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CAMP MONROE CLOTHING LIST OFFICIAL CAMP MONROE OUTFIT (Purchased directly from camp on Camp Uniform Order Form)

3 Camp Monroe All-Star Shirts (required for out of camp trips) 1 Camp Monroe Baseball Cap (optional) 2 Camp Monroe Micro-mesh Shorts (optional) 1 UV Protective Swim Shirt (optional) 1 Camp Monroe Sweatshirt (optional) 1 Camp Monroe Sweatpants (optional) 1 Camp Monroe Poncho (optional) 1 Camp Monroe Girls Swim Suits

ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT (All optional, send if your child has their own)

Baseball Glove Tennis Racket Hockey Stick Soccer Shoes Fishing Rod Knee & Elbow Pads


16 T-Shirts 12 Shorts 1 Hooded Raincoat or Poncho 5 Sweatpants 3 Sweatshirts 3 Long Sleeve Shirts 6 Pair Jeans 24 Pair Athletic Socks 20 Pairs of Underwear 1 Sweater/Lightweight Jacket/Windbreaker 6 Swim Trunks or Bathing Suits 1 Bath Robe (optional) 4 Pair of Pajamas (1 Flannel) 2-4 Dress Outfits (for Shabbos) 1 Prom Outfit (Bring Visiting Day)

LINEN and BEDDING 3 Pillow Cases (colored or easily identifiable) 10 Bath Towels (thin 10 ounce) 3 Hand Towels 3 Wash Cloths 2 Laundry Bags 1 Pillow (optional) 2 Blankets or Quilt (optional) / No Sleeping Bags 4 Sheets – 2 fitted / 2 flat or 2 quilt covers


2 Duffel Bags or 1 Large Trunk (soft or hard) & 1 Duffel 3 Drawer rolling cart on wheels Water Bottle (insulated) Flashlight & Extra Batteries Self-Addressed Post Cards Pens, Envelopes & Stamps Extra Pair Glasses/Contacts Sunglasses Extra Shoelaces Musical Instrument & Music Camera, Film and Radio Books, Cards, Jacks Bunk Decorations Hair Barrettes, Ribbons, Blow Dryer Belts Nose, Ear Plugs, Swim Goggles Extra Name Tapes Clip on light, clip on fan Extension cord (optional)

TOILET ARTICLES Small kit to hold things Comb and Hairbrush Soap & holder / Shampoo Drinking Cup Toothpaste and Toothbrush Tissues Deodorant Nail Clipper / File Sunscreen

3 Pair Sneakers 1 Pair Sandals 2 Pair Flip Flops 1 Pair Shoes (casual) 1 Pair Hiking boots or Boots with heel for Horseback Riding - mandatory for riding SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. To prevent loss, all articles, even clothes worn to camp, must be CLEARLY marked with FIRST and LAST name. NAME TAPES or PERMANENT /INDELIBLE MARKERS SHOULD BE USED AS FOLLOWS: * In neckband of shirts, tops etc * Inside center waistline for shorts and underwear * On bottom of each sock with permanent marker * On edge of towels & sheets 2. Indelible pens and stamps are acceptable but should be tested in your wash before camp. 3. Write name on items that name can’t be sewn on ie. Trunks and Athletic equipment.