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Camp Mountain Chai’s




Message from the Director


As we  continue  to  build  off  the  success  we’ve  experienced  over  the  past  six   summers  one  specific  thought  has  steadily  been  in  our  heads,  “what  can  we  do  to   keep  that  camp  feeling  alive  during  the  school  year  when  we’re  away  from  CMC?”   I’m  excited  to  announce  we  now  have  an  answer  to  that  question...   T.O.P.’s  &  CMC  Family  Events!

IN THIS EDITION... Page 1 •Message from the Director •Upcoming CMC Events Page 2 •Welcome New Camp Families •Welcome Chef Emily! Page 3 •Camper Corner Page 4 •Messages From CMC Staff Page 5 •T.O.P.’s (Tikkun Olam Projects) Page 6 •CMC Family Events Page 7 •Happy Birthday To You... Page 8 •News and Reminders •Recap of Reunion 2011

These programs  are  designed  to  do  two  things,  1)  bring  our  camp  community   together  during  the  off-­‐season  and  2)  to  provide  an  opportunity  for  us  to  “give   back”  to  our  community  in  a  fun  and  “campy”  way.     Our  T.O.P.’s  (Tikkun  Olam  Projects)  program  is  designed  not  only  to  grow  and   strengthen  our  CMC  community,  it  will  also  provide  our  campers  and  families  with   the  opportunity  to  engage  in  the  Jewish  value  of  Tikkun  Olam  (Repairing  the   World)  and  give  back  to  our  community!    We’ve  got  an  age  appropriate    program   created  for  each  age  unit  at  camp.    This  is  a  great  way  to  spend  time  with  your   camp  friends  while  also  participating  in  social  action. The  other  programs  are  our  new  CMC  Family  Events.  These  events  are  for  the  

entire family  (mom,  dad,  brothers,  sisters,  dogs,  ect.)  and  camp  community   beginning  this  Spring!    We  want  families  (new  and   returning,  young  and  old)  of  the  CMC  family  to  enjoy  each   others  company,  mingle,  and  have  fun  outside  of  camp.         There  is  something  for  everyone,  so  be  sure  to  check  out   the  exciting  and  fun-­‐filled  activities  for  the  entire  Camp   Mountain  Chai  community! MC... Here’s to C in the land! mp The best ca

Calendar of Upcoming CMC Events • Program  breakdown  is  for  CURRENT  GRADES  not  “going  into”

FEBRUARY 3-5th - 4, 5, 6th GRADE RETREAT up @ CMC 12th - FAMILY EVENT Tu B’Shevat Hike 26th - AMIRIM (7&8th Grade) T.O.P.’s Seacrest Village MARCH 18th - ATID (9&10th  Grade) T.O.P.’s PCI Walk for Water

*All events take place in San Diego and on Sunday’s unless noted.

More detailed  informa.on  can   be  found  on  pages  5  &  6  

APRIL 1st - NETZARIM (5&6th Grade) T.O.P.’s Beach Clean-Up 15th - SHORASHIM (2,3,&  4th  Grade) T.O.P.’s Hand Up Food Pantry 22nd - CAMP WIDE Kickball Game MAY * Saturday Evening Event 12th - FAMILY EVENT Lag B’Omer Havdallah & Campfire

Winter: 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123 • p: (858) 499-1330 • f: (858) 499-1331 • Summer: 42900 Jenks Lake Road, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305 • p: (909) 794-3800 • f: (909) 389-1148

- WELCOME TO CMC! (as of January 10)

Isabela Ascencio Adam  Bernstein Nina  Bernstein David  Bernstein Daniel  Book Ashley  Casden Mihal  Chait Joy  Cheskin Will  Cohen Rachel  Dean Jenna  Derman Haley  Evic MaFhew  Ewing Haley  Fisher Nikka  Frank Max  Glaser Yotam  Glolan Nona  Golan Zoe  Goldstein Dylan  Gruber Madison  Held Erin  Jennings Elsa  Kalal Devyn  Kontur

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We want to send a HUGE WELCOME to all of our NEW CAMPERS (as of  January  10) who will be attending CMC for the first time this upcoming summer. We can’t wait for you to arrive at camp!

Chef Emily’s Corner

Where do CMC campers come from?

e r e h w y r Eve

We’re excited to introduce our NEW CAMP CHEF... Welcome Chef Emily!!!

Hi, my  name  is  Emily  Hartop.    I  am  very  excited  to  be  the  new  Executive  Chef  here  at  Camp  Mountain   Chai.    My  previous  position  was  as  a  culinary  arts  instructor,  so  it  is  great  to  still  be  surrounded  by  so   many  enthusiastic  young  people  here  at  camp.    I  am  excited  to  bring  new  ideas  and  fresh  concepts  to   camp  while  working  with  the  great  team  already  in  place  in  the  camp  kitchen.    I  have  a  passion  for   fresh  foods,  baking,  and  international  cuisines;  I  look  forward  to  incorporating  these  into  our  camp   repertoire.    My  desire  is  to  continually  strive  to  make  camp  food  healthier,  fresher,  and  more  exciting   for  everyone  at  CMC. Camp  is  such  a  beautiful  place  to  call  home  –  I  love  the  fresh  air  and  the  snow!    My  degree  is  in   Entomology,  so  I  am  a  naturalist  at  heart  –  the  "wild"  mountains  felt  like  home  right  away.    It   is  so  satisfying  to  see  our  campers  being  nourished  by  a  hot  meal  and  a  cup  of  cocoa  after   spending  time  in  the  great  outdoors.    I  can't  wait  for  summer  when  the  camp  is  full  of  children   and  I  get  to  share  my  love  of  foods  with  everyone.    I  hope  you  all  had  a  wonderful  new  year,   please  stop  in  and  say  "Hi"  to  me  and  our  wonderful  kitchen  staff  if  you  come  up  to  visit!

- CAMPER CORNER Noah Ruskin, A mirim   2011 How  many  years  have  you  b een  at  CMC?   1   –   This   was   my   first   year. What   was   your   f avorite   m oment/memory   f rom   s ummer   2011?   E MBASSY   –   I T   ROCKED! What   three   words   would   you   u se   to   describe   CMC?  Awesome,   fun,   stay   forever What   excites   you   m ost   about   n ext   s ummer?  S eeing   my   f riends   a nd   p laying   e mbassy   What   do   you   like   m ost   about   Shabbat   at   camp,   and   why?  O n   S habbat   we   a ll   sing   together   have   a   good   t ime   a nd   a fter   S habbat   we   g o   a nd   d o   I sraeli   Dancing!!!   I t   i s   s o   m uch   f un!!!  

Ayden Belsky, Amirim  2011 How  many  summers  have  you  been  at  CMC?    This  next  one  will  be  my  fifth. What  was  your  favorite  moment/memory  from  summer  2011?  I  really  loved  the  whole   Fourth  of  July  party. What  three  words  would  you  use  to  describe  CMC?  Amazing,  remarkable,  exciting What  excites  you  most  about  next  summer?    I  am  just  really  excited  to  finally  go  for  three   weeks  and  see  all  of  my  old  friends  which  I  have  made  over  past  years. What  do  you  like  most  about  Shabbat  at  camp,  and  why?    I  really  love  Israeli  dancing   because  everyone  just  hangs  out  and  gets  to  know  each  other  while  being  outside  in  the   beautiful  environment  that  CMC  offers.   Sadie Schlesinger,  Netzarim  2011 How  many  summers  have  you  been  at  CMC?  I  have  been  going  to  Camp  Mountain  Chai  summer   camp  for  two  years.    2012  will  be  my  third  summer,  plus  I  went  to  Winter  Camp  last  year. What  was  your  favorite  moment/memory  from  Summer  2011? My  favorite  moment  was  when  we  did  a  Lady  Gaga  mix  on  stage  during  Chai’dol. If  you  could  describe  CMC  in  three  words,  what  would  they  be?  Best  Camp  Ever! What  excites  you  most  about  next  summer?  I  look  foward  to  having  lots  of  fun  with  all  of  my  camp   friends. What  do  you  like  most  about  Shabbat  at  camp,  and  why?  I  love  dancing  and  singing  with  all  my   friends  after  Shabbat  dinner. Gal Ben Kiki,  ATID  2011 How  many  summers  have  you  been  at  CMC?  I  have  been  to  Camp  Mountain  Chai  for  3  summers. What  was  your  favorite  moment/memory  from  Summer  2011?  My  most  memorable  memory   was  arriving  at  camp  during  the  2nd  session  and  getting  to  be  with  all  my  friends. What  was  the  best  part  about  last  summer’s  Atid  trip?  The  best  part  about  the  trips  was  seeing   the  amazing  features  on  the  way  such  as  at  the  Zion  Canyon  looking  at  the  magniWicent  height  and   amazingness.   What  excites  you  most  about  next  summer?  Having  my  last  summer  as  a  camper.  I  am  mostly   looking  forward  to  hopefully  becoming  an  SIT. If  you  had  to  describe  CMC  in  three  words,  what  would  they  be?  Amazing,  Home,  Leadership Noah Kalal,  Amirim  2011 How  many  summers  have  you  been  at  CMC?  Three  summers  -­‐  2009,  2010,  and  2011. What  was  your  favorite  moment/memory  from  Summer  2011?  When  I  took  writing  as  an   elective,  the  counselor  made  the  storytelling  process  really  interesting. What  was  your  favorite  evening  program?    One  evening  we  drove  into  the  forest  and  slept  out   under  the  stars! What  excites  you  most  about  next  summer?    I'm  looking  forward  to  the  Maccabiah  games  in   Session  3! What  do  you  like  most  about  Shabbat  at  camp,  and  why?  Chicken  and  challah!  Oh  yeah,  I  loved   their  cooking!  Did  I  mention  how  good  the  food  is?  The  real  thing  I  love  about  Shabbat  at  camp  is   that  we  get  to  sleep  in  late  on  Saturday  morning  and  goof  off  all  day.

Me s s age s f rom CMC St af f Gina DeVivo, Amirim  Counselor  2011 "One  of  my  favorite  memories  of  camp  was  on  a  beautiful  Saturday  morning  during  Shabbat  services.  Just  as   Brandon  began  to  tell  his  story  it  started  to  sprinkle,  then  rain,  then  pour  all  in  a  matter  of  seconds!  Everyone   ducked  and  ran  under  trees  to  try  and  shield  themselves  from  getting  wet.  After  about  5  minutes  of  standing   under  the  canopies,  not  really  being  protected  from  the  elements,  we  all  just  let  go!  I  remember  running  out  into   the  downpour  dancing  with  everyone  around  me;  splashing,  laughing  and  singing  -­‐  everything  was  perfect.  When   we  were  all  finally  soaking  wet  we  ran  back  to  our  cabins,  put  on  some  fresh  "DRY"  clothes,  and  heading  to  the   Mo’adon  to  finish  up  the  service.  I  remember  that  being  the  best  service  of  the  whole  summer.  Thanks  to  the   spontaneous  storm,  there  was  an  electricity  of  excitement  flowing  through  the  air.  We  all  sang  a  little  louder,   smiled  a  little  brighter,  and  had  a  beautiful  Shabbat  morning.   I  can't  wait  to  go  back  to  camp  next  summer!  To  be  reunited  with  all  my  friends,  see  all  my  campers  from  last   summer,  and  be  a  kid  again.  Last  summer  I  was  one  step  ahead  of  the  game  with  my  fanny  pack.  Everyone  made   fun  of  me  till  they  realized  I  was  brilliant.  I  was  packing  first  aid  supplies,  itch  cream,  bug  spray,  chapstick,  and   extra  sunblock.  This  time  around  I  am  bringing  my  SECRET  WEAPON..  "friendship  bracelet  string"  and  LOTS  of  it.  ;)   When  I'm  not  at  camp  I'm  a  pretty  normal  girl.  I  go  to  school,  chill  on  my  computer,  and  hang  out  with  my  friends.  I'm  saving  up  to  go  to   culinary  school:  pastry  division.  One  day  I  will  be  decorating  cake  and  pies  with  awesomeness!

Dave Schneider, (aka,  British  Dave)  Atid  Counselor One  of  the  best  things  I  witnessed  at  CMC  during  the  summer  was  the  transforma[on  of  some  of  the  kids  in   A[d.  They  came  to  camp  without  knowing  what  it  meant  to  be  in  A[d,  and  without  realizing  what   responsibili[es  would  lay  upon  their  shoulders.  The  community  created  at  CMC,  especially  the  bond  created   within  the  A[d  Unit  was  unbelievable.  The  kids  stuck  together  no  ma]er  what  and  friendships  were  created   that  I  know  will  last  a  life[me  for  these  kids.  We  created  memories  together  that  were  so  epic  and  were  so   much  fun  I  know  I'll  remember  them  for  a  very  long  [me,  as  I  hope  they  do  too.  But  the  great  thing  about   camp  is  next  year  there  will  be  more  people  to  create  even  more  memories  with  and  long-­‐las[ng  friendships.   When  I'm  not  at  camp,  I  work  as  a  Stock  Supervisor  at  a  clothing  store  in  jolly  ol'  England!  It's  called  Ted   Baker,  they  have  some  stores  over  in  the  states!  It's  pre]y  cool!  It's  in  the  city  of  Cambridge  (yeah,  the  one   with  the  famous  University)!  I  also  compose  and  play  music  as  a  hobby.  It  keeps  me  mo[vated  and  is  just  a               nice  hobby  to  have  when  [mes  are  slow!   Next  summer  I'm  excited  to  see  a  lot  of  people  come  back  for  another  year  at  CMC!  Some  of  the  kids  coming  into  A[d  were  Shorashim   kids  when  I  first  came  to  work  at  CMC,  so  it  would  be  a  special  summer  for  me  personally!  It's  also  been  a  long  [me  since  I've  heard  the   phrase  "BRITISH  DAVE!!!"  because  I  guess  in  England  I'm  known  as  just  Dave  :)  What  I  want  to  bring  next  year  at  camp  is  gonna  be  more   of  the  same  I've  brought  the  past  4  summers  ...  a  whole  lo]a  BRITISHNESS!!  I  had  fun  on  the  A[d  trips  crea[ng  improvised  songs  for  the   kids  so  that's  gonna  happen  again  for  sure!  They  loved  them!  As  well  as  the  very  special  duck  song!

Itay Silverberg, Ropes  Course  Director From  all  the  amazing  moments  I  have  had  at  CMC  this  summer,  my  best  memory  has  to  be  Maccabiah.   From  the  drama[c  opening  to  the  exci[ng  finish,  those  two  days  were  a  perfect  ending  for  a  great   summer.  During  the  events,  I  watched  campers  from  both  teams  compete  to  the  best  of  their  ability,   working  together  to  become  Maccabiah  champions.  I  really  think  those  two  days  brought  out  the  best  in   both  campers  and  staff  members,  and  showed  how  special  the  CMC  community  really  is. When  not  in  camp,  I  am  studying  for  an  undergraduate  degree  in  Corporate  Finance  and  Accoun[ng  from   Bentley  University  in  Wa]ham,  Massachuse]s. For  next  summer,  I  am  excited  to  bring  my  enthusiasm  and  my  adventurous  nature  for  the  Ropes  Course,  the  Israeli  programs,  and  camp   as  a  whole.  I  hope  to  bring  new  Israel  programs  that  will  con[nue  to  strengthen  the  rela[onship  between  CMC  and  Israel.

We are excited to announce (as of January 10) RETURNING STAFF MEMBERS for 2012 Amanda Snow,  Beth  Caplan-­‐Matlow,  Bob  Carroll,  Brittany  Irshay,  Chris  Carroll,    Cameron  Vaughter,  Cara  Hoffman,  Chanti  Greenwald,   Claire  Morgan,  Dave  Schneider,  David  Kenton,  David  Shyloski,  Debra  Marcus,  Dylan  Lieberman,  Emily  Lassman,  Emily  Naito,  Gina  DeVivo, Hana  Brenner-­‐Katz,  Itay  Silverberg,  Jeff  Brody,  Jon-­‐Henry  Langerman,  Jordan  Tarr,  Josh  Traulsen,  Josh  Minzer,  Lauren  Caplan-­‐Matlow,   Lauren  Finkel,  Marisa  Hoffman,  Matt  Wolpe,  Matt  Dain,  Nicole  Schwartz,  Rachel  Shyloski,  Rebecca  Siegal,  Sarah  Tagger,  Sarah  Kowall, Seth  Biase,  Tommy  Bennett


Tikkun Olam Projects


We have  such  a  fabulous  time  during  the  summer,  that  we  thought  we  would  find  ways  to  spend  time  together  throughout  the  year,   too!    T.O.P.’s,  our  new off-season program,  will  not  only  help  grow  and  strengthen  our  CMC  community,  it  will  provide  all   our  campers  and  families  with  the  opportunity  to  engage  in  the  Jewish  value  of  Tikkun  Olam  (Repairing  the  World)  and  give  back  to   the  San  Diego  community!    We’ve  got  a  program  for  each  age  unit,  so  check  out  what  we’ve  got  planned  for  T.O.P’s  2012!    

Amirim (Grades 7 & 8) Seacrest Village DATE:   TIME:       WHERE:      

Shorashim (Grades 2-4)

Hand Up Food Pantry

Sunday, February  26th,  2012 2:00pm—3:00  pm   Seacrest  Village   211  Saxony  Road,  Encinitas,  CA    92024

Amirim campers   will   come   together   for   an   ajernoon   of     BINGO   BONANZA   with   the     residents   of   Seacrest   Village   Re[rement   Communi[es.     This   is   an   opportunity   for   our   campers  to  give  back   and  help  brighten  the  day   with  some   energy  and  excitement  to  Jewish  seniors.  

Atid (Grades 9 & 10)

PCI Walk for Water (Posi[ve Community  Impact)

DATE:                Sunday,  March  18th,  2012 TIME:                    10:00am—1:00pm   WHERE:            Tecolote  Shores  at  Mission  Bay  Park COST:                  $15/person  before  January  15th,  2012;                    $20/person  ajer  January  15th,  2012    *Cost  is  the  registra>on  fee  for  the  PCI  Walk  For  Water.    All  money  goes  directly  to  PCI. Join  us  for  a  great  morning  together  helping  out  a  great  cause.     A[d  campers  and  their   families  are  invited  to  par[cipate  in  a   5k   walk   to   help   raise   awareness   of   the   global   shortage   of   access  to  clean  water.

Jewish Family Services DATE: Sunday,  April  15th,  2012 TIME: 1:00pm—4:00pm WHERE: Murphy  Canyon  Chapel 3200  Santo  Road San  Diego,  CA  92124 Shorashim   campers  and   their   parents   are   invited   to   join   us   as   we   help   distribute   food   to   military   families   in   need,   interact   with   the   families,   play   sports  and  make  crajs  with  the  kids. We   are   incredibly   excited   about   this   opportunity   to   give   back   to   local   military   families  that   give  so  much   for   our  community  and  our  country.    

Netzarim (Grades 5 & 6) Beach Clean-Up

Netzarim campers  and  their  parents  are  invited  to   join  us  as  we  gather  together  to  beau[fy  one  of     San  Diego’s  amazing  beaches.    Thousands  of  pounds  

DATE:          Sunday,  April  1st,  2012 TIME:          2:00pm—4:00pm WHERE:      Loca[on  TBD

of trash  are  le[  on  our  beau\ful  beaches  each  year.     Help  us  take  care  of  our  amazing  coastline  so  that  we   all  can  enjoy  the  beauty  of  San  Diego’s  beaches.

CMC Events In addition  to  our  exciting  new  T.O.P.’s  programs,  we  have  planned  THREE  AWESOME  PROGRAMS   for  the  whole  family  and  camp  community  happening  this  Spring!    We  have  something  for  everyone,  so   check  out  the  exciting  and  fun-­‐filled  activities  for  our  entire  Camp  Mountain  Chai  community.

Tu B’Shevat Family Hike - Sunday, February  12th Join  us  for  a  short  Tu  B’Shevat  program  and  beautiful  family-­‐oriented  hike  in  scenic   Mission  Trails  Park.  Come  meet  other  CMC  families  and  enjoy  the  amazing  outdoors. DATE:          Sunday,  February  12th,  2012 TIME:            2:00pm  -­‐  4:30pm   WHERE:    Mission  Trails  Regional  Park                                1  Father  Junipero  Sierra  Trail

Campwide Kickball Game - Sunday, April  22nd Join  the  CMC  community  for  an  exci[ng  ajernoon  of  kickball!    We  will  run  two   consecu[ve  games,  one  for  our  lower  division  campers  and  one  for  our  upper   division  campers.    Come  to  play  or  to  cheer  on  your  friends  and  family! DATE:          Sunday,  April  22nd,  2012 TIME:            2:00pm  -­‐  4:30pm   WHERE:    La  Jolla  JCC

Lag B’Omer Family Havdalah and Campfire - Saturday, May  12th Join  us  for  Havdalah  and  a  campfire  on  the  beach  to  celebrate  Lag  B’Omer.                       We  will  have  a  campfire  with  all  the  fixin’s  (and  yes,  that  does  mean  S’mores!).   DATE:          Saturday,  May  12th,  2012 TIME:            7:00pm  *Shabbat  ends  at  8pm WHERE:    La  Jolla  shores

We will be sending out more information regarding our T.O.P.’s and FAMILY EVENTS throughout the Spring. If you have any questions or would like more information about these programs, please contact the office at 858-499-1330 or via e-mail at Additional information is available on our website at


event IS EASY and FREE!

YOU CAN... 1. Call us  at  the  CMC  office  (858.499.1330)  and  let  us  know  how  many  people  will  be  joining  us. (or  you  can) 2. Visit  our  website,  click  on  “Off-­‐Season  Programs,”  choose  the  event  you  wish  to  sign  up  for,  and  register  online.

HAP PY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! JANUARY Aaron Knopman   Adam  Bilmes   Alan  Umansky Alexandra  Valdez   Alexis  Howard Alexis  Sachs   Ben  Grossman-­‐Thompson   Benjamin  Harvey   Brandon  Victor   Claire  Wengrod   Eli  Tagger   Elizabeth  Gardner Ethan  Stern-­‐Ellis   Ethan  Subel   Ethan  Weissman   Gabriel  Rich   Gal  Nachshony  (staff) Hana  Brenner-­‐Katz  (staff) Hannah  Friedman   Isaac  Morganstein   Isabel  Nerenberg   Jacob  Gordon   Jacqueline  Domi   Jared  Greenstein  

Jerre] Keller   Joshua  Glassman   Leah  Buchsbaum   Lily  Selznick   Macey  Walker   Ma]  Wolpe  (staff) Ma]hew  Dain  (staff) Max  Kelton   Maya  Schuster   Natalie  Halpern   Noah  Lerner Noah  Myers Olivia  Downey Raz  Bar Ridley  Mustain   Sam  Clark Samantha  Tabak   Sarah  Blank  (staff) Shiraz  Rokach   Souleyman  Bangoura   Spencer  Pilarski

FEBRUARY Abby Bilmes Akira Hidaka-Gordon Allison Schneider Ari Goodman (STAFF) Benjamin Kahn Brandon Berson Brianna Herrmann Bryan Abrams Chloe Ratner Eden Ratner Ella Ancheta, Emily Barnhart-Ross Ethan Brumer Matthew Blumberg Gavriel Schnee Matthew Kopelowitz Jaclyn Korfin Melissa Browne Jacob Hough Rachel Greenstein Jordan Hankin Rayn Cooper Katherine Nizen Rebekkah Lasky Kianna Pitegoff Sam Peters Luke Johns Shayne Fredricks Mallory Hulsey Matthew Bennin


MARCH Abigail Cook Adam Fischer (STAFF) Alex Maloney Alexandra McCain Amanda Levy Arielle Katz Beatriz de Oliveira Beth Caplan-Matlow (STAFF) Brendan Anapoell Celia Glezer Cole Berson Danielle Gordon Danyela Swidler Elena Ecelbarger Eli Remba Evan Greenberger Grace Goldman Gracie Glaser Hadar Ben-Shimon Ilana Levy Isabel Katz Jacob Fine Jonas Jacobs Jonas Klipstein Jonathan Wizman Jordan Gussman Jordan Laser Jordan Taran Julia Derman Julia Tierney Juliann Weissman

Kevin Kuehler Korina Day Lauren Caplan-Matlow (STAFF) Lauren Wheeler Lindsay Benedek Luca Shahar Marisa Hoffman Marissa-Skye Goldwater Marni Kelton Max Salinger Maya Levy Megan Burland Michael Ramirez Michaela Langer Michella Day Nathan Schwedock Noah Borin Rachel Schwartz Ryan Pitesky Ryan Weissman Sage Michaels Samuel Laser Sara Lathrop Seth Biase (STAFF) Shaina Shemirani Sol Ramirez Steve Gerard (STAFF) Tommy Slesinger Tristin Greenstein Yoel Ferdman

CMC NEWS & INFORMATION • Have you  made  an  appointment  for  your  child  to  see  your  family  physician  for  your  child’s  CAMP  PHYSICAL?  Please  make   your  appointment  as  soon  as  possible.    The  Health  Form  you  will  need  is  located  on  your  website  for  you  to  download   when  needed.     • Early  Registra\on  was  a  huge  success!    We  have  over  325  campers  registered  already  for  camp  this  summer,  more  than  we   have  ever  had  at  this  point  of  the  year.    We  already  have  wai\ng  lists  for  certain  cabins/age  groups  while  others  are  filling   up  fast.    If  you  haven’t  registered  your  child  yet  please  contact  us  to  inquire  about  session/bunk  availability.    

CAMP MOUNTAIN CHAI and FACEBOOK Photos, videos, stories... CMC’s Facebook page is a hot destination for all our camp families! “Like Us” on Facebook! This is  a  great  way  for  you  and  your  family  to  keep  up  with  everything  that’s  going  on  at   CMC,  not  just  during  the  summer  but  all  year!    Camp  doesn’t  end  when  the  summer   ends,  it’s  just  different!  Just  look  at  how  many  ac[vi[es  and  events  we  have  scheduled!

2011 CAMP REUNION WAS AMAZING! Along with   the   sounds   of   go-­‐karts   whizzing   and   music   pumping,   excitement   was   in   the   air   at   K1   Speed   on  Sunday,  December   18th  as  over   230   CMC   campers  and   staff   gathered   for   our   annual   Winter   Camp  Reunion.     Friends  traveled   from  near  and  far   to  reunite  and  reminisce   about  summer   2011  -­‐   and   we  can   certainly   say   that  our   reunion  was   a  HUGE   success!     It  was  an  amazing   a[ernoon,   and  we  were  so  happy   to  see   each  and  every  one  of  our  campers  and  staff   who  joined   us  in  the  fes\vi\es.     We  had  a  chance  to   race   around   the   go-­‐kart   track,   play   some   arcade   games,  catch  up  with  friends,  meet  new  people,  eat   some   snacks,  and   have  a  ton  of   fun!  Of   course,   we   also   unveiled   the   2011   Chai’Lights   video   made   especially  by   our   one  and   only  video   specialist   Jeff   Brody.    Thanks  Jeff!   Thank   you   to   everyone   who   helped   make   the   day   such  a  success.     We  had  a  fantas\c  day,  and  now  we   are   even   more  excited   than   ever   to   see  you   all   in   just  a  few  short  months  at  CMC  2012!

Winter: 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123 • p: (858) 499-1330 • f: (858) 499-1331 • Summer: 42900 Jenks Lake Road, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305 • p: (909) 794-3800 • f: (909) 389-1148

The Scoop - Winter 2012  

CMC Quarterly Newsletter "The Scoop" Winter 2012 Edition