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TADA March 20 Family Weekend Retreat March 26-28 TADA April 10 Hopdoddy Dinner April date coming soon Spec’s Month of Giving Month of MAY! Flowers for Mother’s Day April/May Summer CAMP May 23 through August 8 Starry Night CAMP Gala August 28

Could it be you? CAMP is looking for some extraordinary volunteers for the summer! If you are at least 15 years old and would like to experience CAMP from a leadership standpoint, please apply.

Have Volunteer Questions? We have answers! CAMP’s Volunteer Service Coordinator, Stephanie Hernandez, is happy to help! Email her at: stephanie.hernandez@campcamp.org.

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Saturday, August 28, 2021 The 13th annual Starry Night CAMP Gala will be virtual in 2021 to allow even more people who love CAMP the opportunity to celebrate together but remain socially distanced depending on their comfort level. This year, CAMP is proud to honor Methodist Healthcare Ministries for their work in our community and at CAMP. Don’t miss out. 1. Hear me. See me. Know me. is the theme for 2021! We will showcase stories of inspiration from our Campers, families, volunteers, and healthcare professionals. Chris Nikic, the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Iron Man, will start the evening off. Then, we will hear a series of impactful stories that will make all of us stop to hear, see, and really know who someone is. 2. No Ticket Fees! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the event will not have a ticket fee! 3. Raffle Tickets are Back! Only 500 tickets are available for $100 each and can be purchased now until they are sold out (or August 29). Three winners will be drawn: 1st Place $5,000 in Visa gift card, 2nd Place $2,500 in Visa gift card, and 3rd Place is a diamond pendent worth $2,500. 4. Get ready to Bid! The Auction will open Friday, August 20 (a week before the Gala). You can continue to bid against your family and friends until the auction closes at 9:00 pm on August 28th, the evening of the Gala. For more information about the Gala or to purchase Raffle tickets, visit


If you have an inspirational story or artwork you would like to share, please check out the guidelines at


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Summer Applications As we shake off winter and welcome spring, CAMP’s summer applications are in full swing! All of CAMP’s staff have summer on their minds as they process applications, begin hiring, and make programming ideas a reality for a fabulous summer of: “Camp CAMP 2021 Summer Music Festival!”

Everyone who comes to Camp CAMP for a session must have a complete application. Keep in mind that only complete applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until spaces are filled. If any required paperwork or information is missing before a session fills, your application may be placed on the wait list. Here are a few helpful steps: Camper - For full details, click here for a printable guide! 1. 2. 3. 4.

Camper Pre-Screening Assessment Online Application Additional Required Forms Payment Option Information

Paid Staff / Volunteer Counselor 1. Online application 2. Background check 3. References

Health Care Volunteer

1. Online application 2. Background check

Whether you are a Camper, Volunteer (counselor/buddy), Paid Staff, or Health Care Volunteer, this summer is one you won’t want to miss! See you around the CAMPfire!

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This summer we can’t wait to let the rhythm move us as we celebrate the Camp CAMP 2021 Summer Music Festival!

Each week of Summer Camp the sights and sounds of a different famous music festival will thrill our senses. Here’s the festival rundown: Woodstock (Woodstock, NY) Session 1 JazzFest (New Orleans, LA) Session 2 Austin City Limits Music Festival (Austin, TX) Session 3 Life is Beautiful Music Festival (Las Vegas, NV) Session 4 Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) Session 5 Coachella Music Festival (Indio, CA) Session 6 Vans Warped Tour (Tampa, FL) Session 7

Get ready to jam with us, because we’re planning for a rockin’ good time this summer at Camp CAMP!


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CAMP is looking for summer staff members to make a difference! All training is provided.

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What is better than a delicious burger? Eating an awesome one at hopdoddy and knowing that 20% of your bill will be donated back to CAMP of course!! Join CAMP at any of the hopdoddy locations in San Antonio, San Marcos, or Austin this April. Be sure to check CAMP social media for the date to be announced soon! Everyone who says they are there for “CAMP” (when checking out) will ensure we are gifted with 20% of your total bill.

Learn more at: bit.ly/CAMPathopdoddy

Show your loved one just how special they are on Mother’s Day when you order flowers! Thanks to RTC Floristry, Inc. you have the opportunity to gift beautiful flowers to that special lady while supporting CAMP too. CAMP will then receive 20% of your total bill.

Learn more at: bit.ly/CAMPflowers

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Tributes are from December 1 through February 28 Ruben Abrego by Debra K. Abrego Collins Allen by Andy and Julie Allen Emily Bolner by Jeff and Kathleen Bolner Brandon Briery by Paula Loring Dion Coleman by Tommisina Coleman Marynell Disman by Lisa Adams Marshall James Elmer by Edward Elmer Vincent Esqueda by George and Mary Esqueda Dee Evans by Rosalyn Velasque Trent Evans by Dorothy Jean Evans by Matt and Dee Evans by Rebecca Goldstein by Nancy and Carl Smith Dr. Marilyn Harrington by Ashley Zoppo Belinda and Nerva Hercule by Claire Jackson Dr. Antoinette Hill by Larry Cohen Jacob Homan by Larry H. Homan Jr. Tameka Hughes by Pam Stephens David Jaeger by Kayla Jaeger

William and Alden Jonas by Nancy Pawel Kathy Howe and John Lilly by Richard and Linda Howe Daria Locha by Larry and Olga Locha Sam LoCurto by Robin Thorner Sydney Malcolm by Daniel Rubio Gregorio Nava by Frances Jimenez Natalie and Ann Navarro by Shelley Watanabe and Sharon Dalrymple Chris Plauche by Ronald and Barbara Stoddard Lillian Plunkett by Cathy Rauschendorfer and Alan Plunkett Matt and Sonnette Powell by Claire Jackson Nathan Powell by Claire Jackson Jake Quiroga by Victor and Lisa Quiroga Victor Quiroga by Juan Cruz Beth Howe and Scott Richardson by Richard and Linda Howe Marc Scherbarth by Gaylene and William Stokes

Mary E. Ross Schmidt by Risë and Daniel Ross Kayla Sultemeier by Holly Urbanek Susan Osborne & the CAMP staff by General (R) Tom and Dr. Toni Hill The Friendswood 2020 - 2021 Lady Mustang Basketball Team by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty The Willoughby Family by Phil and Cindy Pennell Joseph Thomson by Stacie Solis Paul Urban by Sharon Joseph of Joseph Financial Partners Brandy and John Williams by Claire Jackson Sam Willoughby by Mark Humphries Maryann and Mike Wingo by Alison Blass and Nikoli Jess Winslett by Jeri Winslett Jevon Wood by Claire Jackson Madeleine Reichert Zachary by Sally Halff

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Tributes are from December 1 through February 28 Anita Adams by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Alan Albert by Shelley Watanabe and Sharon Dalrymple David Aldrich by Richard W. Aldrich Ruth Jefferies Anderson by Constance Behrman Edward and Mary Rose Blass by Alison Blass Sammie Marie Briery by Brandon Briery Ph.D. by Janet and Allen Brooker by Ronald and Janet Sexton by Curtis and Rebecca Powell Floyd Brown by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty by Frank Descant by George Ernst Mark Haley by Joanne Lawton Meghan Hill by Cordis and Carole Colburn by Rebecca Halstead by General (R) Tom and Dr. Toni Hill by Mike and Barbie Lynch Brian Lamont by Gaylon and Christy Lamont Dr. Robert de Lemos

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by Mark de Lemos by Donald and Kathy Null Norma Korb Lilly by Richard and Linda Howe Tommy L. McMillion by Dr. Linda McMillion Rosalinda Medina by Monica Medina-Naples Monte Moore by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Evelyn Roberts Reed by Tommy and Susan Smith The parents of Sandra and Rick Schell by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Dail Slingsby by Kevin and Denise Moore Zachary Thurmond by Claire Adams by Jeannette Adams by Scott Agnew by Erica Aguayo by Loretta Akers by Mari Alexander by Donna Allan by Maria Alvarado by Xavier Alvarez by Angel Amaral by Dwayne Anderson by Sigi Andujo by Anonymous by Aliana Apodaca by Bertha Apodaca by Eric Apodaca

by Libby Apodaca by Oscar Apodaca by Terry Apodaca by Yvonne Apodaca-Houser by Aida Arce by Patricia Arnett by Carmen ArrietaCandelaria by Virginia Arvidson by Diana Avila by Helen Baker by LeeEllen Banks by Melissa Barba by Michelle Barber by Mikealo Barro by Eddie and Amanda Barron by Soledad Basoco by Rosemary Beecher by Deb Benedict by Elizabeth Thurmond Bengtson by Vijay Bhamidipati by Annie Biondi by Rick and Cathy Bolanos by Virginia Bolanos by Lisa Bombin by Ericka Borbon by Juana Bordas by Erika Borrego by Rebecca Brem by Kristi Browne by Colleen Brunell by Lorri Burnett by Megan, Angie, Robyn, Nangie, Savoie and Melissa

Tributes are from December 1 through February 28 by Sam and Diane Calhoun by Vera Cancellare by Tommy Cano by Cynthia CardonaSanchez by Josefina Carmona by Chet Cannon by Crystal Casas by Estela Casas by Lorena Castaneda by David Castillo by Irene Chavez by Olga Chavez by Andrea Christiansen by Leslie Clifton by Judith Coker by Roger Colunga by Karen Conrad by Ronnie Contreras by Rebecca Cook by Diane Coombe by Elaine Coronado by Robert Cortinas by Andrew and Sarah Coulombe by Jo Cox by Molly Cox by Amber Crocker by Carol Cross by Zahra Cruzan by Grandma Lucille, Aunt Kelly and Katie by Elke Cumming by Chad and Stacey Dasher by Maria Davilia

by Cathy De La Garza by Hope de Lemos by Tracie Decker by Tara DeNuccio by Leticia Diaz Rios by Brianna Dimas by Peggy Ellowitz by Bonnie Escobar by Mae Escobar by Jazmine Espinoza by Tim and Pam Estes by Ann and Myron Falchuk by Wendy Falchuk by Stephanie Farias by Alicia and Thomas Fawcett by Michelle Fenton by Malena Field by Benny and Robyn Fields by Rosana Flores by Melissa Fortuna by Belen Franco by Samantha Franklin by Melissa Cornelius-Freyre by Allyson Frye by Janaya Fulton by Phyllis Gallay by Annette Ganley by Kristina Garcia by Millie Garcia by Jessica Gardea by Kate Garland by John Garrison by Andrea Gates by Nicolas Gatz

by Cathy Gaytan by Lara Gillespie by Rachel Glaser by Amy Gonzalez by Jordan Gonzalez by Paula Gonzalez by Sandy Gonzalez by Leslie Gorman by Vicki Gramley by Lisa Gregory by Keli Griffin by Laurissa Grinnell by Dolores Gross by Natalie Grun by Andrea Guadarrama by Walli Haley by Dana Hall by Steven Hanly by Margaret Harrison by Shannon Hendricks by Cyndi Henry by Kristina Hernandez by Jessica Herrera by Lisa Herrera by Kimberly Hinze by Felicia Hopkins by Tephanie Hopper by Dustin Hosmer by Abby Hughes by Megan Janzen by Jessica Johnson by Lisette Johnson by Tia Kala by Lou Kappas by Nanci Kehoe

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Tributes are from December 1 through February 28 by Jeannine Kennedy by Ellen Klemm by Terra Knirsch by Melinda Knysz by Jennifer Kollenscher by Randy Kovach by Amanda Kozinn by Julie Kozinn by Reed Langdon by Laura Leach by Jenny Lee by Joshua Lent by David Leon by Andrea Lewis by Lisa Little by Laura Glasgow by Crystal Long by Gina Lopez by Kathleen Lopez by Nangie Lowrie by Abby Lubran by Rose Lucero by Gregory Luckey by Shawna Luis by Jennifer Lujan by Lillian Lujan by Elyse Luke by Marisol Macias by Zeferino Macias by Alyssa Madrid by Christy Mair by Blanca Maldonado by Neathery Manucci by Amy Marcus by Dee Margo

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by Stephanie Maric by Rosemary Marin by Ashley Martinez by Elizabeth Martinez by Paco Martinez by Shannon Matthews by David McFarland by Theresa McGahran by Donna McNeil by Tanya McNew by Leila Melendez by Vanessa Melendez by Mandi Mendoza by Christina Meyer by Katie Meyers by Amy Mizcles by Taylor Mobley by Keri Moe by Desiree Monges by Gloria Montoya by Gertraud Moore by Ian Moore by Jeff Moore by Lynn Moore by Margaret Moore by Tara Moorman by Monica Moreno by Teresa Moreno by Craig Nagasawa by Shivaun Nestor by Deborah Nissley by Lorraine Donnell by Sandra Obregon by Stacie Orsagh by Susan Osborne

by Christi Owens by Anita Packen by Esther Parker by Laura Parra by Laurie Paternoster by Aminda Patterson by Lisa Pena by Victoria Perea by Carmen Perez by Carmen Perez by Rosie Perez by Brittany Perkins by Jessica Phillips by Sandra Phillips by Geri Pieper by Sarah Pollard by Pavan Polur by Laura Ponce by Cecilia Porras by Nadia Powell by Andrea Price by Marnie Raelene by Wendy Ramirez by Alicia Ramos by Ericka Rapson by Janice Ratka by Ginger Raya by Liz Redshaw by Cindy Reidinger by Liz Reveles by Valerie Reynolds by Lee Richardson by Elizabeth Rios Carl by Michelle Rivera by Laurel Roberts

Tributes are from December 1 through February 28 by Jeannette Robinson by Siria Rocha by Anita Rockett by Lili Rodriguez by Socorro Rodriguez by Matthew Rogers by Stacey Rosenfeld by Hilary Lucas by Cristina Salas by Frank Salazar by Lauren Salguero by Denise Sample by Amy Sanchez by Judy Sanders by Yolanda Santos by Alex Saraiva by Kali Scheben by Milton Scherotter by Alici Rodriguez by Karen Schwartz by Stuart Schwartz by Deborah Sharp by Meriel Shire by Sonya Shoptaugh

by Chanise Simonson by Neil Sinha by Lizzie Smiley by Marina Smith by Sandi Smith by Stephanie Smith by Elisa Snyder by Stacy Spencer by Amanda Starfield by Adam Stasiniewicz by Carol Stehling by Pam Stephens by Neva Stiller by Emily Striegler by Julie Suarez by Nicole Tajiri by Stefania Thomas by Tuesday Thomas by Dawn Thompson by Deborah Thurman by Briar Thurmon by Neathery Thurmond by Terrie Todd by Cynthia Trejo

by Donna Tuttle by Elizabeth Uhl by Carrie Bruwaene by Gayatri Venkatraman by Sonya Villarreal by Jennifer Vogt by Alicia Ward by Amanda Romine by Angela White by Alicia Whitsett by Mary Williams by Robyn Wilson by Shari Woodell by Celeste Woodring by Linda Woodruff by Patricia Works by Zachary Yokum by Lisa York by Jeffrey Zerda Rhett Urban by Paul and Jaydean Urban

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Helping Support CAMP is being featured as Spec’s charity of the month in every location across Texas throughout the month of May! When you check out with your purchases, you’ll have the option to donate from $1, $2, $5 or more to CAMP. Please help spread the word and support CAMP through this fun and unique opportunity thanks to Spec’s!




Children’s Association for Maximum Potential PO Box 27086 | San Antonio, Texas 78227 (210) 671-5411 | www.campcamp.org

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CAMP Chronicles, Spring 2021  

CAMP Chronicles, Spring 2021