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An Annual Newsletter for Friends of Camp: Highlights of 2014

Our Mission Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is a vibrant summer camp community, where children grow in a beautiful and safe setting, surrounded by life-long friends and nurtured by spirited role models. From sports to the arts and from swimming to outdoor adventure, Camp is infused with the best of the tradition and values of Conservative Judaism; love of mitzvoth, Hebrew language and the land and people of Israel; commitment to inclusion and Tikun Olam; and the joy of learning and prayer. Ramah is a transformative Jewish experience for its campers, staff, families and the communities of the New York metropolitan area, and a place where Judaism is lived, Shabbat is cherished and every moment is elevated.

…the friendships made at Camp Ramah will last a lifetime. Camp Ramah is far from being “just a camp”…for many, myself included, Camp Ramah experiences have changed the direction of our lives and introduced us to the power of the Jewish community to enhance lives. - Dr. John Ruskay, Executive Vice-President Emeritus, UJA: Federation of NY


of campers who returned to CRB in 2014 from 2013


ON THE COVER: A treehouse, large enough to accommodate an entire bunk of campers, with a spectacular view of Machaneh Aleph, is a gift of the Gesher 2013 Fund. The Gesher Fund is a project designed to give the oldest campers an opportunity to improve Camp while leaving a permanent legacy.

Could anyone ever find a better “prooftext” for return on our investment than these amazing young adults who have been transformed by Ramah and who now transform our own communities?

Message from CRB President & Director Today, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in Ramah history. Challenges and goals were vastly different in our initial 50 summers. Today, in our 51st summer, we proudly showcase initiatives in the arts, in outdoor adventure and on the waterfront, while upholding the Ramah mission and values in Jewish living, informal Jewish education and love of Israel and Hebrew language. Continuing our pursuit of excellence is essential but not sufficient. Together our professional and lay leadership are imagining and pursuing a bold vision to insure new leadership, new facilities, and new programming options for new generations of Jewish youth. As a community, we are blessed with the Ramah Berkshires Alumni Association, which has become the core life force of our Ramah community. This dedicated group is responsible for infusing new generations of campers and staff into Camp at all levels, providing enormous financial support for scholarship and developing leadership for our Camp governance team. We often boast that 90% of our Executive Board and two thirds of our Board and Advisory Council are alumni. A Midrash describes the Jewish people at Sinai offering their children


as the guarantors of the Torah and our future as a people. Our alumni are surely the guarantors of our own future and continuity. Both in body and soul, as Jewish professionals and lay leaders, they have become the key driving force in growing and strengthening Conservative Judaism. Could anyone ever find a better “prooftext” for return on our investment than these amazing young adults who have been transformed by Ramah and who now transform our own communities? We are most fortunate to have a fully enrolled camp—a thriving camp bursting at its seams. Campers and staff invigorate our community year-round. We are succeeding with our campers. We have succeeded with our alumni. Now we are soaring to new heights meeting our critical mission for decades ahead. We need partners for today with our Annual Campaign, partners for tomorrow with our Capital Campaign and partners forever as part of our Legacy Endowment Campaign. Thank you for supporting us today, tomorrow and forever. We cannot fail when we envision and dream together, and when we support and commit to each other as part of this extraordinary community—machaneh Ramah—Camp Ramah in the Berkshires!



Dr. Hugh Pollack, President

Rabbi Paul Resnick, Director


of campers enrolled in Kayitz 2014

of alumni who met in Camp & married

of camp families affiliated with a congregation

amount raised for the Annual Fund in 2014








Finding the

Next Marc Damsky (Excerpt from Marc Damsky’s Annual Fund Dinner speech) I should not be here. I should not be here speaking Hebrew while accepting the Ramah Alumni Leadership Award. I went to public school, started camp in Machon, and, truth be told, Ramah was just my back up plan. Fitting in as a first time camper at 15 is not easy as friendships and bonds are formed. I recall going to Shacharit the first morning and feeling quite awkward as it took me twice as long as the other boys to put on my tefillin. I also remember seeing every kid praying together on cue, with kavannah, when I could barely follow along. My counselors inspired me to participate in services by telling me “the more you pray, the better you play”—as I wanted to make the Chug Basketball team. However, I quickly realized this doesn’t work, as they had more years of prayer under their belts and I was able to beat them one on one. So how did I end up here from that very first day in Camp?

Amy Feilbogen, Adam Wallach, Heidi Silverstone, Co-chairs 2014 Annual Fund Dinner

Live Auction @ 2014 Annual Fund Dinner Marc Damsky and family

I would argue community—a community where kids are not only good at basketball, but also layn a mean Torah portion, where kids spend time with their peers being Shomer Shabbat, singing Hebrew songs while hiking, and talking about the challenges in Israel with Israelis also in Camp. Yes, it is powerful and yes, it is transformative. I have one request: In each of your synagogues back home, there is one Marc Damsky attending Hebrew School who is not yet enrolled in Camp. Find them. They may be eight, nine, ten or even fifteen years old. Maybe they observe Shabbat, maybe they don’t. Their families may keep kosher, maybe they don’t. Find them. Refer them to Camp. When a community like Ramah can transform an average kid like me into someone who now keeps kosher, goes to shul on Shabbat, reads Torah regularly, commits to growing Ramah, and receives his Alumni Leadership Award, then we need to find the next Marc Damsky and the next and the next to ensure this community thrives forever.

Amount Raised for the Annual Fund 2011-2014

$600,000 $550,000


$500,000 $450,000 $400,000 $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000





After all, Vivian’s closest friendships began at Camp Ramah and have flourished over 40 years.

Annual Fund Dinner Nearly 450 people gathered at Park Avenue Synagogue on Sunday, December 7, 2014 to pay tribute to a group of most distinguished CRB honorees. Vivian Fried and Lee Podair, Drs. Ellen and Jay Steinberg, Marc Damsky, and Ilana Kustanowitz graced the crowd with their presence, marking many years of service and dedication to Camp. Each honoree spoke passionately about his or her personal connections to Ramah, weaving their engaging stories as camper, counselor, parent or alumnus. Every speech echoed thanks to Camp Ramah and to the community it has created. Every speech spoke of dreams and visions of Camp’s continued prosperity. From the outset, even before they were married, Vivian and Lee were committed to sending their kids to Camp Ramah—it was “…positively non-negotiable. After all, Vivian’s closest friendships began at Camp Ramah and have flourished over 40 years.” Ellen and Jay thanked Ramah for what it has done for them, especially for Ellen, who never attended Camp and only got a “taste of Camp through the experiences of (her) children.” Ilana, having been a camper, counselor, Rosh Edah, and president of the Ramah Berkshires Alumni Association, revealed, “…my counselors and campers—made me the person I am today.” Marc Damsky spent his latter teen years at CRB, continued as a staff member and was a president of the Alumni Association. Marc emphasized, “Everything else I have done, and continue to do for Ramah, is with this goal of strengthening this kehilat kedushah, this holy community.” Viewing videos of each honoree, experiencing a live auction, and dancing the night away made the Annual Dinner a sensational success. The Dinner concluded the year, raising over $556,000 for the Annual Fund, which enables Camp to award financial assistance, enhance programming needs and provide more extensive staff training.

Dr. Ilana Kustanowitz with her husband and two of their children

Vivian Fried and Lee Podair



2014 Annual Fund Dinner Honorees

Drs. Ellen and Jay Steinberg PAGE 1 3

Kayitz 2014: Program Innovations

I'm so glad that my child is having the most spiritual, meaningful and happy summer. Thank you. Innovative enhancements, flanked by premier training for our staff, are the results of the infusion of Annual Fund contributions. These donations made a significant difference in Camp this summer. With your generosity, Camp was able to:

Offer High Ropes Course training to more staff, enabling more campers to experience the High Ropes Course Introduce musical tefillot, yoga meditation, and songwriting sessions with guitarist/composer Mikey Paulker Elevate our theater productions by hiring a make-up artist, costume designer, and lighting technicians Increase our waterfront activities by purchasing state-of-the-art inflatables Provide bunk counselors with additional programmatic training, led by highly creative and enthusiastic camping experts, enabling them to create even more sensational bunk activities and Shabbat programming Teach environmental living, which included making bicycle-powered hummus and solar oven cookies, while learning about composting and sustainability with Hazon’s Topsy Turvy Bus Team Make our texts come alive by performing Bible skits under the direction of the charismatic Bible Players Train our dance staff in advanced dance instruction under the guidance of dance icon Ruth Goodman Participate in more inter-camp sports competitions Expand our Sports Clinic program to include Hip Hop and Jump Rope Specialty Clinics Through these and other programs, Camp continues to serve as a place where our campers and counselors can learn, grow, and gain new experiences that help prepare them for the next stage in their lives.



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My son was happily, joyfully, proud to be Jewish.

Camp leaves a tremendous impact on all campers….especially first time campers. Jordana Horn, CRB parent and editor for the Jewish parenting website,, wrote about her entering fourth grade son and his experience at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires this past summer. Read “Coming Home Different,” thoughts that resonate with generations of Ramah parents: I didn’t expect to cry when I picked my kid up from camp. When I dropped him off at the bus? Totally. I skulked past the more experienced parents doing the hora in the parking lot as the bus pulled away, got into the front seat, shut the door and started crying. But when I picked him up, I expected it to be all sunshine and happiness. And it was. But there was another component to it. See, I mistakenly expected to get back the same kid I sent to camp. And I didn’t. And that made me cry tears of happiness.

This kid was taller. His hair was longer. He was definitely dirtier (“This IS my clean shirt!” he said as I pointed out that the shirt he was wearing looked a lot like he had cleaned the bunk floor with it before putting it on.). But I don’t sweat the small stuff, and that is all small stuff. My son had changed for the better. When he took my husband and I to see his favorite spot at camp, he wasn’t quite sure he was going the right way. Without any prodding, this nine year old went over to a teenager and her family— people he’d never seen before—and politely asked them for directions. That was maturity. That was impressive. But in addition to the maturity, there was something else that I couldn’t quite pinpoint at first. As we kept talking, though, it made itself evident bit by bit. It was in the Hebrew words, naturally sprinkled through his speech. It was in the joy with which he demonstrated the hand signals that corresponded to the Hebrew song they sang every day before lights out.

It was in his questions about what is going on in Israel now, and what we can do to support the Jewish state. And it was in his descriptions of the camp gathering for Kabbalat Shabbat by the lakefront, and when he spent part of the car ride home demonstrating that he now knew Birkat Hamazon by heart. My son was happily, joyfully proud to be Jewish. I’m not saying this was a sudden change—I like to think he was already proud of the identity we built for him at home. But it was different: going away to a Jewish camp had given him the opportunity to make Judaism his own—a key and critical part of himself, who he is and who he will become. At camp, he could grow, physically and emotionally, and as a Jewish individual—the person he will be and develop for the rest of his life. My son came home from Jewish camp a taller, more mature, joyful Jew. And I couldn’t be happier.

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires

trains summer staff year-round through professional development programs Ramah Shabbaton in Israel Limmud NY Conference

Song Leaders Boot Camp

Winer Institute for Roshei Edot (Division Heads)

Cornerstone for 3rd year staff

Daber Hebrew Language Fellows

Lifeguard Training

Pre-camp Internships

Wilderness First Aid Training Hadar Tefillah Seminar Water Safety Instruction

High Ropes Training

Ramah Service Corps

Weinstein Institute for Counselor Training

Israeli Dance Training for Instructors

American Camping Association Conference


Israeli staff (Mishlachat)

35 #

international staff (non-Israeli)



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I can credit Camp for teaching me how to swim, forcing me to hike and enhancing my Hebrew vocabulary. Camp has given me so much more: my closest friends, a love of Israel and Conservative Judaism, my wonderful sister-in-law, and a sense of what it means to be an active part of a thriving Jewish community.

Networking Seminar

Yom Bogrei Ramah (25th Anniversary Reunion)

Yom Bogrei Ramah (10th Anniversary Reunion)




of first-time campers whose parents are CRB alumni

RBA Limud


Social Media: LinkedIn ge Project & Facebook Pa Ramah Basketball Association (RBA) Awards Ceremony

Shabbat Dinners in NYC Eric Steinthal z�l Memorial Basketball Tournament

Hanhallah planning meetings Networking for young professio nals

Yom Bogrei Ramah Yom Give Back Repackathon Repackathon

Yom Give Back

For many of us, 12594=HOME

and that’s why we love Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. Golf Outing On July 14th, 90 golfers consisting of alumni, parents and friends—with an additional 35 dinner guests—enjoyed the Seventh Annual Ramah Golf Outing, held at Salem Golf Club in North Salem, NY. The benefit event, co-chaired by Ari Saposh and Josh Hirsch (both Gesher ’00), raised over $40,000 for Camp’s Annual Fund. This year’s program highlight featured three tzevet who joined the golfers to mingle and interact throughout the day.

Josh Hirsch (Co-Chair, Golf Outing) with friends

Ari Saposh (Co-Chair, Golf Outing) with friends

Stadium Court Dedication The renovated Stadium Court was dedicated and renamed in memory of Eric Steinthal z”l, on August 31, 2014. Eric’s friend and CRB alum Adin Meir (Gesher ’96) organized the project, raising $75,000. Adin addressed a crowd of friends and family saying, “Eric’s camp friends were among his closest lifelong friends—our friendships, formed at Camp, until the day he died…In some small way, we hope that the renovation of the Stadium Court will help heal the gaping hole that Eric’s death has left in all our lives.”

Eric Steinthal z”l Stadium Court Dedication, August 2014

Bamat Renovation Under the expert guidance of artist and Harvard-trained architect Harriet Finck, thirteeen Gesher campers rethought and redesigned the front wall of the Bamat, Camp’s Torah Center. Using the original wood engraving Libi Ramah (My heart is exalted or My heart is Ramah), Harriet created sixteen stencils in sixteen alphabets that the campers traced and painted in gray tones onto the parchment colored wall. The renovation was funded with a generous donation from alumni Linda Holof-Saposh and Stuart Saposh, in honor of their children and grandchildren and in memory of Linda’s parents, Norma and Harry Holof. In addition to the wall, the Bamat walls were refinished, the Aron Kodesh refurbished, and fifteen benches were crafted and installed. Another spiritual place in Camp has been restored. CAMP CAMP RAMAH RAMAH IN IN THE THE BERKSHIRES BERKSHIRES CHAVERIM SHNATON:


Rabbi Stuart Saposh and Linda Holof-Saposh dedicate the Bamat renovation with their children and grandchildren, August 2014 PAGE 1 9

Hofa’ah: Theater Arts in Camp

Four shows were performed this past summer, to great acclaim. Miriam Hertzson, Rosh Hofa’ah (Director of Theater Arts), was able to improve the level of production significantly through her expertise, new set purchases and increased staff. Miriam’s expertise and staff created the brilliance of the sun rising over the set in The Lion King; a flying Elphaba in Wicked; “acting blocks” to create the bleachers in High School Musical; and rain on stage in Noah. Make-up artists transformed campers

into animals while the rainbow at the end of Noah was a work of lighting artistry. A multitude of techniques combined with CRB’s commitment to incorporating Jewish values into theater were evident in each production. A generous lead gift from the Och/Kalver/ Halbright family towards the renovation of Camp’s Beit Am Bet Theater made these improvements possible.

My summers at Camp profoundly shaped my Jewish identity and those experiences continue to play a leading role in my life. I always say that day school gave me my Jewish brain and Camp gave me my Jewish heart because of the community and friendships that were created there. And most importantly I got really good at playing knockout….

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Repurpose @ CRB Kayitz 2014 When Camp Ramah in the Berkshires and Wolfoods partnered, Michael Wolf, CEO and Food Manager, brought his experience that transformed the kitchen operation into one of the most sustainable in the world of camping. Together Rabbi Resnick and Michael Wolf continue to embrace environmental issues with a collaborative vision for CRB’s hadar (dining hall) going green. As a community, during the 2014 summer, Camp reduced its landfill waste by 25 tons! All staff and campers deserve applause for their participation and commitment to Camp Ramah’s Green Initiative. In addition, in the kitchen, all grease waste was saved and picked up by a Dutchess County local who was able to convert the waste into biodiesel fuel for his vehicle. We cook 90% of our food from scratch and it shows in the quality. It’s a lot more labor-intensive, but it’s healthier and it tastes good. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Repurpose….CRB is proud of its greener paths!


food cooked from scratch

90 #

tons in landfill reduction in Kayitz 2014


Gesher 2014 Fund

What is a Mitzpeh Lilah? Gesher 2014 is convinced that every camper and staff member will find adventure and magic in their Gesher Fund Project: A Star Gazing Pit. Va’ad Keren Gesher 2014 Fund Committee explained it all through music and

creative media at a special Visiting Day presentation. The entire Gesher Edah raised the funds to build a new makom (place) for the CRB community. Giving back to the place that has enriched their individual and collective lives over multiple summers seemed only natural. Since 2009, each Gesher Edah (the oldest division in Camp) has produced projects that have enhanced Camp life and helped beautify mikomot (places). From a shiron (Shabbat song book) to Gan Eden and Etz Chaim, Camp proudly boasts of their philanthropically minded campers. Gesher 2014 harmonized their original verses through song as they educated and entertained their parents. The chorus



melodiously blended these words to the Taylor Swift tune, “22”: Oh, oh Hey machaneynu, we want to star gaze with you Everything will be alright and we’ll keep quiet too. We got it all planned out— Ivrit and Yehadut Come to the Mitzpeh Lilah— Peulat Erev to Havdalah Parent co-chairs Leah Silberstein and Elana Goldberg proudly addressed the Visiting Day audience. They confirmed that the success in raising funds for an authentic Mitzpeh Lilah can be attributed to the sheer enthusiasm of Gesher 2014!


Financial Assistance:

Ramah provides more than funding Dear Rabbi Resnick: There are no words to express my appreciation for what you have done for my child and for me all these years… I credit Ramah with teaching her right from wrong/ how to be a mensch. As a child who never met her father and whose mother has been ill much of the time Ramah has provided her with stability, nurturing and balance. This is all because of you, your generosity and power of example. Thanks for being a fabulous role model and for providing my child with a Jewish education and a love and respect for Yiddishkeit and Judaism….


providing financial assistance

$260k Hi Rabbi Resnick,

Thank you so much for the wonderful graduation gift! The only thing better than drinking my morning coffee out of a Ramah mug is to actually be at Ramah, in the chadar, drinking my morning coffee. This is second best and I will take it....for now. I am already counting down the days to when I will be a certified Emergency Medicine doctor and eligible for work in the Marp… I can’t believe it’s already summer again and I am sure you and Hanhallah are busy getting everything ready for another unforgettable season. I’m sure you’ve

heard this many, many times from alumni but I’ll say it Ramah friends are my best friends. It feels silly to call them friends because they really are like family. I get together with them at least once a week and without fail, every single time, we somehow find a way to talk about how much we love Camp and how it changed our lives. While for many Ramahniks, their time at Camp is their only formal Jewish experience, for me that was not the case. From Heschel to Ramaz to Young Judea Year Course, I’ve had my fair share of Jewish experiences and institutions and without

a doubt, Ramah has been the most meaningful to me. Not only has it given me a sense of community that extends way beyond the confines of the 12594 zip code, but it showed me how to live a rich and fulfilling Jewish life day in and day out. It has given me the framework upon which to build my own Jewish life and observance coupled with a love and commitment to the State of Israel. I always say, if I hadn’t gone to medical school, my dream job would be yours! I love Ramah and everything it stands for and I can’t wait to rejoin the tzevet as Camp Doctor! - Julia Paris (Gesher ‘02)

Yerusha Legacy Society* Rabbi Jerome Abrams Barry Allen Timberly Whitfield & Robert Allen Amy & Rick Atlas Audrey Atlas Mark Badash Sheri & Ira Balsam Andrea Barnett Ira Beer Diane Spiegel Belok Suzanne Brown Berkowitz & Jack Berkowitz Jane Berkowitz Rebecca & Ari Berman Aaron Blum Joan & Harvey Bucholtz Rabbi Marim D. & Paula S. Charry Stacey & Marty Chazin Amir Cohen Rabbi Burton Cohen Renee & Mark Covitt Karen & Dan Covitt Betsy Covitt Marc Damsky Patricia & Alan Davidson Brenda & Jerry Deener Michelle & Michael Dittelman Melinda & Matthew Dunn Rabbi Moshe Edelman Shulamith Reich Elster Amy & Rob Feilbogen Miriam Feldstein Jacqueline Simons & Kenneth Fink Saul Finkelstein Rabbi Ezra Finkelstein Richard Friedman Jonathan Funk Rabbi Matthew Futterman Nina & Gary Glaser Arielle Glaser Marlene Noveck & Steve Goldstein Betty Golomb Karen & Howie Goodman

We need to ensure that this community thrives forever...

Harold Grinspoon Adina Avery-Grossman & Harman Grossman Fanny & Shelly Handel Stephanie Handel Judy & Rob Hirsch Josh Holden Leslie & Moshe Horn Susan Horowitz Marcia Jacobson Judith & Andrew Jaffe Ilana Kahn Marcia Kahnowitz Naomi Katz Michael Kraner Paul Kurland Ilana & Simmy Kustanowitz Esther Langer Mindy Smith & Ira Leiderman Miri & Jeffrey Levine Alyssa & Sam Levy Beth Mann Aliza & Benn Mann Barbara & Charles Mann Judy Marcus Ehud Marcus Dr. Fredric Miller Joyce Miller Roberta London Morse Cliff Nerwen Helga Noveck Susan Och Chava & Craig Ortner Lloyd Parodneck Joy Perla Sheri Perlman & Ami Misha Saad Rebecca & Ari Perten Vivian Fried & Lee Podair Martha & Hugh Pollack Renah & Mayer Rabinowitz Laura & Larry Reiter Martha & Rabbi Paul Resnick David Rosenblatt

Susan Ticker & Henry Rosenblum Amy Perle Rosuck Rabbi Amy Roth Adina Rothman Suzanne & Howard Samelson Hal Greenberger & Shoshana Savitz Naomi & Josh Savitz Daniel Schafler & Family Mindy & Alan Schall Lisa & James Schlesinger Carol & Steve Schulman Karen Legman Segal & Eric Segal Aviva & Steven Seiden Debra & Michael Seiden Julia Keltz & Zachary Seiden Harriet & Joel Shaiman Saul Shapiro Jeffrey Shlefstein Heidi & Rob Silverstone Rabbi Gerald & Robin Skolnik Mike Slifer Sarah & Joshua Smith Sarah & Jeremy Sokolic Elizabeth & Philip Solomont Harriet & Harold Spevack Deanna & Rabbi Howard Stecker Ellen & Jay Steinberg Michele & Jay Steinmetz Sarah & Michael Stern Sandi & Alexander Stern Janice & Matthew Tannin Ayelet & Jeffrey Teitelbaum Ilana & Skip Vichness Judith Wachs Adam Wallach Randi Weingarten Eric Weinstein Eileen & Larry Weiss Elaine & Joseph Zeitlin Ross Zelman Ruth Zelman * As of December 2014

2014 CAMP RAMAH IN THE BERKSHIRES Executive Committee Dr. Hugh Pollack, President Richard Friedman, Sue Och, Rob Hirsch, Senior Vice President Financial Vice President Chairman Lee Podair, Eric Segal, Harriet Shaiman, Eric Weinstein, Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Board of Trustees

Dr. Saul Shapiro z�l, Honorary Chairman Rick Atlas, Sarah Sokolic, Treasurer Secretary

Adina Avery-Grossman Amy Feilbogen Ira Leiderman Orlie Prince Jeffrey Shlefstein Dr. Jay Steinberg Ira Balsam Shelly Handel Benjamin Mann Adi Rabinowitz Heidi Silverstone Jeff Teitelbaum Marc Damsky Steven Kauderer Dr. Cliff Nerwen Steve Seiden Diane Spiegel Belok Adam Wallach Mark Covitt, Alumni Rebecca Kahn, Pat Davidson, James Schlesinger, Association Representative Alumni Association President Honorary Vice President Honorary Vice President Steve Goldstein, Past President Dr. Charles Mann, Past Chairman Richard Skolnik, Past Chairman Ari Berman Joan Bucholtz Brenda Deener Rabbi Paul Resnick Director

Saul Finkelstein Lynne Gordon Atara Jacobson Rabbi Ari Perten Assistant Director

Judy Jaffe Dr. Marty Keltz Dan Labovitz

Advisory Council Beth Spickler Lerman Illana Margolis Dr. Fred Miller


Amy Perle Rosuck Eileen Weiss Business Manager Development Director


David Morris Gabe Nechamkin David Perla


Yoni Saposh Neil Schluger Deanna Stecker

Karen Legman Segal, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications

Leslie Teicher Susan Werk Andi Wolfer Rabbi Jerome Abrams Director Emeritus


Camp Ramah in the Berkshires 25 Rockwood Place, Suite 345 Englewood, NJ 07631

First Class U.S. Postage Paid Paramus, NJ Permit 129

...Ramah was the place where I was at my best; where I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Where I cultivated life-long friendships, and where I learned to be a leader. - Dr. Ilana Kustanowitz



25 Rockwood Place, Suite 345 Englewood, NJ 07631 201-871-RAMAH (7262)

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CRB 2014 Annual Report  
CRB 2014 Annual Report