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Fall 2021

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Family Weekend Retreats

Fall Programs

October 1-3 October 29-31 December 10-12

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Respite Camps September 25-26 October 16-17 November 20-21 December 18-19

Teen and Adult Day Adventures (TADA) October 9 November 13 December 4

Events Parent’s Night Out (PNO) November 13 December 4

Other Special Events Big Give: Sept. 23 Shopping Event: TBD in Nov. Giving Tuesday: Nov. 30

Volunteer Work Groups You set the date with us!

Get excited for our school-year programs because CAMP needs Volunteers… …and that means YOU!! There are lots of opportunities to make an impact by helping out at CAMP during the school year. You can be a buddy for a Camper at our TADA or PNO programs in San Antonio or a respite weekend at CAMP – giving a caregiver and a Camper a chance to get away from the daily routine and have some fun! You can spend some time getting to know families at a Family Weekend Retreat while you help them canoe together, paint arts and crafts or lead some Campfire songs! We are excited to open these programs to new and returning volunteers, ages 15+.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

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Spotlight on

Sarah Doski Sarah Doski volunteered during 4 sessions this summer! She said “I volunteer at CAMP because it is truly my happy place. Getting to meet all the Campers and be a special part of their lives brings me so much joy. It is a way to spend my summer that is meaningful and can make such a big difference in someone else’s life. As for during the school year, I often get stressed out and feel overwhelmed, but when I come to CAMP all the outside crazy fades away. I am able to focus on creating beautiful moments and just having a fun time.” Thank you Sarah for your amazing commitment to CAMP!

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We want to thank you for a wonderful summer season at Camp CAMP! Coming back this summer we were able to have six weeks of incredible programs, and although we faced some challenges, we also had some amazing opportunities to innovate. Our Summer Music Festival theme of 2021 had many memorable moments, and we are grateful we got to share and create them with our Campers, whether it was building cardboard forts at Outpost or canoeing on our beautiful piece of the Guadalupe River. Everyone’s spirits were high, and thanks to so many wonderful people, we were able to see 447 Campers this summer! Our gala theme for this year was “See Me, Hear Me, Know Me” and this summer our Volunteers and Staff got a chance to really get to know our Campers – which was such an amazing experience for everyone. Thank you to everyone that was a part of our summer journey, and although we are very excited about our school-year programs, we cannot wait until next summer! There are so many quotes that our Staff, Volunteers, Campers and Caregivers submitted, but here are some favorites, because the effects of CAMP go on long after the summer:

Because of CAMP, I returned home more confident and using my voice more to express myself, and family and friends are understanding me more. I’m socializing more!!!!! - Anonymous Camper

Because of CAMP, I read a book, slept by the pool, connected with my granddaughters, and flew on a plane alone! -Anonymous Caregiver:

Because of Camp I feel more comfortable and at ease caring for special populations. I also feel I have become more compassionate and understanding as a person. -Anonymous Volunteer

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Thank you!!

CAMP is delighted to celebrate our extraordinary volunteers who dedicated 44,594 hours of service to help strengthen and inspire individuals with special needs this summer! We truly appreciate the time dedicated to CAMP and for all those who helped our Campers have the best experience ever. During these historic and unprecedented times, CAMP volunteers have shown unbelievable strength and resilience. Their exceptional willingness to adapt and follow many newly implemented precautions was nothing less than awe-inspiring. The commitment from our extraordinary volunteers made CAMP’s Summer 2021 Music Festival a huge success!

Volunteers are now and will always be the backbone that allows our programs to take place. So, it is with sincere gratitude that we THANK all our volunteers for their service to CAMP!

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Now that our rockin’ summer is over, it’s time for School-Year Programs to commence! CAMP offers an array of engaging programs throughout the school year (SeptemberMay) in both Center Point and San Antonio. Applications are being accepted now and additional enrollment opportunities will be available in December.

Take a peek at what we have to offer this fall and enroll today! Your Camper will enjoy the recreation and time spent with peers, while you receive the respite all caregivers need.

Respite Weekends Respite Camps pack all the fun of summer into a weekend experience.  Open to individuals with special needs aged 5-50

 Held at Camp CAMP in the Texas Hill Country  Full cost is $300  Respite units may be used to cover cost  Tier Pricing Program available Family Weekend Retreats Family Weekend Retreats offer a refreshing weekend getaway for the whole family.  Open to individuals with special needs and their families

 Held at Camp CAMP in the Texas Hill Country  Cost is underwritten by Methodist Healthcare Ministries  $50 deposit is required and may be refunded in full (or donated) following successful retreat attendance

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Don’t Miss Out!!! Teen and Adult Day Adventure (TADA) TADA provides the opportunity to socialize with peers while engaging in local cultural and recreational experiences.  Open to teens & adults with special needs aged 12-40

 Held at various locations in San Antonio  Cost is minimal and varies by activity Parent’s Night Out (PNO) Parent’s Night Out offers the perfect combination of enrichment activities, socialization, and play - while parents enjoy an evening out.  Open to children with special needs aged 3-15

 Open to siblings with no diagnosis aged 3-14  Held at various locations in San Antonio  No charge to attend events

Have Questions or need more information?

We’re here to help! Learn more at (select the Programs tab). Email with questions or concerns!

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Holland is so excited to be a part of the CAMP team! She is a senior at Texas State University and will get her degree in Therapeutic Recreation in December. Her goal is to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Holland loves spending time outdoors and she has previous experience at different camps around Texas. She is looking forward to getting to know Campers and families this Fall!

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Make a BIG impact for CAMP During Big Give 2021!

Thursday, September 23, 2021 Page 9

Tributes are from March 1 through August 31 2021 Hawk Boy's counseling team (session 6) by Cooper Smith Michael Alcala by Laura Alcala Redia Anderson by Regina C. Anderson Julianna Cano by Becky Lowell Thom and Nancy Clark by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Christy Cotton by Joy Wyatt Tommy and Elaine Ebner by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Trent Evans by Rebecca Darling by Matt Evans by Mike Evans Jr. by Nancy Smith Eleno Flores by Jennifer Davis Bradley Jerry and Nancy Gerson by Richard Drileck Nancy Gerson by Schwab Charitable Fund Michael Hawkins by Thomas Hill by The SPR Family Charitable Giving Fund William James Jonas IV by Beverly Fanick by Jeanette Grams by David Schick Dan and Emily Kahn by Stanley Kahn Sydney Malcolm by Daniel Rubio

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Dylan Mast and the Session 4 Armadillo 2 tribe Counselors by Ruth Lane and the Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation by Steve Mast Gregorio Nava by Frances Jimenez Sam Pestello by Delancey Pestello Lillian Plunkett by Cathy Plunkett Susan Osborne by Paul Urban Charitable Giving Fund Adam Price by Letty Guerrero Marc Scherbarth by Gaylene and William Stokes Joseph Thomson by Stacie Solis Rachel Thompson and Andrew Nalani by Kendall Callaghan Cycy Willoughby by Gary Willoughby Stephanie Woolley by Tyler Cate Madeleine Reichert Zachary by Richard Goldsmith Bonnie and Caden Zimlich by Alison Zimlich

Tributes are from March 1 through August 31 Buford Abeldt, Jr. by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Scarlett Ancellotti by Martin Ancellotti Bob Beaucond by Timothy Baker by Camee Ponder by Graham Stadler by Nancy Tomlinson by George Wirsdorfer Jackie Lee Bibbs by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Doris Binnion by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Sammie Marie Briery by Danny Foster Lynne Cooper by Brenda Schmidt Jim Elliff by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Meghan Hill by Fidelity Charitable Clayton Howard by Paul Howard Bill Kelly by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Nathan Lockhart by Demetra Kelenis by Steffanie Persyn by Tom Seboldt Mary Joan Maack by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Neal McClaugherty by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty by William Manahan Charlie Morina by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Delsie Nagy by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty

Nancy Emma Ray Pawel by Beverly Fanick Alfredo Salazar by Leonardo Profenna by Frank and Lynn Salazar by Mary Shuckman Anne Samsel by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Heather Semmelmann by Gregory Pollard Michael J. Sierra by General Hill Ralph Steinmetz by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Justin Stoeltje by Walter Bauer by Mark Cooper by Shelley Dalrymple by Miki Gilbreath by Leticia Sprague by Joe Stoeltje Alyssa Terrell by Kathy Durham by James & Carol Hankinson by Melanie McLennan by Cynthia Spencer by Shontel Terrell Ted and Jo Thomas by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Zachary Thurmond by Becton, Dickinson, & Company by Kimberly Costilla by Jordan Gonzalez by Dusty Hardman by Rebecca Wynne Rhett Urban by Paul Urban Charitable Giving Fund Joshua Winter by James Bowman III

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On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone in the community who has supported CAMP with financial gifts. CAMP is extremely grateful and blessed by your support.

The 2021 Virtual Gala raised an astounding $209,000!

WOW!! In addition to the critical funds raised, a new initiative by CAMP has been launched across the community called, “See me. Hear me. Know me.” We are thrilled to bring awareness to individuals with special needs and their families.

Spec’s Giving Program throughout the month of August all across Texas provided $28,826! CAMP was blown away by the generosity of those checking out of Spec’s and adding in a donation. Again, thank you for your outpouring of love and support of CAMP!

Children’s Association for Maximum Potential PO Box 27086 | San Antonio, Texas 78227 (210) 671-5411 |

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Fall 2021 CAMP Chronicles  

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