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Grease Rehearsal Week Commencing 6th December Tutors please read out and display in your tutor base. Thanks SKG

GREASE REHEARSALS Please check when your rehearsal is and let Miss Kerrigan, Miss Terry or Miss Knowland know if you cannot attend. Date Monday 6th December

Time 3-4pm

Tuesday 7th December


Wednesday 8th December


Thursday 9th December

34.15pm 4.154.45pm


Characters Cheerleaders & T-Birds All Dancers for Hand Jive, Rock N Roll, TBirds, Pink Ladies, Cha Cha, Eugene & Patty T-Birds & Danny, Pink Ladies, Sandy, Waitress, Coach, Blanche, Miss Lynch, Nurse, Tom, Boy, Patty, Eugene, Murdoch ALL MAIN CAST as above but also including CHA CHA

Scene/Venue Sports hall

Street Dancers


E5 1st Half of Show

E5 2nd Half of Show

ALL MAIN CAST (Can rehearse in E1 with Miss Kerrigan until 4.15pm)


• Make sure you bring your script to every rehearsal! • Attendance to rehearsals is essential. If you do not make a rehearsal for any reason you must work with someone to catch up in your own time. Any problems please see Miss Kerrigan

grease 6th dec  

grease 6th dec