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Protect Your Important Online Accounts with SSO Services



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Social media accounts, bank accounts and data accounts, these are few types of popular online accounts mostly used among the internet users. They have their private stuff as well as confidential information loaded on these accounts, which can have tremendous effect on their personality as well as their financial status if they are under any kind of threat. A large number of firms provide several services to protect online accounts. However, no one is like the SSO services. These services along with few tips and tricks can protect your account from every kind of damage coming your way. The internet user in today’s time need not to be too much stressed if has the right knowledge about the its and bits of the internet world. Some of the tips are here:

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Do not share your password: you must have the habit of sharing things with people butt sharing the password is not the right thing to do, even if it your email account password. The person with whom you have shared the info can use it against you or share it further with someone, you do not like. It is common for people becoming victims when their friends or colleagues use the information in the personal accounts against them due to moment of spur or jealousy.


Get SSO services: SSO or the single sign on services are one of the best ways to protect your multiple accounts at once. As it helps ion logging in several accounts at the same time, it also helps in signing out as well. In case you are in hurry and have several online accounts open than just with a click of button, all of them can be safely closed.


Do not save password: people are in habit of saving their passwords on the web pages, but it can pose harm to your online accounts a big time. Especially when you are using a public computer or share the computer with someone, this habit will take you a step closer towards the account hacking.


Get personal portal: personal portals are protected with a single password. From there you can access all your personal social networking and emailing accounts. MyCampus is a one of a kind personal portal, which supports all the mobile phone apps. If


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you are a student then MyCampus is the right thing for you to handle your password issues.


Make your passwords easy to remember but hard to guess. Use the latest technique; therefore, you do not have to remember several passwords without posing threat on your online accounts.

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Besides being an expert IT consultant, David Noel has keen interest in writing. At present, he is writing for on various topics related to IT viz. keywords like, campus mobile, single sign on services, Moodle mobile, etc.

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Protect your important online accounts with sso services  
Protect your important online accounts with sso services  

online accounts are always susceptible to cyber threat. They require few extra steps to ensure the safety.