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Fall 2015 Issue 3

October 1, 2015

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Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe Rock Eastern By Nadia Balassone Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 26th Eastern turned up with Tinashe and Ty Dolla $ign for the 2015 Fall Concert. From the time the doors opened at 6:00 p.m., hundreds of Eastern students and guests packed shoulder to shoulder in the Sport-Center-Gym, the event was packed. It turned into a mosh-pit; let loose under the bright lights and heavy heat of the room. The stage that was set up for the artists was only feet away from where most of the audience stood, giving the concert a unique sense of intimacy and a buzzing closeness that pulsed through the crowd. Tinashe took the stage first, performing many of the songs she just came off tour with from her Aquarius album, including the much awaited “All Hands on Deck” and “2 On”. She also performed some new originals from her album,

Nadia Balassone / Eastern Connecticut State University Joyride, set to debut soon in November. Many of the songs had a heavy R&B feel, and the crowd danced and sang with her to the serenades, but what made the concert truly worthwhile was her dancing. Tinashe showcased her potential as an entertainer needing only two male backup

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dancers and herself. Her moves were effortless and fluid and she kept her stamina the whole time she was singing and dancing. Before Dolla $ign came out, the crowd was introduced to one of his L.A. DJs, who shook the room with all of the club bangers, including “Know

Yourself ”, “M.A.A.D. City”, and “Pop That.” It sent a surge of fresh energy through the audience and seemed to hype everyone up for the last performer. Dolla $ign came out swinging on a skateboard to a cheering audience and immediately went to work. He

performed songs from all of his different albums and even some original remixes. The crowd exploded when he played his bests, including “Or Nah”, “Paranoid”, and “Drop that Kitty.” Dolla $ign even brought Tinashe back on stage for a quick twerk during his performance. His interaction with the audience was key, as he sprayed water guns on them, urged them to sing the lines they knew, hold up cell phone lights in the dark, and even crowd surf! He really made a strong connection… so strong that it compelled a brassiere to be thrown his way too. As the cherry on top and perfect ending to the night, Dolla $ign saved “Blasé” for last and it was well worth the wait. The action was wrapped up quickly, and the concert ended around 9:30, but the audience was welcomed to stay for the “after party” once the artists had gone, and listen to more of the hits. Keep a look out for what Eastern has in store for us as the Spring Concert!

a student and researcher. Dr. Diller guided me so much in helping me decide which articles to read, how to narrow my topic, and how to structure my work so that I could communicate effectively. He pushed me to meet deadlines and think about concepts in ways that I hadn’t before. There were definitely times when I felt like I was in over my head, but my mentor helped me develop my ability to think and write about research in a more sophisticated way. Dr. Leszczynski has also been an amazing mentor, Alexis Apel / Eastern Connecticut State University especially in helping me understand all of the difficulties for Behavior Analysis and me, which has its own challenges that come with coding data. Therapy conference in Amherst, associated with it. Although data Coding is much more involved Massachusetts this October. collection has just begun, I am and complicated than I ever My second project has expecting to find that interviews expected (even with all the just started, but I have already with women focus more on warnings!), but my mentor has learned so much. Last December, I conversations about appearance made the process much less was bothered by the way celebrity and family, while interviews overwhelming than it could mothers seemed to be portrayed with men focus more on artistic have been. I am so lucky that differently than celebrity fathers activity, like upcoming movies. she was completely willing to on popular talk shows, so I decided follow my intellectual curiosity to empirically study whether What was the role of your mentor? about popular media, and I’ve there really was a difference. Both of my mentors were been able to learn so much Coding the television shows is a instrumental in my learning more about working with completely new experience for process and my improvement as qualitative data along the way.

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Fall 2015 / Issue 3: October 1, 2015  

The third issue of Fall 2015. The Campus Lantern is the student newspaper of Eastern Connecticut State University.

Fall 2015 / Issue 3: October 1, 2015  

The third issue of Fall 2015. The Campus Lantern is the student newspaper of Eastern Connecticut State University.