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Campground Owners of New York Sept / Oct 2012 Volume 35, Issue 5

News and Highlights Janine Paddock to be honored with induction into the CONY Hall of Fame Inside this issue: Chairman’s Report

Ceremony will induct the 15th honoree to the CONY Hall of Fame in 49 years. 2

President and CEO’s 2 Report Spotlight on Expo Speakers


No “BS” Seminar


Marketing Suggestions


Shows Program Wrap-Up


More CONY News: Consumer Website: Our Mission: Campground Owners of New York (CONY) is an association dedicated to the promotion, growth, improvement and development of privately owned campgrounds in New York State.

A longtime leader in Campground Owners of New York is taking her place among other CONY “greats” when Janine Paddock is inducted into the CONY Hall of Fame at the annual awards banquet during CONY”s 49th Annual Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. The banquet will be held Saturday, November 1st, at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge in Lake George. Janine is a past president of CONY’s board of directors, having served in that capacity for six years. She and husband Gil Paddock (himself a Hall of Fame member, CONY past president and current Region 8 director) operate Deer River Campsite in Malone, NY. The induction ceremony will include highlights of Janine’s contributions to CONY and the outdoor hospitality industry, as well as words of congratulations from fellow CONY members and other admirers. Contact the CONY office if you would like to send congratulations or share a story—

Janine Paddock, owner of Deer River Campsite and CONY’s newest inductee into the “Hall of Fame.”

Spotlight on Speakers: Doug Motel and Bill Botten Intense one-on-one marketing coaching and insights from “the source” for ADA training You will really get your money’s worth in professional development and business operations when you attend the 49th Annual Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry November 1-3, in Lake George!

We spotlight two speakers and their talents in this edition of the CONY newsletter: Doug Motel of Site Optimized, and Bill Botten of the Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board.

(Spotlight on Exposition Speakers continued on page 5)

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Chairman’s Corner While I sit here writing this, it is raining and cooler outside. We are in the final stages of the camping season and while not completely full this past weekend, we were still busy. Columbus Day looms in the near future, our last big hoorah! Then the final weekend and we can finally start the closing process and take a deep breath and breathe in the cool autumn air while enjoying some real peace and quiet…finally. Mike Papp, West Canada Creek Campsites

Now it is time to begin closing the park up and thinking about what we will do during the off-season. Well, one event on our list of “things to do” is certainly the CONY Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. This year it is going to be in Lake George at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park. I can tell you without a doubt that my kids are looking forward to this Exposition. They will be having a grand time with the kids club enjoying the full array of amenities geared towards kids while Sandy and I will be enjoying a different sort of activity – reflecting on the year with others who have been through it as well and learning as much as we can to prepare ourselves for 2013. And yes, we might even take some time to slip into the hot tub or jump on the Boogie Bear Surf ride to catch a quick wave! Rosemary and the Expo Team have worked hard to put together a great Expo with quality speakers and lots of great seminars and some wonderful food opportunities including a

steak and lobster dinner hosted by Lake George RV Park and sponsored by Evergreen Insurance Company. During that evening there will be great entertainment and the kids will have a lot of fun in the game room and movie theater. So, with all of this said, I would encourage each and every one of you to seriously consider attending the Expo this year – it will be entertaining and I bet you will learn some interesting and useful things to apply to your business next year! Are you ready for the off season? Do you have things planned besides resting and relaxing? This is a great time to review your website and make sure that it is up to date. I can’t tell you how many times I visit a park’s website to find rates from 2009 or activity schedules from 2007. This is a big turn off to the campers and can cause them to seek other campgrounds. Do you have your ads in to the CONY directory? This is a great value that many of you are missing out on and if you have never advertised in the directory, you can “test the waters” for a very small investment. Do you have your project list for next year done yet? This is a great time to walk around the park, without interruption, and see what needs done for next spring. Have you prepared next year’s budget? Again, the summer is over and you probably know what your off-season expenses are so why not get this done now….and while you are at it, get all the information for the accountant so that there is no end of year scramble…..okay, now it is time to relax and watch (Chairman’s Corner Continued on page 8)

From the Desk of the President and CEO: Campground Owners’ Associations Editor’s Note: This guest column was first published in the October 4, 2012 edition of Woodall’s Campground Management

Donald G. Bennett, Jr.

Across the nation most states have a state campground owners association in their respective state. With the revelation that many of these entities have surpassed or are celebrating their 50th anniversary, let’s take a quick look where it all started and where we are today and what can we look forward to tomorrow? I would like to begin with the basics:

A trade association is defined as (1) voluntary association of business firms organized on a geographic or industrial basis to promote and develop commercial opportunities within its sphere of operation, to voice publicly the views of members on matters of common interest, or in some cases to exercise some measure of control over prices, output, and channels of distribution. (2) an association of organizations in the same trade formed to further their collective interests, especially in negotiating with governments, etc. In the beginning, these associations were formed to assemble a unified voice to oppose unwanted and unfair regulations, legislation, tax issues, support, and peer-to-peer inter(President and CEO Report continued on page 7)

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Spotlight on Exposition Speakers View with Barbara Walters, The Wall Street Journal and more.,

(Continued from page 1)

Doug Motel, Site Optimized: Oneon-One Coaching Sessions, and "Playing the Game of User Review Sites” Seminar Doug Motel's project coaching practice provides highly effective brainstorming skills, along with accountability to facilitate the completion of creative or business projects. If you have a specific goal in mind or even if you need assistance in clarifying what you want to accomplish, project coaching can help. Doug's one-on -one sessions will help you clarify the mission and purpose of your project, break it down into "bite sized bits," schedule the to-do items and milestones then lead you through the process of completing or revising them. Your choice of a 30minute session for $100 or one-hour session for $150 (part of your fee will be donated back to CONY). Space is limited so call the CONY office today (585) 586-4360 for more information and to make reservations. Doug will also present a seminar session entitled, "Playing the Game of User Review Sites," exploring the opportunities available for harnessing the power of user reviews sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and more. This session is a must for all campground owners who want to know how they can join the online discussion about their destination and take steps to lead conversations into reservations. All are welcome to attend this session. Doug Motel is an award-winning storyteller, writer, speaker, and marketing coach. He has been using performance, humor, and tools for positive change to inspire people since 1985. His marketing clients have appeared on Oprah, The

Bill Botten, Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board Bill Botten, an Exercise Physiology graduate from the University of Kansas, joined the U.S. Access Board in May of 2000. Previously, he was Director of the Office of Accessible Seating/Services for Centre Management, a national sports arena management company. His responsibilities included ensuring compliance with State and Federal accessibility requirements at all managed properties, as well as working with design and construction officials during arena construction and alterations. His training experience includes hundreds of presentations over the last 20 years to local, state, and national audiences on injury prevention, disability awareness and sensitivity, and accessibility issues. He was part of a team that developed the new combined guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Architectural Barriers Act. Bill specializes in access issues related to recreation facilities and outdoor developed areas. He also provides technical assistance to the building design and construction industry as well as State and Federal agencies and consumers with disabilities. Bill’s session will be an important one to attend for all campground owners and managers who have concerns about access and barriers for their pools and other recreational facilities relative to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Plan to attend these seminars, too! CONY 101—Getting the most out of your membership. With Mike Papp, CONY Board Chairman and Don Bennett, Jr., CONY President and CEO.

Filling Your Campground in the Shoulder Season. With Lori Severson, President of the Wisconsin Assn. of Campground Owners.

Accounting for Campgrounds—Quickbooks. With Ed Marden, Camp Bell Campground.

Securing Your Campground. With Tony Chillemi of BerNational Controls and Rich Koriniskie, Honeywell Security.

How to Influence Your Local Legislators. With Peter O’Connell, Hannan & O’Connell, Inc.

Camping for the Fun of It—Build a “WOW” factor into your park. With Bud Stuyer, owner of multiple parks.

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Attend the CONY “No Nonsense” / “No BS” Business Building Seminar Don’t miss out on this opportunity to significantly impact your business in 2013. Seminar Session set for Thursday, November 1st, at the 2012 CONY Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. Attention CONY RV Park / Campground Owners, Operators and Managers: “I have NEVER been more excited about a program I’ve developed for CONY than I am about this one!” says Clyde Taylor, President of Taylor Communications. “This is the ‘No Nonsense’ / ‘No BS’ Business Development Seminar you don’t want to miss!” Clyde Taylor

This program has a lot of great material, best practices and ideas for three of the major core areas of your business: Marketing – from target marketing, best practices, new ways to maximize your marketing/advertising budget, integrating industry trends, and more! Operations / Improvements – from financial improvements, to staff efficiencies, to improved amenities / services. Customer Care (not just service) – from new loyalty programs, to targeted and cost-effective customer response programs. Every now and then a business development program emerges that offers significant value to business owners / operators / managers with concrete and useful ideas, targeted industry information, and easy-to-follow business processes and practices. This program is one of them. This program is being offered by Clyde Taylor, president of Taylor Communications, to CONY members, but he is quick to point-out that well over half of the content for this program is based on information, ideas and best practices from CONY members throughout the state. “I have gathered great ideas, effective best practices and impactful customer loyalty programs from CONY members who agreed to work with me on the development of this program. This collaborative effort has enabled me to develop this no-fluff / no BS program for this year’s CONY Expo,” said Taylor. “And, I have never been more excited to offer a program to CONY members!” he added.

This three-hour seminar (12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.) on Thursday, November 1st provides attendees with a balance of business building and improvement information / ideas in the areas of marketing (traditional and new innovative digital offerings), operations (with a focus on facility, staff and programming), and customer care / loyalty programs. Additional Seminar Program Support…This is an EXCLUSIVE and Value-Added Program for Attendees Only! All attendees will receive two exclusive Business Building Resource documents for attending this seminar. Only attendees will get this support and resource materials; which includes: A resource binder with all of the information and preliminary case study documentation presented during the seminar on November 1, 2012. In 2013, a case study document will be produced that “tracks” the progress of many of our CONY member case study examples presented during the seminar. This will give participants “real time” access to information on how some of the programs / services / ideas presented during the seminar are “progressing” during the 2013 camping season. Seminar Cost: The cost to attend this seminar program is $75 per person. What will be your ROI (Return On Investment) for this minimal investment? Just one new idea or operations-focused best practice initiative can provide you with a 10- or 20-times return on your investment (or more) for attending this program! Bottom line…this program is worth the minimal investment if growing and/or improving your business in 2013 is part of your overall strategy.

“I have NEVER been more excited about a program I’ve developed for CONY than I am about this one!” Clyde Taylor, president, Taylor Communications

Seminar space is limited. Be sure to check off the seminar selection on your registration, or contact the CONY office (585-586-4360) to reserve your spot.

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President and CEO’s Report (Continued from page 2)

action. Through evolution, education and marketing have been added to the mix. While I believe that the core mission still holds true today through the advent of technology and business complexities, these organizations have evolved to become much more diverse and complete in carrying out their core missions and serving their members. As a campground owner, you already know that we are in an industry that is marred with government regulations and red tape at each and every turn. In the campground and RV park business, mostly by economic necessity, we try to do as much as possible and be a jack-of-all-trades. We are the plumber, electrician, carpenter, machine operator, landscaper, housekeeping staff, front office, bookkeeper, reservation clerk, activities coordinator and any other task that demands our time and attention in making our customers’ stays more enjoyable while at our facilities. For this reason, we must rely on our state associations to provide us with marketing support, be a watchdog for regulations and legislation that will affect our businesses, and to provide opportunities and venues for fellow park owners to assemble and interact and learn from each other. I do not know of another industry that is as dynamic and progressive as the campground industry in the way that we work together, share ideas, and help each other. I have seen many instances where neighboring campgrounds, which may be direct competitors, work together nicely to try to fill each other’s niche. Technology has pushed state associations to be more active with the advent of the Internet and websites, e-mailed newsletters, social media and so much more. I have found that these new methods are just extensions on how we communicate our message to the membership. The tried and true print newsletter and directories are still very popular and are instrumental in the complete communication piece to members and the camping consumers that the camping directories are geared towards. In fact I have anticipated that the print camping guides would actually not be as relevant and the circulation numbers would continue to decline. To my surprise, the circulation of printed camping directories, brochures and newspapers has in fact increased. It seems as though social media and Internet has driven requested printed materials to greater quantities than before. My philosophy is to provide the camping and RV audience with as many media as possible to ensure that you are reaching as many consumers in the way that they like to interact – social media, printed camping directory, e-mail campaigns, text message blasts, smartphone apps, the list goes on and on. Associations have had to adopt as many media as possible.

In the past, a printed newsletter would suffice to get the word out. The evolution of higher quality programs and increased member needs have afforded associations the ability to bring in professionals from PR agents, lobbying representation, board training consultants, branding consultants, directory designers and more. In the spirit of increased professionalism and member services, the state executive directors even have created an association much like a state campground association called C.A.M.P. (Campground Association Management Professionals). A great deal is shared from legislative matters, marketing projects, success stories and other association updates. The state directors can then report back to their respective boards as to what was learned and what their peers are doing. So I am pleased to report that the core mission of why these organizations were formed is still being served and with all of the added benefits and marketing mission, lobbying efforts are relied upon to keep an ear to the ground and help interpret the ramifications of what is to come. The future of the state association looks very bright. As diverse as each state is, each association is as well (diverse) with varying programs and offerings to assist you in the operation of your business, educate you and your staff, watch out for regulations that affect your operations, and represent our industry with one voice. It is evident that there will always be change. We must continue to embrace change and new technologies as they become available and valid. Stagnation is no longer acceptable in any industry. To be even more useful and valid, your state association needs you! We need you to join, we need you to attend meetings, we need you to interact, and we need you to volunteer to further your knowledge and your skill set. You need to get involved! I firmly believe that the chain is only as good as your weakest link. If you become a part of your state association, you will learn a great deal on how to make a better success of your campground business. Our sector of the outdoor hospitality industry is a great one. Together we can become the stewards that help make the consumers experience better and better. We all win. I hear frequently that the cost of membership is quite a bit, but they need to realize that the cost of not being a member is so much greater. Sadly, they just don’t know it. Like anything else, you get out only as much as you put into something. Aren’t you and your business worth it? ###

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Chairman’s Corner (Continued from page 2)

some football!!! And finally, it is with great sadness that I write of the departure from the campground business of one of my closest friends. She was the Regional Director of our region when we bought our campground in 2005, then she moved on to serve on the Executive Board as the 3rd Vice Chair and was the Chair for the Marketing Committee. She befriended Sandy and I and introduced us to many of you. She always came to meetings with a smile on her face, excitement in her voice and a bag of chocolate somewhere hidden away. She was

very passionate about CONY and worked very, very hard on behalf of our association! And while she grew up in the campground business and always thought she would work in the industry, sometimes circumstances force us to choose a different path. So after some 50 years of working in the family business she is now home and working to figure out what she will do next. I care for her like a sister and will miss her at the meetings/Expo/RV shows, but will still enjoy talking to her and visiting with her family. Good Luck Laurie Bulluck in whatever you do! Mike

Exposition 2013: CONY Kids’ Club The CONY Kids’ Club promises days full of fun for your children, allowing you to take full advantage of the 2013 Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. You’ll know that they are in a safe, structured environment while you attend seminars, meetings, and the trade show. A highlight of CONY Kids’ Club will be visits to the Indoor Water Park at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge! A copy of the CONY Kids’ Club form was included in your Exposition packet sent recently by regular mail. If you do not have a copy of the form, contact the CONY office as soon as possible (585-586-4360), or log onto and access the form from the “members only” pages on the site. You must register your child(ren) ahead of time, so that organizers can have a headcount and plan to schedule enough adults, meals, and supplies to properly care for and entertain all enrollees. Kids should plan to bring a swim suit and cover up, towel, plastic bag for wet clothes, change of clothes, sneakers and socks, and one candy bar for candy bar bingo. A set of Kids Club rules are posted on the registration form, so that you and your child will know what is expected. There will be a lot of activities in addition to the Water Park! Kids will make tie-dye t-shirts and back packs, have a pizza party, enjoy craft time, go to lunch at Johnny Rockets (onsite), have a dance party, make sand candles, and play sports at “the Dome” during trade show. A complete schedule is listed on the registration form. Meal packages are also included, featuring some of kids favorite foods, like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers.

Sign up your kids to have an enjoyable time at the CONY Exposition, too! And we look forward to seeing you and your family in Lake George this November!

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Legislative Report: Payroll deductions bill signed into law Reprinted from an e-news alert distributed by the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSH&TA), 9/20/12 Governor Cuomo recently signed into law NYSH&TAsupported legislation that clarifies the types of items and costs that employers can deduct from employee wages. Below, please find an overview of the new law and a web address for the complete bill. Law Takes Effect November 6, 2012 The new permissible wage deductions will now include costs associated with: 

Discounted mass transit tickets, passes, or user cards

Fitness or health club and/or gym membership dues

Cafeteria, vending machine, and pharmacy purchases made at the employer’s place of business and gift shops run by hospitals, colleges and universities

Tuition, room, board and fees for nursery, primary, secondary and postsecondary education costs.

Daycare, before and after school care expenses.

The labor law will continue to allow for employee wage deductions for health and retirement benefits, union dues, payments to charitable organizations, and payment for US bonds. To view the entire bill, go to:

Legislative Report: Governor vetoes tourism-related legislation Jan Marie Chesterton, administrator for the Tourism Industry Coalition of New York State (TIC), reports Governor Cuomo has vetoed important legislation that was developed by the industry and introduced by Tourism Committee Chairs Assemblywoman Marge Markey and Senator Betty Little. The legislation would have ensured that any revenue generated from the use of the “I LOVE NY” brand be deposited in the Tourism Economic Development Fund, and be made exclusively available to fund the promotion of tourism. The reasoning for Governor’s Veto #169 of Senate Bill Number 663, entitled “AN ACT to amend the economic development law and the state finance law, in relation to resources of the “I LOVE NY” brand” reads as follows: “The purpose of this bill is to provide that any revenue generated from the use of the “I LOVE NY” trademark be deposited in a Tourism Economic Development Fund and made available exclusively to fund the promotion of tourism. However, this new fund is unnecessary because the licensing revenue from the “I LOVE NY” trademark is already dedicated to tourism marketing through an administratively created Special Revenue Fund that is used solely for tourism marketing.”


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Industry News: I don’t need to worry Don’t Stop Marketing By Pamela Wright, FocusWords An interesting thing has happened over the past few weeks. I have received three different phone calls from park owners wanting to discuss marketing plans. What makes this unusual is that all three are facing the same problem. You see, they are snowbird parks. One in Florida and two in Texas. The problem? Their snowbird residents are having to give up going south for the winter due to age, economics or health. The real problem? These owners haven’t marketed their park in a few years since they had a steady occupancy. Now they find themselves in competition with other parks that have better name recognition since they have been marketing their parks all along. What is a park owner to do? The first answer would be “Don’t stop marketing!” The best time to market your park is when you don’t think you need to. Steady marketing efforts go a long way in keeping your park full; however, if you find yourself in the “I haven’t been marketing” boat all is not lost. According to an RVIA study, in 2011 the average age of the typical RVer was 48 years old. So what does this mean for your marketing efforts? It may mean that we need to take a different approach in our marketing efforts. Rather than marketing just to Snowbirds, we need to be marketing to the 48 and older group. After all, where are the future Snowbirds going to come from? If you wait until they retire and become Snowbirds, it may be too late. Where are we going to market to the 48 and older group? I hate to tell you this but if you aren’t using Social Media in your marketing program, you need to start NOW!! Take a look at any area and you will find that very few of our target

group don’t have smartphones. They rely on the internet and WIFI connections. They do most of their research on the internet to make their buying decisions. And an overwhelming percentage of this group uses Social Media on a daily basis. You already have the physical community that lives at your park for several months out of the year. Now you want to develop an online community that includes not only your current guests but begins to attract your future guests.

“The best time to market your park is when you don’t think you need to. Steady marketing efforts go a long way in keeping your park full; however, if you find yourself in the “I haven’t been marketing” boat all is not lost.” Let’s start with getting attention for your social media page. If you take a look at a lot of the printed media for other parks, you will find that they will show the social media buttons where they can be found. My only problem with that is that the buttons don’t use your “handle.” You can’t always find a park on Social Media by using their name. This can happen for a lot of reasons including the park name is too long, someone else has claimed the name, there is more than one park with that name (check out American RV Park and see how many listings you get) etc. What you have effectively done is to make your potential guest hunt for the correct page. List your social media contact information (i.e. Facebook name, Twitter handle, Pinterest name, etc.) the next time you go to print for your brochures, guest

guides, ads or any other printed material. Don’t make it hard for your potential guests. Give them as much information as you can. The next step is to make your Social Media pages interesting and active. I have seen a large number of pages that just list things to do or what activities took place during the month. Think of your SM page as being the story of your park. Would you read the story? The other problem I have seen repeatedly is that the SM page goes dormant during the off season. The off season is a great time to begin promoting your park to future Snowbirds. They haven’t made plans for the winter yet so this is the time to begin convincing them that they need to visit your park next winter. Now that you have the SM side of your marketing effort running, consider how you can stay in touch with your current Snowbirds and promote interest from the future Snowbirds. Now is the time to begin putting together marketing campaigns. A drip campaign is perfect for creating your community. A drip campaign keeps your park name in front of people without being obnoxious or boring. Rather than spending the time and effort to put together a newsletter every month, find interesting ideas for Snowbirds. Send out emails on a regular basis that has a short paragraph about a particular topic. Topics could include area events that are being planned for next winter, space saving ideas for living in an RV for an extended period of time, or funny RVing stories. The key here, as with any marketing campaign, is consistency. Your emails shouldn’t go out any faster than 3 week intervals. The other point to making a drip campaign work is to NOT sell in (Continued on page 11)

N e w s a n d H i g h li g h t s

V o l u m e 3 5 , I ssu e 5

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I don’t need to worry (Continued from page 10)

every email. We have all received those emails whose only purpose is to tell us about the latest, greatest and specially priced item. I don’t know about you but I trash those emails as soon as I unsubscribe from the list. I’m not saying that you don’t want to sell at all. What we really want to accomplish is to begin creating that online community that compliments your physical community. When you develop your drip campaign, you may want to consider actually providing in-depth articles on the topics on your website. This will give you the added benefit of traffic to your website, which in turn will help move you up the ladder on Google searches.

There are a number of different ways that you can attract those new Snowbirds and keep your park name in front of your future Snowbirds that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Start putting your plan together and remember to always be marketing your park, even when you are full.

try.” Check out her blog

### Reprinted with author’s permission. First appeared in Campground & RV Park E-news, September 11, 2012. Pamela Wright and her company, FocusedWords, are dedicated to helping you promote and market your RV business to RVer’s everywhere. Follow her on Twitter: @RVStops and @FocusedWords and join her group on LinkedIn, “Social Media in the RV Indus-

Pamela Wright


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Industry News: TengoInternet announces Cloud Nine Media partnership Top Outdoor Lodging WiFi provider offers innovative service to help customers offset rising cost of "Free" Amenity September 4, 2012 - TengoInternet, the oldest and largest wireless Internet provider for the outdoor hospitality industry, announced today its partnership with Cloud Nine Media, the leading company in sponsored WiFi services. The partnership allows TengoInternet customers offering free WiFi to their guests to respectfully generate revenue to support the operation and expansion of their free WiFi services. "We are committed to helping our customers to economically offer great WiFi

to their guests - Cloud Nine Media's engagement model fits the bill," said CEO and Co-Founder of TengoInternet Eric Stumberg. "WiFi usage, expectations and bandwidth costs are increasing which is challenging to our customers offering free WiFi - this service is already helping them. As the industry WiFi leader, our customers, employees and prospects appreciate TengoInternet's continued innovation in great services and economics." ###

delivers turnkey WiFi solutions for hospitality operators and the guests they serve through its award winning network design, installation, management and guest support services. TengoInternet currently manages high speed wired and wireless networks for more than 1000 RV resorts, campgrounds, crew camps, hotels and marinas in 49 states, Canada and Mexico. For additional information, visit or call 512-469 -7660.

About TengoInternet: TengoInternet is the largest high-speed wireless internet managed service provider to the outdoor hospitality industry. Headquartered in Austin Texas, TengoInternet

Industry News: Governor Cuomo calls for restructuring of state’s Division of Tourism In an article written by Kenneth Lovett for the October 9, 2012 edition of The New York Daily News, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is restructuring the New York State’s Division of Tourism to get more people from New York City and overseas to visit upstate. According to the article, one of the goals is to capture tourism dollars now going to nearby destinations in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and bring them unto the struggling upstate economy.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

According to an aide, the Governor’s initiative will start with the hiring of a tourism and economic development expert and additional staff, which currently includes more than 20 people in the tourism division. The initiative will develop ways to inform and interest people in important

upstate destinations and attractions, including creating different regional programs and even apps that, according to the article, would allow people to check for events across the state at any given time on their phones and laptops. The Cuomo aide noted in the article that everything being done now is piecemeal. Read the complete article at: http:// w ww .n y da i l yn e ws .c om / n ew - y or k/ cuomo-orders-revamp-state-tourismapproach-article-1.1177907 Related News: Harvey Cohen, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at Empire State Development Corp, recently announced that Mary Miller, Vice President of Marketing for Empire State Development, will serve as interim head of tourism, the position formerly held by Edward Maitino.

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Member News: 2012 Shows Program Wrap Up—Great expectations for 2013 The 2012 shows season for CONY just wrapped up at the Fall NYS RV Show in Syracuse. CONY hosted an information booth at 12 shows in the Northeast U.S. and Canada, with most being held in the first quarter of the year. We're pleased to report that we distributed over 43,300 brochures for our participating partners, with an estimated average of 1,140 brochures for each participant. This quantity is in addition to the tens of thousands of CONY directories also distributed at both the shows and to RV dealers to take back to their showrooms. The distribution numbers were greatly enhanced with the introduction of the CONY bag to the show booth, midway through the shows season.

We anticipate another strong year of brochure distribution during the 2013 RV show season. Harness the power of CONY's shows program. Take those attractive brochures and rack cards you've printed and get them in the hands of people looking for places to take their families on a camping!

Where are YOU?!?

The cost is ONLY $450 for multiple shows—that's so much less than what it costs to go to one show on your own!!! Send us your form and fee as soon as possible, and send 1,500 brochures by mid-December. Let us help you get details about your campground directly into the hands of potential customers for 2013 and beyond. Find a show form in your 2012-2013 CONY member binder, online at, or call the CONY office at (585) 586-4360.

2012 shows participants, don’t forget to renew for the 2013 shows program!

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Member Benefit: Marketing / Program Affiliates Campground Owners of New York is an active affiliate of other associations with stakes in travel, tourism marketing, hospitality and legislative issues affecting our members, including: Northeast Campground Association (NCA): The Purpose of NCA is: To stimulate public interest in and recognition of the value of family camping; to bring state associations into closer relationship for the exchange of ideas, to promote camping and campgrounds, and to seek solutions to common problems; to coordinate and produce the Northeast Conference on Camping, workshops, and/or meetings to further the purposes of the Association; and to serve as a forum for the sharing of skills, exchange of ideas, and problem solving among the membership. New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association (NYSH&TA): As America's oldest lodging association, NYSH&TA

offers programs and services to help add value to over 1,300 members in the industry and their properties. The Association also protects their members' interests by representing them as their legislative voice before state government. New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association members include hotels, resorts, conference centers, country inns, bed and breakfast establishments, attractions, historical sites, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and even suppliers to the industry. Tourism Industry Coalition of New York State (TIC): Represents private-sector industry organizations with tourism as its core product, and leads the lobbying efforts on behalf of the state’s tourism industry (managed by NYSHT&A). New York State Travel and Vacation Association (NYSTVA): NYSTVA is organized for the purposes of bringing to-

gether New York State tourism industry interests to: advocate government policies and programs which will strengthen the industry; to raise the level of professionalism within the industry; to encourage the development of cooperative relationships and partnerships among its members; and to raise consumer awareness and appreciation of travel and vacation opportunities in New York State. Great Lakes Seaway Trail: The mission of Seaway Trail Inc. is to increase tourism revenues and to enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for travelers, communities, and members throughout the Great Lakes Seaway Trail by managing and marketing it as the leading scenic byway. Seaway Trail, Inc. is a not-for-profit membership organization with offices in Sackets Harbor.

Welcome New CONY Members! Campground Member: Mountain Meadows Park Contact: Ben Tulumello Holland, NY (Greater Niagara) Associate Members: Allegany Co-op Insurance Company Contact: Wendy Minges Cuba, NY Offering a variety of products insuring homes, businesses, and contractors as well as farms.

Smart Industry Products Contact: Jeff Lazarus Riverwoods, IL Store products, trash recycling receptacles, promo products, pet waste stations, smoker units, mattresses, sanitary products. ————— Don’t forget to see all our associate members in the “Handy Reference Guide” inserted in this newsletter, and on

Every effort is made to print accurate information. CONY, along with contractors and advertisers will assume no liability for errors or omissions. We will gladly reprint any corrections.

The CONY Extra: News and Highlights is published by the CONY office, providing its members with industry-related information. For information, article suggestions or advertising inquiries, call: 800-497-2669 or 585-586-4360. Or e-mail us at: Campground Owners of New York, 1 Grove St. Suite 200 Pittsford, New York 14534 (consumer website) (corporate website)

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1 Grove Street, Suite 200 Pittsford, New York 14534

Camp Good Days Fundraising

2013 CONY Shows Program Participants: Save yourself some postage costs! Bring your 1500 brochures to Willows on the Lake in Henderson Harbor, NY, shows off an impressive wall of Camp Good Days balloons at their season closing dinner. Owners Suzanne and Chuck Gouin are matching each dollar raised through balloon sales, up to $1000. If you raised funds this summer, send in your donation—made out to Camp Good Days—to the CONY office prior to the CONY Exposition (Nov 1-3), so that we can then announce all proceeds raised. Thank you to everyone who took part!

the CONY Exposition, and hand them off to Suzanne or Traci to bring back to the CONY office.

CONY Newsletter Sept Oct 2012  

CONY Newsletter Sept Oct 2012

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