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Camp Lutherwood Post News from Camp Lutherwood Oregon

Spring 2017 | Volume 5 | Issue 1

New Trail Highlights Camp Lutherwood’s Ecosystems by Mark Ellsworth, Interim Project Coordinator Camp Lutherwood Oregon has been blessed with the creation and development of the brand new Luther Creek Explorer Trail! The trail was sited to provide up close views of Luther Creek and to explore various rich ecosystems, vegetation and habitats found at Camp Lutherwood. It was intentionally designed to pass right through some very large and spectacular old growth trees including Western Hemlock, Grand Fir, Red Alder and Big Leaf Maples, and then pass through the younger Douglas Fir forest planted in 1999. One of the most important design features is that the Camp Lutherwood forest and forest understory along the trail is almost 100% native. It will provide excellent nature and habitat study opportunities for all ages. There was a high degree of emphasis to wind the new trail along some of the largest old growth trees in the area. The trail also intersects with two stream crossings, so visitors can see how water flows toward Luther Creek from smaller tributary streams. The three-quarter mile trail loop ties into camp’s upper main trail, which then provides multiple options to navigate amongst miles of the existing trail system. Future trail amenities include: benches, a self guided and educational habitat nature map, as well as way finding signage that will keep all hikers on course to allow for safe return to camp.

Campers walk the trail for the first time at the High School Retreat in February. camp, Jeff Krueger. Jeff’s talents in trail design and

The construction of the Luther Creek Explorer Trail is

habitat preservation as a licensed landscape architect

part of Lutherwood’s “Trail Improvement Project” that

have touched many communities throughout the state

has been going on since 2016. Phase one of this “Trail

of Oregon.

Improvement Project” included construction of the

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon. He has previously worked for Lane Council of Governments, the U.S. National Park Service and a private landscape architecture firm. Jeff has extensive planning and design experience in the areas of natural resources, parks and open space, land use, and bicycle

barrier-free (graveled) paths and entry boardwalk that were installed in 2016. They were constructed by a local trail contractor, Oregon Woods, using donated funds and materials. These compacted gravel paths greatly improve all-weather access between the A-frames, lodge, and other camp buildings and now better accommodate folks with varying levels of mobility including those in wheel chairs or scooters.

and pedestrian facilities and is an adjunct instructor

Phase two has included the construction of the new

The design, concept and construction for the trail were

for the Department of Landscape Architecture at the

Luther Creek Explorer Trail, with many hundreds of

provided by Eugene landscape architect and friend of

University of Oregon

hours of volunteer labor by Jeff, Dan, Jim, and Dave Krueger. Also, much larger work parties, likely in the spring, will help raise the trail from bare ground with a thick soft layer of bark chips. One of the most challenging parts of creation and design of the trail project was sitting and cutting of the trail through very dense forest, no easy task, not even for most experienced landscape architect team. Camp Lutherwood is thankful for all of Jeff’s talents as well as the hundreds of hours of volunteer leadership that helped create the brand new Luther Creek Explorer Trail! We invite you to our spring Work Days on April 29, May 20, and June 3 to help us complete phase two. Can’t come to our Work Days? Donate to camp to help complete the trail and build signage.

Letter from the Director Dear Lutherwood Friends, It is finally spring and we just set our clocks forward for daylight savings. That is what Lutherwood is doing too….springing forward in many different ways. In January, we welcomed our Director of Programs and Spiritual Renewal, Jennifer Pulscher, to the year-round staff. We are getting ready to welcome in our 2017 summer staff as well as our 2017 summer campers. We are waiting to hear if we have received a MJ Murdock Charitable Trust grant for a Director of Operations. We continue to work towards the new retreat center and other camp improvements. As we say at camp, there is never a dull moment. We continue to be diligent in being good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. As you read this newsletter, please keep in mind all of the amazing people who are Camp Lutherwood Oregon. This ministry continues to thrive because of the many hands and feet who contribute to the organization. Thank you for springing forward with us in 2017. I look forward to seeing many of you at camp soon! Blessings to you,

Andrea Scofield Executive Director

Spotlight: Friends of Camp Lutherwood Oregon “Behind the Scenes” While many are familiar with the faces that are seen

Terri Theisen

Melissa Shults

in the office of Camp Lutherwood Oregon, there are so

Role at camp:

Role at camp:

Contracted Grant

Program Consultant


Living in:

Living in:

Missoula, MT

Portland, OR

Years working for

Kassie Boehringer

Years working for

camp: 9

Role at camp:

camp: 5

Hobbies: Hiking,

Contracted Graphic

Hobbies: Running,

kayaking, running, or


cross-country skiing, time with family, reading

any outside adventure!

Living in: Tigard, OR

Favorite part of working for camp: The people

Favorite part of working for camp: Knowing

Years working for

are passionate about the Camp Lutherwood Oregon

that my work helps campers to have an unforgettable

camp: 6

mission, and it is inspiring to be a part of the work

experience at Lutherwood!

and the lives that are impacted by experiences

Hopes for camp’s future: That it will continue to

many other people who contribute to year-round work as well! Get to know some of camp’s dedicated “behind the scenes” employees.

Hobbies: Reading, travel, keeping up with two busy daughters Favorite part about working for camp: Being able to share Camp Lutherwood’s story and the

at camp.

Christian community, a deep connection with nature

a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can

and an encounter with God.

retreat to reflect, engage, connect and grow.

importance of camp in a creative way. Hopes for camp’s future: Continued growth

Pastor Sara Gross

and success!

Samuelson Role at camp: Day

Joe Millon

Camp Consultant

Role at camp: IT

Living in:

Support, from NetCorps

Beaverton, OR

Living in: Eugene, OR

Years working for

Years working for

camp: 9

camp: 5

Hobbies: Reading,

Hobbies: Backpacking,

coffee roasting and drinking, beach combing,

windsurfing, ultimate

gardening, running and hiking


Favorite part of working for camp: The people!

Favorite part of working for camp: Coming out to

They never cease to amaze me or provide me with

camp and meeting all the staff, getting out of town and

evidence that God is alive and working and totally

into the woods


Hopes for camp’s future: Better, faster

Hopes for camp’s future: To continue to be a

internet service

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be a place were people of all ages encounter authentic

Hopes for camp’s future: That it continues to be

place for all people to experience God’s story and a place from which God’s story is carried out!

Help support Camp with

Thrivent Action Teams Take the lead! Start a volunteer team and take on a one-time fundraiser, service activity or educational event. After your project is approved, you’ll receive a Thrivent Action Kit, including: • Promotional banner • Invitations and thank you cards • Thrivent Action Team T-shirts • $250 Community Impact Card to purchase supplies and create promotional materials.

For a list of projects at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, please call Caitlin Elwood at 541.998.6444 or email

Christmas Tree Hunting at Camp by Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development Some people might be surprised to learn what happens at camp in the winter months. Following the Fall Fundraiser in October, camp welcomes a number of rental groups as well as other guests. In November and December of 2016, camp welcomed two groups of eager Christmas tree hunters. These generous and lucky guests were proud winners of the Christmas Tree Hunt and Dinner from the Harvest Festival auction. Because of high demand at the auction, two winners were awarded a chance to come out to a camp for a day of Christmas cheer and fellowship. The first group arrived in late November. The Urban Collaborative from Eugene celebrated its staff holiday party with a hearty romp through the forest, cutting down nearly perfectly proportioned trees to deck their merry halls. The hunt was followed by a delicious holiday meal and dessert. Many of these guests were first timers to Camp Lutherwood, and all the camp staff worked eagerly to make the day festive and fun. The second group came out to camp in early December. Jack and Elsa Guthrie were third time winners of the

Four generations of the Guthrie family smile proudly next to their carefully picked Christmas trees. the families ended up finding the perfect tree for their

Lutherwood Oregon. From all of the year-round and

homes. A celebration of Elsa’s birthday with pie and

summer camp staff, thank you for all you do for the

cake topped off an already fabulous day.

ministry of Camp Lutherwood.

have gathered four generations of their family to come

Thank you to both the Urban Collaborative and the

Please join us at this year’s Fall Fundraiser Sunday,

out to camp for Christmas trees and a meal together.

Guthrie family for being wonderful and gracious

October 1, 2017 for your chance to win a day of

The camp staff has been fortunate to be included! All of

guests, as well as generous supporters of Camp

Christmas trees, fun, food and fellowship out at camp!

Christmas Tree Hunt and Dinner! Jack and Elsa have been active volunteers and donors at Camp Lutherwood for more than 40 years. For the past three years, they

Remembering Board Member Stephen Vorhes

High School Retreat: Tune In

by Gerry Stolp, former Lutherwood Board Member. Gerry attended Emmaus Lutheran in Eugene with Stephen for many years. We said farewell and pax vobiscum to our good friend Stephen Vorhes this past year. One of God’s saints, Stephen was a faithful and joyful member of the Lutherwood clan. He was a frequent volunteer and visitor to camp, and shared his gifts and his resources as a Board member and Advisory Committee participant until his death last July. His skills as a land use attorney were especially valuable in advising the board in the acquisition of the purchase of 43 acres in 2012. On the first day of November, his partner Ellen Walton, and a group of friends gathered at Camp to plant a row of Dogwood trees in his memory. Pastor Brennen Guillory, Faith Lutheran Church (Junction City), led the tree blessing ceremony. Everyone

High School Retreaters celebrate making it up to the Star Gazing Platform on their hike.

present joined in planting each tree, including myself. As we shoveled dirt on their roots, a blessing

by Jennifer Pulscher,

went on an adventurous hike up to the star gazing

was asked—for new life, for shelter for those who

Director of Programs and Spiritual Renewal

platform via our new trail. They learned how to hear and

suffer, for joy, for peace, and finally in remembrance of Stephen and his life. When you come to camp, take a moment to notice the trees, and celebrate the blessing that Stephen was to Camp Lutherwood Oregon, and everyone he met.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon had 20 energetic high school youth, adults, and camp staff on site for an enjoyable weekend of camp activities from February 17-19. The

said, “Even in God’s silence, God is saying something to me and I should be open to listen to it.”

theme of the weekend was, “Tune In,” and campers

Campers also played tons of fun games and worshipped

learned how to experience God’s presence in their

with each other through songs and campfire every

daily lives.

night! Saturday afternoon we gathered together to roast

Pastor John Reutter-Harrah (Peace of Life), Pastor Tim Herzfeldt-Kamprath (West Linn Lutheran) and Pastor Randy Sinn (Zoar Lutheran) took everyone through a weekend of experiencing God’s presence through nature, technology, and being in community with one another. The group heard stories and practiced tuning into God’s presence in nature and art. During this weekend, campers

appreciate the silence of nature on the hike. One Camper

marshmallows and sing Karaoke songs in the lodge. With some great voices and amazing costumes, the weekend was filled with laughter, relaxing, learning and community! Join us next year for another action-packed, yet rejuvenating weekend at Camp Lutherwood Oregon for the High School retreat!

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Meet the 2017 Summer Staff We already have some great staff hired for summer 2017! Get to know them and then look for them at camp! Want to work with these awesome people? There is still time to apply for summer staff. Download the application at or email for more information.

Becca Tew, Zachary Inglesby, lor se un Co Returning Counselor Returning WA tt, ere Ev n: Hometown: Hometow d an Port Gr land, OR g din en Att Currently: in ty rsi Currently: Attending Canyon Unive Western Oregon Phoenix Arizona University to Eat Favorite book: How ell ckw Ro as om Favorite book: Harry Fried Worms by Th ipating in rtic pa joy en I : Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ity tiv Favorite camp ac lping kids he d an ing tch Wa p. Favorite camp activity: Going junior engineers cam ng! on creek drops last year was amazi egg for s on pti tra walk con s and singing songs create most rking with the kids! My Most excited for: Meeting new Most excited for: Wo en one wh people and p last year was cam m fro nt me mo le seei ng God in new ways! memorab if asked of the kids in my cabin nth mo a p cam Nathan Tew, R I could make eturning Site Su ’t can I ek pport we a long instead of Hometown: Po rtl in! an aga s d, thi OR ce wait to experien Currently: Wor king as a substitut e teacher and base ball coach Kevin Fontaine Cola, Favorite book: Once a Runner an New Site Support d To Kill a Mocking bird Hometown: San Diego, CA Favorite camp activity: Watch ing the stars Currently: Attending California at the stargazing platform, singing camp songs, danc Lutheran University and laughing with ing, campers/the staff Favorite book: Eragon Series Most excited fo r: Doing work! I am excited to mee campers and do t the staff and Favorite camp activity: different things ev ery day. Going on hikes! Most excited for: All the outdoor activities as well as being in a whole new environment.

Charlotte Trent, Returning Program Assistant Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA Currently: Attending California Lutheran University Favorite book: Blue Like Jazz s Favorite camp activity: Campfire at Creekside

summer Most excited for: Spending the with ing laughing, learning, and grow t summer campers and staff. No matter wha some it is, Camp always seems to house of my favorite people!

Peter Bernard, New Counselor Hometown: Portland, OR Currently: Attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA Favorite book: My Sister’s Keeper

Favorite camp activity: All cam p games!

Most excited for: Getting to wor k with kids everyday!

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Summer 2017:

Dive In by Jennifer Pulscher,

Director of Programs and Spiritual Renewal Water can be so many things: from a refreshing Nalgene of water after an exciting game of GaGa ball, a crisp dip into the

Brian Hix, selor Returning Coun sters, OR Hometown: Si king as the Currently: Wor 5th-12th for band teacher for School District the Kellogg Joint The Hobbit Favorite book: . by J.R.R. Tolkien mbing! activity: Rock cli Favorite camp kids and having r: Working with Most excited fo faith with e my hobbies and the ability to shar ique and fun un a to help create ed cit ex am I . them campers. experience for all

Chloe Mankin, New

Counselor Hometown: West Lin n, OR

Currently: Attending California Lutheran University

Favorite book: Catch er in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, and Slaughterhouse Five. I also love young adult novels inc luding Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Favorite camp activ ity: I love rock climbin g, bouldering and hiking .

camp pool, to the feeling of raindrops on a hot summer hike. I have several wonderful memories of summer activities with water. But, I can also remember the terrifying clash of a summer thunderstorm, the fear of jumping off the diving platform for the first time, or the disappointment of drinking from a hot Nalgene after leaving it in the sun all day. Water is all around us and is used for so many different things. This summer we will be learning about some exciting, yet scary stories from the Bible that are about water. We will be diving deeper into the renewing story of Jesus being baptized with water, to wading in the thrilling journey of Peter walking on water with Jesus in the storm. “Dive In” with us this summer and experience the power and grace of water is used through stories of our faith. Learn how God is with us through the calm and the stormy waters of our lives, and offers a comforting message for us: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2

Most excited for: Wo rking with an array of different age kids and teach the m about nature, while spe nding time outdoors! orn, Brandie Mehlh selor un Co Returning bany, OR Hometown: Al ost king as a Guest H Currently: Wor d an , od Oregon at Camp Lutherwo r. a Daycare Teache The Help and Favorite book: estern Front All Quiet on the W g and stargazing! tivity: Swimmin ac p m ca te ri Favo d old faces! r: Seeing new an Most excited fo

Trekking Adventures

From Camper to Summer Staff by Nathan Tew, 2013-2016 Summer Staffer To this day, I still vividly remember the first time I came to Camp Lutherwood Oregon as a camper. I was unbelievably excited during the entire trip to camp, and could not wait to get out of the car. I had been to camp before to pick up my older brother, but this would be the first time I actually would get to stay for the

The trekking crew smiles as they reached the peak of their 13 mile hike.

whole week! Pulling into camp, I was greeted with

by Brandie Mehlhorn, 2015-16 Summer Staff and Guest Services For my last week as a camp counselor last summer, I was placed on the Trekking Poles Camp. The week was going to be the most challenging for me. For three days and two nights, we would be out behind camp on the logging road backpacking for 13 miles mostly uphill. Camp is a place of firsts for a lot of people, and backpacking was a first for me. There were only a total of three campers in our group, two girls with me and one boy with my co-counselor. But, in a way, it made the week more fun. We were able to become closer as a group, and did a large amount of activities on the backpacking excursion. It was a nice change from a larger cabin, and with this size there were more opportunities to talk about our lives as a whole group. I learned that one of the girls was from Norway on a three-week exchange, and she chose to spend one week here at Camp Lutherwood. Each camper brought something unique to the group and there was never a dull moment! One of my favorite team building activities of our backpack adventure was when we built a fort out of piled up limbs. With the five of us, it took about two hours to complete. Some of the time was even in the dark! After the fort was finished, the campers decided on the name Fort Milo. That night we sat inside and played games and talked about hopes for the future. One day, I want to go back to that spot to see if Fort Milo is still standing. Overall, this was one of the best weeks I’ve had at camp. Not only did I go on my first backpacking trip, but I met a great group of campers, had a lunch challenge where some of us were not able to see or others couldn’t use their hands, and I was able to explore God’s creation with new friends and an old one. Ten out of ten would recommend and do again.

a smile and a wave from some staff members. They asked me my name, told me I would be staying in the cabin of Oak, and my counselor would be Erik. I hopped out of my car and ran across the bridge, barely noticing the sign at the time

Nathan (left) smiles after his first time to camp in 2003 with his two counselors.

that read, “Camp Lutherwood a Place Set Apart.” Little did I know, when I was 9 years old, Camp Lutherwood would become my second home. Fourteen years later, Camp Lutherwood is still my second home. However, instead of being the camper in the car who is greeted, I am now the greeter, waving and welcoming campers. For the past four years I have worked on the summer staff as a counselor, site support, lifeguard, assistant to the program team, and as a member on the leadership team. Being a camper and now staff member has given me a lot of insight to camp, and I have grown through both of these experiences. Camp has given me an identity and a safe place to express myself. I have very fond memories of being a camper that have stuck with me to this day. Growing up, I always had a lot of energy. Camp allowed me to be outgoing in a way I never knew was possible. From singing silly songs in meal lines at the top of my lungs, dressing up in camo to sneak around during night games, catching crawdads in the creek, dancing around campfire, to swimming in the pool, I was able to do all these fun things while being in God’s presence and learning about Christ’s great love for me. My favorite thing about camp was being surrounded by people who had a genuine love for God. It was nice to be able to have conversations with fellow campers and staff members about faith. It was a safe place for me, and going to camp one week every summer helped shape the faith that I still have to this day. The friendships I formed and the memories I shared will be something I always remember. Working as a staff member has provided me many opportunities to grow in my relationship with God and others as well. Being at Camp Lutherwood Oregon for the past four summers has been amazing. I am a part of a community that loves and supports me. It is interesting being a part of the staff and looking back as my time as a camper. Now, it is my hope and prayer that any camper that walks, runs or skips across the bridge, whether they see the sign that says, “A Place Set Apart,” or not, has a memorable and special time at camp. I am blessed to be a part of this community that has the opportunity to make that happen. I will be forever thankful for Camp Lutherwood Oregon for giving me so much. It will always have a special place in my heart and it truly is a Place Set Apart.

Nathan leads songs with Sean, a Forest Retreater, in 2016.

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Outdoor School at Lutherwood

Meet Jennifer!

by Kirsten Larsen, Outreach Coordinator

by Maddie Bernard, Communication and Marketing Coordinator

Outdoor exploration is a key part of our mission statement: “Camp Lutherwood Oregon offers an

Get to know

outdoor experience that empowers staff and guests

Program Director

of all ages to discover caring and affirming

Jennifer Pulscher,

relationships with God, others, self, and the natural

Camp Lutherwood

world.” Outdoor school has been a key part of Camp

Oregon’s newest

Lutherwood Oregon for a number of years. Whether kids

member of the

come for the day, the week or stay overnight, they are

year-round team!

impacted into adulthood by their experiences outdoors.

Jennifer was

In the past two years, Camp Lutherwood has served

metaphorically at

seven different schools from the Eugene area, from week-

a crossroads in her

long day camps to overnight camping trips. Some of these

life but physically

schools bring their own science curriculum, and others use programs like Whole Earth Nature School, based out of Eugene. Whole Earth Nature School offers a variety of camps and classes for people of all ages, and works with local schools to program outdoor school. Founder and instructor at Whole Earth Nature School, Matt Bradley advocates for outdoor schools. He expressed how the diversity of habitats and how the land is situated makes Camp Lutherwood Oregon an ideal place for outdoor schools. “It fits into our mission,” Bradley said. “And it encourages kids to have a life-long relationship with nature.”

in Oregon can attend an outdoor school program. In the past, individual schools or districts were responsible for raising money for students to attend. This created unequal access to valuable outdoor school programs. “We are new to this context, but one of the biggest issues facing outdoor school today is budget short falls,” Bradley said. Now, all Oregon students can participate in an outdoor school experience, regardless of socio-economic status or zip code. Whether you stay for a day or for a whole week, outdoor school provides kids the opportunity for hands-on learning. Outdoor school can be an extension of a

An exciting new development in outdoor school in

classroom’s science curriculum, or just a fun camp, but

Oregon was Measure 99 on the 2016 ballot. Measure

it generates a child’s life-long passion and interest in

99 allocates $22 million of state lottery funds to be

learning. Consider making Camp Lutherwood your place

distributed to school districts so every fifth or sixth grader

for outdoor school!

standing on top of a mountain in Colorado. She had been working at Holy Love Lutheran Church in Colorado for the past year but could not escape the nagging nudge she should be doing something else. As she gazed out from the mountain peak, she realized her heart was calling her to Outdoor Ministry rather than Congregational Ministry. “My call to ministry has always been a strong nudge in the direction of Outdoor Ministry,” Jennifer said. “I love focusing on being outside and enjoying God’s creation. Being renewed within yourself through the outdoors is such a transformative experience, and very important to me.” Jennifer got her first taste of outdoor ministry while working as a camp counselor at Ox Lake Bible Camp in Minnesota. She worked at camp for a few summers before graduating from Augsburg College in Minnesota, and then moved on, working in the communications office at Luther Seminary. After Luther Seminary, Jennifer took a job at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp in Colorado as a Program Assistant and then at Holy Love Lutheran Church as the Faith Formation Director. Jennifer began thinking of a life change when she realized her favorite part of her job as a Youth Director was taking kids to camp. When she got the call from Camp Lutherwood Oregon, she knew it was the perfect opportunity. “I’m the type of person who likes to focus on the future, and all throughout my interviews there was talk about the future of Camp Lutherwood and that really excited me.” In her first months, Jennifer has enjoyed getting to know camp and people who are associated with it. She has especially loved living and working surrounded by nature. “I love that this is a place where I can experience God’s presence in creation, just as so many people have before me,” she said. When Jennifer is not working, you can find her

Amazon Smile and Wish List Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development There are many creative and easy ways to support Camp Lutherwood Oregon! One wonderful way is

exploring the outdoors. From backpacking to skydiving, and snowboarding to bungee jumping

needs, and we are so thankful for the items people donate, matching camp’s needs with people’s desire to give. What a perfect match!

—Jennifer does it all. While she is excited for her journey at Lutherwood, she also can’t wait to explore the Pacific Northwest. One of Jennifer’s goals is to grow the attendance

through Amazon Smile. With every purchase you make

Other Items on Camp’s Wish List:

via Amazon, a portion of your purchase goes to Camp

Upright Freezer

Shovels and rakes

Lutherwood Oregon with no extra cost to you. Just go to

she hopes to bring some of her outdoor adventure

Gardening tools

Gator Utility Vehicle

experiences to camp. But also, she wants to help and select Camp Lutherwood Oregon as your recipient organization. And while you are on Amazon, check out Camp’s Amazon Wish-list! Items range from sports equipment, to craft supplies, site and facilities’ needs, and more! All of the items on the Wish List have tremendous camper and guest impact. We keep the list updated with current page 6

of family camp in her time at Lutherwood. And,


people to experience the peace of God and beauty of

For any questions about specific items, please call camp

nature in this place set apart.

at 541-998-6444

“I love how here at Lutherwood you are greeted with

*You can also send a check for a specific item to camp

a sign that says, ‘A Place Set Apart,’” Jennifer said.

directly. Please note the item you would like to donate in

“And I love that I get to show and explain to people

the memo line. Camp Lutherwood Oregon 22960 Hwy

what that means. I’m excited for this new experience

36 Cheshire, OR 97419

and can’t wait to help Lutherwood grow.”

Camp Lutherwood Oregon Community of Support We are constantly overwhelmed with thankfulness for all the generosity and support of Camp Lutherwood Oregon from donors and volunteers. Thank you to all of those for donating time, talent, and financial support to camp. Camp is a transformative place that has positively touched many people’s lives. Your support continues to make that possible! Below is a list of all donors, volunteers, and summer staff who gave their resources, time and support to Camp Lutherwood Oregon in 2016. On behalf of all the campers, guests, Board of Directors, and staff, thank you for your support of this life-changing ministry. If you gave to camp in 2016 and are not listed, please let Caitlin know ( Association Churches: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Vancouver Bethesda Lutheran Church, Eugene Bethesda Lutheran Church Foundation, Eugene Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Endowment, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Foundation, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Women, Eugene Christ the King Lutheran Church, Tigard Church of Christians of Seventh Day, Portland Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Emmaus Lutheran Church Women, Eugene Faith Lutheran Church, Junction City Faith Lutheran Church, Albany Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland Grace Lutheran Church, Corvallis Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Coos Bay Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Portland Immanuel Lutheran Church, Woodburn Joyful Servant Lutheran Church, Newberg Messiah Lutheran Church, Eugene Milwaukie Lutheran Church, Milwaukie Milwaukie Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, Milwaukie Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Eugene Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath Peace Lutheran Ladies Guild, Philomath Prince Of Life Lutheran Church, Oregon City Springfield Lutheran Church, Springfield Saint Mark Lutheran Church, Salem St Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton St. Mark Lutheran Church, Salem St. Paul of Damascus, Boring Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas Trinity Lutheran Guild,Tulelake United Lutheran Church, Eugene West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portland Zion Lutheran Church, Camas Donors: Dave & Glenda Andersen Dave & Ronni Anderson John & Christina Andrea

J. Truman Baird David Bandick Louise Bandick Denny & Jane Batterson Nancy Becker Dick & Diane Bemrose Helen Berg Jean Beriault Jack & Inez Berkey Robert Bernardy Marilyn & Arthur Bervin Scott & Kristi Beyer Jim & Nancy Bibler Don Charles Blom Katie Bode Rev. Jim & Carmen Bornzin Edgar & Marylouise Brandt Rick Brathovde, CFP, MBA, FIC Henry & Ardith Bretthauer Rebecca Brown Bob & Terry Buchholz Zach & Becci Buenau Mimi Burkholder Tim Carlisle Rev. Steve & Claudia Carlson Jake & Ruthann Carroll Robert & Lori Casteel Joseph & Suzanne Cavanagh Gayle Childress Alan & Judy Christensen Dr. Nathan & Ms. Samantha Christensen Craig Christensen Aaron Christian C.A. Coatney Charles Cole Cynthia & Ken Culpepper Cecil Dammen Lynn Danner Lorraine & Mason Davis Jana & Adrian Deiss Mark & Nancy Dickman Chuck & Arlene Dietz Trudi & James Diffendaffer Gay Kramer-Dodd & Rev. Tom Dodd Lou & Karen Drouet Elva & Marlene Duvall Charles & Sherry Eisenbach Caitlin Elwood Leslie & David Everson Margrethe Farnstrom Craig & Cindi Farnstrom Barbara Froman Jim & Nancy Fuerstenberg Betty & Elroy Fuller Henry Fuqua Debbie Gehrke Larry & Diane George Lowell Gere Cindy & John Gibbon Kimberlee & Jim Gibbons Jerry & Joyce Gilbert Stephen & Shirley Gilbreath Mark & Sarah Gillem Robert & Kay Glathar Willard & Barbara Grabofsky Randy Greb George & Kerri Gubbins John & Courtney Gustafson

Thomas & Katherine Schroeder Gustafson Rev. Walter and Mary Gustav Jack & Elsa Guthrie Mary & Paula Guthrie-Scott Brent & Monica Hample Clarene Hample Nancy & Jerome Hamren Sarah Heacock Paul & Jean Heins Ellen Heldt Doris Helikson Jennifer Helm Rev. Wendell and Rev. Netsie Hendershott Amy & Bruce Henderson James & Linda Henry Janice Henry Revs. Tim & Donna Herzfeldt-Kamprath Rudy & Pam Hiley Ken & Diane Hoffine Dana Howe Kathryn Hunt Joseph & Jo Anne Hynes Chris & Kim Ierien Phil Isensee & Rev. Martha Maier Rev. Harlow & Nancy Jacobson Myrtle Jaech Patricia & Dale Jamtgaard Carl & Marjorie Jensen Bill & Brenda Johnson Peter & Janet Johnson Don Johnson Brent Johnson John & Mary Johnson Rev. Jeff & Karin Kallevig Walt & Laura Kastner Erin Kerr Beverly Killam Susan Kintner Kayla Klingman Debra & Rodger Knebel Rev. Dale A & Donna M Koehneke Aaron & Erika Kohn Patricia & Abner Korsness Sam Kost Sarah Kotchian Pamela Krause James & Ellen Krueger Marvin & Janice Kufahl Peter & Lori Kugler Chad & Bethany Lakies Frank & Naomi Larsen Steve & Kimberlee Larsen Rev. W.O. & A.L Lawson James & Darlene Leklem Rev. Jeremy & Alicia Lucke Paul & Marilyn Lund Neil & Patty MacInnes Rev. Charles & Debra Mantey Amy & Andy Mauck Clara Mays Chad & Emily McCann Debra & John McCarthy Denise Mcpherson Deb & Joe Medley Andrew & Jenny Meier Don & Judy Mertes Peter Metcalf Paul & Kathleen Michel Gretchen Miles Ron Mills Kelsey Minor Rev. Terry Moe Alvin & Violet Mohr Linda & Allen Nauman Tom & Diane Neely Lowell Nelson Rev. Kelle Nelson Bob & Maryls Newcomb Dan & Betsy Newell Paul & Debra Newkirk Greta Nycklemoe Steve & Janice Olivia Richard & Clintena Olsen Nancy Olsen Laura Pahlmeyer

Joanna Palmer Mike & Jane Paynter John & Cathy Pederson Chad & Ashley Peterson Leslie Peterson Jeffrey & Alice Phillips Ted & Yvonne Phillips Steve & Cheryl Rafoth Lisa Ramsey Rev. John & Susan Reutter-Harrah Carol Rohlfing Rosemary Roth Sara & Josh Samuelson Steve & Debbie Sandau Amanda Sandau John & Lois Schrenk Laura Schroeder Joel & Mary Schuldheisz Beth Schwartz Andrea Scofield David Scofield Ray Scofield Elaine & Lester Senff Robert & Nancy Shapiro Rod & Mitzi Shirk Dona Shoemaker Randy & Brenda Shults Manuel & Karen Silveira Phil & Nina Sjoding Nathan Skadsen Rob & Sue Skinner Patricia Smith Joyce Spence Charlotte Stelzer Raymond & Sarah Jane Stelzer Rod & Rhonda Stephens Jon Skogen & Steve Ransone Gerry & Heidi Stolp Jon & Jeranna Strasman Steve & Becky Stratton Paul & Debi Stromberg Brian & Deborah Sund J. Swanson Rev. Paul & Mary Swanson Leah & Aaron Tag Cheryl & James Terrusa Elin & Rev.Paul Teyler Ronald & Carol Thompson Bill Thompson Neva Thompson Tom & Connie Thomsen Clark & Carolyn Tiecke Adalbert & Mildred Toepel Kurt & Lennie Torgerson Rev. Roy & Edith Tribe Larry & Phyllis Vachal Gordon & Dorothy Vangsnes Sonja Vik Peter Vorhes Stephen Vorhes Thor Waage Marty & Liz Waananen Ellen Walton Allan & Sally Walton Richard & Kathy Whitwer James & Yvonne Wildish Ronald & Donna Wilsom Rev. Zane & Mary Beth Wilson Teresa Wilson Gary Wolfe Daniel Young Bruce & Vivian Zagar

YourCause Thrivent Gift Multiplies Volunteers: Don Baker John Barnum Brian Barrett Jim Barta Katie Bode Luke Broker Bob & Terry Buchholz Clara Christensen Alan Christensen Ken & Cindy Culpepper Emma Dixon Rev. Tom Dodd Cathy Duong Melody Duriel Eric Elwood John Filbert Dave & Caryl Gibson Bob Glathar John Gustafson Jack Guthrie Oscar Guthrod Melinda Guzman Zachary Hall Mark Haverward Watty Held Tom Hellickson Ethan Hendrix Kaitlin Hergert Bill & Brenda Johnson Andrea Johnson Quinn Johnston Kara Kaufman Isabella Kenny Jim Kilgore Kevin Kim Jordyn Kleinberg Rev. Dale & Donna Koehneke Jim Krueger Jeff Krueger Art Labuhn Khiem Lam Kimmy Lam Gregg Lockwood Rev. Jeremy Lucke Rev. John Luttemann James MacDonald Tom Mains Winter Manisto-Saari Samantha Matthew Rev. Joe Medley Natalie Mosman Lowell Nelson Rev. Jim Norlie Josh Olsen Kory Plakos Ben Post Noah, Jessica & Kimberlee Reitmeier Dustin & Caleb Rosenberg JJ Russell Riley Russell Rachel Sabatka Steve & Debbie Sandau Amanda Sandau

Chris Sims Phil Sjoding Vaughn Smith Becky & Elle Stehle Charlotte Stelzer Ray Stelzer Heidi Stolp Blake Strom Ethan Tait Nick Tasker Nathaniel Taylor Joanna Thurner Clark & Carolyn Tiecke Sarah Tolleson Lennie Torgerson Patrick Urbanski Rachel Vettrus Sid Voorhees Wendy Waananen Cathy Warner Ben Warner Jordan Weber Nathan Whitwer Kris Williams Bruce & Vivian Zagar Lyle Zimerman Nick Zita 2016 Summer Staff: Lukas Aberle* Kaiti Bennett Maddie Bernard Laurie Campbell* Lauren Doxsee* Samuel Ferguson* Emily Glaser* Emily Green* Peter Gustafson* Melanie Hawk* Brian Hix* Zachary Inglesby* Quinn Johnston* Kasey Kallevig* Innocent Kisanga* Jordyn Kleinberg David Lafore Hallie Larson* Winter Manisto-Saari* Nathan Matters* Samantha Matthew Josiah McAllister* Steven McCarthy Brandie Mehlhorn James Miller* Theo Miller Natalie Mosman* Jessica Norris Claire Pahlmeyer Alondra Silva-Bucio* Rachel Summers Nathaniel Taylor* Becca Tew Nathan Tew Joanna Thurner Charlotte Trent Nathan Whitwer *Indicates new staff

Other Organizations: AmazonSmile Emerald Excavating InFaith Community Foundation Murdock Charitable Trust Oregon Synod- Region 1 ELCA Pacific Continental Bank Technaprint Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars

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Inside... Luther Creek Explorer Trail Learn about the nature surrounding Lutherwood’s newest trail. page 1

Meet the Summer Staff Get to know the 2017 Summer Staff before coming to camp. page 4

Outdoor School at Lutherwood Hear about camp’s next steps in hosting Outdoor Schools. page 6

2017 at a glance April 29 Spring Work Day (all ages)

July 14-16 Family Camp 1 (all ages)

May 20 Spring Work Day (all ages)

July 16-21 Discovery 1: Up, Up and Away (grades 7-9)

June 3 Spring Work Day (all ages)

Trekking Poles (grades 10-12)

June 25-30 Confirmation 1 (grades 6-9) Base Camp (grades 7-9) July 2-7 Summit 1 (grades 10-12)

July 23-28 Confirmation 2 (grades 6-9) July 28-30 Women’s Retreat (18+)

July 5-7 Forest Retreat (adults with disabilities)

July 30-August 4 Discovery 2: Float Your Boat (grades 7-9) Creative Arts (grades 7-12) Summit 2 (grades 10-12)

July 9-11

August 6-8

Mini 1 (grades 1-3)

Mini 2 (grades 1-3)

July 9-14 Pioneer 1 (grades 3-5) Explorer 1: Space and Rockets

August 6-11 Pioneer 2 (grades 3-5) Explorer 2: Night Owls (grades 5-6)

(grades 5-6) Grades based on the 2017-18 school year.

August 11-13 Family Camp 2 (all ages)

Register online at For more information, call (541) 998-6444 or email

Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2017 Spring Post  

Learn about camp's new trail, catch up on what's been happening at camp, and meet the 2017 Summer Staff!

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