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Camp Lutherwood Post News from Camp Lutherwood Oregon

Fall 2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 2

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries – Locally, Globally by Don Johnson, Director of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Don is currently the Executive Director of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM). He served for more than 35 years as the Executive Director of Camp Calumet in New Hampshire. We were fortunate enough to have Don come to our Harvest Festival Fundraiser to speak about the impact of Outdoor Ministry. These are exciting times for Lutheran Outdoor Ministry organizations throughout the USA, and particularly at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. This energy is generated by growing connections with more and more people, and an ambitious, but realistic, vision for the future. And the really good news is that it reflects a growing sense of optimism and felt by so many Lutheran camps and retreat centers around the country.

Camps are bringing the enthusiasm and sense of Christian community that we call “camp spirit” to where the people are. So what’s happening? Why are so many Lutheran camps, like Lutherwood, feeling so good about the future? Why are Lutheran camps growing in the numbers of persons being served by the ministries? One of the reasons is that they have not been sitting around waiting for people to somehow find them.

High School Summit campers lead songs at worship Jacob Sorenson, in research for the Effective Camp

Lutherwood’s vision is optimistic and ambitious now,

Research Project (“The Summer Camp Experience and

and for future generations. Lutherwood is a place,

Faith Formation of Emerging Adults”, The Journal of

program, and a community that will be accessible and

Youth Ministry 13) has found that those who attended

attractive for all people to experience the Gospel of

church camp as youth are more than three times more

Jesus Christ. Then they too can take camp’s message of

likely to remain religiously affiliated five years later than

God’s grace wherever they go!

their peers who did not attend church camp. No wonder

Camps are bringing the enthusiasm and sense of

the ministry of Lutherwood is so important to the

Christian community that we call “camp spirit” to where

congregations it serves!

Outdoor ministry — it’s at the cutting edge of church growth — in Oregon and everywhere!

the people are. Day Camp, and other similar programs serve communities throughout camp service areas. Kids, families, parents, and grandparents experience the wonder of “camp spirit” in their own churches, and catch a curiosity about camp in general.

How well do you know the history of Camp Lutherwood Oregon?

Camps are very effective in connecting

Guess the year for each of these events.

with people. That’s because just about

Possible answers: 2010, 1970, 1978, 1975, 2012, 2006, 1959, 1964, 2015, 1992

everybody loves being at camp, or 6. Climbing Tower Built

mascot. The winner: “One Way Willie,”

7. A-Frame Cabins Built

helping congregations connect with people who might not otherwise know much about the Lutheran church. This is especially true with children, youth and young adults. Growing camps like Lutherwood help the whole church to grow. Not just short term, flash in the pan, growth, but growth that is sustained over the long haul.

“The beavers (not the sports team) are causing problems again.” 5. The Lutherwood Board votes that “modern dancing has no place in the camp program”

10. Master Site Plan completed with UO Urban Design Lab, and 43 Additional acres purchased for camp

9. 1992

4. Lutherwood Board Minutes note that,

7. 1964

the community where they live. This way camps are

9. Eagle aScout constructs the walking bridge

4. 1978


1. 1975

being at camp or being touched by a camp program in


10. 2012

3. Eagle Scout builds the star gazing

8. 2010

Camp connects people. Just about everybody loves

8. Andrea Scofield is hired as executive

5. 1970

2. Construction Begins on the Main Lodge

2. 1959

the worm

6. 2006

community where they live.

1. Lutherwood holds a contest to name a

3. 2015

being touched by camp program in the

Letter from the Director Greetings from Camp Lutherwood Oregon! Another summer is behind us, and many new opportunities before us. I hope you enjoy reading through this newsletter to keep you informed of all the things that happen at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. My greatest gift at Lutherwood is working with the amazing summer staff, year round staff, and the wonderful volunteers. It is the people that make our camp such a warm and hospitable place. Thank you to all the dedicated summer staff for the hours they gave this summer in service to every guest that came to camp and to each of our 15 Day Camp congregations. The staff come from all over and work diligently in the name of Christ. We are so blessed to have each of them with us during the summer and pray a blessing on them as they transition to their life away from camp. Recently at Lutherwood, we hosted a successful and fun 2016 Harvest Festival as well as the Middle School Retreat. As we continue to plan for other programs this fall, for this coming summer and beyond, the board of directors and I are looking at capital improvements and additions.

Summer Staff from 2014-2016 came together to lead games, worship and fun fall activities at the fall Middle School Retreat. we will move forward with intention and purpose to

Blessings to you,

better serve our guests, campers, and staff. Thank you to everyone who supports the mission and ministry of

Camp is a place set apart for people to experience

Camp Lutherwood Oregon. You are a gift to me and to

Andrea Scofield

God’s love and community. With that mission in mind

this place.

Executive Director

Friend of Lutherwood Spotlight: David LaFore by Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development People often say, “Everything happens for a reason.” David LaFore had an interesting beginning at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, proving this statement to be true. After his freshman year at Concordia University in Portland, David knew he wanted to work at a summer camp. He applied online through the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA), and while he thought he was applying to Lutherwood Camp and Retreat Center in Bellingham, Washington, his application was actually submitted to Camp Lutherwood Oregon. He discovered the mistake during his interview with Executive Director Andrea Scofiled, but decided to follow through with the interview anyways. The rest is history. David began his time at Camp Lutherwood Oregon in 2010 as a summer counselor. Since then, he has spent six summers at camp in various roles. The past two summers David served as the Summer Program Lead. In this position, he led over 30 summer staff members throughout the summer, everything from logistics to emotional support, and worship. David is also famous for dressing up as Biblical figures for skits, leading the Mountain Dew song, and never wearing opentoed shoes. In August 2016, David began serving as vicar at Our

David smiles in his Summer Staff 2014 head shot. that what he learned at camp about management and working with all types of people has been invaluable to the work he is doing now. “Now working with kids is like breathing to me,” he said.

Savior’s Lutheran Church in Minot, North Dakota, as

Though David has been working at camp for many

part of his study at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

years, he said he still enjoys watching young adults

In Minot, David is taking the lessons he learned at

come together every year and form strong bonds on

Camp Lutherwood and using them in a variety of ways.

summer staff.

He is teaching confirmation, and working on forming

“The relationships that staff builds throughout the

a college ministry program. In his spare time, he volunteers at the Boys and Girls Ranch, a non-profit that serves at-risk youth in the community. David said

page 2

summer is my favorite part of camp,” David said. David also thinks people might be surprised at what young adults are able to accomplish. The dedication,

passion, and effort that go into working at camp for the summer is tremendous he said, and the impact staff has on campers can be seen throughout the summer. David hopes more people get to experience Camp Lutherwood Oregon, and choose to invest their time and resources at camp. He also hopes camp becomes an integral part of Christian life in the Pacific Northwest. David’s service at camp and in Minot have been gifts to all those he has encountered, and will be gifts to those communities as well, wherever he is called in the future. Thank you, David for all of your laughter, wisdom, and energy spent at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. We have been extremely thankful for that application mix-up!

A Bountiful Harvest Festival by Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development More than 140 people gathered at camp on October 1, to celebrate the third annual fall fundraiser, this year called the Harvest Festival and Fundraiser. It was a wonderful day filled with food and fellowship. The weather mostly cooperated, and guests still were covered (just in case) under two large canopies decorated in true harvest style. Local jazz trio “Court and Spark” played festive tunes while Stanton Vineyards and Bennett Vineyards served wine. While guests mingled, Debbie Sandau served fresh, local produce at a little Farmer’s Market, and people bid on a plethora of wonderful silent auction baskets. Guests also had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Lutherwood’s potential future in a tent hosted by Mark Gillem of the University of Oregon’s Urban Design Lab. Guests then moved into the Lodge where they enjoyed delicious freshly roasted pork, which was cooked on site by Steve and Becky Stratton and Pastor Joe Medley. The pork was accompanied by an assortment of seasonal salads and side dishes made by our lovely cook Ruby Wynn. This amazing meal was followed by berry and peach cobbler from the Willamette Valley Pie Company. After the meal, there was a live auction with items ranging from a weekend in Sunriver to a hay ride and campfire night in Salem, to a Christmas tree hunt at Camp Lutherwood.

Debbie Sandau poses with the Farmer’s Market with produce donated from her and her husband’s farm.

The event raised nearly $60,000 in support of the mission of camp, and many “thank yous” are owed to those who made it a success. We could not have done this event without committee members Donna

Thanks for Donating a Silent Auction Basket!

Koehneke, and Debbie Sandau, both from Salem, and

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Prineville

Heidi Stolp, from Eugene.

Peace Lutheran Church, Salem

Thank you to everyone who came to the event this year, and to the churches and individuals who donated silent and live auction items. In addition, thank you to those who supported the event but could not be in attendance.

Harvest Fest by the Numbers

Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath

112 Guests

Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene

24 Volunteers

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Silverton

$60,000 raised

Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Salem

230 pounds of pork roasted

On behalf of all of the staff of Lutherwood as well as the

Fir Lawn Lutheran Church, Sweet Home

Board of Directors, thank you for your support of the

Faith Lutheran Church, Junction City

7 Canopies (but not a lot of rain!)

2016 Harvest Festival and Fundraiser as well as Camp

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Coos Bay

Lutherwood Oregon’s ministry.

St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland

96 ears of corn, 90 pounds of apples, 75 pounds of blueberries and 40 pounds of pears sold in the Farmer’s Market

Stay tuned for details on next year’s annual fundraiser and celebration!

Zion Lutheran Church, Oregon City Trinity Lutheran Church, Cottage Grove

Pieces of the Puzzle: Fall Middle School Retreat by Kirsten Larsen, Outreach Coordinator and Program Assistant In October, we welcomed 18 middle school students and their adult leaders to camp for our annual Middle School Retreat! We had fantastic fall weather for the weekend as we explored, played, learned, and relaxed together. Bible studies explored the theme of puzzle pieces: how we are all created uniquely by God, how we are created to be in relationship, and how we all work together in the body of Christ. We created a collaborative painting during crafts, featuring Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Besides Bible study, we played lots of games and went on a nature scavenger hunt for camp critters. During free time on Saturday, campers enjoyed games in

Middle schoolers had a great time each decorating a piece of a collaborative mural. At the end of the retreat we put the pieces all together to form a Bible verse! hiked up to the Stargazing Platform to enjoy the night

fun to worship together in Outdoor Chapel, in the midst

Trading Post, and gaga ball. A highlight on Saturday

sky away from the city lights.

of God’s wonderful creation.

evening was our harvest party; we made caramel

We sang our favorite camp songs, and each church

A big thank-you to all of our Lutherwood summer staff

apples from Lutherwood’s own apple trees, and painted

group led a part of Worship on Sunday morning. It was

who helped out for the weekend: Brandie, Winter,

the lodge, a hike on our brand-new trail, visits to the

miniature pumpkins to take home. After campfire, we

Becca, Justin, Ruben and Nathaniel. page 3

Summer Staff Memories A collection of silly and serious stories from the 2016 Summer Staff During Mini Camp, I had a camper who was sleep walking one night. I woke up in At Day Camp I was leading Bible Adventure and we were talking about how Jesus was in heaven. All of the kids began raising their hands and telling me about different family members and

the middle of the night to find this camper standing over me and staring. It put me in quite the panic at first, but then realized it was one of my campers. I asked him if he needed anything. His response, “I don’t remember where I sleep.” Considering how small the cabin was this response confused me. I got up and pointed to his bunk. He just looked at me with confusion. I pointed again and said, “See this bunk with your stuff on it? ” He said, “yeah.” I said, “This is where you sleep, man.” He stands there for a second, looking like he is in deep thought and finally said “Oh, I guess that makes sense, ” and he jumps into bed instantly falls asleep. ~ Brian Hix, Counselor (Redmond, OR)

pets that’s were in heaven. Then, a little girl raised her hand and said, “I have two questions. One, Is my dog is in heaven and

One of my favorite moments of the summer was when I had a cabin full

two, I don’t know how glass is made.” It was

of little Mini Campers. They were so young and so excited to be at camp. I

so random and funny and is and is one of my

remember at one meal, we were having pancakes and one of the girls asked

favorite memories from the summer.

me to cut her food for her; immediately following her question, all of the

~ Becca Tew, Counselor (Portland, OR)

girls raised their hands to have their pancakes cut as well. They were always so enthusiastic about activities that we did, such as nature bingo or playing with oobleck. Little things like that made me feel valued in my job as a counselor and made the summer one of my favorites. ~ Winter Manisto-Saari, Counselor (Vancouver, WA)

My friend Brandie and I were leading three high school campers on an epic hiking expedition to

Every night my cabin

For our

Triangle Lake and

and I would share a

campout, Hallie

we stopped for

highlight from the

and I took our

lunch. We were a really close-knit

day, to show how

campers to

group, so I decided to give them a challenge to

God is present in our

Creekside. We

really stretch them. “Okay everyone,” I said,

everyday lives. On

thought we could

“before we eat, I have a surprise GIC (Group

Wednesday night,

make our own

Initiative Challenge) for you. We are going to

one of the young men

fire for s’mores

have to help feed each other.” I doled out the

in my cabin offered to

but there wasn’t

restrictions. One camper couldn’t see, another

share his special event in not just his day

enough kindling

camper and Brandie couldn’t talk, and the last

but his life. He told the story of how he was

to make one. So we made a fire out of

camper and I couldn’t use our arms.. I swear

fearful of the pool, mostly because of his

only paper, and our campers cheered

I could practically see little flames of anger

lack of time spent in the pool, and how he

us on!

flickering in their eyes, but they begrudgingly

overcame that fear by receiving help from

~ Rachel Summers, Counselor

agreed to the challenge. After about 30

a cabin mate. By the end of the story, I

(Pullman, WA)

seconds everyone was laughing hysterically

was lost for words, I had just listened to a

as we worked together to make sure that

young man step up to a challenge in his life

everyone got their fill despite their limitations.

and overcome it. By the end of the week, he

At the end, we had a great discussion about

was jumping off the diving board! The best

the body of Christ, and for the rest of the week

part of being at Camp Lutherwood was the

they excitedly recounted the tale.

personal growth from the campers, and

~ Steven McCarthy, Program Team

realizing what they taught us.

(Vancouver, WA)

~ Zack Inglesby, Counselor (Everett, WA) On my first day camp with Brandie, Zack and Quinn and I were leading songs. Brandie During one of our Day Camps, we had a block of an hour and twenty minutes

introduced that

where we needed to play games with the kids. While three of my team members

we are going sing the song, “Kumbaya,” but

(including me) were discussing which games to play, our other team member,

instead we all sang “Fuah.” We realized in the

Sam, had already started trying to entertain the kids. Instead of playing a game

middle of “Fuah” that we were singing the

that we all knew, he was simply pointing at objects on a poster and having kids

wrong song, and it was really funny! There

shout out the colors of the objects. After a while, every child at day camp was

were so many moments like this that hurt

standing next to Sam gleefully screaming names of colors as he moved his hand

my lungs with laughter this summer. Thank

from one object to the next. This went on for five or six minutes, proof that

you Lutherwood for such great moments of

anything can be exciting when you are a kid!


~Emily Glaser, Counselor (Princeton, MN)

~ Inno Kisanga, Counselor (Portland, OR)

Tales from a Summit Camper by Austin Gillem, Summit Camper The pinnacle high school camp offered at Lutherwood Camp Lutherwood, Summit. Summit camp offers a broad range of activities geared towards the adventurous soul. I have attended Summit camp for the past three summers and always have a great time. We started our week in a regular Lutherwood fashion:

Leave a Legacy at Camp Lutherwood Oregon by Caitlin Elwood,

learning meal line songs, playing all-camp games on

Director of Resource Development

the front field, and bonding with our new cabin-mates.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon has already impacted a

Early on a Tuesday morning, Summit kicked up a notch.

number of generations. You can help continue the

Excited but tired, we walked through cool dawn mist to

ministry of camp through a legacy gift. All of us at

the van that took us into Central Oregon for the majority

Camp Lutherwood Oregon believe in a future where

of the week.

people of all ages play outside under the trees and

After a three-hour drive that day, we met our guides

stars, smell clean, fresh air, and build relationships.

from Peak7 Adventures at Smith Rock in Terrebonne,

Your planned gift to Camp Lutherwood Oregon will

Ore. Peak7 is a Christian outdoor adventure company with that provides the opportunity to experience God’s

ensure camp is around for generations to come.

creation through potentially new and challenging

There are many ways to leave a legacy to outdoor

adventures to young people from all walks of life.

ministry and Camp Lutherwood Oregon. The five

At Smith Rock, we were able to push our personal limits,

most common are below. Their tax advantages and other benefits vary. Consult your legal and financial

and climb routes of varying difficulties. We spent the following two days rafting a stretch of the Deschutes

advisors to determine which is best for you.

River, running class III and IV rapids, sharing riddles,


and jumping off rocks. The days on the river were filled

Allocate a specific amount, percentage or remainder

with jokes, stories, water-fights, and getting to know

of your estate or other assets to Camp Lutherwood

more about each other.

Oregon in your will.

The trip is not all play, however. At the nightly campsites,

Retirement Plan Designation:

Peak7 guides facilitated thoughtful discussions centered on Bible passages and exploration of personal faith. As a

Choose Camp Lutherwood Oregon as a beneficiary of Austin Gillem carefully climbs Smith Rock.

key component of these discussions, we were instructed to find different objects around camp that relate to

tough not to have an excellent time, even if you are not

certain aspects of our faith. Our cabin also helped with

the most adventurous person.

kitchen clean-up duty, along with the set-up and breakdown of camps and lunch-sites along the river.

Summit should be at the top of the list of camps for any and all high schoolers that are looking for an

Swimming a class III rapid was a highlight of mine,

unforgettable, adventure-filled week and a way to further

along with the group discussions, and rock jumping. It is

explore their relationship with God out in creation.

your IRA or other retirement plan. Life Insurance Designation: Designate a specific amount of percentage of your life insurance policy to Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Charitable Remainder Trust: Establish a tax-exempt trust that pays income to your loved ones. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets will be paid to Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Charitable Lead Trust:

Transitioning from Summer Staff

Fund a trust that pays income to Camp Lutherwood Oregon for a period of time. At the end of the term, the remainder will be returned to you or your heirs. Where does my legacy gift go?

by Nathaniel Taylor, 2016 Summer Staffer

Your legacy gift will help provide exposure to and

Above the bridge leading into Camp Lutherwood Oregon

experiences in the great outdoors, teach about our

a sign reads, “A place set apart.” When I arrived to camp

connections to the natural world and how to be good

at the beginning of summer I had no idea what that

stewards of the earth, cultivate lives of faith and

meant. I had never been to Lutherwood as a camper, so I

service, and recognize all things as a gift from God,

did not know what I was getting myself into. For better or

encouraging a life of gratitude in response to all God

worse, this would be where I was spending the next two

has done for us. You can choose to designate your

months of my life.

gift as unrestricted (where needed most), or you may

I was shocked by how quickly I grew attached to both the

restrict your gift to our Campership fund, providing

camp and my fellow counselors. Even though many of

scholarships for those in need of support in paying for

them had been to Lutherwood several times, I never felt like an outsider. My two months at Lutherwood flew by, and before I knew it, it already was August 15th, and we were all saying our tearful goodbyes.

Nathaniel smiles with his friends and fellow counselors Steven and Rachel on a visit to Peace Lutheran Church in Philomath, Oregon.

The returning counselors had warned me how hard

I made some great friends this summer, and I really

the transition from camp life back to home life would

missed them after camp ended. It’s tough to forget people

be, but I didn’t really know what to expect until I went

who you’ve spent the every waking moment with for two

through it. It felt surreal to go back home and sleep in

months. However, I was able to see some of my camp

the same bed I had been sleeping in for years. For a

friends this fall when I volunteered with Harvest Festival

while, all I could think or talk about was camp. I would

and the Middle School Retreat. It was great to see them in

try to tell stories to my friends at home, but I could tell

this special place set apart.

that they didn’t understand.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s federal tax ID number is 93-0587009. For more information, please email or consult your financial advisor. The information stated here is not intended as financial or legal advice. Please consult your financial advisor or attorney before making a legacy gift to Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

I didn’t realize how many people consider Lutherwood

One of the first things I noticed was how much little

a second home to them until recently. Now, I finally

control over anything I had. At camp I was always leading

understand what “a place set apart” means. It’s a place

a game or song. The first Sunday back at my home church

you can go to make new friends, and create awesome

it felt like I should be leading the children’s message but

memories. I don’t get sad anymore when I think about

no such instruction came. The desire to lead never went

my time at Lutherwood coming to an end, because I know

away after camp, but some of the opportunities did.

this isn’t “goodbye forever” but rather “see you later.”

the expense of camp.

page 5

The Road Less Traveled: Ground Breaking for Road Extension

Lutherwood Year-Round Update by Melanie Hawk, Guest Services Coordinator While many think once the summer season ends, Camp Lutherwood Oregon slows down and becomes and empty place, it is in fact the exact opposite! Camp has been a beehive of hosting activities this fall for a variety of groups, gatherings and celebrations. We have hosted weddings, college groups, Live Action Role Play groups, and a reunion! Camp

A view of the new road extension from the back field. The road now stretches back the Archery Range and connects to the trails.

Lutherwood offers not only a peaceful, practical and serene setting, but offers tremendous space flexibility and value.

by Mark Ellsworth, Project Coordinator On the heals of Harvest Fest 2016, camp was blessed

access the water well head, and easier to maintain and grow the back trails of camp. In fact, since the new road has been installed, volunteers have already blazed a

Beginning on Labor Day weekend, we hosted a

with an amazing excavation project that extended

wedding for 120 guests, who began trickling in on

the roadway from the RV hookup site, past the Upper

Friday mid-day, and by Saturday, the day before

Cabins and Archery Range. The new road extension

The previous lack of roadway also prevented our year-

the event, all the preparations were complete. A

offers a smooth path from the parking lot across

round groups from accessing some of the most pristine

huge white tent in front of the Lodge doubled as

the bridge, all the way back to the trail that leads to

and beautifully forested and serene parts that camp has

a movie screen the night before the main event,

Hammock Village and the wooded back side of camp.

to offer. Thanks to the new road, we now can offer year-

showing “Father of the Bride,” complete with an old-fashioned popcorn machine. The following day, the tent was transformed with linens and white twinkling lights into the wedding dinner venue. Family and close friends played for the weekend, and camp was alive with love and laughter. Following the beautiful fall wedding, we were once

The brand new road is a blessing for many reasons. As many know, this area of camp is essentially a wet swamp during late fall and through springtime, making

brand new trail!

round access to this portion of our property to all who desire deeper discovery of God’s beauty in our precious forested woods.

it inaccessible to both vehicle and foot traffic. From

We are thankful for the wonderful and talented crew from

a logistics perspective, our water well head and pump

Emerald Excavating that worked tirelessly in the pouring

were not accessible for maintenance for six months

rain all week to complete this project! Thank you to our

of the year. The new road will make it much safer to

returning volunteers for making this road possible!

again blessed with hosting Concordia University’s Wind Ensemble for a team building and rehearsal for 33 students. The Lodge was filled with beautiful music all weekend! Southern Oregon Community College joined us on site for the first time. They visited one afternoon for a team building Challenge Course adventure for their new Resident Assistants. We also hosted an overnight 40-person reunion, and an overnight retreat for the OSU Luther House Leadership group. In addition to weddings and college groups, camp transforms once a month into a zombie apocalypse when the Live Action Role Play (LARP) group Dystopia Rising comes to the site. Around 75-100 members travel to camp from various locations in California, Oregon and Washington for a weekend of character development and pretend battle. During the fall season, camp is certainly the opposite of empty and quiet! Inquiries for space rentals are increasing from existing customer groups as well as new groups. When you are out and about in your individual communities, remember that Camp Lutherwood Oregon is a perfect venue for retreats, business meetings, team building events, and special interest gatherings all year round! page 6

From Follow the Leader to Dive In: Transitioning to Summer 2017

Meet Kirsten and Maddie Meet two new members of our year-round staff. Name: Kirsten Larsen

n I e v Di

Position at camp:


Outreach Coordinator and Program Support Hometown: White


Salmon, WA College attended: Gustavus Adolphus

by Melissa Schults, Program Consultant Standing outside, in the midst of an incredible downpour, I exclaimed to my friends, “Sometimes I forget that water is so wet!” We were drenched. The rapidly growing puddles and streams that ran through our campsite

God’s power, God’s ability to heal, God’s unending love as well as the waters of our baptism. The summer’s theme verse is Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”

the weather, and so we began our fall backpacking trip in

This promise reminds us that God is present in all

Glacier National Park completely soaked.

circumstances, when the waters of our lives are both calm

water that needs to be purified, wet socks and boots or

and turbulent. Camp is a perfect place to explore water and the many ways that it is important for our physical and spiritual lives.

the dangers of dehydration. In the backcountry, water

All are invited to camp this summer to be washed

is on my mind constantly. It is powerful both physically

with God’s love and to experience the power of water

and metaphorically.

through both the place and the people of Camp

While last summer campers learned the importance of

Lutherwood Oregon.

Following The Leader, this summer campers will learn how Christ our leader washes us clean of sin and calls us his own. Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s campers, staff and

Major: Math; Minors:

These water accounts demonstrate and remind us of

all our planning and preparation, we could not control

power of water. I do not encounter rushing streams,

Peter, MN

from the creation story to the life and teachings of Jesus.

soaked our clothes, tents, dinner, and firewood. Despite

In my everyday life, I am not so acutely aware of the

College, Saint

stories. The image of water is laced throughout Scripture

Don’t miss out! Registration for Summer 2017 opens December 1, 2016.

guests will “Dive In” to five of the Bible’s powerful water

Computer Science and Music Years worked at camp: Three summers, 2012-2014 Favorite spot at camp: The Well Favorite camp activity: Singing songs at worship Hopes for this year: “I’m excited to see camp in a new way after working here only during the summer. I look forward to sharing camp with more people and churches, and having a safe space to grow and discern my call to ministry.” Here’s a joke: What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you? Nacho cheese!

Name: Maddie Bernard Position at camp:

Sent But Never Leaving

Communication and

by Vicky Hart,

Portland, OR

Former Communication and Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator Hometown:

College attended:

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is in the business of sending

Pacific Lutheran

and receiving.

University, Tacoma, WA

Camp sends brochures and newsletters, like this one, and


receives updates from congregations and friends across

Communications; Journalism; Minors: Hispanic

the region. Year-round staff sends summer staffers into

Studies and Sociology

a new year of school or work, and receive guests and

Years worked at camp: Two summers, 2015-2016

volunteers throughout every season. Sending takes courage. It takes preparation and confident

Pastor Sarah Gross Samuelson and Vicky Hart lead a

hope. I had the good fortune to spend a full year with

song during the 2016 All Staff Reunion.

some of the best senders camp has ever known. I learned to close things as intentionally as I open them, to mix sadness with deep gratitude, and to wave until

sent and received by the camp community in each failure or triumph.

Favorite spot at camp: The Star Gazing Platform! Favorite camp activity: Playing Hillbillies and Varmints Hopes for this year: “I’m looking forward to telling the story of camp, and showing people what

the car is out of sight. The people of Lutherwood have

As someone who has driven away from Camp

been teaching me how to rejoice in departure for more

Lutherwood Oregon more times than the average duck,

than a decade. I have been sung to, blessed, and sent

I can tell you that camp is not a place you just leave.

by a growing cloud of witnesses – a web of supportive

Being sent necessitates an eventual reception, a return.

Here’s a joke: What do you call a bear with no

relationships that I experienced for the first time as a high

Sometimes that’s an All-Staff Reunion or a long awaited

teeth? A Gummy Bear!

school camper.

Family Camp weekend. Sometimes it’s a call that begins

It’s easy to be nostalgic about camp. The cozy fireplace and dripping trees make a perfect autumn picture.

round as well!”

as a conversation about changing roles in a place set apart for the sake of Christ.

Now, though, I prefer to reminisce about muddy hikes

Reflecting on the degree to which camp has shaped

to the water tank and early mornings in the unheated

my faith, directed my career, and impacted my life is

lodge. Thinking about numb fingers or after-dark

truly astonishing. As I enter into my new community in

cabin cleaning brings a smile to my face. In unlocking

Eastern Oregon, the genuine hospitality I learned at camp

doors and addressing envelopes I became a sender and

empowers, inspires, and encourages me to reach out in

receiver. And somehow, in between, I was unceasingly

service to others.

goes on at camp not only in the summer, but year-

We hope to see you at the High School Retreat on February 17-19! page 7


Inside... Summer 2017 Find out how we are “Diving In” to next summer! page 7

Summer Staff Memories Hear some silly camp stories from the 2016 Summer Staff. page 4

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Learn the future of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry at Lutherwood and beyond. page 1

2017 at a glance Feb. 17-19 High School Retreat Grades 9-12

July 9-11 Mini 1 Grades 1-3

July 28-30 Women’s Retreat 18+

April 29 Spring Work Day All Ages

July 9-14 Pioneer 1 Grades 3-5

July 30-August 4 Discovery 2 Grades 6-9

Explorer 1 Grades 5-6

Creative Arts Grades 7-12

July 14-16 Family Camp 1 All Ages

August 6-8 Mini 2 Grades 1-3

July 16-21 Discovery 1 Grades 6-9

August 6-11 Pioneer 2 Grades 3-5

High School Base Camp (Trekking Poles) Grades 9-12

Explorer 2 Grades 5-6

May 20 Spring Work Day All Ages June 3 Spring Work Day All Ages June 25-30 Confirmation 1 Grades 6-9 Middle School Base Camp Grades 6-9 July 2-7 Summit 1 Grades 9-12 July 5-7 Forest Retreat Adults with Disabilities

July 23-28 Confirmation 2 Grades 6-9 Summit 2 Grades 9-12

August 11-13 Family Camp 2 All Ages

Grades based on the 2017-18 school year.

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Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2016 Fall Post  

Read about the promising future of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, get a peek at the 2017 Summer theme and hear funny stories from the 2016 Sum...

Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2016 Fall Post  

Read about the promising future of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, get a peek at the 2017 Summer theme and hear funny stories from the 2016 Sum...