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Purity, Pride and Perfection For Your Senses.

LAUQUEN. Natural Artesian Water. Purity and Perfection selected from the southernmost natural source, PATAGONIA.

Legend Patagonia, southernmost natural resource in the world. Home of legends, energy and passion. Source of LAUQUEN Natural Artesian Water. Created by nature in the endless heart of the New Patagonia, LAUQUEN Natural Artesian Water comes from eternal pure ice and rain naturally purified by the Andes Mountains, and imbued with a unique blend of minerals. Confined in a deep natural underground source - a pristine artesian aquifer 1750 ft deep below the Andes- LAUQUEN emerges on the surface absolutely pure at a temperature of 39ยบF.

Perfection LAUQUEN Natural Artesian Water. imbued by nature with the perfect combination of minerals, creates a most distinctive and delicate taste. LAUQUEN is one of the lightest natural mineral waters in the world, enhancing the senses to enjoy fine food and wine.

Authentic Lauquen is the southernmost premium artesian mineral water worldwide. Shipped overseas from the southern ports of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Valparaiso (Chile) by experienced forwarding companies. This ensures outstanding delivery time of the products regardless of the destination.

Purity LAUQUEN is proudly bottled at its artesian natural source from an underground mountain fed aquifer in the wilderness of southern Continental America. The aquifer is a confined, pressurized chamber below the ground with no porthole to the surface. Bottled under strict and modern quality controls to ensure the purest and finest natural mineral water in the world. Typical analysis, mg/l Na Sodium


Ca Calcium


Mg Magnesium


NO3 Nitrates 750ml 250ml Still Glass


Cl Chloride


S04 Sulphates




HC03 Bicarbonates


TDS Dissolved Solids 186 pH Acidity


By being bottling at the source, LAUQUEN is never exposed to air, therefore ensuring its freshness and purity. Each bottling run requires exhaustive checking, testing and tasting procedures from our production team. All batches are kept for 72 hours for laboratory testing before being released for final packaging and checking prior to shipping.

Style LAUQUEN is one of the leading international premium bottled water brands and is synonymous with elegance, prestige and sophistication. Created to be the ultimate water experience, LAUQUEN Natural Artesian Water is positioned in the luxury premium market. Our targeted exclusive distribution approach is focused at selling only to the finest hotels, restaurants, retailers, wine bars and corporate boardrooms worldwide.

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Contact Us LAUQUEN Natural Artesian Water is the perfect partner for fine food and new world fine wines, joining the mystic and spirit of enthusiastic new winemakers and sommeliers around the globe.

For further information or any comments feel free to contact us.

Premium Water Lauquen  

From the most majestics places of Argentine, Campo Argentino Ltd. offers you the elixir of their spring waters.

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