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CAMP MONROE If you have a special request please return BY

FAX as soon as possible!

BUNK PREFERENCE FORM Camp Fax # 845-782-2247

NAME ___________________________________ First

Last (Surname)

First name to call you by if different from full first name

Date of birth ______________________ Year




___________________________ Job at camp

We use a number of criteria to aid us in our decision about where to place staff. We take into account previous experience, age, number of returning and new staff in an area, and the request of parents for counselors with a specific background. We, therefore, would like to know which age/grade of campers you would like to live/work with this summer and why. Instructors should indicate the age group you would prefer to live with. Although it may not be possible to give you your first choice we will certainly take your request and comments into consideration. Please rate the list below with your first, second and third choices. If you have no preference please indicate that also. Return this form to camp as soon as possible.



RATING/COMMENT (1 for 1st choice,

8-10 years old

4th - 5th



11-12 years old

6th - 7th



13-15 years old

8th - 10th



15/16 years old Waiter or Waitresses (


Staff cabin containing only staff



2 for 2nd , 3 for 3rd , blank if no preference)

Optional possibility for Instructors and support staff only

Activity Instructors, Camp Power and Support Staff (Food Service, Housekeeping, Maintenance, etc) may be placed with other staff, doing similar work, in a staff cabin, which does not include campers.

Most of our campers attend a secular public school. Some attend a Jewish Day School. (

) I would prefer to be in a bunk in which most of the campers attend a secular school. (This refers to a school with no religious instruction)


) I would prefer to be in a bunk in which most of the campers attend a Jewish Day School.


) I don’t have a preference and would be happy in either type of bunk.

State any comments or requests here or on the other side or on a separate paper. If you know specific campers and would like to be with them, please list their names and why you would like to be with them. Counselors in the same bunk cannot have the same day off. If you have a friend with whom you might like to have a day off, let us know the name so we don’t place you in the same bunk. Also let us know if there is a reason why you may need to be away from camp other than your 6 days off, since this may affect your job and placement. Comments or requests

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