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Organización de son[UT]opías:

campUSCulturae: Irene García García y Xosé A. Neira Cruz Direction: David Durán Arufe Coordination: Haruna Takebe y Vicente García García Diffusion: Pablo Prados

Collaborate in son[UT]opías 2014:

A vase gives form to the void, and music to silence. George Braque (1882-1963)

son[UT]opías 2014: Toshio Hosokawa

son[UT]opías 2014 will be held in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) from 29th to 31st of July. Three days for a wide musical portrait of the Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa; solo pieces, chamber music and orchestral repertoire, music that explores the relationships between the western avant-garde art and the Japanese traditional culture. The musical program culminates with the world premiere of a new piece that Mr. Hosokawa writes for this project: Drei EngelLieder for soprano and harp. son[UT]opías counts on Vertixe Sonora Ensemble as ensemble-in-residence, and for this 2014 edition it’s specially pleasing to add the participation of the Real Filharmonía de Galicia and to have two great performers from Japan: Yuko Kakuta and Naoko Yoshino. The musical program is also combined with lectures, demonstrations, open forum and a masterclass and Reading Panel with Toshio Hosokawa. son[UT]opías 2014 is open to the general public, not necessarily professional musicians, although due to some specific contents the activities are divided into two categories of participants: Active participants - (Composers): activities opened to composers of any age and nationality

Master Class with Toshio Hosokawa - International Center for Creativity (max. 2 places for active-participants presenting their works, unlimited places for Listeners) Reading Panel with T. Hosokawa and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. (max. 2 places for active-participants) Open Forum for Music Creation (max. 3 places as guest composers) Listener- (Not composers) (unlimited places, with access to all activities except for participating in the MasterClass) son[UT]opĂ­as will offer detailed information about the events to the participants. Master Class -International Centre of the Creativity with Toshio Hosokawa Each of the composers will participate in a group session of 120 minutes with T. Hosokawa. The 2 students selected from all of the applications could present and explain their work.

Reading Panel -International Centre of the Creativity with Toshio Hosokawa 2 works will be selected among all of the scores received. These pieces will be readed by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble during a public working session with Hosokawa and the participant. The session willbe not longer than 75 minutes for each work . The selected works will be performed by the Spanish ensemble during their 2014/15 season. Open Forum for Music Creation 3 composers will be selected among all of the applications for presenting their work.The duration of these presentation will not exceed 45 minutes per participant . How to apply (Composers) The application is only possible by sending an email to sonutopias@ submitting all of the documents required via WeTransfer ( until June 30th 2014 (23:59). Every participant can enjoy for free all concerts, demonstrations and lectures of son[UT]opĂ­as 2014.


Application form: CLICK HERE:


- Copy of identity document (PDF). - At least two scores (pdf): (selection for the Forum / Master Class / Reading Panel) 1. Reading Panel: scores (preferably not premiered) for the next instrumentation of Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, complete or with any combination of these instruments: flute / clarinet /sax / violin / cello / double bass / percussion / piano. (Two scores will be selected for working with Toshio Hosokawa and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble). 2. Master Class: scores for any instrument or group of instruments. (Two scores will be selected for working at the lesson with T. Hosokawa ) 3. Open Forum: scores for any instrument or group of instruments. (Three scores will be selected for presentation at the forum - a mp3 recording must be submitted)

In any case youcould send up to two scores by category . Each piece may only be selected for one activity. - MP3 recordings ofthe submitted scores (not mandatory, except for the Forum) . - CV The selection willbe personally directed by Toshio Hosokawa. All composers applicants mustspecify in which activity they wish to participate and will be informed of the resultsby email. Those who are notselected as active participants could participate as listeners anyway. And thosecomposers who just wish to attend the Forum-Master Class-Reading Panelas listeners must complete the application and submit all of the documentation requirements exceptthe scores.

HOW TO APPLY (Not composers) For participating as listener, you must send the following documents to this email: until July 21st 2014 (23:59)

- Application form: CLICK HERE:


- Copy of the identitydocument (PDF) .

At the end of the event, all of the participants (active and listeners) will receive acertificate of attendance. * The organization can not assume any responsibility for any problem or delay caused by unforeseen events which might impede downloading, the receipt or evaluation of the documents submitted by the applicants.

campUSCulturae is the project of constitution an international space dedicated to cultural minorities of the world. Support strategies in favour of minority languages and open channels of integration for the minorities at risk of exclusion are the fundamental objectives of this initiative, which uses children’s literature as a conductive thread and main tool. With eminently European vocation it was constituted in May, 2011 and since then it takes shape and expands from a home base in the heart of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). It has a team of European partners, co-organizers of the initiative, who feed the fundamental idea of diversity and meeting that is at the base of the project. It is a group of five, some public and other private institutions, of different dimensions, but all of them are closely related to the axes of the project. They are: The Minority Studies Society STUDII ROMANI, from Bulgaria, dedicated to the study and promotion of the European minority groups, especially gypsies; the Vigdis Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages of the University of

Iceland, centre for the study of the linguistic diversity of the world the University of Łódź, in Poland, a reference in the study of cultural minorities; CHE Consult GmbH, German consultancy firm specialised in working with educational institutions and groups of scientists seeking work strategies in line with the new challenges of the current University framework; and the Cultural and pedagogical association Ponte nas…Ondas!, Not-for-profit Portuguese entity associated to a group of educational centres in the south of Galicia and northern Portugal to recover and enhance the value of the intangible heritage common to both territories.

Social activity campUSCulturae aims to inspire commitment to minority and defence of diversity. It wants to be a meeting point between the children and young people who, in one way or another, work by and for them. It puts the word, the literature, at their service. Deals with the creation, the culture, the research, the knowledge from an approach typical of its time, that is, using all the technological tools that the present puts to its scope. It is an integrator space, encourages networking, and reinforces the pro-European spirit.

Target audience campUSCulturae is presented as a platform of open and intergenerational participation. Therefore, it has an integration vocation. Its objective is to grow through participation of the greatest possible number of players, which will enrich the project and provide diversity, as well as the confluence of audiences of different ages with cultures, literatures and arts put to the service of knowledge, creativity and, consequently, the mutual understanding. They seek their allies among the following segments: - the scientific community specialized in children’s literature, as well as in the study of the linguistic and cultural minorities, - the cultural community understood as the integrated one by all the professionals related to the creation, edition and diffusion of the children´s book and reading - the school community, children, teenagers, educators, and families. campUSCulturae is structured around five work centres among which the activities of the project are distributed: - campUSCulturae international library: library specializing in

children’s literature and scientific literature related to the literary and artistic creation for children and young people; Documentation centre on children’s literature and cultural diversity; trilingual portal in Castilian, Galician and English; room for research and advisory service reader. - International Museum of the Illustration: permanent collection of work of illustrators from around the world; Temporary and traveling exhibitions; specialized training workshops; virtual Museum and interactive space of experimentation with art. - Intercultural Centre: BIT, bank of ideas and time; IRE. net, resource sharing network between different cultural communities; ADAN, plan to associate the difference to normal. - Creativity Centre: desktop Publishing Laboratory for unique books and hand-made artist´s books, Literary Music Creation Space; international Experimentation Platform between language and contemporary art; display of the cultures of the world to be lived in situ, permanent experimentation laboratory of scenic arts and the spoken word; Words Square of the World. - campUSCulturae RTV: a Radio-TV channel on cultural and linguistic diversity.

Sonutopías 2014 (eng )  

son[UT]opías 2014. TOSHIO HOSOKAWA Information & registration.

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