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Batman 100. DC Comics Artist: Paul Pope Color: Jose Villarrubia

Luis Lazo “Ofrenda”, oleo/lienzo 1.70mt x 0.70 mt. 2008

Making Comic Strips & Graphic Novels

ART: Oil Painting

(Adolescents and Adults)

(Adolescents and Adults)

Workshop will focus on narrative techniques that merge text and image. Each student will work on character development and an original comic strip.

Large Format Oil Painting were you learn how to: Stretch and prepare canvas, Golden Mean in Composition, Natural Drawing and Color Theory.

Instructor: Simon Vega

Instructor: Luis Lazo

Visual Artist and University Professor, MA in Contemporary Art from Complutense University, Madrid. He has extensively exhibit in Europe, Central and North America.

Graduate from Lorenzo de Medicis Academy, Firenze, Italy, Award in Painting from the International Academy, Rome, Italy, Collection in MARTE, San Salvador.

Schedule: Saturday 9-12m

Schedule: Tuesday and Friday 4-6 p.m

Total Cost: $169.00

Total Cost: $220.00

Duration: 30 hrs.

Duration: 40 hrs.

**Note: Personal Art Materials not included in Workshops. Buscanos en Facebook Art Center Escuela Americana

† ART WORKSHOPS ¢ Calle y Colonia La Mascota, Pasaje #3, San Salvador. Telephone: 2528-8255

For more information please call: Art Center Escuela Americana Telephone: 2528-8255 e-mail:

Contact: Catalina del Cid Office hours: Monday - Friday 3-6 p.m Office hours: Saturdays 9-12 m.

Instructor: Patricia Rodriguez

Art Workshops of 10 weeks

Actor, voice and acting coach, Graduate from Autónoma University, DF, México. Acting Experience: Suchitoto-Stratford Project, King Lear, Tartuffe, Decameron and Cinema Libertad (Short-Cut Film).

(September 20th- December 5th 2010) The Art Center of Escuela Americana wants to foster the creation, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts through workshops and exhibitions. The Art Center is open to EA students, alumni, parents, and others that value and support the importance of the arts in our community.

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30 p.m Elizabeth Trababnino AC \ Museo Marte

Total Cost: $169.00 Duration: 30 hrs.

MUSIC APPRECIATION: Sublime, unique women in music. (Adolescents and Adults) This music appreciation workshop will be instructed through presentations of music, biographies and anecdotes. We will travel in time and meet these wonderful artists: Kassia, Hildegard Von Bingen, Countess of Dia, Anne Boleyn, Clara Schumann, and modern time legends like María Callas. Instructor: Elizabeth Trabanino Helena Zamora

Mix Media for Children (10-14 years) Workshop will focus on learning different media and techniques to create art. Students will discover what style or media triggers their creativity. Printmaking (Engraving, Screenprinting, Image Transfer), Painting (Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor), Fibers (Weaving, Bookmaking, Pattern making, Collage), Drawing (Pastels, Charcoal, Crayon). Instructor: Helena Zamora Graduate from Fibers, SCAD, Founder of De Las Gemelas “Bakery Boutique.” Exhibit in Panama, Honduras and El Salvador Schedule:Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6 p.m Total Cost: $220.00 Duration: 40 hrs.

Soprano, Founder and director of Radio Clásica, Musical training in Saratean Center for the arts, OSU. Chevalier Ordre Palmes Academiques, French Republic, Ordine Cavaliere, Italian Republic, for contribution to the arts. Schedule: Saturday 9-12m Total Cost: $169.00 Duration: 30 hrs.

DRAMA: Voice and Acting Workshop (Adolescents and Adults) Developing the stage voice through relaxation, breathing technique, projection, articulation, and diction; Text comprehension and interpretation, Building a character and Improvisation on the Theatre.

Patricia Rodriguez AC \ Mauro Arias

Art History from Impressionism to Modern Art (Adolescents and Adults) A journey in art history using images, movies, anecdotes and fresh and dynamic analysis. Impressionism and Modernism through the life and artwork of Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, Dalí and other artist. Instructor: Simon Vega Visual Artist and University Professor, MA in Contemporary Art from Complutense University, Madrid. He has extensively exhibit in Europe, Central and North America. Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6 pm Total Cost: $220.00 Duration: 40 hrs.

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