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Summer Camp is a great opportunity for children to develop their passions, learn new skills and make new friends. Summer break can be pretty long for kids if they have nothing to do but wait for school to start again. Kids can digress academically and in other ways if not encouraged to learn over the summer months. Camp is a growth experience in many ways, that shapes one’s character in a fun, controlled and safe environment. Camp is a place that is designed to create happy memories, boost self-confidence, and encourage kids to try new things that they can’t do in everyday life. Summer camp is a great place for your children to make new friends and be immersed with campers from other countries, cultures and socioeconomic levels, or campers who live just blocks away. How do you choose the ultimate summer camp for your child? To ensure the best camp experience possible, you will want to determine if a fully elective camp or a specialty camp is the right fit for your child. Fully elective camps offer multiple activities for their campers to choose from. These types of camps create a fun and exciting atmosphere where your child may find a passion that they never even knew they had. Campers who attend fully elective camps have the opportunity to play a sport, sing, dance, learn or expand their talents with musical instruments, participate in water sports or extreme sports, horseback ride,

and more - all in the same day. Because the campers choose how they spend their day, they feel more empowered and independent. Specialty camps focus on a single sport or activity. They may rotate everyone through the same activity at different times. If your child is one that is only interested in one sport or passion and wants intense training in that particular area, specialty camps may be a great fit for your child. Whether or not you attend a fully elective camp or a specialty camp, determining what type of staff is instructing your child is advisable. Some summer camps hire counselors based solely on their availability to work during the summer and do not require specific skill training. The ultimate summer camps will hand pick counselors from around the world based on their expertise, skill level, and past experience as a coach or instructor. This provides the chance for campers to be trained by the best to be the best. Because summer camp is truly a magical experience which builds friendships and memories for a lifetime, it is important to find a summer camp that puts an emphasis on making sure each camper has the best experience possible. Does the camp show importance of being a bully free zone? Are Vol. 5, Issue 1


Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1  
Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1