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december 2009

THE Totem A Note From the Directors, Bunkie & Lynn Campers, Some fun news for this edition of our newsletter - we’ve added a new section – Camper news – filled with the latest updates on what you guys are up to in the camp “off – season”. We usually fill our newsletters with news of what is going on at camp in the winter months, of what to look forward to, and of important dates to share. We think this section will quickly become a favorite. But there’s a trick to it – it only works if you guys remember to share news with us of what you are up to. You can depend on Mom and Dad to send us the news – or you can take responsibility for yourselves and email us your latest and greatest! ( If you had something exciting happen to you that you’d like to share, or if you were recognized with an award, or if you celebrated your Bar Mitzvah, or…. We’re sure you get what we’re talking about, right? Can’t wait to hear more about what you guys are up to… and we’ll see you all at the Winter Reunions!

Are you a “FAN” of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac? Those of you familiar with Facebook will know what that means... For those that aren’t, “Fan-ing” in Facebook is a way to keep updated with business pages set up on Facebook... Since a majority of our staff and now, more and more of our campers use Facebook to catch up and stay in touch, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac has also created a place for staff, campers, parents and Alumni to keep in touch and continue to foster our MKN community for the other 40 some weeks of the year...If you’d like to join us, please visit our page and “Fan” us...we’ll be adding this as another way to get information about the going’s on at camp...Here is the link you’ll need to find us; (if you’re already on facebook - you can also type Camp Mah-Kee-Nac into the search for friends bar)... Happy “Fan-ing”

Winter : (Until May 30th) 3 New King St., White Plains, NY 10604 • p: (800) 753-9118 • f: (914) 997-6063 Summer: (After May 30th) 6 Hawthorne Rd., Lenox, MA 01240 • p: (800) 753-9118 • f: (413) 637-8245 Website: • Email:

Happy Birthday, Campers! February January 1/1 1/2 1/5 1/6 1/13 1/14 1/15 1/18 1/19 1/20 1/22 1/23 1/26 1/27 1/28 1/30

Matthew Rappaport, Matthew Altman Benjamin Cion, Harris Goldstein, Zachary Posner, Stephen Rhode, Justin Tauber, Jacob Cooper, Joseph Piaker Jeremy Waldinger-White Noah Rosenberg, Jack Bowen Jared Smith Scott Herman Tyler Dooskin Jose Bonetti Charlie Abrams, Andrew Saunders Matthew Davis Scott Bindelglass, Brandon Travin Jacob Rhode David Solo Stephen Tannenbaum Harrison Smart, Mitch Silver Jonathan Frankel

2/1 2/4 2/8 2/8 2/9 2/13 2/14 2/15 2/19 2/20 2/21 2/22 2/23 2/24 2/26 2/28

Alexander Roberts, David Runte Liam Cryan Noah Figman Jesse Halpern, Matthew Wagman Gregory Popper Eric Mintz Luke Zelanka, Alex Karol Scott Rappaport David Altman Sean Brantman, Joseph Faccibene Douglas Popper Robby Fine Lucas Rosenblum Austin Pager Jared Friedberg Max Sall, Brett Davidson

March 3/4 3/6 3/9 3/10 3/11 3/13

Ethan Puritz Todd Goldstein, Roman Reed Jake Kauffman Russel Shapiro Luke Siegel Russell Katz -2-

3/14 3/16 3/17 3/18 3/20 3/22 3/23 3/23 3/24 3/27 3/28 3/29 3/30

George Stain Scott Silver Noah Eskenazi, Alex Sacks Jeremy Goldstein Dylan Eisner Jake Cronin Chad Friedberg, Nate Shames Ernesto Venegas Randy Posner Noah Harrison, Jake Shainberg Zander Levitz Garrett Crames, Clay McCollum Andrew Glat, Luc Mitchell


Camper Reunions

Jack’s Corner

It’s getting to be that time of year again – mark your calendars for the Winter Reunions! Come enjoy the company of your camp friends and remember the great memories of Summer 2009! We have recently sent an evite to all 2009 campers – please go ahead and respond to the email as your RSVP. If you no longer have the email, please give us a buzz at 800-753-9118 to let us know that you will be joining us. (First time campers for 2010 – please note that the Philadelphia and NY area reunions are for campers who were at camp in 2009. Don’t worry, you’ll have your own special party on May 23rd at camp for new campers only! For new campers in Florida, please feel free to join us for bowling as we are guessing you will not be making the trip to Massachusetts in May for the New Camper Luncheon!)

NY Area Reunion

Florida Reunion

Sunday, January 10th 10 am -12 pm AMF White Plains Lanes 47 Tarrytown Rd. White Plains, NY 10607 (914) 948-2677

Saturday, February 13th 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Lucky Strike Lanes, Miami 1691 Michigan Avenue Miami, FL 33139 (305) 532.0307

Philadelphia Area Reunion Monday, January 18th 10am – 12 pm Wynnewood Lanes 2228 Haverford Rd Ardmore, PA 19003 (610) 642-7512

-3 -

Jack and John, our fabulous facilities guys, have been busy this fall renovating the art studio (see photo!). In addition to all the improvements you can see from the outside, they are completely redoing the inside to make it just as inspiring to creative campers as the awesome view of Stockbridge Bowl.   The guys have a few other surprises in store for the summer that we will tell you more about as summer gets closer.   Topping the spring lists are new surfaces on basketball courts, reconditioning the tennis courts (complete with new lines and nets) and a brand new Rec Sports Area on Lower Senior campus.  Jack also asks us to invite any camp families who might be in the area of camp to stop by and see what camp looks like in the snow!   (You can usually find him in or near the woodshop.)

What are staff up to this winter? A common question from campers every winter is what do the staff do when they’re not at camp…Well here’s a small sample… Assistant Director Kevin Lilley recently spent his vacation visiting some staff in Ireland, Scotland and England… spotted on this trip with Kevin were Chris Hyslop (Sweaty) in Glasgow, and Toby Maher, T-Bod, Martin Grant (Martin is also currently building a race car as part of his course load at school – how cool is that?), Sam Allen, Clara Norstrom, Matt Rimmer, Mikey Davis, Chris Kelly, Laura Povah, Vicky McNeil, Tom Ginn and alumni Asa Taulbut in London…Speaking of being overseas…After camp, nanny Elise Kelone and Tribal Head Ben Schein made a trip, not only through the UK like Kevin, they also went through most of Europe and even as far as Egypt…Nicely done! Not to be outdone, Paul Tannahill made a trip to the jungles of Central America making sure to hang from the treetops in Costa Rica…staying a bit closer to camp, Jack Woodhead (LAX) joined Sam Allen, Clara Noerstrom down in Bunkie, Louisiana with Met Descant and Morgan Greenwood…Jack Woodhead (BBall) made his way down to visit some old staff in Mississippi and Florida… And speaking of Bunkie, Louisiana, while Lynn and Bunkie were there visiting at Thanksgiving time, they were able to spend some time with head nurse Marsha Armand, who was glowing with radiant energy as always. Also seen in Bunkie was Ms. Gwen, who spent most of the time preparing and serving great food in the kitchen… Remember our awesome Football Director this summer? Coach Brent worked hard at Earlham College and helped lead the team to it’s first .500+ season since 2000…Good work Coach! Jordan Petrie headed back to school this winter to get his teaching certification and based on all reports is loving it…In fact Jordan just completed his first in-class teaching with first graders… Katie Peduzzi is enjoying some time in NY, helping out in the camp winter office and babysitting the Roy girls. Finally, Axel has been seen in the mountains of Alberta and is biding his time waiting for the Olympics to start in February…now starting at centre ice for Team Canada? Stay tuned to next issue for more on our staff…

We’ve moved to our New office The MKN Winter office has officially moved! We are no longer in White Plains (although we do use the White Plains mailing address for all correspondence). We are now situated in Lynn and Bunkie’s home…being in our home allows us to work some strange hours – if you ever get an email from us in the middle of the night, it is just because we couldn’t sleep and the office is just downstairs! Being in our house also allows us to spend less time on the road commuting and more time with our family. So far, we love it!

-4 -

Camper News Read on to see what your camp buddies have been up to since the summer! Evan Birenbaum (Brave, Summer 2009) was inducted into the National Honor Society – congratulations Evan! Matt Altman (Cherokee, 2010) is collecting glasses for New Eyes for the Needy for his Bar Mitzvah project. He will be sending glasses to those who are less fortunate in Africa and countries near the equator. If anyone has any old prescription glasses or non prescription sunglasses to spare, please send them to us at MKN and we’ll pass them along to Matt. Thanks for your help! Wyatt Rich (Cherokee, 2010) was recently Bar Mitzvahed – the theme of his party was a radio station and DJ’ing – he got his start at WMKN during his summers at camp! Did you know you can listen to the 2009 campcasts at He has also taken his skills to the court and is helping to lead his basketball teams this season! Dean Koman (Seneca, 2010) won the George Bauer Award. The award is given to one male and one female 9th grade Millburn, NJ, athlete who has participated in rec department programs and demonstrates great leadership, sportsmanship and athleticism. What a great honor! Mikey Glassman (Algonquin, 2010) celebrated his Bar Mitzvah this past November – congrats, Mikey! Brian Mackenzie Saunders (Algonquin, 2010) became a Bar Mitzvah on November 14th . The theme for his party was Brian’s Grand Slam Tournament incorporating the tennis into his big day, as he has been playing in several USTA tournaments in Fairfield County. Go, Brian! Ethan Kahn (Navajo, 2010) travelled to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago to attend the first Steeler home game at Heinz Field. During warm-up time, out of all the thousands of fans, Ben Roethlisberger (the Steelers quarterback) picked Ethan to go up to and hand a football. The event was captured on film by the local Pittsburgh paper as well as Sports What fun news to share!

Eli Auerbach (Algonquin, 2010) and Joey Piaker (Algonquin, 2010) both play on the Rodeph Sholom Soccer team and recently won the AIPSL Championship! Good job, boys! Charlie Abrams (Seneca, 2010) has achieved Honors in his first quarter of High School. Measuring in at 5’ 11 1/4” he played in the Varsity Basketball High School fall league and was selected to the Freshman High School basketball team. Go, Charlie! Jackson Klein (Navajo, 2010) was named Captain of his travel ice hockey team for 2009/2010. Great job! Jake Ritterman (Cherokee, 2010) is having his Bar Mitzvah this December. Congrats, Jake. At most other times, you can find him on the tennis court! Adam Tuller (Seneca 2009) is playing soccer for Scarsdale High School where he recently had an assist and the winning goal in beating Gorton HS (Yonkers, NY) 2-1 to clinch their Section I, Conference I league soccer title. In the winter and spring Adam plays for the New Rochelle Warriors Premier team which will be participating in tournaments in New Jersey, Philadelphia and North Carolina. During the Summer, Adam will play for the Westchester Youth Soccer League Select Team in tournaments in New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire. Adam, when do you sleep? Jeremy Goldstein (Cheyenne, 2010) made the Edgemont travel basketball team for the second year in a row and was one of the starting five at the last game; he plays point guard and we hear he is fierce on defense! Go, Jeremy! Jeremy Waldinger-White (Navajo, 2010) made the Simply Sports touring   basketball team in Manhattan and has also found a new interest – ping pong. He’s even had instruction from top players in the United States and Olympic champions. Very cool, Jeremy! Matt Dubin (Cheyenne, 2010) was elected to the Blink Brook Middle School Student Council and was also selected to play at Hooperstown, an all-star basketball league, where he is the the teams’ center.  Great accomplishments, Matt! Jack Bowen (Cherokee, 2010) and James Bowen (Navajo, 2010) are getting into the winter groove by playing lots of basketball and tennis.  They are looking forward to skiing in Vermont and Vail. Have a blast, boys! -5 -

Important 2010 Dates 6 Week Session ................................................................. Saturday, June 26th – Saturday, August 7th 3 Week Session I................................................................ Saturday, June 26th – Saturday, July 17th 3 Week Session II . ............................................................ Sunday, July 18th – Saturday, August 7th Specialty Week ................................................................ Saturday, August 7th – Friday, August 13th Parent and Grandparent Visiting Day ................ Saturday, July 17th Mini Camp............................................................................ Sunday, July 18th – Friday, July 23rd

NY Bowling Reunion.......................................................Sunday, January 10th 10 AM – 12 PM – White Plains Bowl Philadelphia Bowling Reunion.................................Monday, January 18th 10 AM – 12 PM Wynnewood Lanes Florida Bowling Reunion............................................Saturday, February 13th 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Lucky Strike Lanes, Miami


New Camper Luncheon (at Camp).............................Sunday, May 23rd Details to follow



In 2009, we re-energized the Braves program, which is our CIT (Counselor in Training) program with two very brave Braves, Evan Birenbaum and Colby Liemer. The boys re-ignited the Brave program and got the ball rolling for future Braves. Evan and Colby each came to camp for three weeks – they worked as cabin counselors alongside our seasoned staff and were each assigned an activity during the day. If any 2009 Senecas out there who would like to continue this Brave tradition, please let us know. Just ask Evan and Colby what a great experience it was for them.

-6 -

What awesome news, 2010 Senecas – it looks like 100% of the 2009 Algonquins will be joining MKN for Summer 2010. In addition, a few of your buddies who took off a year or two will be joining us again to end their camping career at MKN with a bang. We can’t wait to have you with us this summer as the leaders of camp!!

new for 2010 Rec games area

On the lower senior tennis court area, we are constructing an area for all your favorite recreational games. There will be a couple of whiffle ball fields; an area for rock ball; some badminton courts; “Baggo “pits; mini-soccer field; and a small (but soon to be growing) skate park.

Water trampoline and new racing sailboat for the lake

Bounce around, jump in and get wet- another great reason to come down to the lake this summer will be our new floating water trampoline. Watch out Berkshire Cup! We are also continuing to grow our sailing fleet by adding a new model of racing boat.

Kruger Lodge Theater

Kruger Lodge is getting a high-tech upgrade with new movie theater equipment. A high-def projector and new sound equipment will make in camp movies even better and MTV Night just like being at the Grammy’s.

Music in the dining hall!

No we won’t make you dance like Danbee…but we will have a new sound system for the dining hall to pipe in music for special events!

Mini Camp As many of your know, our one week “trial” camp for new campers has been a great success since we began it three years ago. Once again, it looks that most, if not all, of our mini campers from this past year will be coming to MKN for a full summer experience this coming summer. We are also happy to share that this coming summer’s mini camp is almost all filled up! So if you have younger sons that would like to join us for mini camp or know of any friends planning on joining us, please ask them to get in touch with us very soon to reserve their spot! (July 18th – July 23rd)

-7 -

2009 Totem Yearbook A special thank you and great job to Barry Finder and his crew in the media center for putting together a fabulous 2009 Totem Yearbook. We hope you all enjoyed looking through it and keep it on your bedside table for reference to any important MKN facts that you may have forgotten!

December Totem  

Camp MKN's year-end eNews

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