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Hailing from the little known village of Alluru, Krishna District, this student embarked on a long and challenging journey to become the Vice Chancellor of JNTU, Hyderabad.


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Computer Corner

HACKING The word 'Hacker' in German means "someone who makes furniture with an axe�, or simply it means to 'cut' or 'chop' long and unwanted programs which are lengthy, and resources so that they are reduced to a reasonable size. A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer system. Many hackers just like the challenge, but not all hackers are harmless, and not all hackers are bad either. Government and huge companies use hackers to maintain their security systems. People normally confuse hackers with crackers. While hackers crack the code of passwords to hack into a security system, crackers crack the code of software to bypass its security mechanisms like copyright protection etc. Hacking and cracking are two different methods, but hackers normally possess cracking skills and crackers, hacking skills.

Hacking Types 1) Inside Jobs - Most security breaches originate inside the network that is under attack. Inside jobs include stealing passwords (which hackers then use or sell), performing industrial espionage, causing harm (as disgruntled employees), or simply misusing data. 2) Rogue Access Points - Rogue access points (APs) are unsecured wireless access points that outsiders can easily breech. 3) Back Doors - Hackers can gain access to a network by exploiting back doors, administrative shortcuts, configuration errors, easily deciphered passwords and unsecured dial-ups. 4) Viruses and Worms - Viruses and worms are self-replicating programs or code fragments that attach themselves to other programs (viruses) or machines (worms). 5) Trojan Horses - Trojan horses which are attached to other programs are the leading cause of all break-ins. When a user downloads and activates a Trojan horse, the hacked software (SW) kicks off a virus, password gobbler, or remote-control SW that gives the hacker control of the PC. 6) Denial of Service - DoS attacks give hackers a way to bring down a network without gaining internal access. DoS attacks work by flooding the access routers with bogus traffic (which can be email or Transmission Control Protocol, TCP, packets etc). Distributed DoSs (DDoS5) are coordinated DoS attacks from multiple sources. A DDoS is more difficult to block because it uses multiple, changing, source IP addresses. 7) Sniffing and Spoofing - Sniffing refers to the act of intercepting TCP packets. This interception can happen through simple eavesdropping or something more sinister. Spoofing is the act of sending an illegitimate packet with an expected acknowledgment (ACK), which a hacker can guess, predict, or obtain by snooping.

Computer Corner Types of hackers: “White hat hackers"- They are hackers in the noble sense of the term, whose goal is to help improve computer systems and technologies. E-mail is one of the best examples. “Black hat hackers”, more commonly called hackers (or crackers by extension), are people who break into computer systems for malicious purposes. “Script kiddies" "Phreakers" are hackers who use the switched telephone network (STN) to make free phone calls. The word "phreaking" therefore refers to telephone line hacking. "Carders" mainly attack chip card systems (particularly bank cards) to understand how they work and to exploit their flaws. 'Carding' refers to chip card piracy. "Crackers" are people aiming to create software tools that make it possible to attack computer systems or crack the copy protection of payware.

Hackers Hit South Korea and US Government Sites On a fresh Monday morning, few South Korean sites like the government banks and Korean spy agency sites, received a large amount of traffic on their sites. Hold on. This is not because of the reputation these sites have had. This is because of an attack called “Denial of Service” by hackers. Thousands of infected computers were hijacked and redirected to these particular sites, overwhelming them with sheer intensity of traffic, and finally making them hang by losing the available bandwidth. At the same time, few Government websites in US were also reported to be attacked by hackers. On July 4, hackers attacked sites of the White House, Defense Department and the New York Stock Exchange. However, many of the organizations have warded off the attacks. Ben Rushlo, head of internet technologies at web performance firm Keynote Systems, described it as a "massive outage". Amy Kudwa, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, said the body's US Computer Emergency Readiness Team told federal departments about the issue and of steps "to mitigate against such attacks". Recently the US homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, told the BBC that protecting against virtual attacks was a matter of "great concern" and something the US was "moving forward on with great alacrity". There were speculations that these attacks were caused by the military group of North Korea comprising about 1,000 skilled hackers. These hackers have largely targeted public sites causing great inconvenience to both the public and the government. In view of these attacks the S. Korean government has said that it would speed up the cyber warfare unit to counter these attacks. The attacks slowed down, and in some cases shut government website, including the site

Electronic Corner Electric Bulb The exams were round the corner, and the power was out yet again. Meghna fumed over how things were going all wrong, when without warning the lights came on! It made her wonder what a great invention the electric bulb was, and how life would be dull, not to mention dark, but for this incredible device. So how does an electric bulb work? In simplified terms a light bulb is a device that converts electrical energy into visible light. The modern-day light bulb, the origins of which are rife with controversy, works on a relatively straightforward model. The crux of the bulb is the carbon-based filament, or more commonly a tungsten filament, in the centre of the bulb, which when heated to extreme temperatures emits a utilizable level of visible light. Unlike most metals tungsten has an exceptionally high melting point and is therefore robust enough to resist high temperatures. In order to transfer the requisite energy to get the filament heated, the bulb is constructed with a series of connectors that deliver the current to the filament. Once the filament reaches the desired temperature it begins to glow, thus emitting light within the visible wavelength, a phenomenon termed incandescence. Was Edison The Man Behind The Bulb? So who invented the light bulb? Before you yelp Thomas Alva Edison in a knowing tone, be advised that the answer isn't so straightforward. There is quite a bit of controversy about the 'real' inventor of the light bulb. While Edison did invent several smart devices and made valuable contributions, he is believed to have merely held the patent to the original light bulb. He did improvise with his own commercially usable light bulbs, but the original invention is credited to an English scientist, Swan. We will skip the specifics, but suffice is to say that the first light bulb was probably not originally thought of by man of a thousand other grand inventions – Edison.

ten fila Tungs

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Inert gas

Support wires Contact wire Glass bulb

Stem(glass mount) Electrical contact

The Incandescent Bulb – Structure and Working The structure of a light bulb is rather basic. It includes two metal contacts which are attached via stiff wires that connect the base of the bulb to the ends of an electrical circuit. The metal contacts are also attached to the thin metal filament, the central component of a bulb, which sits in the middle of the bulb. The filament, owing to the fact that it is heated to high temperatures, is held within a glass mount that is filled with an inert gas, such as Argon. The remarkably thin filament, usually tungsten, is set as a double coil to ensure that it fits in. In a regular 60 W bulb the filament does not exceed an inch in coiled form, but can reach much as 2 m when unwound! Tungsten is used in nearly all incandescent light bulbs because it is an ideal filament material. Even so tungsten can burn if the environment is conducive. To avoid possible combustion, the filament is denied contact with oxygen and sealed in an oxygen-free chamber. While previous models used vacuum within the bulb this proved ineffective because of a sporadic vaporization of the filament, which eventually coated the inner walls of the bulb and reduced its lifespan. Hence the inert gas within the modern light bulb.

Electronic Corner Florescent Lamps And Why They Are In The diminished lifetime of conventional incandescent bulbs meant Of Atoms and Photons that newer advancements in gas-based lighting were explored. In particular, the luminescent qualities of neon gained widespread The rapid flow of electrons, attention, and this paved the way for the next innovation in lighting – which make up an 'electric the advent of the fluorescent lamp. charge', creates heat upon A fluorescent lamp is a gas-discharge tube that works on the contact and this vibration phenomenon of fluorescence. Essentially a fluorescent lamp uses translates to heating of the electricity to create energy and excitation of the mercury vapour atoms within the filament. within the glass tube of the lamp. Ultraviolet radiation is then emitted These 'excited' electrons off the excited mercury atoms and the UV causes the phosphor sometimes jump to a higher coated on the inner surface of the glass to fluoresce and emit visible energy level, but this is a light. The key components of a fluorescent lamp include a long glass temporary state and they do tubing filled with inert gases much like an incandescent bulb. eventually return to the However the fluorescent lamp contains electrical ballasts built to normal level releasing the control the current flow, in addition to enduring electrodes that extra energy in the form of ensure longevity to the lamps. The glass tubing also contains photons. mercury vapour, which is the primary source of luminescence While most metals release generated when the low-wavelength UV radiation emitted by the only Infrared radiation, which energized mercury atoms fall on the fluorescent coating. are invisible to the human Arthur Crompton, the prominent physicist, provided the initial eye, the filament in a light prototype to General Electric in the year 1934. The team at GE led bulb is heated to abnormally by George Inman further improvised this prototype in their high levels, reaching as Engineering laboratory and released their own model after much much as a whooping experimentation and R & D involving testing different vapours, 2200°C, and this results in coloured tubing, powders and trying newer lamp coatings and the emission of significant auxiliaries. As against an incandescent bulb, a fluorescent lamp amounts of visible radiation. offers more energy efficiency. Albeit that the initial costs of using fluorescent lamps are higher, the longer lifespan translates to better cost effectiveness. Large fluorescent lamps that emit good quality white light are the preferred choice, be it in a commercial enterprise or prominent institutional buildings.

Go Green With Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFLs) Of late though, compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs are gaining popularity as an innovative energy-saving alternative to incandescent lamps. More home owners are recognising the benefits of CFLs over incandescent lamps and even fluorescent lamps, which although long lasting are bulkier and pose potential hazards from the possible release of mercury, dangerous even in trace quantities. Like conventional fluorescent lamps CFLs also have a gas-filled tube and a magnetic or electronic ballast. The flow of electricity via the ballast and the mercury vapour emits UV radiation which fluoresces the phosphor coating on the tube and emits a visible 'soft white' light. CFLs with electronic ballasts tend to flicker much less because the resonant convertor stabilizes the input voltage. The ballast also has rectifiers and filter capacitors on its circuit board with switching transistors for DC to AC conversion, thus making them workable on either source. CFLs like regular fluorescent lamps contain mercury and should be appropriately disposed, or better still, recycled. Though slightly expensive, CFLs utilize lesser power for the same level of light emission, are more enduring, and this makes up for the higher up-front costs. Perhaps the best benefit of CFLs is that they emit much less greenhouse gases and are the next-generation eco-friendly lighting solution.


“Ambition, Hard Work, Commitment and Sincerity are the Reasons for My Success” Hailing from the little known village of Alluru,Krishna District, this student embarked on a long and challenging journey to become the Vice Chancellor of JNTU, Hyderabad. He is none other than Dr.D.N.Reddy, the first Vice Chancellor of JNTU, Hyderabad.“I used to walk 4 miles to reach my school and I was the topper in the class.” says Dr. D.N. Reddy, in an exclusive interview with Campus Josh. CJ: Tell us about your childhood and education Dr.Reddy: Until Class 5, I studied in the Govt. Primary School in Alluru village, Veralpadu Mandal in Krishna District. From Class 6 to 11, I studied in ZP High School, Yerrupalem in Khammam District. I used to walk about 4 miles to reach my school. When I was in Class 9, my father bought me a bicycle for Rs.60, and I was the only one in the village to own a cycle. I ranked first in the Class XI examinations at the district level, and my father bought me a watch to celebrate the occasion. CJ: Any favorite teachers? Dr.Reddy: Oh yes! Teachers in school play a very important role in moulding our character. My favorite teachers were Sri Anjaneya Shastry, English teacher and Sri Prabhakar Rao, who taught me Mathematics. CJ: Higher education? Dr. Reddy: In 1967, I came to Hyderabad, and joined in New Science College for my PUC. I stayed in Reddy's Hostel in Abids. I was one among the 110 students in the class. Having acquired my primary schooling in the Telugu medium, I struggled a lot to understand the lessons. But I worked hard and my dedication paid off. I completed my PUC with 85%. I then went on to do my B.E. in Osmania University, and M.Tech from IIT Madras. In 1986 I received my and PhD fromIIT Delhi. CJ:Which of the qualities would you attribute your success to? Dr.Reddy: I would say my ambition, hard work, commitment and sincerity are the driving forces that have helped me reach where I am today. CJ: What significant changes do you propose to advance the present education system in JNTU? Dr.Reddy: We are currently working on making classroom teaching more effective using Information Technology and audio-visual aids. We are in the process of installing digital screens in classrooms so that students can better comprehend the class room sessions.

Prof. D.Narasimha Reddy Vice Chancellor, JNTU Hyderabad

Academic Qualification Degree Year University Osmania University, Hyderabad





I.I.T., Madras



I.I.T., Delhi

Awards/Honors Honored with the Eminent Engineer National Award from the Institute of Engineers(India),10th September, 2007 Received the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan National Award for Best Engineering College Principal for the year 2003 at 33rd ISTE National annual Convention held at Coimbatore December, 2003 Awarded the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor instituted by The American Biographical Institute, U.S.A. Received Best Paper award at the 2nd International conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power held at IIT Roorkee 12-14 December, 2002.

CJ: What are the plausible Reasons for the higher failure rate in JNTU? Dr. Reddy: Yes I have to agree, the failure rate is high in JNTU. The key problem as I see it is that many students do not attend to classes regularly. While it is true that only 20% fo the learning can be garnered from Professors and their lectures, still the students should attend classes to get the outline without which they can't start studying on their own. And self face learning to be encouraged. CJ: For 11,000 SBI clerical vacancies, over 36 lakh applications were received, and a considerable number of these were B.Tech, M.Tech and M.Phil degree holders. What do you think about the present economic situation? Dr. Reddy: Earlier, IT companies used to provide employment to most of the Engineering graduates. But in the present times of Economic Recession, they are unable to provide jobs to the fresh graduates, and that is the reason for this trend. At this point in time, students should look to improve their soft skills. Learning the basic concepts of their core branch is very important. In addition to that students should also learn inter-disciplinary subjects. CJ: In many colleges, even the Professors lack communication skills. In order to train senior faculty, JNTU has tied up with WIPRO under the Mission 10X program. How is the progress of Mission 10X? Dr.Reddy: Mission 10X is the training program conducted by Wipro Foundation. It aims at training senior faculty in the Engineering colleges in the state. Nearly 50 professors have been successfully trained until now, and we are planning another 20 more programs. CJ: In an interview you agreed that out of the 524 engineering colleges only 100 colleges have the appropriate infrastructure and only 60 colleges employ a good team of teaching staff. What steps have you been taking to improve the situation? Dr. Reddy: Yes, I agree to this fact. We have asked the management of the various colleges to send detailed reports about their infrastructure and faculty to us by the end of this month. Later, we will be display all the relevant information in our website. If a student finds anything a miss. he/she can get back with feedback and we will perform inspections of such colleges from December. CJ: Your message to students. Dr.Reddy: Students should develop their communication skills and core knowledge. Inter-disciplinary subjects are also important and students must give them due attention. And above all, students should be sincere in their efforts to reap the rewards.

Academic Reforms 2008 - 2009 Introduction of the regular 5 years Integrated Dual Degree Programme in all the disciplines of B.Tech and M.Tech. Four Semester Dual Degree program leading to M.Sc.(Engg) and M.Tech.In collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology,Sweden. Regular and part-time MSIT programme (4/6 Semesters) leading to PG Degree in IT in collaboration with Consortium of Higher learning and Camegie Mellon University,Pittsburg,U.S.A.

Collaboration and MOUs International Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden UNISA,South Africa University of Pahang, Malaysia Carnegie Mellon University, USA Hoseo University, Korea University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

National International Academy of computer Graphics (IACG), Hyderabad M/S Electronic Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) M/S Tata Consultancy Services M/S Infosys C-DAC Central Institute of Tool Design M/S Wipro Technologies-Mission 10X



nfosys – the name that has transformed the way the world views India, a name that is synonymous with excellence, and indeed a name that boosted every Indian's feeling of pride. Infosys Technologies Limited is a multinational software consultancy company based in Banguluru, the IT hub of India. As of June 2009, it is recognized one of the leading employers in India with over 103,905 professionals in its roster. Founded on June 2, 1981 by N.R.Narayana Murthy along with Nandan Nilekani, N.S.Raghavan, Kris Gopalakrishnan, S.D.Shibulal, K.Dinesh and Ashok Arora, Photograph: Infosys founders (Left to Right): Nandan Nilekani, S Gopalakrishnan, Infosys is the most admired company listed on the BSE, N R Narayana Murthy, K Dinesh, N S Raghavan and S D Shibula and is the face of the Indian software industry. As a start-up investment Murthy borrowed Rs.10,000 from his wife Sudha, set up the office at his home and later the company was incorporated as “Infosys Consultants Pvt Ltd.”, with Raghavan's house in Model Colony, north-central Pune as the registered office. In the same year Infosys signed up with its first client, Data Basics Corporation, in New York. A year later,in 1982, Infosys started its new office in Banguluru which soon became its headquarters. Infosys pioneered the Global Delivery Model (GDM), which emerged as a disruptive force in the industry leading From left to right: S. Gopalakrishnan, to the rise of offshore outsourcing.GDM is based on the S.D Shilbulal, Director and Head, principle of taking work to the location where the best talent N.R.Narayanan Murthy,Chairman of the is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with Board; Nandan M.Nilekani, and the least amount of acceptable risk. The company was the (extreme right) Robert Greifeld, first in India to register on the American stock exchange, President and CEO, NASDAQ NASDAQ, with an issue of 2 million American Depository At present, Narayana Murthy acts Shares(ADR),which raised $70 million. as the Chairman and the Chief Mentor while S. (Kris) Gopalakrishnan acts as the Deputy Managing Director and COO, Head of Customer Service and Technology. The company provides software development and engineering services through a network of development centres in Asia and North America.Infosys also offers data management, systems integration, project management, support, and maintenance services.In addition, its Progeon subsidiary offers business process outsourcing(BPO) services and US-based Infosys Consulting provides strategic consulting.


Best product of Infosys Finacle, the universal banking solution from Infosys,empowers banks to transform their business leveraging technology. Finacle helps banks by providing a holistic and integrated transformation approach, complete with solutions and services. Finacle solutions address the core banking, ebanking, Islamic banking, treasury, wealth management and CRM requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide. These solutions when associated with Finacle services,empower banks to maximize their opportunities for growth, while minimizing the risks that come with large-scale business transformation. Finacle is the chosen solution in over 116 banks across 62 countries. Finacle is implemented across countries like the US, UK, UAE, Mainland China, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal,Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Uganda, Sri Lanka,Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Philippines, Jamaica,Cayman Islands and India.

Awards for Finacle Judges’ Special Achievement Award; Banking Technology Awards 2008. ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best Core Banking Product’ category for the Banking Technology Readers’ Choice Award: Banking Technology Awards 2008. Asian Banker award for best core banking implementation - 2008. Commended in the Back-office Retail Banking Project category by the Banker Technology Awards 2007.

Student Resources Infosys Global Internship program Infosys Campus Connect Register your profile aspx/Registration.aspx

Important Milestones 1981:Infosys is established by N.R.Narayana Murthy and six engineers in Pune, India, with an initial capital of US$ 250. Signs up its first client, Data Basics Corporation, in New York. 1983: Relocates corporate headquarters to Bangalore. 1987:Opens first international office in Boston, US. 1993:Introduces Employee Stock Options (ESOP) program. Acquires ISO 9001/TickIT certification. Goes public. 1997:Infosys is assessed as a CMM Level 4 company. 1999:Infosys becomes the 21st company in the world to achieve a CMM Level 5 certification. 2000:Touches revenues of US$ 200 million. Re-launches Banks 2000, the universal banking solution from Infosys, as Finacle™. 2002:Touches revenues of US$ 500 million. Launches Progeon, offering business process outsourcing services. Revenues reach US$1 billion. 2004: Infosys Consulting Inc. is launched. 2005: Records the largest international equity offering of US$ 1 billion from India. Selected to the Global MAKE Hall of Fame. 2006: Infosys celebrates 25 years. Revenues cross US$ 2 billion. Employees grow to 50,000+. 2007: Infosys crosses revenues of US$ 3 billion. Employees grow to over 70,000+. Kris Gopalakrishnan, COO, takes over as CEO. Nandan M. Nilekani is appointed Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors 2008: Infosys crosses revenues of US$ 4.18 billion. Employees grow to over 90,000+. Reports Q4 revenue of US$ 1,142 million.

2012: Judging the Judgement Day Friday, 21st December, 2012, 2:13pm Hyderabad, India It's not just another Friday for Karthik, who has spent close to three years in the IT industry, eagerly waiting for every promising Friday at the end of each sluggish week. It's the Friday that was carved into the destiny of our planet ages ago; the Friday that nobody could forget all this time, and the Friday that no one would remember. "Or will anyone live to remember?" - asks his shaking soul. The doomsday has arrived. And the world has come to a standstill - with some praying to their gods and some hiding in the deepest of caves. A news program on TV catches his eye, bringing a rare smile on his face. The Breaking News says - "Can we see the sunset today? SMS Y for Yes, N for No, NS for Not Sure. Trip to Singapore for the first 10 winners!" The stupid news flash sparks a ray of hope in Karthik's heart, that maybe this is not the end and is just a bad dream that will finally cease. Today Hyderabad, India Karthik realizes pretty soon that it was actually his 2009 television that brought him back from future, and probably that was what took him there at the first place. Living nervously close to the dreaded date, whether we believe it or not, all of us have at some point of time allowed "those" theories to park in our minds. With different theories driving towards the same target, it sometimes becomes a little difficult to ignore them. Whether it is a young and aspiring Final Year Engineering student, or an into-the-grave centurion great-grandfather, the planet Earth has already begun shaking with the expectations of the shock waves that might not even come to it. The world will end soon - that's what they say. "Let them say!" one might say. But it's not just a few who say, and it's the same, all of them say which hints at the fact that it may. "Oh is it what they all say?" Although encrypted and pre-calculated thousands of Mayan Sculpture years ago, the doomsday came into limelight through the references in the books authored by scholars like Frank Waters, Jose Arguelles and Terence McKenna. Some based it on astrology and some on the Mayan calendar, whereas others even talked about alien abduction. But each of them narrowed down to the year 2012 as the last year of humanity. Channels like History and Discovery were the first to reach the common man with the bouquet of death, and since then it's been more than just history. So what makes "them" believe the unbelievable? Let's ask the biggest contributors to the fear first. The Mayans, whose classic period lasted from 250 AD to 900 AD in Central America, used the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar which was a linear, rather than the usual cyclical calendar. 21 or 23 December 2012 is the end of the current (13th) b'ak'tun cycle of the calendar. End of the calendar - end of the world! At the least that is what many Mayanist astronomers and anthropologists have to say. Not just the calendar and the people, even the Mayan inscriptions - Tortuguero Monument 6 and Chilam Balam in Mexico - mention the end of the 13th b'ak'tun, or as we all know - the end of an era. One starts to wonder why only Mayans had the brains that could predict the death of the billions who don't have a clue about what's going to happen!

2012: Judging the Judgement Day Some may even laugh at the possible accuracy of the calculations made thousands of years ago. But the possibilities start forming a shape when we hear John Major Jenkins, American astronomical researcher stress that Mayans had planned the doomsday intentionally because of the winter solstice in 2012. It will be around the same time when what he termed as "galactic alignment" of the Sun and the galactic centre of the Milky Way, will result in a calamity or an evolution of consciousness in mankind. The coincidence does not end here. A section of scientists believes that our planet Earth is overdue for geomagnetic reversal, or commonly but incorrectly known as "polar shift", which could be triggered by a solar maximum, though the predictions are not supported by strong evidence. There have also been talks of collision of the Earth with a planet called Nibiru, but then if the planet is going to collide so soon then why don't we see it in the night sky? And if that is not enough, we don't have to search for people proclaiming about humanity being captured by our extra-terrestrial neighbours, or aliens as we better identify them.

Mayan Writings

After listening to all these theories one begins to imagine how it will be three years down the line. Well, you need not put much effort behind that, for the movie 2012 is already out in the cinemas. "We were warned" - says the tagline and the movie promises to paint every warning we heard onto the screen with a brush of reality. Thanks to technology, at least we can visualize how we are going to die! Isn't that funny? Everyone talking about death, everyone thinking about death and now even depicting death! That is probably sad. And who is to blame? Is it the Mayans, who probably might not even have expected the time to pass beyond their calendar's limits? Or is it Jenkins, who himself admitted that there is no evidence that Mayans were aware of precession? Or is it the media which is making sure that every single kid on the planet remembers 21st December 2012 more than his birth date? Or is it Lord Shiva who might dance his way to be the ultimate destroyer?

Let's not waste the precious moments of our lives in finding reasons behind prophecies that predict the end of our lives. Prophecies come and go, predictions rise and bow, but it's the spirit of mankind that should never go low. And to keep the spirit high all we need to do is to live our lives. As someone has rightly said - "Live every day as if there is no tomorrow." And if there is no tomorrow, who cares about the doomsday? Viplove

cover story

War of Searches


hen it comes to top players in the Information Technology domain, there could be no formidable competitors as are the software giants Google and Microsoft. While the former ruled the web search niches, Microsoft had a virtual monopoly over PC operating systems and the Internet browser tools with the seemingly invincible Internet Explorer. And then Google made a swift foray into the niche of web connectivity software with its very own Google Chrome, a move that clearly seemed like an open challenge to Microsoft's Internet explorer. As if that were not aggressive enough Google has gone on to release its much awaited Google OS, a lightweight operating system primarily targeting the netbook market, and one which Google promises to release as open source shortly. Is this a clear indication that Windows has lost its unsurpassed status as the ruling king of PC operating systems? Hardly. Microsoft is responding in kind, with its new offering in the search engine domain. The new search tool, powered by Microsoft, 'Bing' is an attempt at getting back toward Google. So is it 'payback' time now? Is it Microsoft's turn now to dethrone the Internet's crowned king, just when Google Chrome has been doing a successful beta release? Indeed Microsoft's recent tie up with Yahoo, with the intent of enhancing the Bing experience is all but making us believe the Big Fish are indeed playing the provocative game of retribution.



BlindSearch Basics The goal of the BlindSearch( test was to see how people perceived search experience and results when the branding from search engines was removed. The test displayed identical search engine screens, which had the same look and feel, but were powered by the original search engines. Interestingly, it was noted that the search queries itself were better tuned to Google, since most people unwittingly adapted

cover story Google OS and Chrome – Attempting to Oust Microsoft's Monopoly Until recently, Microsoft's IE had established a place of dominance, facing little competition even from the more intuitive Firefox browsers. Even while Mozilla's Firefox, rising like a phoenix from the all-encompassing but fading Netscape browser, garnered backing from Google, this did little to malign the IE fame. Judging by the fact that an Internet connectivity tool was central to the web business, and thus the fulcrum of Google's business, a browser owned by Google seemed the best proposition. And thus was born Google Chrome, a giant leap for Google, and a clear effort to loosen Microsoft's iron grip over Internet browsers. Inside sources maintained that Google's move to create and distribute a new browser increased over concern that the new features that IE8 boasted of could seriously impact Google's search business. Key product enhancements on IE8, including improved privacy settings could prevent Google from collecting search and content-related information that translated to effective ad display by Google. IE8 also provided Microsoft-centric tools such as a quick-linking feature to Microsoft maps and Windows Live, and making MSN Search the default search in newer Internet Explorer releases. Evidently Google Chrome's release, which has been whispered around close-knit circles as early as 2004, hopes to seize a sizeable chunk of Microsoft's browser market share that is estimated to be a whopping 75 percent!

Up next on the Google's list of latest launches is the highly anticipated Google Chrome OS, an open source operating system that Google says is designed keeping in mind connectivity to the Internet, considering that the earlier OS were released when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. Developed as a natural extension of its browser, with features that promise 'speed, simplicity and security', the Google Chrome operating system is clearly a measure to challenge its primary rival Windows.

Microsoft Answers with 'Bing' and Proposed Yahoo Tie-Up The subtle battle got decidedly fiery when Microsoft announced the launch of its version of Internet search 'Bing'. Certainly Bing is no revolution in search engine technology, but is a more or less upgraded look of its earlier Live Search. Nevertheless Bing is proving to be tough competition to the previously unmatched Google search. With a catchy search page, something that Google cannot boast of, the overall experience of using Bing is unique and refreshing. While Google fans are raving over the innovation that iGoogle brings, undeniably, Bing is playing a significant role in conveying Microsoft's intent – 'Look out Google'! Oh we get the message, loud and clear!

cover story At the time Bing was first launched, a comparison study that called itself a 'search engine taste test' was released. The goal of the BlindSearch test was to see how people perceived search experience and results when the branding from search engines was removed. BlindSearch had users comparing and casting votes based on their search experience with Google, Bing and Yahoo. While the initial results showed Bing and Google in close competition with ups and downs, the final results had Google topping the list with Yahoo taking the third place. While the test itself aimed to remove the 'branding' from the Internet search experience, it was indeed a little experiment by a Microsoft employee although the disclaimer on the site absolved Microsoft of any affiliation with the test. Well, that does add a certain twist to the test!

Yahoo Microsoft Deal Talking about search engines, Yahoo Search and Microsoft are formally joining hands to create an innovation in Internet search. In an official press release, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer stated that the agreement hopes to get Microsoft's search engine, Bing, the scale necessary to compete and enhance advertiser potential that will translate to enhanced relevance in ad display and search results. Ballmer went on to claim that this would give 'real consumer choice in a market currently dominated by a single company', clearly a not-so-subtle dig at Google. The Cold War Heats Up – Why This Is A Good Thing Indeed, the last few years has seen Google coming up with several enhanced Internet offerings targeted at comparable Microsoft products, be it Gmail, countering Hotmail, or Google Calendar, an alternative to MS Outlook. At one point Google openly promoted Firefox on its homepage to visitors using IE, and affiliates who converted to Firefox even earned a $1 commission! At another level though Microsoft tried to win the search engine powered at Amazon to switch to Microsoft's A9 search as against using the Google's search technology. Certainly this is a fascinating period in the history of the World Wide Web. The two titans of the Internet era Google and Microsoft with Google capturing the lion's share of Internet search and advertising while Microsoft powers browser usage. As each tries to outmaneuver and challenge the limits set by the other, perhaps the best part of this cold war is that it really is a win-win deal for all! Competition is always a great thing, and it stands in great stead for the major Internet users, including web designers, E-business owners and the common man.



ver faced the hassle of having to change your contact numbers every time you shift jobs or change your phone service? Even moving homes within the same city means having to update your family and friends with your new landline contact number. Imagine a service that does away with this hitch, a program that allows you to be contacted on a single phone number, an option to receive calls routed via a common number regardless of whether you are in your office in Bangalore or on a trip to Chicago! When you change your job move phones or change your phone service just update the number at your Google number setting and your Google number stays the same. Well that's Google Voice for you, a revolutionary initiative in telecommunication that gives the user a single number for all phones – that's right, you get to attach any of your phone numbers, fixed or mobile. Google Voice is a unique 'follow-me' service that unifies both wireless and wired-line communications. International Voicemail made easy, Google Voice offers a range of user-focussed features such as call screening, caller ID blocking, voice call transcripts, built in conferencing capabilities and many more value additions. And best of all it's free! It can't get any better than this. But it does. With Google Voice you can use your existing number to receive only voice mails, and even take your voice messages with you when you change phones. Or you could link your existing phones to a single Google Voice phone number.




All your numbers connected to a single number

Google Voice and Your Existing Phone Number:When you sign up for Google Voice you can still choose to stick to your existing personal contact number. What Google Voice can do in this case is take care of all your voicemail and display them in an easy-to-read format on your phone, or on a computer. You can even set custom voicemail greetings and templates to ping people on the go, and even forward or embed voicemails received. Voicemail notifications can be set in various formats including email and SMS. And best of all, Google Voice makes international calling affordable and hassle free. Get Your Very Own Google Phone Number:This is perhaps the best part of going Voicemail, the Google way. Perfect for frequent business travellers, getting your very own Google Phone Number can mean connecting to people via a common number for all your phones – home, work or mobile. You can even choose for all phones to ring when your Google number is dialed, or just link it up to one number at a time. This way changing your personal numbers does not impact how you stay in touch – updating a new phone number is as easy as logging into your account and changing the new number attached to your Google number. Presently this service is available for US users only, let us hope we will get this soon.




Tarot predicts success for dear ariens in all fields. There will be accidental benefits. You would spend quality time with your family members. Do things the way you want to but don't take things for granted. Love life would be happy & content. Diet control is required. At work you will receive help from an influential person. Pink would be your lucky color this month.

Mar 21 - April 20

Taurus April 21 - May 20

Gemini May21 - June20

Cancer June 21 - July 20

Leo July 21 - Aug 20

Virgo Aug 21 - Sep 20


Libra Sep 21 - Oct 20

This month the tarot says the start would be slow in the beginning but as the month progress things will look up. Businessmen can expect a good month and can make profits. A romantic relationship is in the offing. Those looking for work will hear new developments. Color blue will bring you happiness and peace this month. Be proactive about legal issues if any for them to be resolved soon. Try and spend quality time with your partner and be attentive to his/her needs. Women can expect some good news. The tarot predicts repayment of debts and entry into a more prosperous phase. Some of you could purchase a new vehicle. Travel is also indicated. Violet is the color of the month. Finish pending work at the workplace before taking up something new. Constant interactions and distractions could make you irritable. Be diplomatic with seniors. Meditation and Reiki could make you relaxed. Go on a holiday with a loved one. Women could face some health problems. The color white is your lucky color this month. Tarot forewarns you of hectic schedule, confusion and hurdles at your workplace. You could feel tensed or low. Don't worry this is a temporary phase. Diplomacy is the needed at workplace. Temper has to be kept under control. Relatives could drop in or you may attend a get together/party. Health needs attention. Avoid the color grey. New initiatives take up will succeed this month. Plan your strategies well in advance before any important meet. Romantic lives will be full of surprise and lively. Colleagues are a great boon to you this month, take their advice. Don't neglect any persistent health issues. Green is the color of happiness.

Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov 20


Moving towards success is clearly seen in the cards for you this month. Work related travel is also seen. Some of you many move to a new place or a residence. You will be in a mood to set new goals for yourself. Students could get scholarships. Problems related to your knees and legs could bother you this month. Seek medical help. You will not be able to use your talents well in the beginning of this month. Your love life could go through some tense moments. Avoid getting into fights. There is a need to be careful with your documents and valuables. Pay attention to legal issues. Start a fitness regime. Reiki will calm you. Black is your lucky color this month. There will be lot of emphasis on family matters. A past relationship could re enter your life. Don't let emotions cloud your objectivity. You could feel very restricted into your relationships. Students have to put in extra efforts to get the desired results. Tarot also predicts financial uncertainty.

Nov 21 - Dec 20

Capricorn Dec 21 - Jan 20

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 20

Pisces Feb 21 - Mar 20

There will be celebrations and parties for in the middle of the month. Profits from your past investments are coming in. Those eligible could get engaged. Losing patience by getting hyper will make you lose opportunities obstacles would disappear from you path after the 12th. Think practically and the problems would get solved. Avoid brown and green color. The wheel of fortune is spinning in your direction you will achieve success through determined efforts. The Tarot also see lot of gain in one way or the others. People in creative profession will have a great month. Travel plans may get delayed. Health of family members needs attention. Orange is the color of happiness. Abundance and joy are plentiful this month. Hurdles disappear from your path. You will feel very confident and energetic and will be able to handle any kind of a situation. Personal life would be warm and filled with lots of love and affection. Women can expect good news. Violet would be your color this month.




PROCEDURE:- First, create a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on the Desktop, selecting New, and then selecting Shortcut. The Create Shortcut Wizard appears. In the box asking for the location of the shortcut, type shutdown. After you create the shortcut, double-clicking on it will shut down your PC. But you can do much more with a shutdown shortcut than merely shutting down your PC. You can add any combination of several switches to do extra, tasks such as: In the place of shutdown in the above procedure type: shutdown -r -t 01 -c "Rebooting your PC" Doubleclicking on that shortcut will reboot your PC after a one-second delay and display the message "Rebooting your PC." The shutdown command includes a variety of switches you can use to customize it. -s Shuts down the PC, -r Reboots the PC.,-l Logs off the current user, -t nn Indicates the duration of delay, in seconds, before performing the action, and -c "message text" Displays a message in the System Shutdown window. A maximum of 127 characters can be used. The message must be enclosed in quotation marks, -f Forces any running applications to shut down. To check this technique, create two shutdown shortcuts on your desktop: Here are the ones I use: shutdown -s -t 03 -c " Bye Bye! " to turn off my PC after three seconds and displays: Bye Bye ! and shutdown -r -t 03 -c "I will be back ;)!" for displaying: I will be back;)! and reboots the PC after 03 seconds. Now create a shortcut and name it something like orkut app and mail it to your friend. As soon as he clicks the icon the system will shutdown.................... HAPPY PRANKING FRIENDS!

TRICK 2 HOW TO BLOCK A WEBSITE WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE Step 1: Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc Step 2: Find the file named "HOSTS" Step 3: Open it in notepad Step 4: Under " localhost" Add , and that site will no longer be accessable. Example : localhost For every site after that you want to add, just add "1" to the last number in the internal ip (


This website lets you know your IP address as well as your location. This actually provides three lookup tools; IP Address Lookup, IP whois lookup and Host Name Lookup. This will also answers all your queries related to IP addresses and their types like, >> How to change your IP Address? >> Difference between a Static IP and Dynamic IP? >> What is a MAC address?

Have a trick to share! Just mail us the trick, your name and college name.

Rajeev Motwani The Man Behind The Technology “Today, whenever you use a piece of technology, there is a good chance a little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it.” ----Sergey Brin, Co-Founder, Google Inc.


ajeev Motwani is quite undeniably a standing example to the expression “Intelligent people die young”. He was barely 47 when he drowned in a freak accident on June 5, 2009. Though he left us early, he did make his mark in the world before checking out. Motwani is best known for mentoring Sergey Brin and Larry Page the founders of Google. He has also guided many other technology dependent companies including Paypal, Sequoia Capital and the like. Born on March 26, 1962, in Jammu, Motwani grew up in New Delhi, earned a Computer Science degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, in 1983, and his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1988. On his blog, Brin wrote, “In addition to being a brilliant computer scientist, Rajeev was a very kind and amicable person and his door was always open. No matter what was going on with my life or work, I could always stop by his office for an interesting conversation and a friendly smile.” As a Stanford professor, he also served as the director of graduate studies for the computer science department and founded the Mining Data at Stanford project (MIDAS). He was the co-author of an influential paper titled “pageRank algorithm” which forms the basis of Google's search techniques.

He authored two books, 'Randomized Algorithms' and an Undergraduate textbook published in 2001. Among other honours, he won the prestigious 2001 Godel Prize, which is awarded for excellence in the field of theoretical computer science. His success, however, 'never came in the way of Rajeev's quest for knowledge and innate desire to help others,' wrote his friend, blogger Om Malik. 'There wasn't a start-up he didn't love.’

Awards won by Rajeev 1) Godel Prize in 2001. 2) Okawa Foundation Research Award. 3) Arthur Sloan Research Fellowship. 4) National Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation 5) Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Kanpur. 6) Bergmann Memorial Award from the US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation. 7) IBM Faculty Award.

Rajeev Motwani “Of all the faculty at Stanford, it is with Rajeev that I have stayed the closest and I will miss him dearly. Yet his legacy and personality live on in the students, projects, and companies he has touched,” says Brin, Co-Founder, Google Inc


IT News IBM with NGOs brings CSC program to India IBM announced the accomplishment of the first two phases of deployment of its most competitive global program Corporate Service Corps (CSC) in India. Last four months saw the corporate giant pull in its 40 professionals from across 19 nations to India by collaborating with 11 NGOs and nonprofit government organizations with an aim of execution of its socio-economic development projects. Mumbai and Ahmedabad played the first hosts to the global program, with Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune waiting for their turns in February 2010. Organizations like SEWA, IndiCorps, MITRA, iVolunteer and Yuva were some of the organizations that came forward to lend a helping hand towards the needy of the society. The projects enabled the government to boost income safety and security of self-employed women and utilize technology to connect remote locations, to name a few achievements. IBM strongly believes that being global citizens it’s their responsibility to address the core societal, educational and environmental challenges being faced by the emerging and developing world, a thought echoed by Shanker Annaswamy, Managing Director, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Wipro Receives First Ever Teradata Partner Impact Award Teradata Corporation, the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, awarded Wipro the Teradata Partner Impact Award in the “APAC Emerging Markets SI Partner” category at its 24th annual Teradata Partners User Group Conference & Expo, held recently at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Washington, DC . The award expresses appreciation for the outstanding level of commitment in their dedicated Teradata Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Wipro campus in Bangalore and generation of joint customer wins.Partnership with Teradata has enabled Wipro to build reusable frameworks for accelerating and standardizing implementations. The CoE team has extensive experience in all the technical areas of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing as well as in a variety of vertical domain areas like Manufacturing, BFSI, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Telecom and Sales & Distribution. Leveraging the expertise and experience, the Wipro COE also offers various vertical centric analytics solutions.

Infosys Collaborates with Oracle to Launch the Infosys Business Platform for HR Infosys Technologies (Infosys), a world leader in Consulting and Information Technology Services, today announced that it has teamed up with Oracle through the ‘BPO Powered by Oracle program’, and is launching a comprehensive managed services platform for multi-function HR through its Infosys Business Platforms offering.The Infosys Business Platform for HR is built on Oracle’s industryleading PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite and offers the entire “Hire-to-Retire” processes and operations such as HR Administration, Payroll and Talent Management functions like Recruitment, Performance Management, and Learning Management in a fully hosted and managed environment."We are excited to team up with Oracle and are already seeing early successes of this model in Australia and New Zealand. The launch will also extend to Asia, Europe and the Americas," said Anantha Radhakrishnan, Vice President, Infosys.

GADGET CENTRAL HP TouchSmart 300 Desktop PC Hp’s third-generation TouchSmart 300 is the ultimate Desktop PC one can dream of. The biggest attraction of this has been the touchscreen interface, HP also has come up with its own touch-optimized Web browser and TV-tuner software and Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora clients so you don’t need to step out of the TouchSmart environment to access these popular applications.


Rs 59,990

Operating system installed: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium Processor type: AMD Athlon™ II X2 Dual-Core 235e • 2.70 Ghz, Chipset: AMD RS780MN RAM: 4GB DDR3, HardDisk: 500GB,Speed: 7200rpm Network : Wireless 802.11 b/g/n LAN Weight: 11.0Kg

iAudio E2 2GB - Rs 2900 4Gb - Rs 3500 Specifications Battery: Internal Lithium Polymer battery Charging: USB: ~ 1.5 hrs Max output: Stereo, Left 29mW + Right 29mW (16 Ohm earphones) Dimension: 26.6mm x 64.2mm x7.7mm (W x L x H) Weight: 16.6 g File Format: MPEG1, WMA, FLAC (FLA), OGG Vorbis,MP3

Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 Ridged wheel provides a better grip for scrolling. Non-slip, rubber side panels provide extra comfort and control.

Rs 1,395

High-definition optical tracking You can enjoy responsive and smooth cursor control with the high-definition optical tracking (1000 dpi). Logitech® Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless Cordless convenience and freedom—fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts.

Health Is Wealth EXERCISING RIGHT: RUNNING TO BEAT THE FLAB Rishab chomped on his second packet of namkeen and was hit by a wave of guilt at his indulgence. He knew he should be cutting out on fatty snacks and probably exercising. But when did he have the time over his hectic college life? The long hours and erratic schedule meant unhealthy eating habits, practically no exercise, and a 'fat boy' image. Sound familiar? Students as a community, with their unpredictable schedules and feverish academic commitments, often ignore the signs of diminishing health and stamina, and this translates to excessive weight gain and poor health. Indeed, obesity is gaining attention as a global epidemic, and research indicates that youngsters in the age group 18–25 are particularly susceptible to the related conditions of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and cardiac problems. If hitting the gym is not your thing, there is another effective, yet free, approach to sustained weight loss – running. Whether it is jogging around your local park, taking a sprint down a trail, or running on a high-tech treadmill which will even compute miles covered and calories burnt, running has a bunch of benefits. Running improves cardiovascular strength by enhancing the heart rate and blood circulation, and brings fresh air into your lungs, improving lung capacity. Sustained jogging can help tone muscles, reduce blood pressure, and even boost blood count. Women, in particular are encouraged to run, since this can improve bone density and possibly prevent osteoporosis, a high risk factor for Indian women.

Techniques and Tips for Running There are two vital aspects to a good run. Posture and synchronised breathing. Generally people focus so much on their speed and miles rather than on getting the process right. An upright body posture, with the head facing forward and torso out, is ideal for a refreshing run. Clenched fists and hunched shoulders are a definite no-no. As far as strides go, it is better to stick to your comfort level, but generally short sprints can be done with higher knee lift and long strides, while extended runs are best done with short strides to save energy. And aim to keep breathing rhythm in sync with your strides – coordinate your breathing at an even pace since rapidly gulping air can cause muscle cramps.

Why Warm Up? Once you decide that running is for you, be sure to begin slow, and dedicate a few minutes to warming up. A good warm-up dilates blood vessels, and improves flexibility, and enhances oxygen supply to the lungs. Warm up prepares your body for strenuous activity, and can help avoid muscle injury. This can mean doing a few stretches, fast walking or just jogging awhile before increasing your pace. Here is how each running session should be structured: STEP 1: Warm Up with aerobic exercises to loosen muscles. Cycling on a stationary bike, jogging or a brisk walk are also good warm up choices. or 5-10 minutes of light aerobic exercise to loosen up your muscles and warm you up for your run. Try walking briskly, jogging slowly, or cycling on a stationary bike. Make sure you don't rush your warm-up. STEP 2: Begin Running. Start with a slow trot and slowly build to a sprint. STEP 3: Cool Down for 5 to 10 minutes with a jog or a short walk. The cool down is as critical as the run is, since an abrupt stop of an intense workout can cause dizziness from a rapid drop in heart rate and BP. STEP 4: Stretches. Stretches are best done after the run as this is the time of maximal flexibility. Stretches are recommended to relax the lower back muscles, calves, hamstrings and arms.

Here are some useful stretching exercises: Back stretch, that is, bending with feet together Toe walking or walking on the heel Lunges to stretch the hips Heel extensions Tip: Be sure to invest in a good pair of shoes before you head out, one that is sturdy yet comfortable. Never sprint after a meal, and in case of specific health contraindications a doctor's advice is recommended.

GIFT A DISH to your mom For the last 20 years, we all have been eating the food cooked by our mom. Ever tried cooking something for your mom? Now it's the time to cook for your mom. Yeah, all you need to do is take charge of the kitchen and cook this delicious recipe for your mom this weekend. Have her taste it and then mail your experience to us at

HYDERABADI BIRYANI Ingredients: For Rice: 2 cups basmati rice 3 ½ cups water 1 1/2 tsp salt 3 tsp ghee or butter 3 each of cloves, cardamoms, & cinnamon 1 bay leaf 1 tsp black cumin seeds. For Mutton: 1/2 kg mutton 3 green chilies 3 large onions 3 tomatoes 3 each of cloves, cardamom & cinnamon 4 tsp ghee 1 bunch coriander leaves 1/2 bunch mint leaves Masala 1: 1 large pod garlic 1 large piece ginger Grind together to a fine paste. Masala 2: 12 red chilies 2 tbsp coriander seeds 2 tsp fennel seeds 2 tsp khus khus seeds Grind together to a smooth paste

Method: For Rice: Soak the rice in water for 20 minutes, drain and keep aside. Heat ghee, add the remaining spices for rice preparation and fry for 1 minute. Add rice and fry for further 2 to 3 minutes. Add water, salt and cook till the water is absorbed. Allow rice to cool. For Mutton: Clean the meat, cut into pieces and soak in the yogurt. Heat ghee, add spices, chopped green chilies and onions and fry till mixture turns brown. Also add masala 1 and 2 and stir well. Now add the tomatoes and fry for 2 minutes. Then add mutton pieces, coriander and mint leaves and simmer for 5 minutes. Add 1/2 cup of water and salt to taste. Cook for 15 minutes and add masala 3. Cook till the gravy becomes thick.

Arranging the Biryani: Divide rice into 3 parts and mutton into 2 parts. Grease a dish and arrange alternate layers of meat and rice and meat, beginning and ending with rice. Masala 3: Dissolve a little yellow coloring in 1/4 cup of milk. 1/2 cup grated coconut Pour over rice, cover and bake for 20 to 30 minutes. 3 tsp chopped cashew nuts Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with fried onions, 1/2 cup yogurt Grind together to a smooth paste cashew nuts, raisins and hard boiled eggs. Neelima, Daawat Do you have a very recipe that you want others to cook for their mom? Just take two high resolution snaps and mail the entire recipe to us at We will publish your name and your mom name with the recipe.


Yamaha Fazer A

bike for people who appreciate performance and comfort in a package that is stylish without being garish, and edgy without being too mod-architectural in design. The frame detail is awesome and the ride, well simply great. It corners awesome and climbs like a mountain goat. The bike is stiff and responsive. Its style and design makes it an "eye turner"...The dual headlight and its catchy colors are very attractive. With its radical bodywork and compact dimensions, this stylish motorcycle has more street presence than anything in its class. It's got the bodywork to defy the weather, storage for a weekend away, and the agility to cope with both town and country. It's all you could ever need. Other nice touches and attention to detail are liberally sprinkled throughout this bike. Face it, most people would be happier riding something that's a bit less hard-edged than a race-replica if they can just stow their egos long enough to make a proper buying decision. The Macho & Muscular look of the bike is the attention grabber and stirs our mind instantly by its tantalizing look. It is a masterpiece carved out with the craftsmanship of Yamaha.Yamaha has left no stone unturned for the ultimate perfection and even the slightest feature has not been taken for granted. The most striking feature of this bike is its big body, wide tyres, huge tank and beefy forks. When viewed from the side, it looks like a well-built sprinter ready for a run. Altogether, it's a beautiful package once you get the hang of it!

TECH SPEC Engine Type: Air-Cooled, 4-stroke Displacement:153cm3 Max.Power: 14PS/7500rpm Max.Torque: 14Nm/6000rpm Brake Front: Hydraulic single disc , Rear: Drum Dimensions Wheelbase: 1,335mm Kerb weight: 141Kgs Min. Ground clearance : 160mm Fuel tank Capacity: 12litres Headlight: 12V35W/35W+35W

Electric blue

Flaming orange

Lava Red

Midnight Black


of Tarot teller Raju and his Parot

Tarot by Parot

Mr.Salman Know your future @ Rs.11 Place: BHEL Park

I may not be as well educated as you, but then, I can predict your future better than any other astrologer known to you. I am a very tiny creature on this huge planet; however, I help my master raise money each day for his family's livelihood, with my knowledge of Tarots. I live a saint's life with not many luxuries; nevertheless I am blessed with a caring master, who takes care of all my basic needs, and I am obliged, as well as, proud to have found some use of myself for him. Who am I? I am Salman, The Parrot.

Hey there! Now do not brush away or turn the page thinking that “Ah! It's just a parrot after all,” because I am not an “after all parrot”. I've got my own life, though not as colourful or celebrated as the movie stars' and politicians'. As I already told you, I live a saint's life by eating a guava, tomato and some water every day for the breakfast and dinner, and some pallies (groundnuts) to go along with guava for lunch. I do not eat much during the afternoon, you see. I should not be too full as it may make me lazy, and I cannot afford to be lazy when I have to help my master Raju. Raju is 27 now, and has been in this business for the major part of the decade. Actually, he says that it is his family occupation. Raju earns anywhere between Rs.150- 250 per day depending on the luck he carries with him that day. His family comprises seven members, with his brother and father still in the same profession. All the three men work hard to support the family. He also has a couple of younger brothers who are in the first standard at the Government High School. They buy the parrots at Charminar for Rs.200 each; each parrot needs to be trained for at least a month. Till date Raju has used about eight of them, among which one flew away. Salman is an obedient worker for Raju over the past three years. Even though he comes out of the cage to pick the cards, he won't fly away from him. They need to be active throughout the day, or else the business will go down and they will not be able to make enough money for the day. A real challenging life it is. No need to feel sorry for them; Salman has done well in picking the Tarot cards till date. If you have any problem in your life or if you are curious to know about your future, just pay a visit here sometime. Salman and Raju are eager to help you for just Re.11. Vaibhav

Raju tarot teller

MOBILE MANTRA Connecting people @ one paisa


ot long ago, calling a distant relative used to be a distant thought. "Last time we called them, let them call us next time." And we all know that the "next time" was always at the behest of some miracle expected to happen. The miracle has happened, thanks to the new world of Indian Telecommunications where you pay just 1 paisa for every second you talk.Or should we say thanks to Tata Indicom for breaking new ground by launching their leading-edge plan through DOCOMO? Definitely yes - considering the nationwide mania across the mobile twitterers. In what was an act of survival, every other operator had to lurch forward to withstand the storm brought by DOCOMO. Whereas Idea, Aircel and Reliance have almost matched DOCOMO by offering 1 p/s for all calls, Vodafone, BSNL and Airtel charge 1.2 p/s which is 72 p/min for calls to other networks. Amidst all the amazement, one may ask - "Is 1 paisa per second really what it promises to be?" It is, at least for the callers making very short calls of a few seconds duration. It will also bring smiles on faces talking to long distances, especially for ones who were paying more than 60 p/min for their STD calls. But why should one pay 60 p/min for a local call when most of the operators offer the same at 50 p/min? It's just the matter of how much you talk and how far you talk, but all they want is - you talk.

Nokia 5800 Expressmusic The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic offers a large 3.2 inch touch screen that supports 16 million colors (640x360 pixels) and has an aspect ration of 16:9, it also features a 3.2megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,3G support and a 8GB in-box memory(expandable to 16GB). The 5800 is build on the latest touch-operated 5th edition of S60. The 5800's 3.2megapixel camera offers a Carl Zeiss lens that takes care of snapping business. Inbuilt with the OSS browser allows the user to see a thumbnail image of the full web page which they call "mini maps" and allows users to zoom into the areas they want to read. This is the right pick if you are looking for a good touch screen mobile. Size Dimensions: 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm Weight: 109 g Sales Pakage Contents 5800 XpressMusic with pen stylus Battery (BL-5J) High Efficiency Charger (AC-8) Music Headset (HS-45, AD-54) Connectivity Cable (CA-101D) 8 GB microSDHC card (MU-43)

Price Tags Adarsh Mobile: Univercell: BigC: Hot spot:

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Nokia Booklet 3G


en years from now, Nokia will be the subject of an interesting business case study. It'll either be the stirring story of a company at the height of its power that had the courage to challenge its deepest beliefs, or it'll be the cautionary tale of a company that had it all and blew it. Since news of the new Nokia Booklet 3G first broke out, the mini laptop PC has become the most keenly discussed Nokia product ever. On Aug 24th Nokia announced that it will return to the PC market, an arena it abandoned in 1991 to focus on the growing mobile phone This lives within its stylish, premium design with a chassis made from a single piece of machined aluminium measuring a mere 19.9 mm thin width, and tips the scales at around a kilogram to ensure its extremely portable nature. Connecting at speed is crucial for a product of this nature, so the Booklet 3G has been designed with fast downloading and uploading front of mind – it's 3G/HSPA is ready for rapid mobile broadband anywhere-access on the move. Inbuilt WLAN and WWAN wedged into its slim body enable connectivity to the Internet anywhere within a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection range. Plus, it supports hot-swappable SIM card functionality. Its Proficiency doesn't end there; the Nokia's mini laptop PC also features onboard assistedGPS with Ovi Maps neatly packed in the passenger seat. Integrated Ovi Suite enables easy sync of calendar contacts, media with your device and the PC. Plus, there's Nokia Music loaded that makes you to tap your toes to the latest numbers on charts. There's a single front-facing camera nestled above the 10.1-inch HD screen for video chat, with Bluetooth and a built-in SD card reader also making appearances. From the time Nokia announced Booklet 3G, speculations are rife on the price at which it would be launched in the market. There are two prices in speculation at the moment: 399 Euros and 799 USD, which translate to Rs. 27,700 and Rs 38,800 respectively. Keeping in mind that the Nokia Booklet 3G is a netbook, the price point seems to Turning our attention to mini matters of a tape- lean a bit on the higher side, but a look at the measure nature, the Nokia Booklet 3G comes specifications of the netbook makes its pricing toting a glass 10.1-inch HD display (it has an HDMI around Rs 30,000 seem justifiable, especially if 12 port for HD video out). hour battery life and HDMI support(Full HD playback) are indeed part of the pakage. First, let's get down, off our tip-toes, take a deep breath, and soak up all the initial details on what the upcoming Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop is set to deliver when it lands on laps. Read on for every shred of info currently available on this landmark new product, and get the first close-up look at the Nokia Booklet 3G here in Campus Star. The new Nokia Booklet 3G will be a Windowsbased machine (Windows7 version), supported by an efficient Intel Atom processor that promises the performance of a full-function PC. Its efficiency credentials are boldly punctuated with battery life that stretches up to 12 hours (with normal daily use, of course – don't expect a 12-hour straight use of a single hit of juice). So once you juice it up and go, you need not worry about taking your charger with you and it is expected to sustain your heavy work day.

Nokia booklet 3G The second rumoured price point seems to be way above the normal netbook prices. At Rs 38,800 Nokia Booklet 3G will be hard pressed for buyers. While the price of 399 Euros(Rs 27,700) is from the most credible source, this price is not the retail price but a whole-sale one. So, to arrive at the retail price different types of taxes and duties will probably be added which will escalate shall take the price of the Booklet 3G to more than Rs 30,000. So hurry up and grab a Nokia Booklet 3G as soon as it releases in the market. However, we again assert that these are just speculations and Nokia is yet comment in a press release on the price of the booklet, which is expected to be soon. After reading all this, you may be wondering why Nokia is adding to its range of products an ultra portable laptop PC? Well this can be summed up as “A growing number of people want the computing power of a PC with the full benefits of mobility. Nokia is in the business of connecting people and the Nokia Booklet 3G is a natural evolution. Nokia has a long and rich heritage in mobility, and with outstanding battery life, premium design and all day, always on connectivity, it will create something quite compelling. In doing so Nokia makes the personal computer more social, more helpful and more personal.”


1250 g


264 x 185 x 19.9 mm

CPU and Chipset

Intel Atom Z530, 1.6 Ghz Intel Poulsbo US15W, fanless design

Memory and Storage RAM: 1 GB, DDR2, 533 Mhz, soldered down, HDD: 120 GB, 1.8”/5mmH/SATA, 8 MB cache, 4200 RPM, Display

10.1”, 1280×720 pixels, glass window


16 cell, 56.8 Wh, Li-Ion prismatic, removable design

Camera & microphone

1.3 MP front facing camera with integrated microphone.


Black, Ice, Azure

I/O ports

1 x HDMI 1.2 out 3 x USB 2.0 1 x headphone out (OMTP 3.5 mm) – with OMTP headsets also functions as audio-in 1 x DC-in 1 x SD card reader 1 x SIM / USIM slot

Operating Sytem

Windows 7 Starter Edition, Home Premium or Professional Power Profile Switcher, Battery Life utility Nokia Update Manager Ovi Suite & Ovi Maps Gadget,Social Hub


Future Gaming

PROJECT NATAL A New Revolution in Gaming “Project Natal” is a code name for a world-shattering new way of controller-free gaming. See a ball? Kick it, hit it, trap it or catch it.“Project Natal” tracks your full body movement in 3-D, while responding to commands, directions, even a difference of emotion in your voice. It is an add-on peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. With controller-free gaming you don’t just control the superhero, you are the superhero! Full-body tracking allows the “Project Natal” sensor to capture every move, from head to toe, to give players a full-body gaming experience. Greet and speak to characters in the game, or simply step into view of the sensor to log into Xbox LIVE and connect with friends.“Project Natal” makes sharing in all the fun a snap.Talk or watch a movie in the same living room or on the other side of the world — no headset, no keyboard and no controllers required. It’s just you, your friends, your family and a whole new way to play.

How Does “Project Natal” Work? “Project Natal” sensor: “Project Natal” is the world’s first system to combine an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone and custom processor running proprietary software that brings the “Project Natal” experience to every Xbox 360 console. The “Project Natal” sensor tracks full-body movement and individual voices, creating controller-free fun and social entertainment that is available exclusively on Xbox 360. RGB camera: “Project Natal” has a video camera that delivers the three basic colour components. RGB camera helps enable facial recognition and more.

Depth sensor: An infrared projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor allows “Project Natal” to see the room in 3D (as opposed to inferring the room from a 2-D image) under any lighting conditions. Custom processor: A Microsoft proprietary software layer makes the magic of “Project Natal” possible. This layer differentiates “Project Natal” from any other technology on the market through its ability to enable human body recognition and extract other visual noise.

Rajeev Motwani The Man Behind The Technology “Today, whenever you use a piece of technology, there is a good chance a little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it.” ----Sergey Brin, Co-Founder, Google Inc.


ajeev Motwani is quite undeniably a standing example to the expression “Intelligent people die young”. He was barely 47 when he drowned in a freak accident on June 5, 2009. Though he left us early, he did make his mark in the world before checking out. Motwani is best known for mentoring Sergey Brin and Larry Page the founders of Google. He has also guided many other technology dependent companies including Paypal, Sequoia Capital and the like. Born on March 26, 1962, in Jammu, Motwani grew up in New Delhi, earned a Computer Science degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, in 1983, and his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1988. On his blog, Brin wrote, “In addition to being a brilliant computer scientist, Rajeev was a very kind and amicable person and his door was always open. No matter what was going on with my life or work, I could always stop by his office for an interesting conversation and a friendly smile.” As a Stanford professor, he also served as the director of graduate studies for the computer science department and founded the Mining Data at Stanford project (MIDAS). He was the co-author of an influential paper titled “pageRank algorithm” which forms the basis of Google's search techniques.

He authored two books, 'Randomized Algorithms' and an Undergraduate textbook published in 2001. Among other honours, he won the prestigious 2001 Godel Prize, which is awarded for excellence in the field of theoretical computer science. His success, however, 'never came in the way of Rajeev's quest for knowledge and innate desire to help others,' wrote his friend, blogger Om Malik. 'There wasn't a start-up he didn't love.’

Awards won by Rajeev 1) Godel Prize in 2001. 2) Okawa Foundation Research Award. 3) Arthur Sloan Research Fellowship. 4) National Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation 5) Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Kanpur. 6) Bergmann Memorial Award from the US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation. 7) IBM Faculty Award.

Rajeev Motwani “Of all the faculty at Stanford, it is with Rajeev that I have stayed the closest and I will miss him dearly. Yet his legacy and personality live on in the students, projects, and companies he has touched,” says Brin, Co-Founder, Google Inc


Indian Moon Mission


he Indian dream of making it to our eternally enigmatic solar neighbour, took its first steps on 22nd Oct, 2008, when India successfully placed the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft into orbit. It brought an end to years of gruelling preparation and many anxious moments, culminating in the spectacular launch. The growing might of the Indian space program was demonstrated, when PSLV-XL, the craft containing Chandrayaan-1, carried 11 payloads successfully. Of these, 5 were ISRO payloads and 6 were from other space agencies across Europe, Bulgaria and USA. In fact it was the most international mission ever with payloads from 20 countries, where 17 countries of Europe were represented by the European Space Agency. The scope of the mission was huge and the various payloads conducted experiments in mineral mapping, polar ice cap determination, radiation analysis and a host of other technical functions. But the star attraction was our very own MIP (Moon Impact Probe). It successfully crash landed on the lunar surface at 20:30 hours IST on 14th Nov, 2008. It carried a picture of the Indian flag, thus making India only the fourth country in the world to place its flag on the moon. Nationalistic achievement apart, the probe contained a C-band radar altimeter for measuring the altitude, a video imaging system and a mass spectrometer for measuring the constituents of

One of the biggest finds of the probe was the confirmed existence of water on the lunar surface. This discovery by the Indian mission has confirmed other readings by previous US experiments that the moon indeed has water, not only in silicate bodies but also in huge sheets of ice below the lunar surface.

the ISRO officials, but several technical issues, including the failure of the star sensors on board which were supposed to help in finding direction and poor thermal shielding, have been cited as the possible factors. ISRO also said that issues occurred due to intense solar radiations.

The mission objective orbit of 100 km above the lunar surface was achieved on 12th Nov, 2008. In this orbit, Chandrayaan took about two hours to orbit the moon. The craft completed 300 orbits capturing 70000 images of the moon which the ISRO has claimed to be a record in itself.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has selected ISRO's Chandrayaan-1 mission as one of the recipient's of its annual, AIAA SPACE 2009, awards, which recognize key contributions to space science and technology. Additionally scientists all over the world have praised the mission as being a fresh step towards a better understanding of the moon. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait to see how the proposed Chandrayaan-2 mission shapes out; as according to ISRO Chairman G. Madhavan Nair, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) hopes to land a motorized rover on the Moon in 2012, as part of its second Chandrayaan mission. Let us hope that day is not very far away.

But the honeymoon was cut short when the base station lost contact with Chandrayaan-1 on 12:30 AM IST on 29th Aug, 2009. The mission lasted for 312 days as opposed to the intended 2 years. ISRO scientists justified the mission by stating that technically, the mission achieved its 100% objectives while scientifically it achieved 90-95% of its stated objectives and labelled it as a “fantastic success�. The reasons behind the abrupt end are still being analyzed by

Daimond studded Benz If you ask anyone, which is the most popular, stylish, majestic and a status symbol among cars? Mercedes Benz is the answer you get. Yes, this car has stolen the hearts of millions of people round the world. Every one of us aspires to have a Benz in our backyard. In a recently held Auto Expo overseas, Mercedes Benz class SL 550 Roadster has created sensation. This is not an ordinary Benz that you see them going zoom on the roads. This is a first of its kind, a diamond studded Mercedes Benz. Can you imagine that? And the lucky person to own this is Prince Al-Waleed Saud.

Prince Al-Waleed Saud is a member of the Saudi Royal Family. He is the nephew of the Saudi Arabia King Abdullah and the grand son of the first Lebanese prime minister after independence, Riad as-Solh. As an entrepreneur and international investor well connected in politics and power houses in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Prince Waleed has amassed a fortune through investments in real estate and the stock market. He is ranked by Forbes as the 22nd richest person in the world. He has been nicknamed by Time magazine as the Arabian Warren Buffett. This is his 38th car and is estimated to be US$4.8 billion. Though the majority of people can't afford it and if you are a fanatic car fan, you can touch this royal car by paying a premium of US$1000. If this option is also costly, we provide you the picture so that you can at least have a look at it.


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