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Monday, December 10, 2012

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

2 Opinion Campus Current Staff Editor Ken Harriford Design Editor Kimberly Doane Go-to Reporter Kyle McKenzie Sports Reporter Shelby Smith Noob Reporter Naomi Weigand Crime Reporter Dale Enzor Photographers Ken Harriford Naomi Weigand Michael Wuyek Emily Kerruish Adviser Sheri Venema ADVERTISE in the Current or write to us at the Current The Campus Current Anne Arundel Community College Humanities 206 101 College Parkway Arnold, MD 21012 Phone: 410-777-2803 Fax: 410-777-2021 e-mail: campuscurrentadverts@ Find us on Facebook and Twitter! The Campus Current is published by the Student Association through its communications board and is financed by student fees and advertising. It is an independent student newspaper and not a publication of the college. We reserve the right to edit and/or refuse to publish any letters or stories received. The Current will not publish unsigned letters to the editor. Opinions expressed in the Current are those of individuals and not necessarily those of the Current as a whole.

On the cover: Womens Basketball Captains Nicole Greer, Imani Stokes, and Ajee Lomax. Photograph By Ken Harriford

Social Buzz

What are students tweeting about AACC? @almondzZzZzZ: Ahhh love the smell of cigarettes and hatred #aacc

@CourtDort2: EW I’m pretty sure I have stuff due tomorrow for English 111 & General Oceanography.. #fml #collegeprobs #aacc

@EmilyPetrucci: I hate having a class on west campus #aacc #weirdos

@OnlyAtAACC: “#AACC public safety are the most unhelpful people on earth.” #overheard

@Leggs0: The school therapist just came up to me in the cafe holding a giant dildo, handed me a bag of condoms and told me not to get aids. #AACC

@elizamcc23: My dad has a cooler social life than I do. He won’t even let me go out with him. who da fugg I supposed to hangout with now?! #aaccprobz

@imfredyourenot: I really wish this kid wouldn’t cast spells while I’m trying to eat #aacc

@Maggie_Chase: dude did you know you can’t smoke weed if you wanna be a cop? #shityouhereoncampus #aacc

@kaydobrien: STOP SENDING ME STUDENT OPINION FORMS! Already had mine finished the first day you sent them out #AACC #aaccprobz

@xoJILLIANxo: The service at school makes me want to punch small, ugly animals. #aaccprobz

@apeifer94: Just saw some guy walking around campus with what appeared to be like a WWE belt over his shoulder HAHAHA #aacc

@Romanceisdead3:I love watching people park and hit someones car. These little assholes at #aacc better learn to drive.

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“Discovering with Dr. Dawn” This semester with the Campus Current we had three winners for the Discovering with Dr. Dawn photographs. Shanon Borgoyn guessed the correct location for pictures number one which is in the Dragun Science Building. Gloria Lighthizer guessed the correct location for picture number two which is in the Gym Lobby. For picture number three we are still waiting for someone to guess the location. Finally, Lynda Fitzgerald guessed the correct location for picture number two which is in the Library.

12 34

Campus Current

Monday, December 10, 2012

Opinion 3 Letter from the editor

To be sucessful you have to spend some money In today’s society, we far too often find ourselves piling on the work and turning into little worker bees. The work world has dangled the carrot of happiness and success in front of us, keeping many of us so busy that we sometimes forget the little things. AACC makes an effort to ease the stress by providing many services to students through the Student Association and its student clubs. In recent years the budgets for these clubs have grown along with participation and price inflation. Even though I personally may not be into some clubs, I am glad to see the efforts of the school to let likeminded groups of students find time to take a break from formulas and facts and just have some fun. So I welcome the proposal to increase the student activity fee to $2 for Fall 2013. Many of us may be thinking, money is tight enough as it is, why would more money out of my pocket be a good thing? It is a good thing because some of those funds go to the Campus Activity Board (CAB), and they are the ones who plan fun events for students to participate in during the semester. When you look at the calendar of event and the things brought to us for free, there is plenty to do and escape the stress of the day even if just for a couple hours. Last year, The Bergamot was brought in to play during the Earth Day celebration at AACC. They recently played on the Bud Light Port Paradise Music Festival, and to see a band like this locally at a venue like Ram’s Head could run you upwards of $20 per person. So if you say spending more money on student activities is not a good thing, I would have to disagree. To those who tweet, or post to social networks about how bad they feel on campus: Take some time to think about what goes into making a better quality of life. Learn to find your work/life balance now. Waiting until you work your way to a career will only keep you behind the 8-ball. So, find a Student Association member and find out how to get your name on the petition the association is circulating on campus to support the fee increase. And take some time out in the day to luana (Hawaiian meaning- to relax and enjoy pleasant surroundings). Me ka `oia`i`o (With sincerity)

Get a Career. Get ahead. Keep your life. Notre Dame of Maryland University makes it easy to transfer credits and complete your degree. Our premiere programs in business, communications, education, nursing, psychology, and more offer convenient locations and flexible scheduling so you can pursue your educational goals without putting your life on hold. Go to for a full list of our programs and locations. Students pursuing education degrees can finish at AACC. For a smooth transition and a respected degree, consider Notre Dame. ADUlt UNDergrADUAte Visit opportUNities: First Thursdays January 3, February 7, March 7 register at

4701 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21210 | 410-532-5500

Notre Dame of Maryland University is a member of the AACC University Consortium.

Attack of the machines By Shelby Smith Staff Writer A person could wonder how clean Anne Arundel Community College really is. True, garbage is not falling out of trashcans, leaves are not collecting on the ground and windows are not covered with handprints, but one could look in locked places and discover grime that has gone uncleaned. On the afternoon of Nov. 29, an AACC student made a quick stop at a soda machine in the

gymnasium to quench her thirst. With the last $2 of her life she bought a ginger ale, but as she was unscrewing the lid she discovered the whole outside of the bottle was covered with fungus. Several black spots and white fuzzy patches of fungus covered the soft drink. The student, disgusted, proceeded to the cafeteria where she asked for a new soda. The cashier apologized and explained that spills and food get

into the machine and go bad. The student got her drink and began to think how impossible it is for food to get into a soda machine, start rotting without notice and produce fungus on the beverages. The school does well to restock the machines with fresh products, but whose job is it to clean the machines? Many questions arise and more bottles continue to grow fungus.

Corrections Ken L Harriford Editor Campus Current

Check out our website at to get your downloadable issue of the Campus Current.

On the cover of the Nov. 19 issue the following basketball players were not named: James Aorilio, Jarvez Pierce, Delonte Dolford. In a story in the Nov. 19 issue, the Current used the incorrect title for John Grabowski. He is the dean of enrollment services. In the Nov. 19 issue the Current omitted the name of Professor Steve Raichelson, who was our “Professor Confessor” spotlight. The Current incorrectly reported the box score for men’s Nov. 3 basketball game against Montgomery. The correct final score is 85-74.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

4 News

Student Association proposes fee increase By Kyle McKenzie Staff Writer The Student Association is proposing to double the student activity fee at AACC to $2 a credit, a jump that would be the first increase in the fee at AACC in 23 years. If the Board of Trustees passes the proposed fee increase, it would benefit every student club on campus. The fee increase would replenish all cuts that were made this fall to clubs on campus. “Cuts have been made all around,” Chris Storck, director of Student Life said. “We have to make up almost $130,000.” As well as replenishing the cuts, the fee increase would allow larger events, such as a carnival, to take place on campus, and expand events to the Arundel Mills and Glen Burnie campuses. The increase would also allow all students to receive more free supplies, such as academic planners, and increase the number of tutoring hours for students around campus, said Student Association President Schafer Seabrook. The Student Association is circulating a petition for students to sign to support the proposed fee increase. The petition currently has about 200 signatures, Storck said. Rustam Makhmuov, a 23-year-old student, was not even aware of the proposed fee increase. He said he pays out-of-state tuition and is not involved with any clubs, so he is against any increase in fees.

Patti Baker, a 20-year-old student, is aware of the proposed increase as well as the petition that is being signed. “It’s just a dollar,” said Baker. “It doesn’t matter. A dollar is a dollar. I’m still losing it.” Many clubs and activities had their budgets cut this year. Kimberly Herrera, coordinator of student life, has seen the Student Life budget drop by about $5,000, from last year’s budget of $20,000. Although their cuts have been large, they have been able to work through them. “We’ve maintained the same number of events that we had the year before,” said Herrera, “but it’s more homegrown activities.” “Some events we can’t do

because of the budget,” said Herrera, “but we’ve found smaller events to replace those that we can’t afford.” Lynda Fitzgerald, director of the AACC Dance Company, has seen her budget drop from $4,285 last year to $1,000 this year. “The $1,000 we received this semester barely covers tech support for the shows,” said Fitzgerald. “It’s hard, but we make the best of it.” The drastic cuts have put the dance company in a tough position. Usually the company hires a guest choreographer to work with the students on their routines, said Fitzgerald, but they couldn’t afford him this year. Dance Company students

Andre Hinds, Sam Boquist, and Rachael Scaringe are also noticing the recent cuts. “It hurts what we can do,” said Hinds, “but we’re learning from it, and seeing what we can do.” “I’m not too happy about the cuts,” said Scaringe, “but we’re doing fundraisers to raise money. We’ll be good.” It’s not the easiest thing,” said Boquist, “but it really separates those who really want it from those who are just here.” Joey Wight, a member of the American Sign Language club, said the budget cut is also affecting his club. “It’s our first year as a club,” said Wight. “We’ve had to focus on fundraisers, instead of

sign language. If the budget is restored, we’ll be able to focus less on the fundraisers and more on what we want.” At Howard Community College, students pay more than $6.51 per credit hour for student fees. At Baltimore County Community College, students pay $2 per credit hour, as opposed to the $1 that AACC students now pay. BCCC’s student activity fee was raised two years ago. Howard Community College’s fee was raised five years ago. Tweet your thoughts @campus_current #campuscurrentstudentfees

Campus Current

Monday, December 10, 2012

News 5

Cyber Center awaits accreditation By Naomi Weigand Staff Writer At AACC’s new Cyber Center, some labs can go off the college’s main computer network so students can practice sending and defending digital attacks from one another. That’s just one of the cool things about the Center for Cyber and Professional Training, which opened in August on Teague Road in Hanover. As technology expands, the need for trained professionals and specialists continues to grow. “Technology is growing, and as it is, new jobs are constantly needed,” said Dawn Blanche, cyber forensics professor. “Every new phone, tablet, or computer that is created provides something new that someone in digital forensics needs to learn.” The center was opened to provide for the college’s technology program, which quickly outgrew the resources

already available. The new location offers 13 cyber security and digital forensics labs, two conference rooms, staff offices, and an accredited testing center. Currently, there are more than 30,000 job positions in the field of cyber security and digital forensics. Over the coming years, this number is expected to grow to three quarters of a million. “I see it as the second Industrial Revolution,” Blanche said. “During that time, factories were what were being utilized, and therefore, the farmers had to learn new skills in order to find jobs. That is the same thing that is happening here.” Since its opening in the fall, the Cyber Center has already become a go-to place not only for college students, but also for professionals who need more up-to-date training.

Several businesses have used the center and its programs to train their employees. The location was chosen because it is central to the Arundel Mills AACC campus, NSA offices, airports, and government contractors, all of whom use the training programs offered. The digital forensics program, housed at the center, is currently undergoing accreditation by the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center. In the cyber center, students get hands experience inside classrooms that host the latest technology and equipment.

Photograph By Ken Harriford

Campus Public Safety and Crime Log Offense




Date Time Location Details

Nov. 12

Nov. 13

Nov. 15

5:00 p.m.




Dragun Building

Parking Lot “B”

Student reported theft of iPhone 4s. The student reported leaving the phone on a table in the cafeteria and walking away. Student claims that upon returning to the table 30 minutes later, the cell phone was gone.

An AACC employee reported the theft of a Dell Latitude laptop computer that belongs to AACC.

Public Safety responded to a report of stolen property from a vehicle. The report states that money and prescription medication were taken from a vehicle which was reportedly left unlocked.

Open; investigation is continuing.

Open; investigation is continuing.

Open; investigation is continuing.


AACC Public Safety collecting holiday toys for kids For the ninth year, the AACC Department of Public Safety is participating in the Toys for Tots program to provide toys for children who might not otherwise receive any during the holidays. “This is an incredible opportunity to give during the holiday season,” said Lt. Darrell Wallace. Donations of new unwrapped toys may be dropped off at the Public Safety office through Dec. 21. For the second year, Toys for Tots will use AACC as one as one of two main distribution points in Maryland. On Dec. 22, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., volunteers at the CALT building will be getting the toys ready to deliver. To volunteer or for additional information, contact Wallace at 410-777-2729. Since 2003, AACC’s Department of Public Safety has collected more than 5,500 donated toys.

Help stop crime! Please report any suspicious activity to the Campus Security. If you have any information relating to these crimes, please contact the AACC Department of Public Safety at 410-7771818, or you can use the “Silent Witness” feature on the Public Safety web page to send the information anonymously. Never leave your personal belongings unattended even for a brief moment and remember that items left visible in your car are also at risk of theft. Central Services Building 101 College Parkway Arnold, MD 21012 Public Safety office hours are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. Assistance is available 24 hours a day through phone.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

6 Faculty Professor Confessor

Technology for the future By Naomi Weigand Staff Writer Classes taught at AACC: Cyber Forensics 1, 2 and 3. Colleges Attended: Wilmington University for B.A. and The University of Maryland Eastern Shore for graduate school. Major/Minor: Major in computer and network security and a technology education certification. Graduate in digital forensics. Campus Current: Why did you choose your field of study? Professor Dawn Blanche: It was right around the time of 9/11, with the Patriot Acts and the Homeland Security Act. I owned a small business and my computers began going down due to viruses. I became really interested that a virus could completely debilitate not only the computers, but the entire business as a whole, so I went back to school to study it. CC: What was your first experience with a computer virus?

PB: It came in attached to an email from my mother-in-law, an email that I was completely expecting, which was a reply to an email I had sent her. I opened the attachment and it was the virus. CC: What is digital forensics? PB: Digital forensics is when you go back and find files which have been deleted from the computer or Internet’s history, and figuring out how to connect the deleted evidence to the person sitting behind the keyboard. CC: What is your favorite part of technology? PB: My favorite part is also my least favorite part. I love the convenience of it, how if I’m writing a research paper I no longer have to go to the library, I can simply use the Internet. However, I think that since it is so convenient and right there in

front of us, people feel the need to be constantly plugged in. CC: What is your favorite part about teaching? PB: My favorite part is that fascination when someone realizes for the first time how easy it is to retrieve lost or deleted data. CC: What other job would you want if you weren’t teaching? PB: If I wasn’t teaching, I would probably be actually doing digital forensics. Either that, or the complete opposite, relaxing on a beach somewhere. CC: What is something your students may be surprised to know about you? PB: I’m a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. If I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life, it would probably be him.

Photograph By Naomi Weigand

CC: Where do you see technology going in the future? PB: I think technology is only going to continue to grow and expand. It is going to be a race to keep up with all of the advancements. Have a favorite professor? Tweet us @ campus_current and tell us who and why they should be in the paper

Campus Current

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sports 7 Womens Basketball Nov. 28 Dec. 3 Dec. 5 Upcoming Dec. 15 Dec. 19 Jan. 5 Jan. 7 Jan. 9 Jan. 12 Jan. 13 Jan. 14 Jan. 19

Schedule College of Southern Maryland Allegany College of Maryland Montgomery College

L 40-70 W 74-65

@College of Southern Maryland @Delaware Technical & CC @Garrett College @Allegany College of Maryland Prince George’s Community College @Hostos Community College, NY @Bronx Community College, NY @Frederick Community College @Hagerstown Community College

12:00pm 7:00pm 3:00pm 4:45pm 5:00pm TBA 1:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm

Roster # 10 11 12 21 22 23 24 34


Player Year Position Jenna Sutkus Fr G Cristina Rivas Fr G Ajee Lomax Fr G Olivia Tubaya So F Nicole Greer So F Tryna Massey Fr F/G Jacqueline Webber So C Imani Stokes Fr C

Head Coach: John Wardell

Insert another picture tomorrow

Photograph By Emily Kerruish Ajee Lomax 12, brings the ball up the court in a game against College of Southern Maryland. The Lady Pioneers fell to the Hawks 70-40 on Nov. 28, their record now stands at 1-6.

Struggling for a win By Shelby Smith Staff Writer Anne Arundel Community College women’s basketball team is having a slow start, losing their first four games. “We have kids with very little basketball experience,” said head coach John Wardell. “We have to evolve.” After a 70-40 loss to the College of Southern Maryland on Nov. 28, the team record stands at 0-4. The women’s first game, on Nov. 9, was its closest, with a losing score of 46-41 against Lorain County Community College in the Westmoreland County College Tournament. “We played OK with only six kids,” said Wardell. “I was happy with it, but if we would have had everyone there we would have probably won that game.” The second game the team played in the tournament was against Westmoreland County Community College. The final score was 85-57, and the tournament revealed many of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. “We have got to improve our endurance for the second half and communicate more,” said Wardell. “We are trying to utilize the practice time that we have to work on the things we need to fix.” Wardell said Hurricane Sandy didn’t really affect the team’s playing schedule, but they did miss a couple practices that would have helped.

Wardell has chosen three women to lead the team and each have their own goals to improve their performance on the court. “We are growing every practice,” said forward Nicole Greer. “We feed off each other and help each other.” Greer, 20, is one of the only three sophomores on the team and wants to improve her post game and shooting. This Arundel High School graduate is a sports management major at AACC. Center Imani Stokes, 19, is one of five freshmen on the team and is working to improve her confidence on the court and scoring. “We are progressing on becoming a better team,” said Stokes, a graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. “We are a young team, but we are practicing to improve our playing.” Freshman Ajee Lomax agrees that teamwork is important. “The key to success is working as a team,” said Lomax. “It all starts at practice.” Lomax, 18, is a graduate of Chesapeake High School and plays guard for the Pioneers. She is majoring in pediatric nursing and computer science at AACC. Lomax says she is working to improve her right hand and attacking the basket more aggressively.

Photograph By Emily Kerruish Freshman Tyler Washington 44, drives past a Pennsylvania Highland defender. The Pioneer’s defeated the Black Bears 93-68 on Nov. 21.

Mens Basketball Nov. 21 Nov. 28 Nov. 30 Dec. 3 Dec. 5

Schedule Pennsylvania Highland Comm. Coll. College of Southern Maryland @CCBC - Essex Allegany College of Maryland Montgomery College - Rockville

W 93-69 W 97-82 L 79-80 W 68-63

@Onondaga Community College, NY CCAC Allegheny - Pittsburg, PA @Garrett College @Allegany College of Maryland Prince George’s Community College Northern Virginia Community College @Frederick Community College CCBC - Catonsville @Hagerstown Community College

TBA 3:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 3:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm

Upcoming Dec. 8-9 Dec. 15 Jan. 5 Jan. 7 Jan. 9 Jan.12 Jan. 14 Jan.16 Jan. 19

Roster # 14 20 24 30 32 33 40 42 44 55


Player Year Position Jalen Lester So G James Aorilio So G David Abraham So G Darnell Solomon Fr F Jarvez Pierce So G Keenan Chapman Fr G Antony Frazier Fr F Drevian Bell Fr G Tyler Washington Fr F Lawrence Davis Fr F

Head Coach: Tom Smith

Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

8 Arts & Entertainment Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians

Classic characters with a new twist

By Shelby Smith Staff Writer

It is great to see a new film come out to boost the spirit of believing for the holidays and “Rise of the Guardians” – a 3D computer-animated fantasy, does just that. While this film has the feel of Christmas, it actually takes place two days before Easter. The Guardians, made up of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and the Sandman, have pulled together to protect the children of the world from the bogeyman Pitch. A new addition to the Guardians is the unknown Jack Frost. Frost is the bringer of cold and has the power to make a snow day, but not the power to be seen by non-believers. Frost does not under-

stand why he has been chosen for the task and he does not comprehend the reason he was created. The Guardians are on the mission to find and stop the villain Pitch, voiced by Jude Law. He is the bogeyman that has risen from under the bed and is out to spread fear in the world and to make children non-believers. The familiar cast of characters have all been changed to give them a little more color than the traditional design. Santa, voiced by Alec Baldwin, is a tattooed, sword-wielding Russian brawler with a warm heart. Bunny (Hugh Jackman) is a tall, swift, Australian rabbit equipped with eggs and boomerangs. Sandy maybe

small, but his size doesn’t match the power he holds as the guardian of children’s dreams. Tooth (Isla Fisher) is a hyper almost bird-like fairy with a colorful personality that holds the memories of children. Jack (Chris Pine) is a 300-year-old boy out to have fun, but he wants to be known and believed in. “Rise of the Guardians” is a movie that deserves to be seen in 3D. Just as in “The Polar Express,” the audience can feel they are on a ride and following closely behind the characters as they soar through the air or race through rabbit holes. The film can be scary at times for younger children, but the funny elves add comic

relief. This film is visually stunning. The fine details help the audience to see the world of

these legendary figures and the hidden secrets that make up these holidays and myths.

Campus Current

Monday, December 10, 2012

Arts & Entertainment 9 Inspiring the future of the arts By Kyle McKenzie Staff Writer Students from Brooklyn Park Middle School experienced today firsthand what being a fine arts student would be like. Their day started off by watching pieces of the Anne Arundel Dance Company’s performance “Falling Up,” followed by a quick tour of the campus and finished with a performance from a jazz duet. Dancer Andre Hinds thinks it’s exciting to perform for the middle school students. “I’m happy they’re coming in and seeing what we do,” said Hinds. “We have a high reputation as a school, and to show others that is great.” Sam Boquist, a dancer, teaches youth dance during the summer to younger kids. “Seeing us perform could plant a seed in the kids to

start dance early,” said Boquist. “The earlier they start the better.” After the dance, Thomas McGinn, the Director of Admissions, told students on the tour about some of the different programs that are being offered that specialize in fine arts. “It’s important that we engage middle school students,” said McGinn. This Art Day will help kids decide what they want to do. Melanie Heyl, who is in charge of the Magnet Arts program at Brooklyn Park, thinks it’s a fantastic opportunity to have her students visit a college so young. “It really gets kids thinking about the future at such a young age,” said Heyl.

A night out on the town Date

Rams Head Live

Dec. 11 Dec. 14 Dec. 15 Dec. 22



Asking Alexandria Hinder The Legwarmers Say Change

$25 $22 $17 $10


Recher Theater

Dec. 11 Dec. 15 Dec. 22

Date Dec. 11 Dec. 15 Dec. 16 Dec. 20




Strike Anywhere Us From Outside Ninjasonik Dying Fetus

$12 $12 $10 $18

Dec. 11 Dec. 17 Dec. 20 Dec. 22

2549 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21218


New Found Glory The Royal Wigs Dead Center

$30 $12 $12

512 York Road, Towson, MD 21204

20 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202



9:30 Club Show


Nada Smurf Concrete Blonde Gwar Virginia Coalition

$22 $30 $25 $20

815 V Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

10 Around AACC

1 2


On Nov. 19, members of the Piscataway Nation Dancers performed for students in the dining hall. Students participated in traditional dance ceremonies, while Mark Tayac spoke about cultural history and traditions. Photograph By Michael Wuyek

Cade’s dance studio received a spe cial appearance from Lance Guillermo and Danielle Sten-Guillermo. They lead participating students in a Master Class on Hip-Hop dance, discussing history and choreography to one of their pieces. Photograph By Ken Harriford

2 3 4


The AACC Symphony Orchestra presented “Bavarian Beasts”. Directed by Anna Binneweg, the orchestra performed on Nov. 16 a selection of songs by Beethoven and Brahms, with a special guest pianist Michael Sheppard.


Photograph By Emily Kerruish

On Nov. 14, CAB hosted their semester dodge ball tournament in the gymnasium. Here students face off in the opening sprint, looking to gain an early advantage in their round. Photograph By Emily Kerruish

Campus Current

Monday, December 10, 2012

Classified 11 Please give a warm welcome to the newly named Campus Current mascot, Scoop! Congratulations go to Beth Wyler for giving us a great name! The entire Campus Current staff thanks you Beth, please stop by HUM208A to get your prize.

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Ready to tRaNSfeR? It'S SIMple Notre Dame of Maryland University makes it easy to transfer credits and complete your degree on time. We offer premiere programs in business, communications, education, international studies, nursing, marketing, psychology, and more. Go to for a full list of our programs. Women's College Visit opportunities: December 15, January 12, February 18, March 13 (transfer evening) register at more information:

4701 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21210 | 410-532-5330

Notre Dame of Maryland University is a member of the AACC University Consortium.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Campus Current

12 Puzzles

For answers and more puzzles please visit our website at

Campus Current Vol. 32 / Issue 6  

Sixth issue of the Spring 2012 semester for Campus Current. A independent, student run school newspaper at Anne Arundel Community College.

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