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We can now offer all Parks and sites Online booking Did you know that over 70% of people now book their holidays on-line, a figure that has risen from 55% only five years ago?

To help you to get your share of this business, we are now offering an on-line booking service through our web-sites. In conjunction with Booking Channel Manager we can provide you with links from our web sites to your own dedicated booking page. Your guests can immediately view your availability and make instant confirmed bookings – no more lost bookings because you couldn’t reply to an enquiry immediately, or because you were asleep when your guests tried to book!. Only available to our Premium Members we are offering free set-up (normally £150+VAT) and a highly competitive commission- based rate of only 9% (exc VAT) - with no long term commitment and no fixed overheads, you only pay when you receive confirmed bookings! And the added advantage is that you can also include a link from your own web-site to double your on-line booking opportunities. And in addition just think of all the hours spent answering the telephone and responding to emailed booking enquiries that you will save! For more information and to arrange your free no-obligation on-line demonstration, please call 0800 612 9699 or 01269 860150. Alternatively you may request your demonstration by email to


About U s Maggie Media Ltd is an energetic business offering a website called Holiday Parks Management and magazine to clients throughout the UK and Europe. The company, which is located in Hereford, was set up in October 2010 and the owner has over 12 years of experience in the Camping and Caravans sector and the Leisure and Groundcare Industry. Helping clients to source supplies and services throughout the year, the company provides businesses with a professional website and magazine. With B2B suppliers to the Holiday Park Industry and experienced personnel, the services are designed to improve performance and help with Holiday Park Management. Maggie Media Ltd has a growing network of clients, situated throughout the UK, including Haven Holidays, RMS Global, The Log Pod, KMJ Property. The company is owned by Nina Blanchard who has been involved in the Caravan Parks, Holiday Parks and Leisure Industry for many years. The Management team are more than able to oversee the company, having owned and are still running the very successful website called with major clients like Park Holiday UK, Holgates, South West Lakes Trust, Argos, Outdoor World to name but a few. Designed and Produced by Print Plus 01432 272025 Front Cover Pictures courtesy of Holgates Holiday Parks Far Arnside.

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Park Improvement T he holiday park and caravan park industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.

Long gone are the ‘Hi–de-hi’ holiday parks, although the ‘kids clubs’ and group programs are still in play, but there is so much more for children and adults to do whilst on holiday in the UK and Europe.

Many parks have upgraded by adding swimming pools, adventure play equipment, even motorised Seascooters! (This equipment is used by divers but brought into the holiday park industry and used in the swimming pools - for example: Haven Holidays own many Seascooters used in their pools.) Play equipment can even be hired now, taking away the tiresome task of finding insurance; as an example - take a look at Archery is now another form of sport offered, along with adding tennis or badminton courts and football pitches, thus keeping the industry extremely competitive. There are large, popular improvements with the new Glamping trend, thus bringing and, Yurts, Safari Tents, and Tipis to the ordinary holidaymaker. There have also been major steps in visual improvements on the parks, such as adding flowers and bulbs in some spectacular arrangements. Play Equipment now offers zip wires and much more virtual entertainment for the kids; for example see for the amazing Fairy Land. So whether you have a Holiday Park, Caravan Park or Campsite you will find many products and services inside this magazine, for all your Park improvement needs.



1 M-0 HP uiries e t quo all enq h wit actory Cabins supplying the leisure sector with the widest range of timber buildings available.


Choose from our extensive range or contact our experienced designers to develop a product specifically for you and your site.

At Factory Cabins we are dedicated to quality and service. We blend contemporary and traditional design principals to create buildings that are distinctive and functional.

The Snug is a fantastic new building that is delivered fully assembled and ready for use. If you own a campsite, or are in the process of developing a new site, then the Snug is the accommodation solution for you.

Our manufacturing facilities combine traditional and state of the art processes. This ensures character and longevity of our building products. With over 25 years experience in design and development of timber buildings our philosophy is not to stand still. Our buildings are manufactured from sustainable sources! Our designers achieve the highest level of low carbon construction! Our eco buildings are setting the standard for the next generation of holiday accommodation!

This unique, self contained, fully insulated building has been designed to be installed in minutes with the least amount of pre delivery preparation. There is no need for expensive base work and this building is ready for use as soon as it leaves the delivery lorry.

stream for your business for years to come. The Camping Snug makes perfect business sense, with rental income in excess of £350 per week you can expect to maximise your investment within a season! And with the ‘staycation’ trend growing rapidly repeat business is the norm. Take the hassle out of camping and embrace the new trend in holidaying at home with the Camping Snug. 01433 650165 07500 185811 quote HPM-01 with all enquiries

Designed to maintain pace with the current shift in how we experience our leisure time, and importantly your client expectations of your facilities, the Snug is also a great way to add value to your business. With a guaranteed life expectancy these buildings will deliver a revenue 5



Distinction in Sport & Play

Play Areas Midland CSB incorporate the use of a great range of artificial grass colours, patterns and games on both carpet and rubber surfaces that can add extra fun and adventure to your play area. All new play areas that we install comply with the European Safety Guidelines and the Disability Discrimination Act. We pride ourselves not just on our levels of skill, experience and flexibility but our professional approach during each scheme.

Tennis Courts Midland CSB also specialise in Tennis Court construction, offering a wide range of surfaces, colour finishes, fencing styles and lighting. As well as construction we offer a range of refurbishment and maintenance services all at very competitive prices.

Sports & Recreation We also offer services to construct and refurbish other sports installations such as Mini Golf courses and Multi-Use Games Areas.

8a Holly Court, Holly Farm Business Park, Honiley, Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 1NP 6

Tel: 01926 484530

Wireless Internet a Great Way to Extra Profits ou might think that the outdoor world of campsites and holiday parks means people do not want to be connected to the Internet but this couldn’t be further away from the reality.


With Smart phones, IPads and of course the laptop being so much a part of our lives, more and more people and choosing places to stay that give them access to email and to Google so they can find local information. Wireless Internet attracts customers it’s a big plus in the choice of where to stay. Secondly with the right system you can charge for access bring in valuable revenue as well as having more happy customers. People are willing to paying for such a convenient service. In fact whilst the number of parks offering internet is low people will just be delighted to find one at all a big competitive advantage for you. A word of warning, don’t just give customers the wireless code of your office broadband. For one, it has huge security risk such as the malicious accessing of private data on your PC such as credit card details, banking and other private data. Uncontrolled access also risks the problem of people downloading illegal content. The Digital Economy Act 2010 is relevant on this score. Furthermore it can let viruses into your system or others who are connecting. Fortunately there is a wonderful little system you can use that gives you an easy way to earn money from Internet access and keeps you safe. It’s called TrafficMate. It comes with a wireless transmitter that plugs into your broad band and is built software keeps you and your customers safe from viruses and other malicious attacks. It also blocks illegal downloads. TrafficMate includes a rather nice billing system, for example to allow some access for free and then charge for more. Typically 10 MB free

(enough to check your emails once or twice) and then extra amounts using a £5 voucher, but you can set it as you wish, the instructions are straightforward. It even includes a preformatted voucher so you can just print them yourself. To find out more go to s/home/traffic-mate.php

The TrafficMate Package The TrafficMate package is simple to setup and run, with both the hardware and software included. TrafficMate will plug directly into your existingoffice network, instantly allowing guests to start surfing the web or download emails. As the guests connect into the TrafficMate box, your office and home computers are kept within a private area, safe from any tech savvy guests that may want to look around, guests are also shielded from each other for the same reason. TrafficMate puts you in charge by letting you set your own rates and data limits, allowing you to turn your guests internet usage into an asset for you business. New Piracy Protection Technology With the recent Digital Economy Act 2010 law unfairly targeting account holders, (instead of the actual perpetrators,) prevention has become paramount. TrafficMate now sports a Piracy Protection option that cunningly blocks common torrenting systems likely to be monitored by copyright The cost for this service is £75 set up and £20 per month (plus Vat) If ordered with this voucher code UKCSF the set up is reduced to just £50 . The offer is time limited to Nov. 15th.


Add water and add the “X” Factor to your holiday park! f there’s one ingredient that guarantees to add fun to your holiday park…it’s water. From swimming pools to hot tubs and children’s play features, water will give your customers that longedfor sense of ‘joie de vivre’ and keep them coming back for more.


It’s a fact - kids love water! Whether your holiday park is by the sea or land-locked, kids just can’t get enough of it. Add the vital element and, with the exception of rainwater, you add fun and hours of excitement. One of the first questions that 8

many customers ask when enquiring about the facilities at a holiday park is…has it got a swimming pool or spa? The addition of a wet leisure facility draws customers like nothing else and helps to secure repeat bookings. Playing pool Thankfully, nowadays installing a swimming pool has never been easier. One piece pools mean that a good sized swimming pool can literally (from digging a hole to landscaping) be up and running within just a week. Alternatively, concrete or liner pools can be built within a matter of weeks. Aside from swimming kids, of course, love playing – water adds

a whole new dimension. Consult a specialist wet leisure company such as Certikin International and a whole new world of water play will open up. Child’s play Whether they are custom-build or off-the-shelf children’s play features – the only limits are your imagination. Certikin can provide design expertise for projects of any size, and work around a chosen theme or suggest ideas. Slides, play structures, mermaids and pirate ships are just some of the fun play features that the company has to offer. With the use of CAD and 3D computer graphics these ideas can be brought to life. ‘Although the primary aim of the

equipment is to allow kids to have fun in a safe environment it allows them, at the same time, to learn through play,’ says Steve Nelson, Commercial Manager for Certikin International. ‘Kids’ play equipment needs to be strong and durable especially when coupled with the harsh environment of a swimming pool.’ Fortunately, all of Certikin’s range of products are made from a combination of UV stabilised GRP, Marine Grade stainless steel and chemically resistant rubber, making them tolerant of kids and chemically treated water! Steve adds: ‘All the interactive features are very easy to install. There’s no need for additional plumbing because most of the water features have built-in mechanical hand pumps that children operate manually. There’s no need for buried pipework and costly electrical pumps as the features use the existing swimming pool water. Retrofitting is a breeze – in most situations the only requirement is to lower the existing pool water level to allow small anchors to be installed in the pool floor. This can be done at night so that the facility can open for business in the morning. ‘Our

under the likes of water umbrellas and water cannons and sitting on air pads of bubbling water.

features are suitable even if you have no underground plumbing thanks to the Polybloc pool,’ explains Steve. ‘This is a free form bolt-together paddling pool made entirely of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) building blocks. It can be installed almost anywhere and requires no ground excavation. Aside from offering a large range of interactive children’s features, you can also choose from water jets and air bubble systems. Kids will while away hours playing

Summer all year round A long hot British summer is a bonus for us all but for businesses that rely on holiday trade a hot summer is not only desirable, it can also be essential, making the difference between profit and loss. Fortunately, an Endless Summer telescopic enclosure has come to the rescue of many such businesses, by offering the ultimate in versatility. It’s the ideal solution to an unpredictable British climate. A pool enclosure ensures that you

In-spa-rational! The warm massaging waters of a spa or hot tub really come into their own when it comes to relaxation. There’s nothing quite like sitting under a star-spangled sky, enveloped by the warm massaging waters of a spa. Spas are the perfect antidote to today’s hectic life-styles. With today’s high-tech world of directional jet nozzles, automatic pumps, underwater lighting, allround sound and warm air blowers, to name a few gismos, spas are the ultimate in relaxation. These days a host of luxurious features are available. Spas can be situated inside or out. If you house your spa outdoors but still want an enclosed environment there are several ways to enclose your spa – from high-tech, transparent plastic bubbles, and multi-faceted, ‘geodesic’ glass domes, to more traditional but no less luxurious chalet –type wooden enclosures. Basically the message is – whatever you want, wherever you want it - you can have it. If you’re looking to add a fitness element to the spa then a swim spa is another option. Kitted out with powerful counter-current technology, the swimmer spa enables users to swim ’on the spot’ for as long and as far as they like.

do not waste heat energy stored in the water from the sun or from a water heater. In addition to keeping the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature the air temperature remains warm and free from cold draughts. This also reduces chemical usage saving time and money. Ideal for uses other than just swimming pools, these enclosures are suitable for pubs, restaurants and patio areas. Fed up with a seemingly endless round of wet summers, West Hayes Caravan Park in Lyme Regis called in local pool retailer, Isca Pools to install an enclosure over their existing swimming pool in order that they could extend the swimming season. It was a textbook installation by the Certikin engineers with the 17.6m x 11.0m, nine bay telescopic enclosure up and running in just four days. Manager of the caravan park, Carol Bishop, says: ‘Erecting the enclosure is the best thing we have done in terms of increasing our business. We have had so many favourable comments from customers (both regular and new) about the difference it has made and the fact that they can now enjoy the pool (one of our main attractions) for so much longer, that it is worth every penny spent on it. Whereas before we could only open the pool from May to

September, now we plan to open it from March to October.’ 9


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for less than you may think!

contact us on 01432 263219

Play Ar Areas reas

tel:+ 44 (0)1249 740 750

Top quality seeds and fertilisers for the best results. Now available from the new British Seed Houses Amenity website at

Our new website offers an excellent range of seeds and fertilisers designed to meet the specific needs of the amenity industry. Buy direct from the specialists at, facilities are available for account holders and non account holders alike. 11

Park News Not s the holiday season grows longer, Park Holidays UK has introduced a range of "own brand" holiday homes for sale, specified for fourseason use.


Park Holidays UK premiers a van for all seasons

"Starting the holiday year early and finishing late has been the pattern for a growing number of home owners over the past few years," said Tony.

More information about holiday home ownership, including a comprehensive buyer's guide and video, can be found at

"However, not everyone wants to pay a premium price to ensure that their holiday home has the ability to heat up quickly, and to retain its warmth economically.

PR consultant Jon Boston on 01768 895225

"Our response has been to design our own homes which incorporate these features, and which are built to a guaranteed quality standard by top makers such as ABI and Willerby. "In other words, our customers will enjoy the specifications which matter most to them without having to pay thousands extra for a branded product," commented Tony.

A new range of super-snug holiday caravans from Park Holidays UK has been launched for owners who want to make four-season use of their leisure homes. Built exclusively for the company, the two and three bedroom homes include a powerful central heating system, double glazing and underfloor insulation as standard. It means, says company director Tony Clish, that the homes will be equally as warm and welcoming in early spring and late autumn, regardless of the outside temperature. But despite the high specification of the homes, adds Tony, Park Holiday UK has used its purchasing power with two leading UK manufacturers to keep costs extremely competitive. Prices start at ÂŁ24,995 for a new twobedroom home - and even the top-end three-bedroom 38 x 12 model with family bathroom and en-suite comes in at just ÂŁ39,995 inclusive of siting. 12

But the high standards of heating and insulation, he said, had not been traded off against other aspects of comfort, luxury and convenience. The new holiday homes all provide firstclass upholstery and quality furnishings, modern bathroom suites, plenty of storage units, and fully-fitted kitchens with the latest appliances.

ark chiefs tackle burning issues


Park owners and managers from across Cumbria witnessed experts tackle a series of deliberately started blazes on a Lake District holiday park this autumn. Skelwith Fold Caravan Park in Ambleside was the setting for a oneday fire training exercise focussing on the latest extinguisher technologies, and how they are deployed. In a sequence of dramatic demonstrations, professional fire trainers showed how to safely and quickly bring a potentially disastrous conflagration under control.

New plots to accommodate Park Holidays UK's exclusive range are being made available on the majority of its 25 coastal parks in Devon, Dorset, and southern and eastern England. Many plots have the advantage of open aspects so that owners can enjoy the changing land and seascapes through the passing of the seasons. "This is proving a spectacular year for sales, and many buyers tell us that they intend to make full use of their homes from March to October," said Tony. "With a four-season holiday home, visits needn't rely on a warm spell - and the only thing we've taken the heat off is the price," he added.

Fires involving chip fat, electrical equipment and petrol were started and allowed to develop before trainers stepped in to quell the flames with appropriate extinguishers. The hands-on tutorial was arranged by Skelwith Fold director Henry Wild in conjunction with Kendal-based fire equipment specialists FTS.

tice Board In addition to bringing senior park personnel up to speed with the latest fire-fighting products, the sessions also taught techniques which could make tackling blazes more effective. Part of the purpose of the day, said Henry, was to enable those in attendance to pass on the knowledge they had gained to other personnel on their parks. After completion of the training, all delegates received certificates on competence in the use of fire extinguishing equipment.

akes park scoops top floral prize


Green-fingered staff at Park Cliffe in Windermere, Cumbria, have helped the family-run business clinch a top accolade in the 2011 Cumbria in Bloom awards. The caravan and camping park was named this autumn as the overall winner of the self-catering and visitor attraction category of the annual contest. Park Cliffe, said the judges, had created a colourful, creative and superbly designed floral setting which is bound to enhance the pleasure of holidaymakers. The park, located on the eastern shores of Windermere, provides pitches for tents, touring caravans and motorhomes, and also has luxury holiday homes to hire and buy. According to Susan Dickson, who owns the 25-acre park with her husband Derek, many

guests make special visits to enjoy the annual kaleidoscope of colours: "We are very lucky to have staff here who have worked for many years at Park Cliffe, and who take a real pride in tending our extensive flower beds and tubs," said Susan. "They show great imagination in their choice of blooms and the way they are displayed, and have even made use of guests' abandoned barbecues for planters!" she added. Earlier this year, Park Cliffe was handed another big bouquet when it took the Holiday Park of the Year accolade in the 2011 Cumbria Tourism Awards. Having beaten off competition from over 100 other Lakeland holiday parks, Park Cliffe will now go on to represent Cumbria in the national "Enjoy England Awards" early next year. More information about the park can be found at

endra Holiday Park Appoints New Director


August 2011 Award winning, fivestar, Hendra Holiday Park, in Newquay, is one of Cornwall’s biggest parks and has recently appointed a new director, firmly establishing the third generation of the family run park, which celebrates 40 years in 2012. Jon Hyatt, 26, is the son of directors Bob and Janine Hyatt and the nephew of directors Robert and Rebecca May. Jon went to the University of Oxford where he studied Chemistry and after going travelling for several months with

his soon to be wife, Jodie, he returned to Cornwall in 2008. Rather than exploring a career in the city he decided to come back to Cornwall: “I realised what a great place Cornwall was, and you can’t beat it, with dramatic scenery right on your doorstep it has so much to offer. Of course the opportunity to join the family business was fantastic and the main driver for returning. After three years in the business I certainly see my future here.” Jon is especially interested in enhancing the park on a sustainable level and was closely involved in the latest project of creating Hendra’s Solar PV farm, which provides over 50% of the parks power. Jon said: “The solar farm has been one of the park’s main priorities for a while and I was pleased when it was completed on time early last month. Hendra is, as far as we are aware, the first solar powered holiday park in the UK. As Hendra’s new director I hope to be part of lots of new and innovative sustainability projects.” Jon also said: “I am really looking forward to the new challenges and responsibilities in this new role, in what is a dynamic company with a great team behind it. In addition to specific development projects such as minimising our future energy costs I will also be taking an in depth look at the various aspects and operations of the business, so I will certainly be very busy!” 13

Maximise Your Pool Profits from Our Range of Products

Visit us at for further details, or call the office on 01709 515157.


Product Profile ritish Seed Houses special offer for Parks, Caravan & Camp site owners is now available at very special prices.


A9 Caravan & Camp Site Renovator Grass Seed plus Fertiliser (BSH 8 or Floranid Club slow release) and PLIFIX plugs to mark out pitches or identify underground cables. Simply scarify out the dead material, re-seed and apply fertiliser - that's all you have to do to return your site to optimum condition for 2012!

Call 01522 868095 or 868714 and buy direct.

Certikin: the Mecca for wet leisure fun! f you are looking to make your holiday park special and a place where customers return time and time again, make sure it has the Certikin International hallmark.


It’s the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of wet leisure equipment and as such is the first name in anything and everything to do with swimming pools, spas and water play features.

Tel: 01993 778855

t As Good As Grass we put a huge emphasis on service and our professionalism.



Call 01709 515157

call 0845 22 11345

he SEASCOOTER™ GTI delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.5mph/4km/h, down to 100ft./30m depth.

The GTI is light enough to carry in one hand making beach diving with a DPV a reality and snorkelling a dream and with features like waterproof circuitry maintenance is a cinch. Haven are using the seascooters for their pools, adding an extra tool for water fun for kids and adults.

edney Bulb Company are wholesale growers of quality bulbs, herbaceous and alpine plants established for over 30

G years.

We supply bulbs & plants ideal for colour in tubs and borders and there are varieties for naturalising difficult areas such as shaded areas and grass banks and bulbs to plant under grass. All will give colour year after year .... Advice available for planting schemes and density.

We ensure that every job is completed to the required high standards that we have set. We specialise in high quality products with a top class installation service. Play areas, sports pitches through to residential gardens- As Good As Grass do it all. For a no obligation site survey and quotation

idland CSB Ltd are a Midlands based construction company specialising in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of all types of outdoor sport and play facilities and general civil engineering works.


Acting as a Principle Contractor or Specialist SubContractor, we operate throughout the UK and Ireland utilising our extensive experience and our highly skilled and motivated workforce to ensure the highest standards of workmanship and services for our clients.

Tel: 01926 484530 15

Keeping your greens inside and out in the best condition our green surroundings are important to your customers and taking care of them to keep them looking good is paramount to holiday park management. Do you consider your green indoor spaces in the same way? Do you have green indoor spaces?

Did you know?  Plants clean the air, taking in CO2 and other toxins in the air and refreshing the air with oxygen

Having green indoor spaces and maintaining them well is important for several reasons as eFIG Ltd (the industry association for interior landscapers) can confirm.

 Plants keep us more productive – any where from 12% - 32% more productive

eFIG members are trained professionals in the design, installation and maintenance of interior landscaping. They can advise on which plants are best in which positions for large and small locations.

 Plants keep us generally happier


The added beauty of including interior planting is not just the aesthetic one. Plants genuinely have a very positive affect on our wellbeing from keeping us healthier and calmer to motivating us and keeping us more focused and productive. They help reduce dust particles and keep the ambient temperature comfortable for all working in or using the building. In large buildings you can also use them for signing. 16

 Plants reduce minor ailments like headaches by as much as 45%  Plants keep us calm

 Plants help us to be more creative

 Plants have a positive affect on behaviour

All of these claims are backed up by independent, international research undertaken by academics. You can read more about the research on eFIG’s website and download a synopsis of research to date. Do any of these points ring a chord with you? I am sure you would prefer your staff to work in green surroundings and improve their health and productivity. What about your visitors? If you have communal spaces where visitors share time – a restaurant, a ‘club house’ or similar, then consider some interior landscaping to promote these conditions.

Visitors encouraged to ‘have a go’ at Leisure Industry Week 2011 eisure Industry Week (LIW) 2011 is over for another year and the three days at Birmingham’s NEC were filled with a variety of treats for visitors who had travelled from across the UK for this annual trade event. The Play & Attractions section delivered a variety of dynamic demonstration areas, a range of industry leading exhibitors and a comprehensive education programme.


The Innovative Leisure offering was particularly impressive. Having exhibited for more than 11 years at the show, the seasoned Innovative team brought with them a fully operational high ropes course and a DigiWall climbing attraction, which can be seen at many attractions across England, including Kidzworld at Cornish Market World and Kent’s Hop Farm. Both were busy throughout, with visitors keen to have a go. When asked to comment on the success of LIW 2011 for them, Innovative Leisure’s Managing Director, Phil Pickersgill stated: “We’d love to be back next year. We’re a big supporter of LIW and it’s always worked for us because we deal with a lot of different sectors, I can’t think of another show in the UK or Europe that brings them all together in one place.”

Another highlight proved to be first time exhibitor Russell Play’s, Magical Fairy Land play experience, a purpose-built fantastical live play feature which can be tailored to fit into a variety of attractions venues. This feature provided a great visual spectacle and offered visitors the chance to interact with the product in a tangible way. Innovative Leisure and Russell Play were by no means the only Play & Attractions exhibitors to deliver interactive demonstrations and ‘have a go’ opportunities on their stands. Attendees were also able to skate on a synthetic ice rink (Leisure Skate Ltd), meet Cartoon Network favourite, Ben 10’sHumungasaur, and climb aboard Taylor Design and Play’s Formula One cars. As promised by the organisers UBM, the Education Village catered for a broad leisure industry audience. The Countryside Attractions Forum, powered by NFAN, included a panel debate on maximising the potential of a site’s retail offering, with advice and ideas from operators and retail specialists including Rob Ward, founder of and, Duncan Phillips, DP Associates & 360 Play and Stuart Beare of Tulley’s Farm. The second session outlined successful techniques for attractions marketing with contributions from Anita Wadell from Agility Marketing and Joseph Manning and Ray Smith from Old MacDonald’s Farm.

covering a diverse range of topics. Audience members heard about Kids’ influence on Holidays and Days Out from Turner Media Innovations, issues and factors around operating within the public sector from issues and factors Vision XS Ltd and Strategic Master planning during a changing economy from DP Associates GB Ltd. Next year’s LIW will take place from the 18th to the 20th of September 2012. Information on the content, as well as registration details for visitors will be uploaded to the website next year. You can also follow LIW news via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The LIW Attractions Education also provided inspirational advice 17

web: email: tel/fax: 01733 560784

RUBBER SAFETY FLOORING EXPERTS The art of installation to the whole of the Holiday Park Industry Work undertaken pool surrounds, golf pathways, driving ranges, play areas, wet play, ramps and boat decks

Tel:01424 855486 / 07733102636 email: 18

Flower bulbs, herbaceous and alpine plants for colour year after year....

Direct from the grower...with specialist advice Gedney Bulb Company Ltd Tel: 01406 550341 - Fax: 01406 550340 Email: -

 + "    


6i =jX` lZ Wg^c\


eaVn egd_ZXih id


Our play solutions include ropes, climbing towers, bridges, tunnels, hammocks and swings, and are all designed with inclusive play in mind. If you are looking for something different we will also design and custom build especially for you. Made of mostly rope and wood our play equipment is ideally suited for natural play environments. We have our own in-house playground design team who are acknowledged for creating exciting, fun and stimulating play areas to suit children of all ages.

GdeZh! Xa^bW^c\ idlZgh! Wg^Y\Zh! ijccZah! ]VbbdX`h! hl^c\h \  ad adih ih bdgZ LZhi 7Vn! 7g

^Yedgi! 9dgh


&  &       , ,  "

AdX`h G^YZ! 7gVX`c Zaa

uck Play, a division of Huck Nets based in Bridport, Dorset, design, manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of innovative natural rope and net play equipment.


Recent projects include: West Bay – Bridport Locks Ride - Bracknell Bourne Valley - Poole

Portesham - Weymouth Bishops Nympton Alameda Gardens – Gibraltar

Huck’s full range of play equipment is available in the new 2010/11 catalogue which can be viewed on line @ or can be obtained by calling 01308 425100 or emailing 19


A new range of All Terrain and Utility Vehicles launching in North Wales etter by Miles Ltd, a new company located near Porthmadog is launching a range of all terrain vehicles and utility vehicles in North Wales and the surrounding district as part of a national distribution network.


The all terrain vehicles range incorporates high quality and reliable ATV and UTV vehicles at extremely realistic prices designed for a multitude of uses in agricultural, holiday parks and associated industries. The range of Farr machinery offers a variety of power applications across and the entire range and naturally includes a host of applicable accessories and additional equipment to assist the farmer or holiday park owner in their daily chores. The new 2012 range starts with the midrange water cooled FARR 400 ATV with standard equipment comprising of a constantly variable transmission, switchable 2 and 4 wheel drive, disc brakes, adjustable suspension, Integrated road legal kit and front winch all as standard. The amazing value pack is available at just £4,295 plus vat. With an additional £500 plus vat our customers could enjoy the Farr 500 ATV which

has the same basic specification as the 400ATV but with an increased power rating. It also has as standard specification fully independent suspension, high and low range gearbox with park facility, differential lock with override for enhanced off road ability and a fully digital instrumentation priced at an unbeatable £4,795 plus vat. The top of the Farr ATV range culminates in the 700 series which is possibly the most competitively priced ATV in the British market place. Retailing at £5,495 plus vat the vehicle carries the same specification as the 500 series but with extra pulling power from the impressive 33 horse power petrol engine. Better by Miles also retails the Farr range of Utility vehicles for agricultural and similar industries. The product line starts from the amazingly priced 400 UTV which comes standard with 2 and 4 wheel drive, diff lock, CVT transmission with full engine

braking, roof, screen, tipping body, winch, and integrated road legal kit all for an amazing £5,295 plus vat. Another workhorse in the range of side by side seating utility vehicles is the new 2012 FARR 700 EFI UTV. Priced at just £6,495 plus vat the vehicle has an impressive list of standard equipment including switchable 2 and 4 wheel drive with diff lock, high and low range CTV transmission, integrated road legal lighting with automotive controls, disc brakes all round, fully independent and adjustable long travel suspension, tipping rear load area, exceptional ground clearance, tow bar, winch, roof, wind shield and side doors. The range culminates in the FARR 800 Sport UTV. The ultimate leisure package priced at an incredibly low £7,495 plus vat has the same basic specification of the 700 EFI but with an additional sports package making it one of the most cost effective leisure vehicles in the market place. For more information and to book a test drive contact Better by Miles Ltd on 01766 771785

Park Groundcare News ePowerTrucks Appointed Sole UK Distributor for GEM Electric Vehicles ePower Trucks now offers the UK’s largest range of all-electric passenger and utility vehicles, after being appointed sole distributor for Global Electric Motorcars (GEM). ePowerTrucks is marketing the road-legal GEM portfolio and will also provide full spare parts and product support to existing GEM customers in the UK. The company, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, now offers over 35 all-electric models, including more than 10 road-legal EVs. It also supplies tow tractors, burden carriers, platform trucks and passenger vehicles for non-highway use such as airports, hospitals, visitor attractions and large industrial facilities.

Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePowerTrucks, said: “Our goal has always been to offer customers freedom of choice when selecting electric vehicles. After securing the GEM dealership, ePowerTrucks now offers the widest range of EVs in the UK – and there is more to come.” Founded in 1997, GEM has sold more than 45,000 electric vehicles. The GEM Car el XD utility truck has a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge and the flat bed provides a 500kg payload. Quiet, clean and robust, is an ideal vehicle for estates management. ePowerTrucks also offers three GEM low speed passenger vehicles, with two, four or six seats. Batteries can be 80% recharged in less than an hour using the fast charge option. At current UK energy prices, GEM vehicles cost around 2p per mile to run.

The new CREW now in diesel The new Polaris Ranger CREW diesel shares the same proven 904cc, threecylinder YANMAR® diesel engine as the Ranger Diesel, coupled with the ability to 22

carry six adults. The engine is rubbermounted to transfer minimal vibration to the operator, and provides low-speed torque to work harder. The fully-sealed, fixed center distance clutch drivetrain keeps water out of the clutches and provides better performance than competitive models. Inside the cab, the vehicle has the ability to carry six adults comfortably due to its superior comfort and ergonomics, including a slide-through cab design for easy entrance and exit that also provides lots of legroom. Sloping seat backs provide extra comfort during travel and 10inches/25.4 cm of tilt steering travel offers plenty of steering wheel position options for the driver.

automatically engaging all four wheels when you need more forward traction and reverting back to two-wheel drive when you don’t. When in two-wheel drive, the VersaTrac Turf Mode switch unlocks the rear differential for easier, tighter turns that won’t tear up the grass The Ranger CREW Diesel will be available in Sage Green. 0800 915 6720

Sanli Deliver Good Vibrations Exceptional results have been achieved by Sanli hand-held equipment in independent Hand- Arm Vibration (HAV) tests carried out under actual working conditions by the Fivesquared brand of industrial systems and solutions specialist, Earlsmere Ltd. Conducted at Earlsmere’s test centre near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and at nearby Wombwell Park, the tests involved precise measurement of the vibration produced by a variety of Sanli two-stroke machines, recorded both at the trigger grip and the support grip.

The Ranger CREW Diesel’s work ethic also includes a 55 amp alternator that gives the operator the ability to run many hard working, higher electrical load accessories, such as ploughs, extra lights, cab heaters and fans at the same time. It boasts a monstrous one-ton towing ability to tackle the toughest jobs and comes standard with a 2-inch hitch to tow accessories with ease. Its 1,000 lb/454.5 kg capacity rear dump box has gas-assist dumping operation and accommodates many hardworking PURE Polaris accessories that can be fitted on and off in seconds. Ranger Side-by-Sides are known to be the smoothest riding vehicles on the market and the Ranger CREW Diesel is no exception. Its long wheelbase combined with its fully-adjustable suspension creates a very smooth ride, even when fully-loaded. The vehicle’s suspension is the only fourcorner adjustable suspension system that features Dual A-Arms with exclusive topmounting-point adjustability. For recreational riding, the user can adjust to a softer setting or adjust stiffer for heavy-duty work. With a suspension travel of 9.6 in/24.4 cm up front, 9 in/22.9 cm in the rear and a ground clearance of 11.5 in/29.2 cm, the Ranger CREW Diesel provides a very comfortable ride. To complement the suspension and travel, it also features OnDemand True All-Wheel Drive with VersaTrac that keeps you moving,

The results from the tests will be invaluable to machinery buyers, managers and endusers, helping them to comply fully with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 which introduced an upper limit known as the Exposure Limit Value (ELV) on the amount of Hand-Arm Vibration to which a worker may be exposed during a working day. To assist prospective purchasers of its equipment, Sanli UK is now quoting Fivesquared’s HAV figures both on its website and in publicity material for popular hand-held equipment such as chainsaws, hedgecutters, backpack blowers and brushcutters (see table overleaf). One of the best-scoring machines in Fivesquared’s tests was Sanli’s GTS33 brushcutter which produced average vibration figures of just 4.21m/sec2 at the trigger grip and 4.31m/sec2 at the support grip when trimming rough grass. The exceptionally low level of vibration recorded on the GTS33 means that the machine can be used continuously for a total of more than 10 hours in a single day without exceeding the legal maximum ELV for Hand-Arm Vibration. Darren Thornton of Fivesquared’s Technical Services department pointed out that the figures recorded are a true representation of the vibration likely to be experienced by the operator when using the machine in real-life situations.

“Manufacturers have an obligation to provide vibration levels for their equipment,” he said. “However, the HSE suggests that many of the published results do not represent the way the tools perform in working conditions and vibration levels may be much higher than those stated. Our vibration tests give a clear and unbiased picture of how the machine behaves in actual working use.” Welcoming the results, Sanli UK’s managing director, Mark Osborne, said that the availability of independent vibration figures measured under typical working conditions should be of great help to existing and prospective Sanli customers. “We are absolutely delighted with the overall results which demonstrate that, despite their competitive price, Sanli’s products are designed and built to a very high standard.”

PowerGard protection for turf tractors

tractor, while ensuring that it is properly maintained throughout its working life to provide years of reliable service.” PowerGard Maintenance is an agreement between the dealership and the customer to do all the maintenance work on the machine according to the service schedule in the operator’s manual, and the dealership must perform at least one annual inspection. Customers can pay at each service, in regular instalments or for the entire contract in advance, with the cost of the plan including all parts, maintenance fluids and routine labour. There are two levels of PowerGard Protection plan that cover the cost of machinery repairs for up to five years, and must be bought with a PowerGard Maintenance plan. The basic PowerGard Protection is for limited coverage of the powertrain and engine, while PowerGard Protection Plus provides more comprehensive coverage of all key machine components.

John Deere’s PowerGard Maintenance and PowerGard Protection programmes are now available for new compact and utility tractors, including the 20 Series and 3036E compacts and 5 Series utility models. Combining both plans allows customers to budget for their machinery maintenance and repair costs.

Full details of covered items are available from John Deere dealers. Subject to acceptance by John Deere Credit, it is possible to fund the PowerGard Protection programmes within a finance package; payments will vary depending on the tractor model, length of the plan and payment option chosen.

“During busy times, it’s easy to fall behind with the maintenance procedures recommended in the tractor operator’s manual and service record book,” says John Deere Limited’s aftermarket sales manager James Morley. “This can lead to unexpected repairs that create unbudgeted expenses. These in turn cause problems with the operator’s cash flow, on top of

“By budgeting for preventive care in this way, and having the tractor fully maintained by the dealer, the operator can save on maintenance costs by locking into current parts and labour prices, as well as saving on his own time and labour,” says James Morley.

disrupting work. “Our commercial turf customers in the UK and Ireland can now benefit from a maintenance plan to help fix costs, budget more accurately and avoid unexpected outlays. These new PowerGard programmes are specially designed to control operating costs, remove the worry and allow compact and utility tractor users to choose the best plan to suit their individual needs. “These are much more than simple extended warranty programmes; PowerGard is a complete maintenance and protection plan that allows the user to budget for the full operating costs of the

“He can also be secure in the knowledge that his tractor is being well cared for by a skilled, fully trained John Deere technician using state of the art tools, who is certified by the industry standard LTA programme. This in turn gives him reliability and performance advantages, and he will have a complete service record book, fully stamped by the dealer, which will add value to his tractor when it is traded in.”

and wheel motor transmission for extra reliability and long life. The Z645 is equipped with a durable 122cm (48in) high-capacity mower deck, which is designed to handle larger volumes of grass and stand up to the most challenging mowing conditions. In addition, a foot pedal system makes it easy to lift and lower the deck, which is particularly useful when faced with obstacles such as kerbs and paths, for example. The operator station features a deluxe high back seat, which can be easily adjusted in position for different operators. The control panel is conveniently located and provides easy access to the ignition switch, deck engagement and engine/choke controls, which also include the engine rpm speed control. The smaller Z225 model is also equipped with a twin-cylinder engine, developing 14.6kW at 3150rpm. This still provides plenty of power and torque, whether you are discharging grass clippings to the side or using the optional collection system or mulching kit. The electronic ignition allows easy starting, while premium power and fuel economy are provided by the V-twin overhead valves and cast iron cylinder liners, which ensure a long engine life. The Z225 can travel at speeds of up to 11.3kph and benefits from efficient, adjustable twin lever controls, which are very easy to use and feature shock absorbers for more comfortable operation. The large 33cm (13in) diameter front caster wheels and 18x8.5-8 rear drive tyres provide solid traction and a smoother ride.

New zero-turn mowers

A newly designed operator station on the Z225 features excellent visibility. In particular, the edge of the cutting deck can be easily seen when trimming up against obstacles. In addition, all the controls are colour coded for simple identification and operation.

John Deere has added two new zero-turn mowers to its range of riding lawn equipment, which includes the existing Z425 model. The Z225 is an entry level machine, while the Z645 has been designed to meet the requirements of semiprofessional users. Both mowers offer fast, efficient and comfortable mowing.

The deep design of the 107cm (42in) mower deck helps to lift the grass for a clean and even cut. The mower’s high level of performance can be maintained by using the deck’s wash port, which allows a hosepipe to be connected directly to the deck for automatic cleaning.

The larger Z645 model is equipped with a V-twin engine developing 15.4kW at 3350rpm. This provides high torque levels for all applications, with low vibration and noise levels. The Z645 is more robustly designed than the smaller Z225 and Z425 models, and features an increased specification, including a heavy-duty pump

For optimum safety on both mowers, the operator must sit in the seat, engage the park brake and ensure both control levers are in the outward position before the engine can be started. The engine will also stall if the operator leaves the seat without the control levers in this position, and the park brake engaged. 23

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ttel: el: 0 0845 22 11 345 e-mail: k Unit No. No. 4D, 4 Brook Mill, Station Road, Wrea Green, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 2PH k

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