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We were really doing much more. In fact, experts say that we were becoming more creative, dealing with stress and anxiety, reducing blood pressure, practicing conflict management and resolution skills, and developing a conservation ethic. Phew! There was great freedom in exploring the world with friends, the only interruption was being called home for dinner. Way back then, there were far fewer electronic distractions pulling at us – no email, no iTechnology, and no streaming services, and because of that,

no fear of missing out on anything else. Now that we have fantastic new technology, more connectivity through devices, and advances in realistic experiences in a digital world, perhaps a suggestion of “go spend a week at nature camp” can seem simplistic to today’s kids. But research suggests that it can be a powerful and beneficial thing. The list of benefits of sending your child to summer camp is a long one, so let’s narrow the field some, and look at just 5.

1. Unstructured Time : Many children today are ruled by schedules, guidelines, policies, and timetables. Your child may thrive being busy, but allowing them some unstructured time during summer camp can also be liberating. Children are innately creative, and in the absence of an activity with specified outcome, kids will come up with interesting scenarios to play out.

2. Unplugged Experiences: Nature camp is the perfect place to unplug from electronic devices and plug into the world around us, reaching for new experiences in nature. Life plugged in is virtual, but life unplugged at nature camp, that’s reality. Your camper will come home being able to communicate face to face, explain to you how to play random games, tell you potentially lame nature jokes, and do so while making eye contact. Vol. 5, Issue 1


Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1  
Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1