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Discovering Our

Wild World

at Zoo Camp - By Eve Cooney

Saint Louis Zoo, Camp KangaZoo Director Envision a summer camp where kids can spend the day observing wildlife from all around the world and still sleep in their own beds at night. If you’re interested in a day camp for your animal adventurer, look no further than your local zoo. Many zoos across the country offer summer camp programs and they vary from zoo to zoo. Some camps include behind-the-scenes tours and “junior keeper” programs in which kids can see what zookeepers really do all day, while others offer the chance to spend a night at the zoo. All include a team of caring, animal-geek counselors to satisfy the inquiring minds of the campers, along with games, crafts, songs and zootastic fun. Need more reasons to try zoo camp?

Life Lessons of Compassion Children and animals go together like, well, like children and animals. The animal world is fascinating, and for many children, the local

zoo may be the only place they can see other creatures that share the earth. Learning about what animals need to survive helps open children’s minds to the world and encourages them to develop empathy for others, both human and animal.

A Safari in Your Neighborhood Families in urban areas may not have access to a safe area for their kids to play outside. Many zoos are situated in urban parks, a natural oasis within the city. Studies show that exposure to nature, even “planned nature” like you would find in a park or zoo, lowers stress and even improves creative problem-solving abilities. Zoo animal habitats are designed with the animal’s natural habitat in mind, so visiting zoo animals is like taking a walk through the rainforest, desert, wetland, or even a dive into the ocean. Vol. 5, Issue 1


Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1  
Campnavigator magazine vol 5 issu 1