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to “Under the Sea” and “Planet Protectors.” Camp teachers write their curriculum specifically for the camp, so the children are provided with different content and activities each session. The materials taught are dynamic and fresh to accommodate returning campers as well as those attending for the first time.

Q. What activities do you offer? A. The camp activities are chosen and designed by the camp teachers specifically for the theme and age groups of the given session. During “Mad Science,” younger campers may be experimenting with a plant’s ability to absorb colors and water while the older campers may be exploring non-Newtonian fluids. A camp occurring during “Under the Sea” could find younger campers designing their own sea creatures as older students grapple with the ramifications of habitat destruction through a game. There are always a new variety of activities being offered from one camp to the next.

programs, scout programs, community enrichment events, traveling naturalist programs (where we come to you), and summer, fall, winter, and spring camps at the ENC! The staff is comprised of 15 naturalists/ teachers as well as a camp director and numerous junior naturalists so each camper gets the attention he or she needs. The staff is knowledgeable about teaching techniques, which activities are beneficial for the growth of children... they know about plants and animals from a multitude of ecosystems... They are also first aid and CPR certified. The staff is hired because of their ability to teach, but more importantly for their desire to work with children.

Q. Why should parents send their kids to your camp?

A. Because the kids love it! And the parents love it! The camps allow children a chance to supplement what they’re learning in school with real-life experiences. Campers become so engaged in what they’re doing they often don’t realize how much they’re learning. The ENC provides a safe, nurturing, educational Q. What are the typical session lengths and setting in which the children can enrich their lives. approximate pricing for your camp? Attending the ENC’s nature camp is an easy way to A. Camps occur during the summer as well as during make both children and parents happy. the winter and spring breaks from school. This includes seven to eight one-week sessions during the Q. When does your camp enrollment start and summer, two one-week sessions during the winter finish? break, a one-week session for President’s Week and A. Teaching outdoors or “going back to the basics” of a one-week session for spring break. The camps run using nature to learn and grow is becoming more and from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM until 1 PM (unless more popular. The ENC has been excelling in outdoor otherwise noted), with the option of extending your education through camps for almost forty years, and camper’s day until 3 PM by enrolling them in after the camps continue to improve. camp. The price for camp is $175 per session and for after camp is $80, with members to the nature center Q. Is there anything else that would be helpful for parents to know about your camp? getting a 10% discount. A. All of the information about the camps can be

Q. How much staff do you have and how do found on our website at we can be you select your staff? A. The staff at the ENC that teach the camps are the same wonderful staff that also teach school

reached at (949) 645-8489. Vol. 5, Issue 1


Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1  
Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1