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Summer Camp The Gift of Friendship

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ummer is right around the corner, and we are all looking forward to a great Summer Camp experience. But when we stop to consider the possibilities, it can get a little confusing. With not much more than a firm budget in mind, the kids telling us what they want to do at camp, and a rapidly closing enrollment period staring us in the face, we shoulder the responsibility of choosing a summer camp that gives the best experience for our child. The CampNavigator Magazine is dedicated to bringing clarity to the Summer Camp decision making process. In this magazine we showcase several high quality summer camps. These camps discuss the value that caring camp counselors and staff bring to the overall camp experience, the importance of social activities at camp, how to create a checklist that helps you determine the best summer camp for your child, and many more important topics. The Team is excited to share these valuable, insightful articles with you, and hope they help you as you navigate your way through the possible destinations for Summer Camp this year. We are excited to launch the first edition of our magazine, and hope you enjoy!

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14. events calender Plan your month ahead

16 20. interviews An Interview with Priest Holmes

Summer Camps The first step to select a summer camp for your child should be to discuss the process as a family. Make sure you and your child are on the same page

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22. phoenix zoo Provides experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world

YMCA camp Check out the Top 5 reasons to Send Your Kid to YMCA Camp

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summer camp directory A Directory of a few Camps that listed with

28. ID tech camps Find your path at STEM summer camps

32. adventure to summer The Ocean Institute gives kids what they love—summer adventures

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Ready for sports camp this summer?

Guide to picking the right camp for the summer

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Summer Programs Help Meet the Needs of High Potential Students


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Camp-In at Seattle Center: Pacific Science Center,Seattle, WA at 5:30 pm, Tel: (206)443-2001



19th Annual Leadership Breakfast at Grand Hyatt Seattle, 721 Pine Street 7:00 a.m. -


Open House for YMCA Camp Chingachgook at YMCA Camp Chingachgook on Lake George at 2:00 pm, Tel: (518)656-9462


Nike Football Training Camp Baltimore, MD McDaniel College at 9am - 2pm

Tel:944-PARK (7275)


Yoga Adventure Camp at Dayspring Conference Center, Parrish, FL at 9:00 am, Tel: (941)776-1018


Coffee Meet and Greet.




7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast and Program


Wilderness First Aid Training (Open to anyone 19 years or older) by Camp Hanover Tel: (804) 779 2811



The Rotary Club of the Moriches’ 75th Anniversary Celebration at Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, NYCamps at 7:30 - 10:00 pm, Tel: (631)878-1070




Aberdeen Recreation Station at 301 Lake Park Crossing, Aberdeen, NC at 6:30-7:30 pm,


Camp Quality USA by Falcon Point Country Club Lunch: 11:30 am, Registration Time: 1:00 pm


RSVP to this event





Oasis Day Camp Northampton Info Session (Smith College Seelye Room 101/106, 7 College Lane)



Events Calender in

Mickey Melton Memorial Golf Tournament by Gilmont Camp & Conference Center at Texas at 1:00 -6:00 pm, Tel: (903)797-6400

Mammoths and Mastodons Titans of the Ice Age by Field Museum Tel: 1-800-63-SPACE


Camp Choconut Open House at 1781 Carmalt Lake Road Friendsville, PA 18818 Tel: 1-570-553-2995

Get events listed for April free of charge. Send details by April 20 to, Tel: (602)328-9600

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Annual Leadership Breakfast Get Camp Fire...Get Leadership! May 22 Venue: Grand Hyatt Seattle, 721 Pine Street Tel: 816-285-2010

Open House for YMCA Camp Chingachgook May 13 Venue: YMCA Camp, Chingachgook on Lake George Tel: 518-656-9462

Yoga Adventure Camp May 20 Venue: Dayspring Conference Center,


Venue: Ocean Avenue, NY Camps Tel: 631-878-1070


Parrish, FL Tel: 941-776-1018

Mammoths and Mastodons Titans of the Ice Age May 26 Venue: Field Museum Tel: 1-800-63-SPACE

16th Venue: Wilderness First Aid Training Tel: 804-779-2811

Camp Choconut Open House May 27 Venue: 1781 Carmalt Lake Road Friendsville, PA 18818 Tel: 1-570-553-2995

Falcon Point Country Club Lunch: 11:30 am, Registration Time: 1:00 pm Vol-1; Issue 1



ARTICLES WOODMONT DAY CAMP are T here ingredients

several key that parents look for when choosing the right summer activities for their children. They want something that is educational, fun and safe for children, and at the same time, reliable and convenient for themselves. The activities and venue can only accomplish so much, but with a great staff, these goals can easily be met. For the staff members at Woodmont Day Camp, this experience is far more than a summer job. It begins in June with several days of extensive trainings and orientations to help the staff prepare for the Woodmont experience. The summer is a rare opportunity for them to experience the beautiful surroundings, while fulfilling their potential as they help kids reach theirs. In order to bring the most to the children, the staff must work together more like a family to provide encouragement and fulfilment. Woodmont Day Camp is a special environment for the children who come, and the staff, who each form new bonds and friendships throughout their time here. Parents need to feel completely comfortable when they send their child off to a camp. The staff at Woodmont take their job very seriously, providing an environment that 16 Vol-1; Issue 1

is safe, healthy and reinforces a positive self-image. All of the counsellors that work in specially areas are experts in their field and look forward to sharing their knowledge and experiences with the campers. The most rewarding experience throughout the camp is allowing kids to grow physically and emotionally. Throughout their time at Woodmont they will hone their natural abilities and experience the benefits of working alongside their peers. The most important thing that the Woodmont staff can bring to children is an enjoyable, exciting summer experience that inspires them to approach their future with confidence and the feeling

of self-worth. 90 percent of Woodmont staff are college level or above and have experience working with children before the start of camp. The staff encourages continuous skill development, positive personal development and work to create an atmosphere of attention and care for each and every individual. As a parent, you can always expect a warm, friendly, family feeling at Woodmont Day Camp. - By. Peter Goldberg

Woodmont Day Camp Staff Dedicates Their Summer to Your Child

A SMARTER SUMMER! a psychologist at The A sUCLA Family Commons, one

of the greatest struggles that many parents ask for guidance with is how to determine the appropriate amount of “screen time” for their children. Today’s average child is watching several hours of television each day. The time that is accounted for in this research does not include the hours spent on the computer, playing video games and not to mention the explosion of the “app” world. With the summer months approaching, parents are increasingly concerned about how to manage their child’s screen time with the influx of free time. While many people are concerned about what their children are being influenced by in their exposure to media, I am concerned with what children are missing out on. Growing up, my parents made the choice to limit the amount of television we watched and instead created an environment in which we kept our minds fresh and alive through play and social activities.

rusty in their skills, academic and social. When school closes in June, the last thing any child, or parent for that matter, wants to think about is school and homework. However, every teacher encourages their students to continue to practice their reading, writing and arithmetic skills so they can back to school and feel competent instead of lost and behind. What most people forget is that practicing social skills over the summer is equally important for a smooth transition back to school in the fall. One of the greatest activities my parents included in our summer life was camp. Whether this was a sleep away camp, day camp or even vacation bible school, we were given the opportunity to keep our social skills fresh and prepped so we could return to school feeling comfortable and less anxious than many of our peer counterparts. As you plan your child’s summer activities this year, keep in mind the importance of social activities. At The UCLA Family Commons we offer a variety of summer camps for different ages that address the developmental needs of boys and girls as they navigate and transition from the early years into adolescence. In all of our activities, whether it’s through Martial Arts, imaginative play or arts and crafts, we consistently provide an avenue for children to obtain skills that are necessary for healthy development and a strong sense of social and emotional competence. - By. Dr. Rebecca Eberlin

The UCLA Family Commons

Research shows that throughout the summer months, children have a tendency to become Vol-1; Issue 1



ome children relish every moment they are away from home, exercising their independence. But for many, homesickness is an issue whether they admit to it or not. I never admitted being homesick as a child, because that didn’t describe what I was feeling. I was just plain lonely, and unable to connect well with people away from home, probably because my family didn’t operate on an emotional level, so I never opened up about how I was feeling.

is ready for t h e physical, social, mental, a n d emotional challenges they need to face, and ask the camp director if he or she truly believes your child will be successful. Ask what kind of training they give their counselors around the issue of boundaries, and what kind of risk management training they receive to prevent problems, and how a balance between challenge and rest. Ask what kind of jokes and stories are told at camp, and how such things are monitored.

But with the help of people I met, going away from home helped me learn how to express my true self and how to let others get emotionally close to me. That’s the real beauty of summer camp for me: seeing kids grow emotionally. The games, the art, and the outdoor skills that children learn are super, yet the essence of the camp experience is maturity that the children gain through comraderies with other campers and counselors who are committed to the same challenging situations they are.

As you know, the location, cost, and length of stay also must be appropriate. Make sure you are comfortable with the spiritual motivation behind a camp, and investigate its conditions, supervision and safety procedures. And especially in this era of headlines and bullet points, you really need to read the camp website and preparatory materials from beginning to end in order to understand all the information.

To find the best camp for your child, and to prepare for the emotional challenges that he or she should find there, research the many choices which are available and take care to ensure that the camp activities are appropriate. If your child isn’t comfortable staying overnight with a friend, or hasn’t spent a few nights away from home before, don’t have him or her start with an extended overnight camp unless you can be allowed to also spend the night if necessary. Think about whether your child 18 Vol-1; Issue 1

Here are some specific things you can do with your child once you’ve chosen your camp: • Discuss with your child in advance what the sleeping arrangements will be like, with whom they will be sleeping; • Discuss what the daily schedule is, and what happens in case someone gets sick or injured. • Discuss homesickness and loneliness, and encourage your child to

share his or her feelings, and to remember that those the feelings are natural, and that they will pass. It can help to pack a photo or stuffed animal for your child to bring to camp. • Have your child make a list of concerns or curiosities about camp, then address any questions. • Show your excitement for what your child is going to learn and experience, and go do an activity together which is similar to something the camp offers. • Tell your child lovingly but briefly that you are allowing (not sending) him or her to go to camp, that “I will miss you, but I have 100% confidence in you” and in the counselors at camp. • When your child calls during camp, don’t get into problems at home, and don’t mention fun activities the child may be missing. Instead, just relate your daily home routine, and then ask what the schedule at camp was that day and will be for the next day. Finally, an important, and often overlooked, aspect to camp is a healthy form of integration after returning home. Campers may be shocked at how they look in the mirror -- usually more vibrant if they’ve spent a lot of time outdoors, especially in a wilderness setting. They may not know what to do with themselves after the many days packedfull of constant scheduled activities and continual learning. And they will probably be extremely tired, both physically and emotionally from the demands of camp.

Have their favorite meal prepared the day after they return home, and plan extra sleep-in time. Then provide an activity on the day after camp that will help them transition from the constant stimulation of camp, to something active but familiar, such as a sport they enjoy. And most important, give them time to tell you and as many people as possible the stories from their camp experience. Storytelling is the ultimate form of integration, and it is key to a health camp experience. Even more, sit down with your children to journal about what it was like coming back from camp, or have them create an art project about it, such as composing a song, writing a poem, or painting a “before and after” picture of themselves. If they want, prominently display any certificates, photos, ribbons, or other memorabilia they received from camp. And above all, tell them how happy you are that you are together again, hug them and say “I love you”.

Chris Chisholm leads every camp week of the summer with his wife Kim, sharing skills and stories of the Naturalist, Tracker, Herbalist, Scout, Hunter, Artisan & Pioneer. Check out for all the details.

West Coast Summer Camps July 1-6, 2012:

Backpacking into Wolf Country

July 8-13, 2012:

Trackers of the Animal Kingdom Adventures to the Pland World

July 22-27, 2012: Survivors Side of the Mountain Herbal House in the Big Woods July 29 - Aug 3:

Secrets of the Ancient Scout Herbal Medicine Family Camp

August 12-17:

Stone Age Artisans Natural Arts & Music Camp

August 19-24:

Epic Fishing Camp Blue Skye Family Farm Camp

Holiday Teen & Family Camps around the US November 20-25, 2012 : Mississippi Delta & Gulf Coast Ecology starting in New Orleans Dec 26-31, 2012 : Winter with the Wolves in the north woods of Wisconsin Feb 17-22, 2013 : Mojave Desert Tracking, Birding, Plants & Survival near Los Angeles Mar 24-29, 2013 : Birds & Buds of Dunes & Canyonlands in Washington & Oregon

An interview with San Antonio Camp Headliner

Priest Holmes “Work before reward”: A motto that has fueled Priest Holmes throughout his life both on and off the field as a NFL running back. 8,172 rushing yards and 86 rushing touchdowns later, Priest has been using his knowledge and success both in life and football to reach out to young football players in his hometown of San Antonio. On July 8th-9th at Lopez Middle School, Holmes will be instructing at a Sports International two-day football camp, where he can show younger athletes that the NFL can

20 Vol-1; Issue 1

be more than just a dream. “Often times, you have to put in the work first in order to experience the reward,” Priest said. “This valuable lesson truly enhanced my life in every capacity and has stayed with me over the years. I apply the “work before reward” concept to many of the things I do each day.” It was this attitude that has led to a great football career for Priest, a three-time Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro Selection, and recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award in 2004 for his ability to exemplify his commitment to sportsmanship and courage. He’s also been recognized as the

Offensive Player of the Year and Running Back of the Year in 2002 to go along with a number of AllTime Chiefs records including touchdowns (83) and rushing yards (6,070). However, none of these awards and recognitions compare to winning the ultimate prize as a member of the 2000 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. “I seem to describe it as if it was a dream (the Super Bowl), but for me it was my dream come true. On the opening kickoff, the ball spun in the air for several seconds, which seemed like an eternity,” Holmes remembers. “I saw thousands and thousands of flashes from cameras going off in the stands. It completely brought


“Often times, you have to put in the work first in order to experience the reward” - Holmes perspective to the opportunity at hand.” Despite the numerous achievements, it wasn’t always easy for Priest, who after a torn Achilles, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Baltimore Ravens. Priest remained unstirred and worked as hard as he could to prove himself in the NFL. “After being passed up (in the draft), it gave me more determination and drive. I knew I had all the proper work ethics and capabilities to get there (the NFL). I had to show perseverance and believe in myself no matter what the critics had to say,” says Holmes. For the past fourteen

years, Priest has been helping out the San Antonio area including hosting camps, bringing sponsorships to the San Antonio area for disadvantaged youth, providing services as a motivational speaker, and event planning. For Priest, this isn’t just another chance to give back to the San Antonio community, but it also gives him a chance to reach to more kids through the Priest Holmes Foundation Scholarships Program. “It will allow more opportunity for people to gain knowledge and have the opportunity to be a recipient. The PHF Scholarship and Standards Program seeks to give students the tools they need to succeed

by offering financial support to students who have shown a commitment towards continuing their education,” Holmes states. Holmes believes that camps offer insight to what the children want to become. “They show you how to overcome some of the biggest challenges and see firsthand overcoming injuries to being that beloved player on the cover of their favorite video game. This is the opportunity for them to see, believe, and be coached by these people.” - By. Casey McDonnell Vol-1; Issue 1


Voted One of the Nation’s Top 5 Zoos for Kids!

455 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008


PhxZoo is a leader in improving people’s lives through interaction with nature, excelling in conservation, education, exhibition and recreation. Provides experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

Visit the Zoo


Hours & Rates




Daily Activities

Area Information


Zoo Map

School/Y outh Group Progra ms

Hold an Event

Special Events Fa mily Progra ms

CampNavigator Voted One of the Nation’s Top 5 Zoos for Kids!

455 North April Galvin 2012 Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008

(602)273-1341 When kids attend Camp Zoo, they experience intimate animal encounters, they take part in a variety of zoo-related activities, and they enjoy being a part of the wildest camp in town! Camp Zoo is an interactive and exciting way for kids to enjoy a behind the scenes educational experience at the Phoenix Zoo. With indoor and outdoor activities, games, and animal experiences, kids are sure to be entertained during each week of Camp Zoo that they attend. The camp is based on weeklong sessions of half-day or full-day options occurring from June 4th to July 27th, and there are two different weeklong themes to choose from for each age level from grades K-8. The feedback on Camp Zoo is always positive because our zookeepers and staff members are seen as friendly role models that help the kids to see the Phoenix Zoo in new and exciting ways. The memories are long lasting and the experience is very unique, and that is why many kids are enrolled for multiple weeks of Camp Zoo each year, and it’s why they continue to enroll in the camp year after year. From the casual animal lover, to the child that has aspirations to study zoology, every kid can find joy and be enthusiastic when in attendance at Camp Zoo at the Phoenix Zoo! - By. Dan Alexander Vol-1; Issue 1


Summer Camp: The Gift of Friendship Overnight summer camp teaches skills in a variety of disciplines - sports, arts, nature and the like. However, the enduring value of summer camp is not the skills that it teaches, but the values and traits of character that it imparts. A camp experience teaches children to work together more cooperatively, resolve conflicts, assume responsibility, and develop self-reliance and self-confidence.

SELECTING A SUMMER CAMP FOR YOUR CHILD The first step should be to discuss the process as a family. Make sure you and your child are on the same page. It’s never a good idea for him/her to find a brochure in the mail before you’ve talked about camp!

Questions to ask yourself and your family: What is on my “must-have” list? (e.g. certain program offerings, minimum session length, …) Will my child “regress” without certain interventions? What type of environment is necessary for my child to make progress in his social/emotional/educational development? Is my child prepared to live in a more independent way? What kind of support does my child need to be successful? What are my goals in sending my child to camp?

Parents of kids and teens with special needs may be reluctant to send their children to sleep-away camp. Yet, these children – specifically those who struggle socially – stand to benefit the most from the right camp experience. More than anything, great camps teach socialization skills. Overnight camp is an environment in which children learn about living, working, and playing together in a supportive community. Many children form their fondest memories and their deepest friendships at camp. Of course, not every camp is equipped to address the specific needs of every child. Finding the right camp is paramount to a successful experience. Here are some suggestions for navigating the process. WWW.YOURWEBSITE.COM

24 Vol-1; Issue 1

How important is it to me what the other campers are like? How similar to my child do they have to be in order for him/her to fit in well?

You’re now ready to do some research. Use the American Camp Association, the Web or resources within your community to identify potential camps. Request and review camp websites and brochures. Next, speak with the camp directors. These are the people who will have ultimate responsibility for your child’s well-being. You should feel comfortable enough to speak candidly with them about your family. Most of all, they should understand your child’s needs and be passionate about changing the lives of young people!

Questions to ask the camp directors: What is the camper to staff ratio? How many staff members and campers live in each bunk? How do you recruit and train the staff? What are your basic requirements for age and related experience? What are the living accommodations? Will there be enough space to accommodate my child’s needs? What can you tell me to confirm that you really understand my child’s special needs? What is the application process? Are you willing to meet me and my family? Tell me about how you got involved with this camp? How will you help prepare my child (and me) for camp before the summer? How will the directors and staff communicate with me while my child is at camp? Is there flexibility in the camp program to accommodate a challenging day or a need that my child has? How much structure and choice are built into daily activities?

The camp experience is an incredible gift to give your child. You’re now well on your way to finding the camp that’s the best fit for your camper! - By. Debbie and Eric Sasson

Debbie and Eric are the directors of Camp Akeela, a co-ed, overnight camp in Vermont. Debbie has a Masters in School Counseling and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology; Eric has a Masters in Education from Harvard University. Within a wellrounded, traditional camp program, Akeela is a small, supportive community that helps campers improve their social skills. Akeela focuses on building a community in which campers feel great about themselves, make friends, try new things and have fun! For more information about Camp Akeela, see or call Debbie and Eric at 866-680-4744. Vol-1; Issue 1


Of Our SURF CAMP Family!

best CAMP



WB Surf Camp


beginner to intermediates. Our safe, industryleading student to instructor ratio is 3:1. Campers will earn community service hours in all of our programs.

Our core program fundamentals are designed specifically for teenagers. We believe a teen that is having the most fun is also learning the most at our camp. Have you ever thought about learning how to Surf? Have you just started surfing and want to improve your skills at an overnight teen adventure camp? Does the coastal marine environment interest you? Come immerse yourself in the warm waters of one of our several locations and learn about marine science and the incredible sport of surfing.

We also offer Specialty Camps in Wrightsville Beach; including our Board Building Camp, SCUBA Certification Camp, and Lifeguard Certification Camp. You may also want to attend our Mountains to Surf two-week adventure camp, where you’ll surf the white water in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the waves of the Carolina Coast.

ince 2001, WB Surf Camp has specialized in action-packed Surf & Adventure Teen Camps! Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of teenagers through the sport of surfing. By combining our safe and proven surf instruction methodology with vital ocean safety and coastal conservation education, we instill a passion and desire to respect and protect our oceans and all they offer.

Our adventures are for teens ages 11-18. Our awesome locations include: Wrightsville Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, California, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Barbados. No experience is required as we cater to beginners but intermediate surfers are welcome as some of our programs are for

At our flagship Wrightsville Beach Camp, we’ll surf every day and learn about wave dynamics and surfing etiquette. There is much more to being a surfer than just riding waves! We also do fun marine science activities like crabbing and clamming in the salt marsh, touring a surfboard factory, and visiting the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.

Our Travel camps are for the adventurous teen who wants to surf, and explore a new part of the country or world. We offer several twoweek travel programs in amazing locations: Barbados, California, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Attend a WB Surf Camp, and have an adventure you will never forget! - By. Barry Jeskewich

For more information on our programs or to get enroll online, please visit: Vol-1; Issue 1


The World’s #1 Computer Camp for Kids & Teens

Choose Your Path? The Video Game Designer

The Filmmaker Video Editing, Movies, Photography

Game Design, Game Development, 3D Game Modding, iPhone® Games

The App Programmer

The Designer

iPhone® Apps, Android™ Apps, C++, Java, Xcode®, Php, Computer Science

Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Animation

The Robotics Engineer

The 3D Animator

Robotics, Engineering, Computer Science

3D Modeling, Autodesk® Maya®, Animation

Find Your Path at

STEM Summer Camps Held at Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and More

Sixteen-year-old Andrew Rosenblum is ahead of the game. He’s making games, in fact – iPhone® games. So far he has 6 apps published in the Apple® store with over 30,000 downloads among them. This adds up to a serious competitive advantage for his college applications, and quite a head start on a possible future career.

Coming of age during the Great Recession has forced students to work harder than ever to distinguish themselves from peers in the competitive college admissions process, and at the same time, set themselves up for future career stability. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA), STEM occupations should grow by an encouraging 17% from 2008 to 2018, far higher than the 9.8% average for other occupations. The investment in technology education is also one that is likely to pay off – STEM workers generally earn 26% more than their non-STEM counterparts. Because iD programs are all projectbased, students are able to put their new skills to immediate and practical use – leading to an impressive list of alumni accomplishments.

His secret? Tech camp. Specifically, iD Tech Camps and iD Programming Academy. And he’s not alone. He’s part of an elite group of alumni from iD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) summer education programs in subjects ranging from game design to programming, robotics engineering, web design, 3D modeling, and digital filmmaking. With 78 programs at top universities across the nation, iD has built up an impressive alumni base, in both size and accomplishments.

Imagination, problem solving, teamwork, project planning, entrepreneurialism, and tech skills. It’s a lot for any single box to hold. No wonder so many students are breaking the mold. Visit or call 1-888709-TECH (8324) to speak to a Program Advisor who can recommend a customized schedule to develop a student’s interests. With programs in 27 states held at over 60 prestigious universities, including Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Emory, Harvard, Northwestern, UCLA, Brown, and more, iD offers something for every student. - By. Ryan Barone Vol-1; Issue 1


Top 5 Reasons to Send Your Kid to YMCA Camp As summer fast approaches, the Y reminds parents that camping is a unique and invaluable experience for children and teens. “Getting a summer break from learning in school doesn’t mean that kids should not spend the summer learning outside the classroom,” says Kim Kiser, Vice President of Camping at the YMCA of Metro Chicago. “At camp, campers learn how to be responsible and resourceful, work in groups, solve problems and make positive choices that will help them grow as individuals – all while having fun.” As a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y works to help children and teens discover develop into their fullest potential by providing opportunities to learn and grow. According to Y camping experts, there are five reasons why kids should experience summer camp:

30 Vol-1; Issue 1

FOR ADVENTURE: Summer camp is all about fun adventures in the outdoors. YMCA camps have a new adventure for every child and teen. FOR NEW EXPERIENCES: Camps is about learning outside of school, exploring and appreciating the outdoors, developing new skills, making friends and showing leadership. FOR PERSONAL GROWTH: While being away from the routine back home, youth have a chance to develop confidence and independence by taking on new responsibilities and challenges. FOR NEW FRIENDSHIPS: Amidst the fun of camp games, songs, swimming, canoeing and talent shows, campers meet new friends. FOR MEMORIES: Summer camp is an unforgettable experience that will give each camper memories (and campfire stories) that will last a lifetime.

As an added benefit to families, Y members receive a $25 discount on overnight camp.

For more information, visit :

Trying something new is Y.

Having fun is Y.

Active kids is Y.

Camp is Y.

• Professionally Trained Staff

• Financial Assistance Available

• ACA Accredited

• Extended Care Available

• Swimming

• Field Trips

• Healthy Kids Focus

• 25 Locations in Chicagoland

Meeting new friends is Y.

Find your neighborhood Y at Vol-1; Issue 1



he Ocean Institute has become nationally known for its hands-on marine science, environmental and ocean education and maritime history programs. More than 115,000 K-12 students and 8,000 teachers annually participate in the Institute’s 61 award-winning, immersion style programs. To learn about ocean facts, sea creatures, oceanography, science, and California history, students voyage onto the ocean, study in labs and live aboard tall ships or in the chaparral, where they can feel and taste the salty sea spray, sort through live specimens, observe migrating whales, collect scientific data and investigate the culture and world around them. On weekends, we open our doors to the public for a sneak peek into how ocean science, history, and literature are used to inspire life-long learners! We welcome you to come explore our world and plan your next visit to the Institute. Students get to learn about environmental facts and ocean issues like oil spills in the ocean and marine ecobalance.

Ocean Institute Brings Adventure to Summer The Ocean Institute gives kids what they love—summer adventures. The fun begins June 25 when Ocean Institute Summer Camps get underway for students ages 5 to 17. More than 1,500 kids attended Summer Camps at the Ocean Institute in 2011. The camps are a great way to have fun, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences and inspire kids to be protective of our oceans and environment. The week-long experiences include: Sea Squirts (ages 5 to 6). Features sea life-themed books, crafts, sandcastle building. Neptune’s Mysteries (ages 6 to 7). Features a Sherlock Holmesworthy experience, including an R/V Explorer cruise. Buccaneer Adventure (ages 7 to 8). Features the world of wooden ships, buried treasure, lost arts of mariners and pirates. Ocean Discovery (ages 8 to 9). Features the world of marine scientists, robotic vehicles and a cruise on the R/V Explorer. Seafarer’s Odyssey (ages 9 to 10). Features the Age Golden Age of Sail. Coastal Explorer (ages 10 to 12). Features science, surf-zones, labs, tide pools, research vessel cruise and more. Ocean Investigator (ages 12 to 14). Features marine-science oriented programs, gathering information understand the ocean environment and R/V Explorer research. Marine Science Careers/Internship Academy (ages 14 to 17). Features programs for career-minded students from intertidal ecology to animal husbandry. An application and letters of recommendation are required for this program.

Single-day camps and multi-day overnight camps are also available for ages 11 to 13 (Island Bound to Catalina). If you are an Ocean Institute member there is membership pricing. There is also special pricing for groups of five or more who register for the same week of camp. For details on Summer Camps visit the Ocean Institute website. - By. Cheryl Pruett Vol-1; Issue 1


ADIDAS TENNIS CAMPS Guide to picking the right camp for the summer

With all the summer sports camps that are offered today, eCamps was established with the camper in mind. Our goal remains to give them the best experience possible so they can grow as an athlete and person. Research into finding the highest quality camps can be difficult. There are many options out there so it is essential for parents to know what to look for whether you are interested in fine-tuning the fundamentals or looking for a competitive training camp. eCamps offers lacrosse, tennis, field hockey, softball and squash instruction at over 200 camp locations nationwide. Since our inception in 2001, over 50,000 athletes have had fun and become better players under our proven core instructional programs. Here is our advice to help you with the decision process:

1. CAMPER TO STAFF RATIO MATTERS There is nothing better than hearing from your child(ren) as they pile into the van after camp, “ MOM, I SCORED A GOAL” or “DAD, I’M SO TIRED, I LEARNED SO MUCH TODAY”. Proper feedback and personalized attention is what each camper deserves from their sports camp experience. That is why eCamps is committed to maintaining a low instructor to camper ratio. For team sports we recommend an 8:1 camper to staff ratio, and for individual sports a 5:1 ratio.

2. INSTRUCTORS Great instructors need organizational skills, positive coaching manners and age-appropriate skill development milestones. eCamps instructors have all excelled in their respective sports and are considered the finest in the country. 100% of our energetic instructors have had collegiate playing experience and many can boast about their professional and national accolades as well. What makes a great coach is not solely their playing experience, but more importantly, their commitment to coaching youth. eCamps’ Directors are all Double Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance and have made a promise to educate life lessons through sport. Take advantage 34 Vol-1; Issue 1

of your summer by sending your child to a sports camp.

3. FACILITIES Top-notch school accommodations and facilities are a pre-requisite for quality camp experience. Good food, easily accessible campus, comfortable beds, good field conditions and fun social interaction are all part of the camp experience. While a sport-specific training camp’s main focus is on skill development and instruction, the overall camp experience is also defined by how the campers feel off the field or court. eCamps chose its 2012 camp locations based on the very high standards of our camper families. We identify premier college campuses, prep schools and recreation facilities based on their commitment to providing us with exceptional facilities - whether it be the newest turf fields, state-of-the-art tennis facilities, or glass-backed international squash courts.

4. HAVING FUN Let’s never forget that these are children and it is summer time! Fun through sports education is the core mission of our company. It is important for campers and their parents to enter the camp

1700 Post Road, Suite D-5 Fairfield, CT 06824 Phone 800.944.7112 Fax 203.254.0259

experience with an open mind to enjoy, smile and gain life lessons along the way. Learning doesn’t end at the sound of a whistle. At camp we plan other activities (usually at night) to get campers away from their particular sport, relax, and provide some social balance to the day. Some of these activities include movie nights, pizza nights, putt-putt, ping-pong and karaoke. Making new friends is a time honored camp tradition and one which we embrace and nurture. As the program of your choice nears, don’t hesitate to check in with your camp program regarding roommate requests, skill/age break-outs, a final staff roster, etc. You may register for any program with openings right up until the start of camp and eCamps is proud to be available 12 hours a day to answer any questions about our programs. Please consider joining us at one of our great camps; Revolution Field Hockey Camps, International Squash Academy, GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps, and adidas Tennis Camps.

“GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp was so much fun! My favorite part besides the lacrosse, was hanging out between sessions! I made so many new friends at camp, and my team won the camp championship! I can’t wait for next year!” “I went to the adidas Tennis Camp last year and had such a great time. When I was there, I met four amazing NCAA players, and ever since they have been a big inspiration for me to keep getting better.”

e m a G r u o Find Y ! r e m m u S s i Th

Here’s how to get in touch with us: Telephone: 1-715-479-8784 Fax: 1-715-479-8784 Email:

Summer Programs

Help Meet the Needs of High Potential Students


ith shrinking budgets and school reform, many parents are finding school districts are unable to fully meet the needs of their academically talented children. To help them reach their full potential and to provide them with the intellectual stimulation that may be lacking in schools, more parents are turning to supplemental programs like the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG). SIG, a not-forprofit organization, provides programs during the summer months designed to meet the abilities and needs of academically gifted and talented students. SIG’s threeweek summer sessions allow students to mature and develop in every element of his or her life, develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships and increase their self-confidence and thinking in divergent ways – all within a safe and secure environment. “SIG’s mission is to help gifted children achieve their fullest potential,” states Barbara Swicord, Ed.D., President and CEO of the Summer Institute for the Gifted. “Our program is best known for providing educational summer programs designed specifically to stimulate the intellect of academically talented students, and has been a leader in gifted education since 1984, but has expanded into programs for educators, parents and online programs to serve the gifted community.” Supplemental programs like SIG help to keep students motivated and engaged in the education process by providing participants with additional stimulation and academic challenges beyond the traditional curriculum. SIG’s residential summer camps are available to students between the ages of 9 and 18 and are offered at ten college campuses across the country: Amherst College, Bryn Mawr College, Dartmouth College, Emory University,

Princeton University, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, Vassar College and Yale University. SIG provides the highest quality academic offerings for gifted students with a unique approach to gifted education focusing upon the intellectual, social and emotional needs of each student. SIG offers the richest course curriculum available to gifted students with more than 80 challenging academic courses. “As a gifted student, it is not always apparent exactly how far [my daughter] can fly in a traditional school setting,” remarks one parent

of a SIG student. “However, SIG definitely raised the bar for her and she soared right over it!”SIG also offers day programs for students between the ages of 4 and 12 at also for a three-week period. These non-residential programs are designed for students in grades one through six and combine a structured academic schedule with daily recreational activities. In addition to academics, both residential and day participants engage in cultural, recreational, creative exercises, entertainment, trips and a host of other activities to foster well-rounded development. - By. Tiffany Betz Vol-1; Issue 1


Ready for sports camp this summer? H

ow do you know which one is right for your child? Beyond the obvious questions of safety and supervision, there are many different opportunities and it can be challenging to find the right one that fits your child’s needs. The first step would be to evaluate your child’s ability and interests. Some sports camps are for the more serious or developing athlete with an eye towards improving his/her already competitive ability in their chosen sport. Other camps are for the beginner to lower level intermediate players who are ready for a good introduction or review of the sport of interest. That first step of evaluating your child’s ability and expectations is critical in selecting the right camp. Plugging in a child who is just showing an interest in a particular sport or just finding their “athletic self” into a camp for the serious, experienced athlete or expecting a more serious player with more developed understanding and ability in a sport to enjoy a fundamentals camp is a recipe for disappointment, wasted development and of course the inevitable loss of money and time when your child is unhappy. Once that first step of evaluation is completed, the next step would be to find the right camp that fits those expectations and other important considerations that must be considered. Additional considerations would include: Location- The perfect camp that is 10 miles out

of your way may not be a good choice. Schedule Needs – Some sports camps only offer half day programs. For the school age camper under 12 a full day is far too much to focus on a specific sport especially if your child is a beginner or intermediate level player. If the camp will also serve as a summer care program for a working family, the half day approach will not be the best choice either. Other schedule and program considerations include the availability of extended care for the working parent and for full day programs, what additional activities are available for the times when the attention span for the sport instruction has worn off. Is the non- sport time enriching and fun? Coaches- For beginner level younger athletes, experienced high school or college students with expertise in the sport will do fine as long as the program is structured and conducted by a reputable organization with experience. For more demanding athletes, a more professional adult or at minimum college age level coaching should be expected. Choosing the right summer experience for your child is important, expensive and challenging. The right approach to understanding your child’s needs, expectations and how it best fits your families’ needs is a best first step to making the right choice.

- By. Chris Murrell Biography Chris Murrell is the founder and director of East Bay Youth Sports and California Adventure Camps. Recognized as a top youth coach in the Bay Area he earned accolades as the 2004 Bay Area Youth Coach of the year. Coach Murrell’s focus in youth sports has always been the development of character, confidence, leadership, teamwork and friendships through sports. 38 Vol-1; Issue 1

SUMMER CAMPS & INTENSIVES Dance, Act, Sing, Play & have FUN doing it!

Serving North Gwinnett County, GA

Call: 678-400-0091 Vol-1; Issue 1




Picking the perfect retreat for your little campers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Help your kids gear up for a great camp experience with our detailed Camp Directory.

ALL STARS Performing Arts Academy

5700 Cumming Hwy, Ste E Buford, GA, 30518, US Ph: (480)833-7388

Camp Quest West

25001 North Bloomfield Road Nevada City, CA, 95959, US Ph: (650)949-3192

Lattof YMCA Day Camp Galaxy Robotics

1581 Le Roy Ave Berkeley Berkeley, CA, 94708, US Ph: (510)843-0150 signups/signup/527

Ocean Academy Surf Camp

33822 Copper Lantern B Dana Point, CA, 92629, US Ph: (949)218-4464

40 Vol-1; Issue 1

60016,Des Plaines,Illinois Des Plaines, IL, 60016, US Ph: (847)296-3376 mmpage/summer-day-camp

Phoenix Theatre Summer Camp 100 E. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ, 85004, US Ph: (602)889-5293

Adventure Theatre at the Atlas 1333 H Street NE Washington, DC, 20002, US Ph: (202)399-7993

Lasting Adventures, Inc

Yosemite, Yosemite National Park, CA, 95389, US Ph: (800)513-8651

NSGT University Prep at Amherst College 220 South Pleasant Street Amherst, MA, 01002, US Ph: (866)303-4744 campus/index.asp

SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Medomak Family Camp Jumonville

887 Jumonville Rd. Hopwood, PA, 15445, US Ph:(800)463-7688

178 Liberty Rd Washington, ME, 04574, US Ph: (207)845-6001

Camp Doodles

PO Box 1235 Mill Valley, CA, 94942, US Ph: (415)388-4386

Kabeyun Safari Club Camp-Fry Family YMCA

PO Box 325 Alton Bay, NH, 03810, US Ph: (603)875-3060

2120 W. 95th Street Naperville, IL, 60564, US Ph: (630)904-9595

Mountain Camp Woodsideq

302 Portola Road Portola Valley, CA, 94028, US Ph: (650)576-2267 http://www.mountaincampwoodside. com/

Camp Stevens

Camp Kinneret Summer Day Camp

1108 Banner Road Julian, CA, 92036, US Ph: (760)765-0028 summer-programs/youth/index. php?utm_source=campnav&utm_ medium=listing&utm

29646 Agoura Rd. Agoura Hills, CA, 91301, US Ph: (818)706-8255

Camp Kehillah at the Osher Marin JCC Modeling Camp

212 East 42nd St. New York, NY, 10017, US Ph: (888)757-5575

200 North San Pedro Road San Rafael, CA, 94901, US Ph: (415)444-8055

New Generation Theatre Antoine Cason Football Camp San Diego State University San Diego, CA, 92101, US Ph: (800)555-0801

9 Crum Creek Road New City, NY, 10956, US Ph: (432)461-4325

Camp Scully

24 Camp Scully Way Wynantskill, NY, 12198, US Ph: (518)453-6613

Ocean Institute

24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive Dana Point, CA, 92629, US Ph: (949)496-2274

First Steps Early Learning Center 273 Middlesex Ave Medford, MA, 02155, US Ph: (781)306-1244

The Nature Place Day Camp

285 Hungry Hollow Road Spring Valley, NY, 10977, US Ph: (845)356-6477

Wolf Camp and the Wolf College 1026 14th St. SW Puyallup, WA, 98371, US Ph: (253)604-4681 Vol-1; Issue 1



White Oak Rd. Elizaville, NY, 12523, US Ph: (914)725-4876

Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts 2001 Alford Park Drive Kenosha, WI, 53140, US Ph: (847)864-1500

Kennolyn Camps Mount Tom Day Camp

48 Mount Tom Road New Rochelle, NY, 10805, US Ph: (914)636-8130

8205 Glen Haven Rd Soquel, CA, 95073, US Ph: (831)479-6714

The Alaska Zoo Adventure Camp Young People Day Camp of Middlesex and Union Count

Rahway River Park Rahway, NJ, 07065, US Ph: (732)737-7136

4731 O’Malley Road, Anchorage Anchorage, AK, 99507, US Ph: (907)341-6432 Info.aspx?EventID=7

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week UC Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center

AEP - Weatherford Hall Corvallis, OR, 97330, US Ph: (800)755-9329

UC Family Vacation Center Santa Barbara, CA, 93106, US Ph: (805)893-5310

8087 Pokorny Rd. NE Saint Paul, OR, 97137, US Ph: (503)678-3071

Music Rhapsodys Summer Music Camps

42 Vol-1; Issue 1

1335 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA, 94110, US Ph: (415)821-0130

Camp Broadway

Camp Broadway LLC 226 West 47th Street, Suite 900 New York, NY, 10036, US Ph: (212)575-2929

YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya

12101 Y Camp Road Suring, WI, 54174, US Ph: (715)276-7116

Stanford Summer Camps

Stanford University Palo Alto, CA, 94301, US Ph: (800)285-3276

YMCA Camp Winona Happy Hoof Camp

1603 Aviation Blvd., Ste 1 Redondo Beach, CA, 90278, US Ph: (310)376-8646

Katherine Michiels School

898 Camp Winona Road De Leon Springs, FL, 32130, US Ph: (386)985-4544

TechPlayzone Summer Camp Florida Austin YMCA

501 N. Central Chicago, IL, 60644, US Ph: (773)287-9120 mmpage/summer-day-camp

13208 Boyette Road Riverview, FL, 33569, US Ph: (813)684-7329 techplay/camp/camp.html

SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Troubadour Theatre Summer Camps

2050 N Wilmot Rd Tucson, AZ, 85712, US Ph:(520)401-4833

Fulcrum Camps

204 Bicknell Ave Santa Monica, CA, 90405, US Ph: (310)452-7992

North Star Camp for Boys Camp Nicolet for Girls

P.O. Box 1359 Eagle River, WI, 54521, US Ph: (715)545-2522

10970 W. Boys Camp Rd Hayward, WI, 54843, US Ph: (715)462-3254

WB Surf Camp

222 Causeway Drive Wrightsville Beach, NC, 28480, US Ph: (910)256-7873

Polaris Summer Dance Intensive 2012 1501 SW Taylor Portland, OR, 97205, US Ph: (503)380-5472 summer-classes/

Swan Lake Christian Camp Prescott Pines Camps - Frontier Village 855 E Schoolhouse Gulch Rd Prescott, AZ, 86303, US Ph: (928)445-5225

45474 288th St Viborg, SD, 57070, US Ph: (605)326-5690

The Academy

2722 Benvenue Ave Berkeley, CA, 94705, US Ph: (510)549-0605 summer.html

Camp Nageela West

Creative Arts Camps

6460 Manhead Rd Randolph, UT, 84064, US Ph: (801)613-1539

812 East Rollins Street Suite 100 Orlando, FL, 32803, US Ph: (407)447-1700

Summer at the Ridge

Columbia Gorge Teen Camps

625 Keasey Ave Lyle, WA, 98635, US Ph: (801)944-4397 http://www.columbiagorgeteencamps. com/

2515 Crossbow Court Reno, NV, 89511, US Ph: (775)852-6222

In a Childs Path Farm

Camp Kostopulos

4180 Emigration Canyon Salt Lake City, UT, 84108, US Ph: (801)582-0700

Wings to Fly

3027 Old Sycamore Rd Mayer, AZ, 86333, US Ph: (602)286-0313

Youth Empowered Action YEA Camp Fireside Retreat Center Corbett, OR, 97019, US Ph: (503)347-0223

Soccer Camps International

Ph: (650)324-9899 http://www.soccercampsinternational. com

312th And Kelso Rd Boring, OR, 97009, US Ph: (503)281-2273

Family Life Child Care Center of Maple Heights 18900 Libby Road Maple Heights, OH, 44137, US Ph: (440)260-6001 Vol-1; Issue 1


SUMMER CAMPS DIRECTORY Iliff Preschool, Kindergarten, School-Age Summer Camp 4140 E Iliff Av Denver, CO, 80222, US Ph: (303)757-3551

SciPreneurs Camp 4 a Cause

4425 N. Granite Reef Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, US Ph: (480)201-6649

Camp Burton Camp Woodbrooke

14282 Butternut Road Burton, OH, 44021, US Ph: (440)834-8984

Rock-N-Water Christian Camps

Camp Gilligan Christian Day Camps

Sl Richland Center, WI, 53581, US Ph: (608)647-8703

6580 State Highway 49 Lotus, CA, 95651, US Ph: (800)738-0555


San Diego Poway, CA, 92064, US Ph: (858)722-5762

3300 North State College Boulevard Fullerton, CA, 92831, US Ph: (714)204-1264

Jr Ranger Day Camp in Cuyahoga Valley National Par

Camp Trico

315 Trico Drive Guntersville, AL, 35976, US Ph: (256)582-2617

Rawhide Ranch

6987 W. Lilac Rd Bonsall, CA, 92003, US Ph: (760)758-0083

Incarnation Camps Pequot and Sherwood 253 Bushy Hill Road Ivoryton, CT, 06442, US Ph: (860)767-0848

3675 Oak Hill Road Peninsula, OH, 44264, US Ph: (330)657-2796

All Star Adventures

Newport Mesa Riding Center

Austin Film and Art Academy

Assay Hill Court Box 6858 Snowmass Village, CO, 81615, US Ph: (970)236-6147

Ekone Ranch Summer Camps 401 Ekone Rd Goldendale, WA, 98620, US Ph: (509)773-4536

905 Arlington Dr. Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, US Ph: (949)244-8615 http://www.newportmesaridingcenter. com

700 Antelope Cove Cedar Park, TX, 78613, US Ph: (512)797-0128

Tall Pines Day Camp

1349 Sykesville Road Williamstown, NJ, 08094, US Ph: (856)262-3900

Camp Chosatonga French Woods Festival A Performing Arts Camp

PO Box 609 Hancock, NY, 13783, US Ph: (845)887-5600

44 Vol-1; Issue 1

2500 Morgan Mill Rd. Brevard, NC, 28712, US Ph: (828)884-6834


6700 E. Walnut Canyon Rd. Anaheim, CA, 92807, US Ph:(714)998-8380

FreeRide Mountain Bike Camp

PO Box 3001 Frisco, CO, 80443, US Ph: (888)350-1544 summer/Summercamp

Camp Kinder Ring

335 Sylvan Lake Rd Hopewell Junction, NY, 12533, US Ph: (845)221-2771

Mad Science of Pima County

2608 N. Stone Ave Tucson, AZ, 85705, US Ph: (520)733-7000

Camp Bon Coeur

1202 Academy Dr. Eunice, LA, 70535, US Ph: (337)233-8437

Wavus Camp For Girls

Urban Adventures

88 Wavus Point Road Jefferson, ME, 04348, US Ph: (207)549-5719

601 Lake Park Drive Lake Mary, FL, 32746, US Ph: (407)739-7542

Camp Kulaqua

Discovery Place Summer Camps

High Springs High Springs, FL, 32643, US Ph: (386)454-1351

301 N. Tryon Street Charlotte, NC, 28202, US Ph: (704)372-6261 education/summer_camps/

Breezy Point Day School Bass Arts Studio Summer Fashion Program 202 Park St Montclair, NJ, 07042, US Ph: (973)509-7588

1126 Bridgetown Pike Doylestown, PA, 18901, US Ph: (215)752-1987

Oceans of Fun

10001 W. Bluemound Rd. Milwaukee, WI, 53226, US Ph: (414)453-5527

Camp Zoo Phantom Lake YMCA Camp

S110W30240 YMCA Camp Rd Mukwonago, WI, 53149, US Ph: (262)363-4386

455 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ, 85008, US Ph: (602)273-1341

Carmel Valley Tennis Camp

20805 Cachagua Rd Carmel Valley, CA, 93924, US Ph: (831)659-2615 http://www.carmelvalleytenniscamp. com

Curious Jane at Berkeley Carroll Le Studio - Summer Camp Cirque and Theater Camp 9500B Jefferson Blvd Culver City, CA, 90232, US Ph: (310)855-4353

Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY, 11215, US Ph: (718)369-6320

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Su mmer Ca mps Vol-1; Issue 1





48 Vol-1; Issue 1












For information about items advertised in this listing for quick reference.







Vensoft Inc






Camp Choconut For Boys






ID Tech Camps & Teen Academies


Ocean Institute Adventure Camps


ADIDAS Tennis Camps


Great Northern Ridding Club


ALL STARS - Performing Arts Academy


Modelling Camp


Young Peoples Day Camps


Rock - N - Water


The Alaska Zoo


Golden State Gymnastics

54 Vol-1; Issue 1

Realizing GOD through Christian Adventures

in His Creation

Summer Camp Adventures Rock-N-Water is a Christian adventure camp located 1 hour east of Sacramento, California. The adventures below are designed to be experienced as one day trips or to be combined as 2-5 day retreats or camps. If you are looking for a Christian retreat, a week long Christian summer camp or an outdoor education camp, Rock-N-Water has developed a location, staff and program to meet your group’s needs. Together, let’s tailor-fit the perfect trip. We can help you select the adventures, dates and program that are ideal for your group.




Adv. Rafting


Rock Climbing

Tea m Building

(800) 738-0555

SHOWCASE Vol-1; Issue 1


CampNavigator - Digital Magazine is all things for all players in the camping industry. Whether it's taking a new camp to great heights of business excelle...

CampNavigator - Digital Magazine is all things for all players in the camping industry. Whether it's taking a new camp to great heights of business excelle...