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The Theater Nerd


When the holidays ar feel like all knowledg and hobbies disappe us clueless about wh Factoring in a colleg budget, we often turn panic for cheap gag gif give the recipient a chu Sometimes, though, w personalized presents bank. Here to help you our gift guide, tailored item 20 dol

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If your friend is an Ed Sheeran fan, they may appreciate one of the products from his line of handmade jewelry, such as this Festival Bracelet made to look like licorice allsorts. Who wouldn’t like to say that they own a bracelet handmade by a Grammy Award-winning musician?


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Siobhan M Features E

Buying Broadway tickets may be too expensive a gift, but you can remind the theater lover in your life of their favorite shows from the past season with Playbill’s 2015-2016 season poster.

The guitar players frustrated with writing out guitar chords above their music would certainly find Stampola Rubber Stamps’ Guitar Chord Stamp a helpful gift.

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who want a little bit of Hamilton-themed motivation for their note-taking may appreciate TeeRico’s Lin-Manuel Miranda Inspired Nonstop Journal so they too can write like they’re running out of time.




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Maybe your friend has an extensive collection of vinyl records, in which case they may like Vinylux’s Vintage Record Coasters.


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Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Sushi Mat receives good reviews for making your own sushi rolls, should you want a change from Viking Court.


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Starting college often means learning to cook with fewer tools on hand than at home, especially if you don’t want to share a hall kitchen.The Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster will help you cook bacon from the comfort of your dorm room.



Thursday Dec. 1, 2016


the Student on a Budget

Mulligan Editor

The Traveler

rrive, it can sometimes ge of our friends’ likes ears at once, leaving hat gifts to get them. ge student’s typical n to the dollar store in fts designed to at least uckle when they see it. we want to give more s that won’t break the u this holiday season is by category with each llars or less.

Your friend can record their adventures in one of Cavallini & Co.’s Vintage Map Mini Notebooks, perfectly sized for travel. Your globetrotting friends are sure to appreciate Matt Kepnes’s “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” – ideal for the broke college student. Set of three Caval lini & Co. mini not ebooks: $16.36 on Amazo n.

Once they return home, they can use Design Ideas’ Map Marker Pushpins to mark where they’ve been.

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Jon Morris’s “The League of Regrettable Superheroes” gives a glimpse into those unfortunate superheroes like Bee-Man or Dr. Hormone, who never quite became popular.

The Nature Lover

Map Marker Pushpins: $9.17 on Amazon

Tetris fridge magnets: $12.99 on Amazon.

Paladone’s Tetris Fridge Magnets bring a hint of retro gaming to your mini

ld on $50 “How to Travel the Wor zon. a Day”: $10.56 on Ama

Should your friend not have time to get outdoors, bring the outdoors to them with Back to the Roots’ Garden-in-a-Can.

Garden-in-a-Can: $11.38 on Amazon.


XSOURCE’s camera lenses for smartphones: $6.99 on Amazon.

It can sometimes be hard to carry a camera with you when venturing into the wilderness, so why not get your friend XCSOURCE’s camera lens set for smartphones? With a fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens, it will help your friend capture their best deer picture yet.

Juniper Ridge’s Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea will bring back memories of hiking through the mountains and help your friend keep spring in mind as we go into winter.

Ian Doescher’s “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope” satisfies literature and sci-fi lovers alike and could make for a good read over break. “Star War s: Barnes & Verily, a New H ope”: $1 Noble. 2.89 at

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