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“IF JAWS was the film that made people never want to go into the water again, CONTRACTED is the one that will make them think twice before having sex.” -James Shotwell, UNDER THE GUN REVIEW



an ERIC EnGLanD fILm




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“EMOTIONAL. MOVING. This is fearless independence applied anew.” – Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork


“If Sean and Adam were superheroes, Sean would be the wise and meticulous leader, and Adam would be the goofy and loveable sidekick. ”

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with SEAN and sometimes ADAM LEARN HOW NOT TO EFF UP STUFF LIKE: Manly Mac & Cheese Nach-Yos Dudealicious Chicken Wings Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos Pork Chops ‘n Apple Sauce Cajoñes (Meatballs: Veggie vs. Carnie)

I can’t stop thinking about it.” -Karen Valby, Entertainment Weekly

SEAN is in charge of the MEAT-EATER DISHES and ADAM makes some stuff for you VEGGIE DUDES (don’t be embarrassed).


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Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013



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REAL 911 Calls sure to make you...

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Truth is by far funnier than fiction, and this collection of real calls to law enforcement in Hometown Police Blotter is exactly that. Whether you give it a gander atop the throne, or share it with friends, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and then some. Available in Paperback, Hard Cover and ePub.

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Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013


NEWS Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/MCT

NEWS VIEWS The latest from Los Angeles and Beyond.

Minorities and non-minorities have different views when it comes to college degrees, a survey shows.

BY KAI CHAN FREE WIFI POSSIBLY COMING TO LOS ANGELES Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield proposed for free WiFi citywide for L.A. residents. All 13 council members agreed on this proposal and are searching for vendors to provide free Internet, while “ensuring the city does not ‘significantly influence’ private Internet carrier competition,” according to Fox News Los Angeles. Citywide free WiFi will create tensions with private vendors, but Blumenfield sees this as a win-win situation for both public and private sectors. The public can draw in more customers in their businesses, and the private firms can “offer a commercial service to customers in addition to the free product in exchange for access to city infrastructure,” said Blumenfield, according to CBS Los Angeles. How the city will pay for it or the total cost to set up is unknown. If this plan is initiated, L.A. will be the largest U.S. city to provide free WiFi.

CAL STATE BOARD OF TRUSTEES APPROVES BILLIONDOLLAR BUDGET PLAN A committee of the Cal State Board of Trustees met on Nov. 5 and approved a $4.6-billion budget plan for the 2014 to 2015 school year. The budget seeks an increase of $237.6 million in state funding. The funding includes: $80 million to increase enrollment by 20,000 students, $13 million to hire more fulltime faculty members, $15 million for maintenance repairs and upgrades, and more than $91 million will be used to increase faculty salaries. There was monetary competition for other demands such as prisons, healthcare and pensions, but Gov. Jerry Brown emphasized on higher education and his multi-year funding plan for Cal State and University of California systems, which includes a $142.2-million state increase.

USC STUDENT MIGHT HAVE DIED FROM ALCOHOL POISONING A University of Southern California student from Singapore was found dead in his off-campus apartment before Halloween, and investigators believe the death could have been alcoholrelated. Sophomore Thu Yain “Roy” Kyaw reportedly went to a party during a weekend and wasn’t seen by his friends until his roommates entered his room on Oct. 27 and found him dead. The Los Angeles County Coroner has not performed an autopsy yet, but the Los Angeles Police Department believes Kyaw died of alcohol poisoning. Studying business at USC, the 22-yearold was known for his goofiness, grace and “horrible sense of humor,” and was considered wise beyond his years, according to Neon Tommy.

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES PART OF SMOKING BAN ON UC CAMPUSES The new UC smoking ban will take place on Jan. 2 and will also include electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. According to a fact sheet compiled by the University of California (UC) schools, about 10 percent of UC employees smoke and eight percent of UC students smoke, but it is unknown if they smoke electronic cigarettes. The lobbying group for the retailers selling electronic cigarettes says there are more than 4 million users across the nation. Thomas Kiklas, co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Association, argues that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, has less ingredients and they help smokers quit. However, the long-term health effects are still unknown.


Campus Circle - September 11-25, 2013

ARE COLLEGE “PROGRESSIVES” HURTING FREE SPEECH? Students are becoming more progressives nowadays. However, some groups of student “progressives” do not display tolerance or open-mindfulness. Instead, they show “illiberalism.” These students will go as far at to shut down events or prevent guest speakers from presenting because these students disagree with their views. For example, a recent incident at Brown University included a group of student protesters that would not allow NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly speak about the city’s “stop and frisk” policy. This led the university to cancel the speech. Some argue that these student “progressives” are practicing free speech, but they are also preventing others from stating their own opinions. MINIORITIES SEE COLLEGE AS THEIR GOLDEN TICKET TO SUCCESS In comparison to some white students, many minorities see college degrees as very beneficial; most white students disagree. A College Board/National Journal Next America Poll surveyed different ages, races and political beliefs, and it was noticeable that whites do not share the same attitudes as minorities when it comes to whether or not having a degree will help one succeed in life. Most of the whites felt that college is an economy burden and does not help right away when it comes to finding opportunities. On the other hand, minorities believed that if more people have a higher education degree, it would help with the economy and allow them to be more competitive.

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AROUND L.A. Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/MCT

GAY DANCECLUBS YOU CAN’T MISS! One of the best things about L.A. is its diversity; the city is filled with people of different ethnicities, social backgrounds and sexual orientations. L.A. boasts an exciting gay nightlife, and we recommend taking advantage of these two nightclubs that provide great fun for everyone – gay or straight! Rage 8911 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood 310.652.7055 Cover Charge: $12 Rage is a gay club that is all the rage (pun intended) in West Hollywood. Open every night, this club has its own spin that makes it different from the night before. They even offer shows or special DJs depending on the night you attend. When you walk inside, you will not only see a crowded bar and packed dance floor, but you may even see people dressed up in costumes. Music at this club varies by the night. The dance floor is not only filled with music and dancing, but music videos are displayed on television screens as well, creating an entertaining experience. If you need a break from dancing, feel free to stop at the bar or go to the outside patio to grab some fresh air. Rage even caters to people who are 18 years or older on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


We all love to dance and party, and lucky for us, Los Angeles is filled with many nightclubs! Here’s our list of the best ones you need to check out (once midterms are over, of course). Boulevard 3 Nightclub 6523 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 323.446.2144 Cover charge: $20 Boulevard 3 Night Club offers a classy experience of socializing under the moonlight and dancing to popular hip-hop music with a hint of techno. The club is elaborately decorated with accented lights and white couches. At the beginning of the night, take a picture on the red carpet. You can even sit by the fire pit to soak in the warmth, or take a seat by the pool of water to enjoy the ambiance. If you feel like dancing, then walk into the club, where you will find a huge dance floor accompanied by dancers on stage (some even on stilts!) and a DJ on the second story. Boulevard 3 also provides free tacos and chocolate covered strawberries to hungry guests. Just ask, and make sure to tip the servers. Since Boulevard 3 is situated on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles, you’ll find that it hosts many out-of-state and even international guests! Elevate Lounge 811 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2100, Los Angeles 213.623.7100 Cover Charge: $20 Enjoy the view of Downtown Los Angeles at Elevate Lounge, a nightclub situated on the 21st story of one of Downtown L.A.’s skyscrapers. The dance floor may be medium-sized, but it is


Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

filled with joyful and enthusiastic people having a good time dancing to current and popular music. Colorful lights dart around the dance floor as you get your groove on. You may even find yourself there on a night of birthday celebrations, which the DJ is sure to announce. Grab one of their signature drinks at the bar, and take the time to admire the view of L.A. at night. If you get hungry, Elevate is right next to Takami, a sushi and robata restaurant, so enjoy a nice meal before you enter the club. Be sure you get on the list and arrive early to avoid paying the cover charge. (Tip: If you send a message to the Elevate’s Facebook page, you can RSVP on the guest list, which is free.)

TigerHeat AVALON Hollywood (1735 Vine Street, Hollywood) Cover Charge: $12 TigerHeat is another gay club that is currently at Avalon Hollywood on Thursday nights. TigerHeat’s biggest night is Thursday, which it proclaims is “the largest, weekly gay event on the West Coast.” According to its website, this 18-plus club has hosted celebrity guests such as Britney Spears, Sir Elton John, Prince, Adam Lambert and Janet Jackson. Lady Gaga and Estelle have even performed on special occasions. Who knows - you may meet a celebrity and get an autograph! The majority of the people in this club are everyday people looking for a good time, which they find at TigerHeat. Club dancers add to this ambiance as they dance on top of the stages. Some nights even have themes, such as “Britney Night” or “Beyonce night” to encourage people to dress up and dance to their favorite music. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a free giveaway they hand out throughout the night. In addition to Avalon Hollywood, TigerHeat has other events at Eleven Club, Monster on Saturdays and Recess on Tuesdays.

SupperClub 6675 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles 323.466.1900 Cover Charge: It varies, but starts at $20 Want to go out dancing and with an international flare? Go to SupperClub, which “originated in Amsterdam and has grown into a globally successful phenomenon with franchises worldwide,” according to its website. With the outside appearance of a movie theatre, this club is a completely different experience. SupperClub is chic and sophisticated, offering a fun-filled night with its packed venue, colorful strobe lights and television projections. The club displays art in many forms to entertain guests. Singers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and even cirque performers have made appearances at the venue. The dance floor is outlined with white couches that guests use as a place to socialize, take a break from dancing or enjoy a drink. SupperClub provides a wide variety of music, from Top 40 hits to relaxing music you would hear in a classy restaurant. If you know a promoter, you may even be able to get in for free.

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BALLIN’ ON A BUDGET: ART Abstract Warfare II in Downtown Los Angeles.

© Ian Robertson-Salt

Experience L.A.’s artistic side without draining your bank account. We know how hard it is to enjoy all of Los Angeles’ wonders on a college-student budget, so Campus Circle is introducing a new column that is dedicated to those who want to explore L.A. but may not necessarily have the funds to do so. For the next couple of issues, expect a guide that will help you explore L.A.’s many different sides at an affordable price. This issue, we bring you art. L.A. is rich with culture. With so many galleries, museums and murals, it would be a shame for students to miss out on the art this city has to offer. MURAL CONSERVANCY LOS ANGELES Drive through any part of Los Angeles – Downtown, the Arts District, Santa Monica, Venice, etc. – and you’ll most likely run into some beautiful murals. If you can afford to spend a little money, check out the Mural Conservancy Los Angeles (MCLA). It offers hour-and-a-half-long walking tours in the Arts District in Downtown L.A., Historic Downtown L.A., Highland Park, Santa Monica and Venice at $20. Visit for more up-to-date information on the upcoming tours. If you don’t want to spend $20 on a guided tour, you don’t have to. MCLA has pinpointed mural locations all around L.A. Here are some conveniently located next to the University of Southern California, for example: 1. 111th Street Jesus by Kent Twitchell Description: A large, real-life religious portrait of Jesus Christ. Address: Tiger Liquor Store, Vermont Avenue at 111th Street, Los Angeles. 2. 18th Century California Life Description: A beautiful painting of Father Junipero, Alfonso


De Portola, the Spanish military governor, a ship and more. Address: Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, 555 W. Temple Street, Downtown Los Angeles. 3. 460 Years of Chicano History Description: An active, historic mural of the many faces and symbols that represent Chicano history. Address: 240 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. 4. A Thousand Blossoms by Kazuko Matthews Description: An Asian-theme mural where inside each flower is a Japanese family crest. Address: 400 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles. 5. Abstract Warfare I and II by UGLAR Description: As the name suggests, these are colorful, abstract murals that resemble graffiti and street art at its finest. Warfare I Address: 376-398 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles. Warfare II Address: 1345 Willow Street, Downtown Los Angeles.

Getty Center are probably the two most well known places of art, culture and history in L.A. With historical artifacts (sculptures, paintings, photographs, etc.), interactive exhibits, beautiful scenery, and even film or music events, it’s no wonder that these two seem to attract art lovers everywhere. However, sometimes the prices can be a little annoying. A one-day pass to LACMA’s galleries and exhibitions costs $10 for those with a student ID. We recommend going for FREE on the following days: -If you’re an L.A. county resident, go after 3 p.m. from Monday-Friday. -Go on the second Tuesday of each month. -Go on federal holidays: MLK Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day. On the flip side, admission into the Getty is FREE. However, parking is a whopping $15! One word: carpool.

BERGAMOT STATION ART CENTER Address: 2625 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica. The two best things about the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica: it’s free and there are multiple galleries. You can find contemporary fine art at the JNA Gallery (building D4), beautiful paintings at the Robert Berman Gallery (suite B70) and so much more! Some of the galleries might hold special events (receptions, silent auctions, etc.), but check to see if those events require an admission price before you head over.

ANNENBERG SPACE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY Address: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, #1000, Los Angeles With beautiful photographs, free entry and validated parking (it’s only $3.50 with validation!), the Annenberg Space for Photography is a must-see in L.A. Currently, the space is hosting “The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 years.” This exhibition is breathtaking. It features countless photographs from National Geographic magazine, including animals, indigenous societies and people from all over the world. The photo prints are displayed on beautiful television screens, and there are two documentaries that broadcast throughout the day. After learning the stories behind these powerful, iconic photos, you’ll walk away feeling cultured and wanting to buy a camera and travel the world yourself.

LACMA & THE GETTY CENTER LACMA address: 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles The Getty Center address: 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the

Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013




MUSIC BEST BETS Top musical acts you have to see this week!


BY SYDNEY CHAMPION This upcoming week, Southern California promises to host a number of kick-ass shows for our musical pleasure. Steve Aoki & Iggy Azalea (plus Wacka Flocka Flame, Alvin Rish and Keys N Krats) When: Nov. 15, 2013 Where: Shrine Expo Hall Why You Should Go: Steve Aoki is an EDM genius, and Iggy Azalea is unlike any female rapper you’ve ever seen. Let’s put it this way: she was twerking way before Miley Cyrus made it popular. A$AP Ferg (w/ A$AP Mob, Joey Fatts & Aston Matthews, OverDoz and 100s) When: Nov. 16, 2013 Where: Fonda Theatre Why You Should Go: This Harlem rapper won this year’s BET Hip-Hop Award for “Rookie of the Year,” and his debut studio album (Trap Lord) got positive reviews from Vibe and the Rolling Stone. His performance on the “Arsenio Hall Show” was solid; hopefully, he’ll deliver the same at the Fonda. Hyper Crush When: Nov. 16, 2013 Where: The Roxy Theatre Why You Should Go: When we interviewed these guys back in June, we got the feeling that a Hyper Crush show is anything but boring! The trio produces electro-rap and combines pop, trap, house and more. Expect energy and, of course, hype! Wacka Flocka Flame When: Nov. 17, 2013 Where: The Observatory Santa Ana Why You Should Go: Yes, it’s a little bit of a trek, but if you weren’t able to see Wacka Flocka Flame at the Shrine with Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea, this is your chance. Drake When: Nov. 21, 2013 Where: Honda Center in Anaheim Why You Should Go: Drake’s R&B (even slightly romantic) vibe on newest album Nothing Was the Same was an unexpected yet wonderful surprise. Here’s to hoping that his live performance is full of surprises as well! Hyper Crush is originally from L.A.

Courtesy of MSOPR

© David Lee Dailey

BY SOLA FASEHUN He’s had his music featured on diverse shows such as “Burn Notice,” “Hart of Dixie” and even the “Jersey Shore,” but Broken Anchor (whose real name is Austin Hartley-Leonard) hasn’t let this success get to his head. After taking the time to talk about his ups and downs and what he’s learned, Broken Anchor proves that there’s nothing broken about his musical talent. Campus Circle: How would you describe your music? Broken Anchor: What I do is Christian death metal…that’s a lie (laughs). I do indie rock. It’s sort of like indie rock that came from Southern California. It has kind of a beachy type of vibe. CC: Are you just a singer, or do you also write songs, produce music, play an instrument? BA: Broken Anchor began as a studio project. I had sort of let go of my material from a previous career and started over again two years ago. Once I had material, I began performing live with a big six-person band, and then it just became me and the drummer as a duo on the road. That was great until the drummer quit. Now it’s a one-man band. I play cello, keyboard and guitar. I also write all of my songs. I record music with Brad Gordon, a brilliant music producer. CC: How did you get your start in the music industry? BA: I’ve been playing my whole life, and then I started writing songs when I was 18 or 19. I never wanted to do anything else. I went to school in Nashville then moved to Austin, Texas, and now I’m in L.A. CC: Are you signed to a label?  BA: I’m not signed to a label, and there are so many good ones. I don’t have a dream label, because I feel it just depends on what the game plan is. Any label that says we’re willing to work as hard as you do, that’s all I want to hear. I have no problem working hard and being on the road. I would like a label to come along


Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

This indie-rock artist once ripped his pants on stage...and he wasn’t wearing underwear.

and say that I would be a priority. But you have to be careful about it these days… CC: Are there any obstacles that you’ve had to overcome? BA: I don’t have an inspirational story…I didn’t wake up under a bridge with no pants. I felt that I had a B- minus catalog and decided to start over. CC: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? BA: At the rate that I’m talking, probably still on the phone with you (laughs). Ten years from now…if you say I’m still in L.A., producing music, going on tour, I would totally believe you. But if you said I would own an orange grove outside of Guatemala, I wouldn’t say “no.” If I could be happy, wake up every day, support my family and not worry about making drinks to live…I can’t think of anything better. CC: Any advice for college students who wish to pursue a career in music? BA: Saying you’re moving to L.A. to give music a shot for a year…very unrealistic. Wake up every day, and make music because you love it. Be in the process, not the results. CC: Any funny stories you can share? BA: Before a gig, I got these pants that I thought were cool. I thought I could take them on tour all the time. I’m playing a show in Silver Lake, and I’m playing this heavy part of the song. I tend do this thing where I squat down during big breaks in the song…I think you can see where this is going... I rip the back of the pants from my waste to the knee. I don’t wear boxer briefs. I’m commando 24/7...and my pants are hanging down. Hopefully, the first and last time that happens. If not, such is life. For more information on Broken Anchor, visit

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Meet the Jazmin Sisters, deadmau5 Drops New Compilation & Gyptian Releases Versatile Album

Danny Mahoney

EDM DJ deadmau5.

BY KEVIN WIERZBICKI JAZMIN SISTERS GIVE BIRTH TO ’90S BABY They were finalists on “America’s Got Talent,” have racked-up close to a million YouTube views with their cover of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” and have gotten raves from singers Eve and Michelle Williams. Now, sisters Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria Khong, known professionally as the Jazmin Sisters, are ready to conquer the rest of the world with their just-released EP, ’90s Baby. The Los Angeles-based foursome teamed with GRAMMY Award-winning producers MIDI Mafia (50 Cent, Frank Ocean) to craft tunes such as the sunshine-and-parties celebrating “Cali Girls” and the Motown-flavored “Laid Back.” Felicia said, “When we began working with MIDI we were able to be ourselves for the first time in music. They shared our love for hip-hop and Motown so ’90s Baby is a dream come true.” Hear the new music at NIGHTMARE AND THE CAT Brothers Django and Samuel Stewart, the principal members of Los Angeles band Nightmare and the Cat, are rock royalty of sorts; they’re the offspring of uber producer and former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart and Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama, the British all-girl band that had hits in the ’80s with tunes like “Cruel Summer” and “Venus.” The siblings are more likely, though, to cite David Bowie, Radiohead and the Beatles as sources of inspiration. You needn’t listen any further than “Simple,” the title track of the band’s upcoming album, to hear those influences at work. You also needn’t wait until that album drops next year to get a good dose of Nightmare and the

Cat either; a five-song sampler, also titled Simple, is available now from Capitol Records. SASQUATCH ON THE LOOSE IN L.A.! Okay, calm down; unlike Elvis, Bigfoot has not been spotted walking down Hollywood Boulevard. The monstrous entity we’re referring to is the L.A.-based stoner rock trio Sasquatch, who has recently released its fourth album, cleverly titled IV. Influenced by late ’60s and early ’70s metal, rock and psychedelia, the band’s music has been described as a mash-up of Black Sabbath, older Soundgarden, Corrosion of Conformity and classic rock band Mountain. That translates to mean that Sasquatch plays it heavy. Track them down at DEADMAU5: WE ARE FRIENDS VOL. 2 Electronic music producer deadmau5 has just released the inaugural effort on his Astralwerks-distributed mau5trap label, a compilation called We Are Friends Vol. 2 that perhaps gives hints as to what artists might appear on the label in the future. Contributing to the sampler are Kairo Kingdom, James Njie, Eekkoo, Aron H, Heat Maxwell, Al Bizzare and deadmau5 himself, representing with the tracks “Your Ad Here” and first single “Suckfest9001.” “Super Breakfast” by BSOD, the collaboration between deadmau5 and Steve Duda, is also included. GYPTIAN: SEX, LOVE & REGGAE VP Records continues to release the hottest reggae and dancehall

records on the planet, and they’re poised to have their biggest release ever in the new one from Gyptian, Sex, Love & Reggae. The sensual singer who has been racking up awards like crazy and building a massive fan base said, “This is the Gyptian album that I want people to hear. Each album that I do advances my career, but this one is Gyptian – the next level.” Helping to take Gyptian to new heights on the set of dancehall, soca, R&B and global pop songs are Estelle, Melanie Fiona, GRAMMY Awardwinning singer Angela Hunte and soca stars Bunji Garlin and Kes the Band. The album finds Gyptian covering the big Cyndi Lauper hit “True Colors” and soulful reggae man Gregory Isaacs’ “My Number One.” However, much of the record is original material written or co-written by producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, famed for his hit making with Miguel, Lupe Fiasco, the Fugees and Mary J. Blige. BEAR GRILLZ: THE HIGH GRADE EP Not to be confused with adventurer Bear Grylls, here’s what you need to know about the latest artist to record for dub step producer Datsik’s Firepower Records: Bear Grillz is a grizzly bear from Yosemite National Park that spends a typical afternoon growling at marmots and eating tourists. While trying to digest one particularly tricky mountain climber, he discovered amongst the hiker’s possessions something called a “MacBook Pro.” Fast-forward nine months, endless YouTube tutorials and a duck later and the four-track The High Grade EP is now ready to be heard. Find out if the music is as interesting as the back-story at Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013




The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast, director talk upcoming sequel.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson).

The Hunger Games fans had better be whetting their appetites, because Catching Fire is coming to theaters, and it’s not likely to disappoint. The second installment of a franchise that will span four films, Catching Fire picks up six months after the The Hunger Games left off. Katniss and Peeta are safe, people are rising in the streets, and all of this has got President Snow pretty pissed off. The film itself is pretty cool. It’s more mature compared to the first for a variety of reasons. The characters are more grown up, a few key actors are more grown up, and the story has more teeth to it. Another improvement is the fact that this film was made with a larger budget. A bigger budget means bigger effects, a more polished look and a visual presentation of Panem that is both haunting and breathtaking. Director Francis Lawrence agreed that this film seems a lot more grown up, and he attributed this to the source material. “This is the story where everything starts to blossom and everything kind of starts to open up,” he said in a recent interview with Campus Circle. “The stakes become greater and the characters change having been through the games in the first movie.” Even though it’s a different movie with a different director, there is still a great deal of continuity between the two films. Lawrence explained, “One of the things that I wanted to make sure of was that there was still an aesthetic unity to all of the movies…we worked with the same production designer to make sure that the capital was built from the same architecture, that District 12 still had the same almost 1930s Appalachia feel.” Viewers can expect a few changes, though, in Catching Fire, such as difference within the setting. One of the standouts


Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

BY PATRICK MEISSNER is the arena itself, which seems to take on a life of its own in this sequel. “This is a very different arena than the first one,” said Lawrence. “There is much less human on human violence. The arena’s more of a threat; the arena’s a puzzle in this one.” Along with a brand new arena, Catching Fire features a new “Gamemaker”. Having lost Seneca Crane to a bowl of elegantly presented nightshade berries, the role of “Gamemaker” in Catching Fire is played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A welcome addition to the cast, he adds a lot of dynamic to the film with a character that will no doubt surprise you (if you haven’t already read the book, that is).

“This is the story where everything starts to blossom and everything kind of starts to open up.” A slew of other new characters fill out the cast as Katniss and Peeta are put back in the arena with 22 other victors, none of whom the audience has met before. Jena Malone stands out from this group in her performance as Johanna Mason. Bombastic and brimming with conviction, Malone explodes on

Murray Close

the screen with a character that is smart, crazy, and admittedly, quite sexy. “I think I loved every single thing about Johanna Mason,” said Malone. “She is hardcore and truthful and violent and angry.” Since the story really picks up in this second movie, a lot more attention is paid to the socio-political themes that arise from The Hunger Games. With the concept of the games and the setting of Panem well established, there is actually room for the story to take on meaning. Actress Jennifer Lawrence comments on how her character, Katniss Everdeen, becomes more relevant in this second film. “It’s a wonderful example for young adults,” she said. “You don’t have to follow the feet in front of you, even though you can seem like the only one.” Even Josh Hutcherson, who plays a remarkably un-heroic Peeta Mellark in the first film, notices a distinct growth in his character. “Peeta, he’s like more angry in this movie,” he said. “In the first movie, he was like the baker that painted and now in this one, he’s a baker that paints, but now he also has a little bit of an edge to him. He’s angry about having to go back into the games, he’s angry about how Katniss hasn’t been with him, and he feels like he’s been lead on.” There’s a lot going on in Catching Fire, and the film is done really well. Actor Lenny Kravitz put it rather eloquently when describing his reactions after reading the script: “It’s great storytelling. [It’s] a really well written story with really good characters.” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire releases in theaters on Friday, Nov. 22, 2013.

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Courtesy of Film Movement

BY SYDNEY CHAMPION Homosexuality in the Catholic church may not be something new to us, but I guarantee we have never seen a film quite like In the Name Of. Directed by Malgoska Szumowska, In the Name Of tells the story of a Catholic priest, Adam (Andrzej Chyra), who lives in rural Poland where he works with teenage boys who have behavioral problems. Some of them have criminal backgrounds, foul language and engage in drinking, smoking or drugs. Adam loves the boys and works to help refine their behavior. In doing so, he embraces his priesthood and vows a life of abstinence. Besides working with the boys, you will find him in service or jogging as he represses his inner struggles. However, Adam eventually finds himself battling his sexuality and sexual urges when he meets and falls for Lukasz (Mateusz Kosciukiewicz), the strange and quiet son of a rural family. Immediately, one might assume that this is a story about a pedophile, but it’s not. Although Adam is facing the truth about his homosexuality in a setting surrounded by young boys, he is not a predator. Szumowska succeeds in not portraying her protagonist as one of those stereotypical predatory priests that we hear about in the news. Lukasz is not a boy; he is a young man, and we don’t seem him as prey for Adam. However, Lukasz does have this sort of innocence to him that might cause the viewer to become conflicted about whether or not he is a victim, simply because he is just so...simple. Still, it’s impossible that after watching this film, one will conclude that Adam is a villain. Instead, through Szumowska’s careful lenses, we are given the rare opportunity to experience the inner struggles of someone who is feeling the heavy burden of abstinence and “forbidden” desires. There are raw feelings of repression, loneliness, despair and bliss. It’s truly a brilliant film that evokes a range of emotions that we have all witnessed or, perhaps, experienced first-hand. Adam’s character is complex, and Chyra is remarkable in his portrayal. The Polish actor embodies a priest’s conflicted emotions and desires perfectly and honestly. One scene where Adam speaks to his sister via webcam, confessing his homosexuality and feelings of loneliness, is delivered with tears and uncontrollable crying. Chyra convinces us that he is dealing with complete and utter despair, and you just want to give him a hug. Since sexuality is such a large part of In the Name Of, it’s much appreciated that the director doesn’t shy away from love scenes or moments of unfiltered sexual expression. Although these scenes might evoke uncomfortableness within some viewers, the film would be incomplete without them. Szumowska stays true to the essence of her film and accomplishes her goal of making a film that is about a love perceived as a sin. The film is not about abuse. There are no journalistic or political tones. Instead, In the Name Of is about the want for love, the need for love and the showing of love.

THE LAST DAYS ON MARS – NOT EXACTLY HOW YOU’D WANT TO SPEND YOUR LAST DAYS ON EARTH Liev Schreiber is one of the film’s only highlights.

Courtesy of Magnet Releasing

BY ZACH BOURQUE If the firestorm of flack that Prometheus earned upon its release is any indication, the modern science fiction fan is a fickle beast. If you promise too much and not deliver, you’ll be sure to hear from hoards of irate fans that expected more. While many intellectually challenging sci-fi movies have crossed our paths, with 2001: A Space Odyssey serving as the torchbearer, few have been able to blend action and brains with any sort of grace. While many would argue that Prometheus indeed accomplished this goal, the polarized fan base is a testament to just how tough this genre is to nail. And, with that as a backdrop, we explore The Last Days on Mars, a new take on the genre by first-time director Ruairi Robinson. The movie follows a group of astronauts, headlined by Liev Schreiber (Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”), who are wrapping up a long scientific mission aboard the red planet. Hours before they’re about to head back home, a scientist discovers...something. Something they had been working diligently to find and something that could change the human race forever. Needless to say, things don’t go according to plan. While we’ll stop short of any serious spoilers, what they find isn’t the meaning of life or the source of our origin in the universe. In fact, it’s far stupider than that. And herein lies the main problem with The Last Days on Mars. With impressive production values and convincing special effects, the film certainly looks good. But so does an oil painting at MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York). Frankly, the issue here is the writing or lack thereof. There are certain genres you can skirt by without good writing, and sci-fi remains one of those. The film starts out promising (with an albeit less-than original concept) and putters out of narrative steam after the first 20 minutes. What comes after that point is a mixture of things, none of which are good. The shift in tone that the movie takes on at this point is bizarre and jarring. Again, we won’t spoil the goodies, but let’s just say it takes on a vibe similar to a popular AMC show that rhymes with “Talking Ted.” So with that in mind, you may find some exciting moments in the remainder of the film. They aren’t brilliant, and they certainly don’t get explained, but they’re there. God bless Schreiber. He’s a genuine talent and seems out of place in this movie, to say the least. He tries his best to sell the events that take place in the movie, and we applaud his efforts. Again, I can’t imagine that he’s the cheapest person to cast so we’re left scratching our heads as to where this money came from in the first place. The rest of the cast is similarly strong, featuring Elias Koteas and Johnny Harris, both who give the less than stellar script their full attention. Is The Last Days on Mars abhorrently terrible? No. Its production values, talented cast and impressive special effects elevate it above the standard garden-variety science fiction knock-off. However, any novel ideas that this movie had were in a half dozen movies prior, with this year’s Europa Report executing a nearly identical story with much more grace. Will fans like it? This is tough to say and will likely polarize people the way Prometheus did. But for me? This isn’t how I’d want to spend my last days. Grade: C+

Grade: A In the Name Of releases at Sundance Sunset Cinema in Los Angeles on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.


Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

The Last Days on Mars is currently on iTunes and On Demand. It releases in theaters on Friday, Dec. 6, 2013

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Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in “Breaking Bad.”

The Majors: Nowhere is the influence of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films better seen than in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, an update on the Superman saga that brings the American icon into the 21st century while simultaneously draining him of the charm that made the first Christopher Reeve films so endearing. At least with Nolan as both producer and writer on the project, it’s difficult to accuse Snyder of ripping off Nolan’s influential Dark Knight series, but at the same time, the film loses some of the characteristics that make Superman unique among the glut of comic book heroes. Henry Cavill is a vast improvement over Brandon Routh as Clark Kent, since he at least does not attempt an imitation of Reeve, while Amy Adams (Lois Lane) illustrates the difficulties in casting. This may be the one instance in which one could say that Adams is no Teri Hatcher, and not have it be a compliment. Peter Jackson is a little more than 50 years old, which makes it remarkable that he seemingly has filmed 100 years worth of footage for the Lord of the Rings series. Keeping with his tradition of padding out his fantasy epics, he once again has released an extended edition for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The result is that a film that was already bloated and dull becomes excruciating. The first Lord of the Rings trilogy could get away with adding deleted footage that was still taken from the Tolkien novels, but The Hobbit itself is a slight story that required Jackson to add material so that he could extend it to three films, instead of wrapping it up in one three-hour

epic. Every scene moves at a snail’s pace, and the various dwarves and hobbits aren’t nearly as charmingly whimsical as Jackson must believe them to be. Only Ian McKellen retains much dignity from the proceedings, but even he exists as a reminder of the strengths of Jackson’s original trilogy. The rest is a reminder of the worst parts of the original: the cutesy comic relief takes center stage, without most of the characters that gave it gravitas. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey not only takes longer to watch than it does to read The Hobbit, but with the extended scenes it may very well take longer than it did to write The Hobbit. Even the most tedious of Peter Jackson’s work is still preferable to Twilight Forever, the release of the complete saga of the abstinence education fable posing as a vampire story, considering Jackson draws from J.R.R. Tolkien, while the Twilight films draw from Stephanie Meyer. None of the three stars put on anything resembling a good performance, with the only obvious effort shown by Taylor Lautner for his time spent at the gym. Enough invective has been justly directed at these terrible films, but they at least introduced Anna Kendrick to audiences and gave talented directors such as Bill Condon and Catherine Hardwicke enough cash to finance their next several independent projects. The love between Edward and Bella may live forever, but these films are, at long last, dead. We’re the Millers seems like it should be a moderately entertaining Showtime dramedy instead of a feature film, both

because of the story of a pot dealer and a stripper pretending to be a family and because stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis seem to be biding time before their inexplicable film careers finally end. This continues Aniston’s break from goodgirl roles that began with Horrible Bosses, but like that one, it seems more like a novelty. This time instead of Rachel talking dirty, this is Rachel as a stripper. While this isn’t as desperate as some of Aniston’s other outings, it still doesn’t give what audiences really want: Rachel being funny. The Idiot Box: For those viewers who somehow missed the final season of “Breaking Bad” that extended in September but cannot wait to binge-watch the last episodes on Netflix within the next year, both the final season and a box set of the entire series receive DVD releases this month. While all of the accolades for the series are deserved, and the show has the most satisfying end run of episodes of any series since “Six Feet Under,” what distinguishes “Breaking Bad” from the other legendary series is just how much fun it is. The show depicts dark situations but never wallows in it. It is the rare television series that can satisfy both critics and viewers, mostly through clever plotting and a willingness to defy expectations. In the pantheon of great television antiheroes, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White may be the best, since creator Vince Gilligan never excuses or justifies his behavior the way that even “The Sopranos” occasionally would do. Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013



50 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT COLLEGE BASKETBALL Mark Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT

Mark Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT

The AP picked Kentucky (again) as No. 1 in the preseason.

Remember Kevin Ware, the Louisville player who suffered a gruesome compound fracture? Well, he’s back!

Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/MCT

There’s talk of ULCA’s Kyle Anderson leaving for the NBA after this season.

BY ED BARKOWITZPHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS/MCT There is inspiration in Louisville, giddiness at Michigan State and loneliness in Miami. Keep your hands to yourself while playing defense and your eyes on a budding rivalry between the best two teams and players in the Big 12. Here are 50 things you need to know about the upcoming college hoops season: 1. Louisville junior guard Kevin Ware, who became the Joe Theismann of college basketball when he sustained a gruesome compound fracture of his right leg during the NCAA Tournament last year, is back playing. When he first started the healing process he would land on one foot while taking jumpers, obviously a self-preservation instinct because of the injury. 2. The Cardinals, picked to win the American Athletic Conference, are anchored by guards Russ Smith and Chris Jones, last year’s national junior college player of the year and the proud owner of an Allen Iverson poster in his dorm room. 3. Jones said he’d love to meet Iverson one day. Maybe he can ask Kuran Iverson, a 6-10 freshman for Memphis who is a second cousin to A.I., to help him out. Louisville hosts the Tigers on Jan. 9 and goes to Memphis on March 1. 4. After dominating Conference USA for 18 years, Memphis is picked second in the American. “This is going on my fifth year as head coach,” said Memphis’ Josh Pastner, “and this is my first time we weren’t picked to win the league.” 5. Anybody else bored with conference realignment? 6. There will be an emphasis by referees on hand-checking, which likely will increase the number of personal fouls and lengthen games. “We may have some games where you can’t go up and down twice without having stoppage,” said Kansas coach Bill Self. “It’s going to be a fragmented game in large part.” 7. There also will be expanded use of replay for shot-clock violations and possession questions — also meaning longer games. 8. Connecticut is once again eligible for the NCAA Tournament after being barred last season because of poor academic performance. The upperclassmen are leading the way by making


Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

sure everyone is focused on classwork. “I think the message is, we ain’t ever going to be back on that banned list,” junior guard Ryan Boatright said, much to the dismay of his English professor. 9. Here’s a grand slam Texas Tech forward Jaye Crockett could have done without: Tubby Smith will be his fourth coach in four years. He was recruited by Pat Knight, who was replaced by Billy Gillespie after one train-wrecked season. Then Chris Walker wore an interim tag last year, and now it’s Tubby. “I haven’t been more excited playing for a coach since high school,” Crockett said. 10. “I haven’t felt this good about the potential and possibilities of a team I’ve had since the 2001 team (led by Jason Richardson) that took us to a third straight Final Four,” said Michigan State coach Tom Izzo. The decisions by stars Gary Harris and Adreian Payne to put the NBA on hold are a large reason for Izzo’s optimism. 11. Harris’ mom, Joy, was Purdue’s first All-America women’s player. When she played for Detroit’s WNBA franchise, Gary would get to run through the Palace of Auburn Hills. Talk about the take-your-child-to-work-day program paying dividends. 12. The Big East preseason player of the year is Creighton senior Doug McDermott. Creighton? That sound you just heard was conference founder Dave Gavitt spinning in his grave. 13. McDermott is bidding to become the first three-time first-team All-America since Wayman Tisdale and Patrick Ewing in 1985. The Bluejays move from the Ohio Valley to the Big East, even if it’s not nearly the powerful league it once was, factored into McDermott’s decision to return to Creighton. 14. Marquette was picked by the coaches to win the 10-team Big East, followed by Georgetown, Creighton and Villanova. The league tabbed former WNBA commissioner Val Ackerman to be its leader. “I will do everything Dave Gavitt set out to do when he led this conference as it started in 1979,” she said. “We are going to make the Big East a force in college basketball.” 15. Kentucky is the Associated Press’ preseason No. 1 for

just the third time ever. In 1980-81, the Wildcats lost to UAB in the second-round of the NCAA Tournament. In 1995-96, the kittens won the national title. 16. Said Kentucky coach John Calipari: “Our biggest opponent: ourselves ... We don’t just play college basketball, we are college basketball. As you know, we are everyone’s Super Bowl.” 17. The Wildcats added six McDonald’s All-Americans after missing the NCAAs last year, which caused Florida senior center Patric Young to observe “I hope they think they can just walk on the court and they’re going to beat everybody. I hope that’s what they think.” The Gators visit their bitter rivals on Feb. 15 and host Kentucky on March 8. 18. “The college basketball landscape has changed,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. “Any team that’s in the top 20 can go to the Final Four. Any team in the top 30 probably. We’re one of those teams (ranked eighth). The ACC’s wide open.” 19. When Syracuse hosts Duke on Feb. 1 it’ll be the first time two coaches with 900 Division I wins oppose one another. Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski is 957-297 (.763). Boeheim is 920-314 (.746). 20. Georgetown is not on Syracuse’s schedule, but Villanova is (Dec. 28, at the Carrier Dome). 21. Drexel [opened] its season [Nov. 8] (midnight EST) at UCLA in a game televised on the Pac-12 Network. [It was] the third trip for a Philly school to Pauley Pavilion since 1987, when Temple beat the Bruins on its way to a No. 1 ranking later that season. Villanova lost at UCLA in 2001. Ditto for Temple in 2005. 22. In the Philadelphia area, the Pac-12 is on Comcast channel 716 and Dish Network’s channel 413. It is not available on Verizon FiOS. 23. La Salle High/Penn alum Fran McCaffery has a decent chance to lead Iowa to its first NCAA Tournament since 2006. It would be the fourth school McCaffery has coached into the Big Dance. Lehigh, UNC-Greensboro and Siena were his first three. 24. Iowa, which lost to Baylor in last year’s NIT champion-

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USC’s new coach, Any Enfield, reportedly threw some “shade” at the UCLA basketball team.

ship, returns its top five scorers and nine of its top 10. 25. Miami lost its top six scorers from last year’s first-ever ACC championship squad. “I’m used to being the young guy,” said senior guard Rion Brown. “Now I’m the old man. We had basically a seven-man rotation last year and six of them left. They kind of left me here all by myself.” 26. Most UCLA fans probably had never heard of Andy Enfield before he led Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet 16 last year and took the USC job. They certainly know him now after he snapped at his players during an October practice, “We play uptempo basketball here. If you want to play slow, go to UCLA.” 27. New UCLA coach Steve Alford laughed off the incident saying the team nicknamed guard Kyle Anderson “Slo-Mo.” 28. New Mexico, the school Alford left like a jilted bride, promoted Craig Neal to head coach. During a team summer trip to Australia, his freshman son Cullen suffered a ruptured appendix and spent 11 days in a Sydney hospital. 29. Savon Goodman left the UNLV team following felony charges for an alleged burglary in August. Goodman is due back in Vegas next week for a preliminary hearing, which has put his basketball career in limbo. 30. “This is our year,” said St. John’s junior guard Jamal Branch. “Not making the NCAA Tournament, not making a run in the NCAA Tournament, would mean we weren’t as successful and this team’s too good for that.” 31. St. John’s has been to the NCAAs just once in the last 11 years, but a solid group of returnees and the addition of freshman Rysheed Jordan (Robert Vaux High) has hopes running high. After leaping over a 6-8 teammate during an intrasquad dunk contest, the New York Post dubbed him “Flair Jordan.” The Johnnies play Villanova at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday, Feb. 22. 32. LaQuinton Ross is expected to fill the void at Ohio State left by Deshaun Thomas’ departure to the NBA. Ross, a junior from Life Center Academy in Burlington, N.J., was at his best during last year’s NCAA Tournament. Aaron Craft, known as much for his stifling defense as for his unpopularity among opposing fans, also is returning for the Buckeyes. 33. Here’s why coaches should get free cardiograms in addition to bonuses for making the NCAA Tournament. “I coach those guys like we’re in last place,” said Marquette’s Buzz Williams. “I wake up every morning like we’re in last place.” That must be a fun existence. 34. Officials are expecting the Final Four crowds at Jerry Jones’ house in suburban Dallas to exceed 80K, which would break the mark set during the 2011 national semifinals (UConn/

Kentucky, Butler/VCU) of 75,421 in Houston. The championship game mark of 74,326 was set last year in Atlanta when Louisville beat Michigan. 35. The only other time the Dallas area hosted the Final Four was 1986, when freshman Pervis Ellison led Louisville to an upset over Duke, which was making its first of 11 Final Four appearances under Krzyzewski. 36. For the next two years, TBS will broadcast the national semifinal games, which is problematic for the dozens of college basketball fans around the country who do not have cable television. CBS will have the championship game in 2014 and 2015, but TBS gets the entire Final Four in 2016. 37. Eastern Kentucky, led by Speedy Morris disciple Jeff Neubauer, is coming off a school-record 25-win season and has been picked to win the Ohio Valley Conference East Division. EKU’s non-league schedule includes visits to N.C. State, VCU and Wisconsin. 38. Butler turned to assistant Brandon Miller when Brad Stevens surprisingly left to take the Celtics job. Miller was a point guard at Butler and led the way when the Bulldogs surprised Wake Forest in 2001 for the program’s first NCAA Tournament win in nearly 40 years. 39. Robert Morris has never won an NCAA Tournament game, but beating Kentucky in last year’s NIT first round has given the Colonials a recruiting boost. Coach (and Penn product) Andrew Toole said prospects have told him, “ ‘I know you beat Kentucky.’ That’s the response we get from kids who normally wouldn’t be in the know when it comes to Robert Morris basketball.” 40. Incoming freshmen Jeremiah Worthem and Britton Lee, both from MCS Charter in Northeast Philly, signed with Robert Morris long before the Kentucky win. RMU plays at Kentucky on Nov. 17. 41. Rough time to be a Grambling fan. Not only is the football team 1-9, but the basketball team is coming off an 0-28 disaster and returning two scholarship players and one walk-on. Hate to pile on, but the Tigers also are ineligible for postseason play because of poor academic performance. 42. One of Eddie Jordan’s priorities at Rutgers has been creating a less fearful culture among his players following the April dismissal of Mike Rice after abusive videos surfaced. Jordan went just 27-55 for the Sixers in his last head coaching job. 43. Rutgers hasn’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 1991 and things will not get any easier when the Scarlet Knights move into the Big 10 (along with Louisville) next season. 44. National runner-up Michigan is turning to freshman

Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/MCT

Derrick Walton Jr. to help compensate for the departure of star Trey Burke. Championship game near-hero Spike Albrecht will backup Walton. The Wolverines biggest concern is the cranky back trouble hampering big man Mitch McGary. 45. North Carolina guard P.J. Hairston, the team’s leading scorer, is suspended indefinitely following separate arrests for marijuana possession and reckless driving. The Heels have a rough non-conference schedule that includes games against Michigan State, Kentucky and maybe Louisville. 46. Gonzaga’s strength is its backcourt of Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell Jr. Pangos, a nominee for nation’s best point guard, hails from Newmarket, Ontario, a Canadian town of about 80,000 that has produced comedians Jim Carrey and John Candy, the Flyers’ Steve Downie and Phillies utility infielder Pete Orr. 47. Georgetown plays Oregon on Friday at Camp Humphreys army base in South Korea, a breezy 7,000 miles from the Hoyas campus. The base is named for Benjamin K. Humphreys, a chief warrant officer who died in a helicopter accident in 1961. 48. An interesting rivalry to watch is Oklahoma State/Kansas in general, and Marcus Smart/Andrew Wiggins in particular. Smart is the Big 12’s reigning player of the year and Wiggins, a freshman, is widely regarded as a leading contender to be the No. 1 pick in next year’s NBA draft. 49. “A lot of people are saying he’s the best player now in college basketball,” said Smart, a sophomore. “All I’m saying is how can you be the best player in something you haven’t even played yet?” A wrist injury suffered during the NCAA Tournament was part of the reason Smart decided not to go to the NBA. 50. Kansas is in line to play Villanova the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 29) down in the Bahamas. Besides Wiggins, fellow freshman Joel Embiid also is drawing interest from NBA scouts. KU coach Bill Self called the Cameroon native “a young Hakeem Olajuwon.” THE PICK Love Michigan State’s maturity, leadership and talent. The rugged schedule will serve Sparty well in March, as it usually does. The call is Duke, Wisconsin and Oklahoma State join Tom Izzo in suburban Dallas, but Michigan State walks away with the nets around their necks. ©2013 Philadelphia Daily News Visit the Philadelphia Daily News at Distributed by MCT Information Services Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013



Murray Close

Katniss and Peeta are back in the sequel, Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

WHAT’SHAPPENING All the cool places to go and fun things to do.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Holiday Culver City Chill: Holiday Ice Rink Holiday Ice Rink 9300 Culver Blvd., Culver City The ideal winter wonderland escape for lunch breaks, date nights, play dates, and holiday family “stay-cations.” When Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013-Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 Prices $10 + $4 skate rental Holiday Downtown on Ice Pershing Square 532 South Olive, Los Angeles The tradition continues with the largest outdoor skating rink in Los Angeles with the lowest admission price - an icy oasis escape nestled between treetops and skyscrapers in the heart of the city. When Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013-Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 Prices $8, $2 skate rental Film Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 ArcLight Pasadena 336 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena The entrance to the traffic tunnel in Tokyo is in fact the entrance to the second street tunnel in Los Angeles (also seen in Blade Runner) with Japanese traffic signs added. When Kill Bill Vol. 1 on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 & Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Wednesday, Nov. 20 Times 8:00 p.m. Prices $12.50 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Expos Animation Expo Burbank Airport Marriott 2500 North Hollywood Way, Burbank “Whether a professional, student or fan, everyone will leave CTN-X with more than they walked in with whether it’s a job, an idea, knowledge or a career connection,” states CTN Founder and 25-year Disney Animation veteran, Tina Price. When Friday, Nov. 15, 2013-Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 Prices Tix start @ $45 Theatre Bash by Neil LaBute Theatre Asylum 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles A collection of three darkly brilliant one-act plays that form a trio of unforgettable personal accounts. All three are unblinking portraits of the complexities of evil in everyday life, exhibiting


Campus Circle - October 24 - November 6, 2013

LaBute’s signature raw, lyrical intensity. When Friday, Nov. 15, 2013-Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 Times Fridays & Saturdays @ 8 p.m., Sundays @ 5 p.m. Price $15 Theatre Marilyn-My Secret! Macha Theatre 1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood Marilyn shares her secrets with the audience as if confiding in her best friend, going to the hidden corners of her tumultuous existence to surreptitiously reveal her darkest mysteries, and a few personal sex goddess tips! When Friday, Nov. 15, 2013-Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013 Times Check website for days & times Prices Tix start @ $25 Film The Godfather Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles During an early shot of the scene where Vito Corleone returns home and his people carry him up the stairs, Marlon Brando put weights under his body on the bed as a prank, to make it harder to lift him. Brando also did not memorize most of his lines and read from cue cards during most of the film. When Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 Time 7:30 p.m. Prices $11, $9 w/ student ID



Film The Princess Bride Billy Wilder Theater @ UCLA 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles Director Rob Reiner left the set during Billy Crystal’s scenes because he would laugh so hard that he would feel nauseated while Mandy Patinkin claims that the only injury he sustained during the entire filming of this movie was a bruised rib due to stifling his laughter in his scenes with Billy Crystal. When Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 Time 11:00 a.m. Price Free TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Comedy Worst Audition Ever Cavern Club Theater 1920 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles From actors and directors, writers and casting folk, all the stories are real. None of the names or events have been changed to protect the innocent...or not so innocent. Because pain is best served funny and with cocktails! When Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 Time 8:00 p.m. Price $20 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Film Edgar Wright Triple Feature Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles Shaun of the Dead followed by Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. The writer/director will also appear. When Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 Time 5:00 p.m. Prices $11, $9 w/ student ID Theatre Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater - The Simpsons The Echo 1822 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles If you were the kind of kid who grew up watching old sitcoms in syndication after school, this is the sock puppet show for you. Take sitcom pilot episodes add socks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, live musical performances, and you have the making of a truly memorable evening. When Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 Time 7:00 p.m. Price $10

Book Signing Ron Burgundy Barnes & Noble @ The Grove 189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles Will Ferrell’s Anchorman alter ego signs his book, “Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings.” When Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 Time 6:30 p.m. Parties The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Party Whimsic Alley 5464 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles A night of Capitol-caliber drinking, dining and entertainment that includes gourmet hors d’oeuvres, open bar, live music and performances, a “Capitol” style Competition (optional costume contest) and optional luxury transportation to an exclusive 11 p.m. screening of the film. When Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 Time 7:00 p.m. Prices Tix start @ $70

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E!’s Jacqueline M. Wood gives tips on how you can have fun and maintain a healthy figure during these upcoming months. It’s that time of year again, the time of year filled with Thanksgiving dinner, holiday parties, treats, pastries, drinks and more. If you’re worried about losing the fabulous body you worked on all spring and summer thanks to the countless number of calories you’ll probably consume during these fall and winter months, you’re not alone. Thankfully, E!’s “Party On” host Jacqueline M. Wood gave Campus Circle some valuable tips. TIP #1: It’s all about having a balance. When it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages and eating delicious food, it’s important that you do so in moderation. “If I have a cocktail at the beach, then I’ll eat a healthier dinner,” said Wood. It makes sense: if you choose to have a sugary, highcalorie cocktail in the afternoon, when dinnertime rolls around, it’s smarter to eat healthier, leaner dishes with a lot of veggies. Or, you can do it the other way around: skip the sugary cocktails and treat yourself to a hearty dinner and maybe even a dessert. TIP #2: Stay motivated. Some people have these moments where they’re balls-to-thewall fired up on getting in shape, but then out of nowhere, the workouts stop. Wood has a remedy for this. “Switch up your routine…you have to find out what works for you,” she said. The TV host reveals that she loves trying different workouts and classes so she doesn’t get bored or tired out too quickly. Alternate between heavyweights, hot body yoga, hip-hop dancing, pole dancing – if it interests you, give it a try! TIP #3: If you must drink, make these low-calorie versions of your favorite holiday cocktails. This is by far my favorite tip! If you’re like me, you love holiday cocktails, but did you know many calories these drinks have? For example, eggnog cocktails can run up to 700 calories – yikes! It’s not worth it. However, Wood has a few “skinny” cocktails that are totally worth it: ----->>>> TIP #4: Small portions. If you must indulge, indulge in small portions, especially during holiday feasts. “If you like food, don’t deprive yourself,” said Wood. “Choose smaller portions. Switch it up with the veggies, look for the healthier choice. Just don’t overload.” So, don’t load your plate up with turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac n’ cheese and pumpkin pie.

BOTTOM LINE: Work hard, play hard. Have fun this holiday season, and don’t feel guilty for going out to eat or having a drink with your friends. “If you want to have a good time, indulge,” said Wood. “Tell yourself, ‘I’m going to do this tonight and do a run on the beach tomorrow.’” As long as you maintain a balance (refer to Tip #1), you’ll be fine! “You don’t want to end up miserable,” said Wood.

“Skinny” Pumpkin Spice Martini: 182 calories ·1 oz. Pinnacle Pumpkin vodka ·1 oz. Crème de Cacao ·1 ice cube ·Rim glass with a pinch of cinnamon

Wood’s Hard Apple Cider

Wood’s Skinny Eggnog.

“Skinny” Eggnog: 242 calories ·1 egg ·1 tbsp. stevia ·1 tsp. vanilla extract ·8 oz. non-fat milk ·1 oz. Kahlua Liqueur ·Pinch of cinnamon “Skinny” Hard Apple Cider: 149 calories ·8 oz. organic apple juice ·1 slice of orange (whole, including peel) ·1 clove ·1 star anise (for flavor-optional) ·1 oz. rum (Bacardi Zero) ·1 tsp agave nectar · Garnish with 1Ž2 cinnamon stick When you’re at the bar, we have two words for you: Vodka. Soda. “I stick with a vodka soda or a vodka water,” said Wood. “There are no calories, no sugar and no hangover.”



Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013

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Kai Chan

The Ceviche Tasting features three different ceivches.

BY KAI CHAN Los Angeles is one of the best cities to satisfy your craving for Mexican food. The first thing that comes to my mind when I have a craving is: tacos, tacos and tacos. However, that’s not exactly what I thought of when I visited Frida Mexican Cuisine, formerly known as Casa Azul Cantina. When my friend and I looked through the menu, there were so many options that went beyond just tacos and burritos. Dishes range from ceviches and sopas to ensaladas and moles. Upon seating, there is a clean and sophisticated ambiance. They have folded napkins on the table waiting for you and colorful murals on the wall. We arrived at the restaurant at 2 p.m., and business-attire people seem to come here for lunch break. But students are welcomed, especially when UCLA is walking distance from the restaurant! We started munching on chips and salsa, then our waiter brought an appetizer: Guacamole en Molcajete. The molcajete (stone pot) had diced avocados in it, and our waiter asked us if we wanted everything. “Everything” means onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro and limejuice. We said “yes,” and he proceeded to mix everything in front of us. The guacamole was fresh and chunky, the way I like it. And there was plenty to last the whole meal. The next dish we tried was Ceviche Tasting. It features three different ceviches to try with crispy tortillas and crackers. Ceviche de Cangrejo is made with crabmeat, and was one of our favorites. It is acidic, sweet and spicy - my favorite combination. Ceviche Frida has fish pieces with carrots and jicama. The fish seemed a little bland for our tongues, and the

sauce was nothing special; it wasn’t our favorite. However, the Ceviche de Camaron Rasurado was my favorite! It’s made with shrimp in olive oil and limejuice with onions, avocados and jalapenos. The shrimp has a bite to it, and the sauce is lime-y and complements the other ingredients. Next, we both ordered a dish. My friend ordered the Burrito Frida with beef, and I ordered the Mole Tasting. Burrito Frida is pretty much like any other burrito you expect. You have a choice of beef, chicken, carnitas or pastor. Rolled up in flour tortilla, it is filled with meat, Mexican rice, refried beans, queso fresco, lettuce and sour cream. The beef itself was tender and the perfect texture. I never tasted mole before, so my expectations weren’t that high. In the Mole Tasting includes chicken with green, poblano, black and pipian mole sauces. Taking a bite out of each chicken, I fell in love with the poblano sauce. It’s sweet and slightly tangy. Green mole sauce is made with different nuts and is perfect for anyone who likes then. I’m not a big nut fan, but it was tasty. The black mole came out heavy, while the pipian had more spices to it. The moles are served with Mexican rice, refried beans, a cheese gordita and corn tortillas. The tortilla was the star of the show for me. Its texture was chewy with a slight bite. It was warm, but not gritty like other corn tortillas. Without a doubt, I will come back just for the delicious tortillas. At the end of our meal, the waiter served us café de olla, coffee with brown sugar and cinnamon. Taking a sip, the warm sweetness took over my taste buds. It was a nice palate cleanser for me after a hearty meal.

Next, we were immediately served the Dessert Platter featuring four different sweets. Crepas con Cajeta is crepes with milky, sweet, caramel-like sauce. The sauce was thick, and they poured all over the crepes that I wouldn’t have been able to see them if the waiter didn’t point them out. I love flan, but Flan Napolitano was very rich and a bit plain. Pastel de Tres Leches is a moist and sweet spongy cake with light frosting. The cake was delicious and oozing with sweet milk. On the bottom of the cake, it’s thick and sticky due to condensed milk, which is a bonus! The last dessert, which I had been looking forward, was the churros. They have a sweet filling inside, and you dip them in the caramel sauce. Surprisingly, it was not overly sweet and had a great texture. The whole dining experience left us very full, and we had a couple of bags to go. We were satisfied with our meals and left thanking the waiter and manager with a smile. The prices are a bit expensive, but come during lunch and happy hours at the bar for a discounted price. The restaurant also has “college night” every Thursday and provide specials during sports nights, as well. Overall, the food is delicious, and the service is excellence. The staff always greets you with a smile. My advice: come with extra money and a big appetite because the food will really fill you up. Frida Mexican Cuisine is located on 10853 Lindbrook Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024. For more information, check out the website at Campus Circle - November 14 - December 4, 2013



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