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Sending my daughter to Camp Ondessonk has truly been a blessing for her. She has acquired leadership skills, a sense of autonomy, made numerous friends, and best of all,

she has fun! I wish that I could have had this experience as a child!

April I., Mother of camper

2011 Income

My son's favorite place in the world is Ondessonk. It is real.

2011 Expenses

It is challenging. It is a chance for true community. And (mom says), a chance to invite the Holy Spirit to come in and make a difference. Joni B. Mother of two campers

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We are part of a quest, a quest to summer, friends, memories, and nostalgia in the making, hoping that one day, we will be part of camp forever. Because the truth is, now that I have attended Camp Ondessonk, the best place on Earth, I can't imagine my life without it. Gwyn, Camper Quoting fellow Camper Rhiannon

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I wanted to thank all of the staff at Camp Ondessonk for making Co-ed for such a life changing experience for our 3 children that we sent this summer. Each one of you left a positive, lasting impression on our children. They are still telling stories, singing songs and wishing they were back at camp O. HEEPWAH has become a commonplace word in our household! A sincere thank you to ALL of you. Camp Ondessonk truly sang to soul of my children! Jenna, Mother of three campers

We are deeply grateful for your gifts. If we have recognized your gifts incorrectly in any way, please accept our apologies and contact us at 618-695-2485. We will note your correction in the upcoming Spring Newsletter.

Non Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit #1 Ozark, IL

Camp Ondessonk 2012 Annual Report  

Camp Ondessonk 2012 Annual Report

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