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TELEPHONE & SUMMER VISITATION POLICIES Camp affords campers a unique opportunity to develop self-confidence and independence in a protected environment. It is our experience that this growth can be set back by an untimely phone call or an unexpected visit. Letters, on the other hand, have a very positive effect due to their permanence and rereadability. Please advise your child that your separation will be bridged by letters, postcards and occasional phone calls and not by visits except on the scheduled Visiting Day. See reverse side for cell phone policy. PHONE CALLS For Full Season and 1st session campers phone calls are permitted beginning July 11. For 2nd Session (August) campers phone calls are permitted beginning August 1. In all fairness to both your child and the other campers we limit your phone calls to one per week. Calls should be a maximum of 5 minutes in duration. We will keep a log of calls received and will only put through calls from parents and only one per week. Please have your child advise friends that we can only put through calls from parents. Friends should write letters. Calling hours are 11:30am to 2:00pm and 5:00pm to 7:30pm daily. Friday evening hours are from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Since these hours include meal times, ask your child if he/she has eaten. There is no calling on Saturday. Certain days, Special Event Days, Trip Days and Color War will cause some modification to the usual time schedule and our switch board operator will advise you. If you have a concern about your child, you may call the office anytime. Our office staff will handle your questions and where appropriate will put you in touch with your child's group leader. VISITING CAMP Please plan to visit only on our scheduled Visiting Day and advise your child(ren) and other relatives that Visiting Day is the only time for visits. If a medical problem or family emergency requires seeing your child, please contact the office first. In such a case, if someone other than a parent must pick up your child, they must have a signed parental note allowing Camp Monroe to release your child into their custody and absolving Camp Monroe of responsibility. G-d willing this will be a safe, healthy funfilled summer with no need for the above!

Even without a phone, at Camp Monroe, We are all Connected

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