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President Trump Delivers State of the Union Address

February 8, 2018

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Men’s Basketball: Warriors Maintain Dominance

Marquist Parker Sports Editor

President Trump delivering his address / C-SPAN Robin Blassberg Staff Writer On Jan. 30, 2018, President Donald Trump took to the United States Capitol to reveal his first official presidential State of the Union address. President Trump’s speech can be defined by two parts. The first part contained praise for his own administration’s efforts throughout his first year as President, as well as honoring the many people who have put their own lives on the line for others through this tumultuous year. The second part entailed Trump detailing his plans for the “new American moment” he believes we are a part of. Not only did congressmen and women across the nation attend, but several recent heroes from the past year deemed noteworthy

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by President Trump were in attendance and commemorated as well. According to USAToday, Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States, felt compelled to escort each of these guests to the Capitol, whom she sat alongside in the gallery. Next to Melania was 12-year-old Redding, California native Preston Sharp, and Coast Guard Petty Officer Ashlee Leppert. President Trump shared the stories of these individuals that he declared “American heroes [that] remind us who we are, and show us what we can be.” Sharp, a “young patriot”, was especially notable due to his clear appreciation for veterans. When he noticed their graves were not marked with flags on Veterans Day, he took it upon himself to give respect and honor by placing over 40,000 flags. Continued on Page 2

News: Willimantic Fire

Senior guard Kendall Marquez (Willimantic) had 17 of his team-high 20 points in the second half to spark the Eastern Connecticut State University men’s basketball team to its 36th consecutive Little East Conference regular-season home victory, 84-70, on Feb. 3 at Francis E. Geissler Gymnasium. Continued on Page 14

Eastern Guard, Carlos Gonzalez/

Club Spotlight: OLAS Johana Vazquez Staff Writer OLAS, the Organization for Latin American Students, which you may or may not have heard of, is a club at Eastern that aims to promote Latin culture to the community through campus programs and community service. OLAS was founded in 1986 and has since assisted in the educational success of Latinos on campus. Freddy Cruz, a senior and Business Administration major, is the current president of OLAS. Cruz started out as a

Opinion: Things to do on Valentines Day Established 1945

member, got a e-board position as Public Relations and learned the duties of a president by observing. Eventually he ran for president and won. “As the president, I make sure we are on task and on time with deadlines,” says Cruz, “I organize and manage trips and try to make everyone feel welcome.” Cruz can’t wait to look back on his college career one day and feel proud to have been a part of “the legacy” as one of hundreds of past OLAS presidents. “OLAS is a big second family. Everyone gives you the support you need and works to share our different Latino

cultures,” remarks Jesus Blanco, the club’s secretary. Blanco is a sophomore and health science major. “You should join OLAS because it is a great place to find connections, a family, and academic support. We have each other’s backs.” Jesus Blanco is also a part of the OLAS dance team, which occasionally showcases Latino dance routines at their events. Their dances liven up the shows and are great entertainment for the attendees.

A&E: The Burgeoning

Sports: NBA MVP

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

President Trump Delivers State of the Union Address Continued from Cover Page Another hero in a different way, Officer Leppert “braved live power lines and deep waters to help save more than 40 lives” while aboard one of the first helicopters on the scene in Houston, Texas during disastrous Hurricane Harvey. Obtaining nearly 46 million viewers, according to Nielsen, and according to his own Twitter account, Trump “delivered [the address] from the heart” and was quick to boast his administration’s financial achievements and the fact that his viewer rate was the “highest number in history.” However, Nielsen makes it clear that this is untrue - Barack Obama, for example, obtained more viewers on his 2010 State of the Union Address. Trump urged everyone to begin the night by realizing the “state of our Union is strong because our people are strong” these “people” being those who raised wages and were able to enact 2.4 million new jobs. He then emphasized that the fact that “African American [and Hispanic] unemployment rates stand at the lowest rates ever recorded” was “something [he’s] very proud of.”, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that aims to “reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics,”

President Donald Trump delivering the 2018 State of the Union address / reveals that while this is true, nation, in terms of immigration to secure the border, with these unemployment rates they have “met extensively with President Trump citing the have already been on a steady both Democrats and Republicans wall as a tactic. The third pillar trend of decline for seven years. to craft a bipartisan approach will refine the visa lottery, President Trump also to immigration reform.” This ensuring that green cards reassured Americans that his plan, which was presented to are not “randomly” handed administration has made history Congress and defined as being out. In the final pillar, chain in another way; they have a “compromise” to both parties migration will be eliminated“enacted the biggest tax cuts and that will benefit Americans, citing this immigration reforms in American history” is comprised of four pillars, trend as “dangerous.” which he believes will result in the first of which concerns To complete his extreme relief for the middle undocumented immigrants speech, President Trump class and small businesses. brought to America by their emphasizes faith, pride, trust, Nevertheless, parents. As a result of this plan, and strength, in order for “our states that historically higher tax an undocumented immigrant families [to] thrive” and “our cuts have been established as a will be able to become a full people [to] prosper” during percentage of GDP. citizen, if they meet education our “new American moment.” To communicate and work requirements and President Trump and his display good moral character. administration’s goals for our The second pillar will work

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News Editor

Rebekah Brancato

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Willimantic Waste Paper Co. Plans to Rebuild After Fire

Rebekah Brancato News Editor

On Sunday, Jan. 28, over ten fire departments battled a fire for over 36 hours at the 100,000 square foot Willimantic Waste Paper Co. plant. The severity of the fire closed several roads and covered the town in smoke, closing Willimantic schools on Jan. 29 - including Eastern Connecticut State University. The cause of the fire is still undetermined. While the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection deemed the smoke from the fire unhazardous, Eastern temporarily closed the air intake ventilation systems in all resident halls. To take further precaution, the Student Center was opened overnight Sunday and Monday for any students who felt uncomfortable in their dorms. The smoke “was a big concern for everybody”, Willimantic Fire Chief Marc Scrivener told The Lantern when asked about challenges faced by the fire department. “The weather condition on arrival [to the scene] was such

“We pulled a lot of help from a lot of resources from neighboring communities.” that the smoke was rising straight up, in fact it showed at 4,000 feet on weather radar. But the weather switched, and thermal inversion occurred, and pushed the smoke back


Campus Lantern

Eastern Alumni Startup Aims to Bring Partnership into the Workplace Jake Insinna Staff Writer

Firefighters at the scene at Willimantic Waste Co. / NBC Conn. down to the ground which obscured part of the ground and also kind of socked in the whole town with smoke.” Another challenge faced by the department was the coordination of all of the different crews on the scene, which included firefighters from New London. “We pulled a lot of help from a lot of resources from neighboring communities,” Scrivener continued. “All that help starts converging in Willimantic and we have to organize them in short order, and get them functioning as a coherent unit.” A fire of this size has not occurred in Willimantic in years. The most recent fire of a similar magnitude was the fire at St. Mary’s Church in 2013, according to Scrivener. “That was a building that was a smaller footprint, but taller, being a one hundred year old Roman Catholic Church with cathedral ceilings,” Scrivener told The Lantern, “whereas this was a single story warehouse style building […] Those two

fires were similar in scale and magnitude, although different in how we fought them.”

“I’ve watched them grow this facility to what it is, or what it was, and I plan to watch them rebuild.” Despite the destruction, the DeVivo family, who owns Willimantic Waste Paper Co., plans to rebuild. “My father and my uncle own the business. I’ve watched them grow this facility to what it is, or what it was, and I plan to watch them rebuild,” Ben DeVivo, office manager at Willimantic Waste Paper Co., stated. Just hours after the fire started, stations and trucks were set up to continue operations, and trash pick up continued as normal on Monday in Willimantic. “We will overcome this and move forward,” he said. “This is a big bump, but it’s just a bump.”

The company is called Dual Resume. The two Eastern Alumni and co-creators Jeremy MacDonough and Benn Dubois have a patent pending process in which two people can apply for a job as a single unit. They are currently working on finalizing the application process and their website, which can be reached at dualresume. com. The application will work similar to the Common App, a popular site used for college applications. The two firmly believe that the Dual Resume will greatly improve productivity and morale in the workplace. Dual Resume is focused on bringing two people, who they refer to as “power duos,” that work well together into a professional environment. This allows the power duo to do the work they are good at with someone they like to work with. Benn Dubois mentions that the workforce seems like a “power hungry, I am smarter than you mind-game. When really, it’s a team effort.” He then likens it to sports such as the San Antonio Spurs. “They’re an older team, and not flashy, but their communication and teamwork, along with good coaching, leads them to win,” says Benn. A workplace, essentially, is a team of people. Jeremy and Benn have worked together for years and they know how to push each other and to bring out the best work in each other. What they want to bring to the forefront

with the Dual Resume is a way for people like them to continue to thrive in the work environment. What the Dual Resume idea comes down to is being able to work with the people you like. This ends up being good for the employers as well as the employees. They brought in some statistics, saying that people that have a social connection in their work environment can lead to a 50% increase in tenure at the company they work for. The idea of the Dual Resume is an unconventional one, but one that makes a lot of sense especially in creative or group-centric work such as software development or sales. The employer will see that these power duos work efficiently. They can close a sale due to their ability to bounce off of each other in the pitch, or create a much better piece of software because they know how to read each other’s code without much need for clarification. The Dual Resume is an interesting option for those that work well with people and want the employer to know that. Being able to work well with your coworkers is something that is very important and can make or break a work experience. Jeremy and Benn aim to make this an easier process for everyone: the employer, because the teams come to them, and the employee, because they get to work with an established partner.


Campus Lantern


News Editor

Rebekah Brancato

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Constance Baker Motley Expert to Speak at Eastern Dwight Bachman University Relations Gary Ford Jr., assistant professor of Africana Studies at Lehman College and author of the book “Constance Baker Motley, One Woman’s Fight for Civil Rights and Equal Justice under Law,” will speak on Feb. 14 at 3 p.m.  in the Student Center Theatre. Born in New Haven in 1921 as the daughter of immigrants from Nevis, British West Indies, Motley attended Fisk University before transferring to New York University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in economics. She subsequently became the first black woman accepted to Columbia Law School. A wife and mother who became a pioneer and trailblazer in the legal profession, Motley broke down barriers, overcame gender constraints, and operated outside the feminine role assigned to women by society and the civil rights movement.

Motley met Thurgood Marshall, chief counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and became the only female attorney to work for the fund, arguing desegregation cases in court during much of the civil rights movement. From 1946 through 1964, she was a key litigator and legal strategist for landmark civil rights cases that included the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the desegregation of the universities of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. She represented Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others jailed for their participation in sit-ins, marches and freedom rides. “Gary Ford’s wellresearched book is more than a biography of Motley’s extraordinary life,” said Henry Louis Gates, Endowed Alphonse Fletcher Professor of History and director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. “It is an argument for recognizing the tenacious, courageous role African

Cover of Ford’s book, featuring Constance Baker Motley / Eastern Connecticut State University American women like her played in advancing the cause of civil rights and equal justice for all. To witness Judge Motley in action was to be fortified and astounded. Now, thanks to Ford, a new generation can bear witness to her immense talents.” “Dr. Ford’s book has sold out three times already this year,” said Stacey Close, associate vice president of equity and diversity at Eastern, whose office invited Ford to campus.

The Offices of the President, Provost and Academic Affairs, Education Professional Studies and the Graduate Division, and Departments of History, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work are co-sponsors for Ford’s appearance at Eastern. “The narrative of the civil rights movement is fundamentally and irrevocably altered by the inclusion of Constance Baker Motley,” said Ford. “Her story is like a breath of

fresh air that only strengthens the legacy of the movement as a whole. Her contribution expands the view of history from the model of leadership by charismatic men to a more complex model that is inclusive of female change agents and leaders. Judge Motley broke down barriers for other women of color, attorneys and women in general.” Ford earned a bachelor of arts in African American history from Harvard University; a law degree from Columbia University; a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the New School; and a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Maryland. In addition to his writing and teaching, Ford helped produce the 2012 awardwinning documentary film “Justice is a Black Woman: The Life and Work of Constance Baker Motley” with director/producer Professor Michael Calia and scriptwriter Susan Bailey.

Eastern Hosts Sustainable CT Launch Event Nadia Balassone Staff Writer Institute for Sustainable Energy On Friday, Jan. 26, Eastern Connecticut State University and the Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) hosted a Regional Launch event for Sustainable CT—a statewide, voluntary certification program designed to help Connecticut municipalities implement sustainability best practices. Held in the Library Johnson Room, the Regional Launch was one part of

Sustainable CT logo / a series of “roadshows” in which members from ISE and community partners promoted this new program, modeled after New Jersey’s successful “Sustainable Jersey.” Sustainable CT allows municipalities to choose from a menu-list of sustainable actions that a town can take in order to build communities that are

thriving, resilient, collaborative and forward-thinking. The Executive Director of ISE, Lynn Stoddard, introduced the program, and ISE’s Energy Technical Specialist for Sustainable Communities, Jessica LeClair, gave the presentation. LeClair spoke to the ease with which all communities can

participate: “Sustainable CT is open to all municipalities regardless of size, demographic, region, or resources. This program is accessible, and we have support systems in place to guide you each step of the way to becoming Sustainable CT Certified.” Putnam’s First Selectmen Delpha Very spoke about the progress her town has already made. Very served as the co-chair for Sustainable CT’s Cultural Ecosystems Working Group, a group made up of municipal, state agency, nonprofit, business, and academic institution representatives.

She vouched for not only the importance of sharing a community’s arts and culture, but also to the ease with which Putnam could integrate public art. Some of Putnam’s actions include implementing art sculptures, painted staircases, a functional river trail, and outdoor festivals and events all for minimal to no cost to the town. To learn more about participating in Sustainable CT, or to apply for the paid, summer Fellowship Program, visit get-involved/.

Opinion Editor Brooke Cochrane

Opinion Thursday, February 8, 2018

Things to do With Your Boo on Valentine’s Day Samantha Carman Staff Writer With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, most of us are probably thinking about different things to do. For people who are in relationships, you want it to be special. For those who go out on this loving day to be with their friends, you want it to be fun. To save everyone some time during our busy school schedules, I have put together a list of things that we can do with our boos. Even if you are someone who doesn’t have a boo or special someone, these things can be done with friends as well! This is also a list of things that can be done with someone any time of the year. So, if there’s something you like but don’t have time to do it on Valentine’s Day, then you can still enjoy the fun. Cafémantic: Dimmed lighting, shareable meals, and a close to campus location make Cafémantic the perfect place to go for a date. It can be a little pricey to go to this restaurant, but if you’re looking to impress but can’t get away from Willimantic, then Cafémantic is the place to go. If this is a place you do end up deciding to go to, the mac and cheese is one of their better menu items. They also have really great desserts. The Cheesecake Factory: If you are someone who can get away from Willimantic and are also looking to impress, then The Cheesecake Factory is a good choice. This restaurant is in the same price range as Cafémantic, but their dessert menu is definitely better. With thirtythree different cheesecake options, there is something


Campus Lantern

Cafémantic / for everyone. My personal Concerts: While this favorite is the Adam’s Peanut may be something that is a little Butter Cup Fudge Ripple. Yum! tricky to do on Valentine’s Day, it Movie Marathon: Not is still a viable option for a later everyone has the time or money date. Maybe you can surprise to go “all out” to impress people, your boo with concert tickets and that’s okay too. There are to see their favorite band for still ways to have a good time Valentine’s Day and when the without spending the money. day of the concert comes around Movie marathons are something you get to watch your favorite that can be done in a dorm room. person surrounded by their This is a more private option that favorite music. That itself is a allows you to sing along to any pretty amazing thing. Concerts musicals you may want to watch bring people closer together; it’s or cry at any sad romance movies. the perfect bonding experience. Mini golfing: Mini Escape Room: If you golf is by far the best sporting haven’t done an escape room yet activity that people can do for with your friends, you’re really their “dates”. There are also missing out. An escape room many different types. You can is pretty self-explanatory. You enjoy a nice stroll around a and some friends are put into serene looking golf course at a room and you have to find most outdoor mini-golf courses. clues from around the room to There is also glow-in-the-dark get out. And most of the time, mini golf for those who are there’s more than one room. It’s looking for something a little very fun and a great experience. more fun. In Southington, I hope this list helped Connecticut, “Hidden Valley spark some ideas for the Miniature Golf ” offers both upcoming Valentine’s Day or mini-golf and batting cages. Not any other upcoming “date night.” to mention their wide variety I wish you all the best of luck in of Italian ice flavors to enjoy. all of your dating endeavors.

Going 30 Days Sober Christy Allyn Editor-in-Chief About half a year after turning 21, my days of binge drinking were short lived. I just didn’t have it in me anymore. After battling a significant hardship in my life, I flirted with alcohol dependency – nothing too serious at the time, but it was a slippery slope and I could feel myself falling. Much the same as I depend on a cup of coffee in the morning to get the day started, I craved something strong at the end of the night to dull my senses. But recently I have developed a stronger sense of willpower, and my roommate and I have decided to challenge ourselves to going 30 days with no alcohol. I realize I am a little late, dry January has come and gone. Most people try to start off the new year on the right foot by cutting out alcohol after overindulging during the holidays. This comes with the overall goal of losing weight, sleeping better, and saving money. However, it doesn’t have to be January to make a commitment to bettering yourself, so here I am beginning my 30 days of sobriety. Without a doubt, being a college student comes with the social pressure of binge drinking. Time spent with friends is often dictated by alcohol consumption. Wednesday and Thursday nights become events to hit the bar with friends, followed by weekend splurges and parties. Though Eastern is a dry campus, there is just as much pressure to take part in the off-campus social scene riddled with intoxication. Letting loose can be fun, don’t get me wrong, alcohol causes euphoria after all, but it is far too

easy to cross the line. Especially in the current climate of sexual assault on college campuses. It is more than obvious that students should make an effort to assume a certain amount of responsibility. Students are often too busy leaning on a crutch of binging to realize the harm it may be causing them. I am challenging myself to 30 days sober for my skin – consumption of alcohol tends to have adverse affects on my skin’s brightness and clarity. My roommate is challenging herself for her health. She says she often feels sluggish, possibly a result of poor liver function. She also wants to prove to herself

“I have developed a stronger sense of willpower.” that she can go to the bar and not have to drink to have fun. I challenge everyone to a small amount of self control. No alcohol for 30 days. If nothing else, prove to yourself that you can do it. Your life in college, social or otherwise, does not need to be dependent on the consumption of drugs. It is also a good idea to detox your body and put your health first. As an added bonus, cutting alcohol will boost your immune system, which is perfect for fending off the flu. I encourage everyone to reset your relationship with alcohol. Or, if 30 days seems to hard of a commitment, at least take a moment to self-reflect on your habits to see if there’s something you could do better. The results may surprise you, it may be well worth the time and effort.


Campus Lantern

Opinion Editor Brooke Cochrane

The Process of Publishing the Eastern Exposure Allison Brown Staff Writer Every year, Eastern’s Creative Writing club prepares to publish Eastern’s only student literary magazine: The “Eastern Exposure.” The goal of the “Eastern Exposure” is to showcase the creative writing of Eastern Connecticut State University students. The club considers poetry, artwork, script plays, fiction, creative nonfiction, scenes, excerpts from original novels and other forms of creativity for the magazine. All submissions remain anonymous through the online system called Submittable, until the e-board lays out the magazine. This is done to eliminate bias by any club member when discussing and voting on a particular piece. The submission period is currently closed, as members are now working on finalizing pieces for the “Eastern Exposure.” There are opportunities for both the members and the e-board to take part in the publishing process. After submissions have been received, they go into an online database to be viewed. Members of the club then have a choice to be part of two committees: the poetry committee or the prose committee, or both. Both committees meet periodically to read a certain number of submitted pieces and discuss among each other the strong qualities of the piece as well as things that can be worked on. The discussions are a place where members can

offer their opinion on the piece and critique it. The only rules to follow are to keep the comments respectful and helpful, as there is a face behind every entry reviewed. Once the

“The discussions are a place where members can offer their opinion on the piece and critique it.” discussion is over, an e-board member on the committee will conduct a blind vote. Each member present gets one vote. An e-board member counts all votes and if voted in, that piece will make it into the final round of the submission process. Once all submissions have been reviewed, the e-board meets to discuss the length of the magazine, the pricing and layouts the magazine. If needed, there will be a second round of committee meetings to cut additional pieces to make enough space as the magazine is costly to produce. Artwork is also considered by the club to choose a cover picture as well as additional pictures within the magazine. If you would like to have your work published in the Eastern Exposure, consider submitting the next academic year - it is a great opportunity for students to express themselves creatively.

Opinion Thursday, February 8, 2018

Organization for Latin American Students

Continued from Cover Page “My favorite events this past semester were Latin Fest and Day of the Dead because I have never been a part of a school wide event showcasing and educating our culture,” addresses Britney Acevedo, a sophomore and social work major. The events are authentically put on by the Latinos who live, know, and are proud of their different cultures. The OLAS members also have perspectives on how the club has impacted their lives. “My favorite memory from being a member in OLAS was the Empower retreat we did in Fall 2017,” says Elena Ramirez, a sophomore and communication major. “We worked together

as a group to get difficult tasks accomplished. We had to listen to each other’s ideas and input in order to get the challenges done.” The community service aspect of the club has been Acevedo’s favorite aspect. “A lot of the volunteer work is geared towards helping

“You should join OLAS because it is a great place to find connections, a family, and academic support.” Latinos in the community-- it feels like giving back.” Yosh Gonzaga who a freshman with a major in biology, reminisces on his favorite memory “It was going to a beneficial banquet for Puerto

Rico. There was a dance and everything. It was so much fun and it was all for a good cause.” OLAS is such a great club because it creates a place of unity. It’s amazing that Eastern and its students have the ability to do this. If you are interested in joining OLAS, their meetings are held on Mondays at 3:00pm in the Student Center Theatre. “Anyone who is looking for a family environment and willing to embrace a different culture can join,” Cruz acclaims. Upcoming events for OLAS include the celebration of Dominican Republic’s independence, Zumba workshop with middleschool students, their annual OLAS banquet, and a club trip to Boston. Be on the lookout for more of their Latin fun events!

OLAS club members at a leadership retreat/ easternolas Instagram

Opinion Editor Brooke Cochrane

Opinion Thursday, February 8, 2018

Issues with Online Events at Eastern Elena Sorrentino Managing Editor As an editor of The Campus Lantern, I am constantly looking for events that are happening around campus to cover in the paper. However, finding these are unnecessarily difficult. Here at Eastern, there is no central place where all on-campus events are listed. Many activities can be found through flyers, but it can be difficult for clubs to cover the whole school. Even if they do a good job of papering, a lot of times flyers just blend together and are forgotten. Other events can be found through individual organizations social media platforms, but nobody follows every club on campus, or wants to have to scroll through their entire feed for information. Currently, the best way to find out about things on campus would be the online calendar of events. This is used for Student Activities sanctioned programs, yet


Campus Lantern

many events still never make it on to the schedule. This is most likely because students cannot post to it themselves. In order to put your event on the calendar, you need to “Create an Event” through Student Activities and have it approved. In my experience last semester, I would submit an event and it would never actually appear there. Or, if it were put on the calendar it wouldn’t be uploaded until the day before, even though I had submitted the event weeks in advance. The only reason people create these events to put on the calendar in the first place is because you’re required to if you are reserving a room. The other issue the event calendar is that due to the fact you need an event for a room reservation, it is often clogged with events that aren’t meant for everyone. For example, all RA programs are listed, and while anyone who wants to can go to them, for the most part they are just for specific halls. Last semester the RA banquet was posted, and in the description it specifically said that it was

not an open event. What is the point of having it on the main calendar if that is the case? With this set up, it makes it difficult for students to find actual events they would want to go to, such as CAB Late Nights, or musical groups. Additionally, while some events from Willimantic are included such as Third Thursday, sometimes other events occur in town without students knowing at all. Having a platform where an informed student could easily and quickly post about something like that would be beneficial to the student body as a whole. Many events at Eastern are under attended, and I think a big reason for this is that it is too difficult for students to find out about them. Creating a system where any student could access and post about events would be helpful both to the people creating the event, and the students who would like to attend. Currently, the methods we have are too crowded and unreliable to offer a reasonable away for students to access campus life.

Mess of flyers about upcoming events/ Christy Allyn / Eastern Connecticut State University

Living Away From my Best Friend

Brooke with her best friend, Amanda/ Brooke Cochrane Brooke Cochrane Opinion Editor Everyone has a few best friends in their life. Whether it’s for years or just for one class during that one semester. Sometimes, your best friend is your roommate. For me, my best friend is Amanda. She used to live two houses away from me, but now she lives two towns away from me. At first, it was strange not seeing Amanda everyday at the bus stop or popping over to her house. I used to have sit-down dinners with her and her family and vice versa. She was like my second sister and she still is, but it’s harder when she’s so far. It was harder during the first year of college because neither of us were allowed to have cars on campus. As soon as sophomore year came around, I was able to have my car and she wasn’t. So, we got to carpool, which made traveling to school that much more fun. Then our junior year, she was able to have her car on campus as well. I had this picture in my

mind that we would be going back and forth to each other everyday. Then reality set in. It was little things, at first. Finding a parking place at Eastern was hard for Amanda since my dorm was on the other side of campus. The weather would be bad and neither of us wanted to drive in it. Our schedules didn’t match up. Pretty soon, I only saw her when we went home on the weekends. It got a lot harder, but we still remained best friends. The title never left even if someone else had it for a short period of time. It didn’t matter if we only saw each other once a year, we will always be best friends. When we haven’t seen each other in months, we still act the same around each other. We video chat every now and then, cracking jokes and talking about drama from people we went to high school with. Having a best friend for life is hard to put into words. It’s more than having another sister. It’s always having someone even when you think you have no one.


Campus Lantern

Expressions Thursday, February 8, 2018

Piazza in Castelbuono Elena Sorrentino


Campus Lantern

Expressions Thursday, February 8, 2017

Snowy Sunset Brooke Cochrane

Bee in Smoke Vincent Knox

10 Advertising Manager Jackie Pihonak

Campus Lantern

Advertisements Thursday, February 8, 2018

Your number one place for off campus housing!

Now Leasing for 2018/2019

Move in special $500 per room with heat included. Large units, one block from campus, off street parking. 3 & 4 bedroom units. Reserve your today. 860-456-7610 x 18 - Frank 824 Main Street Willimantic, CT 06226 Website:

A&E Editor Vincent Knox


Campus Lantern

Arts & Entertainment Thursday, February 8, 2018

“Death Cure” Gives Fans What They Want

The Burgeoning Flourishes at Eastern Ruth Gowitzke Contributing Writer What a show! The Burgeoning took to the Concert Hall stage on Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. to show how they can rock out. This band, classified as indie dance-pop, showed just how impactful their music could be.

“Death Cure” Characters / Brooke Cochrane Opinon Editor SPOILERS AHEAD I have loved the “Maze Runner” series for many years now. I first read “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner in 2012, which quickly lead to an obsession. I felt a deep connection to the characters, the intelligent story line, and so much more. This makes me sad to say, but so far I’ve been greatly disappointed by the movies. It makes the books seem unintelligent and like just another popular dystopian series. In 2014, “The Maze Runner” became a major motion picture. I was so excited that I had a countdown on my phone leading up to the release date for about a year. Despite the opening bringing in just over a whopping 30 million dollars, the plot of the movie was very different from the book. I understand that time-wise, they couldn’t fit everything, but they also could have added more plot related scenes in some way. The first movie, “The Maze Runner,” took out so many great details that made the

book so unique and intriguing. In the second movie, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” the screenwriters and directors tried to combine elements from the first book, that were changed in the first film, with elements from the second book. This did not go as well as they’d hoped. The scenes they took out or changed left out major character development for Thomas and Teresa, the main characters. The third and final movie, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” had stopped filming for months because the lead actor, Dylan O’Brien (Thomas), was injured on set. But finally, it was released Jan. 26, 2018. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that if it were anything like the first two, it was just going to be another disappointment. Then I saw so many good reviews from popular review sites, such as commonsensemedia. org, who said, “Fans of James Dashner’s dystopian saga and the movie series will appreciate the closure this serviceable finale provides, with O’Brien immersing himself in the role of Thomas one last time.” Andrew Barker of Variety expressed in his review, “‘The Maze Runner’ was Ball’s first film, and his

ability to craft comprehensible set pieces has steadily improved throughout the trilogy.” Dashner is very active on Twitter, conversing with fans or releasing information about his latest work. He even tweeted, “Having now seen the #deathcure movie twice, I have to tell you: it’s just flat-out a fantastic film in every way, and immensely respectful to die-hard fans of the book.” After hearing all of this, I really wanted this movie to knock me off my feet. “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is by far the best movie of the three. It gives the series a very satisfying ending that readers of the books will greatly enjoy. Having read the books, I knew most of what was going to happen in the end, including Newt’s death. It was very emotional and heart wrenching in the book and I was afraid it wasn’t going to be as moving in the movie. Boy, was I wrong. The scene had me crying for the rest of the movie. The way Newt’s life ended in the movie was just as magnificent as it was in the book. So many other great parts from the book were put into this movie in a creative way. Dashner and fans should be very proud of how the finale was executed.

“Their presence on the stage reflected how much energy they put into their music, and the sheer joy they get from performing it.” They hail from Pennsylvania and traveled for five hours just to show our school what they can do. They provided energy and enthusiasm by jumping up and down and encouraging the audience to clap along with them. Their presence on the stage reflected how much energy they put into their music and the sheer joy they get from performing. The band consists of a lead singer who also plays the electric guitar, a back-up singer who plays the electric guitar as well, a drummer and a bassist. They also have a synthesizer. The word burgeon means, “begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.” What is so interesting about their name is the way they have showed how they have flourished as a band. This band has proven to me that their name is very significant to their performance at the Fine Arts Center.

Despite the small number of performers, this band was able to make their songs expand throughout the room. They played some of their original songs, such as “Caveman.” This song included cool effects from the synthesizer and an electric guitar solo that resonated in the room; some of the lyrics of this song were, “lets set fire to the cave.” Another original they played was called “Loud Dreams.” This song had a mystical sound in the beginning that captivated me as the song picked up tempo. It was not like any sound I have heard in a while. This band also plays covers from various artists such as “The Police.” In this performance, they played their hit, “Message in a Bottle”. The lead vocalist had a sound quality that was very reminiscent of the lead vocalist in The Police. They also do covers of the band “The 1975.” Besides their tone and sound, this band also shows a lot of dedication to their music. They mentioned how they had to make their own studio in the winter. They had to fix up a building by putting up sheet rock and inssullation. This shows how they are willing to be in the cold to pursue their dreams and reach out to people from all over. They also mentioned that they are available on many different social media platforms such as Instagram. You can connect with this band and listen to other original songs by following there or on Twitter. You can also see where they are heading next!

12 A&E Editor Vincent Knox

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Arts & Entertainment Thursday, February 8, 2018

Bendis Brings New “Man of Steel” Comic to DC Along with Many Others Eric Warner Staff Writer In the Fall of 2017, I wrote an article about how the highly acclaimed comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, known for his work on the Avengers and SpiderMan titles, left Marvel Comics for DC after having written for them for about 10 years. This abandonment of Marvel Comics has just been one of many negative events occurring at Marvel Comics recently, such as artists leaving harsh political messages in some comic book issues, Marvel executives complaining that it’s rise in diversity characters are causing low sales, and the revelation that marvel hired a Japanese writer who wasn’t Japanese. Nevertheless, comic book fans have been wondering what character or which characters Bendis will work on within the DC universe. Recently, that question has been answered. 2018 is a very significant year for comic books. It’s the 80th anniversary of the first superhero comic, “Action Comics #1”- the first appearance of Superman. It’s also the year when Action Comics will reach it’s 1000th issue; it’s the first comic book to ever reach such a number of issues. Bendis will be one of the many writers working on the 1000th issue as his piece of work in the DC universe. From there, Bendis will be taking over both the Action Comics and Superman titles, as well as writing a new

“The Man Of Steel story will debut a huge new villain, a blockbuster villain who connects deeply to Superman’s origin story and to his birthright. We’re going to dig in very hard. [...] The characters we debut will send ripples of horror across the entire Superman family and beyond!”

a bit concerned about Bendis’s take on the Superman titles. Since Superman is relaunching as a new #1 once Bendis takes over, many fans are worried that this relaunch is a reboot in disguise. The superman titles in DC Rebirth have been very successful as Susana Polo, a writer at Polygon, stated, “… Rebirth Superman. You did the most surprising thing of any comic in 2016 — you made me believe again.” Fans have grown to like the son of Superman, Jonathan Kent, as well as seeing Superman develop as an overprotective father and family man, but they’re worried that Bendis might just throw all of that story development away. I guess we’ll just have to wait until April 18, the release date for Action Comic #1000, to see.

The Man of Steel / miniseries titled “Man of Steel”. Bendis is expecting his “Man of Steel” miniseries to be very impactful, stating in an article from “Forbes” by Mark Hughes that, “The Man of Steel story will debut a huge new villain, a blockbuster villain who connects deeply to Superman’s origin story and to his birthright. We’re going to dig in very hard; this is one of my goals, to be as additive to Superman as possible. The

characters we debut right away, including this new villain, will send ripples of horror across the entire Superman family and beyond!” Bendis is also bringing some of his creator-owned titles to DC Comics such as “Powers”, “Scarlet”, “Jinx” and “Torso”; DC is also publishing brand new series for “Powers”, “Scarlet”, and “The United States of Murder”. Despite all of these announcements, many fans are

Superboy and the “DC Trinity” /

A&E Editor Vincent Knox


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Arts & Entertainment Thursday, February 8, 2018

“Altered Carbon” Shows Why We Are Mortal

Eastern Alumni Writes A New Cult Classic Edmond Chibeau Advisor

“Altered Carbon” / Vincent Knox A&E Editor Netflix has recently released an original out of author Richard K. Morgan’s science fiction “Takeshi Kovacs” trilogy. The premise for this story is a grand one. Set in the future, humans are now able to save all of their mental data in a piece of technology called a “stack”. By using these “stacks”, they can transfer all of their memories and brain data from “sleeve” to “sleeve”(body to body), effectively becoming immortal. This innovation is supposed to create a peaceful existence for humanity, but the absence of death only leads to more corruption and an increase in hubris. The rich get richer and create a class called “meths”, and have enough power and wealth to create copies of their stacks and have them backed up regularly. This means that even if their stack gets destroyed, they do not experience real death. They simply have another stack placed into a clone of their sleeve or any other sleeve of their choosing. When a lower class member of society

loses their body, their stack gets taken and held onto, unless they are eligible for or can pay for a new one. Even then, they do not get much of a choice of what sleeve they end up in, and may end up in a sleeve that is much older or younger than they are mentally or one of a different sex. Bodies are interchangeable, but stacks are the single most important thing people have. The innovation of immortality is not accepted by all though, as there are people who wish to live and die in the natural cycle of life. These people get their stacks coded in a way that allows them to only have one life and one death. Sadly, these people are often the victims of crimes, because they cannot get “spun up” or “re-sleeved” (brought back from the dead) and tell the police who murdered them. The first episode introduces us to Takeshi Kovacs, a man who was part of a group called the “envoys”, people who could be “needle-casted” (transferred) from sleeve to sleeve without the after-effects and be combat ready in seconds. Takeshi was also trained to hone his intuition and mind to near

superhuman levels, making him a one of a kind threat. He has been in carbon sleep for 250 years and wakes up to find the world is not the place he remembers. He is quickly escorted to the person who requested he be woken up, a meth by the name of Laurens Bancroft. Bancroft claims that he owns Takeshi, as he has provided him with a suitable sleeve, but will grant him his freedom if he can do one thing for him: solve a murder. When questioned on whom the murder victim is, Bancroft reveals that it is he who was murdered, but due to his stack being destroyed before he could back-up his memories, he can’t remember anything from the last two days. He asks Takeshi to find out what his past self was doing and to unravel the mystery behind his death. By using his skills as an envoy, Takeshi sets out in the harsh and unforgiving world, on a search for answers. Little does the world know that the only thing more unforgiving than it, is Takeshi. Over the course of the season, we learn more about Takeshi’s past and how he became an envoy. We discover what happened to the people

With “BINGE 104. Twenty on the Twelve”, a cult classic is born. No fooling around, this is a straight ahead plunge into a deck of problems, including: finding yourself, getting straight, producing a film, producing a play, writing a script, and casting actors. Writer Saks and Director Cavataro manage to do a great job getting a clear and coherent performance from actors in a story about a group of people who are not living clear nor coherent lives. The writing and the directing bring out the contradictions in the characters and the complications of their lives (always suggesting more than we see and leaving us to fill in the blanks). Jon Saks is not a pop writer. He doesn’t write for everybody, but the people who like his work like it a lot. He has an off-beat vision and both the technical skill as a scribe to write that vision, and insights into the human heart that always seem to catch us by surprise. The line producer (or producers) who managed to get the people and equipment to those locations deserve a round of applause. The use of various parks in the NYC area brings character to the performances. I think Bryant Park and Union Square Park among the many locations. In scenes shot against a large window, it is always hard to get the right contrast,

yet Cavataro managed it with great skill. Sometimes, the over the shoulder shot or the twoshot from the side had a nose peeking into the frame. The hand-held camera gives us a sense of immediacy and raw reality, but I am not sure which actors were in which scene (An insert of the actors face during the credit roll would help). The editing was clear and helped tell the story. The camera work is also very good. The audio sometimes had a little problem with volume balance from scene to scene and sometimes, the mic was just a bit too far away from the speaker.

“Jon Saks is not a pop writer. He doesn’t write for everybody, but the people who like his work, like it a lot.” The piece holds our attention and deserves a larger audience. And by the way I love the title. Jon Saks graduated Eastern in 2005. He majored in Communication and minored in Sociology. He has always been a scriptwriter; now the world is starting to take notice. Check him out on Vimeo and Internet Movie Database.


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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Men’s Basketball: Warriors Maintain Dominance Continued from Cover Page With its tenth straight overall win this year – the secondlongest streak for Eastern (19-2, 10-0 LEC) under 16thyear head coach Bill Geitner –Warriors remain one game ahead of Keene State College in the conference, which kept pace with a 77-49 home win over Rhode Island College Saturday. In the first half, Eastern outscored UMass (1110, 5-5 LEC) by ten points off turnovers, and used a run of 11 straight points to overcome the Beacons’ only lead (10-7). The Warriors led by eight at halftime and opened the second half with a 9-4 scoring spurt, which pushed the lead to 13, 47-34, four minutes into the half. UMass was never able to cut the deficit to single digits and the Eastern lead peaked at 20, 68-48, on one of Marquez’ six three-point field goals, midway through the second half. During the 11-point first-half run which turned a three-point deficit into an eight-point lead, the Warriors got points from four different players, freshman guard Cory Muckle (Westbrook) starting and ending the run by hitting his only three-pointer of the game and also a jumper. Marquez was 5-of-9 from the three-point range in the second half, 6-of-10 from distance in the game, collecting the 200th three-point field goal of his four-year career in the process. Sophomore guard Carlos Gonzalez (Springfield, MA) followed with 17 points (6-of-6 FT), six steals, five assists and four rebounds in

the game, totaling 13 points in the second half. He is ranked fourth nationally in steals, entering with an average of 4.1. Senior forward Tarchee Brown (Rockville) added 15 points and five rebounds and junior forward Leonel Hyatt (Greenwich) 11 points and seven rebounds. Hyatt and Gonzalez were a combined 10-of-13 from the floor. Junior guard Donny Craig (Waterford) came off the bench for eight points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals in 23 minutes. Freshmen guards Charles Mitchell and Michael Boyd combined for 25 of UMass’ 40 second-half points. Boyd kept the visitors within striking distance over the final 20 minutes by going 7-of-9 from the floor for 15 points and also chipping in five assists with just one turnover in 20 minutes. Charles Mitchell had ten points in 20 second-half minutes. Boyd led all players in the game with 24 points and six assists and also had five rebounds. Charles Mitchell followed with 19 points (4-of-8 from long

range), with sophomore guard Dasan Cinelli chipping in ten points (4-of-6 from the floor) and five rebounds before fouling out with 40.1 seconds left. Eastern used this game for some more history. For the first time in the 19-year history of the Division III Top 25 men’s basketball poll, Eastern Connecticut State University is ranked among the Top 10. The Warriors are ranked No. 10 in the tenth weekly poll, released today. The team’s previous high was No. 14 in the final (post-season) poll of 2011/12 when the team finished with a program-record 24 wins against six losses and a berth in the NCAA Sweet 16. Eastern has been ranked in the Top 25 in eight of ten polls this year and “also received votes” in the other two. Eastern hosts Keene State in their next game. The Warriors downed Keene, 70-64, Jan. 17 at Spaulding Gym in the first meeting between the teams. Eastern also downed Keene in last year’s LEC tournament final at Geissler Gym.

Eastern guard Kendall Marquez/

Loyalty in the NBA

Blake Griffin at his first Piston press conference/ Michael Pellegrino Staff Writer Following the aftermath of the Blake Griffin trade to the Detroit Pistons, many across the NBA wondered why the Clippers traded away a player who signed a 5-year, 171 million-dollar contract in the offseason. Even Griffin was surprised, saying, “Finding out through Twitter or through other people is a tough way to find out when you’ve been with a franchise for so long.” So, in today’s NBA, where does loyalty lie? How do organizations decide whom they want longterm and who can be dealt? What many seem to forget about the NBA and sports in general is that everything is a business, and most owners want to do what they believe is best economically. When the Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas in the offseason to acquire Kyrie Irving, many were angry with GM Danny Ainge for putting winning above loyalty, but why? Fans today get too wrapped up in having one guy who is “their guy” and will be a franchise player for years to come. Kevin Durant had this to say about the idea of loyalty “It’s business. There’s money involved. Those relationships that you have with trainers and teammates and anybody in the organization,

that’s loyalty. That’s friendship. That’s relationship. That’s something that’s gonna last forever. But when it comes to numbers on a paper, at the end of the day that trumps everything.” On the other side of the spectrum, GMs have very important jobs, and part of that job is to make tough decisions. If an owner sees this and wants to keep players around the franchise for life, and believes the team has a better chance with them, then so be it. GMs can also say, we have an opportunity to make the right move that puts our team in a better position to win, and since they run the team, they have a right to do so. When examining the Blake Griffin trade, the only argument to be made against the Clippers is that apparently Griffin found out on Twitter before anyone else, instead of having the owner tell him what happened, like it should have been done. Overall, the Clippers put themselves in a good place, getting rid of a big contract on their roster, and said, what we did before clearly was not working, so we need to look at other options to try to win now. Most front office loyalty is to the people who make up a true team, and that’s the fans.


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Thursday, February 8, 2018

NBA MVP Ladder

James Harden and Steph Curry are back to fighting for MVP / Marquist Parker Sports Editor The NBA season is almost half over and the picture of what this season will become is getting clearer. While some of the leagues’ yearly awards are all but decided, some award races are going down to the wire. Aside from the NBA championship, the regular season MVP is the most coveted award. Here is how the MVP ladder stacks up as of Feb. 8: 1. James HardenHarden’s 60-point tripledouble, the first in NBA history, in a close win against the Orlando Magic was a statement game that will be hard to top this season, and that goes for Harden, too. He broke Calvin Murphy’s franchise single-game scoring record that stood for 40 years. Harden has nine games of 50 or more points in his Rockets tenure, one more than every other player in franchise history has combined for. His four 50-point games this season are as many as the rest

of the league has combined. The Rockets needed every point, rebound, and assist of Harden’s historic performance to slip by the Magic without Chris Paul available. Not only does Harden lead the league in scoring this season, he’s also top three in assists and has the Rockets firmly entrenched in the fight for the No. 1 spot in the Western Conference playoff chase. He has already led the Rockets to a 2-1 season-series win against the top-seeded Warriors 2. Stephen CurryCurry, not Harden, earned the league’s Western Conference Player of the Month award for January. Since his return to the lineup after injury, Curry is averaging 31.5 points per game on 54 percent shooting and 50 percent from three. He is also third in the league in scoring and nearing an average of 50/40/90 on the season. He finished the month with a decidedly unSteph-like performance (14 points on 4-for-13 shooting in a blowout loss to the Utah Jazz), proof that even a twotime former MVP can have off

nights. That one game doesn’t erase the monster work he did during the Warriors’ 11-3 run through the first month of 2018. Curry averaged 29.5 points (on 51.4 percent shooting and 46.3 percent 3-point shooting), 6.7 assists, and 5.1 rebounds per game. He scored 30 or more points six times and drained a league-best 62 3-pointers and had eight games with five or more 3-pointers. He was a twotime Western Conference Player of the Week and cranked up the debate, internally and beyond, as to whether he’s the real MVP of the Warriors -- and perhaps the NBA. The commonly used argument against Curry is his team; Kevin Durant is an MVP candidate in his own right. People will mention that Curry is supported by Durant and they will cancel each other out of consideration. Yet, James Harden has Chris Paul with him in Houston and Russell Westbrook is now 1/3rd of “OK3” now that Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are there. Teammates are now just an excuse — if Curry continues this pace, how can you say that he doesn’t deserve MVP? 3. Kevin DurantStephen Curry wasn’t the only player from the Warriors worthy of Western Conference Player of the Month candidacy. Durant was impactful in his own ways, rolling on both ends of the floor for a team the claims four AllStars in consecutive seasons for the first time in NBA history. His January numbers (24.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 1.8 blocks per game) more than stand out. Like the rest of the Warriors not named Klay

Thompson, Durant had a rough night in a 129-99 loss to the Utah Jazz, scoring 17 points on 5-for13 shooting. Warriors coach Steve Kerr didn’t hold back in his verbal smack down of his team. After a loss to the rival OKC Thunder, the Warriors need a win, which means Durant and the Warriors will be on alert in their next game. 4. Demar DeRozanDeRozan’s stellar work last month (25.3 points, 5.9 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.1 steals per game) earned him Eastern Conference Player of the Month honors and a nice bump here. The Raptors went 10-5 and clawed to within a game of the Boston Celtics for the top spot in the Eastern Conference standings. Included in DeRozan’s monster month was that franchiserecord 52 points he dropped on the Milwaukee Bucks in that overtime win on New Year’s Day that set the tone for DeRozan’s 2018 stretch of the season. Now comes the real grind. Toronto has a prime opportunity at hand with three-time East Champion Cleveland looking vulnerable and Boston having a one-game cushion on Toronto in the standings. But DeRozan and the Raptors must find ways to win games like the one they dropped earlier against the Washington Wizards, a team playing without All-Star John Wall. 5. Kyrie IrvingKyrie has the Boston Celtics in first place in the Eastern Conference with the All-Star game approaching. Irving in January averaged 25 points (on 47,39,87 shooting splits), 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. He could be higher in the rankings,

but injuries have hurt his MVP candidacy. He only played in 10 games in the month of January. Another reason for being 5th is the quality of teams the Celtics lost to in January, losses to cellar-dwellers like Orlando and the Lakers were blows to his otherwise stellar season. Look for Kyrie to get healthy and improve on a good January with an even better February with a big game on Feb. 11 against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 6. LeBron JamesLosing Kevin Love, in the midst of all the drama the Cavaliers have going on as the trade deadline nears, plays right into the script for this tumultuous season for LeBron and his crew. The buzz surrounding the reports that LeBron would entertain overtures from the Golden State Warriors during free agency is over the top -and a dreadful thought for the rest of the league. All of this serves as the ideal camouflage for the turnaround you know LeBron is plotting right now. The Cavs are absolutely going to need that turnaround, after blowout losses to Houston and Orlando. Cleveland is in dire straits. Look for the King to continue his strong showings, and also improve on his January stats (24.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, 8.8 assists, 1.2 steals in his past five games). Honorable mentions: Russell Westbrook Giannis Antetokounmpo Chris Paul Anthony Davis Paul George Al Horford


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Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Track & Field: LEC Awards

Eastern Conn State Athletics For the second time in three weeks, Eastern Connecticut State University freshman Madeleine Dalberg (Pitea, Sweden) was recognized by the Little East Conference in its weekly track & field report, and she was joined this week by first-time selection Tai Barron (Mansfield). In the sixth weekly report of the year through Feb. 4, Dalberg was selected as Female Rookie Field Athleteof-the-Week, while Barron was voted as the LEC’s weekly Male Rookie Field Athlete-ofthe-Week. Dalberg was named Female Rookie Track Athleteof-the-Week two weeks ago after breaking the program’s record in the 60 hurdles in her first college

meet. Competing in three individual events at the nonscoring Wesleyan University Invitational Saturday, Dalberg won the long jump (in a field of 35) for the second straight week with a mark of 17-4 – the thirdbest distance in program history. Participating in the high jump for the first time earlier this season, Dalberg tied the 13thbest height (4-10 ½) in program history. In the 60 hurdles, she broke her own program record of 9.70 with a time of 9.52. She was fourth overall in a field of 27 in that event. In her three-meet career, she has already qualified for the New England Division III meet in the long jump and in the 60 hurdles. At Wesleyan, Barron finished eighth overall in a field of 20 in the pole vault with a mark of 12-11 ½ which was a quarter-inch shy of his personal

best and six inches shy of qualifying for the New England Division III Championships later this month. At Wesleyan, Barron passed on the first three heights, cleared 12-5 ½ on his first try and 12-11 ½ on his third and final attempt. He failed on all three attempts at 13-5 1/2. Michael Frick of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy won the event at 15-5. In his first career meet Dec. 9, Barron recorded a current PR of 1211 ¾ in winning the Rhode Island College Invitational, then cleared 12-7 ½ Jan. 20 in a third-place finish at Plymouth State University. Eastern competes at the Little East Conference Championships February 10 at the Providence Career and Technical Academy.

Eastern Swimming Results Eastern Conn State Athletics Mollee, Maggie and Megan Lasto (Orange) combined for 109 of Eastern Connecticut State University’s 162 points in individual events as the Warriors placed fourth in a seven-team field at the 17th Annual Little East Conference Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships earlier this season at the Tripp Athletic Center Pool on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus. Freshman Megan Lasto led the Warriors with 42 points by winning the 200 individual medley (2:14.41) and taking second in the 200 butterfly (2:14.24) and 200 breaststroke (2:31.93); Twin sister Maggie Lasto collected

three second-place finishes and 39 total points: 200 freestyle (2:01.03), 500 freestyle (5:27.04) and 200 IM (2:15.78). Maggie trailed only Megan in the 200 IM. Junior Mollee Lasto won the 100 backstroke in a time of 1:01.88 – less than a second off her own program record – and was third in the 200 backstroke (2:15.90). The Lastos’ first-place finishes give Warriors swimmers 12 individual championships in the history of the meet. It marked the first time that two different Eastern individuals have won gold at the meet in the same season. The last individual winner prior to this year was Katie King in the 100 breaststrokes in 2013/14. Mollee Lasto is the program’s first 100 backstroke winner (she was second last year) and Megan

Lasto the first to win the 200 IM. Mollee Lasto was seeded fifth in the 100 backstrokes with a time of 1:02.69. Other Eastern swimmers collecting double-digit points were junior co-captain Hayley Mangan (Manchester), freshman Tegan Ruschmeier (Vernon) and senior co-captain Bridgett Furlong (Mansfield). Hayley Mangan was third in the 100 butterfly (1:03.95) and eighth in the 100 freestyle (59:03) for 17 points; Ruschmeier was fourth in the 200 butterfly (2:35.23) and eighth in the 100 butterfly (1:10.13) for 16 points and Furlong was eighth in the 100 breaststroke (1:17.24), and ninth in the 200 freestyle (2:09.85) and 500 freestyle (5:50.72) for 13 points.

Spring 2018 / Issue 2: February 8, 2018  

The second issue of Spring 2018. The Campus Lantern is the student newspaper of Eastern Connecticut State University.

Spring 2018 / Issue 2: February 8, 2018  

The second issue of Spring 2018. The Campus Lantern is the student newspaper of Eastern Connecticut State University.