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rethinking the Brazilian experience

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Campus Brasil is proud to have been the first Brazilian-owned organization specialized in coordinating customized faculty-led and short-term programs. For years we have collaborated with many top institutions from around the world, serving as a people-to-people resource connecting students to Brazil through our Brazilian partnering universities, non for profit organizations and companies. We see each one of our partners as an integral part of our Campus family, with different needs, dreams, and expectations. These relationships motivate our team to work nonstop collaborating on state-of-the-art itineraries and programs for our faculty partners. Since first envisioned by two young entrepreneurs in SĂŁo Paulo, our mission has always been to advance the exploration of innovative, sustainable venues of experiential learning within our beautiful country. We believe when you expand the study environment from the indoor classroom to introduce students to unique destinations and influential leaders magic happens. We are working alongside our partners to push short-term interactions to new heights, evolving and innovating what an abroad experience can be in Brazil

Embratur 2014

our campus |

a classroom so immense the Lower 48 or the EU could fit comfortably

Since our focus is Brazil, we have the ability to offer the

Explore our campus discover each city with a click

Arranging logistics and interactions for complex MBA programs all over our diverse country

São Paulo, Brazil

whole country

We promote the best of our country, whether it is the largest Brazilian company or one of the most renowned environmental non‐for‐profit organizations in South America. Affirming our belief that when people interact with likeminded people and show interest in advancing our global society, magic happens and the relationships that result can change the world.

interactions |

coordinating business interactions, connecting MBAs to Brazilian and multi-national industry leaders from banks to agriculture conglomerates

Promoting transformative interactions, creating value-added relationships, experiences and perspectives

Cornell, Johnson MBA at Itau ‘14

A few of many companies, government offices and organizations we have arranged interactions with

interactions |

we ensure a company visit goes beyond a tour, by actively facilitating interactions between our MBA programs and leaders within each company/organization

Itaú CFO Caio Ibrahim David

Maria Tereza Alexandre

Abril Group CEO

Lecturer Marketing

Fabio Barbosa Has collaborated with us since 2012, taking three groups of Johnson MBA to Brazil. “Campus Brasil has repeatedly proven themselves as an outstanding Brazilian agency”

Natura IT Manager Gilson Manfio

H.Stern Brand Ambassador Christian Hallot

Peixe Urbano CMN Director Leticia Leite

Suzano CEO Walter Schalka and Maria during MBA ‘14

interactions |

helping MBA consulting programs across the world meet and interact with their Brazilian business clients

Facilitate: 

The logistics of meetings, visits and consultations

Cultural translation and training

Introductions to new, potential Brazilian clients

University of Illinois MBA Global Consulting Program At xpinvestimentos ‘12

academics |

our focus is to provide multiple opportunities to interact with Brazilians, which is why we work with host universities to promote international projects and interactions

ESPM is a marketing, advertising and management school located in Sao Paulo. The institution has positioned itself as a leading business school in Latin America. ESPM has proudly hosted our MBA groups, serving as a stage for international competitions between our alumni and ESPM students, promoting perspective sharing and introducing our American friends to Brazilians

Louisiana State University Flores MBA at ESPM ‘14

pay it forward | University of Illinois MBA ‘12 at IPE Reserve planted over 300 trees

our mission is to connect students to our diverse country, we believe this should incorporate interacting and supporting the country’s society and environment

IPE or the Ecological Research Institute is one of the largest biodiversity conservation NGOs in Brazil. We are proud to support their efforts in developing and executing innovative models of conservation that promote research, environmental education and socioeconomic benefits.

As one of our country’s largest industries, tourism can have a negative impact on some of Brazil’s most fragile ecosystems and societies. However there is also tremendous potential, and we strive to ensure each program collaborates with the country on an intimate level – contributing to environmental/social-friendly projects sponsored by our Brazilian partners that conserve and benefit our precious environments.

culture intensive |

culturally rich activities to complement the studies of students while introducing them to many facets of the Brazilian culture, bringing groups face to face with a more accurate perspective on Brazil

Arrange: 

Brazilian music, rhythm and dance workshops

Cultural site visits including Christ the Redeemer in Rio or the Pelourinho in Salvador

City tours, gastronomy tours, fashion tours, museum tours

Soccer experiences – games and visits to soccer museums

University of Illinois MBA ‘11 at welcome mixer

Embratur 2014

our passion |

to ensure students have the opportunity to read ‘the book’ through experiencing our beautiful, diverse country

“The world is a book and those who do not experience it read only the first page” - St. Augustine

Coordinator Spotlight

our mission To connect people, schools and organizations, inspiring them to comprehend and change the world.

Our team of talented on-the-ground coordinators work non-stop to bring students face-to-face with an authentic Brazil!

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Steven Carlson U.S. Rep

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