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Residential Program – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcoholism and substance abuse addiction are neurological, physiological and behavioral problems. We offer evidence-based education and counseling to treat these disorders. A brain damaged by alcohol and drugs can heal if new techniques of thinking and behavior are learned and applied. Our residential treatment campus is located at 3250 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. We are licensed to serve 25 adults from the age of 18. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day with certified addiction professionals. We offer sub-acute detoxification for individuals withdrawing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates. The use of medication for detoxification is determined by assessment and medical judgment. Our addiction specialists use the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) model. The program supports our clients in recognizing that continued use of addictive substances will continue to yield dysfunction. Developing a sobriety-centered life based on solid principles is necessary to recover from the ravages of addiction. For many of our client’s treatment at Campobello is a life changing experience and the beginning of an exciting journey where healing and love are possible.

CDRC, 3250 Guerneville Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Phone No : (707) 579-4066, (800) 805-1833 Web :

When you have made the decision to come to treatment at Campobello, you have made the first step in your recovery process. Your recovery process can save your life. 12-Step Fellowships from Sonoma County meet on our campus five nights a week, providing the opportunity for our clients to meet local sober individuals and build new support networks. We can accept clients who have a psychiatric diagnosis when they are stabilized on medication. We frequently work with therapists who wish to refer a client to Campobello for treatment of chemical dependency. Residential treatment is a highly structured program of education and counseling. Treatment days include educational classes, process groups, individual sessions with a Case Manager, recreation activities, chores and assigned homework. Our cooks provide tasty home-style meals and snacks. Our program for families and friends of those in treatment is scheduled on Saturdays. Alcoholism and addiction affects more than the individuals in recovery and loved ones often need support. Individual and family counseling are available by appointment on Saturdays. Sunday visiting hours are between noon and 4:30 p.m.

CDRC, 3250 Guerneville Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Phone No : (707) 579-4066, (800) 805-1833 Web :

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