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Vero Profumo Onda ~ fragrance review Vendita Online Profumi

Posted by Angela on 2 January 2012

Profumi Firmati con Sconti fino al 70%. Iscriviti Gratis a BuyVip!

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Itʼs rare to smell a fragrance that seems completely new, like nothing else on the market. Itʼs even more rare to find something that smells not

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only new, but at the same time ancient, as if unearthed from an Egyptian sarcophagus. Astonishingly, Vero Profumo Onda manages this last


trick. Thereʼs nothing of the focus group about it. If someone told me Onda was Mata Hariʼs secret weapon, Iʼd believe it. If she told me Onda

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was Comme des Garçonsʼ latest fragrance, “Bilge Water Supreme,” Iʼd


believe that, too. Itʼs a marvel. Vero Kern, the nose behind Vero Profumo, released three fragrances in

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extrait — Onda, Rubj, and Kiki — in 2008. In 2010, she released Eau de

Profumo Vendita -70%

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Parfum versions of each fragrance. These three perfumes are Vero

Profumo Vendita Le Migliori Marche Profumo Vendita Sconti fino al 70%

Profumoʼs only offerings. Vero Profumo is one of the few perfume


houses that doesnʼt hustle one or two new perfumes out the door each

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Onda, Rubj, and Kiki are so interesting that Iʼm eager for her next

year. While itʼs a relief not to have to field a regular raft of new perfumes,

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release. I first smelled Onda extrait when a Now Smell This reader passing


through town slid a spray sample across the table of a Thai restaurant. It was surprising — sexy, fetid, and earthy. I didnʼt know what to make of


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it. With fond memories of the reader, who became a friend (it turned out we had a common friend in Portland), I put it in the etched crystal glass I save for special and rare samples. Every few months I took Onda out



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and sprayed it on a wrist. And each time I was wracked with a keen attraction and repulsion. I didnʼt know what to make of Onda. Onda in extrait is a fusty, leathery vetiver, sort of like a cross between


Molinard Habanita and Caron Narcisse Noir. It smells of old powder, vetiver, marjoram, dirty vase water, cardboard, pencil lead, and loamy

Recent reviews Tableau de Parfums Miriam

earth. Initially, menthol shafts its way through the perfume until it is subsumed by rot — a beautiful, almost biblical, incense-tinged rot. As

Vince Camuto & BCBG Max Azria

the fragrance settles, the smell of burned logs arises. Not the woody,

Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Cuir Fétiche

black wood. (Onda extrait notes include vetiver, ginger, mace, coriander.)

Parfum dʼEmpire Azemour Les Orangers

Does this description sound like I donʼt like Onda? Because thatʼs not

Illamasqua Freak The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Hermès Santal Massoïa

boozy hot smell of Serge Lutens Chêne, but the scent of charcoal-

true. I adore Onda the same way I adore poached foie gras on brioche points or George Saunders short stories. I crave them both but dread them for their gorgeous-painful intensity. It takes courage to dive into this kind of unfriendly art, but itʼs rewarding. At least, I think it is.


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck LʼOccitane Immortelle de Corse

Onda in Eau de Parfum is, if anything, more difficult than Onda extrait. It has less powder than the extrait and less animalic depth, but it is more Perfume

Fashion, Beauty

L'Artisan Parfumeur Batucada

herbal-bright and more “rotted” smelling. Onda Eau de Parfumʼs notes

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang

include bergamot, citron, mandarin, ginger, coriander, basil, passion fruit,

Bois de Jasmin

Bottega Veneta

iris, ylang ylang, honey, Bourbon vetiver, patchouli, musk, and cedar

Grain de Musc

Keith Urban Phoenix


Perfume Posse

Chanel Jersey Diane by Diane von Furstenberg

Unlike for Rubj, where the Eau de Parfum sings on my skin, I prefer

Balenciaga Paris L'Essence

scarier. Both forms of Onda last all day on skin. If you are fascinated by

Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Onda, youʼll rejoice in its persistence. Otherwise, youʼll find it a scrubber

John Varvatos Star USA

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Onda in extrait. I find it richer and deeper, and, in some delicious way,

extraordinaire. Either way, I donʼt think youʼll leave Onda unmoved.

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Vero Profumo Onda Eau de Parfum (shown) comes in a 50 ml bottle for

nowsmellthis: Hope everyone has a safe

YSL Saharienne

$165. Itʼs available in Extrait de Parfum for $185 for 7.5 ml. For

& happy New Year's Eve! NST Damage

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell

information on where to buy Onda, see Vero Profumo under Perfume

poll is coming up on Tuesday -- count up those

Serge Lutens Vitriol dʼOeillet



Vera Wang Lovestruck Chanel No. 19 Poudré

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Filed in topic: perfume talk

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Tags: vero profumo, vetiver

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Posted on 2 January 2012

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I wish more perfumes were as scary as this one sounds. Definitely adding samples of the EDP and extrait to my next Luckyscent order.

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1 week ago

Posted on 2 January 2012

I love the sentiment–yes, bring on the scary perfumes! Onda is one of a kind. Log in to reply.

Carlos BFL 319 Posted on 2 January 2012

Onda, is nothing like Iʼve ever tried. I have the edp, and have not worn it in public. Thanks for the review, and Happy New Year, Angela. Log in to reply.

Angela Posted on 2 January 2012

Happy New Year to you, too! I can understand why you might not want to take Onda out of the house. It would be like wearing Alexander McQueen couture–beautiful and fascinating, but it takes courage to take it public. Log in to reply.

ggperfume Posted on 2 January 2012

Now I want to sniff this, Angela – on you, so I wonʼt have to fear a scrubbing episode! Log in to reply.

Angela Posted on 2 January 2012

Scaredy cat! But of course it would be great to see you, anyway, Onda or not. Log in to reply.

Abyss Posted on 2 January 2012

Onda has been on my To Try list for the longest time! Leather and vetiver are easily my two favourite notes, add to that descriptions like “scary” and “like nothing else” and my curiosity levels go through the roof. Hopefully one day a sample will finally find its way to me. Log in to reply.

Angela Posted on 2 January 2012

When you do try it, Iʼd love to hear what you think. Itʼs scary, but good scary! Log in to reply.

Erin Posted on 2 January 2012

Donʼt know how I feel about Onda – itʼs been a while since I tried it, since I love Kiki and Rubj so much I figure itʼs enough expense for any one wallet. I love George Saunders, though! Just wanted to get that on the record. Those first two books, CivilWarLand in Bad Decline and Pastoralia, are two of my favorite short story collections ever. Log in to reply.

nozknoz Posted on 2 January 2012

Interesting – Iʼm retesting an old sample of the extrait – very interesting! This post is a classic, Angela – 2012 is off to a good start! Now, if only I had some brioche toast points and foie gras as the fitting accompaniment.

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hollyc Posted on 2 January 2012

Scary scent twins we are Angela. I too adored Rubj in EdP, so much so that I had to get a bottle and did. I wonʼt say what my husband calls it, but he loves it too. The extrait seemed more fruity, less wicked. I have the exact same reaction to Onda, except it is the extrait I adore. Post coital leather pants from some time ago is my impression. The EdP, again is more passion fruit and less erotic and challenging. I carried about a tiny sample for some time and would share it with those I thought might be able to appreciate its splendour. I still remember meeting out one of my last precious drops to a twenty something sales associate who I like very much and she practically recoiled and hid behind the counter while she spluttered something about liking fruity florals. I look sadly now at my empty vial and bitterly (I mean BITTERLY) regret sharing any of it. Too late to be mean now, the only fix is to get me a bottle of that extrait, but I noticed last night that Luckyscent is currently out of it. Sigh . . . just as well until the Christmas excesses are taken care of. I do however have a 6.8 oz of Chanel Gardenia that my beloved, patient husband undertook to get for me this Christmas. That will definitely make the wait for Onda a little easier. Happy New Year! Love as always the fragrances you choose to review. P.S. Diorama has won me over now that itʼs cold out. Log in to reply.

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Vero Profumo's Onda as seen by Now Smell This


Vero Profumo's Onda as seen by Now Smell This