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Treatment For Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Chemical Dependency Our mission is to provide primary treatment, education, ongoing support and family services for clients seeking a more rewarding, chemically free lifestyle. Our primary goals are:  To improve understanding/acceptance of the disease model of addiction  To improve self esteem  To reduce family, job and legal problems  To improve physical/emotional health  To enhance coping and problem solving strategies for recovery

All of Campobello’s services are licensed and certified by the California State Department of Health Care Services.

Campobello was founded in 1985 by innovative treatment thinkers Bill Twitchell and Chuck Brissette. Chuck created an effective treatment approach, part of which is shared with clients today. As the field of chemical dependency has developed, Campobello has remained current on best methodologies. We continually upgrade our curriculum with evidencebased approaches that include the neuroscience of addiction and psychopharmacology of drug use.

Campobello, CDRC 3250 Guerneville Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 (707) 579-4066 | (800) 805-1833 | (707) 579-1603 Fax

Today, we welcome a diverse group of clients from many walks of life. Campobello is honored to be a preferred provider for a number of labor unions in northern California.

Our staff is culturally competent, and we honor diversity by also welcoming members of the LGBT community to our center. We know that alcoholism and addiction can affect anyone; so we are pleased to serve all those whom are seeking treatment. 12-Step Fellowships from Sonoma County meet on our campus five nights a week, providing the opportunity for our clients to meet local sober individuals and build a new support network. The ongoing sobriety of those who complete our treatment programs is important to us at Campobello. To determine the effectiveness of our work, we conduct long-range outcome studies. We contact our former clients regarding continuing their sobriety. We are pleased to discover a success rate of over 78% over the past 10 years.

Treatment for alcoholism, drug addictions, chemical dependency  

Alcoholism and addiction are neurological, physiological and behavioral problems. We offer evidence-based education and counseling to treat...

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