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All UC and Visiting Students are Welcome to Apply! Deadline to apply: May 9, 2011 Challenge your senses and open your imagination while you explore and discover the far-reaching influences of Spain’s Past and Present, or spend five weeks walking in Shakespeare’s World in England.

Madrid, Spain: June 20 – July 23, 2011 London, England: July 25 – August 27, 2011 (Check with your campus Financial Aid Office for program assistance and Scholarship opportunities. A non-refundable $300 application fee is required with submission.) Students earn 8 units of UC credit by taking two classes during the five week program. Check out the website for more information and to download your application today!


campus circle March 23 - March 29, 2011 Vol. 21 Issue 12

Editor-in-Chief Jessica Koslow Managing Editor Yuri Shimoda Film Editor Jessica Koslow Music Editor Yuri Shimoda Editorial Interns Dana Jeong, Cindy KyungAh Lee

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Contributing Writers Tamea Agle, Priscilla Andrade, Mary Broadbent, Erica Carter, Richard Castañeda, Deepthi Cauligi, Kantreal Daniels, Amanda D’Egidio, Natasha Desianto, Sean Fitz-Gerald, Stephanie Forshee, Jacob Gaitan, Christian Goss, Denise Guerra, Zach Hines, Da Ron Jackson, Alexandre Johnson, Mike Matusiewicz, Stephanie Nolasco, Samantha Ofole, Kristen Orola, Brien Overly, Ariel Paredes, Sasha Perl-Raver, Eva Recinos, Brianne Schaer, Mike Sebastian, Doug Simpson, Maxie Solters, John Stapleton IV, David Tobin, Drew Vaeth, James Violette, Kevin Wierzbicki, The Wing Girls, Candice Winters

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by cindy kyungah lee I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: I’m not the greatest fan of hip-hop, nor an avid listener of it. For my whole life, I was rather ignorant of the music genre. Somewhat impossible, I know … but hip-hop never really struck me like other genres of music did. I was only intrigued by the genre when I went to hip-hop clubs to blow off steam from a bad week of whatever people my age deal with. So, of course, it was only natural for me to be indifferent. Turns out, there is so much that makes hip-hop so appealing, and why people like it so much. The Grammy Museum is hosting an exhibition highlighting four decades of hip-hop in the States. Here, you will learn almost everything there is about the history of hiphop. The Grammy Museum currently presents a variety of small exhibits on four of its floors. The second floor displays everything that has to do with hip-hop, from shoes of



What do you scream for? by deepthi cauligi ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream,” shouted the children before frozen yogurt was in demand. Frozen yogurt, or froyo as it is popularly known, is becoming increasingly popular. This delicious and less fattening frozen treat is making students crave for yogurt, resulting in more and more yogurt bars opening up near university campuses. With 21 Choices and Yogurtland close to USC, the demand for frozen yogurt has definitely gone up. An employee of 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt, Tracy Le is of the opinion that sales at the USC store have increased, and students prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream. This is because students are becoming more health conscious and constantly looking for alternatives to junk food. Froyo contains lower amounts of fat compared to ice cream. For instance, two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt contain 320 calories and four grams of fat. By comparison, two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Original Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream contains 460 calories and 22 grams of fat. So frozen yogurt saves you some calories and Sapp

Now-May 4 @ The Grammy Museum

famous artists to rare artifacts from its notable past. And yes, the shoe racks covering an entire side of the wall are truly amazing. When you go up the escalators, you will immediately come face-to-face with boomboxes and colorful sneakers – the symbols of hip-hop (not quite sure why, but hip-hop and colorful sneakers have some real tight bond with each other) – from the private collection of Everlast. Right next to the infinite rows of shoes, there is a mini photo wall where you can get your picture taken. I probably shouldn’t have posed the way I did in my business casual attire, but I couldn’t help myself – I probably looked like an idiot because I swear some people were looking at me weird. After your initial encounters, you should get ready to immerse yourself in some of the more interesting aspects of hip-hop. Those boomboxes and sneakers were merely an introduction to what you will see in the entirety of the exhibit. At the museum, you will be able to see rare photographs and original artifacts, such as handwritten song lyrics by Tupac Shakur, Grandmaster Flash turntables, LL Cool J TROOP suit and Kangol hat, Run-D.M.C. leather jacket and pants worn during “Walk This Way” performance with Aerosmith, DJ Jazzy Jeff Homebase Tour jacket and more. What’s even better is that you can spend hours playing with the interactive mixing and listening stations that cover one side of the wall. My friend had to pull me away from this one because I somehow created a long line behind me. It was great to be able to have some hands-on fun at a museum where you normally just observe. And, of course, if you are genuinely interested in learning history, you can make your way over to the wall with the timeline of key dates and events that have occurred over

The Grammy Museum exhibit contains everything from photographs, handwritten song lyrics and clothing. the past 40 years that hip-hop has gained such widespread popularity. Though I might never be a devoted hip-hop fan, this exhibition is an interesting experience. There is much to learn, and much to enjoy in such a small space. Once again, the Grammy Museum does not disappoint its visitors, offering juicy, original, rare artifacts and interesting details that make specific aspects of music so fascinating. The Grammy Museum is located at 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit

Campus Circle > Blogs > The Greener Side a lot of fat! Healthwise and otherwise, frozen yogurt works well. But can it really replace ice cream? Not everyone feels frozen yogurt can take over ice cream. Jazz White, a senior studying at USC, prefers ice cream to froyo. “If I were to eat something bad for me, I am going to go all the way and not going to [replace] it with something that looks and feels like the real thing but it actually isn’t,” she says. “I want the real deal. I want ice cream.” While some may prefer ice cream, others prefer to eat frozen yogurt and feel comforted that they are eating a less fattening dessert, which looks and tastes almost like ice cream. Frozen yogurt is less fattening and even considered healthy because it contains fewer amounts of probiotics. While ice creams contain 10 to 18 percent of fat content by weight, frozen yogurt usually has less amounts of fat content. This, with the added bonus of fruit toppings, makes this a healthier dessert. But there is another reason for students, particularly USC students, to prefer frozen yogurt, and that is access. The rise in popularity of the frozen alternative to ice cream has made it more accessible than ice cream. “Due to easy access, frozen yogurt is the best option. Though there is a Baskin-Robbins store in the University Village, the quality and taste is not up to the mark,” says Beroze Dubash, a USC junior says when asked whether she prefers frozen yogurt or ice cream. Yogurt replaces the cream content of ice cream, but otherwise, similar ingredients are used. Though it may contain fewer calories than ice cream, the toppings – if they are not carefully chosen – may add extra calories and fat. M&M’s, brownies and cheesecake pieces and other fattening toppings can add to the fat and calorie content. On the whole, however,

Deepthi Cauligi


Campus Circle > Blogs > Colors of Culture

The demand for frozen yogurt has definitely gone up. it is definitely much healthier than ice cream. Moreover, the cost of the yogurt is reasonable, making students feel less guilty about spending money on unhealthy food. With unlimited choices and flavors, frozen yogurt’s popularity is increasing by the day. 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt is one of the most thriving frozen yogurt stores near USC. It also has other locations in Old Pasadena, Claremont the Village and Claremont Mountain & Foothill, all offering six different flavors of frozen yogurt each day. With Yogurtland and 21 Choices standing in the way, Baskin-Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery are facing serious drops in sales. Froyo makes frozen yogurt sound cool and happening. With plenty of flavors to choose from and a reasonable purchase price, students continue to savor this delicious frozen dessert, even in the cold weather. It’s great to see that Americans are opting for healthier alternatives. Are you health-consciousness but craving some cold dessert? Frozen yogurt is your answer.

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Voices Support for Health Freedom Expo by candice winters What is now considered a trend was once not so widely accepted. It goes by many names, the most common being “going green,” but what living a low-impact lifestyle really means is up to debate. Is just recycling enough? Do we have to drive a Prius? Where is the line that separates the regular, God-fearing individual who separates bottles, cans and paper from the visionary who does all she can to reduce her carbon footprint? For actress-activist Daryl Hannah, being conscious of the world around her has influenced her decision to live in a solar home with graywater systems and an organic garden, to adapt biofuels as alternative energy and to use her influence with the public to spread the word on how anyone can do it. “There just seem to be so many solutions to the crisis and challenges we face out there,” says Hannah about being an advocate for this cause. “So when I learn about them, I feel compelled to share the information.” Making a keynote appearance at the Health Freedom Expo, which takes place March 25 through 27, Hannah has spent nearly as much time helping the Earth as she has on a

Campus Circle > Culture > Get Up Get Out film set. She became a household name in 1984 alongside Tom Hanks in Splash and has since starred in many memorable films like Wall Street and Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2. She has found her calling on the big screen, but she has simultaneously been committed to the environment. As a greening consultant for events such as the Virgin Music Festival and a speaker at the UN Global Business Summit for the Environment and the National Biodiesel Conference, to name a few, Hannah is not so impressed with the growing ‘trend’ of companies who are ‘going green.’ “Every large corporation and every government entity has used the concept to greenwash their operations,” says Hannah, who is the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, a program that produces and harvests biofuels. “Going green has morphed into some pious, exclusionary, altruistic choice. You can’t have environmentally sound practices without having socially conscious ones. The welfare of other species, humanitarian issues and environmental ones are one and the same. Green is coming to mean something that fails to consider the big picture.” In order to provide solutions to the problems the ordinary citizen would encounter with living environmentally friendly, Hannah has nurtured her own Web site, The most interesting part about the site is that it provides alternatives to almost anything you can think of; you can buy a bamboo snowboard and the world’s only hemp guitar in “The Goods” section. Hannah says there are more reasons than the obvious to buy products that haven’t been made with nature as a casualty. “If we all insisted on social and environmental responsibility from companies,” she explains, “perhaps we wouldn’t be buying goods that were made by slave trade or goods from companies that poison our water and soil. If we

GAMES&GADGETS by mike sebastian There’s nothing quite so frustrating as getting an exciting new piece of software and not understanding why it won’t do what you want it to do. User manuals, however, can be tedious, dry and don’t offer the kind of visual step-bystep explanation that a video tutorial does. For anyone who has ever booted up his new copy of Photoshop and not even known where to begin, there’s For a monthly or annual subscription fee, you are granted access to over 59,000 tutorials, which will walk you through pretty much any piece of software, from complicated 3-D animation programs down to your Gmail account. It’s like having your own private tutor. The best part about is its organization. Each lesson is broken down into chapters, each with its own subsections. You can bookmark a video and add your own title, description or tags in case you want to come back to it. The Web site also remembers your progress. You can filter software searches by company, genre, instructor or release date. So if you find a teacher you like you can view a list of all of his tutorials or all of his tutorials for a given program. The genre classification is also handy in browsing for and previewing applications you might consider purchasing. Tutorials follow the standard video tutorial format. Viewers watch replicas of their own screens as if they were on their own computers. The instructor narrates in voice-over as he or she demonstrates the lesson, with the occasional tidbits appearing in text. The tutorials are presented in great resolution in their own size-adjustable pop-up windows, which have standard video controls and optional closed captioning.


Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11

choose food grown without chemical pes– ticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers, there wouldn’t be a market for those toxic products. Our everyday choices are important to our health, and they can have a cumulative effect and ultimately, create the possibility of a healthier, safer and happier world.” The case for saving the planet has fallen by the wayside or, worse, into big Daryl Hannah with her biodiesel company initiatives El Camino and marketing cam– paigns. Hannah continues to speak out for her passion, an admirable and compelling story from an actress who has reached the fame and success that has sent many others into a quiet life of enjoying wealth. “What we all want – unless you’re driven by power, money or greed – is a peaceful, abundant healthy planet and a healthy fulfilling life,” she says. “A bamboo snowboard won’t get us there, but every choice that we make has an impact.” Health Freedom Expo takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd. For more information, visit

Campus Circle > Culture > Gaming You can also view a transcript of the closed captioning and even run a search for a specific phrase within it. Total runtime for a tutorial generally seems to run in the five to 10hour range, which makes the chapter breaks a very welcome addition. Another great feature of the site is its variety and depth of tutorials on a given piece of software. A search for Photoshop will bring up videos for a range of past versions (not just the newest release) as well as tutorials aimed at several skill levels, from an introduction to its most basic tools to an investigation of techniques for advanced users. For a little extra money you can become a premium member, which enables you to download the exercise files for a given lesson. These are supplemental files for use with the specified application to help you apply the lesson on your own. Often they are copies of the files used in the instructor’s demonstration, which you can play around with. DVDs of some of the tutorials, including exercise files, are available for purchase on the Web site. There is also an iPhone app to learn on the go. A basic monthly membership is $25. iChair iPod Touch Case: When searching for a case for you precious iPod, protection is obviously the No. 1 consideration, but no one wants to add bulk either. Being able to slip your iPod in and out of your pocket is part of what makes them so great. But sometimes you also need some added functionality, too. There are plenty of extra gadgets that will prop up, hold or display your iPod or iPad for watching videos, but that’s just one more thing you have to carry around and is often twice as big as the iPod itself. iChair is a case and stand in one, combining protection

The iChair iPod touch case combines protection and functionality without sacrificing sleekness. and functionality without sacrificing sleekness. The two-part slider case snaps together and apart with ease. A little flap pops out on the back so you can prop up your iPod either vertically or horizontally. It’s great for watching movies, reading sheet music while practicing an instrument or enjoying a hands-free video call. The iChair combines a soft shock-absorbing inner layer with a more durable hard rubber exterior for ideal protection from short drops and dings. Also included is a screen protector and an extra slider cap with two colors, white or blue, to chose from. The iChair is not currently available for the latest generation of iPod Touch, but is coming soon. iPhone and iPad versions are available.


SPECIAL FEATURES by mike sebastian


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STUDENT HAIRCUTS from $10.00 Call 310 255 0011 for a complimentary consultation 321 SANTA MONICA BLVD SANTA MONICA | CA 90401

The Majors: Two of cinema’s hottest


stars, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, share the screen in the Hitchcockian espionage film The Tourist. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others) directs the remake of the French original. Depp is a heartbroken American tourist in Italy who meets a mysterious woman (Jolie) on a train and soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly adventure. Writer-director James L. Brooks (As Good as It Gets) returns to his familiar romantic dramedy territory in How Do You Know. Reese Witherspoon stars as a pro softball player who is cut from the U.S. team and finds herself torn between two very different men played by Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd. Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake voice the famous bear residents of Jellystone Park in the live-action/CGI Yogi Bear. Anna Faris and Tom Cavanagh co-star. Earth is in peril as massive alien ships hover over Los Angeles abducting people. A small group of holdouts (Eric Balfour, Donald Faison) try to survive in Skyline. The special effects team behind Avatar provides the eye candy in this sci-fi thriller. Also available: indie sex comedy The People I’ve Slept With, The Little Engine That Could with the voices of Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Lee Curtis

From the Vault: A long-unavailable crime classic, Joseph Losey’s The Prowler (1951) has all the usual noir elements: a will, an unhappy wife, an illicit affair, a murder; but throw in a sociopathic, stalker cop and you’ve got a strange, creepy thriller penned by one of the masters, Dalton Trumbo. James Ellroy and Bertrand Tavernier contribute to the special features. Finally on DVD, Richard Lester’s How I Won the War stars John Lennon in his only major non-Beatles acting gig. Lester (A Hard Day’s Night) re-teams with Lennon for this WWII farce about a bumbling officer and his ragtag squad. Women’s prison flicks were actually an entire genre in the 1970s. Two such grindhouse classics Jackson County Jail and Caged Heat! come to DVD in a Roger Corman double feature. Twenty more hard-to-find MGM gems are now available from various online retailers through DVD-on-demand. Highlights include The Murder of Mary Phagan, a TV miniseries about political corruption starring Jack Lemmon, Queen of Hearts, a magical realist comedy about a family of Italian immigrants in England and The Black Sleep, a sci-fi precursor to Eyes Without a Face with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney. Check out a 16-year-old Nicole Kidman in “the Australian Goonies,” cult favorite BMX Bandits. Blu Notes: Rob Reiner brought Stephen King’s story The Body to the screen in Stand By Me (1986), starring a slew of young stars, including River Phoenix and Kiefer Sutherland. This fantastic coming-of-age drama follows a group of adolescent boys on their journey to find the body of a missing teenager. In honor of its 10th anniversary, Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides comes remastered for Blu-ray. Culled from a year’s worth of footage, this beautiful and fascinating documentary follows artist Andy Goldsworthy as he crafts his unique art pieces using materials found in nature. The Idiotbox: Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros: Season 4, Vol. 2 parodies ’60s animated adventure shows like “Jonny Quest.” The hilarious series follows famous scientist Dr. Venture and his sons, Hank and Dean, as they battle their nemeses.

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Join today and get these great benefits: • Individual membership for 1 year, no blackout dates! • 1 complimentary guest ticket • Discounts throughout the Aquarium • 20% discount on gift memberships • Invitations to special member only events • Subscription to Pacific Currents, our members only magazine You get all of this for just $45! Become a member today by going to or call 562-437-FISH(3474). *Must have valid student ID

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Campus Circle > Film > Special Features Your Highness (Universal) Fresh from Oscar victory (Natalie Portman) and Oscar hosting (James Franco), the pair co-stars with the alwayshilarious Danny McBride (If you’re not watching “Eastbound & Down,” get thee to HBO immediately!) in this fantasy comedy about an arrogant, lazy prince (McBride) who must complete a valiant quest in order to save his father’s kingdom. We’re hoping this could be The Princess Bride for the new millennium.

APRIL 15 Scream 4 (Dimension) Director Wes Craven is back, along with his stars, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, in this franchise continuation. It’s been 10 years since we last saw Sidney Prescott (Campbell), who is now an author of a selfhelp book and returns to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. Reconnecting with her family and friends, her homecoming also brings the return of Ghostface. Dun dun duh! Here’s hoping Jennifer Love Hewitt makes a cameo and screams “I know what you did last summer!” or it turns out Drew Barrymore was actually the killer all along.

APRIL 22 Steve Dietl

Apollo 18 (Dimension) A found-footage-style movie about an abandoned NASA mission to the moon that reveals the existence of alien life. Sounds to us a bit like The Fourth Kind: Take Two. Rainn Wilson as the Crimson Bolt in Super

SPRING 2011 MOVIE GUIDE by sasha perl-raver

After months of Oscar fodder and the barren wasteland of dreck that follows awards season, spring arrives in full bloom with highly anticipated comedies (Bridesmaids, Your Highness), sweeping dramas (Water for Elephants, Meek’s Cutoff), the return of Jack Sparrow and the debut of a major new action star.

MARCH 25 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (20th Century Fox) Based on the second book in Jeff Kinney’s outlandishly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, the film follows Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) as he enters seventh grade and tries to woo his crush, Holly Hills (Peyton R. List). Miral (The Weinstein Company) Directed by artist and two-time Oscar nominee Julian Schnabel, who previously helmed Before Night Falls and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the film stars Freida Pinto as a Palestinian girl brought to a Jerusalem orphanage in the wake of the first Arab-Israeli war. If it’s anything like Schnabel’s previous work, you can expect high art and heartpiercing humanity. Sucker Punch (Warner Bros. Pictures) While it bugs to no end that the poster for this film about a group of girls (including Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish) battling their way out of a mental institution’s alternate reality looks identical to Harry Potter ads, anything from 300 and Watchmen director Zack Snyder deserves rapt attention.

APRIL 1 Insidious (FilmDistrict) From James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the guys who brought


Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11

you the Saw franchise, comes a creepy tale of two young parents (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) who discover that the body of their comatose son attracts evil spirits, leaving the boy’s mind trapped in a realm called the Further. Super (IFC) What would you do if your wife left you? If you’re “The Office”’s Rainn Wilson, you transform yourself into a lessthan-super superhero named the Crimson Bolt to go after your super hot bride (Liv Tyler) and Jacques (Kevin Bacon), the super suave drug dealer she left you for, with the help of a comic book store clerk-turned-loyal super sidekick, Boltie (Ellen Page).

APRIL 8 Arthur (Warner Bros. Pictures) Russell Brand stars in this remake of the Dudley Moore 1980s classic about a drunken playboy. Born to Be Wild 3D (Warner Bros. Pictures) An outstanding documentary about orphaned orangutans and elephants and the people who rescue and raise them. Ceremony (Magnolia) The Fonz’s son, Max Winkler, directs Uma Thurman, Lee Pace and Michael Angarano (the little kid in Almost Famous, all grown up) in this tale about an awkward young man (Angarano) who crashes the weekend wedding festivities of his crush, Zoe (Thurman), and her betrothed, a pompous, famous filmmaker (Pace). Hanna (Focus Features) A 16-year-old assassin (Saoirse Ronan) is sent on a mission across Europe by her ex-CIA operative single father (Eric Bana) with a ruthless intelligence agent (Cate Blanchett) hot on her tracks. We’ve got a shiny new quarter that says Blanchett is actually her mom. Any takers? Soul Surfer (Affirm Films) This inspirational tale is based on the true story of young surfer Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) who lost her arm in a shark attack but still chose to return to the water and the sport she loves. With Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt.

Madea’s Big Happy Family (Lionsgate) Media mogul Tyler Perry is back as his alterego Madea, and this time she’s bringing the Old Spice Guy with her. Meek’s Cutoff (Oscilloscope) Remember the video game “The Oregon Trail?” This is the film version, but instead of a screen announcing you’ve died of dysentery, the audience watches as a group of settlers finds themselves lost in harsh conditions, unsure whether their guide has intentionally led them into danger. Michelle Williams could be nominated for her second consecutive Oscar for her performance in the film directed by Kelly Reichardt, who previously collaborated with Williams in Wendy and Lucy. Water for Elephants (20th Century Fox) Robert Pattinson takes a breather from Twilight to co-star with Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz in the big-screen adaptation of the bestseller about a veterinary student (Pattinson) who abandons everything after his parents are killed in a car accident. Joining up with a third-rate traveling circus, he finds connecting with the animals is easy and falling for the star performer (Witherspoon) even easier … except for the fact that she’s the wife of the sadistic ringmaster (Waltz).

APRIL 29 Fast Five (Universal) Is it possible? Could they really be any faster or more furious? In the fifth installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are joined by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a federal agent dispatched to Rio de Janeiro to bring down former cop Brian O’Conner (Walker) and excon Dom Toretto (Diesel) as they assemble one final race in a desperate grasp at their last big score.

MAY 6 Jumping the Broom (TriStar) From Salim Akil, the director of TV shows like “Girlfriends” and “The Game,” Jumping the Broom stars Paula Patton and Laz Alonso as a young couple trying to bring their very different families together over a long, emotionally charged wedding weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 >>>

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<<< CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 Something Borrowed (Warner Bros. Pictures) “Big Love” star Ginnifer Goodwin stars in this rom-com about Rachel, an unhappy single attorney climbing to the top of a New York law firm, who drinks way too much on her 30th birthday and wakes up in bed with Dex (Colin Egglesfield), the guy she’s had a crush on since law school. Too bad he’s already her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiancé. Awkward. Also co-starring John Krasinski and Steve Howey, who some may remember as previously playing second banana to Hudson in Bride Wars.

MAY 13 Bridesmaids (Universal) Produced by Judd Apatow and featuring a luminary cast of the best assemblage of female comedic talent in recent memory, Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig as the maid of honor at Maya Rudolph’s wedding. Along with the former “SNL” cohorts, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Jon Hamm also star. The potential for brilliant hilarity is so great it’s almost scary. Priest (Screen Gems) Adapted from the Korean comic, Priest is set in an alternate world where humans and vampires have warred for centuries. After the last Vampire War, the veteran Warrior Priest (Paul Bettany) lives with a few remaining humans inside one of the Church’s walled cities. But when his niece (Lily Collins) is kidnapped by vampires, the Priest, his niece’s boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) and a former Warrior Priestess (“Nikita” star Maggie Q) strike out for a rescue mission of vengeance.

MAY 20 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Disney) Captain Jack Sparrow rides again! Or should we say, Cruz-es? Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. After crossing paths with a woman from his past (Penelope Cruz), Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp, as if you didn’t know) is swept aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (“Deadwood” star Ian McShane), on an unexpected mission to find the elusive fountain of youth. Director Rob Marshall takes over for thrice Pirate king, Gore Verbinski.


AVALON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL March 25-27 @ Catalina Casino Theatre & Ballroom by candice winters Now joining the ranks of Cannes and Sundance is the Avalon International Film Festival (AIFF), which is having its debut on Catalina Island from March 25 to 27. AIFF is a logical progression for Santa Catalina Island, a locale that is not unfamiliar with Hollywood. In fact, the movie industry has been using the island for filming purposes as far back as the silent film Terror Island (1920). Since then, Catalina has been a target for many films and movie stars. Actress Natalie Wood drowned off its coast while vacationing with husband Robert Wagner, and Lisa Marie Presley got into that infamous argument with then-boyfriend Nicolas Cage, causing her to throw a ring, once owned by her father Elvis, into the water. Whatever Hollywood lore you associate with Catalina, there’s no denying that the romantic view of Avalon Bay and the iconic Catalina Casino Theatre & Ballroom were virtually made to host a film festival. And big names in the industry have already signed on to support the fledgling festival’s first year. A badge will allow visitors to see Terri starring John C. Reilly and the world premiere of The Elevator, which is the directorial debut of Heather Morris (airhead Brittany on “Glee”). Not only will features, shorts and documentaries make their way to the Casino’s screen, but the festival will also bring together industry professionals for a series of producing, directing, writing and cinema workshops. For more information, visit


FILMSPECIALFEATURES-CONTINUED “A sparkling piece of entertainment... a savvy mix of youthful restlessness, crime, romance... and a little bit of rock ’n’ roll.” –Ray Bennett, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Raucous, touching and vital, with hints of ‘The Fighter.’” –David Friend, VANITYFAIR.COM

“A powerful family saga with compelling performances.” –Jeffrey Lyons, LYONS DEN RADIO

A film by John Gray

For pervasive language, some sexuality and violence.

EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENTS START FRIDAY, MARCH 25TH ▲HOLLYWOOD ArcLight Cinemas At Sunset & Vine (323) 464-4226

▲SANTA MONICA Laemmle’s Monica (310) 478-3836 Tickets available @

● ENCINO Laemmle’s Town Center 5 (818) 981-9811


FILMMAKERS & CAST IN PERSON FRIDAY NIGHT! Q&A with Producer Paul Bernard and Actor Nick Thurston Friday, March 25th after the prime show at the Arclight.


Peter Travers,



COOpER Is TERRIfIC.” Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV

“dE NIRO Is ExCELLENT.” Claudia Puig,



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A moving and inspiring experience." -Joseph Smigelski, The Huffington Post


An unforgettable story of courage and determination." -Jeffrey Lyons, Lyons Den Radio


the film honors the ability of music to heal and captures the spirit of the era with heartfelt performances." -James Greenberg, The Hollywood Reporter

Screen Media Films


Brian (Nick Thurston) and Danny (Geoff Wigdor) in White Irish Drinkers

Peep World (IFC) What do you remember about your last family meal? Was it stiff and awkward or loving with a flowing conversation about everyone’s success? The Meyerwitz family’s last dinner together involved screaming curse words, really awkward kisses, a pending lawsuit and a revelation or two. Throw in an apathetic father to a stressed ex-wife and their four grown yet immature children, and you get Peep World. Director Barry W. Blaustein manages to weave together an insightful and comical 24 hours following the Meyerwitz siblings (Ben Schwartz, Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman) on the day of their father’s 70th birthday. Not only is this family dysfunctional and unafraid to show it, but a recently successful novel written by the youngest Meyerwitz, Nathan (Schwartz), threatens to dismantle all of their secrets. Silverman plays Cheri, the artist/dancer/actor/screenwriter who is the most angered by her younger brother’s book. Silverman shines as a caricature of an “artist” and provides many of the film’s laughs. Jack (Hall) is the oldest, most responsible sibling and is constantly watching over Joel (Wilson), the black sheep. But Jack isn’t as clean-cut as he seems. The real meat of the story comes near the end: Why are all of these adults so screwed up? We are left to decide whose fault it is that these adults are acting like children, the father included. The real question is: Is there really one person to blame? Amidst all of the existential questions you will ask yourself, you cannot possibly ignore the humor in Peep World. It’s a dry sort of wit mixed with over-the-top theatrics provided by a more-thanwilling Silverman. Peep World plays out as a fleeting glance into a family’s life and, with great care from the director, leaves you wanting more. Grade: A —Kristen Orola Peep World releases in select theaters March 25.

White Irish Drinkers


ENCINO SANTA MONICA Laemmle’s WESTWOOD Laemmle’s Landmark’s Regent Monica 310/478-3836 310/281-8223 Sat-Sun only Tickets @ Town Center 5 818/981-9811 SPECIAL ENGAGEMENTS NO PASSES OR DISCOUNT COUPONS ACCEPTED

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(Screen Media) One would think that in the autumn of 1975, the scant rumor that the Rolling Stones (“Ron Wood’s first tour as guitarist!”) would be playing a small second run theater called the Lafayette in the provincial Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn would incite the electricity of drunken Mardi Gras revelry and the looting and destruction of a Lakers World Championship. Lots of flesh stripped clean, burning cars, Mayor Koch burned in effigy for the hell of it and a continual confetti of popcorn debris fluttering through a rain-soaked street in a good ol’ display of teenage rock ’n’ roll riot. That’s the idea anyhow. Instead, during the crux of the film White Irish Drinkers, we get a handful of disinterested kids moaning and shuffling in hippie clusters as if they were auditioning for George Romero’s next zombie pic. At its root it may sound like a deal breaker, but it’s a small style point lost on me in what was a very competent and slightly clichéd comingof-age tale, told in the style of Saturday Night Fever and, to a lesser degree, A Bronx Tale. Urban Brooklyn in the ’70s is an easy location choice for just about any movie. Science fiction, period love piece, westerns ­– take your pick. Nothing is lost in the attitude, the wardrobe, the sets and the crippling ennui of the time. It all serves the bigger purpose of a drama told succinctly. This is where White Irish Drinkers succeeds, taking a familiar story and making you care about the lead, Brian (played with conflict and restraint by Nick Thurston). It’s not his pathos that draws you in, it’s the cast of assholes that you’re screaming for him to get free from. His father Patrick (Stephen Lang) is as fearsome a character as I’ve seen on film in years, making the final scene of the movie so satisfying. His brother Danny (Geoff Wigdor) is taking up space in the neighborhood doing petty crimes for Jimmy Cheeks and trying to involve his brother in his own scripted world of small-town attitude and prideful xenophobia. “We Are White Irish Drinkers” is the common refrain. And his mother Margaret (Karen Allen) is caught between them all and depressingly ineffective in protecting herself or her boys. Throw in a cast of friends that range from buffoonish to dull, and you can’t help but find yourself rooting for Brian to make his way to the promised land of Carnegie Mellon at the end of a paintbrush while riding shotgun in the passenger seat of a VW van. Grade: B —Christian Goss White Irish Drinkers releases in select theaters March 25.


WESTWOOD Regency Village 310/208-5576 $3.00 parking after 6:00 PM in “Privilege Parking Lots”. $1.00 refunded with paid admission after 6:00 PM. HOLLYWOOD ArcLight Cinemas at the Dome 323/464-4226 4 hours validated parking -$2 ALHAMBRA Edwards Renaissance Stadium 14 & IMAX® 800/FANDANGO 438# ALISO VIEJO Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 & IMAX® 800/FANDANGO 116# ARCADIA AMC Santa Anita 16 & IMAX® 888/AMC-4FUN

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Emily Browning gets Babydolled up. by john stapleton IV Director Zack Snyder is no stranger to epic films, putting together back-to-back successes with 300 and Watchmen. With his latest fantasy masterpiece, Sucker Punch, Snyder slips the surly bonds of graphic novel stories and creates a girl-power fantasy flick in which the only limitation is his imagination ... and the MPAA. “The whole story would have been sex and violence,” Snyder says. “I thought it could be more of a cerebral journey. I told everyone, ‘If it’s not PG-13, this movie is going to be rough – really rough. I don’t know where they’ll show it.’” His concern is understandable. Sucker Punch follows five women, each of whom has been institutionalized within the walls of a decrepit insane asylum, fighting against their pasts, their evil captors and each other. While their struggle is as rough as Snyder implies, their only means of escape is to imagine themselves in an alternate reality while they dance for paying customers. During these dances, the girls are not prisoners, but masters of their own destinies, and the action takes off as they battle steampunk zombies, fire-breathing dragons and teams of 50-foot samurai warriors.

Campus Circle > Film > Interviews The fact that the movie is about five women who are locked in an asylum and forced to give private dances might initially seem demeaning. And the fact that the majority of the movie is set within the ’50s-era burlesque fantasy constructed by the controlling asylum director might seem a little condescending. And the fact that the alternate realities these women escape to involves them wearing next to nothing might seem somewhat sexist. But each actress in Sucker Punch wants to make it clear that this movie is more than just a Comi-Con nerdgasm, and that there are completely legitimate and empowering elements to the film. Emily Browning calls her role as Babydoll “extremely empowering,” even though she spends the film as a pigtailed schoolgirl. “You see this sweet little girl, and her first line into the film is holding a knife to someone’s throat.” Browning says she embraced “both sides: the sexiness and the strength. Females don’t need to be placed into these boxes of whether you’re sexy or you’re strong; you’re sensitive or you’re tough. Humans – men and women – are layered. I guess that’s one of the sucker punches of the film.” When asked what empowered stars Jena Malone (Rocket), Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie) and Jamie Chung (Amber), the actresses jokingly reply, “Coffee! Red Bull! Tea!” The three supporting actresses of Sucker Punch, however, were quick to point out that working on the set of the film required more than heavy doses of caffeine. Despite the film’s cerebral toughness, the talent had to be put through some pretty rigorous physical training of their own, working out daily to obtain the kind of balance between sexuality and strength described by Browning. Malone describes the first day of shooting: “When were down in the trenches, doing our tough walk, there were explosions and dirt was sticking to our lip gloss, but we had


SXSW FILM FEST WRAP-UP by candice winters

The awards have been handed out, and the all-too-important celebrities have left the city to come home to Los Angeles. Another year has passed for the South by Southwest Film Festival, an annual event that draws hundreds of films, filmmakers, critics and fans to Austin, Texas. The big winner this year was Natural Selection, which had little buzz going into the festival. But by looking at the slate of winners, it becomes evident that buzz can be misleading. Natural Selection took home the Best Narrative Feature prize from both the jury and the audience, and it won five other jury awards. Hard to nail down as a comedy, a drama or a dramedy, Natural Selection stars comedian Rachael Harris as a dutiful Christian housewife who is searching for the biological son of her husband who has suffered a stroke at a sperm bank where he had secretly been donating for 25 years. Dragonslayer was the Grand Jury Winner in the documentary category, and cinematographer Eric Koretz won Best Cinematography for the film, which centers on a kid living in California suburbs, dabbling in drugs, love and skating. How to Die in Oregon is another documentary that was warmly received. Documentarian Peter Richardson spent four years filming and editing together this solemn and often incredibly depressing film that depicts ordinary people who are allowed to take their own life by Oregon’s legislation


Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11

Clay Enos


(l to r) Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and director Zack Snyder on the set of Sucker Punch to make this look good.” Like the characters they were portraying, Hudgens says filming was physically difficult, but also mentally challenging, describing it “like any negative situation – you just got to battle your way through.” Sucker Punch is certainly Snyder’s most daring film, ditching the archetypically tough-guy action hero routine for a cast that’s decidedly more feminine, but also as equally intrepid. And don’t let the tiny leather outfits and dirtencrusted lip gloss fool you – this is no Moulin Rouge! meets Ya-Ya Sisterhood. This is “The Powerpuff Girls” for grownups, and these girls are coming to kick some ass. “They fight back against those stereotypes. In the end, the girls are empowered by their sexuality instead of exploited by it,” says Snyder. “It’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever been around in my life. And I directed Watchmen – that was fucking complicated.” Sucker Punch releases in theaters March 25.

Campus Circle > Film > Special Features known as the ‘Death with Dignity’ law. The SXSW audience cried ad infinitum as heart-wrenching stories of terminally ill citizens make the choice to place their mortality in their own hands. SXSW is all about finding the new up-and-comers, the filmmakers and talent of tomorrow who need festivals to spread the word about their work. For many film writers, discovering these little diamonds in the rough in the world of the film market is a treat. Caught Inside is one such film. Director Adam Blaiklock is ambitious with his first feature. Caught Inside is a psychological thriller that takes place entirely onboard a surfing safari vessel. The film is a showcase of the cast’s ability, with emotions. The characters are chartering to a remote location known as surfer’s paradise. But the women that are brought along become the target of pent-up frustration and tension for the men in what becomes an emotionally thrilling film of clashing personalities. Likewise, Green is a film by writer-director-actress Sophia Takal who competently plays with the paranoia and torment that comes with jealous love. The film really catches the ultimate fear of every woman: What happens to your friendship when your boyfriend severs the tie and opens the floodgates of irrational jealousy and deceit? But the festival wasn’t all drama and depression. In fact, SXSW was a hot spot for studio features as well. Making its world premiere at SXSW was Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan. It is only the second feature by Duncan Jones whose first, Moon (2009), was highly praised both for Sam Rockwell’s solo performance and Jones’ eye for telling a realistic story with a science fiction twist. Source Code is an action thriller featuring Gyllenhaal as a soldier who wakes up in an unknown body. His mission is to find the bomber on a Chicago commuter train.

SXSW Film Festival


Adam Blaiklock’s Caught Inside was a festival highlight. The aforementioned cast and filmmakers of Source Code were in Austin for SXSW, along with numerous other big names. Danny DeVito was spotted roaming the Four Seasons; he was there for his new film Girl Walks Into a Bar, also starring Rosario Dawson and Carla Gugino. Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page were also at the Four Seasons, chatting up journalists and fans about their new film Super, which premiered at SXSW. The duo sat for a Q&A following the screening to discuss their film in which Wilson is the Crimson Bolt, a self-proclaimed surveyor of public crime, and Page is Boltie, his eccentric sidekick. The man of the festival, however, was none other than Conan. Conan O’Brien brought his 6-foot, 4.5-inch frame and ginger hair to Austin in support of his documentary, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. SXSW attendees were kept laughing by O’Brien’s humor in the film and were likewise pleased to find that he wasn’t so big as to miss its premiere. Another year down, and we’re kept wanting more. Thanks Austin, until next year.





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Captivates Music Fans with Magical Beats by Stephanie nolasco

March 23–May 1, 2011 213.628.2772 Groups 213.972.7231


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Within a sea of pearl-hued balloons, a statuesque siren resembling a young Nico carelessly bangs on invisible drums with lobster red drumsticks, demanding all eyes be on her. Even sudden flashes of light respond to her rich, candied vocals, which would make anyone happily surrender to cavities just for a taste. Heart-thumping electronica and mystical synths suddenly unite to create a dreamy dance melody. However, audiences won’t hear whispers of sweet nothings from this willowy chanteuse. The 25-year-old Danish singer, who goes by the enchanting name of Oh Land, croons about a not-so prince charming who can’t seem to be tied down. “I fall out of love with you,” she cries, her voice as delicate and feather light as drops of rain, a surprising sound from the hottest blonde in music since a pant-less lady came to the scene. Sporting a red riding hood gown that purposely shows off her towering legs, the leading lady of the song “Sun of a Gun” instantly puts listeners under her spell with her outer worldly electro pop and lyrics of love lost. Before the new It-girl was spotted on every glossy magazine and bloggers raved over her runway-ready looks, Nanna Øland Fabricius had to first discover that the journey of a starlet is no fairy tale. “I always felt like I lived in a forest,” comments Oh Land. “My mom would make all of our clothes, and we had so many animals. There was this creative energy everywhere.” Oh Land, who grew up in picturesque Copenhagen in Denmark, was raised by a family of musicians, so it only made sense that she would follow in her parents’ footsteps, except she was more of a rebellious ballerina. For 10 years, she studied at the Royal Ballet School in Denmark until age 18, when a career-ending back injury shattered her dreams to become a dancer. “That was a very tough moment for me,” she quietly remarks, her childlike giggles instantly fading away. “I was grieving, but also relieved. I’ve been looking for an answer that would explain what was wrong with my body. But, you cannot tell me to stop dancing because I’ll just find a new way to express myself.” After years of soul searching, Oh Land rediscovered her roots and has never looked back. During Oh Land’s dark period, she found herself writing music, an experiment she calls “a discovery of peace.” Like her opera singer mother and church organist father, she found a new love: songwriting. Not only did it help her cope with her sudden loss, it gave her a new purpose in life. By 2008, she released her self-produced album, Fauna, featuring her first 10 songs as an artist, a collection of more sinister trip-hop with angst-ridden lyrics where she exorcised her depression. After booking her own show at SXSW, Oh Land was discovered and signed to Epic in 2009. “It has been a wonderful one and half years for me because a lot of stuff has happened,” she reveals. “I moved to Brooklyn and was meeting so many new people, but it made me feel vulnerable. That really inspired me to write all these songs. There are two sides to my new album. There’s that melancholic, emotional part, and there’s the optimistic side. It’s me.” As Oh Land tours in support of her new self-titled album, she knows that she will have to make a sacrifice, one she believes will be worth it. While she has called Brooklyn home for several years now, Oh Land doesn’t mind leaving it behind for a while just to visit Los Angeles. “What’s the first thing I want to do when I get to L.A.? Eat at In-N-Out Burger,” she states, laughing. “But seriously, I love L.A. I’ve spent a lot of time there, and I even wrote ‘Sun of a Gun’ while exploring the city. I performed in Los Angeles recently, and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my career. I can’t wait to visit again.” Oh Land, who has spent the last year living in solitude in a studio working alongside legendary music producers Dan Carey and Dave McCraken, is anxious to finally release what she has been working on, even if it means saying goodbye to her home in tree-lined Williamsburg. Music has been Oh Land’s secret to newfound happiness, and now she’s ready to relinquish it in hopes that others will also find some peace in their lives. Simply put, Oh Land has no regrets in how her life continues to transform. “It’s still painful to dedicate yourself to something for 10 years and lose it all in one day,” says Oh Land. “But, I’m happy that it turned out the way it did because what I do now is more honest to who I really am. I am making my own rules.” Oh Land is currently available. Oh Land performs March 25 at the Music Box. For more information, visit




Agnostic Front

by eva recinos

Spring break is probably the biggest thing that any college student looks forward to. Whether your week is already over or you are getting ready to leave the textbooks and lectures behind, Catch Travie McCoy at the El Rey March 30. there is a show waiting for you in every venue from the charming, historic El Rey Theatre to the loud, big-capacity Staples Center. Here’s a guide to some of the musicians ready to show off their musical chops this spring. Good Charlotte/Forever the Sickest Kids March 26 @ House of Blues Sunset Strip March 27 @ House of Blues Anaheim If you’re looking for a pop-punk fix, boy, this is a deal for you. Fun-loving pop-punkers Good Charlotte are back at it again, teaming up with Forever the Sickest Kids for a fusion of the old and new. No other venue could be better than the pit-friendly, standing roomonly House of Blues. So get out that eyeliner and hair gel and get ready to fight for your spot in the H.O.B. mosh pit. Lady Gaga March 28 @ Staples Center March 31 @ Honda Center If you’ve got some extra dough to shell out and you’re into obnoxious amounts of glitter and strangely designed pianos, the performance spectacle of Lady Gaga perfectly suits your needs. The gal will be packing stadiums with Little Monsters near the end of March. Past visits from Gaga had devoted Little Monsters dressing head to toe in a completely crazy style, and now you can join in on the fun. Röyskopp March 29 @ The Wiltern Electronic lovers, congregate. Norwegian electronic duo Röyskopp visit the Wiltern and deliver you enough bass-thumping, hypnotic beats to get you through the night. The guys have been around since 1998 so you can feed your newfound electronic craze with a duo who started to bring it to the forefront 10-plus years ago. Backed up with a Grammy nomination, an MTV Europe Award and a reputation for an eccentric style, they are bound to turn the Wiltern into a place of unrestricted dancing. Travie McCoy March 30 @ The El Rey After making a name for himself as a solo artist with the poppy, summery “Billionaire,” Travie McCoy is only getting warmed up. Teaming up with three other notable hiphop bands (Donnis, Black Cards, XV & Bad Rabbits), McCoy will put on a show at the ever-historic El Rey Theatre. McCoy’s already well known for his entertaining facial expressions and wooing cuteness, and this intimate, chandelier-happy venue will let you get as close as you’ve ever dreamt. Ice Cube March 30 @ House of Blues Sunset Strip He might have made some family-friendly movies, but that doesn’t mean Ice Cube can’t still successfully rap some less-than-family-friendly lyrics. The hip-hop icon will take a step back from his movie and TV appearances and rock the mic N.W.A-style at HOB Sunset Strip. So cramp in next to 30-something year olds and teenagers alike for a night that will have you wondering if this is the same love-seeking, child-caring guy from Are We There Yet? Uh Huh Her April 1 @ The El Rey After dabbling in separate projects, the girls are back. You might have seen Camila Grey performing with Adam Lambert or maybe you followed Leisha Hailey on “The L Word,” but now the self-proclaimed indie electro-pop duo is back at it again. Though the two have been involved in other bands including the Murmurs and Mellowdrone, their velvety harmonies and suave keyboard notes prove that Uh Huh Her is a force to be reckoned with. Catch them at the El Rey, and see if you can finally figure out what “Explode” is actually about.

My Life My Way (Nuclear Blast) The hardcore punk – somewhat metal – band Agnostic Front has released a new album, and it’s sure to get pits all over the tour whipped up into a frenzy. But the CD is unto itself a whole other ball game. The production on this album really pushes the guitars and they sound amazing: very solid and full and, finally, not too full of treble. Some of the arrangements become very reminiscent of late-’90s metal, which is fantastic. The big issue with this CD lies in the vocals. The sound is almost too produced or clear. It comes off very goofy and not as tough as previous albums. With a band like this, you’d hope for something a bit stronger with the vocal quality, but it’s missing. Only on a few songs do the vocals get back to where they’ve been on previous albums. A weak vocal sound and nothing truly new from Agnostic Front lands this CD with a C grade. The live show, on the other hand, is sure to be a different story, which is why this group has always made touring a primary part of who they are. Grade: C —David Tobin My Life My Way is currently available.

Ariel Aparicio Aerials (Rock Ridge) It is interesting that Aparicio calls this album Aerials; not only is that a play on words to his first name, but many songs here have such a different sound from what is normally heard on broadcast channels that it seems like the listener has a special aerial (antenna) attuned to some mysterious distant station. Not that Aparicio’s music is weird; he deals lyrically with relationships, and this album is built around a tale of fractured love. It’s the music and vocal delivery that puts this singer-songwriter in his own category. “Love Left Bleeding” buzzes like an urgent transmission from parts unknown with U2-gone-cowboy music and Dylan-esque vocals; but by song’s end, the guitars and Aparicio’s inflection sound more like he’s David Bowie. “Love Left Bleeding” is the most rocking song, and it also closes the album in a Latinized version. Between the bookends, the chameleonic Aparicio delves into the mid-tempo rocker “She Can Show Us,” a duet with Lisa Germano (“Sorry”) and a bit of modern psych/folk called “Flowers.” This is not Aparicio’s debut but since he is unknown, it might as well be and as such, it is a very strong introduction. Grade: B+ —Kevin Wierzbicki Aerials is currently available.

Josh Kelley Georgia Clay (MCA) While Josh Kelley’s new full-length album fits right in with the pop-country genre, it doesn’t seem to stand on its own two feet firmly enough to don the title Georgia Clay. The songs are sentimental, and some even propel you to dance. But never will the songs wow you to the point of genuine appreciation that some might be expecting for this album. The most blatant problem with the album is that the songs bleed into one another too easily. There are few standouts on Georgia Clay. The title song is, of course, great and is what led this album to what it is now. And “Baby Blue Eyes” will lift your spirit, too. Catch Kelley at Staples Center Aug. 23 to 24 and 27 to 28 opening for Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour. He’s a great singer live; he definitely impressed audiences when he opened for Miranda Lambert’s Revolution tour. Grade: B —Stephanie Forshee Georgia Clay is currently available.

Luck-One True Theory (Architect Entertainment) Portland based rapper Luck-One has created an album that defines creativity. Debuting his first record, True Theory showcases his abilities as an exceptional lyricist that travel flawlessly with vibrant rhythms and gusty guitars. Since serving five years in prison at the age of 17, he has emerged with dedication and passion, delivering thought-provoking material across multiple tracks. The musical direction covers light jazz and classical layers, which blend seamlessly with electronic keys and pop beats. Most importantly, Luck-One delivers a message in every song, attaching themes of social and cultural perceptions. Reality strikes hard as he exposes present struggles within our society yet expresses hope and strength. Each song elevates and motivates with a positive message without preaching. The album contains 15 songs that express art and intelligence that has become a rare sound in today’s hip-hop genre. Grade: A —Jacob Gaitan True Theory is currently available.

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PARIS JONES Pays It Forward

by kantreal daniels There is no doubt that the majority of mainstream hip-hop music has been in a dumbed-down pathology of superficial lyrics, simplistic productions and overly hyped gimmicks for far too long; so when a musical artist like 20-year-old Paris Jones make some noise, it is refreshing. On a sunny day at Universal City Walk, music producer Jones begins conversing about his significance, accomplishments, goals and aspirations. Jones, an L.A. native, has been gaining approbations worldwide for mastering the art of sampling. “I’m known for my sampling,” he avers. Like his predecessors such as DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and Kanye West, Jones also recycles originally composed songs to create something that sounds familiar yet novel. “I believe sampling is an art, it’s what hip-hop was founded on,” he says. Jones’ style of sampling has created some controversy as well. Critics are quick to compare Jones to West because Jones’ eclectic style of sampling tends to acutely mirror West’s production style. It’s easy to understand why West fans might say Jones is copying his style, since both producers choose to sample songs from various genres and decades. “Kanye is the only one doing that. Who else are they going to compare me to?” he questions.

Campus Circle > Music > Interviews Bloggers began to speculate if Jones’ creativity was truly original when Jones chose to sample the song “Popular” from the musical “Wicked.” Not too long after a video surfaced of West playing the track in the studio on the Internet, Jones released his video sampling the same musical score. Even though many bloggers continuously judge him against West, he says, “I’m really not trying to sound like anyone else. I’m trying to move away from that.” Jones’ sampling creativity has earned him a couple of accolades via Internet blogs. He received a Roofie Award for best production of “Pop A Bottle” and a TRB Underground Award for his video “Winter.” Furthermore, this type of notoriety is hyping the buzz surrounding Jones, so it’s not surprising that his number of Twitter followers is rapidly increasing daily. Jones makes sure to give his fans his undivided attention whenever possible. “Anytime I get a chance, I’m going to talk to my fans and anyone who supports me. If you’re supporting me and you’re helping me with what I need to do, why wouldn’t I give you two or three minutes of conversation?” he says. Unlike most of today’s top-charting hip-hop entertainers, Jones is on a mission to shine light on America’s problems, such as violence in inner cities. “I’m trying to change ghetto mentalities,” he assures. The untimely death of his good friend Rob – who got shot over an insignificant dispute – compels Jones to dedicate his life to be a catalyst for the much-needed change in hiphop culture. His disfavor for the current state of black culture fuels his desire to speak in public. “I believe that the black culture was put in shambles after slavery, and I don’t like the way that certain things are being swept under the carpet. I feel like I have a lot of important things to say outside of music. You can only say so much

MUSICREPORT by kevin wierzbicki LMFAO Introduce the World to Shuffling Electro hip-hop duo Redfoo and Sky Blu, also known as LMFAO, are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on a summer release to be called Sorry for Party Rocking. But the guys have previewed some of the fun through a video for the album’s first single “Party Rock Anthem” featuring a new dance called “shuffling.” Viewable on Vevo, the clip is a takeoff of the zombie movie 28 Days Later where Redfoo and Sky Blu wake from a party-induced coma to find the world possessed to dance to “Party Rock Anthem.” Shuffling is said to be a dance so infectious that once the beat hits you won’t be able to help yourself. LMFAO’s 2009 debut, Party Rock, has sold 200,000 copies, and the duo has moved more than three million singles.

One-Eyed Doll Song Helps Japan After the devastating earthquake and tsunami that shook the northern coast of Japan March 11, hard rock duo OneEyed Doll is helping those in dire need through the power of music. The band has posted their latest single “Water Song” for download on a “name your own price” basis and will give 100 percent of the proceeds to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Effort. One-Eyed Doll is singer/guitarist Kimberly Freeman and drummer Jason “Junior” Sewell, and the release date for “Water Song” as originally planned wasn’t until months from now. “I didn’t write this song about the recent disaster, and it wasn’t meant to be released until my next solo album came out later this year,” says Freeman. “I just thought now would be a good time to release it with positive intentions and the possibility of raising some help and awareness for our


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within music; music is so limited. There are certain things I want to get across,” he says. With two awards already under his belt, Jones doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon. He has aspirations to continue spreading socially conscious gospel much like hiphop legend Tupac did. “I want to make speeches, to talk to people,” he says. Unfortunately, the unsigned artist is beginning to realize that the music industry is a money game. “It doesn’t matter how good you are, that only takes you so far,” he begins. “When hip-hop first started, it was our own thing, but now you got corporate America as part of it.” Regardless of fiscal qualms, Jones continues to get out his dreams and create music. His new mixtape, Pay It Forward, sounds like indie rock and hip-hop mixed together with more features from other artists than previous released mixtapes. “I think indie rock and hip fused together is a beast,” he discloses. “I’m always thinking, what’s the next step to bring a sound that no one else has brought.” Pay It Forward is currently available. For more information, visit

Campus Circle > Music > Music Report Japanese fans.” Find the download at

Move Over eBay, Here’s Heavy Metal Bay Are there a few one-of-a-kind heavy metal pieces that are missing from your collection? Is there an album you want to lay your hands on, or do you have a poster to sell? Then may be just the thing for you. The Web site is a unique online marketplace for the heavy metal musicloving community and features items related in any way, shape or form to heavy metal; music in any configuration, videos, memorabilia, clothing, jewelry, posters, instruments and equipment are all items that can be listed. The site also has a section where bands can find gigs or promote their band or shows. A PayPal account is not necessary to purchase on the site and for a limited time, is not charging to list an item for sale.

The Bouncing Souls Are In Complete Control SideOneDummy owner and Complete Control Radio host Joe Sib has put together a live recording series to be released on SideOneDummy Records. Much like the Peel Sessions from the early years of punk rock, the Complete Control Sessions features live recordings from all the best bands in the scene. The series kicks off with the Bouncing Souls who recorded a six-song set for Sib, including a Misfits cover when they last came through Los Angeles. Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio guests on the recording, which will be available digitally and in three different colored vinyl versions. Bouncing Souls Complete Control Sessions drops on April 12.

The Full Moon Duo Deal Psych prodigies Moon Duo are about to release a new album

Stephanie Ma


LMFAO get you shuffling along to “Party Rock Anthem.” called Mazes and a couple of related goodies at the same time. Art-loving fans should check out the vinyl version of Mazes that comes in hand silk-screened packaging with a reversible poster. And for a limited time select outlets will offer a free-with-purchase bonus CD featuring six tracks from Mazes remixed by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, Purling Hiss and Psychic Ills amongst others. The release date for all configurations is March 29, and Moon Duo play live at the Echo April 12.

Trashcan Sinatras Scottish group Trashcan Sinatras are in the midst of celebrating their 20th anniversary, including an acoustic tour that stops at the Bootleg Theater March 31. The band is taking setlist requests at, and if you happen to play trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn, you may be able to join the band onstage.

Follow CAMPUS CIRCLE on Twitter @CampusCircle FREQUENCY AP Tour March 23 @ House of Blues Sunset Strip; March 24 @ The Glass House Now, I know what you’re going to say. Yes, I agree there are some … questionable bands on this year’s AP Tour. But without naming names, I’ll just say that some of the more ridiculous Conditions serve up honest rock. things in life are necessary in order to truly appreciate the genuine things when you see them. VersaEmerge may be an odd stylistic fit on this lineup, but the Florida threesome makes some of the best (read: non-manufactured) female-fronted rock in the modern punk scene. Engaging and dynamic, frontwoman Sierra Kusterbeck is a vocal powerhouse without any of the proportional ego that some singers have. Cough. Similarly skilled at emoting with a mix of hard-thrashing guitars and melodic vocals, Virginia-bred Conditions might be criminally low on the billing of this show, but they’re easily one of the most talented up-and-coming bands in their genre. No gimmicks, just straightforward, big-sounding, honest and evocative rock without pretenses. Since both of these bands play early, you get to be a responsible grown-up and peace out early, without having to watch any bands that might make you rethink whatever faith in the music industry Versa and Conditions might have generated.

Duran Duran March 23 @ The Mayan Awesome historical venue? Check. Music icons? Check. Intimate setting? Check. Ensuing dance party with the convening of these components? Safe to assume that one’s on lock too, I think.

Girl Talk March 26 @ The Palladium If, however, you like your dance parties without risk of old people having their own oldpeople-dance-parties next to you (shudder), instead preferring to dance-party with other young, attractive and ironically styled individuals, Girl Talk mastermind and reigning king of the mashup Gregg Gillis will surely deliver.



Agoura Hills (818) 707-2121 • Camarillo (805) 389-4700 • Culver City (323) 296-1543 • Encino (818) 990-8820 Glendale (818) 247-1946 • Granada Hills (818) 831-1245 • Huntington Beach (714) 964-5926 Koreatown (213) 386-6884 • Lawndale (310) 214-8704 • Mar Vista (310) 398-0180 • North Hollywood (818) 766-7184 Pacoima (818) 890-5515 • Palmdale (661) 947-4545 • Pasadena (626) 577-1723 • Saugus (661) 259-3895 • Simi Valley (805) 522-2586 Torrance (310) 792-4604 • Van Nuys (818) 786-3204 • Wilshire/Highland (323) 939-7661 • Winnetka (818) 700-0509 Expires 6/30/11



Agoura Hills (818) 707-2121 • Camarillo (805) 389-4700 • Culver City (323) 296-1543 • Encino (818) 990-8820 Glendale (818) 247-1946 • Granada Hills (818) 831-1245 • Huntington Beach (714) 964-5926 Koreatown (213) 386-6884 • Lawndale (310) 214-8704 • Mar Vista (310) 398-0180 • North Hollywood (818) 766-7184 Pacoima (818) 890-5515 • Palmdale (661) 947-4545 • Pasadena (626) 577-1723 • Saugus (661) 259-3895 • Simi Valley (805) 522-2586 Torrance (310) 792-4604 • Van Nuys (818) 786-3204 • Wilshire/Highland (323) 939-7661 • Winnetka (818) 700-0509 Expires 6/30/11 Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11





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1000 Gayley Ave., Westwood by john stapleton iv I’m sitting in a popular Westwood bar that is often called an Irish pub, except the bartender is far too attractive and the patrons are far too jovial and the walls have far too many televisions for this bar to live up to any Irish pub expectations. That is, unless you’re a college student whose entire alcoholic experience is limited to student housing and bars within walking distance, in which case, yes, they serve Guinness properly and yes, the name of the bar has an apostrophe in it and yes, they play soccer on TV. So, it’s easy to see how the uninitiated wouldn’t be able to imagine anything that’s more Irish. I stop counting the number of people in the bar who probably turned 21 within the last year (all of them) and ask the looker to my left what the appeal is for a bar like O’Hara’s – a bar that maintains long lines of academia every day of the week despite offering very little authenticity or ambiance. To which she replies, “What the hell is O’Hara’s?” O’Hara’s is UCLA’s nearest and dearest bar, drawing droves of college students out of their dorms and apartments and into Westwood’s streets for late-night stress relief the same way it has been doing since it opened in 1994 ... as Maloney’s. When the bar was rejuvenated four years ago, the name was changed to O’Hara’s, but no one seems to notice. There are literally customers sitting in the bar, under the O’Hara’s Happy Hour Specials banner, telling me to order

Campus Circle > Blogs > Barfly the sliders while I am here because “Maloney’s has the best sliders!” But no matter what you call it, O’Hara’s is the party in Westwood’s pants, and everyone’s coming. From Veteran to Beverly, and from as far away as Bel Air come UCLA’s tired, poor and huddled med-student masses, because what O’Hara’s lacks in Irish interior design, it more than makes up for with Irish hospitality. Three-dollar drafts and dollar pizza slices bring throngs of thirsty students to Gayley and Weyburn every weekday during O’Hara’s 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. happy hour, and the only thing that trumps ending your week by smashing two-forone pints on Sundays is starting your week by slamming $4 liters on Tuesdays. “Tuesday nights are busiest,” says bar manager and 12year O’Hara’s veteran Frankie Mortellaro. “We do $2 pints and $4 liters of Bud, Bud Light and Miller Light. It’s called Liter Nights – the kids call it Pint Nights. If you get here after 10 p.m., you’ll be waiting outside in a line of about 180 people.” Allow me to correct this estimate: You will not be standing in a line of 180 people; you will be standing in a line of 180 of the hottest college girls on the West Coast; a cross-section of the smartest, sexiest young adults assembled into a single, fully brilliant, barely dressed column comprised of super short dresses, super tall heels and dripping with reckless abandon. Bartender and actress Rya Meyers says the college crowds that flocked to O’Hara’s are there for more than its convenient proximity, explaining how the bar has become a Westwood landmark whether or not you know what to call it. “When you think of ‘that UCLA bar,’ it’s this one,” she explains. “It’s the reputation. I mean, I went to UCLA, and I

LIVESHOWREVIEWS Yann Tiersen March 11 @ The Music Box Yann Tiersen returns to Los Angeles following a successful, intimate January show at CSULA to delight yet again with his transcendent amalgam of old-school French-folk, classical sensibilities and experimental rock. Looking into the audience it’s a bit surreal. Only occasionally do French artists make a breakthrough into U.S. markets, much less an artist anchored so firmly in French sounds. And yet, here is a packed house filled with fans of all ages and every ilk, enthusiastically waiting to welcome a man best known for working an accordion like a lesser god. Once he takes to the stage, it becomes evident what the excitement is all about. The man is a rock star, whether riffing at his guitar or shredding out virtuoso compositions on the viola. Those primarily acquainted with Tiersen’s soundtrack work on films like Amélie and Goodbye Lenin! are in for a shock as he presents fresh selections from of his new, highly experimental release, Dust Lane, and reinterpretations of old favorites reworked in the same vein. Sans trademark accordion, Tiersen bounces around from various keyboards, strapping on a series of guitars and chiseling away at his viola with the glazed-over look of a mad genius. His new material is awash in distorted atmospheric layers that vary widely, verging on prog-rock. Tiersen wields a guitar in most unexpected ways, with melodies that are orchestral in nature, soaring like bowed strings over heavy rock beats. Tracks like “Dark Stuff ” and “Dust Lane” translate particularly well to the live venue. “To the End” morphs from its early Kraftwerk-style synth opening and culminates in a monstrous soaring crescendo. A gritty, emotional viola performance of “Sur le Fil” from Amélie is haunting against a sea of cosmic synth pulses


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Brian White


Your very stereotypical college dive bar: O’Hara’s knew about Maloney’s way before I was old enough to come here.” So it’s not really an Irish pub, and it’s not really called Maloney’s, and while it’s also not really the only bar in Westwood, it’s the only bar that isn’t a franchise, isn’t more of a restaurant and isn’t commercialized garbage. O’Hara’s, in fact, is your very stereotypical college dive bar, which is what makes it such a treasure (if not a necessity) in the Westwood neighborhood: It caters to the up-and-coming youth of SoCal’s best and brightest by offering them a bar that has plenty of televisions, plenty of cheap drink specials and plenty of talent to take home for tutoring. In short, even though nobody knows the name of the bar, O’Hara’s is the type of bar where everybody knows your name (as long as it’s “Bruin”). For more information, call (310) 208-1942.

Campus Circle > Music > Live Show Reviews and waves. It proves one of the definitive jaw-dropping moments of the evening as it descends into a schizophrenic finale.“Palestine” is powerful and might have been better as a set closer than “Fuck Me,” which lacks the shocking dichotomy of innocence and vulgarity that it bears on the album, however, the set is concluded to much approval. Tiersen returns for an encore of “The Trial” with its sweet xylophone percussion and mock Theramin and “Le Quartier,” a sonic storm, with thick and furious hammering drums, buzz guitar and frenzied viola building to frightful proportions. In closing, he launches into “Amélie,” which is barely recognizable, adapted for the space-age exorcism yet no less captivating. Tiersen excels like no other at delivering wave upon wave of breathtaking moments that defy genre and reach out across cultures. —Natasha Desianto

Juanes March 13 @ Staples Center Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez writes his songs from the heart. He does not hide the truth or what he feels or thinks. Throughout his professional career, Colombian singer Juanes has captured the souls of the public worldwide. This definitely showed during his performance at a packed Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on the third night of his P.A.R.C.E. Tour. Within his 100-minute show, highlighting tracks from his entire repertoire, Juanes started the concert with P.A.R.C.E.’s first hit single, “Yerbatero (Herbalist).” This pop rock tune is guitar driven, and it deals with people who suffer from love and its hardships. Juanes electrified the crowd with “La Camisa Negra (The Black Shirt).” Arguably the best song he has presented musically because of its significance, “La Camisa Negra” is a Spanish rock melody from Mi Sangre (My Blood, 2004)

Marvin Vasquez


Juanes’ performance electrified the entire Staples Center. boasting the sounds of an electric and acoustic guitar. After greeting fans with his fascinating Colombian Spanish accent, Juanes proceeded with romantic ballads and upbeat songs. But when he sang “Fotografia” (Photograph), even without the featured voice of Nelly Furtado, Juanes grabbed control of his audience in a beautiful manner. It was just an indescribable sense of connection that everyone felt, especially with its message relating to love and relationships. Nothing compared to his encore song, however, since it is one of his most prominent. “A Dios Le Pido (To God I Pray),” an enticingly captivating rock piece, was highly anticpated by the fans since the show’s start. Juanes hit the solo scene in 2000 after moving to California and exiting the Colombian-based heavy metal band Ekhymosis. A former resident of North Hollywood and Burbank, Juanes thanked the fans, citing that one of his dreams had become a reality: performing at Staples Center. This probably will not be the last time he performs in one of Los Angeles’ most recognized venues. After all, Juanes’ humble ways have led to 17 Latin Grammy wins (the most by anyone), and one Grammy Award. —Marvin Vasquez

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Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area | Irwindale, CA 626-969-4750 | 10am - 7pm Present coupon at Faire Box Office to receive one of the following:

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Purchase ONE Full Priced Adult Ticket and Receive ONE Complimentary Admission!

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Regular Adult Ticket Price is $25.00. No pets or smoking, please. Limit one coupon per person. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for online ticket sales. The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Facility and a unit of the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation System Photo by Gar Travis | Cover art by Chris Jones

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3/2/11 3:48:12 PM

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PAGES Niceness in the ’90s: An Indie Music Memoir


(Pleasant Peasant LLC) Jim Miller’s ironically titled Niceness in the ’90s (the ’90s obviously were not all nice) is part alternative rock memoir, part family and friendship rumination. Chicago-native Jim Miller moved to Los Angeles to try his luck as a local musician, and he was consequently at the forefront of alternative music when up-and-coming bands played at nowclosed haunts such as Raji’s, Al’s Bar, Jabberjaw and other clubs that were once a fixture of the underground music scene. Miller has a matter-of-fact, deadpan style, which suits his remembrances of music, acquaintances, family and landmark social events. Miller’s subjective voice personalizes the rise of grunge (L7 has a prominent role in several chapters.), the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the 1994 Northridge earthquake and his involvement in lower-echelon groups Trash Can School and Black Angel’s Death Song. Loss and good times are covered, from the passing of one of Miller’s brothers and the suicide of Kurt Cobain, to bowling parties at Hollywood Star Lanes with teams consisting of local indie music performers. Miller’s short book is a quick, enjoyable read which seems aimed mostly at those who contributed to or lived through Los Angeles’ indie music scene two decades or so ago, while Miller’s brief chapters – such as “Jim’s Heroin Experience,” “Rock for Choice” and “Your Local Police” – sum up Miller’s autobiographical moments. Archival photos provide a look through the historical prism with candid pictures of L7, Possum Dixon and Miller’s own groups as well as family and friends. Miller skips a few things, such as being a promoter, club booker and band manager (There’s no mention of Third Grade Teacher?), nor does he include any of his music (A CD or a link to a streaming Web site would have been helpful.), although he does list song lyrics he penned. Grade: B —Doug Simpson Niceness in the ’90s is currently available.


Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11

Citizens Business Bank Arena, 4000 E. Ontario Parkway, Ontario; The tour has assembled the world’s greatest freestyle motocross riders, including Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Ronnie Faisst, Beau Bamburg and Taka Higashino. Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Chaos is the legend of two powerful tribes told through gravity-defying and fearless aerial feats. 7:30 p.m. Also Saturday.

WEDNESDAYMARCH 23 “Burn This” Mark Taper Forum, 135 N. Grand Ave., Downtown; Anna is a choreographer who has lost Robbie, her best friend and collaborator, in a tragic accident. Pale is Robbie’s brother, a powder keg lost in his own way, who arrives at her doorstep in the middle of the night. “Burn This” is the anti-love story: tragic, explosive and – often in its most frictional moments – deftly funny and heartwrenchingly beautiful. Runs through May 1.

WEDNESDAYMARCH 23 The Drop: Raphael Saadiq

THURSDAYMARCH 24 College Night at Mountain High

The Galaxy’s Juninho is more mature.

Brazilians are known for their unique flare of sparking plays in soccer, precisely when scoring. The same can be stated about the Galaxy’s midfielder Juninho, who has scored twice in two games for Los Angeles. Two potent shots led to goals for the young star. Los Angeles won its season opener on Tuesday after defeating the host Seattle Sounders FC by a score of 1-0, and then tied the New England Revolution, 1-1, at the Home Depot Center Sunday. Juninho’s goals highlighted each match for the Galaxy (1-0-1, 4 points). “He’s fitter. Last year he really struggled to play 90 minutes,” Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena says of the 22-year-old Brazilian. “He’s maturing. He’s doing a better job getting forward. He’s shown that he’s a more dangerous player.” Juninho’s goal against Seattle came from about 35 yards out of the left flank, while the score versus New England featured a 30-yard bullet from the right side. Both games experienced heavy showers. Columbian striker Angel and Uruguayan midfielder Paolo Cardozo made their season and Galaxy debuts. “Paolo is a young player,” Beckham remarks. “He is still learning the game, but he came on and he kept the ball well, passed the ball, penetrated well towards their goal. He is going to be a very good player.” Los Angeles returns to the pitch Saturday, March 26, against Real Salt Lake in Utah at 6 p.m.


Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross

Grammy Museum; 800 W. Olympic, Downtown; Since his days with Tony! Toni! Toné!, Saadiq has carried the torch for old-school R&B and established his place as one of music’s highly regarded recording artists and producers. 8 p.m. $20.


by marvin vasquez


Eric Ramos Photography


Mountain High Resort, 24510 State Highway 2, Wrightwood; Ride for only $20 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a college ID. Visit tent city at the Bullwheel from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and party at the Bullwheel from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with DJs, Monster drink specials, $1 hot dogs, 1/2 off draft beer and more. The is the last one of the season.

THURSDAYMARCH 24 NCAA Men’s Basketball West Regional Honda Center, 2695 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim; See some of the nation’s hottest men’s basketball teams in Sweet 16 and Elite Eight action. Also Saturday.

SATURDAYMARCH 26 The Avenues Annual Art & Design Walk The Avenues, 8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; Gather for product launches, gal– lery shows, discounts and food and entertainment on Melrose, Beverly and Robertson. Look for performances on the streets, runway shows and, as firsts this year, several famous L.A. food trucks, a wine

garden and wine tastings.

SATURDAYMARCH 26 Elizabeth Berkley Signing Barnes & Noble, 189 The Grove Drive, The Grove; Drawn from the many workshops Elizabeth Berkley (“Saved by the Bell,” Showgirls) has conducted with teen girls, Ask Elizabeth: Real Answers to Everything You Secretly Wanted to Ask about Love, Friends, Your Body and Life in General brings these revealing and intimate conversations to life on the page. 2 p.m.

SUNDAYMARCH 27 Dub Custom Auto Show L.A. Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa St., Downtown; Top automakers cdebut never-beforeseen vehicles before they hit the streets, plus one-of-a-kind creations and million dollarconcepts from DUB Edition, D20, Alpine, West Coast Customs, Dropstars, T.I.S., Giovanna and more. Show performers and dozens of celebrities will be on hand to meet and sign autographs. Noon-6 p.m.

MONDAYMARCH 28 Milk ArcLight Hollywood, 6360 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles; The film received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Josh Brolin) and won two – for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Sean Penn). 8 p.m.

TUESDAYMARCH 29 Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles; See the unrated combined version, which has never been seen theatrically in the U.S. – the same print that screened at Cannes. Runs through April 2. $7, $6 w/ student ID.

For more events, visit To submit an event for consideration, e-mail




6:45 PM




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PROJECT ETHOS ‘CARPE DIEM’ Ushers in Fashion Week by erica carter Fashion Week quietly stepped on the scene this March, and if the frenzy at Project Ethos is any indication, Los Angeles will soon become known for being more than a “jeans and flip-flops” town. The queue to get into the Avalon Saturday (March 12) night wrapped around Vine filled with L.A. fashionistas excited to get a glimpse of emerging designers’ latest lines. This night was especially notable as Season 7 “Project Runway” winner Seth Aaron Henderson debuted his first Ready to Wear collection. Project Ethos has always been a favorite because of their innate ability to tie together the creative realm of music, art and fashion in one pretty package. It’s appealing to consumers as they get to mingle with designers and receive samples of products from sponsors, including Carlton Hair, Vitaminwater Zero (a new sugarless line from the healthy water) and Bumble and Bumble. In fact, Vitaminwater Zero held a guest interactive contest where you could vote for your favorite “Flavor Fashionista.” This fun contest featured creations from the designers that

Campus Circle > Culture > Fashion embodied the flavors of the new Vitaminwater Zero. With names like Rhythm, Goddess and xxx, it was hard to choose as the designers’ interpretations in most cases were spot-on. Renata J (, with her rendition of xxx, a bright red, one shoulder-embellished maxi dress, won the $3,000 prize. Explaining her vision, Renata states, “I was inspired by the color. I created an ombre red maxi as I wanted to fuse the boldness of the flavor with the lightness of Vitaminwater Zero itself.” Kicking off the evening were rising musicians the Robotanists, a hometown band who have picked up some steam with their single “Wait a Minute Here” being played on KROQ and KCRW. Fresh off the release of their third album, Shapes and Variations, the Robotanists have a sound slightly reminiscent of Metric fitting right in with the indie vibe projects of Project Ethos. Then came the fashion show, an eclectic scene with swimwear produced for the first time ever by Frederick’s of Hollywood, versatile knitwear from Cardiwrap by Kymaro ( and defiant velour jumpsuits from new line Age of Aquarius by Kristi Moon ( Designer Melissa Velia’s ( line blurred sexy secretary with a bit of vaudeville, while Ermelinda Manos’ ’50s-inspired frocks ( were well received by the crowd. Seth Aaron’s collection ( was undeniably a lesson in impeccable grooming. His attention to detail, from the red-lined pockets on high-neck trench coats to the houndstooth skirts paired with purple leather gloves, was electric. The clothes looked wearable and poised to be purchased by the buyers from Saks and your favorite indie boutique. I liked that though Seth Aaron’s clothes might set you back in the wallet, the pieces were classic, investment pieces.


‘THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES’ My Journey From USC to Studio City by maxie solters If you’d asked me the meaning of V-Day when I started USC in 2005, I’d have said, “Does it have something to do with ‘The Vagina Monologues (TVM)?’” Question me today and I’ll fire back about how V-Day (The V stands for valentine, victory, vagina) has become such a passion that I can’t imagine life without it. I learned that this international organization, founded by activist/playwright Eve Ensler, is dedicated to empowering survivors of abuse through awareness and education, and that over 250 productions of “TVM” (based on Ensler’s interviews with 200 women) occur annually to raise funds “until the violence stops.” I first started working with V-Day during my junior year, as V-Day USC Coordinator/Producer. My dorm room turned into a vagina heaven … filled with flyers, programs, boas, pins, lollipops, postcards, DVDs, CDs and everything V-Day related you can imagine. My immediate reaction was sheer and utter panic. I called my mom afraid that I had taken on something way beyond my grasp. She told me to breathe. Thankfully I did, able to embrace this wonderful,


Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11

These are clothes that will not go out of style. Black, white and red … how can you go wrong? The DJs kept the atmosphere thriving, as the Avalon turned into a dance party and dedicated art show featuring works by street artist D*face, who joined forces with Christina Aguilera on her last album Bionic. One look by Seth Aaron Henderson The British street artist’s work was featured in the upstairs lounge Bardot. Curators from some of L.A.’s renowned art galleries, including ADC Contemporary Art, Art Pic Gallery and C4 Contemporary Art, gathered in the lounge as they studied his work and shared stories on where they had seen his work internationally, including in Spain. With each year’s show getting bigger and better, Project Ethos is shaping up to be the “go-to event” for Fashion Week Los Angeles. As evidenced by the 2,100 in attendance, one thing’s for sure: It certainly won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Courtesy of Project Ethos


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Campus Circle > Culture > Theater life-altering experience full steam ahead. I watched in awe as auditioning women poured their hearts and souls into the words while interpreting the monologue, “The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy.” Magically, I was chosen to be part of the cast and for that, I’m eternally grateful. In 2008, I attended V-Day’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in New Orleans. Six of us flew to NOLA to see “TVM” in the Superdome, an experience that literally took my breath away. During the show, Ensler asked anyone in the audience who was a survivor of sexual violence to stand. Two women from our cast stood and looked at each other with compassion, admiration and respect. Ensler then asked anyone who knew someone who was a survivor to stand. The rest of us stood. Her final request was that anyone who promised to take a stand, rise as well. The entire Superdome came to their feet, a truly unforgettable moment. Later that year, I brought my mom to a Vagina Warrior Workshop with Ensler. We asked her if she’d like to host an event at USC. Suddenly, I was planning a “TVM”/V-Day fundraiser, including an Ensler talk with Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Congo, hosted by Rosario Dawson. Attended by over 1,000 people, we raised more than $17,000 for our beneficiary, A Window Between Worlds. Hands down, that evening was one of the best nights of my life. After graduating from the USC School of Theatre, I felt I’d be losing a part of myself without “TVM”/V-Day. Then I realized I didn’t have to stop my involvement because there are V-Day campaigns everywhere, in high schools, colleges and communities. And so, V-Day Studio City was born. The women I’ve met through V-Day are the most talented, selfless, motivated, inspiring and courageous people I know. They make me want to be and do my best. “TVM”

is not just a play. It’s a movement. It’s about hope. It’s about giving women a voice. It’s about sharing our enthusiasm and excitement with the world. We may not be able to end violence today, but we can do our part through V-Day. I’m honored to bring “TVM”/ Front: Allie Altschuler, Maxie Solters; Back: V-Day from Sarah Newswanger, Michelle Appezzato, USC to my Chelsea Mallon, Brittney Matthews hometown of Studio City. This year’s unique presentation is closer to Ensler’s initial vision of simplicity, allowing audience members to focus on the words, recognizing the stories aren’t those of the actors, but of real women. For that purpose, I’ve recruited director Amy Rowell, who worked on one of the original productions in Chicago. I’ve designated Peace Over Violence as our 2011 beneficiary. I’m proud to be a Vagina Warrior, committed to carrying on this tradition for as long as possible. If we’ve touched just one person, then it’s all worth it.

Debra Graff


“The Vagina Monologues” will be performed March 25 and 26 at Two Roads Theatre, 4348 Tujunga Ave., Studio City. For more information, visit



Campus Circle > Blogs > Trend Blender Some have been saying that L.A. Fashion Week is a joke. Without major fashion brands’ collections, fashion editors decked out in haute couture and photographers swarming in the streets to catch celebrities in and out of Lincoln Center, L.A. Fashion Week may seem like a joke to some degree. What I have seen this week, however, carries something unique that no other city’s Fashion Week holds. Each show boasted its own L.A.-based designer and a collection full of clothes that reflected the street cultures of Los Angeles – that really spoke to the audience. We might not be New Yorkers or Parisians, but when it comes to combining fashion with the essence of street culture, nobody does it better than us Angelenos.

Whitney Eve at Directives West’s First.LA LAFW Market Week

Stephanie Choi

If you are a fashionista quick to dismiss Whitney Port’s line, Whitney Eve, as a “reality star’s desperate attempt to make a living outside the camera,” you better step down from those Louboutin heels and turn in your fashionista badge. Her line, debuted during Directives West’s First.LA runway show, was simply gorgeous. Whatever the piece is, it isn’t hard to picture Port in any of the clothes – it’s like taking a trip to her own closet. In contrast to some designers who tweak their lines according to trends and the public’s needs, she makes clothes she wants to wear, which in turn makes us want to wear them. Her pieces are unique and wearable at the same time. And this is the reason she has been wildly successful in her career outside of MTV.

LAVUK Collection Concept Fashion Week

Stephanie Choi

Stephanie Choi

My all-time dilemma is when I can’t rationalize purchasing a pair of expensive designer shoes that probably cost the equivalent of feeding more than 10 hungry children. LAVUK offers a perfect opportunity for us to integrate our desire for pretty things and our social responsibility: With its sweatshop-free, locally produced clothing made out of organic materials, we get to expand our closet and look out for the environment at the same time. LAVUK’s fall collection displays classic pieces with clean-cut silhouettes with its own unique twist. Random bursts of bright colors amidst neutral tones, geometric cutouts and unusual necklines represent the line’s abstract and futuristic aspect. It successfully combines the past and the future of fashion.

Future Heretics Style Fashion Week

Stephanie Choi

Stephanie Choi

Future Heretics’ 2011 fall collection redefined the word “contradiction” in a fashion sense. Combining fur vests with sweatshirts, leather pants with classic blazers and ties with sneakers, Future Heretics shows us that opposites do attract in a beautiful way. Los Angeles is one of the few places where very different people mix and mingle as neighbors – downtown hipsters with Beverly Hills princesses, Melrose trendsetters with Hollywood stars – and this collection captures the true essence of L.A. culture. The pieces were edgy, eccentric and wearable for everyone from all around the city, regardless of status, origin or style.

Campus Circle 3.23.11 - 3.29.11


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