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The Campaign for Camp Ramah in New England

Camp Ramah in New England is at once both constant and transformed. We are, and will always be, steeped in the enduring ruach and the powerful sense of shared experience that have nourished generations of campers. Powered by the most ambitious capital campaign in our history, we are also in the midst of a physical transformation that will enhance the camp experience today and ensure our continued vibrancy and competitiveness tomorrow. We’re creating wonderful new spaces where our entire camp community can gather – rain or shine – for meals and sports and performances and spiritual engagement. Critical infrastructure improvements will ensure that our camp remains safe, contemporary, cohesive, and accessible to all members of our community. And it will all be accomplished with a heart for heritage – ensuring that we will continue to be a competitive choice for future generations of campers, while preserving the timeless, rustic quality that links generations in their love for this place.

More than 70 generous members of our community thus far have contributed over $3.7 million to Camp(aign) Ramah – enabling us to build our new Bet Am Gadol and K’far Nivonim and renovate a third facility to house a new Misrad (Office and Welcome Center), Bet Omanut (A-Side Arts and Activities Center), and Nagarut (Woodworking Shop.) Our campers began to enjoy these three new facilities during the summer of 2012.

We are now working to raise the additional $3.5 million to realize our vision of enduring excellence at Camp Ramah in New England. We invite you to help us realize the future of Camp Ramah in New England – and nurture the future of Jewish life and leadership.

Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall)


t a s U Join le the Tab

Feed the Future No matter how you calculate it, our

960 brownies devour 14,286 ed during each Friday pounds of produce night dinner a week

200 rs first-time campe mazon ha at rk bi g masterin ls) ea m r te af (blessing

Memories made… innumerable

Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) is the heart

64 song and dance sessions

35 Tikvah participan ts learning food prep skills in the kitchen

of camp life. This is the place where we

come together three times daily –

sharing song, dance and prayer at mealtimes.

Sitting around the table at meals is a quintessential

Jewish tradition. At Camp Ramah, this tradition is rich with ruach. The Chadar Ochel provides the perfect communal setting for our Jewish traditions to take root

within each camper.

Whether bonding with bunk friends, practicing the newest Israeli dance, or savoring

uture: new F the end of Shabbat with beautiful singing, our campers build lasting memories in the e h t d r u Fee Chadar o d . l l i l Ochel. It is here that campers can reconnect with bunkmates to share their indis bu Dining Ha Help u / l vidual adventures of the day and counselors can become role models for these campers. Oche Chadar

But our current facility, built nearly a century ago, is not sufficient for the numbers of

campers we need to feed – in body and in spirit – now and in the years to come.

This current phase of Camp(aign) Ramah invites members of the Ramah New England community to “Join Us at the Table” to help us build a new Chadar Ochel. Our dream is to create a new facility that will become a more comfortable home for our communal ruach. A New Chadar Ochel The new Chadar Ochel will have far-reaching impact on the Camp Ramah community. It will provide a more comfortable, spacious location for our dining experience. The new building will be brighter and less weather-prone than our current facility, making our mealtimes pleasant. A larger and more modern kitchen will also better support the preparation of kosher meals, and ensure that those with special diets have their needs met. Our Tikvah Program, an integral part of the 800-person Camp Ramah in New England community serving more than 60 campers with special needs each summer, will be doubly impacted by our new Chadar Ochel. In addition to a more maneuverable dining space, a modern, industrial kosher kitchen will support the expansion of vocational training for young adults in the Tikvah Program. Finally, by building a new, winterized facility, we will increase our year-round educational programs and attract other communities to enjoy our facilities for their off-season programs and conferences. Ways to Join Us Individuals, families, or groups that wish to help Feed the Future can do so with a commitment to Camp(aign) Ramah.

Contact the Development Office at or 781-702-5290 to learn how you can help “Feed the Future” at Camp Ramah in New England.


mazon )


Following completion of our new Chadar Ochel, we plan to launch the following projects: Bet Orchim (Guest House): During the summer, sixteen new guest rooms will house visiting alumni, family members and Jewish community members. In the off-season, they will support alumni events and other programs, while also generating rental income. Vocational Education Living and Program Building: This new building will provide an integrated, immersive setting for our vocational education program, which helps young adults with special needs develop their social and independent living skills and gain valuable job training. Outdoor Amphitheater: A stunning new amphitheater is planned for our A-Side waterfront. Overlooking our agam (lake), with the hills as a beautiful backdrop, our new facility will accommodate special performances and spiritual and community-building activities.

A decade of commitment to enhance and preserve our historic home The major capital projects fueled by Camp(aign) Ramah build on a decade of important infrastructure improvements – collectively totaling more than $7 million, financed through capital and annual donations, operating funds, and low-interest loans – that reflect our commitment to making our camp as contemporary, safe, and accessible as possible:

campers who find it challenging to participate in our traditional lakefront program.


Staff Housing: Modern, comfortable living quarters will allow us to continue to recruit

2005: New sewer system

Swimming Pool: Our new pool will improve our ability to teach swimming skills and boost our competitive swimming program while meeting the needs of Tikvah and other

and retain the stellar professional staff members who differentiate our program and make Camp Ramah in New England a preferred choice for families. Tennis and Basketball Courts: In the spirit of creating the best athletic experience possible, we plan to renovate our two basketball courts, upgrade three tennis courts on A-side, and build two entirely new tennis courts on B-side. Oolam Tarbut (B-Side Arts and Activities Center): Features of the new Oolam Tarbut will include a large, open-air space for dance; a moadan, or clubhouse, for one of our age groups; and several program rooms for use by all campers.

Your support of these critically important capital improvements will ensure that Camp Ramah in New England remains a strong, vibrant center of Jewish life for generations to come.

Bet Midrash complex (synagogue, library, classrooms, offices, program spaces)

2005-present: 16 bunks renovated, with new porches and other improvements, including 4 that were made handicapped accessible 2006: Guesthouse 2006-2007: Roads paved to improve accessibility 2006-2007: New siding and porches for Bet Am Bet and Marpeyah (infirmary) 2006-2009: Fields renovated and sprinkler systems installed 2007: Alpine tower and climbing wall 2007: Large covered porch on A-side facing lake (serves as another moadon/clubhouse) 2011: Two new bunks on A-Side 2012: K’Far Nivonim (teen village), Bet Am Gadol (multi-purpose community building), Misrad (office), Bet Omanut (arts center), and Nagarut (woodworking shop)


Camp Ramah in New England 2 Commerce Way | Norwood, MA 02062 Tel: (781) 702-5290 | Fax: (781) 702-5239 Summer Tel: (413) 283-9771

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