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Camp Ramah in the Berkshires Shnaton 2017 | 5777-5778 ‫שנתון‬




OUR MISSION Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is a vibrant summer camp community, where children grow in a beautiful and safe setting, surrounded by lifelong friends and nurtured by spirited role models. From sports to the arts and from swimming to outdoor adventure, camp is infused with the best of the tradition and values of Conservative Judaism: love of mitzvoth, Hebrew language, and the land and people of Israel; commitment to inclusion and Tikun Olam; and the joy of learning and prayer. Ramah is a transformative Jewish experience for its campers, staff, families and the communities of the New York metropolitan area, and a place where Judaism is lived, Shabbat is cherished and every moment is elevated.


feel very blessed to be a part of an institution with such a storied past, a vibrant present, and an exciting future. Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is at its best when we are able to create an experience for our campers and staff that manages to be a true outgrowth of where have been while at the same time gesturing in the direction of where we are going. The strength of our amazing alumni community assures that we will always be connected to what made camp wonderful, and the deep engagement of our current staff, parents and campers helps to guarantee a thriving present. To gaze into our future, we will need all of our many stakeholders and fans to help us. As we begin a thoughtful and rigorous strategic planning process, I hope all of the people who care so deeply about what Camp Ramah was, is and could be, will take part. We will need your input; we want to hear your voices. I have spent the last year and a half asking people why they love Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. Upon reflection, it occurred to me that nearly all of the answers were really one answer: the relationships and the people. The question for us, in this present, is how to create a camp that will continue to be a place to build those relationships with those special people far into the future. You are what makes camp Camp, and I hope you will help us as we begin to imagine the future of our Camp Ramah in the Berkshires community. Rabbi Ethan Linden Director




n completing the first full year of a dynamic and transformative professional senior leadership team led by our Director, Rabbi Ethan Linden, we have raised the bar in our pursuit of a camp of excellence with overflowing camp enrollment along with unprecedented camper and parent survey results. Compared to Ramah’s early days over fifty years ago, expectations have drastically changed, needs have significantly increased and the Jewish landscape has been dramatically altered. Today’s realities demand a reevaluation of our mission and a new roadmap of how to live that mission and realize our vision. From a position of great strength with all the right pieces in place, we have a unique opportunity to develop consensus around where we want to go and how to get there. It is therefore with great excitement that we embark on a strategic planning process. We have taken on this process because our leadership expects and demands excellence in all we do and will not settle for less. We understand that our role is much greater than just running a summer camp, and we understand the transformative potential of Ramah—on our kids and young adults, our families and communities, and ultimately on the Conservative Movement and the Jewish people. None of this transformation could happen without all of your support, for which we are extremely grateful. Your dedication fuels and drives our dreams and our vision. In supporting us through our annual, capital and legacy campaigns, YOU are critical to empowering us to meet the challenges we have taken on and more importantly the challenges we WILL take on—today, tomorrow and forever. Dr. Hugh Pollack President 4



TEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) THE MAKER SPACE PROGRAM

Dr. Danny Aviv brilliantly introduced entering 5th through 10th graders to the world of circuitry, precision, physics and technology. Using state-of-the-art computer programs and guiding their works from conception, to laptop, to product, our campers thrived in the Maker Space program.


NIMAL CARE A pig, several goats, chickens, and ducks brought new life to CRB this summer. Even our youngest campers learned to tend to the animals with care and love. A favorite pastime at every age, animal care became a beloved program area this summer..




LTIMATE FRISBEE Whirring through the air, frisbee continues to be a highlight of the CRB experience. Leaping like gazelles, campers caught high-flying discs and learned the skill of precision throwing. Competitive, yet forgiving, our Ultimate players learn a true sense of sportsmanship.


EWING The hum of sewing machines filled our new Omanut (Art) Center as campers created back packs, stuffed animals and more. It was a whole new concept and skill set— designing, stitching and threading needles. What joy for all! 6


SCAPE THE ROOM (HEBREW ONLY PLEASE) Imagine being lost in a room filled with mirrors, ancient Middle Eastern objects and secret encryptions. To solve the mystery and discover the secret treasure, campers worked through a set of clues—each one requiring a Hebrew answer! This engaging and innovative challenge, produced by our Hebrew language educators, brought a new level of excitement and fun to our Ivrit (Hebrew) experience at Camp!



OGROLLING ON LAKE ELLIS Standing upright on a sturdy colorful log was a difficult task for even the most agile. Splashes and squeals surrounded campers as they attempted to stand for two seconds or more. Teamwork propelled groups of graceful campers to achieve this tremendous feat.

EWKULELE Yes, the ukulele came to Camp with a unique CRB flavor! The ukulele was embraced by our talented musicians and novice enthusiasts. More fun than one can imagine!


RUMMING They were not just banging— the drumming was precisely timed and full of rhythmic beats. This favorite percussion activity brought new spirit, adding joyful sounds all over Camp.



DR. PHIL LEVY (GESHER 1995) Phil Levy, a neonatologist at Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, New Jersey, volunteers on the CRB Medical Committee and has spent a few weeks over the last two summers working in the "Marp" (CRB's health center). Phil’s care and understanding for campers and their parents has strengthened the positive connections between Camp’s medical staff and families. Phil believes that, “building a relationship with family is just as important as providing medical care for their child.” His valuable contributions continue to enhance the Camp experience. Phil and his wife, Elizabeth (E.B.) Solomont reside in New Jersey with their three sons, future CRB campers, Noah, Jacob and Benjamin.

“At Ramah I am proud of my Judaism in a unique way. Camp has provided an experience that has made me want to continue to be observant.” 8

“Building a relationship with the family is just as important as providing medical care for their child.”

RITA FEDER (GESHER 2017) In the summer of 2017, Rita Feder returned to CRB for her ninth summer, this time as a Gesher camper. Rita is the third of four Feder children, all of whom have grown up as Ramah Berkshires campers, and two of whom have already returned as staff. Rita lives in Manhattan and is currently an eleventh grader at SAR in Riverdale. In so many ways, Rita embodies the outcomes we aim to achieve with all of our campers. Beyond the Jewish learning and life experiences at school and at home, Rita credits Camp Ramah in the Berkshires with her love of Judaism and Jewish practice. She explains, “At Camp we talk more about the values of Judaism, the way Judaism speaks to our lives. I relate to this more than the texts we study in school. At Ramah I am proud of my Judaism in a unique way. Camp has provided an experience that has made me want to continue to be observant.” Rita also cherishes her Camp friendships that have grown and deepened over the course of many summers. “I’ve been with the same group of girls since Ta’am Ramah, and we have formed unbreakable friendships. We’ve been through so many things together, especially dealing with being teenagers and how challenging it can be. I really think these bonds will last—there’s no way you form such a deep understanding of another human being over nine years and then lose the connection.” And finally, Rita credits the intense communal camp experience with the young adult she has become. “At Camp I learned to be a part of something that is more than just me. I learned to focus less on my own individual needs, and more on what is best for my bunk and for

the good of the community.” Will Rita return to CRB on tzevet (staff)? “One hundred percent I’m coming back! No question in my mind. The counselors have been such an important part of my Camp experience, and I want to make the experience just as meaningful for future campers.”



golfers played


Alumni participants spent Labor Day Weekend reuniting at Camp

holes of golf at the



“…camp has helped me develop into a confident leader and a proud Jew.”

EMILY REBENSTOCK (GESHER 2011) Emily’s relationship with CRB began long before she was born, when her parents (Amy Gerstel and Howard Rebenstock) met as Shorashim campers in 1977. In 2005, Emily began her own journey at the same camp that brought her parents their best friends and their most cherished memories. After seven summers as a camper and participating on Ramah Israel Seminar, Emily returned as a staff member, feeling compelled to give back to the community that shaped her Jewish identity and influenced her personal development. She’s worked as an Al Hagova specialist, bunk counselor and rosh edah and continues to come back to Camp because she loves “leading by example and working with campers and tzevet.” Currently working towards a Psy.D in Clinical Child Psychology, Emily believes that Camp profoundly impacted her career choice and love of Judaism. She’ll return again, in Kayitz 2018, as Rosh Ta’am, exposing the next generation of campers to the magic of Ramah.



More than


CRB alumni participated in local and National Reshet Ramah activities, including the NYC Ramah Minyan

Alumni volunteered on Yom Give Back to help poor and elderly New York City residents





10 63






more than


raised for the Art Open Doors campaign

Our new Omanut (Art) Center



ith the generous support of hundreds of members of the Ramah Berkshires community, in 2017 we completed our Art Opens Doors (AOD) campaign, raising more than $1.8 million. The AOD campaign enabled us: (1) to build a beautiful new Welcome Center and Camp office that serves as the energy-filled nerve center of Camp; (2) to make improvements and enhancements to the Beit Am Bet theater, including new lighting and sound systems, the additions of a stage curtain and trap door, a dedicated dressing room, space for prop storage, and more; and (3) to build an amazing new state-of-the-art Omanut (art) building, that opened in Kayitz 2017, in the heart of our machane, adjacent to the Welcome Center. The new Omanut building includes large, open workshops, with ample space for drawing and painting, sculpting, glass-work, crafting, ceramics, mosaics, sewing, jewelry-making, metal work, photography, paper-cutting, graphic design, and woodwork. We also added a STEAM “Maker Space� (see p.5), and opened a new digital arts program area. These additions and updates have been revolutionary: the Welcome Center offers a warm and vibrant space to greet visitors and prospective campers, as well as a dynamic space for staff to collaborate; and the improvements and additions to the theater have elevated our robust Hofa’ah (performing arts) program to new heights. We look forward to the ways our arts programming will continue to grow and expand in the coming years, thanks to the opportunities provided by these new and upgraded spaces.







42 144 bunks

first-time campers



hours of staff training



international staff


countries represented







Israelis in mishlachat

27 

camp fires




54 294

podcasts made

hours of live broadcasting





388 750 4,000 zip line runs

miles canoed



pieces of hand fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, pears) served

26,056 15 21,312 cookies

tons of compost produced

pieces of coffee cake





nominations for campers learned the chesed meah milim (kindness) award (100 Hebrew words)

miles biked

average number of steps walked each day by every camper






2 goats, 1 sheep, 1 pig, 3 ducks, 10 chickens, 2 bunnies, 2 turtles


tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, kale and more


thyme, oregano, mint, cilantro, rosemary, sage
























Program Contributions* Other **

Program/Operations *** Management/Maintenance/Fundraising Cost of Benefits to Donors

* includes monies raised for the capital campaign ** includes monies from off-season use of facilities and alumni event registrations

*** includes Scholarships of approximately $277,000 in 2016 and $371,000 in 2017



hanks to the support of CRB alumni, board members, parents, grandparents, community members and friends, during our 2017 (10/1/16-9/30/17) Fiscal Year we raised $568,002 for our Annual Fund. Our generous donors gave through our Annual Dinner and our summer Golf Outing. Many members of the CRB community chose to support Camp in memory of a loss, or in honor of a simcha. And still others donated to special funds, including the Camp Improvement Fund, Staff Appreciation Fund, Breira Fund, Gesher Fund, and the Eric Steinthal z"l Memorial Fund. We are grateful for the generosity and steadfast dedication of our supporters. Philanthropic support of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires enables us to strengthen and grow our camp program, to train our staff, to bring new and innovative programming to camp, and to give hundreds of Jewish children this magical camp experience. Every gift to Camp’s Annual Fund allows us to meet the need of more camper families applying for aid, removing financial obstacles, and giving more Jewish children the, otherwise inaccessible, life-changing Ramah experience.

$10,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous Sheri and Ira Balsam Judy and Robert Hirsch Mindy and Alan Schall $5,000-9,999 Apple Inc. Amy and Rick Atlas Adina Avery-Grossman and Harman Grossman Marion and Stanley Bergman Victoria and Benjamin Feder Federation of Jewish Men’s Club, New York Metro Region Diana and Liron Gitig Joy and Benno Kimmelman Melissa Kushner and Jeremy Kaplan Illana and Adam Margolis Joy Perla Heather and Adi Rabinowitz Richman Family Foundation Arielle and Yoni Saposh

The Sarna Family Charitable Foundation Leona and Neil Schluger Julie and Jeffrey Shlefstein Heidi and Robert Silverstone $3,600-4,999 Joan and Leon Ashner Joan and Harvey Bucholtz Pat and Alan Davidson Miriam and Eric Feldstein Vivian Fried and Lee Podair Lynne and Arnold Gordon Miriam Hirsch z”l Rachel and Barry Kirzner Naomi and Ari Saposh Ellen and Jay Steinberg Ayelet and Jeffrey Teitelbaum $1,800-3,599 Rebecca and Joe Alkon Rebecca and Ari Berman Susan and Joel Berman Rabbis Amy and Scott Bolton

Lynn Buckvar-Keltz and Martin Keltz CBIZ, Inc. Renee and Mark Covitt Rochel and Leonard David Brenda and Jerome Deener Marcia Eibshutz Amy and Bruce Engelberg Amy and Rob Feilbogen Eric Freedman Leonard Fuchs Oriyan Gitig and Jonathan Schwartz Sarah and Robert Goodman Yvette Gordon Sharon and Gary Greengrass Arie and Eva Halpern Foundation Michelle and Benjamin Hering Sofia Hubscher and Adam Wallach Atara Jacobson and Scott Bieber Rhonda and Richard Kahn Jessica and Adam Kaplan Judy and Rabbi Steven Kane Suzanne Katz and Richard Friedman

Sarah Klagsbrun and Eric Weinstein April Stewart Klausner and Paul Klausner Lois Kohn-Claar and Gary Claar Marc Kushner and Chris Barley Leah and Aaron Lipskar Aliza and Benjamin Mann Barbara and Charles Mann Elizabeth and Yuval Marcus Debby and Steven Markowitz Sally Mendelsohn and David Lowenfeld Mindy and Fredric Miller Marlene Noveck and Steven Goldstein Michael Och Jody and David Perla Martha and Hugh Pollack Miriam and Bruce Pomeranz Orlie and Richard Prince Robert Derector Associates Stefanie Katz Rothman and James Rothman Lisa and James Schlesinger Karen Legman Segal and Eric Segal Harriet and Rabbi Joel Shaiman Noel Siegel


Karen Singer Tara and Jeff Skolnik Jayne Spielman and Steve Baumgarten Deanna and Rabbi Howard Stecker Amy Sugarman and Marc Damsky Stewart and Genia Taub Leslie and Jeremy Teicher Elisheva Urbas and David Morris Ilana and Samuel Vichness Monica and Lester Weiss Selma and Daniel Weiss Lynn and Gil Weitzman Bracha and Martin Werber Susan Werk Linda and Eddie Zizmor $1,000-1,799 Denise and David Abner Ellen Aschendorf Sara Beckerman Debbi Bohnen and Adam Wall Gena and Larry Cobrin Lauryn and Adam Covitt Melissa and Lawrence Covitt Lauren and Ian Cutler Arlene and Michael Damsky Jane Davidson and Rabbi Larry Sebert Arline Duker and Bill Werther Erica and Ephraim Edelman Jenna and Ori Foger Valerie and Mark Gerstein Reena Blum Glick and David Glick Ingrid Goldfein and Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky Sara and Benjamin Goldman Betty and Hank Golomb Nofit and Arthur Gross Fanny and Sheldon Handel Jenna Statfeld Harris and Aaron Harris Marilyn Hertz Evelyn Horn and Isaac Weisfuse Leslie and Moshe Horn Jessica Freedman Katzke and Randy Katzke Ilana and Simmy Kustanowitz Stacey and David Leibowitz Shulamit Lerner and Cliff Nerwen


Alyssa Seit Levy and Sam Levy Beth Mann Heather and Michael Mann Rachel Mann and Josh Rosenblatt Tova and Stuart Markowitz Mid Hudson Construction Management Elissa and Alan Queen Amy Perle Rosuck and Craig Rosuck Ilana and Robert Saposh Isaac Sasson Aviva and Steven Seiden Shelter Rock Jewish Center Sara and Jonathan Shuter Michelle and Evan Sohn Sarah and Jeremy Sokolic Temple Israel of Great Neck Wolfoods Elaine and Joseph Zeitlin $501-999 Sharon and David Abramovitz Julie and Mark Abramowitz Lisa Addeo Orli Almog and Ben Levy Liat and Daniel Altman Paul Appleby Rachel Wainer Apter and Jonathan Apter Heidi Aronin Erica and Eliot Bank Tamar and Scott Barbash Sheryl and Eric Bassin Amy and Jeremy Biloon Ronda and Andrew Bloom Tara and Justin Brass Naomi Brenner and Ari Berger Sara Bucholtz and Rabbi Adam Feldman Barbara and Harold Citron Barry Cohen Cari and Rabbi Mitch Cohen Nava and Adam Cohen Sandra and Richard Cohen Karen and Daniel Covitt Heather and Jesse David Sarah and Michael Diamond Betsy Covitt Field

Lori and Steve Fineman Barbara and Jonathan Fink Josh Flug Jennie Friedman and Ross Zelman Rachel Friedman and Mark Neustadt Skye Gabel and Jeffrey Mann Susan and Barry Gedan Samara and Sam Ginzburg Dale and Steven Gindi Ann Goldhirsch and Barry Love Elana and Raymond Goldberg Goldman, Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program Rena and Andrew Goodman Ilene and Jeffrey Greenbaum Emma Haddad and Russell Steinthal Shirley Harrison Alyse and Ken Heilpern Sigal Hirsch Renee and Rabbi David Holtz Alison and Joshua Holden Sharon and Matthew Holden Elliott Hornblass Susan Israel and Alan Herschenfeld Arlene and Robert Kagan Jordana and Zachary Kahn Susan and Samuel Kamens Rabbi Tracy Kaplowitz and Jonathan Boxer Joanna Kasirer and Josh Kaplan Deena and Howie Kestenbaum Vera and Jason Kessler Francine and Samuel Klagsbrun Liba Kornfeld and Rabbi Ethan Linden Bryan Kornreich Alisa Rubin Kurshan and Rabbi Neil Kurshan Adrienne Lederer-Freedland and Eduard Freedland Debbie and Dan Lehman Jennifer Leon and Joshua Hirsch Risa Agin Levin and Daniel Levin Leah and Aryeh Meir Joel Mittman Deborah and Jeffrey Moelis Ted and Sharon Nevins

Barbara and Peter Paris Laurie Tasman Paris and Jason Paris Lisa and Rabbi Harry Pell Andrea and Jeremy Perler Debbi Rappaport and Michael Kraner Marta Ravin and Abraham Leinwand Larry and Laura Reiter Ellen and Dan Ronnen Ilana and Paul Rosenberg Elizabeth Rosenfeld Julie and Phil Schanzer Arielle and Cory Schneider Sam Schwartz Janice and Barry Schindler Jane-Rachel and Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun Marjorie and Mark Seidenfeld Karen and Rabbi Daniel Selsberg Cathy and Glenn Shepard Ranit and Gabriel Shiff Ronit Shapiro Arielle and Philip Sherrill Cantor Philip Sherman Marsha Shlefstein Robin and Rabbi Gerald Skolnik Robin and Philip Spencer Shoshi Talesnick and Rabbi Barry Dov Katz Rebecca Tobin and Ari Ungar Rabbi Abigail Treu and Pavel Vaynshtok Unity Electric, LLC Ilana and Michael Verstandig Jennifer and Jared Wasserman Nancy and Ariel Weinberger Eileen and Larry Weiss Yael and Eli Weiss Lisa Jaffe Weinstein Shani and Erik Winton Jessica Yood and Avi Deener Monica and Benjamin Zeitlin Marc and Deborah Zimbler $181-500 Judith Abel and Michael Brill Sarah and Oren Adler Beth and Jonathan Ain Rabbis Rachel Ain and David Levy

Roberta and Zvi Albert Karen and Mark Allison Loren Altshuler and Andrew Sapira Helene and David Arzt Lauren Baldel and Geoffrey Camp Beth Balsam and Marshall Klein Liza and Gary Barth Kerry and Evan Bell Sharyn Ben-Zvi and Ken Unger Naomi Berkowitz Rachel and Mark Berman Suzanne Brown Berkowitz and Jack Berkowitz Jane and Steven Berkowitz Irene and David Beyth Aaron Billig Karen Binder and Victor Ney Marci Bleichmar Monika and Paul Bloom Michelle and Jonathan Bloom Shari Brandt and Brett Popolow Susan Brecher and Michael Weintraub Rachael and Ronnie Bronstein Michelle Brody and Hal Blumenfeld George Bruckman Dona and Andrew Brucker Deborah and Ari Burstein Jody and Jonathan Caplan Bina Carr and Hazzan Jamie Gloth John Casciano Center for Contemporary Judaica Stacey and Marty Chazin Tessa Cigler Rabbi Burton Cohen Joan and Rabbi Martin Cohen Congregation Ansche Chesed Deborah and Michael Cooperman Wendy and Todd Cooperman Orit and David Daly Jordan Dale Serena David Jennifer and Paul Diamond Faye Dittelman Michelle and Michael Dittelman Yael and Barak Dunayer

Stephanie and Joshua Edelglass Beth and Marc Eichenholtz Stephanie and Rabbi David Englander Bonnie Eshel Stacy and Jonathan Ezor Alla Fayngersh and Seth Schwartz Lauren and Michael Feit Marcy Felsenfeld and Kenny Gold Debbie and Richard Fiderer Lauren and Meryl Finkelstein Harriet and Michael Finck Anita and Edward Finkel Anne Friedman and Saul Finkelstein Elana and Ariel Fishman Caroline Fox and David Shechter Laura Shaw Frank and Rabbi Aaron Frank Laura Freedman and Rabbi Alex Freedman Jackie and Donny Furst Ruth Gafni Marilyn Geller Frances Ginsburg-Wolf Nina and Gary Glaser Kenneth Glasser Abra and Michael Goldemberg Rabbi Robert Goldenberg Jennie Goldress and Andrew Eisenberger Deena Goodman Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc. Rebecca Green and Lenny Kaplan Stephanie Green and Zeke Vanderhoek Marni Greenbaum-Weinberg and Mitchell Weinberg Michelle and Paul Grobman Judy and Jules Gutin Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan Kimberly and Marc Harrison Brett Hausler Wendy and Marc Herman Rabbi Ami Hersh Ofra and Lee Hiltzik Linda Holof-Saposh and Rabbi Stuart Saposh Beth and Laurence Jaret Lisa and Spencer Jesner

Alison Joseph and Matt Kirschen Staci and Richard Julie Rena Bruckman Jureller and Arthur Jureller Rebecca Kahn Ariel and David Kalish-Glassman Rabbi Naomi Kalish and Rabbi Robert Scheinberg Rabbis Amy and Jeremy Kalmanofsky Julie and Michael Kantrowitz Nina and Adam Kantrowitz Randi Karp and Fred Polaniecki Peter Kashin Andrea Kasowitz and Andrew Goldberg Tal Kastner and Ivan Lehon Adena Mann Katz Randi and Justin Kattan Andrew Kent Daniela and Steven Klein Jordana Klein and Adin Meir Beth and Jeff Kopin Noam Kornsgold Beth and Freddie Kotek Adena and Jeffrey Kress Manda and Lenny Kristal Donna and Noam Kritzer Debra Kroll and Alexander Mandel Debbie Kruger Gerri and Rabbi Paul Kurland Daniel Labovitz Jill and Eric Lavitsky Howard and Susan Lazar Rabbi Luciana Pajecki Lederman and Alon Lederman Alyse and Mark Lefkowitz Blossom Leibowitz Edward Leibowitz Eillene Leistner and Barry Winiker Beth Spickler Lerman and Craig Lerman Erica and Ross Levine John Levy Donna and Lawrence Ludwig Susannah Malen and Noah Leibowitz Lisa Maller and Rich Ocken Rabbi Eliot Malomet Elizabeth Maltin


Stephen and Jennifer Malach Judy and Steven Matthews Jessica and Ross Mehlman Sharon and Michael Meininger Francine Mendelowitz Felicia Miller and Benjamin Leeman Joyce and Richard Miller Rabbi Michael Mishkin Karen Misler and Barry Feigenbaum Kathy Morgenstern and Bill Weber Julie and Richard Morgulis Elaine and Ronald Morris Cynthia Moss and Vittorio Terracina Batya Nadler and Matthew Albert Scott Newirth Stephanie Novak and Marc Weinstein Talya Oberfield and Rabbi Aaron Lucas Marilyn and Taketo Okoshi Chava and Craig Ortner Mark Palmer Michael Paris Lisa and Robert Patchen Rabbi Michele Perlzweig Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Plaza Jewish Community Chapel, Inc. Rachel Podell Meredith and Adam Polsky Natalie and Rabbi Michael Pont Rabbi Paulette and Jeremy Posner Irene and Joseph Reitano Cheryl and Richard Robins Leonard Robinson Elizabeth Rogak Judith Rosenberg and Randall Haase Rabbis Amy Roth and Noam Marans Nathalie Rubens and Saul Goodman Ann and David Rubin Mishaela Rubin and Rabbi Jeff Rubenstein Jill and Eric Sacks Rabbi Mason Salit Jessica and Mark Samuel Glenda and Raymond Schwarz Sarah and Rabbi Daniel Schweber Jeremy Schall


Ginger and Jonathan Schulman Maxine and Robert Schwartz Gail and Ed Schwartz Patricia and Lawrence Schatt Jessica Rezak Schwab and Yoni Schwab Anna and David Serur Kim Shafer and Isaac Finkle Rachel and Neil Shinder Nicole and Akiva Shmuelov Victoria and Vladmir Shpilsky Nicole and Rabbi Dave Siegel Susan Simon Yaira Singer and Matthew Binstock Jayne Deerson and Avi Skoff Faith Roessel and Matthew Slater Naomi Smook Jennifer and Adam Solomon Elizabeth Solomont and Phil Levy Rabbi Abby Sosland Melina Spadone Elizabeth and Daniel Spevack Adele and Alan Spickler Dina Spiegel and Elisha Andron Jennifer and Don Starr Stephanie and Ari Stavsky LauraSue and Marc Steinman Sandi and Alexander Stern Marilyn and Bruce Steinthal Sarah and Michael Stern Phyllis Stone and Glenn Davis Rachel Stone and Rob Bernstein Paris and Harry Stulbach Danielle and Dan Stupak Abigail and Shai Tambor Leora Tanenbaum Temple Gates of Prayer Mens Club Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael Temple Gates of Prayer Sisterhood Sherri and Daniel Tobias Rabbi Gordon Tucker Carolyn and Nathan Vardi Linda and Bruce Varon Vigorito, Barker, Porter & Patterson, LLP Roberta Wallach Cantor Lorna Wallach and Michael Kalet

Ari Weiss Debra and Gary Weil Alyssa Wilk and Ira Lifshutz Ann Wimpfheimer Gregory Winton Rebecca Wolk and Seth Lipschitz Joseph Zarecki $1-180 Rabbi Jerome Abrams z�l Esther Altmann and Richard Cantor Brenda Amarant and Craig Gruber Josh Androphy Ilene Anesini Joanne and Marc Ashley Joanne and Charles Bacall Nathaniel Bargad Jaya Bateman Adam and Margo Bayroff Pearl Beck and David Fisher Andrew Belinfante Seth Bell Diane Spiegel Belok and Gregory Belok Meredith Berkman Debbie and Mark Berman Rabbi Patricia Berman Cheryl and Rabbi Kenneth Berger Marnie and Scott Black Howard Black Anne and David Blady Anna Bondar Eugene Bondar Jared Boschan Joanne and Elliot Bramnick Sandee Brawarsky and Barry Lichtenberg Selena and Ethan Brown Cantor Arianne Brown Susan Cantor David Cantor Doris Cantor Rochelle and Jeffrey Canarick Joel Carter Sharon and Howard Charish Brian Cohen Sarah and Asaf Cohen

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Each year, your support allows us to meet the financial assistance needs of our camper families.


$280,825 $290,000




Nadine Sasson Cohen Sheryl and Rodney Cohen Congregation Sons of Israel Sarrae Crane and Rabbi Jonathan Waxman Naomi Danis Amy and Larry Dantus Jacob Davidovics Barbara Drench Fay and Kenny Duftler Fran and Bernard Dunn Mindy and Myron Edelman Edward Edelstein Rabbi Martin Edelman Naomi and Gerry Eisenberger Suzanne and Harry Engel Linda and Daniel Englander Lee Epstein Jordana Federman Stuart Feinblatt Leon Feigenbaum Yoni Ferbank Lainie and George Fiszer



Jeannie and Scott Fisher Irene Friedland Chana and Rabbi Matt Futterman Stephanie and Marty Gandelman Robin and Rabbi Stephen Garfinkel Cristina and Yoni Gedan Linda Gerstel and Edward Joyce Shari Gersten and David Rosenblatt Sheila Gladstein Karen and Henry Glanternik Arielle Glaser Ira Glasser Amy and David Glazer Jacqueline Glodstein and Jonathan Stern Leslie Glubo Samuel Gold Cindy and Gil Goldberg Ariella Goodman and Jesse Melman Tracey and Jeff Goodman Meryl and David Gordon Paula Gottlieb Amy and Dan Gottstein

Jonny Gottlieb Graham Holdings Matching Gift Program Shiri and Andrew Greenberg Rabbi Mark Greenspan Judith Greenwald Regina Greenwald Harvey Gross Arlene and Harry Grossmann Melanie Grossman Brenne and Eli Grossman Elissa and Rabbi Josh Gruenberg Beverly and Saul Gutterman Jane Heffner Alice and David Horn Isabelle Roth Kahan and Jeffrey Kahan Marcia Kahnowitz Lauren and Kenneth Kanfer Henry and Wendy Kaplowitz Aviva Katz Annie Zaks Kaufman and Dave Kaufman Julia Keltz and Zachary Seiden Vera Kerner

Laureen Kim Gail and Ben Zion Kogen Adina and Ari Konikoff Leslie and Rabbi Jay Kornsgold Nancy Korff Rivekka Kulishevskaya Rebecca Kurland Heidi Lackowitz Matthew Landau Zach Lasker Ronni and Mark Lederman Selma Legman Jack Levitz Rita Levine Sara and Benjamin Levin Marcia and Barry Levinson Kim and Jeff Lichtenstein Lucile and Sheldon Lichtblau Roberta Lieber and Mark Glucksman Mae Liss Jessica and Stuart Loeser Michelle and Jonathan Lupkin


Alexander and Sharon Mack Macy’s East John Magoulas Arielle Mallen Karen and Alfred Mann Yona Mann Elisa Marcus and Dror Bikel Judy and Ivan Marcus Deborah and Alexander Marcus Ehud Marcus Ilan Marans Beth Mayerowitz Rabbi Joseph Menashe Mitchel Mernick Deena and Dan Messinger Harold Michels Marion and Murray Mohl Leslie and Philip Monchar Aviah Morag Linda Moses and Arthur Gurevitch Tami and Michael Novoseller Adar and Jake Novak Barbara Orans Rachel and Hal Ossman Shelley and Josef Paradis Julia Paris Rabbi Lee Paskind Gilda Paul Susan and Howard Pavane Marcy and Steven Pell Ari Peskoe Ilana Picker Judi and Jerry Pitkowsky Rabbi Perry Rank Howard Rebenstock Joey Resnick Julia Riseman Ellen and Daniel Rockmore Dara and Jason Rogoff Wendy and Mitchel Rosen Bonnie and Bernie Rosenfeld Martha and Martin Rosenfeld Helaine Rosen Jeremy Rose Richard Rosenblum


Barbara and Rabbi Joel Roth Stefanie Roth Judy and Joseph Rothman Amalia Safran Jennifer Saine and David Griff Michael Sanow Michael and Marilyn Schamroth Nancy and Rabbi Craig Scheff Rosalyn Scheidlinger Ann and Dov Scherzer Ilene and Michael Schlank Marcia Talmage Schneider and Fredric Schneider Rachel Schneider Alex Schoenbart Aviva and Rabbi Moshe Schwartz Karen Secular and Doron Grosman Shira Lee Segal Beverly Segal and Jonathan Meyer Danielle and Adi Segal Debra Danis Seiden and Michael Seiden Edi Seligman Ephraim Shapiro Debbie and Greg Shaw Melissa Shepen Catherine Silver Toby and Allan Silvera Devorah Silverman and Reuben Rotman Michael Silverstone Jacqui Simons and Kenny Fink Sherry and Richard Skolnik Janet and Mike Slifer Alyson and Tzvi Small Sarah and Josh Smith Avi Smolen and Justin Rosen Smolen Joyce Sokolic Kathy and Gregory Solomon Linda Spitzer Miriam and Mort Steinberg Sharon Steinberg Barbara Steinfeld Amy Steiner Laura and James Sugarman Rhoda and Joe Sumner David Teitelbaum

Babette and Bruce Tenzer Robby Tepper Shirley and Rabbi Al Thaler Jack Topal Risa and Jeff Torkin Dorothy A. Tydings Marion Udwin Dina Ufberg and Sam Goodman Haley Vogel Roselin and David Wagner Phyllis Hofman Waldmann and Otto Waldmann Susan Wechsler Melissa and Brian Weiss Shira and Rabbi Arthur Weiner Laura Weinstein Elana and Mark Weinberger Mark and Elaine Weitzman Barry and Ethel Weintraub Randi and Mark Weingarten Jonathan Weinreich Sylvia Weiser Sandra and Michael Weitz Amy Winiker Dina Wizmur Judy Wolf-Nevid and Jeffrey Nevid Nora and Barry Yood Debbie and Steven Young Ruth and Gary Zelman Ann and Rabbi Sandy Zisser Lori Zucker Sharon Zucker

PLEASE NOTE: This list includes donations to the Annual Fund only. This does not include contributions to our AOD Capital Campaign.

Comfort getting dirty Learning how to cook over a campfire

“Confidence through going outside of his comfort zone” A perfected butterfly stroke


Love of hiking through the woods

A relaxing and independent nighttime shower ritual

Love of singing during tefilot (prayer services)





“Another camper’s favorite shirt!”


“An appreciation for Shabbat’s change of pace.”

AMAZING FRIENDSHIPS “Deep conversations about everything under the sun.”

New Hebrew vocabulary and slang

WHAT CAMPERS TAKE HOME FROM CAMP “New self-confidence and stronger self-esteem”


LIFE SKILLS Cookie baking-expertise An awesome frisbee arm “Learning how to brush her own hair and get out all of the knots!”




How to put on tefillin

Nighttime Shema before bed

How to navigate the siddur

“Desire to return to camp next summer.”

Learning to keep their own space clean and organized



An Israeli friend

The experience of being a team captain

Experience of the beauty of tefillot at sunrise

“Learning to be concerned for the whole bunk or edah, not just for himself.”


How to stand up in front of a group and lead an activity


Building mentor relationships with staff members


CAMP RAMAH IN THE BERKSHIRES Rabbi Ethan Linden Director

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Hugh Pollack President

Adina Avery-Grossman Vice President

Rick Atlas Treasurer

Richard Friedman Senior Vice President

Eric Segal Vice President

Sarah Sokolic Secretary

Sue Och Financial Vice President

Harriet Shaiman Vice President

Robert Hirsch Chair

Eric Weinstein Vice President

Jeffrey Shlefstein Heidi Silverstone Dr. Jay Steinberg Jeffrey Teitelbaum Adam Wallach

Dr. Julia Paris Alumni Association Representative Rebecca Kahn Alumni Association President

Pat Davidson Honorary Vice President James Schlesinger Honorary Vice President Pauline Siegel z”l Honorary Vice President Steve Goldstein Past President Dr. Charles Mann Past President Richard Skolnik Past Chairman

ADVISORY COUNCIL Matt Albert Ira Balsam Ari Berman Joan Bucholtz Gena Cobrin Mark Covitt Brenda Deener Victoria Feder 22

Moshe Horn Steven Kauderer Dr. Ilana Kustanowitz Dan Labovitz Beth Spickler Lerman Illana Margolis Adin Meir Dr. Fred Miller

Seth Adelsberg Director of Outdoor Education Bertha Braunfeld Projects Coordinator Elizabeth Chipkin Director of Breira B’Ramah

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Marc Damsky Amy Feilbogen Shelly Handel Atara Jacobson Dr. Alisa Rubin Kurshan Benjamin Mann Dr. Cliff Nerwen Lee Podair Orlie Prince Adi Rabinowitz Yoni Saposh Alan Schall Steven Seiden

Aleeza Adelman Communications Coordinator

David Morris James Rothman Dr. Neil Schluger Phil Sherill Deanna Stecker Leslie Teicher Susan Werk

Laura Hanft Programming Director Debra Miller Development Associate Rabbi Ari Perten Assistant Director Danielle Porwich Registrar and Office Manager Rabbi Paul Resnick Senior Engagement and Planning Director Amy Rosuck Business Director Adina Rothman Assistant Business Manager Jane-Rachel Schonbrun Development Director Karen Legman Segal Director of Camper Care Jason Smalley Facilities Manager Jackie Stafford Bookkeeper Rabbi Jerome Abrams z”l Director Emeritus






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CAMP RAMAH IN THE BERKSHIRES 25 Rockwood Place, Suite 345 Englewood, NJ 07631




Camp Ramah in the BErkshires Shnaton (Annual Report) 2017  
Camp Ramah in the BErkshires Shnaton (Annual Report) 2017