work hard if you want to be in this industry because it’s not an easy industry to begin with. Work hard and don’t be scared to put yourself out there and be heard because the more you get yourself out there, the more people can discover you. JUNE 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS |



by rachel fong photos kamil haziq

edison yong, hairstyling entrepreneur

JUNE 2016

Styling His Ambition

Hairstyling is not a path undertaken by many, but Edison Yong is one such man who broke the mold when he blazed his own path by founding EDY’s Place Hair Studio. It’s never easy to follow one’s passion, and here, Edison tells us about how he made it happen, and how you can too.




dison Yong: At the moment, I’m helping my family in their electronics and communication engineering business, and the rest of my time is devoted to developing EDY’s Place Hair Studio. That pretty much takes up all the time I’ve got! How did you get your start in hairstyling? For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with hairstyling, and have always been in tune with all the latest trends and updates about the world of hair. When I was in high school, I would work at various salons in my spare time to get working experience. There was one former boss of mine who treated his employees pretty badly; he would pay salaries below market price, but for some reason I just continued holding on to it. For me, I’m pretty satisfied as long as I get the chance to learn more about hairstyling. So the years went by, and once I graduated, I dreamed about opening up my own salon, where I could pour in my own penchant for the latest trends and ideologies. Eventually, I made it happen. What sparked your dream of starting your own business? When I was working at different salons and observing various bosses manage their salons, I felt that I could do better than them if I had the chance to do what they did. In addition to that, I have studied in Japan before, and when I was there I truly admired the professionalism and attitude of the hairstylists there towards

the customers. I wanted to bring their way of working to Malaysia, and spark a revolution in the local hairstyling culture. It was this ambition I had in mind when I took the steps towards opening EDY’s Place Hair Studio. What do you think are the most important personality traits one needs to become a successful hairstylist? First of all, diligence is very important, because hairstyling is an industry that is heavily intertwined with trends, and trends are ever changing, and wait for no man. People might love this hairstyle one day and it could be outdated by the next. Therefore, if a hairstylist isn’t hardworking enough in his pursuit of progress and is not constantly adapting, he will be left behind very quickly. Secondly, you have to be diligent in dealing with every customer. In the service industry, there’s an endless stream of people to be served, but to them, they have the impression that they are the first one you’re serving. That is why, no matter how tired one may be, I’d hope that my hairstylists could dedicate themselves to serving every customer to the best of his or her ability. What has been the biggest stumbling block on your road to success, and how did you deal with it? Starting a business is never easy, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to let your own employees understand what you are thinking. Another thing – I come up with ideas all time,

but have no one to discuss them with or make them happen with, and it feels pretty frustrating sometimes. How do I deal with it? I just urge myself to be stronger, to keep going on, and remind myself why I started this in the first place. I never want to be looked down upon by others, so I only have one way to go, which is to be even more hardworking than anybody else. Can you tell us about some of the proudest moments in your career thus far? When I see the fruits of my labour, I feel really fulfilled and pump my fists in the air! Examples would be like the first day of my salon’s opening, the first customer to walk in through the door, the first anniversary of the salon – all these small things, are the achievements that make me feel proud of what I’ve done. Could you share with us some of the plans you have for the future? In the future, I want to make EDY’s Place bigger and spread the name of my brand to more people. Before that though, I just want to make sure the store is being managed smoothly, and reinforce my existing team, before taking them with me on a greater path. If you could say one thing to the old you, the one who just got started on his path, what would you tell him? I would say thank you. We shall work hard together for the future! JUNE 2015 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS |



by mira aziz

anticipated k-drama 2016

june 2016

Dramas in Pajamas

1. Cheese in the trap

Yet another year of Korean drama that will make you weep, laugh and gasp throughout the series and assignments don’t seem as important as finishing the drama in one night. Not that we’re encouraging it but just in case you have time during dinner and you want to enjoy the food whilst watching your favourite Korean top stars, here is our list of 2016 must watch dramas so far.

Thanks to the popularity of clumsy but charming actor, Park Hae Jin, Cheese in the Trap has been gaining attention even before it was aired in January. Acting alongside him is actress Kim Go Eun, who finally jumped into the drama world for the first time. This webtoon-based drama tells the story of a poor girl, Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) working part-time to support her family and her senior, Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), who seems to be nothing short of perfect. As always, perfect is just a ruse to hide his dark side and this is what builds the entire story.

2. Descendants of the Sun

3. Uncontrollably fond

4. Hwarang: The Beginning

If anyone for some reason has never heard of this mega-hit drama before, here is some enlightenment. Yoo Soo Jin (Song Joong Ki) is the scintillating South Korean Special Force Unit captain who falls in love with the equally charming Dr.Kang Mo-Yeon (Song Hye-kyo). After the turmoil of attempted dates, they decided that both their conflicting jobs made it impossible for a relationship. Nonetheless, destiny steps in and unite them in the land of Urk. 22 | CAMPUS PLUS

Set to air in July, two rising young actors; Kim Woo-Bin and Bae Suzy, star in KBS’s latest drama. Separated at a very young age, Shin Joon-Young (Kim Woo-Bin) and No Eul (Bae Suzy) are reunited as successful adults with different beliefs. Joon-Young is a famous celebrity who is both attractive and intelligent whereas No Eul is a producer that prioritises money and power. This clash of personalities will make this an intoxicating drama.

The main cast lineup for this drama is enough to excite fans. An impressive casting of famous actors and idols including Park Seo-Joon, Go Ara, Park Hyung-Sik, Lee Minho (Shinee), Kim Taehyung (BTS V) and many more is the reason why you should watch it. Hwarang carries the meaning of ‘Flowering Knights’ with the story of growing young men trying to find their way in life through passion and love. This historical drama takes place in the Kingdom of Silla era and expected to be one of this year’s favourite.


JUNE 2016

music by eusoff andrei

found that I wasn’t getting better at teaching or music. That’s when I thought that maybe it was high time I just try to focus on one and be really good at it. J: There’s a teacher in him that will always be there. Whenever we do campus tours and go perform in schools, he always infuses an educational element into it and I just go along with it.

where we’re like let’s just play and entertain people for dinners and dances and then there’s the other end of the spectrum where we do our own music, try to release our own stuff, and write songs.

What is the biggest thing that you’ve learned after moving from ‘regular’ day jobs to being full time musicians? R: Self-discipline. It’s very easy to wake up in the morning and procrastinate and fall into that loop of being unconstructive during the day and just going to play at night and after a month you realise that you haven’t made any progress. Personally, I plan my day. I make sure I have time to go to the gym, I make sure I have time to practice in the morning or set aside a certain time to work on my songs. I think that’s the biggest challenge: moving from a structured job where somebody plans everything for you to an unstructured job where you don’t have a fixed schedule and you’re just left free to your own devices. J: With that said, I also want to say that the reason why the second album took so long is because, whether you call it a distraction or not, we’re doing all this writing for TV series and jingles. So we got better at the skills part of it but I think we forgot about doing stuff for ourselves. R: We actually realised that from 2009 to 2015, we wrote between 50 to 80 songs and none of them were for us: all of them were for commercials, TV series and jingles.

What was it that convinced you that taking the leap to being full time musicians was the right thing to do? J: I quit around mid-2004 to do music full time and at that time we were playing two to three times a week. I worked out how much I earned at Sony, how much I earned gigging, and I guess with calculated risk I figured out that I would have to play a few more slots. Some I took on as a solo artist doing happy hour slots as well as regular timings with Rai. You just have to balance it out, work a little bit harder, and play more sessions a week. That was my journey into doing this full time. R: For me, I’ve always enjoyed performing but, realistically, I just thought that it was the impossible dream. The other things that I enjoy aside from music are sports and language so I became a teacher and I enjoyed it. My breaking point was when music started picking up and I

What would you say to youth who are torn between a ‘steady’ job or following their dreams? R: Be realistic. If you really want to follow your dreams, you have to attain a certain standard and to do that, you have to invest a lot of time. You do have to sacrifice a lot so if you’re not willing to do that, then……. J: For example, when Rai was still a teacher, I think I would faint if I had his schedule. He would get up at 6am and teach until the evening after which he would go for gigs from 9.30pm to about 1am and go to sleep at about 2am. Then he had to get up at 6am after that! That was his schedule for four years. Like he said, you’ve got to be prepared to sacrifice certain things. As you journey along that balance between your day job and your passion, your heart will tell you when the time is right for you to make that transition.

Jack-ing Up the Standards

& Rai-sing The Bar


aving been around since 2002, Jack & Rai consists of 39-year-old Jack who was formerly working in marketing and 37-year-old Rai who was formerly teaching English and Physical Education to secondary school and junior college students. Recently down in Malaysia at Laundry Bar’s Asian Connection, this chatty pair from Singapore were more than happy to share their stories with us.

What has the journey been like over the years? Jack: It’s been a fun journey. We started out as a cover band. Before 2002, we were individual artists just trying to hone our musical skills and doing cover songs. Between 1999 to 2000 we knew each other on a hi-bye basis and we knew we played on separate nights. For special days such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we decided to keep each other company and jam with each other. That’s how we started off. I then went to audition at a place called Walla Walla, a pub where they play live music in Singapore. From there, we got together and that’s where Jack & Rai started in 2002. Rai: Fast forward to now, the journey has evolved along the way. We started off just playing for fun on weekends and when we were free, just doing cover songs and doing our own interpretation of stuff. We were still holding our day jobs at that point in time before finally quitting and becoming full time musicians. We released original songs in 2008 and did a lot of production work from there as well as getting into more commercial jobs and writing songs for different reasons. So now we’re kind of like a hybrid band – one section is the cover section





june 2016


Beautiful Lies | Birdy

Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)

Having skyrocketed to fame via her cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’, ‘Beautiful Lies’ is British musician Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde aka Birdy’s third studio album. It is relaxing, to say the least. Beautiful Lies is one of those albums where you just get lost in it at one point. Tracks to look out for include ‘Shadow’, ‘Wild Horses’, ‘Lost It All’, ‘Words’, ‘Beating Heart’, and ‘Start Again’.

The debut studio album by former member of British band One Direction Zayn Malik, Mind of Mine, is reflected well in the way the track titles are spelt: it’s just all over the place. At times you’ll skip the track without hesitation while at times you’ll stop and listen in amazement. Aside from hit singles ‘PILLOWTALK’, ‘iT’s You’, and ‘LIKE I WOULD’, look out for ‘rEaR vIeW’, ‘BoRdErSz’, ‘TiO’, ‘BLUE’, and ‘SHE DON’T LOVE ME’.

Lukas Graham

| Lukas Graham

Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham’s self-titled album, their second, shot to fame with the release of their hit single ‘7 Years’. The band has a gift of telling stories through their music while managing to stay relatable and not make it seem like it revolves around them. Tracks to note on their first worldwide studio album include ‘Happy Home’, ‘Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt. 2)’, ‘What Happened To Perfect’, and ‘Funeral’.



| Zayn

Weezer aka The White Album | Weezer Weezer is back with their tenth studio album which lead singer Rivers Cuomo describedff as a “beach album” – perhaps rightly so. The album is relaxing and is one of those albums that you would play on a lazy Sunday. After all these years, it’s safe to say that they’ve still got it. Be sure to look out for ‘Thank God For Girls’, ‘King Of The World’, ‘L.A. Girlz’, ‘Jacked Up’, ‘and ‘Endless Bummer’.


june 2016


Me Before You

Central Intelligence



RELEASE: 2nd June 2016

RELEASE: 16th June 2016

Adapted from a 2012 novel of the same name, the movie follows Will Traynor who is paralysed following a motorcycle accident and has lost his will to live – until he meets his new caretaker Louisa Clark that is. While he takes a while to warm up to her, he eventually realises that she brings with her the light that he needs in his life.

Once the bullied overweight Bob Stone gets himself in shape and becomes part of the CIA, he takes care of bullies on a larger scale. When confronted with the final piece of a puzzle, he turns to Calvin, former Mr. Popular in high school turned regular accountant, for help. After all, saving the world takes more than a big Johnson – you need a little Hart too.

Finding Dory

The Legend of Tarzan



RELEASE: 16th June 2016

RELEASE: 30th June 2016

The much awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, this movie takes place about a year after. When Dory drifts off unexpectedly in her sleep, Nemo and Marlin chase after her and discover that Dory is having flashbacks of her childhood and she sets out to find her family with her only clue being a memory of “something about the jewel of Monterey, California”.

Having left behind the jungles where he grew up for a gentrified life in London with his beloved wife Jane Porter, the man once known as Tarzan has been invited back to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary of Parliament. However, there is a much larger plot at hand which revolves around greed and revenge, master-minded by the corrupt Belgian Captain Léon Rom.



movies by nadhirah rafidz


movie review

june 2016


n Avengers mission in South Africa takes a destructive turn when an accident occurs and civilians diemuch to the horror of the avengers. Governments are now on edge and they want the Avengers reigned in under the UNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s control. Thus the Sokovia Accords are drawn up. Stark, burdened with guilt and suffering PTSD, is all in to sign the accord but Captain America still believes the Avengers should have the liberty to call the shots of justice. Philosophical differences just gets more personal with the appearance of amnesia-suffering Bucky Barnes who is framed for murder. In attempt to protect his long time best friend, Captain America goes against the law *gasp* by saving Bucky and joining him on the run to clear his name. Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mightiest Heroes are split between following Cap or Iron Man- thus the civil war ensues. This movie excelled where the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice debacle failed. It was uncontrived, heart wrenching, action packed,

funny and thriving with compelling dialogue. This is a two and a half hour movie that didn’t have me wringing my hands at the flimsy plot driven over a road littered with plot-holes and face palming at the character’s idiocy every 10 minutes. Safe to say I did not feel cheated out of my time, money and brain cells while watching this explosive treat. Marvel’s characters are unshakablethey stand true to who they are, they’re relatable and are each flawed in a way that just makes them feel even more metaphorically alive. They play off each other’s persona perfectly with wit, charm and emotion that could only be done with a skilled cast and excellent script writers who understood the essence of each character. This movie focuses on the differences in ideologies between superheroes, mainly Captain America and Iron Man, who are both neither wrong nor right. The emotional battle (which becomes personal towards the end) between these two characters is totally heartbreaking and every physical blow traded off between them was a sucker punch to my heart. You really can’t pick a team for this movie- it shows each side so well leaving you floundering for a clear answer of “this is right and this is wrong”- which doesn’t exist- and that’s the beauty of it. I entered

the cinema hall proudly proclaiming myself as #TeamIronMan but left as #TeamIronAmerica. On a lighter note, I found myself heartily laughing numerous times despite the doom and gloom. The cameos made by Spider-Man and Ant-man were the humorous icing on the cake. The re-vamped Spider-Man played by Tom Holland made his debut as an adorably enthusiastic and innocent teenage boy who fanboys over the legendary superheroes like Captain America and the Falcon while punching them in the face! T’Challa gets to shine too in the movie and manages to lay out a solid foundation for his upcoming solo movie in 2018 as the dignified and deadly Black Panther. What’s an action movie without the tussle right? Captain America: Civil War has no shortage on blows and mass destruction. Even though the cinematography was jarring at times, the fights were awesome. The all-star rumble between Team Cap and Team Iron Man at Leipzig airport in Germany will forever be iconic. For the first time, Marvel has made a villain that pretty much fades into the background of the movie (to be honest I struggle to remember his name and significance). He wasn’t really a villain; more like... a chess master orchestrating a catalyst which leads to the Avenger’s civil war. After that, he’s pretty much yesterday’s news. He’s a normal man (literally) with an effective plan- I don’t know how I feel about this. Comic book movies can no longer be an action-buff’s eye candy. The Russo brothers have set the bar with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and now Captain America: Civil War. We now demand layers in our characters, a story worth watching and a roller coaster ride of all the right feels. I hope DC is taking notes.


by eusoff andrei & chris yee

keeping it real

june 2016

It’s (NOT) A Man’s World I

f you’re on any form of social media, odds are you’ve seen a series of images with the #DontMancriminate which went viral about a year ago. While those particular images have received mixed opinions from both men and women, they are inspired by a simple issue: The pressure that is placed upon men by society simply for being, well, men. We’re all familiar with the stereotypes of course: a man does not cry, a man must be strong, a man must be able to support his family, and the list goes on and on. While we’re definitely not saying that there are no societal pressures on women, an issue that is often not spoken of is that it seems to be somewhat easier for women to break away from their assigned gender roles than it is for men to do so. For example: why is it acceptable for women to work but not for men to stay at home and look after children, especially in Asian countries? Is it absurd that a man may want to concentrate on taking care of his family and raising his children just like a woman may want to chase her career goals?

Closer to home, the gender-based inequality is clear as well. Let’s take, for example, the fact that we have women-only coaches when we take the train. Now if we’re justifying these to protect women from molestation during peak hours, the fact that there is no such privilege afforded to men raises two questions: Are we assuming that sexual crimes only occur between members of the opposite sex and are we assuming that men do not fall victim to these sexual crimes? Seeing as this is a topic which would be extremely complicated to dissect from a neutral point of view, we ventured forth in search of one who would be qualified, at least academically, to speak on the topic in a local context and discovered Dr Joseph N. Goh who lectures on gender studies at a private institution in Malaysia. Having written a thesis entitled ‘Piercing Transcendence: A Queer Theorising and Theologising of Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men’, he holds a Ph.D. in Gender, Sexuality, and Theology.

What are the societal expectations of men in Malaysia? There are certain representations of men that are more valued than others. The ideal man must be strong, emotionally, physically, and financially. He must be someone who fulfils

the expectations of his parents, his wife, and his family. He should be heteronormative, educated, literate, successful, god fearing, ethical in every sense, a good provider, a good father, does not look at pornography, has sex only with his wife, and is, in that sense, physically monogamous.

Where do these ideals come from, and how does society reinforce them? When you look at the idea of gender roles, gender assumptions and gender expectations, you’re talking about a structure of practices that has been sanctioned and accepted as society’s scaffolding. These constructs have by large been constructed from various sources – religious expectations, ethnic expectations, socio-cultural expectations, and a combination of popular culture and thought, and it goes right back into the whole heteronormative ideal of what a man should be. So, in a way, society buys into these ideas with the tacit assumption that without these fixed roles, expectations and functions, society will break down. I think most of us are aware that these are ideologies, these are utopic dreams that have been imposed from above, and sometimes they even come from below, to create ‘Man’. But we also know from real life experiences that men are not like that, they live as they want to live. Society sometimes looks at ‘Man’ and forgets the ‘men’ in Malaysia.

Malaysia wants to project this image that it is successful economically and politically, and that it is civilised politically and culturally. It wants to hold itself up as the icon of Muslim civilisation in south-east Asia, and every category of human life needs to conform to this image, including the area of gender and sexuality, and by extension, how men live.

Does an upbringing, as well as a society based on masculinity harm boys? Why? On the one hand, I don’t think parents in Malaysia go through courses on how to be parents. So a lot of parenting happens in a trial and error process, and fall back on the majority’s idea of how boys and girls should be brought up, and along with it comes all the baggage of how boys and girls should be. Because of that, you have men and women who are bringing up children based on a set script, which ends up with “boys play with trucks, girls play with Barbies”. There’s always this idea that boys should be tougher, and girls should be more lady-like. These ideals reinforce gender stereotypes, and I think they are harmful when children are not given the opportunity to express themselves outside of these gender scripts. You can have a boy who is socio-culturally accepted as a boy because he conforms to every expectation every way, but if he just transgresses one expectation, he’s considered a sissy. I think it’s a gross injustice that a lot of boys and men in Malaysia are being given the wrong information 30


that if they do not follow a particular script, there’s something wrong with them.

Do you think we as a society have broken free of gender norms and queer-phobia? I think globalisation has allowed men to learn of other gender expressions that do not necessarily impact on their understanding as men in a negative way. So there are viable alternatives for them, which they’ve sort of bought into. For example, the metrosexual male – previously, facial care and grooming was supposed to be the domain of women and women alone. But now, nobody bats an eye when men do it. A lot of men are, for economic reasons, not doing the traditional role assigned to them by the Malaysian society as well – they are house-husbands, they cook and they clean. The other aspect of how men are breaking gender norms is the gay men, who are becoming more and more visible in an unapologetic way. They’re claiming their own identities as ‘gay men’. What we’re seeing now, especially in the 21st century, is the rise of empowerment amongst gay men through very specific selfdescriptions. So gay men are able to say “Yes, we’re different. But what’s the big deal?”. I think if you go right down to the ground, you see a greater acceptance amongst the ordinary men or women on the street towards different kinds of men. But, on the political and institutional level, there is that strong need to conform to that ideal projection.

I think the limits will be there (such as men not being able to wear skirts), but they are fluid. When we consider what the limits should be, I don’t think we should be guided by popular opinion, we should think about it if we are causing harm to the people we set limits to. Will the act of a guy wearing make-up harm anyone, or are we just uncomfortable with it? We should never underestimate cultural pressure. Honour killings are the result of cultural pressure.

Malaysia is notorious for its queer-phobia. Do you think this is so? People in the higher-ups of Malaysia are not listening to the people on the ground, and I think that’s a huge injustice. I think people need to dialogue. In Malaysia, we try to live by the qualities and the values of 1Malaysia, and one very important value of 1Malaysia is the celebration of diversity. I think that the idea of all races getting along is a very superficial idea of the celebration of diversity because it doesn’t look into the critical differences. There are very real issues that separate different groups in Malaysia, such as economic disparity and positive discrimination. The celebration of diversity also never filters down to matters of gender and sexuality. Why are gender variant and sexually diverse people seen as threats to the Malaysian diversity? In the end, we find out that the intolerance towards sexual diversity and gender variance is basically a very strong, politically motivated thing. It’s not really about human values, it’s about power. june 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS |


anime by mira aziz



june 2016


3. 4.

e u r T r o F

s r e Lov

Can’t get enough of your favourite anime series? Not to worry, as we have listed down spinoff series which I am sure you can’t wait to watch. You’re welcome.

1. Soul Eater NOT!

2. Attack on Titan: Junior High

3. Itachi Shinden: Hokari to Yami

A year before The Prologues Arc which is the first arc of Soul Eater series, comes a story of Soul Eater NOT! If you don’t already know, the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) is a place for special people with the ability to turn themselves into weapons and the wielders called meisters. Out of the two classes, EAT and NOT, the Normally Overcome Target (NOT) students enrol just so that they’ll be able to control themselves from bringing a harm to others and themselves. Tsugumi Harudori is one of them and she embarks on a journey of friendship and self-discovery. There is nothing much to say except for this anime is worth your time.

Attack on Titan is a big hit from the start and the series fans will be thrilled with the new spinoff named Attack on Titan: Junior High. Riding the wave of the original Titan series, AoT Junior High is a parody version that stars some of Titan’s familiar characters including Eren and Mikasa. The age of the characters is cut down by a few years and we get to see them in high school uniforms. AoT Junior High basically tells the story of how titans and humans try to co-exist in the same school. We can say that some of Titan’s loyal fans weren’t that happy with this parody but if you watch it with the notion that it is a separate series than Attack on Titan, you might actually enjoy it.

The excruciating sufferings Naruto fans had to go through whilst waiting for the fillers to end can temporarily be forgotten by sinking their teeth in this new series starring one of the most beloved character in Naruto, the invincible warrior of Konoha, Uchiha Itachi. This short TV series follows the journey of Itachi before the infamous incident of Uchiha clan’s slaughtering. Viewers will be able to watch a different side to Itachi who dreams of nothing less than world peace. If you want to see the softer side of this legendary character, don’t hesitate to watch this character spinoff anime.

4. Blood-C The success of the Blood franchise by CLAMP created a third instalment following the massive acceptance of Blood+ anime series and the movie Blood C: The Last Dark. Blood C stayed loyal to the original plot of a mysterious high school girl that protects the world by slaying the creatures of the night (vampire). Yes, Blood fans were excited when this spinoff was announced but it was a huge disappointment. This spinoff does not live up to the other two Blood series and its story built up is very slow. Even though it gets better towards the end, some viewers stop watching mid-series due to head-spinning start of the anime. 32


5. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Okumura Yukio The title itself makes all Ao no Exorcist fans smile because they understand the pain Okumura Yukio had to go through in the anime. Although this is a manga, anime fans should definitely check this out. This spinoff is dedicated to the half of Okumura twins, Yukio, who we agree, deserves his own bloody spotlight. Being the responsible one, this more serious yet amusing character is portrayed in a more humorous way in the manga. Although we won’t mind if Yukio lightened up a bit, fans still prefer his original personality. Nevertheless, you should give this a short spin off a chance.


A bout of fresh air in the U.K. the experiences of Malaysian students abroad


tudying away from home in a foreign country is not easy. There’s the culture shock, the unpredictable weather, and it might even be hard for you to make friends. As a result, many may overlook or take the chance to move out for granted. However, those who do embrace the experience will undoubtedly grow from it, and will definitely come back stronger, wiser, and more responsible while having a lot of fun in the process. Here are a few testimonials from students who have studied in the U.K. and have grown as a result of the wonderful experience of seeing and experiencing other cultures with their own senses.

Fang Shen

Nigel Khoo

Despite Fang Shen’s main intentions to head to England for its stellar academic reputation, he came away with much more than a head full of knowledge to be unleashed into the world. Independence, responsibility and approachability is but the tip of the iceberg of what he has gained during his time overseas. One of the best things he’s learned, or rather, unlearned, is how to stay silent in a classroom, like every teacher in Malaysia has ever taught students to do. The phrase “there is no such thing as silly questions” is one that he has learnt to hold close to his heart. He is no longer afraid to voice out his concerns or to get more information; not only in an academic setting, but in the real world as well. He has also learnt to fully appreciate the differences between both cultures after getting over the culture shock through a Malaysian students’ society, which allowed him to get a taste of home while in a fascinating foreign land.

Nigel Khoo would be the first to agree that life abroad in a foreign land such as the U.K is tough. With shorter days, tumultuous winds, and even seagulls pecking at his handheld breakfast, the St. Andrews alumnus laments that the U.K is certainly not for the weak. However, despite all that, he still fell head over heels for the country, forming timeless memories and countless experiences – over the course of his education, each and every part of the town has become a memory and emotion that he will reminisce forever. Ultimately, what made him decide to stay was the fact that the charm of U.K. far outweighs its detriments. Its picturesque beauty, the lecturers who both challenged and guided him to reach his potential, its history and traditions, and most importantly, the friends he has made over his university life. This has easily been the best decision he has made in his life.

Zhi Xuan For a student of chemical engineering, the trip North has opened her eyes to the disparities in the cultures of both countries, in both the academic, as well as the cultural front. Unlike the rote learning we’ve come to embody in Malaysia, the academia in U.K focuses heavily on hands-on experiences. For her course particularly, they started with an ungraded group design project without prior preparation and knowledge just to give them a taste of what their future career would be like. To her, the weather was one of the most frightening aspect due to its unpredictability, causing her to even lose two umbrellas in three months. However, she does appreciate the chilly weather when it comes to long walks; something we dread in Malaysia due to the heat. She was also pleasantly surprised at the superb efficiency of the public transport system, and the fact that it was still possible to find some food that is cheaper than in Malaysia. Her advice to aspiring overseas students: Make friends! You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from them. For more information about your very own chance to study overseas, meet new people CAMPUS PLUS | 9 and experience new cultures, head on over to right away!


by christopher yee

the benefits of gaming

JUNE 2016


he sentence “Stop playing those useless video games and go do something useful!” and all its variations is probably something that every gamer has heard at least once in their lifetime. Games have often been criticised as time-wasters, mind-wreckers, violenceinducing monsters and overall destroyer of an otherwise perfectly healthy individual. However, that has never been the case. In fact, as the technology and effort invested into the making of video games increased, more gamers have unknowingly absorbed the benefits of these little nuggets of escapism.

Expand your mind Be it learning about the history and power players of the Renaissance in “Assassin’s Creed:



Brotherhood” or understanding the devastation of war first hand in “Spec Ops: The Line”; video games have much more to offer than just simple gratification. By putting yourself in the shoes of another character, you may be able to view the world in different lights, and even learn about something that is way outside the breadth of your curriculum. In addition to that, due to the immersive and engaging nature of video games, it is essentially able to do something that many drab textbooks fail to do: capture one’s attention for more than a few minutes.

popping up. Additionally, with the development of personalised VR and VR accessories just lurking around the horizon, many previously sedentary games will get players up and about, bringing in a whole new level of immersion. Games have also been proven to help with one’s motivation and self-esteem, while helping with more serious psychological illnesses and issues, such as the mental degradation of the elderly, depression and anxiety.

Health & Psychological benefits

Just as with any other game that involves more than one player, online games with multiplayer elements will be able to help one learn the importance of working together. In order to complete the objectives set by the game or to

While the majority of video games are sedentary, exercise games using motion control devices such as the Xbox Kinect, and the Wii have been

Social values and teamwork

triumph over other teams, one must be able to cover the weaknesses of your brothers/sistersin-arms while they cover yours. This essentially leads to the building of camaraderie and great team-players that are able to work coherently with others when they join the workforce.

The emotional payload (a.k.a. The Feels) You know that feeling when you finish a good book or a good movie, and you just lie there motionless, with a swelling feeling in your heart and a big smile on your face? Many video games with great narratives are not only able to give you that sense of contentment, but are even able to bring it one step further. Due to the fact that you take an active role in a video game rather than a passive one like in a book or movie, one

will end up being much more absorbed in the story and its characters.

resolution in visual processing, and enhanced mental rotation abilities.

Level yourself up

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun!!

Games are known to be an excellent medium for the development of problem-solving skills simply because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what you will be doing for the duration of the game. Due to the safe space given to gamers that allows them to experiment through the gathering of information and trial and error, one is encouraged to engage with the in-game environment while learning along the way. Studies also show that video games are capable of enhancing oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creativity, while players of fast-paced action shooter games have been known to end up with faster and more accurate attention allocation, higher spatial

Last, but definitely not least, is the entertainment value a game can offer you. Nothing can be better than coming back from a long day and just sit back, kick back and lose yourself in the world of a video game and let the stress and tension just ebb off in the catharsis.

JUNE 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS | 35

beautybuzz by mira aziz

men’s makeup

june 2016

Of men


Make O


ne of the most debated issue related to men is the conception that makeup is not for them – or as many would put it, not for straight men. Many have broken the barrier by introducing the concept of no makeup, makeup for men; in which they use beauty products to create a natural look that men can use daily. If you’re still not really into the idea of men wearing makeup, you can use these tips for special occasions just so that you can look more polished and neat. Note: Make sure to cleanse your face before putting on makeup and it’s better to shave to achieve a better look.

Step 1: Moisturise your face Before putting on the fancy stuff, start by dabbing some moisturiser on your face and the neck region. This might sound petty but if you are not going for the dry zombie look, make sure you don’t skip this step. Your skin will be hydrated enough to tolerate the makeup.

Step 2: Prime step is primer Primer is basically used to even out your skin tone and pigmentation. If lines have started forming on your face or you have pores that you can’t hide, then a primer is a must. Dot it on your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose then use either your fingertips or a sponge to spread it evenly.



Step 3: A bit of Bb cream To create a smoother and clearer skin, use bb cream to disguise blemishes and protect skin from UV lights. The important thing when using bb cream is choosing the perfect colour that can cover your own skin most naturally. The trick to wearing it is by mixing the cream with a little bit of moisturiser. Then, use a medium size brush and brush it lightly around your face. Alternatively, you can trade bb cream for foundation if you prefer.

Step 4: Cover using concealer Usually, when you’ve already used bb cream or foundation, there is no need for a concealer but it can be useful in covering up stubborn spots or scars and also create a lighter shade around some areas. Use a tiny amount around the lips, nose and below the eyes and dab it using your finger.

Step 5: Natural with naked powder Naked powder is a type of finishing powder that is used to give your skin a radiant glow and blends in all the makeup so that it does not look too re-touched. Naked powder is known to be weightless, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll look cakey on your skin. All you have to do is to

brush it lightly using a blusher brush.

Step 6: Glitter-less bronzer Guys, if jawline is your selling point then you would want to show it off. Instead of contouring, you can get the same effect by using natural bronzer. Make sure to buy one without glitter in order to stick to the natural look. Brush it where the sun will hit; forehead, down the nose, cheekbones and the tip of your chin.

Step 7: Colourless clear mascara Yes, mascara. Believe or not, a thicker lash makes a lot of difference to your eyes. To ensure that it doesn’t cross the feminine line, use a clear or colourless mascara so that you get similar results as regular mascara without being too obvious that you are wearing it.

Step 8: Lastly, lip balm Before leaving the house, apply a thin layer of lip balm for good measure. Avoid wearing a glossy lip balm and use it just enough for it to look moisturised.

JUNE 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS | 37


beautycase compiled by mira aziz

JUNE 2016

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Maybelline Velvet Matte

RM34.85 available at Maybelline counters nationwide If you’re feeling bold, colour your lips with the sensational red Velvet Matte and you’re good to go. Velvet Matte comes with striking color to ensure you turn heads when you make your entrance.

Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel RM130.00 available at all KOSE counters nationwide Kose Sekkisei created a solution specially for your lazy days when skin regimens are just too much work. The new multifunctional herbal gel is formulated with oriental plant extracts, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing every day. Apply a scoop of this gel before bed to wake up looking fresh and healthy.

Maybelline New York Hypersharp Power Black RM25.90 available at Maybelline counters nationwide For a simple and fast look, put on Maybelline’s waterproof Hypersharp Power Black eyeliner with a 0.05mm tip to create your ultrasharp and edgy eye line look.

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Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder

L’Oreal Paris L’Extraordinaire Mat

RM24.90 available in selected Guardian outlets

RM42.30 available at L’Oreal counters nationwide With 10 beautiful shades, L’Oreal Paris L’Extraordinaire Mat lipstick creates a velvety quality thanks to the blend of matte oil. The richness of the colour makes it perfect to let you stand out in the crowd.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Lash Sensational Mascara

Mentholatum Sugar Lip by Water Colour

RM39.90 available at Maybelline counters nationwide

RM15.80 available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets Pink enthusiast will love this new pink sugar lip balm collection by Mentholatum that is formulated using the unique brown sugar crystal formula. We all want our lips to look as if bathed in water and brown sugar. It helps in nourishing and smoothing the lips with four different shades of pink; dancing pink, kissy pink, rock ‘n’ pink and vintage pink.



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Complete your eye makeup with thicker lashes using Volum’ Express Lash Sensational Mascara. This mascara reveals 100% of your lashes by sweeping each one for a full faneffect.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer RM15.90 available in selected Guardian outlets Catrice is also known for its trendy nail polish and if you feel like changing it a bit from your usual brand, Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer is worth the shot.




Catrice Colour Correcting Powder helps to correct uneven skin tone and mattify your face making it look more natural. The colourful light powder comes in two shades; for fair and darker skin.


wanderlust words by rachel fong photos kamil haziq

A Trip Around Thailand (Part Iii)

JUNE 2016

A Good Thai me To Explore

PATTAYA EDITION You’ve shopped with us in Bangkok and brushed up on your history knowledge in Kanchanaburi, so what else is there? Plenty, that’s what. Join us as we take you further in our Thailand trip with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and show you some of the most exciting tourist spots that have hit the night owl town of Pattaya.

Walking Street

Filled with pubs, massage parlours and discos, there’s a reason why Walking Street is how Pattaya got its reputation as a red light district. This hub easily attracts expats looking for a good time – in more ways than one – and is an intriguing place to be in to truly get a feel of the seedier, grittier side of Thailand. As evening falls, all modes of transport excluding walking are barred from the area, which elevates the crowd to a near chaotic level, fuelled by booze and the infectious atmosphere. Even if the entertainment doesn’t excite you, you can still get something out of Walking Street by way of the myriad of seafood restaurants here, many of which offer fresh, delicious cuisine at reasonable prices. You can also expect to do a bit of shopping here for clothes and souvenirs.

Teddy Bear Museum

One of the most recent attractions to grace the lively town of Pattaya is this teddy bear-oriented museum that holds the honour of being the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Spanning over 3,000 square meters, it is home to over 2,000 bears spread over 13 picture zones of varying themes. From conventional small teddy bears to majestic, massive statues, this place has everything a teddy bear fanatic can’t get enough of. Each zone is designed to give the visitor an immersive experience, such as in the case of Inca Zone, where there’s an artificial lava cave that simulates the spewing of lava from the cave. If Instagram and Snapchat-worthy photos are what you dig, this is the place for you to go all out.

The Sanctuary of Truth

Believe it or not, this awe-inspiring temple has been under construction since 1981, and painstaking work is still being done to this day, as completion is scheduled for 2050 – long way to go! However, its current state is already a marvel to look at, thanks to its intricate Khmer architecture, which features painstakingly hand-carved wooden sculptures based on traditional Hindu and Buddhist motifs. In their own words,

it serves to use art and culture to depict the relationship between man and the universe. It’s interesting to note that, due to the decades which its construction has spanned, there’s a unique marriage of ancient and modern influences in its design. Nonetheless, the temple itself isn’t the only thing worth seeing, as it overlooks a rejuvenating view of the sapphire blue ocean. Snapped from a distance, the Sanctuary of Truth is the stuff postcards are made of.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Cultural Village

If green is your thing, add this vast (and we mean vast) gardencum-village to your itinerary. Spanning 2.4, the park boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand and can easily take up a whole day. Within the park, lies gardens of various themes, ranging from 17th-century French gardens, Stonehenge to European Renaissance gardens. Such is the extent of the area that visitors are advised to rent a bicycle so as not to tire your legs out too early on. Greenery, however, is not all that you will find in this gem of a village. There’s plenty of Thailand’s exotic culture to soak up here too, by way of elephant talent shows, classical Thai dances and even Muay Thai performances. Those craving something a little more physical can dive into elephant rides and paddle boats.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Opened only in 2014, this waterpark is a must-visit for fans of Cartoon Network and its animated denizens. Comprising 30 beautifully constructed water rides and slides revolving around the network’s most beloved shows, visitors can look forward to a day of fun (of cooling down) in the sun, thrills and character meet and greets. Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time and Ben 10 are just some of the few icons that dominate this waterpark, and the best part is it’s easy to get to. Located just 20 minutes away from Pattaya city, families or tourists can come down here to spend a refreshing ‘daycation’. For the

adventurous spirits, Jake Jump is a highlight for its heady mix of rafting, mega drop, vertical burst and weightlessness, while families with younger children will surely enjoy a leisurely float along the 3,650-foot-long lazy river as they pass their favourite cartoons and palm trees, on the Riptide Rapids.

guysstuff by eusoff andrei

know your products

Hair 101 june 2016


ith the exception of those of you who prefer to go au naturel and shave it all off, chances are you’ve gone through at least a few hair products by now. While different brands do work differently, sometimes it’s important to consider one thing: what if you’re using the wrong product entirely? While you may have heard of some of the different types of hair products in passing, read on and find out more about each product and you may even discover the right product for yourself!

Hair gel Hair gel works wonders if you’re going for a spiky look with definition as it allows you to shape your hair as your please. While most gels do provide a hold that will last a reasonable amount of time, keep in mind that using hair gel means that you can’t run your fingers through your hair and you will tend to sweat more than usual (not advisable with the current weather!). Also, hair gel doesn’t wash away easily with water.



Hair mousse aka styling foam Mousse is ideal if you’re going for a wet look as it adds shine and volume to your hair. The good part about hair mousse is that it often provides both conditioning and hold without any residual traces of product to worry about. However, hair mousse is also a much more sensitive version of hair gel in the sense that your hairstyle (and eventually your patience) will fall apart if you touch your hair even once throughout the day.

Pomade Pomade is a product that has been regaining its popularity as of late. While the pomade marketed to us these days definitely isn’t the same as what our forefathers once used, it still does a relatively good job of keeping your hair in order. However, as with hair wax, application before completely drying your hair will lead to unnecessary frustration not long after.

Hair wax

Hair spray

Hair wax is basically a more natural version of hair gel whereby it provides hold without the shine or hardening which comes with hair gel. However, be wary of those mornings when you’re in a rush as even though hair wax is relatively easy to apply, your hairstyle will fall apart if your hair isn’t completely dry before application. Hair wax is suitable for short to medium length hair styles.

Hair spray is typically used on top of another hair product once a hairstyle has been set in order to maintain the hairstyle for a longer period of time. When it comes to hairspray, it is advisable to go for a salon grade product as these tend to smell better even if you prefer something unscented. If you have particularly stubborn hair, a good tip is to use hairspray while blow-drying your hair in the desired direction.

Hair cream If you’re Malaysian, odds are that hair cream was the hair product of choice that your parents would’ve put on you in order to keep your hair in place as a child. While it does do its job reasonably well, it is a little annoying to wash out at the end of the day due to its oily nature. Also, if you continue to use hair cream into your adolescent years, you run the risk of looking like a prick.

fashionbuzz by mira aziz

interview looks

JUNE 2016

DRESS TO IMPRESS For those who are a few months away from holding your degree and will start searching for a job or internship, you’d probably want to check out these tips to looking great when facing your potential employer. Some might take it lightly but the way to an interviewer’s heart is through a good first impression and you would want to walk in the room looking to be impactful.


H&M Jacket Slim Fit RM249.00 Colour: Black, dark blue & grey Available in H&M outlets nationwide

H&M Suit Trousers Slim Fit

TopMan Stone Herringbone Suit Waistcoat



Colour: Black, dark blue & light grey Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Colour: light grey Available in TopMan outlets nationwide

H&M Stretch Shirt RM99.00 Colour: Dark blue & white Available in Zara outlets nationwide H&M Suit Trousers RM119.00


Colour: black, white & pattern Available in H&M outlets nationwide

MANGO Straight Striped Trousers RM229.00

H&M Leather Derby Shoes RM249.00 Colour: Dark brown Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Topman Teal Knitted Tie


Colour: ecru & dark navy

MANGO Pinstripe Suit Blazer

Available in MANGO outlets nationwide

RM369.00 Colour: ecru & dark navy Available in MANGO outlets nationwide

MANGO Contrasting Trims Blazer


Zara Tube Dress with Piping

Colour: Blue


Colour: black

Available in Topman outlets nationwide

Colour: grey marl

Available in MANGO outlets nationwide


Available in Zara outlets nationwide



H&M sweatshirt RM49.90 Colour: White, maroon, blue, green Available in H&M outlets nationwide

John Master Business Shirt with Stripes RM79.95 Colour: purple & red Available in Zalora

H&M Twill trousers Slim fit RM 79.90 H&M Shirt in Premium Cotton

H&M Waffle top



Colour: Black & white

Colour: light grey marl

Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Colour: Anthracite grey, light beige, dark blue, black Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Available in H&M outlets nationwide


Topshop Wide Cropped Trousers RM260.00 Colour: Charcoal Available in Topshop outlets nationwide and Zalora

MANGO Chest-pocket Cotton Shirt RM99.90, Colour: Sky blue Available in MANGO outlets nationwide

H&M Patterned Dress

H&M Suit Trousers RM79.90 Colour: Light grey marl, dark blue, black & light beige Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Topshop HYBRID Long sleeve shirt RM135.00

RM79.90 Available in H&M outlets nationwide

Colour: Dark blue Available in Topshop outlets nationwide and Zalora

JUNE 2016 | CAMPUS PLUS | 47

selection of New Products

JUNE 2016


Uniqlo x Marvel UT Collection RM59.90 available at all Uniqlo outlets nationwide Dressing for the job you want is not easy when the job you want involves flying around in indestructible metal suits, throwing thunder, or flinging a vibranium shield into the skulls of Nazis. However, we do have a close alternative for you comic fans out there: Uniqlo’s new line of Marvel shirts. Sure, it may not grant you the power to shoot lasers out of your hands or let you transform into a mean, green smashing machine just yet, but keep dressing for the job, and who’s to say you won’t become the next Tony Stark?

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System & Nail Oil Electronic Nail Care System (RM135.20), Nail Care Heads Refill (RM29.90) and Nail Care Oil (RM34.90) available at leading pharmacies & supermarkets Ever felt that taking care of your nail grooming either takes up way too much time, or simply costs too much if you were to choose to go for a mani/pedi session? Designed with busy people in mind, the Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic nail care system will help you file, buff, and shine your nails for a fraction of the time and effort with its two different speed options for desired results. Finish off your mani/pedi routine with the brand new Scholl nail oil, that will moisturise and condition your cuticles for shinier, healthier nails with its Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 7 Oil Complex.

Magnum Black Espresso and Pink Pomegranate RM 4.80 available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets & convenience stores / kiosks nationwide With the hot, flaming, blistering Malaysian sun getting ever hotter every year, more and more throats are getting parched and more people are (figuratively) dying from drained energy. Malaysians need a better way to fight back, and what better way to beat it than the tried and tested way of eating ice-cream? Sink your teeth into Magnum’s newest mouth-watering ice-creams, Black Espresso and Pink Pomegranate, and feel your troubles just melt away, if only for the moment.

Ribena Sparkling Cans Oxy’s Whitening Oil Control Wash From RM8.50 available at leading pharmacies & supermarkets Let your teenage face shine bright like a diamond with OXY’s new whitening oil control wash, the ideal wash for teens. Containing Giga White™ Technology (which consists of a whole load of herbs), Herbal Microbeads, REGU® SEB (more herbs and extracts) and Pentavitin (wheat), it will not only brighten up your skin, but also control shine, minimise the appearance of pores, deeply cleanse and provide a 72-hour moisturisation just by washing your face. Plus, with that many herbs in a product, you’ll definitely know it’s good.

RM 2.00 available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets & convenience stores / kiosks nationwide The blackcurrants of Ribena, a taste that we all know and love, has reinvented itself to bring with it a new, lightly fizzy taste to quench our thirsts on a hot, sunny day. Filled with anti-oxidants, anthocyanins and the vitamin C that made it a family favourite, while being free from any artificial flavouring, colouring, caffeine and sweeteners, lets you enjoy that refreshing fruity taste washing over you without any of the guilt that comes with consuming an unhealthy drink.


by nadhirah rafidz


JUNE 2016


Tian Huey Only 17 and she’s already a renowned artist in her own right with a following of more than 7,000 followers


ee Tian Huey, a self-taught artist in Malaysia enjoys making everything aesthetically pleasing. She describes herself as “the weird girl doodling in a corner while making faces at everyone”. In her mind, she’s the eccentric artist type with royal blue hair wearing a distressed jacket covered with patches and paint. Tian Huey’s art is a definite eye candy and has a loyal following of over seven thousand people (and counting) on Instagram. Without a doubt her journey as an artist, documented in pictures and Snapchat videos, is a source of inspiration to many. Crayon stained hands and paint spattered clothing has been a constant from the day Tian Huey was born. Her debut was at the age of five- rebellious art in the form of circles drawn repeatedly on pristine white walls. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t appreciate the genius

behind this piece of artwork and quickly supplied her with paper. What’s her favourite artwork? That’s a cruel question to pose to Tian Huey because it’s impossible for her to choose her one and only all time favourite. However, she’s amazed at Monet’s water lilies and quite likes Andy Warhol’s soup cans- not just aesthetically but in the way it celebrates the importance of consumerism in an artist’s career.

Tian Huey isn’t just limited to her pens and paper. Since the debut of “Circles”, her repertoire has expanded to painting with watercolours, portrait drawing, sketching, sewing, digital art and more. She fearlessly charges headfirst each time she picks up something new and believes that trying is the best form of learning because “in art, there are no cliff notes or hacks. It’s okay to make mistakes because you will make mistakes.” Her favourite themes revolve around drawing people, especially their faces. As hard as it is to get the proportions right lest she becomes the next Picasso, Tian Huey feels there is something about bringing these faces to life which really connects her to these absolute stranger she will (probably) never meet. “One trick pony” is the last way anyone would describe Tian Huey. If her mile-long list of artistic mediums she has mastered isn’t validation enough, she also has a strong affinity towards writing. When she’s not in the mood for art, she’d let words, not shapes, flow out of her pen. It helps calm her and accent her artwork – what a creative bug.

Her journey as an artist has not been all rainbows and butterflies either; in fact, she has experienced many moments of self doubtfrom the start till the end of an art piece. But this is something Tian Huey finds normal as an artist because art is creating something out of nothing, thus there’s a great deal of pressure to convey her message and vision properly. She overcomes this by pressing on- albeit hard but crucial. Sometimes she reminds herself that the work she produces is her own and for her eyes only unless she chooses to reveal it to others. Therefore, the only critic you have to please is yourself. Her biggest challenge however was being proud of her art and its worth. “How can you not be proud of such amazing talent,” you might ask. Well it’s because of that age-old stereotype- that pursuing science is much more respectable than pursuing art as a career. It nagged at the back of her mind that many would view an “A” in math as “better” than an “A” in art. Tian Huey felt caged knowing that her passion and heart was in art but there would always be some pre-conceived notion that she was stupid or dumber than her science stream peers surrounding her. “Art is seen as a lesser subject- which is quite sad. People don’t realise that artists have shaped and molded their everyday lives. The beautiful cars they drive, the homes they live in, the expensive designer clothes that they lust after. People are blithely unaware of the fact that artists created all these out of nothing” However, she has stayed true to her heart by choosing the arts stream in school and this decision is something she doesn’t regret. She’s

grateful that more people are becoming aware of the false stereotypes surrounding art students. At the moment, Tian Huey is interested in pursuing a double degree in both Communication Design and Marketing. Don’t get her wrong, she loves art but she also has an aptitude for business (is there anything she can’t do?) thus leading her to be interested in the commercial side of art. However, her ultimate dream would be to own a magazine publication- unlike the glamorous life and career of Miranda Priestly. Well, if she were to make that dream a reality, I’d definitely subscribe to her magazine.


plug into the future of tech

june 2016

Wiko LENNY2 This 5â&#x20AC;? device comes with a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, 8GB ROM which can reach 64GB with the micro SD card. Available in a variety of colours from black and white to coral, blue and bleen, this device is equipped with a dual SIM slot and makes for an ideal entry level device. The LENNY2 carries a 5-megapixel main camera and 2-megapixel front camera. In five years, Wiko has become the number two smartphone vendor in France. The brand currently has seven million users in more than 30 countries. Price: RM299

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Nikon COOLPIX B700 This device presents an advanced balance of mobility, zoom performance and imaging technology for a vast zoom range. The most compact ultra-high-power 60x optical zoom, 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom camera in its class, the B700 with 20.3 megapixels backside-illumination CMOS image sensor enables its owner to capture vibrant scenes and portraits in sharp detail, both day and night. Combining technological refinement with lightning-fast performance, important moments are never missed. Locking on to subjects is even faster with high-speed autofocus at approximately 0.09 seconds, aided by a pre-focus function which enables quick focusing when the camera detects composition change and camera shake. Price: N/A



This professional-grade wireless gaming mouse features industry-leading wireless technology, an advanced optical gaming sensor, a flexible ambidextrous design, customisable lighting, mechanical pivot button design and lightweight construction for maximum performance and comfort over long gameplay sessions. With a onemillisecond report rate, and highly optimised 2.4GHz wireless connection, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum outperforms both wireless and wired competitors. Its exclusive clock-tuning technology, which significantly reduces power consumption, enables it to be used continuously for 32 hours. Users will also have the freedom to configure the mouse according to preference as it can be transformed into a truly left- or right-handed mouse, using the included magnetic button covers. Price: RM699

Acer Revo Hello Kitty Edition With the Acer Revo One having won the Red Dot Design Award 2015, Good Design Award 2015, Best Choice 2015 (Gold Award and Best Product of the Year), Computex 2015, and Taiwan Excellence 2016, Acer has released a Hello Kitty edition which is surely good news for fans of the iconic character. Packed into its small form of 106.5 (W) x 106.5 (D) x 155 (H) mm is a powerful 7.1 surround sound system, HD resolution, and a huge storage space which makes the Acer Revo One Hello Kitty edition stylish in looks and big in capabilities. Price: RM1,499 / RM2,099

Logitech G610 Orion

vivo V3Max

The Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, as well as customizable bright white LED key backlighting and dedicated media controls. Cherry MX switches are rated over 50 million keystrokes and actuate precisely for a reliable gaming experience. In addition, low-noise Cherry MX Brown switches have a tactile bump for feedback while you type. Every aspect of the device from the simplest details, such as fingerprint-masking matte texture and a durable braided cable, to the most complex details, including advanced bright white LED key backlighting – is precisely engineered. Price: RM599

Featuring an aluminium magnesium alloy body covered with a glossy surface, the vivo V3Max features a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display which is protected by 3rd generation 2.5D Gorilla Glass. One thing to look out for is the “CPU mode smart recognition” which allows the CPU to run in various ways according to a user’s requirements. The device’s Dual-Charge Circuits provide a faster rate of charging as vivo claims that plugging the device in for 5 minutes provides 2 hours of non-stop music playback. The device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 652 1.8GHz octa-core processor. Price: RM1,399



wiredup by eusoff andrei

wiko highway pure

JUNE 2016

Slim bling!


JUNE 2016

This device, being the world’s slimmest 4G phone, is definitely one of the lightest phones that you would have used in a while (we’re talking feather-light here!) and it comes with a moderate price tag. Design

Display & Camera

With a weight of just 98 grams and a thickness of 5.1mm, the Highway Pure feels right at home in the palm of your hand. Just be careful that it doesn’t fly right out of your grip! If you’ve always wished that your smartphone came with a little extra bling, look no further as this device comes embedded with 16 Swarovski Zirconias which add nicely to the exclusive look of the phone. On a side note, if you’re worried that it may be hard to find a protective case for this device given its recent introduction to our market, worry not as it comes with one right out of the box.

It’s 4.8 inch 1280 x 720 pixels HD screen is illuminated by AMOLED display technology for a pleasurable viewing experience. Worry not about this beauty getting scratched easily as its display is protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. The Highway Pure features an 8-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front camera.



Performance The device is equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 processor which makes for a smooth experience. The 1.2 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB ROM of the phone ensure that you have what you need at the tip of your fingers!

APRIL 2016

One of the things about this phone in particular is the screen touch_tone which sounds robotic and gives the phone a whole futuristic feel.

Specifications • • • • •

Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 Quad-Core 1.2 GHz, Cortex-A53 Accelerometer, magnetic sensor, proximity sensor 1280 x 720 4.8” HD display Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 2000mAh Li-Po battery

huawei honor band z1

june 2016


wiredup by christopher yee

JUNE 2016

Countin’ Calories APRIL 2016

The Honor Band Z1 is a sleek, attractive fitness tracker that monitors your movements, sleep patterns and calories in addition to telling the time. Conclusion

Design Featuring the most minimalistic and sleek design, the Honor Band comes in three colours – black, white, and cream beige, and it will stay secure on your wrist with a belt-buckle design. With a perfectly round face and no buttons whatsoever, it is fully operated through a touchscreen (double-tap to turn on). Users are also given a choice between four different watch-faces, two analogue and two digital, which users can choose to fit their personality. The watch itself is incredibly light and comfy, so much so, it barely feels there when it is being worn.

running, in addition to the steps and calories. The Honor band also monitors the user’s sleep patterns, and when linked with the phone app, will give considerably detailed information, including how much of it was heavy sleep, light sleep, and how many times you’ve woken up (to use the loo, presumably). With the companion app, you can upload your fitness data onto apps like My Fitnesspal or UP by Jawbone. However, the Band is lacking a heart rate monitor, a feature that some might appreciate during their runs and workouts.

Fit for fitness

Besides telling the time, it is also possible for the Band to be customised to receive select notifications from your phone, such as emails, messages, Whatsapp, etc. The band will even gently vibrate to let you know if there’s something up, just in case your phone’s not with you at the time.

Equipped with a step counter and a calorieburned counter, the Honor Band helps track the user’s movements and translates it into the amount of calories burnt. You can also bring it along when you’re jogging or running, and it will help you track your time spent

Other features

Despite being cheap, looking sleek and being incredibly comfortable, this is an extremely barebones product. If you’re a fitness junkie who would like a pure fitness band to monitor your workouts, it would be better to get something, which includes a heart rate monitor. But for the rest who would prefer to trade in knowledge of your heart rate for a nice little screen that tells you who sent you what, go ahead and give the Honor Band a try.

Specifications • • • • •

1.06-inch OLED touchscreen 128x128 resolution 38mm x 9.5mm (1.5in x 0.37in) Cortex M4 STM32F411 processor 70mAH non-removable battery that last 4 days



chowdown by christopher yee

the good batch review

june 2016

A Good Batch of



ecorated with rustic wooden furniture and several trinkets of yore, such as a magazine stand made entirely of old suitcases and a rather interesting display of mounted gears, it was a café that gave off a feel that was both rustic and modern at the same time. One of the pioneers of all-day breakfast joints in Malaysia, The Good Batch has been in operation since the October of 2013, and has since brought good breakfast meals to customers all around Petaling Jaya. According to director Caroline, they were inspired by the cafés in Australia and Singapore, and decided to open one in PJ because there was a lack of




such food and beverage places in existence at the time. Constantly changing and upgrading their menu every half a year or so, they are frequently reinventing themselves to bring their customers the best experiences they can. One can also expect to be on the receiving end of good ingredients (such as homemade bread and organic eggs) and friendly smiles once you step through their door. Presented with two drinks – a Café Latte and a Fresh Citron Presse to quench our thirsts with, we settled down amidst the dim lighting pretty comfortably and almost immediately began to unwind.

The Fresh Citron Presse, a delectable concoction made with soda water, sprite, lemon juice, lime juice and lemongrass, was incredibly revitalising, vanquishing the thirst I had from the heat in an instant. The Café Latte, on the other hand, while not anything special, still tasted nice and milky. Although, what drew me in were the biscuits that came with it – instead of the hard biscuits I had come to expect, they crumbled softly in my mouth, and dipping it into the latte just added to the flavour. We were first offered the funny but aptly named ‘The Angmoh’, their big breakfast dish that consisted of scrambled eggs, turkey

ham, sautéed mushrooms, pan fried potatoes, baked beans, homemade garlic bread, a grilled tomato, and a grilled Spanish sausage. The meaty sausage, savoury mushrooms and crispy potatoes particularly spoke to me, and the dish was much more filling than I expected. The New Yorker, one of their guests’ all-time favourite dishes, is their own interpretation of the famous American chilli dog. A Spanish sausage topped with tomato chicken bolognaise and diced onions over a Spanish sausage sandwiched by two pieces of homemade white bread. The minute we stuffed it into our mouths, the New Yorker made a great impression on me as its bread,

sausage and bolognaise just blended incredibly well together to form a great, meaty taste. They also provide a dinner menu that features the more traditional options for people who might not want to have breakfast for dinner, such as steak, pasta, fish n’ chips, and carbonara; as well as some rich and creamy cakes for dessert. (If you buy their cake of the day at 4 to 6p.m. on a weekday, you will even get a coffee or tea for free!) Besides the Good Batch, Caroline owns several other establishments, such as the clean and healthy Nara & Kitchen Co., and bars Hyde and 61 Monarchy.

Meals range from RM23 – 53, Appetizers, sides and desserts range from RM14 – 19, non-alcoholic drink range from RM5 – 15, and alcoholic drinks range from RM25 – 150 Opening hours: 11AM-11PM (Weekdays), 9AM-11PM (Weekends), Closed on Mondays Address: No. 53, Jalan SS21/1A, Damasara Utama, Selangor, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Website:




by nadhirah rafidz

HKK 2016

JUNE 2016


Traditions Alive

Saying goodbye to our childhood haunt- Craft Complex Kuala Lumpur


estled in the midst of a bustling city is Craft Complex Kuala Lumpur- a throwback to our roots and culture that surprisingly, not many know about or take the time to appreciate. This gem serves as a connection between youth and their nation’s diverse artistic roots and allows them to not only appreciate its beauty and uniqueness but try their hand in traditional craft. The “throwback” atmosphere is further amplified by the traditional Malay architecture and “kampung” community concept. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and this hub of traditional arts is no exception as it will be demolished later this year in the name of modernisation, namely, the MRT project. Craft Complex Kuala Lumpur held its last “Hari Kraf Kebangsaan” exhibition from 24th February to 6th March before it is moved to underground Dataran Merdeka.



The Craft “Kampung” The Craft “Kampung” is where the real magic which brings Malaysian traditional craft back to life lies. In this nostalgic community, you will find friendly resident artisans and craftsmen who will guide your inexperienced hand and

teach you the wonders of traditional art. There are so many options, from weaving to pottery to wood carving, the chances of being bored are slim and the experience is one of a kind. By far, the batik painting is the most popular activity and it’s enjoyed by both children and

Unique textiles from every state were sold at reasonable prices during the “Hari Kraf Kebangsaan”

Kuih Karas which originates from Langkawi made right before your eyes

Encik Lazim has been teaching batik painting for more than 30 years

Drinking water kept in a “labu sayong” is said to cool the body, relieve coughs and cure fevers

adults alike. Fellow artist Lazim Ismail, has been practicing the art of batik painting for 35 years and loves to share his craft through teaching. Contrary to popular belief, batik painting is not a dying art; in fact Lazim said that he has many students as young as three years old, regularly coming to him for lessons. He believes that the younger generation genuinely enjoys the art and does not see batik painting made obsolete by time or technology.

Need of some heavy dose of culture? In the craft complex’s museum, the painstaking detail and meticulousness that goes into creating these seemingly simple crafts are brought to light and your appreciation for these amazing artists will skyrocket. Bits of information is accompanied with visually stunning models, pictures and videos- giving you a real in-depth experience of the creation of such crafts and its vibrant

history. What are the stages of making a “labu sayung”? How many different motifs and materials are used in weaving? What is the history behind “kain songket” and who were allowed to wear them in the old days? All these questions will be answered in the museum. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a demonstration or two outside its doors.

Lelong, lelong! Okay, so Craft Complex Kuala Lumpur isn’t exactly a place for auctioning but it’s a thriving marketplace for traditional handicrafts and knick-knacks. There are over 400 shop owners and tenants here and the products sold, whether its cloth, ornaments or furniture are all high in quality and reasonably priced if not cheap. You will find beautiful handiwork from every state and there is certainly something for everyone -from Sarawak rattan furniture to Kelantan made batik textiles to quirky baubles that will make perfect mementos. Locals and foreigners alike enjoy perusing through the various stores and find the traders extremely friendly and warm. Without a doubt, your shopping bags will multiply, your wallet will get slimmer and hours will zoom by just from flitting from one shop to the next.

Pandanus leaves are scorched lightly over a fire till they turn yellow in order to make the leaves softer and more lasting.

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JUNE 2016

The Trembling Giant Of Utah

New Home For Old Dogs

O give me a home, where the Labradors roam, and the Shiba and Terriers play. Japan has opened its very first nursing home for canines and hounds alike named Roken Honpo. With around-the-clock veterinary care, a specialist gym and swimming pool, the elderly dogs there are well taken care of, allowing them to live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort. Due to the many people in Japan who are reluctant to put down their pets when they get too old or too sick, many opt to put them in this home where they can be well taken care of, especially if they are too busy with their careers. Headed by Mie Kawaguchi and her team, Roken Honpo deals with many ailments that range from Alzheimer’s to failing eyesight.

Pando (which literally translates to “I spread” in Latin) is the name of clonal colony of roughly 43,000 male Quaking Aspen (Populus Tremuloides) that are connected by the roots. While other plants and trees reproduce through flowers and sexual reproduction, quaking aspens reproduce asexually by sprouting new trees from the lateral root of the parent. Despite looking like a normal, 106-acre forest, experts have determined that every single tree has sprouted from the roots of the original Aspen tree, and is therefore a single organism. This makes it not only one of the oldest living organisms at 80,000 to 100,000 years old (even scientists aren’t particularly sure), it is one of the largest as well.

fact: Due to the ravaging of drought, insects, and disease, the gentle giant seems to be slowly withering away. In hopes of rejuvenating it, scientists are currently looking into ways that they can get the tree to sprout young Aspens at a faster rate.

fact: There are currently more registered pets than children in Japan. With a whopping number of 21.3 million at 2014, they triumph over the number of children under 15, which is under 16.5 million.

The Sound Of Silence Written by John Cage in the year of 1952, the song 4’33” (4 minutes and 33 seconds) is a 3-movement song written for any amount of performers. However, what makes this classical piece different from the sonatas of Beethoven and Mozart is that instead of the soaring rhythms of violins and pianos, the audience are treated to 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence from the performer. The idea was that, instead of concentrating on the music of the performers, the ‘music’ is made by everything else happening around us – the shuffling of people in their seats, the quiet coughs, the puzzled but hushed whispering. For 4 minutes and 33 seconds, the avant-garde song (or lack thereof) makes the audience shift their attention to themselves, making them the performer instead of the one on stage. Hence, no two people will hear 4’33” similarly, and no two performances of the song will be the same. The song has been an often debated piece, with some insisting that it is music, while others arguing that it is not.


fact: John Cage has also been the composer of other similarly experimental ‘pieces’, such as the song Imaginary Landscape #4 for 24 performers, in which 24 people will adjust the tuning of radios to specified frequencies, and the resultant ‘music’ is what comes out (or does not come out) of the radio.



men on gender equality

june 2016

What do you, as males, expect out of gender equality? In this day and age, gender equality is an incredibly important topic that begs to be answered, but one often finds that the answer to that topic is one no one can seem to agree on. Hence, to delve deeper into what guys really think about gender equality, we approached a few male students of Brickfields Asia College.

Chuck Siew Ka Wai, 19

Joshua Lawson Cowie, 19



About gender equality, in my perspective, of course I can see that society is working towards equality between men and women. But there are certain aspects where there can be no gender equality, like the biological attributes of a man and a woman.

Guys and girls should be given the same level of concern, and should be treated equally. In terms of jobs and positions, women should be given equal opportunity to shine. Great ideas come from women too, and we should cooperate, not discriminate.

Quek Zuoo Yuon, 19

Kevin Yap, 20


I feel women should be compared equally to men. Say, if you look at politics; there has to be gender equality. Women are voting in elections, getting educated, and teaching. But if you’re comparing a woman who is working as a teacher getting lower pay than a man doing hard labour, then that’s very hard to compare because you’re not comparing professions of the same field.




I do believe gender equality is a real problem, and it’s a problem that is felt especially by the women. I think the root of this problem is how society perceives women – there are different societal perceptions between the genders. There should be a meritocracy, people shouldn’t be judged because of their gender, but what they can do.



Profile for Campus Plus Magazine

Campus Plus Magazine June 2016  

Cover Story - A Man's World? • Career Chat • Wired Up • Chow Down • Fashion Buzz • Anime • News • Music • Movie

Campus Plus Magazine June 2016  

Cover Story - A Man's World? • Career Chat • Wired Up • Chow Down • Fashion Buzz • Anime • News • Music • Movie