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Monday, September 24, 2012


Tuition hikes resulting in fewer students? By Tracy Sloan Co-editor September 11, 2012 the Board of Trustees held their first public session of the school year. These meetings are open to all students and members of AACC to attend. They cover a range of topics from introducing new faculty members to presenting awards. Perhaps the most impor-

tant thing discussed this time is the schools budget and tuition shown in a presentation by Felicia Patterson, Vice President of Learner Support Services. Not only there are slightly fewer students attending but more students are taking fewer classes at AACC. Fewer students are taking weekend courses and seem to be turning to online courses instead. With the cost of tuition going up, students are

needing to work more in order to afford tuition. There has been a 5.9 percent decline since fall of 2011 in students taking 12 units. In 2011, 15,568 students were enrolled in full time classes. In 2012 the number dropped to 15,308. When asked about his feelings towards the tuition raise and how it has affected him, Thomas Stoner, a business major, replied, “The tuition Coach Earl and the Lacrosse team will host an Alumni game and Lookout Oct 6 2012 beginning 11am @ seigert field

Photography By Ken Harriford

New Beginnings By Dominic Salacki Staff Writer “We’re basing things on a lot of enthusiasm and starting a competitive program. We’re extremely excited about a change” so says AACC’s brand new head coach of men’s lacrosse David Earl who continues with “I’m excited to be here.” David Earl was hired by AACC in late July to fill the position of Head Coach of Men’s Lacrosse. The coach mentioned that the team is to begin fall ball on Tuesday September 11th, 2012 from 7-9pm on the turf at the main campus. Earl’s experience with lacrosse dates back to the late 80s when he

played for both Hofstra University’s division 1 lacrosse team and Salisbury University’s division 3 lacrosse team. He graduated from Salisbury University in 1990. This won’t be Earl’s first time coaching lacrosse; he also had the chance to coach John Hopkins University club team after graduating from Salisbury. For the past six years, Earl has been staffed at St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis. That brings the next chapter of his life to AACC as head coach of men’s lacrosse. As Earl transitions himself into being a part of the AACC family, he hopes to start a competitive program with enthusiasm and he is really excited to be here. The Campus Current was told

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that over 55 students have already contacted Coach Earl in the hopes of being a part of the lacrosse this year. The Campus Current was privileged to talk with a few returning AACC lacrosse players. Returning AACC midfielder Logan Rhodes says that he is “really excited.” He continues to say that “we have a good group of guys. We’re definitely going to have a good season this year.” Tyler Knapp, also a returning lacrosse player from last year, will play as the attack position on the field this year. When asked about Coach Earl, Knapp responded with “seems like a great guy. It looks like a great season; hopefully we will go far and do well.” Alex Sepkowski, also a returning midfielder to lacrosse at AACC, says that “Coach Earl is going to do great” and “it’s going to be a great season. We have a great group of guys coming out this year and everything is positive. Sepkowski concludes by saying “looks like we’re going to dominate.” With lacrosse playing hopefuls coming by the packs, Coach Earl says that the “support from the

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see “LAX” page 6

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going up has resulted in me taking fewer classes than I did last spring. It’s also slowing me down on transferring to a four year college.” His comments reflect a lot of the frustration students feel about juggling work and school. During the presentation, Board of Trustees member, Arthur D. Ebersberger had a lot to say in regards to the topic, one of those being that “tuition cannot be raised higher.” Arthur D. Ebersberger When asked about the tuition increase after the meeting,

Ebersberger responded, “Because of budget cuts from the county and lack of funding from state, tuition was raised $16 per credit.” He went on to explain, “This [AACC] is one of the lowest cost colleges in the state. It is the roll of the Board of Trustees to keep tuition affordable for students.” If one thing seems certain, it’s that the Board of Trustees understands the frustration of students and seems keen on upholding the outstanding and affordable reputation of Anne Arundel Community College.

Question 7 By Kyle McKenzie Staff Writer As the date of the election approaches, one question in Maryland has sparked debate. That question is Question 7. Question 7, as stated by The Associated Press, is “Do you favor the expansion of commercial gaming in the State of Maryland for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education to authorize video lottery operation licensees to operate “table games” as defined by law; to increase from 15,000 to 16,500 the maximum number of video lottery terminals that may be operated in the State; and to increase from 5 to 6 the maximum number of video lottery operational licenses that may be awarded in the state and allow a video lottery facility to operate in Prince George’s County.” A house subcommittee has recently amended the bill to give a larger tax break to casino operators. If passed, the tax rate will go from 67 percent to 54 percent, with an option to go to 51 percent. If this Question is passed, it will allow a casino to be built in the National Harbor in Prince George’s County. It will also provide jobs through construction and casino employees, as well as allowing people to deal at the tables, and will

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help fund schools. The Maryland Education Trust Fund will receive 15 percent of profits from table games and 43 percent from slot machines. MGM Resorts International, the casino company relying on the question passing to build the casino, will be opening a visitor center in the National Harbor. On the other end of the ballot, Penn National Gaming is opposing the passage of Question 7. Penn National Gaming operates a racetrack in Prince George’s County, and will lose business if the question passes, as will surrounding states that get business from Maryland. MGM Resorts International has spent $5.4 million in ads and funds trying to pass the bill. Penn National Gaming has spent $5.5 million opposing the bill. “I’ll be voting yes on question 7,” said Arundel Mills casino visitor Zachary Wight. “It’ll be good to have another casino in Maryland to go to.” One student at AACC isn’t as enthusiastic as some, however “I live in Prince George’s County, and the extra traffic will make the harbor more difficult to visit,” said student Joseph Root. Come November, the bill will be voted on, either to pass or fail. That decision will be left up for the public, and you, to decide.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Campus Current

2 Opinion Campus Current Staff Editor-in-Chief Tracy Sloan Photo Editor Ken Harriford Design Editor Kimberly Doane Writers Kyle McKenzie Nikki Butterworth Dominic Salacki Sarah Jones Jess Cantley Photographers Adam Jones Cartoonist Stephen Filer Adviser Sheri Venema

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Campus Current

Monday, September 24, 2012

Faculty 3

Professor Confessor

Photography By Ken Harriford

Professor Paul Vinette

man Sexuality, Substance Abuse in America, and Abnormal Psychology. Those are four classes that teach regularly.

By Dominic Salacki Staff Writer

College Attended: I attended Suny Brockport [class of 1991] and I got my master’s degree from Syracuse University [in 1993].

Sociology Professor

After teaching at Anne Arundel Community College as an adjunct professor for 9 years, Paul Vinette is now teaching his first year at AACC as a full time instructor. Something you may not know about Vinette is that he is quite the lover of smoking pipes as well as collecting them. It started in college when a friend of his bought him his first pipe and even taught him how to pack and smoke it how it’s meant to be done. Around 1998, Vinette began to collect pipes. One kind of pipe he’s quite fond of is known worldwide as a Boswell pipe. “They have roots, they’re very artistic. They’re very “Lord of the Rings” types of pipes. The [Boswell] pipes are not cheap; they run about $300-$400.” But when Vinette took a stroll through an estate sale run by the grandchildren of a late grandfather, Vinette noticed that they were selling a Boswell pipe. The grandchildren, who were about the same ages as Vinette, did not know that they were selling a world widely known pipe and they sold it to Vinette for only $10. “That’s my treasure pipe …I only smoke it during occasions.” Nickname: Not that I know of [laughs]. AACC Courses you teach: I teach Intro to Psychology, Hu-

Major(s): Social Work. DSW from Brockport and MSW from Syracuse. Places you’ve taught: College of Notre Dame in Md., Hartford community college, and my favorite place that I’ve taught is Maryland Correctional Institute for Women. Any other job you would want: That’s a good one …Radio DJ or night club owner. Greatest Childhood Memory: Would senior year in high school count? Being a foreign exchange student in Germany. Being abroad for an entire year in Germany was incredible. Your Idol: Dr. Drew Pinsky, she had a radio show called Sexually Speaking 30 years ago. It was a very mind opening program. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist. Funniest Moment at AACC: It’d probably be in Human Sexuality. In the class we sculpt Play-Doh penises and vaginas. This was fall of 2011 where I had a group that was all men and I kind of let them run with it. They were all excited to sculpt a penis. I put them into groups, I go back to these guys and they had used all the Play-Doh just to make the shaft of the penis. It was probably about 2.5 feet tall and 10 or 11 inches in diameter. I was

like ‘O.K. guys that’s wishful thinking.’ Favorite Movie: Heathers (1988) [starring Winona Ryder]. Favorite Television Show: South Park and MMA. People would be surprised to know that: That French is my first language. I’m still bilingual. Sometimes I leave a voicemail in

French and people don’t know I’m bilingual until they hear me leave a message. One person you would love to meet: Dr. Drew Pinsky One place you would love to visit: Australia. Absolutely. Pet Peeve: People who interrupt other while they’re speaking. Not listening.

What keeps you motivated: Working out, believe it or not. If I can wake up and say I’m going to work out today, it’s going to be a good day. What you like to do in between classes: Because of what I teach like drugs and sex, it is so contemporary and cutting edge for the day. I like to hop online and just Google what the latest and greatest thing is.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Campus Current

4 Sports

Results SEPTEMBER Sun. 2 Brookdale Community College, NJ W 2-1 Wed. 5 CCBC – Catonsville L 2-1 Fri. 7 At Prince George’s Community College L 2-0 Mon. 10 At Stevenson University T 2-2 Wed. 12 At Hagerstown Community College W 3-2 OT Sat. 15 CCBC – Essex L 3-0 Tue. 18 Harford Community College L 6-3 Photography By Ken Harriford

Midfielder Matt Matousek shields Catonsville midfielder Adel El-fatlawi off the ball as the Pioneers and the Cardinals faced of on Sept 5. at Siegert Field.

Upcoming SEPTEMBER Wed. 26 At Montgomery College – Rockville 4:00 p.m. Fri. 28 At Cecil College 3:00 p.m. Sat. 29 Westmoreland County College, PA at Prince George’s CC 3:00 p.m. OCTOBER Wed. 3 George Washington Club 7:30 p.m. Fri. 5 At Potomac State College, WV 4:00 p.m. Photography By Ken Harriford

In a 2-1 loss, midfielder Rob Engel attempts to steal the ball from Cardinals defender Adam Byrnes.

Campus Current

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sports 5

Results SEPTEMBER Fri. 7 At Howard Community College 4:00 p.m. W 4-1 Sun. 9 Lackawanna College, PA. W 4-0 Sat. 15 At Howard Community College vs. Middlesex CC, NJ W 4-0 Sun. 16 At Howard Community College vs. Essex CC, NJ L 1-0 Wed. 19 College of Southern Maryland W 2-1

Photography By Ken Harriford

On Sept 9, the Lady Pioneers took on the Lackawanna College Falcons at Siegert Field. Here, freshman midfielder Alyssa Hankins takes a shot from distance thru the backline of Lackawanna College.

Upcoming SEPTEMBER Tues. 25 At Montgomery College – Rockville 4:00 p.m. Thur. 27 Harford Community College 5:00 p.m. Sat. 29 Westmoreland County College, PA at Prince George’s CC 1:00 p.m. OCTOBER Thur. 4 At CCBC - Catonsville 5:00 p.m. Photography By Ken Harriford

Lackawanna College forward Erika Symons puts a shot on goal, while goalie Chelsea Clark-Ames aids the Lady Pioneers to a 4-0 shutout.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Campus Current

6 Sports

Photography By Ken Harriford

Freshman Cynthia Jones and sophomore Victoria Arnold reach above the net to stuff an attempted volley by sophomore Brandi Smith of Harford Community College. The Lady Pioneers lost to the Fighting Owls 3-1 Sept 5.


Photography By Ken Harriford

Sept 11 freshman Molly Stallings elevates to dink a shot past the Essex Community College front line. In the end AACC lost to the Knights 3-1.

SEPTEMBER Wed. 5 Harford Community College L 3-1 Fri. 7 At Hagerstown Community College L 3-0 Sat. 8 CCBC – Essex @ Baltimore City Community College Tournament 2-0 Tue. 11 CCBC - Essex L 3-1 Sat. 15 Wakefield Tech. CC @ College of Southern MD Tournament L 3-0 Sat. 15 Catawba Valley @ College of Southern MD Tournament L 3-1


college [with providing athletic gear] has been fantastic. We’ve done complete inventory of our gear. We’re all set.” But that’s not all for Coach Earl. He says that he is “going to be reaching out to the [AACC] alumni and others from around the community for fundraising to

provide our athletes with the best quality equipment.” This shows that Coach Earl truly cares for his athletes, and that is what makes him a great addition to the AACC family. If anyone is interested in playing Lacrosse this year, please contact Head Coach Dave Earl at



Scholarships up to $16,000 annually • Small classes and individual attention Career-focused programs and a 96% job placement rate Schedule a visit today.

Call 410-486-7001 or visit us at

Campus Current

Monday, September 24, 2012

Health 7

The King, The Clown and The Lunch Lady By Sarah Jones Staff Writer On average, college students consume fast-food meals two to three times a week. According to Newsweek, 30 percent of college students are considered overweight by the American Medical Association. Over recent years, the FDA has become strict about promoting health in fast food restaurants. McDonald’s has revamped it’s kids menus, replacing half of the fries with apple slices. Taco Bell and Wendy’s have been adding healthier choices and trying to be more health-conscious chains. Recently, New York has passed a law making large soda proportions unavailable on street venues and in restaurants. “You can’t eat fast food and be healthy,” said Tara Witten, an Anne Arundel Community College Fitness Center Specialist. “Every day you decide to be healthy or promote disease.” Witten says what you eat directly impacts your daily health. There are dozens of restaurants and fast food chains along Ritchie Highway, close to AACC. Yet there are hundreds of much healthier options in the school’s cafeteria alone. Almost all orders are customizable, whether be different bread or a vegetarian option. Most of the grab-and-go items, such as sandwiches and pastas, are generally less than 300 calories. Although our cafés and the campus cafeteria offer a great amount of healthy snacks and meals, it is more common to see a student pick up a chocolate chip muffin in the morning, or a bag of chips for lunch from the vending machine instead of going for the healthier alternative. “Our school as a whole does a great job [to promote health otherwise,]” said Witten. Not many students are aware of the fitness opportunities offered by the school. Besides the credit and non-credit classes such as kickboxing, water aerobics, zumba, and weight training, the school’s fitness center is open for free use to students 17 hours a week. “It is underutilized,” said Witten. As far as the cafés go, Witten says it can always improve and

accommodate healthier options. That is exactly what Wanda Grace, general manager of AACC’s dining services, has set out to do this year. “One of my goals is to put fourth 20 new healthy options,” said Grace. The dining services’ menus are constantly changing from year to year, keeping up with the market trends and dietary restrictions. It is also one of Grace’s goals to be able to post nutritional information. “Since we opened 12 years ago, I have made most of the menu creations,” said Grace. “We work as a team.” Most soup recipes are made with water instead of oil and butter, and the fat and salt contents are kept down. Only white meat is used. The dining services currently orders bread from four different bakeries, buys doughnuts and muffins from others. “We buy the best on the market,” said Grace. “We are really trying to give the best quality at the best price we can.” However, Chris Noon, a first year culinary student, doesn’t think AACC is a very health-conscious campus, especially in the cafeteria. “I’ve had the chicken nuggets,” said Noon. “They’re cold and not very good.” Noon says having nutritional fact displayed about the campus food would be very beneficial. “There’s a lot of people that are on strict diets so it would be best for them to see what they’re eating,” said Noon. Nutritional values of most of the soups, as well as most of the small snack such as cookies and jello, are already displayed. Being able to display nutritional information for everything offered is a tedious task, given the wide variety of options. “It is going to be an ongoing process. Just building that profile for the menu, then breaking it down into servings [is a lot],” said Grace. However, the information is available to students who would like it thru Grace. Email: 410.777.2254 SUWB 112

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Campus Current

8 News

New Cyber Security Club on Campus

By Jess Cantley Staff Writer

With the new school year starting back up, it seems that every club on campus is eager to round up fresh members. With the abundance of clubs offered to students at AACC, it is a challenge to understand what each club is all about. New just this year is AACC’s very own Cyber Security Club; a club which adapts students with the knowledge to thrive in the ever-expanding world of cyber security. The evolution of the internet has created a deep need for skilled people who can adapt and thrive within it; The Cyber Security club is where these people come together. What if your Twitter account

was hacked this morning, and began tweeting for you? Maybe you don’t know too much about choosing complex passwords to protect your Yahoo! account? The MariamWebster Dictionary defines “cyber security” as the “measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the internet) against unauthorized access or attack.” “The Cyber Security field is growing every day since more and more people get connected to the Internet through their computer, cell phone or any other electronic device,” explains Rafael Mation, the club’s excited new president. “Cyber Security is a growth industry, with rapidly increasing demand for qualified professionals in government and industry…” (William Jackson, August 23,

2010). With the economic thirst for so many qualified individuals, a career in cyber security seems to be a wise investment. In the words of President Obama, “Cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation” (www.whitehouse. gov/cybersecurity). Becoming familiar with the dangers of the internet- and learning to adapt to those dangers- could give one a sort of “Darwin-like” advantage over other internet surfers. Who knew ‘survival of the fittest’ could apply to the virtual world? “The Cyber Security club focuses on computer security awareness for AACC students,” says Mation. As both Rafael Mation and Chris Woolwine, vice president, explained more about the club, the

specific activities within their meetings is what really caught students’ attention. Every meeting the club introduces a different topic, ranging from “Dangers on the Internet” to “Security.” The environment of the club is really all about learning to survive in the constant changing of times. As Woolwine puts it, “It is a place where everyone can come and learn.” Awareness, security, and online skill are what Cyber Security club is all about- and they don’t simply discuss it! Along with the hacking demonstration many students witnessed at the Student Association club fair, the Cyber Security club will inform students about how to protect their computers by showing very real examples of attacks in meetings. Quite

frequently, the club will be bringing in guest speakers and professors that will teach students how they can develop their cyber skills to be safer online and protect their personal information. The club will be taking field trips to places like NSA, the Spy Museum in Washington D.C., and more. The Cyber Security club’s entire atmosphere is all about keeping students engaged in the world they live in; these trips will provide real world application to the discussions within the club. The world of the internet is changing more each day- don’t be left behind! If Cyber Security club is something you would like to become a part of, email Rafael Mation here cyberclubaacc@gmail. com.

Grand Opening New Center for Cyber and Professional Training Get customized training for yourself or your employees in cybersecurity, information technology, digital forensics and much more at the new Center for Cyber and Professional Training in Hanover near Arundel Mills. Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) opened the center in August to offer specialized training at a greater convenience for individuals who live near that location and businesses and government agencies who want additional training for their employees. The approximately 30,000-square-foot center houses 13 specialized labs, a testing center and faculty support space for AACC’s CyberCenter and for contract training provided by the college’s Center for Workforce Solutions based at the Glen Burnie Town Center. They will be having their grand opening on September 24 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Help Wanted Part-Time Accounts Bookkeeper, Payroll/Pay Receiver Position: Plus Good Computer Skills A Must Sent Resume To : turbocharging01@gmail. com Regards Reed, Jack.

Campus Current Vol. 32 / Issue 2  

Second issue of the Spring 2012 semester for Campus Current. A independent, student run school newspaper at Anne Arundel Community College.

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