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Food Packages Our policy, based on many years of experience, is that food packages are not permitted to be brought to camp on arrival day or to be sent to camp in packages. The Reason: Ownership of food in the bunk only causes problems (animals, bugs, dietary restrictions, Kosher certification, taking without permission, feeling left out). And gum on the gym floor or on the bottom of one’s sneakers is yuckee. How will my child eat? We provide delicious meals with ample substitutes distributed by our Camp Mothers. Juice or ices are given out every afternoon. Canteen (dairy) is available daily and The Grill (meat) is available evenings for Seniors and occasionally for Juniors. Snacks are given to Juniors before bedtime by the Camp Mothers. Therefore, no food packages are permitted. Packages with contents other than foodstuffs are okay, but consider sending shareable things. All packages are given to the camper's Group Leader and opened by the camper in the presence of their Group Leader. ANY FOOD PACKAGES SENT TO A CAMPER WILL BE RETURNED TO THE SENDER. Please notify other relatives (grandmas who bake) of this policy. If your child has a particular dietary need, please send a note to the office and we will have the Food Service Director or Camp Mother get in touch with you before camp to discuss how we can handle it. Food packages are also not permitted to come to camp with your camper on the first day. Any food brought on the first day will be collected and returned by UPS. We implement this policy as the campers unpack, so please start your child out properly by abiding by camp rules and regulations. This helps to set an important tone of cooperation between the parents and the camp and this indicates to campers that we are all working together. Thanks,


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