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Asthma Camps Help Children Breathe Easy

Are you ready for your best summer ever?

Good to Great Mom, I want to be an Actor! Dinosaur Ridge

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WELCOME! It’s hard to believe, but January has turned into February, and spring is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about Camp again. Start asking ourselves some questions. Are you considering enrolling your child in a winter or spring Camp? Have you already secured your child’s spot for Summer Camp? For those of you who have kids who enjoy winter camps and activities, there is still time. Many winter camps are still open for enrollment. You would be surprised at some of the great activities and weekly sessions still available and within your budget. For those of you who have kids that are interested in the spring & summer camp programs, now is the perfect time to start your search. Take a moment out of your busy day to sit down with your children and discuss the upcoming camp season, sessions, and activities that are most appealing to them. Create a search list, do some research, and contact your shortlisted camps. Have some fun with it and take advantage of early registration pricing in the process. In this issue we feature the U.S.A’s oldest private camp, offering wonderful wilderness adventure activities. We showcase an amazing learning camp that strives to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. We showcase a program that developed the nation’s first on-camera acting curriculum for teens and young adults. We feature a Yoga camp that delivers a fun, educational and creative summer experience. We feature insightful information from a national coalition of Asthma Camps. We feature a spectacular Theatre Camp with a driving passion and commitment to the participants who enroll in its summer programs, and their parents. We share some fantastic camp pictures and amazing camp videos, and provide much more information about camp. At CampNavigator, we give parents accurate, insightful and valuable information, empowering them to make informed decisions about summer camp. The CampNavigator Magazine shares knowledge to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience. Make your 2013 Summer Camp experience the best yet. We hope you enjoy this issue of the CampNavigator Magazine!

- Jeffery Nadeau, Editor In Chief Contact me at Vol 2, Issue 1




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Contents Pok-O-MacCready


Born to be Wild “There is a kindred connection between Pok-O-MacCready and the wilderness”

Galileo - Innovation camps for kids

First things first: How does your potential camp rank on the safety scale?

ACTeen - Light up your future

In over 30 years of teaching acting to teenagers in New York City (@ ACTeen), I’ve met very few “stage parents.”

Westcoast Connection 360



Are you ready for your best summer ever? “So much more than amazing activities and sights“

ChildLight Yoga

Yoga camp: Fun to grow on! ChildLight Yoga April Vacation Camp For 5 -13 years childs

American Lung Association in Minnesota



9 11




Asthma camp is exclusively for children and youth with persistent asthma, meaning they take daily controller medication.


Camp Jam

Ultimate rock ‘n’ roll summer camp


Summer Theater Camp of Montclair


“Suit the action to the word; the word to the action Hamlet“

Summer Theater Camp of Montclair



Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge is an outdoor museum west of Denver, Colorado. It’s only a 20 minute drive from the capitol city to see over 300 dinosaur footprints and

Events Calendar - in March

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Each summer, Girl Scouts of Central Illinois offers a variety of summer camp adventures for both Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts alike.

Rockreation - Climbing Centers

We run our Kids’ climbing camp three times each year


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7 Vol 2, Issue 1 Vol 2, Issue 1


Good to Great Your Summer Camp Checklist There are a lot of good summer camps out there. But you want to send your kids to a great one. How can you rest assured you’ve found the crème de la camp without losing sleep over summer scheduling? Try this simple checklist, guaranteed to separate the great from the merely good. 1. Safety: First things first: How does your potential camp rank on the safety scale? Accreditation from the American Camp Association assures that a camp meets certain health, safety and program quality standards. Beyond that, ask a few more questions: Is the staff first aid certified? What camper-to-staff ratio does the camp maintain? How are kids supervised during the day and checked out at the end of it? Your camp should take safety as seriously as you do. 2. Staff: A camp is only as good as its staff, so ask some questions about your potential camp’s people: How old are they? What kind of experience and education do they have? How are they hired and trained? How many return year after year? A great camp will give your kids meaningful mentorship from dedicated, experienced people—not just teenaged babysitters. 3. Mission: Is your potential camp on a mission? Take a look beyond the basic activities they offer and ask some philosophical questions: What is the camp’s mission or philosophy? What educational or corporate partners do they align themselves with? What do they value? How do they view their role in your kids’ education? Resist the urge to focus on what your kids will do or make; ask instead about how they will learn.

9 Vol 2, Issue 1



4. Activities: Once you’ve checked out your potential camp’s philosophical side, take a good look at those activities. What will your kids do all day? How is the day structured? Are different activities well balanced? Do kids of all ages all do the same thing or is there a more age-specific approach? Is it fun? (This is camp, after all.) A great camp will consider these factors and more to thoughtfully craft a great experience for your kids. 5. Location, location, location (and other matters of convenience): You want your kids to have a great summer, but camp is hardly the only thing on your plate. Your potential camp should get that. Is there a location nearby? Can you drop off as early and pick up as late as you need to? Do they provide lunch? Convenience certainly shouldn’t eclipse quality or safety, but you don’t need to ignore it either.

Galileo operates innovation camps for kids from pre-K through 8th grade across the Bay Area: Camp Galileo, Galileo Summer Quest, The Tech Summer Camps and Chabot Space & Science Camp.

“ To sign up or learn more, visit or call 1-800-854-3684. ” Vol 2, Issue 1



o, your high school freshman turns to you and says “Mom, I want to be an actor!” And, as your natural anxiety crests, (goodbye secure career!) you think --“Now what? What, if anything, can I do to guide and support this dream? Whether your child has performed in local, camp, or school productions your initial reaction may understandably be less than enthusiastic. In over 30 years of teaching acting to teenagers in New York City (@ ACTeen), I’ve met very few “stage parents.” Although I am a personal fan of the Broadway musical “Gypsy” and the character that epitomized the ‘stage mom’ concept, “Mama Rose,” the closest I’ve come to encountering that stereotype are honest, hardworking parents who try valiantly to be part chauffeur, part tutor, and full time personal “momager” for their child’s budding career. Eventually they meet an industry professional who tells them “your child needs training!”

11 Vol-1; Issue 4

Mom I W ant to be an A ctor! Mo

- By Rita Litton, ACTeen Director


If you have talent, ACTeen offers the training you need to become a working actor on stage, screen, TV, or in commercials! o you have what it takes to work for your dream? Thousands of students like you yearn to play a leading role in the dazzling entertainment industry. Only a few learn to maximize their talents.

After ACTeen, the sky’s the limit!


riel Reid’s blossoming resume features her appearance in the film Hairspray with John Travolta, and the Tony winning Broadway musical Spamalot. “I learned so much about acting, but also about overall presentation of myself. ACTeen really is an amazing resource. I don’t think I’d be where I am without it.”

It takes confidence. Belief in yourself and your abilities. That’s what you’ll get at ACTeen, established in 1978 as the first on camera acting program developed for teens. To quote Rita Litton, ACTeen’s Director, “ACTeen combines the discipline of the theater with the naturalness of the camera.”


CTeen alum Daniella Alonso has landed several film roles and TV series. Currently Daniella stars as ‘Nora’ explosives expert/rebel fighter in NBC’s futuristic series Revolution. “I loved how the classes were set up in an audition room with cameras, so it feels like you‘re all ready working. When there’s a camera right in your face, at first it freaks you out. But the whole staff has such positive energy! I felt safe, and it was OK to make a mistake. ACTeen prepared me to get into the commercial world, the audition world. It was such a positive experience!”

It’s extensive curriculum (16 electives!) provide young actors the opportunity to sharpen their acting foundation, hone their audition skills, and showcase their talents in a multimedia environment. Through a host of basic and advanced classes, ACTeen offers year round opportunities to train with respected industry professionals— specialists in their fields. Four Summer Academies (June, July, August or Summer Saturday) offer sessions that range from 1 to 6 weeks, with various fee or scheduling options. Small class sizes grouped by age bring out the best in every participant. Call now for an application or more info!

Light up your future!  

 Vol 2, Issue 1


Good news! There is a Summer Acting Training Program for every need or goal. As an alternative to summer theater camps which focus on dancing, singing, and rehearsing productions of stage plays or musicals, a summer training program, like the one offered at ACTeen, provides an important counterpoint to performances. To improve acting skills, technique-based programs that work the entire actor ‘toolbox’ and strengthen process, are essential for development as an actor. But what if a young actor is just “acting for fun?” They are also welcome at ACTeen! Acting is fun! Many teens find acting a terrific creative outlet, and a huge stress reducer from their over-scheduled and pressurized academic lives. Classes can be very valuable for reconnecting with their former childlike courage and freedom, (and often a safer environment away from the reactions or critique of their high school peers.) Acting is a terrific confidence & poise builder. But within the fun, for the type of training I offer, students need to have sufficient attention to be able to learn while watching others and enough discipline to follow through on assignments. When I interview student prospects (ACTeen trains teens 13-19 yrs, & preteens in ACTeen Juniors) I want to know about their background & experience, their goals. What do they hope to gain? I also have a brief conference with the parent. Parents may confide that, even though their child is the constant local ‘star’ or lead and seems blessed with all

13 Vol 2, Issue 1

the right qualities for success, they wonder if they are over-estimating ability. Is their child just ‘a big fish’ in their local pond? Would opportunities outside their community challenge them in new and exciting ways? Teens may share that they have outgrown their local theater camp, or they may be discouraged with receiving small supporting roles in school shows, because they do not sing, or because extracurricular schedules conflict. They may have all ready taken every drama class at their junior or high schools (typically one or two semesters). They are so eager to learn more! Is a summer training program right for them? Yes! Young adults, even the most sophisticated, have little life experience. Their imaginations must be stimulated. Many teens do not yet possess an actor’s vocabulary, or the realization that they need to develop limber, expressive bodies, articulate and responsive voices, and sharp intellects. Acting draws on every possible resource. Learning how to become a life observer is vital. Any instructor who works with young people wants to stimulate a sense of discovery and play. But a great teacher also exercises control, so the play is focused and productive.

One of the saddest misconceptions of the acting field is the perpetual myth of the ‘overnight success’...That you ‘just do it,’ just walk in, or take one casting workshop, become a star, and continue a long and varied career. I am not a fan of one day acting workshops with casting directors or talent reps, which have sprouted everywhere (even as the actors’ union is trying hard to limit these ‘pay for play’ venues). They produce few if any actual job opportunities. To really learn a skill like acting, young actors need consistency, and the time for teachers to get to know them, their strengths and their weaknesses. This is impossible in a ‘One Day Wonder” workshop. With budgets soaring on most productions in theater or film it is important to note how few ‘novice’ young actors actually are cast. The ‘star searches’ and open calls for most projects ultimately wind up casting seasoned actors who’ve been booking and working for years. To be successful in this business personality is not enough....great looks are not enough… even ‘being yourself’ is not enough. However beautiful, fortunate, or connected you are, at some point you hit a brick wall. The only thing that will sustain you in the ‘down times’ (besides friends, family and finances) is hard work, fortitude, and continued training. Adult and teenage actors alike should remember how many actors experience only ‘five minutes of fame.’ Well-trained actors of any age are never a casting risk. Teen actors need to make themselves as professional and competitive as possible. A well trained actor knows how to find solutions to problems. They’re not afraid to make choices. They are flexible and take direction with ease. They have ensemble skills, confidence, are well spoken, and have physical grace. ACTeen’s workshops offer all these skills and more. So how will parents know if a career in the business is right for their teenager? If a teen is considering a professional career parents need to be brought into the mix. Many teens cannot make auditions without transportation support, and that affects other members of the family.

Rita Litton has been a professional actress since her late teens, acting on NY and regional stages, in TV, film & commercials. She has taught acting, film/TV, and commercials at universities, the SAG-AFTRA Young Performers Conservatory, and schools around the country. Ms. Litton is the founder and Director of ACTeen, (est. 1978) the nation’s first on camera acting curriculum for teens & young adults located in New York City. She is very proud of her many successful alumni. She has won three Backstage Magazine “Reader’s Choice Awards” for “Favorite Acting Coach & Classes for Teens.”

" Emmy winning director Mary Lou Belli teaches sitcom" Vol 2, Issue 1


If a student is debating majoring in theater in college, they need to get involved in local and community productions, classes, professional summer programs (like ACTeen!) and start going to the theater. The young actor who starts living and breathing theater, and films, and classes 24/7 will often thrive in a professional environment. But the ultimate choice: “is this the right career for me?” may not need to be made for many years, during which time a lot of growth and life experience may shift the passion to other, perhaps more ‘stable’ fields. Usually the actor who ‘can’t imagine doing anything else’ is the one who will stick out the eventual frustrations of the business, because they love it!—Rita Litton How should a teenager prepare for a theater summer conservatory audition? What do I look for during the interview/ audition? During an interview a student should be “engaged”--, offering personal information, asking questions, familiar with our curriculum. Acting training involves collaboration. Will the student work willingly and well with others? Will they contribute to the classroom process, or detract through lack of focus or inability


15 Vol 2, Issue 1

to concentrate? I want to see extracurricular interests. I want to know if they’re doing well in high school. While academic marks may be a greater indicator of hard work than intellect, it’s often a good barometer of how hard a student will work on ACTeen assignments. I also believe that any student struggling academically shouldn’t be taking courses with ACTeen until they pull up their school marks. When I look at their monologues or songs I’m looking for clear choices and follow through. I don’t expect a lot of experience, and I am sympathetic to the realization that even good actors audition poorly (it is after all one of the things we teach!). But preparation and the choice of monologue is so important. I want something the student can relate to in their age range and dialect. I look for thought process and clear transitions. I may direct a potential student to see how flexible they are, and if they can make adjustments. Do they have a believable imagination, especially when relating memories or prior circumstances? When I screen singers I look for pitch and support. I also look for the actor within the musician. The song is a monologue set to music. So many students give little thought to the lyrics or situation behind the music, and often get trapped thinking only of the big crescendo, or how it was done by their favorite Broadway performer. I’m interested in why the song was chosen and how it ‘speaks’ to the actor. Vol 2, Issue 1


Are you looking to provide your teenager with a summer program filled with adrenalin pumping activities, unique cultural immersion, immersive language learning, outstanding touring highlights, the opportunity to meet new friends and so much more? Then a Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel Active Teen Tour, Community Service, Language, PreCollege Enrichment or Global Adventure program is exactly what you’re look for.


Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel over the last 30 years has enriched more than 24,000 lives. From their first journey in 1983 that took 40 pioneering teens to experience the beauty and adventure of the western National Parks of the USA and Canada along with the excitement of California, 3 decades later they are now offering over 60 programs in 18 countries, spanning 6 continents.

17 Vol 2, Issue 1





f ff

“Make a difference than amazing activities and sights.” Whether building homes with Habitat for Humanity in San Diego, making repairs to local schools with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation or teaching children to read with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii, teens have the change to work with well-established organizations and give back to communities in need. Last summer, Westcoast / 360° groups completed 31,865 hours (3.6 years) of service in just 7 weeks!

“So much more than amazing activities and sights”

There is so much more to a teen travel experience than just traveling. Summer after summer they company is overwhelmed with feedback from parents sharing how much their teenager has matured, helps out more at home, is more outgoing and confident, is more poised, more responsible and more worldly having had not just the summer of a lifetime, but a life changing experience as well. Westcoast / 360° trips lend themselves to trying new things and stepping just outside of one’s comfort zone. With a taste of age-appropriate independence and a well-deserved break from overly scheduled lives during the school year, teens can enjoy a very healthy reprieve from the usual pressures associated with home and school. They become empowered and are provided with the opportunity to grow as a leader and further develop their selfconfidence!

“To really learn a language, go where it’s spoken.” Whether you choose a program with classroom instruction in Costa Rica, Spain or China or one that immerses you in the local culture of Costa Rica or Peru, your ability to communicate along with your confidence will naturally improve. This is of course in addition to rappelling down waterfalls and zip lining in Costa Rica, volunteering with pandas and climbing the Great Wall in China, or marveling at Machu Picchu and sand boarding in Peru. Vol 2, Issue 1


“Get a taste of the college life.” A Pre-College Enrichment program offer the perfect balance of study, cultural immersion and touring highlights. You will have the unique opportunity to study at an internationally renowned school while living in the heart of Barcelona or Florence. Imagine living in a college residence, working at the fitness center, going to class and navigating the city. You’ll hope your college experience will be this unforgettable.

For more information, visit the company’s website at They can also be reached at 800.767.0227 and 19 Vol 2, Issue 1


“Be inspired to travel.”

A Global Adventure program is smaller group experiences that in addition to providing a more intimate dynamic, also allow for more challenging adventures in Western Canada and New Zealand or for more spontaneity and flexibility on a Backpacking programs in Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy and/or Greece). These adventures quickly bring about that tightly bonded family feel and will leave you with unforgettable lifelong memories. According to Director Ira Solomon, “Over 1,400 teens participated in our trips last summer. We offer such a variety of program options. We are known for providing the highest standard of leadership, activities and accommodations. I am so proud that we meet or exceeded the expectations of over 98.5% of our participants and their parents. These experiences are life changing – students return with a spark to travel, to learn, to meet new people, to try new things and to explore.” Vol 2, Issue 1




“As a former camper and coach at NBC Camps, I can’t think of a situation that would be more beneficial for an athlete than NBC Camps.”


-Ryan Carr, NBA Scout Since 1971, we have trained 250,000 athletes. Located in the U.S., Austria, Canada, UK and Italy, NBC Camps is dedicated to elevating personal excellence on and off the court.

NBCCAMPS.COM 800.406.3926 If you love basketball or volleyball,

NBC Camps has a camp for you. This year, elevate your life and game at NBC Camps, the most popular and respected overnight basketball camp and volleyball camp program in the world located in 50 cities and 6 countries. We want to help you reach your goals. Gain new skills, work with outstanding coaches and work to walk out of 21

camp a better player and person. Vol 2, Issue 1 Vol 2, Issue 1


Yoga Camp: Fun to Grow On! It’s 9 o’clock on a weekday morning. Windows are open wide, allowing a warm breeze to move through the room.  Outside, birds are singing. Inside, a group of children are gathered in a circle.  One child is leading the others through a sun salutation . . . all of them breathing and moving together through lunge and plank, up dog and down dog. A new day of  yoga camp  has just begun. While summer camps have been the norm for many generations, you don’t often run into yoga camp- which might beg the question, “What  is  yoga camp?” I’m glad you asked... Yoga camp is where children come together in a welcoming environment to learn about them selves and the world around them.   This is the essence of yoga.   Yes, we learn yoga poses, all of them presented in a fun and ageappropriate way.  And we play games that help reinforce their learning of the poses. Musical Mats is a great favorite (a lot like

musical chairs, except when the music stops, the children have to look for a pose card by their mat and perform the pose indicated).  We also play Triangle Tag and Crab Soccer – both vigorous games that get the kids moving, breathing and using their muscles. But much of what we do provides an opportunity for children to explore their place in the world.  As we move through this vast home we call earth, we meet many people and discover much about our environment and ourselves.  Every connection a child makes is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.  We spend our childhoods – our whole lives, really – collecting these pieces.   And we are each at the heart of our own puzzle, constructing a picture of the world as it relates to our self.   Yoga camp provides an opportunity for children to find these pieces, and offers them tools to help them place each piece where they feel it best fits. At yoga camp, we take time to get to know one another.  Through group activities and games, we   learn to appreciate each other where we are. Playing games like Web of Connection (a game of sharing in which we construct a literal web of yarn connecting each child to the others), we can see how we are all connected to one another and that, while we’re different, we are also very much the same.

Visit: to register today! 23 Vol 2, Issue 1

At yoga camp, we believe in the power of peaceful moments. While most camps provide nonstop intensity, inciting a furor of excitement and energy, yoga camp balances joyful play with quiet reflection and relaxation.  We believe children need both in order to be balanced and healthy. And as much as the children enjoy interactive play, they also relish the end of the day, when they all lay down in savana for a short period of relaxation and breathing. The best measure of a successful day at camp is each child’s demeanor as they’re picked up by their parents:  not wired and energized, as you’d expect after a day at camp, but calm and content. And the children must like it, because year after year they keep coming back.  Which means, in addition to all that it does for children, yoga camp is just plain fun.

Visit the ChildLight Yoga website for details about this summer’s yoga camp offerings in Exeter, NH (Grades K-5) and Dover, NH (Grades Prek-2 and GIRLS CAMP Grades 3-7). “Lisa Burk-McCoy – Childlight Yoga Instructor Childlight Yoga Blog & Kids Yoga Resource” Visit: to register today! Vol 2, Issue 1


Childlight Yoga April Vacation Camp FOR 5 - 13 YEARS CHILDS ChildLight Yoga’s Vacation Camps are two full day camps for children. All camps are hosted at our ChildLight Yoga Studio (Franklin Galleria Plaza, 453 Central Avenue) in Dover, NH.  The activities for Vacation camps are specially chosen for their enriching qualities and alignment with our goal of offering children a fun, educational, and creative experience.

April Vacation 2013 Ages 5-8 or Grades K-2 Monday & Tuesday, 9am-3pm at ChildLight Yoga Studio, Dover, NH Maine Vacation Week:  April 15 & 16 NH Vacation Week:  April 22 & 23 Girls Ages 8-13 or Grades 3-6  Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-3pm at ChildLight Yoga Studio, Dover, NH Maine Vacation Week:  April 17 & 18 NH Vacation Week:  April 24 & 25

Some activities include • Daily 45 minute yoga class • Daily relaxation and reflection • Yoga games and outdoor play • Crafts

r u O

• Mindfulness activities • Healthy me activities

ic r P

• Group and partner poses • Time for snack and lunch

Visit: to register today! 25 Vol 2, Issue 1


e: $

0 0 . 5


Space is limited! These are very popular camps. We were unable to accommodate last minute registrations last year please register early!

ChildLight Yoga’s 2013 sUMMER cAMP dATES Adventure Camps are Week 1: one-week day camps for Ages 4.5 - 7 yrs children. All camps are Lead Counselor: Janine Bibeau hosted at ChildLight Yoga Studio (Franklin Galleria July 8 - July 12, Plaza, 453 Central Avenue) 9:00am - 12:00pm in Dover, NH. The activities for Yoga Adventures Camps Week 2: are specially chosen for their enriching qualities and Girl Time! Girls Ages 8 - 13 years alignment with our goal Lead Counselor: Janine Bibeau of offering children a fun, July 15 - July 19, educational, and creative 9:00am - 12:00pm summer experience. At camp, children will enjoy Week 3: a nurturing, supportive, Ages 4.5 - 7 non-competitive Lead Counselor: Janine Bibeau atmosphere, will stretch July 22 - July 26, and energize their 9:00am - 12:00pm bodies and minds, learn to express themselves creatively, practice working Week 4: cooperatively in large and Girl Time! Girls Ages 8 - 13 years small groups, be introduced Lead Counselor: Janine Bibeau to activities they may have August 5 - August 9, not tried before, learn 9:00am - 12:00pm mindfulness, self-calming techniques and relaxation, develop special friendships and have loads of fun! $160 per child

Tuition includes all activities and materials, plus a camp t-shirt!

A Typical Day at Camp: • Gathering Activities • Yoga Class & Discussion • Main Activity/Project • Snack • Craft Project and/or Yoga Journals • Yoga Games & Relaxation • Closing Activities

Sample Camp Activities: • Daily Yoga & Discussion of Yoga Principles (peace, gratitude...) • Camp T-Shirt Design • Yoga Journals • This is ME Project • Zumba! • Yoga Play Obstacle Course • No-Sew Lavender Eye Pillows • Community-building Games • “Thank” Banks • Children’s Show and Outdoor Games in Henry Law Park • Sing & Share Show • Indoor Climbing at Indoor Ascent

Instructor: Janine Bibeau is Director of ChildLight Yoga’s Summer Camp Programs and Yoga Parties. She specializes in teaching yoga to children and families. Janine also teaches Kindergarten at Little Harbor School in Portsmouth, NH.

Visit: to register today! Vol 2, Issue 1


The KRINSKY Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs Take Summer Programs to the Next Level


Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) meets the needs of parents and teens alike with customized summer programs. JKCP has the well-cultivated “it” factor with their panache for creating experiences, offering trendy curriculum and offering top notch evening entertainment and weekend trips for the “iGeneration”.

Today (35 years later), JKCP is a world leader in summer programs, receiving students from all over the country (and world), and has expanded far beyond tennis offering over 20 specialized experiences. Programs include fitness, art, architecture, science, law, medicine, business, leadership, internships, cooking, fashion design, dance and much more.

After a successful tennis career, competing professionally on the international tennis circuit including Wimbledon and the Italian and French Opens, Julian Krinsky founded JKCP.

“Kids and teens love choice and today’s parents want value,” explains Krinsky. “JKCP meets both their needs through world-class programming, inspiring teachers, networking opportunities and valuable summer Vol 2, Issue 1

WAY! China and Russia. Programs are held at top colleges in Philadelphia such as Villanova University, University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College. Students get to jumpstart their college experience — in the dorm, in the dining hall, on campus, and networking with friends Students stay in college dorms and eat on campus. Many of the programs are taught by professors at those from around the world. JKCP offers residential programs including housing, tuition, meals, weekend trips, and schools. “Parents are investing in a program that could help kids pick the right academic or career path for them evening activities. in the future,” Krinsky said. experiences. Our variety of courses and activities allows students to follow their passions or try something new in the areas that interest them most, all while having fun.”

The rate of change is quicker than ever. Krinsky keeps his ear to the ground and really listens to the students. It’s allowed JKCP to be innovators and be the first to bring new programming to the marketplace. Today, the camps host 4,500 campers each summer across all of its programs, and 40% of them come from abroad, including South America, Asia, Europe,

To find out more about JKCP, visit and follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Vol 2, Issue 1


in Minnesota Asthma Camps Help Children Breathe Easy


oth parents and kids with asthma can breathe easy this summer knowing they will be well taken care of at asthma camp. Asthma camp is exclusively for children and youth with persistent asthma, meaning they take daily controller medication. Many of the youth who attend asthma camp aren’t allowed to attend a “mainstream” camp because of their chronic disease, daily medications, or because parents are simply not comfortable not knowing the level of care their child will receive away from home. Asthma camps are set up and s t a f f e d round-theclock by highly trained medical professionals, including specialists, physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists to ensure the youth’s asthma is well managed during the camp. Asthma camps take added steps to ensure the child’s asthma triggers are removed and/ or well managed. Asthma camps ensure that campers connect with other kids “just like them” and experience the outdoor activities in a medically-safe environment. Activities vary at each camp, but many offer activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, archery, highand low-ropes courses, sports, and nature walks. Researchers


found Vol 2, Issue 1




attended asthma camp, either day camps or sleep-over, were more likely to use their daily controller (preventative medication). In addition, children who attended asthma camp were 33% less likely to be hospitalized for asthma in the following year as a child with asthma who did not attend camp. Why? At asthma camp, campers learn about their chronic disease, signs and symptoms, how and when to take their medications, and how to participate in all activities even though they have asthma. T h e Consor tium on Children’s A s t h m a Camps is a national coalition of around 100 asthma camps. The mission of the Consortium is to: promote the quality of medical care delivered at existing asthma camps; provide parameters for asthma education; to promote the development of new asthma camps; and develop initiatives to target high-risk children and give them the opportunity to attend asthma camp. There is still time to register your child for asthma camp this summer. To find a camp in your area, simply go to the Consortium’s website at and click on “find a camp.” Parents of campers appreciate the positive impact that camp has on their children’s

Kids who come to asthma camp get to play in the outdoors just like “normal” kids while in a medically-safe environment. Many campers make lasting friends and research show that campers are 33% less likely to be hospitalized for asthma in the following year as a child with asthma who did not attend camp.

lives. One parent stated: “Camp is a place where a child with asthma can still be a child. You don’t have to be concerned because they are well taken care of. Camp helped him improve his asthma care. They showed him proper medication techniques, something that his health care provider has never shown him. They got him on a regular schedule for his medications (dose and time of day). He takes his medication himself now.”

Asthma & Allergy Specialists and Pediatric Pulmonologists are the lead physicians at camp ensuring the best 24-hour care available to your camper.

Many of the children who attend asthma camp come from limited-income families and are able to attend camp because of campership assistance. Call the camp director at your local camp to inquire about camperships and health plan assistance. It is vital to keep the cost of camp low or free so all children have the opportunity to participate in this life changing experience. Please consider making a donation to your local asthma camp.

Asthma camps are always looking for volunteers. If you are a health care professional and would like to volunteer to staff the camp health office or provide asthma education to the campers, contact your local camp director.

Activities vary at each camp, but many offer activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, archery, high- and low-ropes courses, sports, and nature walks. Vol 2, Issue 1


Rock Music Camps and Programs for Kids, Teens and Adults Overnight Camps – Day Camps

Play in a Rock Band – Meet a Rock Star and Hear Their Story – Perform a Concert Songwriting – Recording – Make a Music Video – Meet Other Musicians

GET THE FREE EBROCHURE (800) 513 - 0930 © Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

Our History and Misson Camp Jam was founded in Atlanta in 2004 by Jeff Carlisi (lead guitarist/songwriter for 38 Special) and business partner Dan Lipson, founder/CEO of the Official NASCAR Catalog.

Developed by professional musicians, Camp Jam’s purpose and mission is to teach young musicians how to become an effective rock n roll band member. Curriculum combines structured lessons, practice and band rehearsals in an environment that fosters confidence building. Through teamwork, bands will develop the self confidence and discipline needed to achieve the goal of playing the big stage in front of family and friends. Camp Jam Celebrates 10 years 2004-2013

31 Vol 2, Issue 1

Camp Jam Programs (ages 9 – 17) Camp Jam Rock music camp

CAMP BEATS Production/DJ

Camp Flix Filmmaking camp Camp Beats Beat making and production camp Camp Jam INC Corporate team building programs

Camp Jam EXP Adult rock weekend experience Camp Jam URRE Hard Rock All Inclusive rock vacation 3

© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

Description of Programs - Camp Jam Day Camp - ages 9-17 5 consecutive day summer program for guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals • Group instrument specific instruction • Fundamentals of playing in a band • Live ensemble and main stage rehearsals • Interactive songwriting and recording classes

• Unplugged Café - acoustic rehearsals and performances • Master classes with industry pros and platinum artists • Live concert performance in front of a large audience


© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved. Vol 2, Issue 1


Summer Programs – Camp Jam Overnight ages 12-17

Camp Jam Overnight is for the musician who wants music 24/ 7. Overnight campers attend a full day of camp plus evening program consisting of: • Live Playing Workshops give campers the opportunity to play with Camp Jam overnight instructors and master class artists.

• Curriculum includes filming and staring in a MTV style video. • Additional concerts by touring professionals • Acoustic Unplugged concert performance • Side project rehearsals and Open Mic Night.


© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

Camp Beats – Production/DJ camp – ages 9-17


Darryl Swann, Grammy award winning Producer for Macy Gray, Black Eyed Peas, Stevie Wonder, and Mos Def has created a physical hands curriculum for learning the art of the modern producer and solo and group DJ.

• Learn Ableton live basics • Beat making/matching • Sampling and looping

For Select Markets in 2013!

• Mash up instrumentals and acapellas • Rehearse and perform with live musicians • Collaborate on an original MTV video and soundtrack

© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

33 Vol 2, Issue 1


Camp Flix – Filmmaking Camp - ages 9-17 Camp Flix is Atlanta's premiere summer camp for aspiring filmmakers with a curriculum developed and taught by industry professionals.. • Explore the entire filmmaking creative process from concept pitch to final cut

• Learn about all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production • Write, produce and edit a short film • Walk the red carpet at a Friday night preview of camper films • Meet Professional Filmmakers and Actors

• Camps held in Atlanta with planned expansion into Boston and Chicago


© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

Adult Programs Cont. – Camp Jam Experience

Camp Jam Experience (EXP) is Camp Jam’s program for adult rockers. • A 3 Day rock experience like no other

• Form a band with other musicians • Rehearse at the famous Crossover Studios • Socialize and be coached by the Rock Stars that made the hits

• Perform with Rock Legends at a great venue


© Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved. Vol 2, Issue 1


Adult Team Building Programs - Camp Jam INC

Camp Jam INC is a very unique and effective corporate team building program. •Teaches non-musicians how to play an instrument in a band within three hours. • Developed from our teaching techniques perfected in our Camp Jam Kidz program. • Attendees divided into bands, work through and perform a song with our rock star counselors. This is followed by on stage performance with the rock stars playing their hits. • In addition, we include a songwriting seminar for large groups to write their company hit. This program can accommodate groups of 500+

Robin Meade fronting her band At Camp Jam Inc (for CNN)


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Camp Jam Cities for 2013

• • • • • • • •

Atlanta* Houston Dallas* Boston* Chicago* OC St Louis* Montreal

• • • • • • • •

Pittsburgh* San Diego* Wash, DC* San Francisco* Boulder* Phoenix New York* Nashville TN

For locations and dates visit or call 800 513-0930 © Copyright 2010 Camp Jam. All Rights Reserved.

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Camp Jam Master Class Artists Jeff Carlisi – 38 Special Darryl Jones – Rolling Stones Ed King – Lynyrd Skynyrd (shown) Peter Stroud – Don Henley/Sheryl Crow Pat Travers – Pat Travers Kareem Devlin – Lady Gaga Chuck Leavell – Rolling Stones Jennifer Batten – Jeff Beck/Michael Jackson Andy Timmons – Danger Danger/Solo Artist Carmine Appice – Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart Mark White – Spin Doctors Richard Fortis – Guns and Roses Liberty DeVitto –Billy Joel Brian Howe – Bad Company Ricky Byrd – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Ed Roland – Collective Soul Derek St Holmes – Ted Nugent

Lady Gaga’s Guitarist, Kareem Devlin poses with a camper for a Memorable photo

and many more! 11

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Camp Navigator Special! Register with code CAMPNAV and receive: $100 off Overnight Camp (ages 11-17) $50 off Daycamp (ages 11-17) $25 off Kidz Camp (ages 7-10) (800) 513 - 0930

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hen I was young, I had a misguided attitude toward theatre and sports. I thought that they existed at the far opposite ends of life’s spectrum and, yes, I exhibited a bit of snobbery because I fancied myself a theatre artist who was above the sweaty rigors of sports! Hah! Little did I know, then, but what I have learned since, from my both my acting training and the school of hard knocks (a university I sorely needed to attend) is that theatre acting is strenuous, sweat labor! Yes, it is fun! Yes, it is artistic and heady, but the best actors and actresses are strong and have the ability to labor physically...and for many rehearsal hours at a time!

Summer Theater Camp of Montclair

As an Acting Coach and Camp Director, parents often call me and ask whether The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair, New Jersey would be a good match for their teen, tween or little one. In that inquiry, they often express the concern that their beloved drama queen or king will be sitting sedentary throughout the camp day engaged only in fanciful, cerebral activity. I always chuckle at this question because a day at our acting camp is a physical day, indeed! What follows is an outline of some of our activities and their attendant benefits: 1. Yoga begins our camp day: Guided by our yoga instructor, we stretch, pose, breathe, ground and focus ourselves. The beauty of yoga is that it gets us immediately into our physicality, balances our hormones and gears us up for the rigors of the day, while being fun, gentle, individual and noncompetitive. 2. Vocalizing and Singing Training is next on the agenda: Did you know that singing is an aerobic activity? After a group warm-up, we learn how to support our voices and breath so that we have the stamina onstage to be heard and to be “on 37 Vol 2, Issue 1

pitch.” For young people who have not found their voice” yet, vocal training is a confidence builder. When young people learn how to speak and sing to be heard, they are profoundly transformed and empowered. 3. Dance, Movement and Choreography follows our vocal and singing training: Shaking, stretching, stepping, moving, jumping! The human body was meant to do all these activities and more, but technology’s lure has many a young person sitting too long and wasting their precious vitality that builds their strength and flexibility. We hear

“Suit the action to the word; The word to the action!” Hamlet By Mary Ann Riel, M.A Artistic Director the argument today that the lack of physicality in our young is the cause of the obesity crisis. What is the solution? Movement that is enjoyable to music that sings to the a young person’s soul! It always amazes me that as soon as young bodies are moving in the enjoyable exertion of dance, they burn calories and gain endurance rather effortlessly. This is greatly supportive of girls or boys who have body image issues, because they are connecting with their physicality in a positive manner, being nurtured by instructors who encourage and guide them through movement that engenders confidence.

CAMP NOW IN PROGRESS!” 4. Theatre Games: Bam! Theatre Games are fast-paced, dynamic, require physical responsiveness and endurance, as well as focus. They can seem silly, and engender many giggles and big belly laughs, but don’t minimize the power of these games--they are catalysts for courage, by inspiring participants to be appropriately competitive and responsive to others while moving intelligently in the confines of a prescribed space. 5. Rehearsal and Production: Rehearsing for a play and Acting in it are strenuous, physical activities that build selfdiscipline, fortitude, courage and resilience. Today’s youth spend so much of their day sitting. Theatre work is standing, moving in a focused way, understanding and reacting within limited physical space and developing a fair amount of physical self-control. Young people of yore lived a life of physicality daily and it built their strength. Theatre work can do the same for acting camp participants.. and does! If you are a parent to an artistic couch potato, who has stage visions of grandeur dancing in his or her head, consider Acting Camp! Or, perhaps your child has a great deal of energy and needs to expend it in a positive, wholesome, artistic pursuit. Consider a summer of acting camp! You may be pleasantly surprised at how the physical aspects of theatre, along with its artistic aspects, transform your budding actor or actress into a stage performer to be contended with: healthy,

creative and strong!

happy, Vol 2, Issue 1








Special Offers for Golf Vacation Packages and TOURAcademy Golf Schools

$200 Off 3 or 4 Day Golf School For a limited time only, book a 3 or 4 Day Golf School and receive $200 off each student!

Be one of the FIRST 50 people to sign up and receive a TaylorMade Ghost Putter! Book and Attend by 2/28/13*

Call TODAY! 800.766.7939 *Minimum 2 students. Cannot be combined with any other offer and only applies to new bookings.

hkjglkjhlhlkh Contact: PGA TOUR Experiences 5000 Sawgrass Village Circle, Suite 32 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082. Vol 2, Issue 1



inosaur Ridge is an outdoor museum west of Denver, Colorado. It’s only a 20 minute drive from the capitol city to see over 300 dinosaur footprints and a few dozen dinosaur bones, all of which are still encased in rock right where they were left 100 to 150 million years ago. This outdoor setting is where your camper will have the opportunity to be hands-on with science and begin a journey of exploration! This is a day in the week of a Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camp. “Everyone come and grab a box of bones, we’re going to recreate the Dinosaur Ridge Bone Site!” The excited campers gather their workbooks and pencils, clamoring for a seat at the picnic table where four boxes sat. In each box lies a jumbled up set of chicken bones, bleached and then dyed different colors; red, blue, green, and yellow. Moving off to the side of the tree-shaded patio, campers see a strange scene. A hose points down a cement ramp and the sand covered ground stretches out before it. “The cement ramp up here with the hose represents the mountains and the flat area out there is the desertlike floodplain. What do you think the water from the hose represents?” “Rain!” As the campers line the sides of the sandy area they have five minutes to set up their dinosaur skeletons. They have the option to make it look like a complete dinosaur, what we call articulated, or have it be a jumbled pile of bones, perhaps carried by the last rain-caused flood. Four sets of bones lie next to the sandy, dried riverbed, a brief explanation given about how the Jurassic Period (150 million years ago) here

at Dinosaur Ridge was very dry and desert-like, a lot like central Africa today. But it didn’t always stay dry. Seasonal rain would cause floods across the plains and overflow the rivers. This is the environment at the Dinosaur Ridge bone site as shown by the geology, and the campers are going to recreate that ancient environment before going to visit the real thing. The water begins to flow. The rivers become start as a slight trickle, each camper getting more and more excited as the sand around their bones begins to get soggy. “Look! Our bones are starting to move!” The yellow group’s bones were closest to the mouth of the river, and the smaller rib bones were beginning to make their way downstream. The rivers widen and begin to carve through the sand. Twisting and winding paths emerge, sometimes to go around the blockade of dinosaur bones while other times to go around a rogue stick or rock. As the water leaves the meandering streams in the floodplain it makes its way out eventually to the seaway. Around 150 million years ago, the ocean wasn’t as far away from Colorado as it is today. The seaway was creeping its way south from Wyoming and the rivers that flowed through Colorado led to the beaches north of us. “What happens if the water gets stuck behind a build-up of sand in the mountains and then comes rushing down when it breaks through?” Erin LaCount, aka Miss. Erin (one of the two camp directors) asks as she picks up a small bucket and begins to fill it using the hose. “A flood!”

41 Vol 2, Issue 1

are important elements of scientific exploration. Being able to see and draw something and then interpret it are tools that any junior paleontologist or geologist needs, and this is something that is emphasized with each activity during the Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camps. Miss. Erin leads the group over to a single huge boulder and everyone gathers up. “This bone

As the bucket filled up she tipped it and poured it down the cement ramp. The flood waters overflowed the banks of the river channels and the dinosaur bones were tossed downstream. The campers all cheered as the flood began to recede and the rivers became normal once again. The damage was done however and the bones which had once been only slightly moved downstream were now a jumble farther out into the floodplain. The red bones were intermingled with the yellow and the green and blue were buried together down the left side of the stream. “Let’s let the dry season take over and we’ll go look at the real thing, how about that?” Packing up and getting ready, the group loads up into the Dinosaur Ridge van and drives up to the Bone Site. Things look a lot different than sand and chicken bones the campers had worked with. Here lies only hard sandstone and rusty dinosaur bones. “Though this looks completely different than our stream channels that we made in the sand, it’s exactly the same,” explains Amber Cain, the other camp director. Campers take their time familiarizing themselves with the Bone Site after a short lesson. Gathering their notebooks and measuring tapes, they spread out to look for bones. Sketching, measuring, and observing Vol 2, Issue 1


here is the vertebra, a single backbone, of an Allosaurus. This bone next to it is the rib of a Stegosaurus, the Colorado State Fossil! This bone next to both of those is a huge Apatosaurus hip bone. So none of these bones fit together, they don’t belong to the same dinosaur; how did they all end up next to each other?”

the site as it sits. Colored markers are used to map out the different bones and how they ended up mixed together. After sketching, mapping, and coloring, it’s time for them to collect their bones. Gathering them up one at a time using the spoons and paintbrushes, some of the maps need to be changed as bones that were buried and not able to be seen from the surface needed to be added to the map and colored. The bones are now back in their boxes and need to be assembled. This process is usually done back at the museums after the field paleontologists send the bones in plaster jackets. In the workbook is a picture of a chicken skeleton. It’s now time to look at the shapes of the bones and try to put our skeletons back together.

The stream channels! Just as they campers experimented with what happens to chicken bones and running water, they’re able to interpret the replica stream channel with the chicken bones and compare it to a real bone site. After all of the bones are mapped and sketched the group heads back to the Visitor Center for some lunch. The stream channels have dried nicely and the campers are excitedly talking about where their bones ended up compared to where they started. After lunch: Excavation! Equipped with paintbrushes, measuring tape and spoons, the equivalent to miniature shovels and hand trowels, the campers first have to sketch 43 Vol 2, Issue 1

After a brief snack break it’s time to go on a dig. Dinosaur Ridge has a small sandbox with a replica dinosaur skeleton buried and embedded in cement. This allows students to experience the thrill of discovery coupled with the action of uncovering a duck-billed dinosaur skeleton. It’s not as simple as just uncovering the skeleton though. The campers will need to once again map and sketch the bones while trying to look for clues to figure out what kind of dinosaur it was, why it was here, what happened to it, and how it died. Uncovering the skull and looking at the shape of the teeth and nose give the animal away as a duck-billed dinosaur, a hadrosaur, called Edmontosaurus. Clue #1 has been found! The group in the next square discovers a nest of eggs. That tells them why the dinosaur was here – it was protecting its nest! The third group finds a broken arm bone while the fourth uncovers the final clue, a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth imbedded in the spine of the duck-bill.

After learning the story of the dinosaur they clean up and get ready to write in their daily journals, focusing on something they learned, something they found interesting, and what their favorite activity of the day was.

collect and even mine rocks and minerals to help them visualize and learn about Earth materials. June 17th – 21st; July 22nd – 26th

Dinosaur Ridge will have three camps running in 2013. Two sessions for each camp are being offered.

Each camp will be $200 per child (member); $250 per child (non member). [Scholarships, Sibling discounts, and Multi-Camp discounts are available]. Camps are geared for 6-13 year olds and the capacity for each session is 12 campers.

Fossils and Fun: This camp is a great introduction to the geology and paleontology of Dinosaur Ridge and the surrounding area. Hands-on activities will help campers learn about the ancient environments, landscapes, and animals of Colorado’s prehistoric Front Range. Campers will have the chance to explore, measure, draw, observe, and interact with the geology and fossils of the area and explore science like never before among 150 million year old fossils. Ages 6-13. June 10th – 14th; July 8th – 12tH Paleontology Camp: Paleontology Camp focuses primarily on the fossils that are found in and around the Morrison and Golden Fossil Areas. Your campers will explore, observe, map, draw, and measure dinosaur bones and tracks, fossil palm fronds and other plant impressions, and a plethora of other local fossils and prehistoric evidence to learn more about prehistoric Colorado. Hands-on activities will help them visualize and experience paleontology in a way they never have before! Ages 8-13, or 6-7 if have completed Fossil and Fun or attended 2012 Summer Camp. June 24th – 28th; July 15th – 19th

A downloadable registration form is available at All this and more awaits your camper at Dinosaur Ridge! Registration starts February 1st! For more information contact Erin LaCount at or call 303-697-3466 x 101. By Erin LaCount

Geology Camp: Geology Camp will focus on the local rocks and formations of Colorado’s Front Range, as well as what we can learn from rocks and minerals. With interactive and hands-on activities, campers will get a chance to explore, experiment, observe, measure, Vol 2, Issue 1













45 Vol 2, Issue 1

Events Calendar in March Sky Rink : 11:00 - 2:00pm



From: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

What does it take for a bowling ball to shatter a piece of heat-tempered glass? What would happen if a bird laid an egg mid-flight?

WILDLIFE WALK ON THE BOARDWALK Meet at the LaChua trailhead at 9:00 a.m. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Parkare on the loose! Contact Amber Roux at 352-466-4966 for more information and to RSVP.



Film: Bats From: 6:30pm - 9:00pm Location Dyche Hall/ Natural History Museum Cost Free A Myths and Mayhem Film Event Genetically modified bats are on the loose!




Smash & Shatter Camp

Time 7:30 p.m. Location Washington, D.C. Price: All tickets $11

Oregon Zoo The luck of the Irish: animal enrichment From: 10:30am to 11:00am

Everyone is Invited Learn more at 11:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. in the Lab in I CAN Wonder Why


Evening on the Diamond - Chase Field The D-backs marquee fundraising event benefits the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation with featured guest Chicago.


Wonderful Wednesday: Iron for Breakfast?



Parenting New Hampshire’s 2013 Summer Camp Expos from 10am-2pm Portsmouth/Sheraton Harborside Hotel & Conference Center

San Jose Museum of Art Public Event ArtRage From: 7 – 10 PM $5 after 5 PM (members 2-for-1). Celebrate contemporary Chinese culture with music, cocktails, and fun.







National Geographic Live Amazon Gold




Join Us for an Open House

Summer Camps & Activities Expo 2013 From: 10:00a to 3:00pm

Morgan’s Wonderland Event Center San Antonio, TX


Have your April Events listed FREE. Send Event details by March30th to, Tel: (602)328-9600 ext. 203 Vol 2, Issue 1

46 47 Vol 2, Issue 1

The one-stop site for families. • Child Development

Advice from the experts geared to your child’s age

• The Ultimate Camp Planner From selecting the right camp to packing the right gear

• Camp Essentials

Maximizing the camp experience for your child

Easy to Navigate — Essential to Read Visit us at

ACA Photo - Camp Chewonki Maine

01 ACA Photo - Camp Echo in Coleman High Country Merrick, NY

02 ACA Photo - Happy Hollow Camp, Nashville, Indiana

03 ACA Photo - YMCA Camp Wilson - Bellefontaine OH

04 Vol 2, Issue 1


Showcased Camps Good to Great: Your Summer Camp Checklist There are a lot of good summer camps out there. But you want to send your kids to a great one. How can you rest assured you’ve found the crème de la camp without losing sleep over summer scheduling? Try this simple checklist, guaranteed to separate the great from the merely good.

"As a former camper and coach THE TOTAL PERSON at NBC Camps, I can't think of a situation that would be more beneficial for an athlete than NBC Camps." - Ryan Carr, NBA Scout Since 1971, we have trained 250,000 athletes. Located in the U.S., Austria, Canada, UK and Italy, NBC Camps is dedicated to elevating personal excellence on and off the court.

Are you ready for your best summer ever? Are you looking to provide your teenager with a summer program filled with adrenalin pumping activities, unique cultural immersion, immersive language learning, outstanding touring highlights, the opportunity to meet new friends and so much more? Then a Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel Active Teen Tour, Community Service, Language, Pre-College Enrichment or Global Adventure program is exactly what you’re look for.

49 Vol 2, Issue 1 Vol 2, Issue 1


51 Vol 2, Issue 1 Vol 2, Issue 1


Each summer, Girl Scouts of Central Illinois offers a variety of summer camp adventures for both Girl Scouts and nonGirl Scouts alike. Campers ranging from 6-17 years old stay for a day, an overnight, an entire week, or even 10 days or more. Swimming, horseback riding, archery, and sailing are just a few of the exciting activities that await campers at one of our four camp locations. Camp Kiwanis is a 55-acre wooded site that

Campers return year after year to meet new and old friends by the campfire to make s’mores and to wander the trails of camp. Our camps are designated to provide small group interactions where girls have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others, develop their leadership and teamwork skills, meet new people, and make lasting friendships. As campers canoe, tie-dye, perform skits, and sing songs, they also enhance

“Camp registration begins on February 27, 2013, and many of our travel, resident, and horse camps fill quickly. ” sits adjacent to Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve and is bordered by the Sangamon River, located near Champaign, Illinois. Camp Peairs is an 88acre wood situated on Lake Bloomington, located outside of Bloomington, Illinois. Camp Tapawingo has a 640-acre camp, with forested rolling hills and an Equine Center, located outside of Peoria, Illinois. Camp Widjiwagan is a 67-acre wooded camp located on Lake Springfield, outside of Springfield, Illinois. At Girl Scout camp, girls learn to build self-confidence, enhance teamwork, and increase their awareness of the environment.

53 Vol 2, Issue 1

teamwork and social skills through community living and group play. They develop skills, knowledge, and self-confidence through exciting, challenging, and fun activities. They strengthen self-reliance and independent living skills by being away from home, whether it be for the day or for two weeks.

“Learn more about our camps and sessions by flipping through our Adventures guide.”

ADVENTURES For GIRLS in grades K-12

r u o t a n u f e v a H





, and STE

ess l Awaren a t n e m n iro


,E Life Skills , s t r A e eas: Th

Day t Residen n ia r t s e u q el E v a r T & ip h s r e d a Teen Le lenge Course Chal Boating


ns o i t a c o l p Four cam tified! ACACacmep KriwanisMahomet, IL 61853

ad, oods Ro of the W e k a L h t u airs 219C So Camp oPaed, Hudson, IL 61748 sR mp Peair go 24201 Ca 548 apawin ora, IL 61 m Camp T a t e M , d a o R t kory Poin n 1450 Hic idjiwaglda, IL 62711 W p m a C Springfie ld Lane, 71 Wieno Vol 2, Issue 1


Grier Summer Camp Grier Summer Camp - Where Friendships Flourish Located in the Allegheny Mountains of beautiful central Pennsylvania, Grier Summer offers camp programs using the campus of the Grier School, a historic girls boarding school. Whether a camper chooses horseback riding, visual or performing arts or a combination of all three opportunities, each venue offers state of the art facilities with small classes and individual attention.

h WE LOVE HORSES Allegheny Riding Camp is our premier camp for girls who love horses. We welcome all levels from beginner to advanced rider, English seat, Hunter/Jumper. Riding campers ride five days out of seven for each three-week session, and ride the same horse for the entire session. Grier Summer has two indoor arenas and two outdoor arenas. There are Friday judged horse shows and an exhibition horse show for parents at the end of camp. Allegheny Riding Camp has a rich tradition of teaching girls self-confidence through horsemanship and a love of horses The Show Camper Program is a travel team for the advanced rider, ages 11to 17, with “A” and “AA” showing experience. The campers travel to shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. Horses and ponies are welcome to attend! The trainer for the Show Camper Program is Emily Zientek, a ten-year veteran of middle school and high school varsity teams at Grier School where she is the Director of the Riding programs. Emily is the current national president of the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association).


Allegheny Camp for the Arts is perfect for girls looking for a fun camp experience in a beautiful, serene location with top-notch arts facilities. Activities are taught by counselors, Grier School teachers, or professionals hired for summer activities. Activities include classes in dance, theater, pottery and ceramics, mixed media, drawing and painting, digital photography and creative writing. Our creative writing classes are often taught by visiting children’s authors. There are two intensives for girls who want to concentrate on dance or theater. Intensive Dance Program is geared toward the serious intermediate to advanced dancer, ages 12-17. Classes include, but are not limited to, stretch and strength, ballet, modern and jazz technique, and choreography for performance. Styles in performances have included ballet, classical jazz, African, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary and modern. Intensive Musical Theatre is for girls, age 10 to 17, who love musical theatre.  In this program, girls work together to produce a full-length musical production in three weeks time! It’s lots of hard work but the performances win cheers from families, friends and staff! The 2013 production is The Wizard of Oz.

55 Vol 2, Issue 1

THE YOUNGER CAMPER Grier Summer offers two programs for the younger camper. The Mother/Daughter Camp is a unique opportunity for younger campers to experience an overnight camp without the anxiety of being separated from mom. Junior Camp offers a five-day camp for young girls not quite ready for the threeweek experience. Both programs are small, with lots of attention from staff. And, both programs offer horseback riding.



Families from all over the USA and the world choose Grier Summer Visit our website, or contact the camp director at or Like Us on Facebook And from the campers This is the most amazing camp ever Thank you for such an amazing session I liked riding the most because when I rode I felt good i had a blast! I had such a good time dancing. Vol 2, Issue 1


57 Vol 2, Issue 1

Spring Reach Camp dates: March 25-29. Call with any questions! Vol 2, Issue 1


59 Vol 2, Issue 1 Vol 2, Issue 1



ents, Astronomy and Archery! Oh, my! At Arizona State Parks families can experience outdoor activities together and provide memories that will last a lifetime. Family activities at Arizona State Parks include hiking, camping, fishing, boating, water skiing, picnicking and camping. Get excited as an incredible opportunity from Arizona State Parks awaits! A Family Campout Program will be offered at five State Parks: Lost Dutchman State Park, east of Phoenix; Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood; Catalina State Park near Tucson; Kartchner Caverns State Park and Patagonia Lake State Park in southern Arizona. The program will offer families inexperienced

61 Vol 2, Issue 1

with camping the opportunity to having an organized camping weekend at an Arizona State Park without having to provide their own camping equipment or food (these will be provided as part of the program). Each family will be offered a variety of outdoor -based activities to learn more about how to safely recreate in parks. Activities will be geared toward both children and/or adults so that each family member can learn, grow individually and together from the experience. Activities vary depending on park location but will include some of the following: “How to Set Up a Tent Camp” and “Best Camp Cooking Techniques” for adults; “How to Geocache” and “Things to Explore while Camping” for youths. The majority of the clinics will encourage total family participation and include: “Safe Hiking,” “Mountain Biking for Beginners,” “Astronomy 101” and “Basic Archery,” among others.

The first day will include meals cooked by parents and volunteers on barbeques (the food is provided) and includes breakfast, lunch, group dinner and a campfire presentation. The second day will begin with an Environmental Stewardship project. This will introduce families to the idea of service with public lands as a component of their relationship, give families an opportunity to serve, and an opportunity to learn about environmental resource issues. After the service project, families will have more activity opportunities and

lunch. The second day will end in the early afternoon. The cost of participation for the weekend is $65 per family and includes park entrance, camping equipment (including sleeping mats) and all food. The families will be responsible for providing their own bedding - a sleeping bag or comforter, etc. Children must be age six or older. The dates for Lost Dutchman weekends are March 9 -10 and April 13-14, 2013. If you are interested in having your family participate in this incredible opportunity at Lost Dutchman State Park, please e-mail Louis Juers at or by calling the park at (480) 982-4485. Please visit our website at for registration information and dates for campouts at the other Parks. Arizona State Parks is honored to recognize the partners that are making this program possible: Corporation For National and Community Service; AmeriCorps; Arizona Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism; Arizona State Parks Foundation; Lower Gear Backpacking Center; REI; Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park; Friends of Catalina State Park; and the Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Park.

For information about all 27 Arizona State Parks, the Trails and Off-Highway Vehicle Programs and State Historic Preservation Office call (602) 542-4174 or call toll-free (800) 285-3703, visit the website and online camping reservations at, Twitter/Facebook AZStateParks. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting the acting ADA Coordinator, Nicole Armstrong-Best at (602) 542-7152. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation. Vol 2, Issue 1


CAMP NEWS Checkout the daily News updates about the camps...

Rogue Day at San Francisco Summer Camp 2013

Summer Camping at Sfkids

The City of Barrie ... Summer Camps planner

Summer Camp will consist of pure fundamental instruction for the game of lacrosse. Campers will be drilled in shooting, passing, dodging, offensive and defensive techniques, face-offs, goalie school, and speed and agility work.

Take a look at the variety of offerings in San Francisco and around the Bay Area and you’re sure to find the perfect place for your child’s Summer Camp. Many of the Summer camps and enrichment classes provide scholarships and financial assistance so that all children can attend.

The City of Barrie is your ultimate summer experience guide for your Summer Camp giving you with the best information for summer camp while proving you information about the camp, camp activities details, facility map and more.

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:35 63 Vol 2, Issue 1

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:38

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:41

CAMP NEWS Life at Camp Vacamas!

Explore Summer Camps at UWF!

The 2013 Chicago Cubs Summer Camp

Life at the Summer Camp at Cam vacamas goes like this: 7:00 – Wake up - Rise and shine, time for another beautiful day in New Jersey! 7:45 to 8:15 – Round up – This was by far my favourite part of the day, everyone gathers on the ball field first thing in the morning.

University of West Florida (UWF) UWF’s Explore Summer Camps present awesome opportunities for youth (grades kindergarten to 12) to widen horizons and discover new strengths. All of our programs are carefully designed to be engaging and fun.

Schedule is now available and registration is open! Please see the Locations and Dates tab below for schedule details. The Chicago Cubs Summer Camp offers children ages 5-13 -of all abilities -- the ultimate Major League Experience for one-week sessions in convenient locations...

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:44

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:47

USC Summer Programs...

Plan your Summer Camp at Kids Camp Mexico!

Located in the heart of Los Angeles – a global center for the arts, technology and intercontinental trade – the University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities and home to an outstanding...

Plan your Summer Camp 2013 at Kids Camp, Mexico Camps. It has search able categories for summer campers like Academic Camps, Special Needs Camps, Teen Tours Camps, Art Camps and Sports Camps.

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:39

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:30

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:22

Summer Camp at the Brazilian Art Soccer Training... The Brazilian approach to soccer has produced some of the world’s top players. In Brazil, playing soccer well is an art form and the love of the game is almost as important as the game itself.

Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:32 Vol 2, Issue 1


Interviews Riding and Lansdowne, and Port Washington NY. The franchise-owned Port Washington, NY location is now open. A second franchised-owned school is slated to open in Wayne, PA in 2013. Q. What is your Camp philosophy?  A. We believe that learning to play music should be fun; it’s called “play” for a reason! B2R offers a multitude of camps that cover a wide range of interests and skill levels. Kathleen DiSanto is the Site Director of B2R South Riding. Take her previous positions as Sales Coordinator, Teacher Assistant, Music Parent and the best part of each one and that is her awesome job here at B2R; children, parents, and music. There is something different and exciting going on everyday and she is in the middle of it all. Just beauteous!!! Q. How long has your camp been operational?  A. Bach to Rock has been operational since 2007, and our camp program was added Summer 2008. Q. Where are you located? A. To date, there are seven B2R schools currently 2 locations in Maryland - Bethesda and Gaithersburg,  4 in Virginia  - McLean, Herndon, South

65 Vol 2, Issue 1

Q. What activities do you offer? A. Bach to Rock has been operational since 2007, and our camp program was added Summer 2008. Q. What does your camp specialize in? A. Our camps specialize in a unique method of music instruction. We base our method of music instruction on the knowledge that students learn best when they play the music they enjoy most. That’s why we use special arrangements of today’s music to help students become proficient instrumentalists or vocalists as well as seasoned performers. Q. How much staff do you have and how do you recruit staff? A. We have 14 instructors at the SR location but each site has between 8 and 22 instructors at any given time.  We advertise our openings on the B2R website, Craigslist and also advertise on college job pages. Q. Why should parents send their kids to your camp?

A. Learning to play music should be fun. It’s called ‘play’ for a reason.  At Bach to Rock, the real fun begins within the first lesson of music instruction. Q. What are the typical session lengths and approximate pricing for your camps? A. There are full day and half day camp options, check your local site for specific camp availability.  Full day is 9AM to 4PM or 5PM- some schools offer later summer camp sessions.  Our morning half day is 9AM to 1PM and our afternoon half day is 1PM to 5PM. Q. When does your camp enrollment start and finish? A. Camp enrollment/registration is open now and stays open until the sessions are full.  Camp begins the week of June 10 and ends the week of August 26. Q. When is the best time for parents to reach you to register for camp? A. You can register online at, or just give us a call at 877-B2R-8558 (877-227-8558).   Opening times vary by site to site but during the school year all locations are open by noon on weekdays. Q. Is there anything else that would be helpful for parents to know more about your camp? A. We offer an early drop off and late pick up at some of our sites upon request.


Q. Tell me about Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel. A. We are celebrating our 31st summer running incredible programs for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. Trips range from 10 to 40 days with travel in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands and 12 other amazing countries. Q. What types of programs do you offer? A. We offer different types of programs depending on what you want to accomplish this summer: • Our Active Teen Tours combine the excitement of travel with visits to National Parks, exciting cities and the best recreation. Imagine skiing and snowboarding in Whistler Blackcomb, surfing in San Diego, SCUBA diving the Great Barrier Reef or visiting unforgettable cities like Paris, Rome San Francisco and Chicago. • Our Community Service programs offer teens the chance to volunteer with well-established organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Boys & Girls Clubs. These trips feature a great balance of service, adventure and touring! • Our Language Programs will help you improve your Spanish or Mandarin by immersing you in the local culture thus improving your ability to communicate and your confidence speaking. We offer programs with and without classes. • Our Pre-College Enrichment programs offer the perfect balance of study, immersion and activity highlights in Barcelona or Florence. You’ll study at an internationally renowned school while living in the heart of a major city. You can choose from incredible electives ranging from digital photography to sports marketing or SAT Prep with the Princeton Review while at the same time enjoying weekend excursions throughout Spain and Italy.

Q. What is your philosophy? A. 30 years ago, we began with a simple philosophy of “Each & Every” – a determination to balance exceptional individual attention within a positive group experience. It is not simply a trip but an experience. We understand something far more important than where to go and what to see and that is YOU. We use our 30 years of experience to make sure that every day of every program is socially comfortable and truly fun-filled for every single participant.

What travelers love so much about our programs is the opportunity to make new friends Q. What makes Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel unique? A. Collectively, our full-time team has traveled to over 100 countries. We have a combined 268 summers working in teen travel not to mention another 103 total summers working in camps. This wealth of experience combined with our incredible depth and reserve of resources enables us to maintain the highest quality in student travel. We’ve put a smile on the faces of over 24,000 students who’ve chosen to spend their summers with us. But don’t just take our word for this being your best summer ever; we encourage you to reach out to our alumni to hear about their unforgettable experiences. Q. What is the best way for parents to enroll? A. You can visit our website at to complete our online registration or if you prefer, you can download the application for enrollment and mail it to our New York office. To speak with one of our directors, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.767.0227 or e-mail us at We look forward a wonderful summer experience with your family.

• Lastly, our Global Adventures provide a more intimate dynamic and allow for more challenging adventures in Western Canada and New Zealand or for more spontaneity and flexibility on our Backpacking programs throughout Europe. Vol 2, Issue 1


Interviews Summer Theater Camp of Montclair Q. How long has your camp been operational? A. That’s a great question, Jeff, and one that parents really need to ask of any camp or summer program they are considering for their teen, tween or little one, because, while a camp’s longevity is not the only determining factor of its quality, it is one of the important factors.   So, having said that, our camp, The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair, New Jersey, is now in its 23rd year, although it seems like only yesterday that we began our summer acting camps and programs. Q. What is the key to your longevity? A. I would have to say, that our unwavering committment to providing a transformational acting camp experience is the key to our longevity. Like all excellent camp programs, we sustain throughout the years because we are committed to our goal of creating a safe, dynamic and fun learning environment in which camp participants are able to find the best in themselves through meeting exciting challenges. We’ve been most fortunate to

67 Vol 2, Issue 1

witness and foster the growth of many young actors, who begin as very little sprites and go through their training process with us to become, really, quite experienced and confident performers who are kind and creative and smart and dedicated--great qualities in an any actor and qualities our staff seeks to support. More than gaining considerable acting prowess, which they do, it seems to me that the young people who come to our summer camp or fall and spring programs are wonderful individuals who love to be around other like-spirited creative individuals. Q. Where are you located? A. Our campsite is located in the spacious Unitarian Church, at 67 Church Street. We wanted to be located in a community that is both beautiful and strongly supportive of the arts, so in 1995, we made Montclair, New Jersey our permanent home and for many years now are in residence at The Unitarian Church of Montclair an absolutely gorgeous home for our summer and winter and spring programs... ...and, YES,  we have a large, lovely, proscenium theatre dating back to the late 1800’s, every inch of its wood, from floor to vaulted ceiling, gorgeously restored.  The wood creates a grand and richly resonant, environment.  Of course, it’s air-conditioned, as are the other light-filled rehearsal spaces that we are so very fortunate to be able to do our creative work in.  We often have lunch or snacks in the church’s colorful garden, and because it is in full bloom during the summer, we

certainly do some of our theatrical photo shoots outdoors, as well. Q. Sounds like a great location, Marry Ann! A. It is, Jeff, and I’d like to point out, for those of you listening who may not be familiar with Montclair, New Jersey, Montclair is a town that has a long and distinguished history of being a magnet for actors, singers, dancers and all sorts of performing artists, as well as fine artists, such as painters and sculptors. I also wanted to mention, Jeff, that we’re lucky to be located in Montclair’s lovely and very cool downtown area, amid a diversity of beautiful shops of every variety:  antique, clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, unique bookstores.  There are salons, toy, coffee and  artwork stores for every budget, cinemas featuring both today’s blockbusters and art house independent films.   Church Street Montclair is a great place to dine or grab a quick bite, with  restaurants and eateries to appeal to every palette and pocketbook, many with outdoor tables and umbrellas.   Many parents, if they’re not working, or have a day off, report that they love roaming Church Street because it is so relaxing and fun.  After the camp day, parents often avail themselves of a movie or outdoor concert and dinner with their child.  It’s a great bonding experience!  We’re a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Avis Campbell Gardens and The Montclair Museum and The Montclair Library to name only a very few of the sites.  We couldn’t be better situated.

Q. What is your camp specialize in? A. The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair, New Jersey specializes in acting training of a very high caliber for young people ages 1216, 7-11- and 4-6 years of age. Our Main Stage Sessions culminate in a professionally produced original musical production. Q. What is your camp’s philosophy? A. We believe that acting process creates awareness of our deepest selves and is, therefore, a conduit to compassion and peace. Therefore, we are dedicated to training young people in the art and craft of acting in an environment that is joyful, safe, dynamic, professional and artistic.  We are dedicated to providing a realistic protocol and framework of what both artistic and professional acting is.   We are dedicated to producing original, classical and contemporary acting plays and scenes, in which young, developing actors can explore the art of acting and their creative relationship with it. We are dedicated to providing a training environment that is kind, respectful, dynamic, fun, inspiring and enriching, both professionally and personally.  We are dedicated to making our acting training relevant, meaningful and useful to all the participants who train with us. 

We commit ourselves to provide challenges to all participants of our summer and year round programs, that will grow their courage and confidence for the life challenges they encounter, in college, work and beyond. Q. What activities does your camp offer? A. Well, we are a theatre camp, so it is no surprise that we specialize in acting, singing, dance and movement training, yoga, mime, stage combat, voice and articulation training and, of course, rehearsal for our productions.  Along, with those activities there is also make up and costuming. On the social side, there are theatre games, frisbee contests, dances, pizza and sundae parties and picnics.  And, it goes without saying, our plays and cast parties are major activities. Q. What are the typical lengths of your sessions? A. We offer four week, three week, two week and one week programs, that include both before and after care at no charge which makes our extended day camp a working parents dream.

A. With great care and attention, Jeff. Parents are entrusting us with their children and we have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all participants. I’d be remiss, if I did not mention that most of our key staff, volunteers and supporters have been with us for many years, some, since our camp’s inception and some of our staff of devoted alumni who, after college, return to teach with us. We choose to keep our camp small because we are working with staff who meet our strict standards and criteria, rather than being forced to hire for a large camp.  Every staff member is screened scrupulously and routinely and they, then go through and intensive and rigorous training to meet with our standards of safety and protocol. Needless to say, our staff are hand-picked and some of the best teachers and people a parent would ever want their child to be taught by.

Because we want young people to be placed in the program in which they will enjoy and flourish the most, it’s best for parents to give us a call to ask questions pertinent to their child’s age and level of interest. Q. How do you select your staff? Vol 2, Issue 1


and bringa-friend incentives... these go away with each passing month. We are a small camp, so, as I’ve stressed, don’t miss the boat-the sooner you register the better.


Q. Why should parents send their kids to your camp? A. We’re simply the best, Jeff, in what we do. This is an artistic day camp at a great price with an unbeatable, experience staff in which participants are challenged every day artistically, personally and professionally...and they love it.  We don’t believe a breeding drama queens.  We have a great deal of love and respect for the participants who pass through our theatre and they have told us, year after year, they enjoy being challenged and being treated like 69 Vol 2, Issue 1

intelligent artists who have a lot to contribute to our project and the world at large. We have many testimonials over the years letting us know that many of the young people who participated in our programs were changed profoundly for the better...whether they attended for one years or twelve! Q. Is there anything else a parent should know about your camp? A. Because we want to finish the Registration Process quickly, the earlier you register, the better the price.  There are early bird, sibling

Q.What is the best way for parents to reach you to register for camp? A. Jeff, parents can easily and safely sign up online at our website www. stagekids. us.

However, I highly encourage any parent who is considering our programs to give me a call to ask questions pertinent to their child. I provide as much information as I can to make sure that your teen, tween or little one is placed in the best program for their interest and development.  Needless, to say, there is never, ever any pressure only an honest conversation about your child, your expectations and whether we are the right fit for you.

Best Camp Ever. Visit: for more details Vol 2, Issue 1










MIC ACADE S CAMP Vol 2, Issue 1
















Picking the perfect retreat for your little campers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Help your kids gear up for a great camp experience with our detailed Camp Directory.

School of Rock

1131 Sherman Place, Evanston, IL 60201 Ph: (847) 864-7625

Quillian Center Camps

3663 Westcenter Drive, Houston, TX 77042 Ph: (713) 458-4705

Mr Jimmys White Tiger Martial Arts Summer Camp

1123 Maryland Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Ph: (301) 790-1123 57 73 Vol 2, Issue 1

National Football Academies

2001 Omega Rd, Suite 100, San Ramon, CA 94583 Ph: (866) 735-3267 http://www.

Falcon Sports Camps

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO 80840 Ph: (719) 333-2116

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

320 Iwo Jima Blvd, Harlingen, TX 78550 Ph: (956) 423-6006

Rock-it Science

2110-F Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Ph: (408) 969-1900

Grier Summer for Girls

2522 Grier School Road, Tyrone, PA 16686 Ph: (814)684-3000

Texas Ballet Theater School Junior Intensive

540 Mall Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76116 Ph: (817) 763-0207


956 Rainey Creek R P.O. Box 12, Swan Valley, ID 83449 Ph: (208) 483-4345

Camp For All

Camp River Run

1045 S Ancona Avenue, Suite Eagle, ID 83616 Ph: (208) 286-1078

6301 Rehburg Rd, Burton, TX 77835 Ph: (979) 289-3752

Camp Pinerock

Camp Indian Springs

Bold Earth Teen Adventures

2387 Bloxham Cutoff Rd, Crawfordville, FL 32327 Ph: (850) 926-3361

1400 Pine Drive, Prescott, AZ 86303 Ph: (928)445-8357

2308 Fossil Trace Drive, Golden, CO 80401 Ph: (303) 526-0806

HealthKick Kung Fu Mo-Ranch Summer Camps

2229 FM 1340, Hunt, TX 78024 Ph: (800) 460-4401

1327 N. Larrabee, Chicago, IL 60610 Ph: (773) 879-0063

Hiram House Camp Dickinson Football Camps

291 Campus Drive, Dickinson, ND 58601 Ph: (701) 483-2181

33775 Hiram Trail, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 Ph: (216) 831-5045

Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs 610 South Henderson Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406

Ph: (866) 608-2325

BCRD Summer Youth Program Day Camp

P.O. Box 1013, Ketchum, ID 83340 Ph: (208) 578-2273

YMCA Camp Icaghowan

899 A 115th Street, Amery, WI 54001 Ph: (763) 479-1146

Katherine Michiels School

1335 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Ph: (415) 821-0130

Bricks 4 Kidz

2505 S Brentwood Blvd, St Louis, MO 63144 Ph: (314) 252-2254

NNJ Volleyball Spring Skills Sessions 1575 Linda Way #101, Sparks, NV 89431 Ph: (775) 355-8600

Red River Zoo

4255 23rd Ave, S Fargo, ND 58104 Ph: (701) 277-9240 Vol 2, Issue 1


SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Camp Cedarledge Camp Mitlog

7615 N Platte Purchase Dr Suite 116, Kansas City, MO 64118 Ph: (913) 897-3876

2300 Ball Drive, St Louis, MO 63146 Ph: (314) 592-2300

Coppel Montessori Academy Summer Camp

136 Fitness Court, Coppell, TX 75019 Ph: (972) 462-8311

Country Life Kids Camp Cooper Swim Academy

12200 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230 Ph: (972) 233-4832

Camp Kupugani

6903 W. White Eagle Rd., Leaf River, IL 61047 Ph: (815)713-4110 http://

Penn State Abington Kids Teen College

1600 Woodland Road, Abington, PA 19001 Ph: (215) 881-7400

Farm Life 101 Summer Farm Camp 246 Wright Rd, Kings Mountain, NC 28086 Ph: (704) 734-0809

7003 West Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256 Ph: (330) 723-5532

Astronomy Camp

933 N. Cherry Ave, Tucson, AZ 85721 Ph: (520)621-4079


Montreal, Quebec, British Columbia, Canada Ph: (416) 646-5400

Camp America Day Camp

341 Lower State Road, Chalfont, PA 18914 Ph: (215)822-6313

Tamwood International Camps

3rd. Floor 909 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Ph: (604) 899-4480

Power Brain Training Center

Camp Timberlane for Boys

School Age Child Care Program

PO Box 1188, Woodruff, WI 54568 Ph: (800) 480-1188 75 Vol 2, Issue 1

2136 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85204 Ph: (480) 545-1013 Mesa.html

28850 Harper Avenue, St Clair Shores, MI 48081 Ph: (586) 285-8480

Poulter Colorado Camps

P.O. box 770969, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 Ph: (888) 879-4816

Shenandoah Summer Camp

Tatum Trail, Luray, VA 22835 Ph: (540) 743-6603

Salvation Army of Dearborn Heights 26700 West Warren Ave,, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 Ph: (313) 563-4457

SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Young Naturalists Program 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, MI 48128 Ph: (313) 593-5338

Great Basin Naturalists

16750 Mt Rose Highway, Reno, NV 89511 Ph: (775) 849-4948

AZ Family Campout - Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Camp Anokijig

W5639 Anokijig Lane, Plymouth, WI 53073 Ph: (920) 893-0782

Maybury Riding Stable

20303 Beck Road, Northville, MI 48167 Ph: (248) 347-1088

675 Dead Horse Ranch Rd., Cottonwood, AZ 86326 Ph: (623) 282-2267

Wildwood Ranch

Charis Hills

Camp Aloma

4909 Brophy Rd, Howell, MI 48855 Ph: (800) 969-8090

Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center

2447 W. Jefferson, Jefferson, MO 65101 Ph: (734) 795-6805

TOURAcademy Junior Camps

5000 Sawgrass Village Circle, Suite 32, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Ph: (877) 611-1911

Youth Adventure Program

Dept. of Educational Psychology 4225 - TAMU, College Station Tx , TX 00000 Ph: (979) 845-1802

498 Faulkner Road, Sunset, TX 76270 Ph: (940) 964-2145

P.O. Box 3 , Prescott, AZ 86302 Ph: (928)778-1690

Mountain Camp Woodside

SPI Study Abroad

Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp

Cactus Day Camp

11149 Research Blvd Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759 Ph: (866) 502-7505

10020 North 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021 Ph: (602) 995-8877

Deer Mountain Day Camp

63 Call Hollow Road, Pomona, NY 10970

Ph: (845) 354-2727

302 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028 Ph: (650) 576-2267

16811 E. El Pueblo Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 Ph: (480)836-2267

TEAM Life Skills Basketball Camp 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 94062 Ph: (888) 537-3223 Vol 2, Issue 1



City Of Southlake Parks & Recreation Summer Camp

1400 Main Street, Southlake, TX 76092 Ph: (817) 748-8400

Youth Engineering Adventure Camp

8350 E. Evans Rd Suite B-5, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Ph: (480) 222-2233 http:// scottsdalenephoenix

Camp Cardiac - Washington DC

SDS, Brookings, SD 57007 Ph: (800) 952-0354 http://

George Washington Univ. in Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC 20001 Ph: (312) 659-0246

Camp Magruder

Suttle Lake United Methodist

17450 Old Pacific Hwy Rockaway Beach, OR 9713 Ph: (503) 355-2310

Trackers Earth-Sellwood

5040 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202 Ph: (503) 345-3312

Twin Rocks Friends Camp

18705 Highway 101 N, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136 Ph: (503) 355-2284

Magic Music Kidz B

1833 West Southern, Mesa, AZ 85202 Ph: (480) 461-7577 77

Mad Science of Scottsdale Vol 2, Issue 1

29551 Suttle Lake Road Sisters, OR 97759 Ph: (541) 595-6663

Ascension School Camp and Conference Center

P.O. Box 278 Oregon, OR 97824 Ph: (541) 568-4514

Holt Adoptee Camp

1195 City View St. Eugene, OR 97402 Ph: (541) 687-2202

Camp Edmo

90 Laird Dr, Moraga, CA 94556 Ph: (415) 282-6673

OMSI Science Camps

1945 SE Water Ave. Portland, OR 97214 Ph: (503) 797-4661

Oregon 4-H Center

5390 4-H Road NW Salem, OR 97304 Ph: (503) 371-7920

Desert Palms Horseback Riding Camp 28410 N. 44th St, Cave Creek, AZ 85331 Ph: (480) 239-4896

Camp Fontanelle

9677 County Road 3 Fontanelle, NE 68044 Ph: (402) 459-0686

The Goddard School Chalfont, PA Dodasa Ranch Camp

5059 Carol Lane, Valley Springs, CA 95225 Ph: (209) 772-2700

102 Stewart Lane , Chalfont, PA 18914 Ph: (215) 997-2750 Schools/Chalfont-PA/schools.gspx

SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Big Spring Ranch for Boys at Sanborn Western Camps

2000 Old Stage Road Florissant, CO 80816 Ph: (719)748-3341

Angeles Crest Christian Camp 2501 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 190 Fullerton, CA 92831 Ph: (714)870-9190

Camp Kiowa

8484 S. FM 372 Gainesville, TX 76240 Ph: (940)665-3800

Windells Snowboard, Skate Board, Freeski and BMX C

P.O. Box 628 Welches, OR 97067 Ph: (800)765-7669

Imaginarium Explorer Camp

MindStretch Travel Adventures


Camp Mak-A-Dream

625 C Street Anchorage, AK 99501 Ph: (907) 929-9297

3124 Landrum Road Columbus, NC 28722 Ph: (828) 863-4235

Camp Togowoods

3911 Turnagain Blvd. East, Anchorage, AK 99517 Ph: (907) 248-2250

1108 24th St. W Billings, MT 59102 Ph: (406) 656-1969

Cathy’s Critter Camp

Princeton Princeton, TX 75407 Ph: (972) 562-0583

Camp Honey Creek for Girls EquipGirl

PO Box 2187 Boerne, TX 78006 Ph: (830) 537-6157

Elk Creek Ranch

PO Box 1476 Cody, WY 82414 Ph: (307) 587-3902

P.O. Box 1450 Missoula, MO 59806 Ph: (406) 549-5987

PO Box 140 Hunt, TX 78024 Ph: (830) 238-4630

Seattle University NIKE Swim Camp Camp Easter Seals UCP

901 12th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122 Ph: (800) 645-3226 Seattle-University-Nike-Swim-Camp

Kincaid Adventure Camp

The Salvation Army Camp Arnold

900 Camp Easter Seals UCP New Castle, VA 24127 Ph: (540) 777-7325

245 W 5th Ave., Suite 122 Anchorage, AK 99501S Ph: (907) 343-6397

33712 Webster Rd E Eatonville, WA 98328 Ph: (253) 847-2511 Vol 2, Issue 1


Campnavigator Volume 2 Issue 1 is all things for all players in the camping industry. Whether it's taking a new camp to great heights of business excelle...

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