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POLICY CONCERNING DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO TO ALL CAMPERS, CAMPER WAITERS & WAITRESSES, AND THEIR PARENTS: We are aware that drug, alcohol and tobacco availability is a problem in the school system at all levels. We intend to do what we can to prevent that problem from arising at camp, and we need your assistance. Please read this letter together with your camper and sign and return the bottom, thus indicating that you have read, understood and accepted the camp policy. We at Camp Monroe feel that the use of or experimentation with drugs, alcohol or tobacco is behavior which is detrimental to the camper and to our camp community. We ask parents to do everything in their power to prevent illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes from being brought to camp. We will deal firmly with the issue should it occur at camp.

ZERO TOLERANCE RULE FOR DRUGS OR ALCOHOL For WAITERS, WAITRESSES & CAMPERS In the event that a camper, waiter or waitress uses illegal drugs or alcohol or has illegal drugs or alcohol in his/her possession, he or she will be sent home as stated in the camper enrollment form. A pro-rated refund of the balance of tuition will be returned except if camper is a Waiter or Waitress for whom there will be no refund.

RULES ON SMOKING: WAITERS, WAITRESSES AND CAMPERS In the event that a camper is found smoking cigarettes: 1.

If it occurs in any building, the camper will be sent home due to the fire danger posed to others.

2. If it is not in a building, the parents will be notified by phone and will be required to come up to camp to discuss the situation with the director. At that time it will be determined, at the discretion of the director, whether the camper is to be sent home. If the camper is allowed to remain, it is understood that if another incident occurs, the parents will be required to take their child home. Camp may impose a sanction on the camper to underscore the seriousness of this rule.

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I have read, and agree to accept, Camp Monroe's 2012 Policy Concerning Use of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarette Smoking. I understand that violation of the policy includes dismissal of the camper from camp. If dismissal occurs for violation of the above policy, I am aware that a pro-rated refund of tuition will be made to parents of a child dismissed from camp except if camper is a Waiter or Waitress.

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