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Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association

22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419


Dear Friends, I write to you as I reflect on the 6 years that I have served on the Board of Directors. Camp Lutherwood has come a long way in the last 6 years, but continues to have some of the same challenges. Accomplishments that occurred in 2017 included new signage, renovations to the Outdoor Chapel and a Market Analysis for a potential Retreat Center. The Board also initiated a Strategic Visioning process. But the challenges that we faced were challenges familiar to Camp in the areas of finances and staffing. Our executive director, Andrea Scofield, and the Board of Directors continue to find solutions that bring about stability for both finances and staffing. Camp Lutherwood continues to be blessed with the leadership of our executive director, Andrea Scofield. Additionally, I am always amazed with the talented, dedicated staff that Andrea has to support her. Programs, communication, facilities, guest services, outreach, finances, resources‌. and the challenges that come with carrying out these ministries are always tackled head on by the leadership and staff of the camp. As I look to our congregations and to the champions of Camp Lutherwood, I am asking for your assistance in the coming year. In the coming year, please consider supporting Camp Lutherwood in the following ways: 1. Find opportunities to be at Camp as a participant (e.g. Harvest Festival, Family Camp, Women’s Retreat); 2. Continue to give of your resources and your talents (e.g. Contributions, Volunteer Work Days); and 3. Connect members of your congregation, friends and family to Camp Lutherwood. I thank my fellow board members for another year of thoughtful board engagement. Thanks also go out to the Advisory Committee for completing their work on the University of Oregon Market Analysis. We say goodbye to three board members (including myself) who will not be returning. Thank you John Gustafson and Lennie Torgerson for your serving on the board and executive committee these past 6 years. Also, thank you in advance to the board applicants that will be joining the board in 2018. Thank you for attending this Annual Association Meeting and your continued support of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. I look forward to seeing you around camp in 2018. Terry Buchholz Board of Directors, Chair Camp Lutherwood Oregon, would like to thank and acknowledge Terry for her 6 years of service as Board Chair and lifelong committment to Lutherwood. 22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419 | (541) 998-6444 |

22960 Highway 36 | Cheshire, OR 97419 | (541) 998-6444 |


February 3, 2018

Welcome and Introductions President Terry Buchholz Opening Prayer Pastor Kelle Nelson DeBruin, St. Paul, Portland Staff Introductions and 2017 Year in Review Lutherwood Staff & Video

Business meeting begins: Approval of Minutes: 2016 Annual Meeting Terry Buchholz pages 3-4 2017 Reports Andrea Scofield and Lutherwood Staff

• Organizational, Guest Services, Outreach Update: Andrea Scofield, Executive Director pages 6-7 • Development, Site and Facilities: Caitlin Elwood, Director of Operations & Tom Brewer page 8 • Program: Charlotte Trent, Program Director page 12 • Marketing and Communication: Maddie Tew & Allison Westerhoff pages 9-10 Notable 2017 Accomplishments:

• Effective Camp Research Project: Maddie Tew • Signage Project: Caitlin Elwood • Outdoor Chapel Renovation: Caitlin Elwood • U of O Market Analysis Results: Andrea Scofield & Terry Buchholz Treasurer’s Report John Gustafson page 14

• 2017 Financial reports pages 15-18 2018 Budget Presentation: John Gustafson

New Business: Approval of the 2018 Budget Terry Buchholz, John Gustafson Approval of Board of Directors Terry Buchholz, Alan Christensen page 19

Matt Johnson, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tigard (LCMS) Barry McPherson, Atonement Lutheran, Newport (ELCA) & First Presbyterian Church, Newport Joanna MacDonald, Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene (ELCA) Thank you to John Gustafson, Lennie Torgerson and Terry Buchholz for their 6 years of service to the Board of Directors

Thinking Ahead: 2018 And Beyond

• Staffing Update – Internship Grant • 2018 Summer Program highlights • Preparing for Feasibility Study and Initiation of Capital Campaign Volunteer and Program opportunities

• Work Days May 12, and June 9, 2018 • Staff training begins June 12th & campers arrive June 24th Announcements & Adjournment Closing Prayer Andrea Scofield

Refreshments available to enjoy. CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2017 ANNUAL MEETING


2016 Annual Meeting of the Association Minutes Camp Lutherwood Oregon 2016 Annual Association Meeting February 4, 2017 Location: Meeting was held at Faith Lutheran in Albany, Oregon. Board in Attendance: Lennie Torgerson, Terry Buchholz, Pastor Jeremy Lucke, John Gustafson, Donna Koehneke, and Craig Farnstrom. Executive Director: Andrea Scofield. Absent: Jonathan Cavanagh, Alan Christensen, Pastor Kelle Nelson Member Churches and Delegates in Attendance: St. Andrew Lutheran (Beaverton): Robert Buchholz, Terry Buchholz, West Linn Lutheran: Sara Gross Samuelson, Jan Eppelsheimer, Gary Eppelsheimer, Libby Isensee (board member-elect) Grace Lutheran Church (Corvallis): Matt Weeber, Dana Howe, Wendell Hendershott Emmaus (Eugene): Gerry Stolp Nativity Lutheran Church (Bend): Chris Kramer United Lutheran (Eugene): Ellen Krueger, Jim Krueger, John Gustafson Peace Lutheran (West Salem): Donna Koehneke St. Luke Lutheran (Portland): Craig Farnstrom Our Redeemer Lutheran (Eugene): Dan Schlewitz Peace Lutheran Church (Philomath): Jeremy Lucke St. Mark Lutheran (Salem): Verne Deplois Prince of Life Lutheran (Oregon City): Lennie Torgerson Central Lutheran (Eugene): Nick Tasker, Eric Elwood Gethsemane Lutheran (Portland): Dick Bemrose 14 members in attendance, 22 delegates in attendance (maximum of three per member church). Call to Order: Terry Buchholz opened the meeting at 1:04PM Introductions of Board Members, Advisory Committee and Year-Round Staff Going Places Together – Generative Thinking Exercise, Pastor Chris Kramer A Year in Review – Video Bingo cards were distributed. During business meeting, attendees listened for phrases on the bingo cards. Business Meeting began: at 2:01 PM Prior Minutes Terry Buchholz entertained a motion to approve the 2016 annual meeting minutes, Jim Krueger so moved, Dick Bemrose seconded. Unanimous voice approval.



2016 Annual Association Meeting Minutes, continued 2016 Reports -Andrea gave an organizational update on the camp. Andrea focused on site and facilities goals for 2017. -Caitlin Elwood gave a presentation on development, including fundraising. Grant we did not receive last year, we will receive this year. We had more than $23,000 in volunteer hours – (1,150 hours). -Kirsten Larsen presented on guest services and outreach. -Jennifer Pulscher, Director of Programs and Spiritual Renewal introduced herself. -Brandie Mehlhorn presented on Guest Services & Hosting. -Maddie Bernard presented as Marketing & Communications Coordinator. -Andrea spoke on the goal to complete the building design. It’s in the last phase- getting the final report to the board. Treasurer’s Report -John Gustafson gave a report on the 2016 financials. Bottom line is not the only measurement of success. Finished the upper cabins, new washer and dryer for staff, continued pathway and roadway improvement, Number of campers was down, and donations were down. A wonderful year-end gift in 2015 got us through 2016. -Where is Outdoor School income listed? -Outdoor School is listed in Rentals and Group use – Non-Lutheran. -When will pool be paid off ? -7 years left on the loan; interest rate was lowered this year. 2016 Budget Pool balance at end of the year – $209,395.76. 2017 budget will have about $2500 in surplus to work on capital-type items, which is very little. We badly need a new walk-in refrigerator for the kitchen. Wish-list items for this year may not happened, based upon our current proposed budget. We are starting the year with a lower cash balance than last year.We have applied for another Murdock Grant to partially fund the Director of Operations position. We will know if this grant is approved in May. Wendell Hendershot asked – Do we have a foundation? No, we have not developed a foundation fund – it is a goal. Dick Bemrose moved to approve the 2017 Budget, Wendell Hendershot seconded. Unanimous approval. No abstentions. Board of Directors Nominations Terry Buchholz recognized out-going board member Jonathan Cavanagh who had to step down early. Terry also remembered board and advisory committee member, Stephen Vorhes, who passed away in July 2016. In October, the board gave his wife, Ellen a gift – and she planted a small grove of trees at camp in his memory. Stephen will be so missed. Terry introduced Libby Isensee as the board member-elect. Gary Eppelsheimer moved to approve election of Libby Isensee as a board member, Sara Gross Samuelson seconded. Unanimous vocal approval. Thinking Ahead, 2017 & Beyond -Terry Buchholz presented some goals: Minor revisions to Articles of Incorporation and strategic planning with the Advisory Committee. -Andrea Scofield presented changes to staffing structure in 2016 and the future. The goal for 2017 is to have four management positions: Development, program, operations, and executive. -Position of Director of Programs & Spiritual Renewal was filled by Jennifer Pulscher. -Partner with Whole Earth Nature School. -Market Analysis. -Donor, volunteer and program opportunities. Adjournment: Jim Krueger moved and Dick Bemrose seconded to adjourn. Meeting Adjourned at 2:57 PM. Additional Closing Remarks Terry Buchholz recognized that Andrea has spent 20 summers at camp. Closing Prayer: Andrea Scofield gave the closing prayer. Respectfully submitted. Lennie Torgerson, acting Board Secretary CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2017 ANNUAL MEETING


2017: A Year in Photos -Outdoor Schools -Work Days -Signage Project -New Life! -Christmas! -Tree Hunts -Website update!

Winter Summer

Spring Fall

-Camp! -4th of July -Outdoor Chapel Redo



-Harvest Fest -Lutherwood on Location -Fall leaves!

Andrea Scofield, Executive Director

Executive Director Report “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” -Isaiah 43:2 2017 Summer Theme: DIVE IN “Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;” -Isaiah 43 1-2 Looking back over the entire year of 2017 gives reason for celebration. The theme verse above gives reason for us to have gratitude and thanksgiving for our celebrations and our challenges. God is with us and God has called us by name. We are God’s people and at Camp Lutherwood Oregon we have been called to serve God’s people and all of creation. The Board of Directors has stayed focused this year on strategic visioning. The board engaged the work of the Oregon Consulting Group, Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon to conduct and complete a market analysis regarding the proposed building project at Camp Lutherwood. The Board and staff worked with two different student groups, one in the spring of 2017 and one in the fall of 2017. The consulting group focused on the proposed retreat center plans that Urban Collaborative, with Mark Gillem’s leadership, developed for us over the pasts two years. The board developed “decision making” criteria in order to target exactly what we needed to move forward with remodeling the existing lodge and adding a retreat center. The market analysis looked at who are our potential customers, who are our most likely competitors, what guests are willing to pay for an overnight retreat stay, what amenities they look for, and how far will they most likely travel. The group also designed a financial tool for the board to use in calculating and predicting future growth. The financial and uncertainty analysis conducted by the team supports a recommendation to build one wing onto the lodge. This comes with a few key criteria that the plan has to meet to break even:

1. Camp Lutherwood must raise enough money to finance this project without a loan. 2. Adult Workshops are the key margin driver. In the model, they gave this segment an aggressive growth rate. The percentage of total revenue from this segment needs to grow to 50% by year 10 from 40% where it starts in the model). Targeting this segment is the fastest way to break even.

3. The percentage of revenue from Young Adult Retreats needs to stay around 33% of total revenue. 4. The percentage of revenue from Outdoor Schools will need to drop to less than 20% of total Revenue by year 10. This segment will essentially stay flat while the others grow.



Executive Director Report, continued

Thank you to the U of O group, the Advisory Committee, and the Board of Directors for their involvement and commitment to the future of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. We will continue to work towards an understanding of how much we can build, how much we will need to raise, and what the timeline for this project will be. Lutherwood will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2019 and we hope to be on our way with plans to build by the anniversary year. Two other celebrations for 2017 were the renovation of the Outdoor Chapel and the completion of the signage project at camp. The only thing missing is our new monument sign at the road. This is hopefully going to be finished in 2018. Thank you to Bob Buchholz for his amazing craftsmanship in creating the directional signs placed all around camp. They look fantastic. The Outdoor Chapel renovation project was a partnership with the Northwest Youth Corps in Eugene. They provided the staff, labor, expertise, and supervision to complete the project. Trees from around camp were used for the new seating. We are grateful for the hard work and diligence from the teen workers to complete the project in a little over two weeks. What a great gift to all of our guests at camp and now outdoor chapel can be used during the whole year….the new trail goes above the swamped grounds so the chapel is accessible now in the wetter months. We lived our summer theme “DIVE IN” throughout the year and I am grateful for all the people that have been such a part of this ministry. We can’t do it without all of you. Thank you to the board, the staff, volunteers, and guests who make this place all that it is!


Andrea Scofield, Executive Director



Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development

Office of Development Report 2017 was a transitional year for Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Focus shifted to capacity building with the hiring of a Program Director and receiving the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust grant supporting the Director of Operations. Important and needed site projects were also completed, including new signage throughout camp as well as a complete renovation of Outdoor Chapel, thanks to the generosity of volunteers, donors and funds from the Gray Family Foundation. Supporters continued giving generously, and churches supported camp through events, dollars and sending kids to camp. Volunteers continued to amaze us with their hard-work and dedication. Volunteer hours exceeded $24,000 in 2017. Thrivent Action Teams continue to be an area of excitement and growth with opportunities for even more projects and support in 2018. Thank you to all who support and encourage the mission of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. The work is not possible without the generosity of others. In-kind & Volunteer

Development Highlights in 2017:

Individual & Family Grants


Major grants awarded in 2017

$24,000 generated in volunteer hours ($23,000 in 2016)

Other Camperships/ Scholarships

• $4,000 in Thrivent Action Teams revenue • More than $70,000 raised at Harvest Festival • Murdock grant funding Director of Operations awarded ($135,000 over 3 years) • $35,000 Gray Family Foundation Deferred Maintenance Grant awarded • Outdoor Chapel Renovation • Signage Project completed

4th Annual Fall Fundraiser: Harvest Festival Oct. 1, 2017 The 2017 Camp $70,000 Lutherwood Oregon net raised Harvest Festival and at event Fundraiser was a rousing success! On behalf of all the year-round staff and the Board of Directors, thank you for your support of the event and camp. Thank you for your time, energy and generosity. The event raised nearly $70,000! What a gift to all of our campers and year round guests!

Save the Date! The 2018 Fall Fundraiser is on September 30, 2018

Thrivent Choice/ Gift Multiplier Synod Benevolence Businesses Congregational Endowments Other Foundations Congregation Foundations



$374,398 total raised in 2017


Development Goals for 2018: • $5,000 in Thrivent Action Team income • Renovate Cascara’s restroom facilities • Harvest Festival Celebration & Fundraiser (September. 30, 2018) - Goal of $75,000 • Increase overall giving by 8% • Four fundraising events in people’s homes • Continued outreach to individual and organizational donors



Brandie Mehlhorn, Guest Services Coordinator

Facility Rentals Report Camp Lutherwood Oregon continues to serve a variety of rental groups every month of the year, from weddings, to outdoor schools, even regional campus ministry retreats and live-action role play events. In 2017 we had 16 different rental groups, and served four times the number of guests during the year-round season (1,936) compared to the summer (484). We have re-established the Live Action Role Play (LARP) group as a monthly rental and also gained a new recurring Buddhist Zen group called Blue Cliff who enjoy the peaceful setting and nature at camp.

Guests by Year: 2010 to 2017

1,936 guests served

3000 2,404  


in 2017





Gross Revenue by year 2013: $23,515 2014: $52,500

1,301 1,021  



600 500  



0 2010   2010  

2011 2011  

2012 2012  

2013 2013  


2014 2014  

of avaliable days were rented

in 2017


times the number of guests than in the summer

47% in 2016


2015 2015  

2016 2016  


different rental groups on site in 2017

2015: $77,817 2016: $81,659 2017: $81,195


$81,195 total gross revenue in 2017

Facility Rental Goals for 2017: • Increase weekday rentals • Keep recurring groups such as LARP and Concordia Wind Ensemble • Continue to grow relationships with groups to encourage possible return

62% of groups were

first time groups


• Continue strong communication and immediate response to inquiries and groups throughout the booking process • Send letters of thanks to each group to show we value their support

Rev. Sara Gross Samuelson, Congressional Outreach & Spiritual Renewal Coordinator

Outreach Report Outreach Highlights in 2017:

LW Sundays & Outreach Events

Partnering with churches in Oregon and Southwest Washington, as well as local schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations continues to be an important value of Camp Lutherwood Oregon. In 2017, we visited 31 churches and schools for Lutherwood Sundays, chapel visits, and synod assemblies. We also introduced Lutherwood on Location and have 12 events booked for summer 2018! This network of relationships continues to support and sustain Camp Lutherwood Oregon in all that we do throughout the year. Thank you for welcoming us into your community when we visit, and for your continued prayers and contributions! Another Outreach Highlight was Lutherwood’s participation in the Effective Camp Research Project. The goal of this project was to measure the lasting impact camp has on a child. We distributed surveys to campers 10 years and older on Sunday and then again on Friday of the camp week. We also sent follow-up surveys to parents. Three weeks after their camp week we sent a follow up to campers to see what they remembered about being at camp. We totaled 180 matched camper surveys (from the 3) and 50 parent surveys. We have received a first round of data, but will gain access to the full report in 2018.


Of parents said camp made an impact on their child

11 in 2016



Lutherwood Sundays in 2017

Lutherwood on Location events planned for 2018

Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver, WA Bethesda Lutheran, Eugene Camp Fair, Corridor Elementary, Eugene Camp Fair, O-Hara Catholic School, Eugene Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Community of Christ Church, Hillsboro Faith Lutheran, Albany Forest Hills Lutheran School, Cornelius Gethsemane Lutheran, Portland Gloria Dei Lutheran, Coos Bay Holy Cross Lutheran, Salem LWMI Zone Rally, LCMS, Philomath Messiah Lutheran Vancouver, WA Milwaukie Lutheran, Milwaukie Nativity Lutheran, Bend Oregon Pastor’s Conference, LCMS, Eugene Oregon Synod Assembly, ELCA, Portland Our Redeemer Lutheran, Tigard Our Savior’s Lutheran, Eugene Our Saviour’s Lutheran, Lebanon Peace Lutheran, Philomath Peace Lutheran, Salem Prince of Life Lutheran, Oregon City St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA St. Paul Lutheran, Portland St. Paul Lutheran, Sherwood Trinity Lutheran School, Portland Trinity Lutheran, Dallas United Lutheran, Eugene West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Zoar Lutheran School, Corvallis

Thanks to our 2017 Chaplains Pr. Martha Maier, Pr. Carl Hansen, Pr. Leah Stolte-Doerffer, Pr. Tyler Beane Kelly, Pr. Barbara Punch and Pr. Eric Kolonich.

Lutherwood on Location: There is something sort of “magical” about what happens during a week at camp. We want to bring that “magic” to our partners in congregations and lots of other locations! “Lutherwood on Location” was born as a way of restyling our Summer Day Camp Programs and year-round events such as Lutherwood Sundays and Lutherwood Retreats. Our first Lutherwood on Location event was this fall, where we held a Lock-In at Gloria Dei, Coos Bay (thanks to Pastor Jon Strasman). The congregation graciously hosted us, cooked us breakfast and found a service project for us. All the best parts of camp were present- new friends, songs, counselors, faith formation and gaga ball!

Outreach Goals for 2018: • Increase presence in LCMS and other affiliated Lutheran congregations and schools • Continue to grow the community for young adults at Lutherwood year-round. Find ways to create space for conversation, opportunities and realationships for them. • Renew patterns of communication with congregations through print and social media



Caitlin Elwood, Director of Resource Development

Site & Facilities Report 2017 was a productive and exciting year at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, particularly around the site and facilities. Camp strives to be good stewards of the site and facilities built and maintained over the past sixty years.


There are 71 acres and 20 buildings plus some limited hiking trails that are part of the site. Many of the buildings are in need of repair and rejuvenation to meet the needs of year round guests of all ages and abilities. Every part of the property has its own unique and individual needs that require constant vigilance in order to have them operable throughout the entire year. All Camp Lutherwood staff work diligently to address deferred maintenance, plan and coordinate projects for the facilities always with the goal of how to best serve campers and guests. The work would not be possible without the tremendous effort of camp’s volunteers. Thank you to all who come out to camp to work, rain or shine. We can’t fulfill camp’s mission without you!

volunteer hours

in 2017 That’s $24,080

Site & Facilities Highlights from 2017: Road & Trails

•Extended road to meet back field trail -Thanks Emerald Excavating and Jim & Ellen Krueger

• Completion of trail and foot bridges for Luther Creek Explorer Trail -Thanks Jim & Jeff Krueger • New gravel in front of lodge -Thanks Emerald Excavating and Jim & Ellen Krueger Lodge Projects

• New door for walk-in freezer -Thanks Gray Family Foundation • Replacement of upright freezer -Thanks Gray Family Foundation • New lighting in kitchen -Thanks Bob Cook • New laminate counter in kitchen -Thanks Tom Hellickson & Jack Guthrie Outdoor Chapel Renovation

•Complete refurbishment of Outdoor Chapel with new handicap accessible gravel trail, new log seating and steps -Thanks Northwest Youth Corps, Gray Family Foundation, Bill & Brenda Johnson and other donors. • 5 trees fallen around camp to create new seating -Thanks Art Labahn and his crew Signage Project

• Construction and installation of camp signage -Thanks Bob Buchholz General projects

• New basketball court post and backboard -Thanks Jim Krueger, Art Labahn, Tom Mains and Tom Hellickson

• Star gazing platform trail barrier -Thanks Bill & Brenda Johnson • New windows in Cascara that open and close -Thanks Art Labahn • New crosses at the creek and upper campfire -Thanks Art Labahn



Site & Facilities Goals for 2018: • Re-grade and gravel front parking lot • Replace shower and flooring in Cook’s Quarter’s bathroom • Paint dorm cabins (interior and exterior) • Nurse’s cabin bathroom remodel and expansion • Pool upgrades 2018 projects total about $75,000 All projects are begun as cash is available. Thanks to everyone who contributes to Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Charlotte Trent, Program Director

Program Report Program Highlights in 2017:

Confirmation Churches (15)

In 2017, Camp Lutherwood invited 484 campers, families, leaders and volunteers to “Dive in!” to God’s goodness and love at camp. The summer was filled with moments of play, relaxation, faith formation, and discovery for campers and families both onsite and at the 14 congregations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington who hosted Day Camp.

Summer Program Campers: 2013-2017

Each week this summer, campers on- and off-site explored what it means to “Dive In” and learned about their baptism, God’s forgiveness and love. We learned that God is always with us “…When you pass through the waters I will be with you.” (Isaiah 43:2)

Beautiful Savior, Vancouver, WA Calvary Lutheran Church, Hillsboro Central Lutheran, Eugene Church of the Good Shepherd and St. Mark’s Episcopal, Madras Community of ChristChurch, Hillsboro Creator Lutheran, Clackamas Gloria Dei Lutheran, Coos Bay Messiah Lutheran, Vancouver, WA Milwaukie Lutheran, Milwaukie St. Andrew Lutheran, Beaverton St. Paul Lutheran, Sherwood St. Stephen Lutheran, Gladstone Trinity Lutheran, Vancouver, WA West Linn Lutheran, West Linn Zion Lutheran, Camas

Day Camp Churches (14) Beautiful Savior Lutheran, Vancouver Calvin Presbyterian, Tigard Creator Lutheran, Clackamas Grace Lutheran, Corvallis Hope Lutheran, Klamath Falls Immanuel Lutheran, Woodburn Milwaukie Lutheran, Milwaukie Our Redeemer Lutheran, Eugene St. Andrew Lutheran, Beaverton St. Paul Lutheran, Sherwood West Linn Lutheran, West Linn First Lutheran, St. Helens Central Lutheran, Eugene Faith Lutheran, Albany


total campers in 2017

2017 Year-Round Events & Retreats

High School Retreat, Feb. 17-19: “Tune In” Pastor John led a weekend where High School youth reflected on how to “Tune In” to God in daily living. Lutherwood on Location Lock In, Oct. 7-9 The first Lutherwood on Location event brought 17 youth together at Gloria Dei Lutheran, Coos Bay for a fun weekend of games, service and worship.

Effective Camp Data: -89% of parents said they plan on sending their child to Lutherwood in 2018 -91% of parents said their child had fun at Camp Lutherwood -84% of campers said they enjoyed their cabin counselor -77% of campers said they tried something new at camp -35% were new campers, 17% were second time campers and 48% were multi-time returners

Summer Theme 2018: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” -Ephesians 2:8 Through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, God’s grace transforms our hearts, world and how we live in community together. Through biblical storytelling, worship opportunities, and fellowship campers will explore what it means to be changed by God’s grace through our theme, “This Changes Everything!”



Maddie Tew, Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Marketing & Communication Report 2017 was an exciting year for Marketing and Communication at Lutherwood! One of the most notable milestone’s for Lutherwood’s Marketing was the release of a completely redesigned and updated website in December. The website is now mobile friendly, is easier to navigate, and all information is up to date. Several new pages were added such as, an Outdoor Education Page, Become a Volunteer Page, a FAQ page, and many pages displaying photos of our site. Our social media accounts also grew this year as we reached a larger audience. We exceeded our goal set in last year’s annual report to reach 1,350 likes on Facebook, gaining 93 new likes in 2017, for a grand total of 1,366 likes. We also gained 71 new followers on Instagram, 68 new emails in our Constant Contact Data Base, and 10 new YouTube subscribers. In the spring, we successfully ran an appeal for the “Signage Project,” through both online and print mediums. The campaign reached its goal of raising $8,000 in about two months and was a great example of how new online marketing and development techniques work together successfully. As we look to the future of Lutherwood’s Marketing, we have decided to combine the positions of Marketing and Communication Coordinator and Development Associate. We are also thrilled to announce our newest staff member, Development Associate and Marketing Coordinator Allison Westerhoff!

Social Media Milestones:


93 like increase from 2016

On average we reached...


people with each Facebook Post

2016 average: 535 2015 average: 429

Print Publications: • Annual Meeting postcard • Annual Meeting packet • Staff Recruiting postcard • Summer brochure • Summer Program flyers • Camp FAQ Sheet • Work Day Postcards • Camp Specific Postcards • Spring Newsletter • Spring Appeal letter • Friday Post (8 editions) • Summer Postcards • Harvest Festival Save the Date Postcard • Harvest Fest invitations • Fall Newsletter • Harvest Fest Thank yous • Winter Appeal letter • Christmas postcard • Christmas card • Thank You photo collages for volunteers... and more!!

total “likes” on



new videos on

Youtube Top Facebook post of 2017 was “Outdoor Chapel Renovation” with


71 new followers on 356 total followers



Marketing Goals for 2018: • Continue to grow social media accounts and have 1,500 Facebook likes and 425 Instagram followers by 2019. Post information that portrays Camp Lutherwood Oregon as a year-round organization • Keep information on the website up-to-date • Organize and expand mailing lists to improve communication with constituants • Engage alumni networks through social media and email lists • Explore and establish an efficient way to continue connections with rental groups


John Gustafson, Board Treasurer

Treasurer’s Report 2017 brought more improvements to Camp Lutherwood. The outdoor chapel was completely re-done, including crushed rock pathways to get there. This allowed participation by a wheelchair camper for the first time. This met one of our goals of making camp a more accessible place for all. Work continued on the future of Camp in attracting groups on a year round basis. We worked with The University of Oregon Consulting Group on the demand for this in our area. While progress was made on long term goals we cannot forget about the here and now. Campers and donations were down for the second year in a row. As you go back to your congregations please encourage them to support and send their children and families to camp in the coming years. On a personal note, I reached the end of my term as a board member and treasurer and want to thank everyone who has contributed their time, talents and resources to support this wonderful place called Camp Lutherwood. I look forward to seeing you at future work parties this spring as we get Camp ready for all those wonderful campers whose lives will certainly be changed and inspired by this place set apart. Respectfully Submitted, John Gustafson, Board Treasurer Hoorah!



Adm inis tra* Ma r on ke* ng  & Dev  Ou elop trea men c Pro t   gram   Day  Cam p   Ren tal  G rou Site ps    &  O per Con a*o sul* ns   ng / Deb Buil t  Se ding r  De v ice   Ca p sign ital     Imp rove men ts  &  Equ ipm ent

201 7  

Treasurer’s Report, continued

Cam p Lu the rwo od  O rego n  Ex pen ses  

1.9% - Marketing & Outreach

January - December 2017 Expenses


3.4% - Capital Improvements & Equiptments






6.5% - Debt Service 2.9% - Consulting-


Buil nsul*n ding g De -­‐   sign


Site & Operations



t Se rvic e  

Building Design

4% -Groups

January - December 2017 Income

1.8% 1% - Store 0% - Other



2% - Fundraising





om Inc 017 n  2 ego

Summer Program

Or ood erw uth p  L



Rentals & Groups

Program Retreats


1% - Non-Summer 4% - Day Camp



-Day Camp

ogr r Pr me e Sum mm -­‐Su Non mp  Ca Day   tals Ren a;




pro vem ent s &   Equ ipm ent

Treasurer’s Report, continued

Summary Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January through December 2017

Jan - Dec 17


$ Over Budget

% of Budget

Ordinary Income/Expense Income Income Accounts Summer Program









Day Camp Income





Rentals & Group Use













Store Income





Other Income





















Contract Services





Payroll Expenses





Staff Expenses










Program Expense





Administration Expense





Interest Expense










Counsulting Expense
























Kitchen Expense Non-Food





Store Purchases





Fundraising and Development


























Non-Summer Program Retreats

Donations Grants

Fundraising Income -Non-Donation Income Accounts Total Income Gross Profit Expense Expense Accounts

Rental Group Expense

Total Expense Accounts Total Expense Net Ordinary Income Net Income



Treasurer’s Report, continued

Summary Balance Sheet



Treasurer’s Report, continued

Statement of Cash Flows

January through December 2017



Board of Directors & Advisory Committee Board of Directors: Terry Buchholz President - St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton Alan Christensen Vice President - St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland John Gustafson Treasurer - United Lutheran Church, Eugene Lennie Torgerson Secretary - Prince of Life Lutheran Church, Oregon City Craig Farnstrom Board - St. Luke Lutheran Church, Portland Rev. Kelle Nelson DeBruin Board - Jan, St. Paul Lutheran Church., Portland Donna Koehneke Board - Peace Lutheran Church, Salem Libby Isensee Board - West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Rev. Jeremy Lucke Board - Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath

Potential Nominees for Board of Directors 2018: Barry McPherson - Atonement Lutheran, Newport Matt Johnson - Our Redeemer Lutheran, Tigard Joanna MacDonald - Emmaus Lutheran, Eugene

2017 Advisory Committee: Jim Krueger United Lutheran Church, Eucgene Gerry Stolp Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Eric Elwood Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Todd Edman Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Brent Hample United Lutheran Church, Eugene



Camp Lutherwood Community of Support Thank you to all congregations, individuals, volunteers, organizations and summer staff who support the work and ministry of Camp Lutherwood Oregon!

Association Congregations Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Vancouver Bethesda Lutheran Church, Eugene Central Lutheran Church, Eugene Christ the King Lutheran Church, Tigard Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Faith Lutheran Church, Junction City Faith Lutheran Church, Roseburg Faith Lutheran Church, Albany Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland Grace Lutheran Church, Corvallis Immanuel Lutheran Church, Silverton Immanuel Lutheran Church, Woodburn Messiah Lutheran Church, Eugene Milwaukie Lutheran Church, Milwaukie New Life Lutheran Church, Florence Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Eugene Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Salem Peace Lutheran Church, Philomath Peace Lutheran Church, Salem Prince Of Life Lutheran Church, Oregon City Springfield Lutheran Church, Springfield Saint Mark Lutheran Church, Salem St Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton St. Mark Lutheran Church,

Portland St. Paul of Damascus, Boring Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas Trinity Lutheran Church, Oregon City Trinity Lutheran Guild, Tulelake United Lutheran Church, Eugene West Linn Lutheran Church, West Linn Zion Lutheran Church, Camas Zoar Lutheran Church, Canby *Association Congregations give annually to Camp Lutherwood Oregon

Individual Donors

Robert Aaserude Peter & Dawn Adams Jack & Julie Adkins Mia Albright Dave & Glenda Andersen Jim Anderson John & Christina Andrea Mike & Suzanne Barnes John Barnum Jane Batterson Robert & Joyce Batterson Bob & Terry Buchholz Nancy Becker Dick & Diane Bemrose Dale & Jolita Benson Helen Berg Jack & Inez Berkey Rev. Stan Berntson & Sharon Geldaker Marilyn & Arthur Bervin Dennis & Bonnie Betts Scott & Kristi Beyer Holly & Nicole Bishop-Perdue Cody Blikstad Don Charles Blom Katie Bode Rev. Jim & Carmen Bornzin

Bryan & Margaret Bowyer Edgar & Marylouise Brandt Rick Brathovde Henry & Ardith Bretthauer Valerie Briggs Karyn Butler Rev. Steve & Claudia Carlson Jake & Ruthann Carroll Robert & Lori Casteel Alan & Judy Christensen Dr. Nathan & Ms. Samantha Christensen Betty & Kenneth Clauson Jim & Jorgie Coakley Charles Cole Judy Collins Lisa Cooley Cindy & Ken Culpepper Cecil Dammen Gregory Darr Charles & Maureen Davis Joann Derie Bruce & Kathy DeYoung Mark & Nancy Dickman Chuck & Arlene Dietz Trudi & James Diffendaffer Gay Kramer-Dodd & Rev. Tom Dodd Lou & Karen Drouet Richard & Kathleen Durling Charles & Sherry Eisenbach Cheryl Ellertson Caitlin Elwood Leslie & David Everson Craig & Cindi Farnstrom Margrethe & Gene Farnstrom Susan Folsom Crume Deena & David Frosaker Jim & Nancy Fuerstenberg Betty & Elroy Fuller Henry Fuqua Larry & Diane George Cindy & John Gibbon David & Caryl Gibson Jerry & Joyce Gilbert Mark & Sarah Gillem Robert & Kay Glathar

Karen Goodwin George & Kerri Gubbins David & Janet Gustafson John & Courtney Gustafson Susan & Dan Gustafson Thomas & Katherine Schroeder Gustafson Rev. Walter and Mary Gustav Jack & Elsa Guthrie Mary & Paula Guthrie-Scott Thomas Habermann Gary & Jennifer Haliski Brent & Monica Hample The Hansen Family George & P. Kay Hanson Lyle & Stephanie Hanson Vicky Hart Sarah Heacock Doris Helikson Tom & Debbie Hellickson Jennifer Helm Dallas & Lenora Hemphill Rev. Wendell and Rev. Netsie Hendershott Amy & Bruce Henderson Jim & Judy Hendrickson James & Linda Henry Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath Revs. Karl & Kim Hester Rudy & Pam Hiley Jon & Janet Holboke Libby & Jon Isensee MaryEllen & Dar Isensee Phil Isensee & Rev. Martha Maier Rev. Harlow & Nancy Jacobson Myrtle Jaech Mark & Mary Lou Janeba Carl & Marjorie Jensen Joe & Kathy Jenson Anton & Lyndall Johnson Bill & Brenda Johnson Dan & Deborah Johnson Jo Ellen Johnson Peter & Janet Johnson Rev. F Craig & Karen J. Johnson

Please note that we may have left names out unintentionally, please notify a Lutherwood staff member to correct this error CAMP LUTHERWOOD OREGON | 2017 ANNUAL MEETING


Camp Lutherwood Community of Support, continued Individual Donors cont.

Rev. Laurie Jones Lynn Kahle Walt & Laura Kastner Mike & Nancy Keeton Beverly Killam Rev. Susan Kintner Debra & Rodger Knebel Rev. Dale A & Donna M Koehneke Patricia & Abner Korsness Julie Kresl James & Ellen Krueger Sally & Jeff Krueger Peter & Lori Kugler Jim Kuhlman Art & Sandi Labahn Chad & Bethany Lakies Stephen & Cyndy Lane Rev. Rachel & Andrew Langford Donald & Barbara Lanning Charlene Larsen Kirsten Larsen Steve & Kimberlee Larsen Wanda Larson Bill & Toni Lawson James & Darlene Leklem Rev. Mark & Dee Lieske Melissa Livingston Greg Lockwood Rev. Jeremy & Alicia Lucke Les & Susan Lunas Rev. John & Herta Luttmann Neil & Patty MacInnes Sonia Macke Tom & Kathy Mains Carol Haggerty & Marsha Dennis

David Mattson Chad & Emily McCann Denise & Barry McPherson Deb & Rev. Joe Medley Don & Judy Mertes Peter Metcalf Kim Meyers Ron & Larilee Mills Rick & Kathryn Toepel Minor Rev. Terry Moe Alvin & Violet Mohr Ronald & Virginia Mohr Jennifer Monnig John Morse & Neal Mandich Lowell Nelson Rev. Kelle Nelson Dan & Betsy Newell Chuck Niemi Stephen & Beverly Norton

Kenneth & Jetta Ollek Steve & Janice Oliva Nancy Olsen Thomas & Frances Ouweleen Paul Overgaard Beverly Palmer Joanna MacDonald Kristen & Matthew Paschall Daruss Paul Rev. David & Diane Paulson Mike & Jane Paynter John & Cathy Pederson Ella Pengilley Joel & Philip Nickel Jeffrey & Alice Phillips Ted & Yvonne Phillips Pam Potts Rev. Barbara Punch Steve & Cheryl Rafoth Lisa Ramsey Brian & Wendy Rase Fraser Rasmussen Richard & Clara Ray Tom & Diana Renn Carol Rohlfing Amy Running Renee Rutz Robert Saltmarsh Rev. Sara & Josh Samuelson Steve & Debbie Sandau Bob & Sherlene Schmidt Judy & Rev. Dell Schomburg John & Lois Schrenk Joel & Mary Schuldheisz Betty Schunk Beth Schwartz Andrea Scofield David Scofield Elaine & Lester Senff Roger & Lois Shafer Rod & Mitzi Shirk Randy & Brenda Shults Michael & Charell Shultz Brenda Shum Patricia & Robert Siegmund Manuel & Karen Silveira Gretchen Simas Phil & Nina Sjoding Nathan Skadsen Joyce Smith Patricia Smith Tanya Smith Charlotte Stelzer Rod & Rhonda Stephens Gerry & Heidi Stolp Rev. Leah Stolte-Doerfler

Linda Strine Paul & Debi Stromberg Josh & Marie Stromberg-Wojcik Rev. Tom & Windi Struck Amy & Ryan Stuczynski James Sture John & Sandra Sulak Rev. Scott & Susan Summers Irene Sund Larry & Merrily Sutton Rev. Paul & Mary Swanson Holly Tamsen Trent Nicholas Tasker Elin & Rev.Paul Teyler Bill Thompson Clark & Carolyn Tiecke Adalbert & Mildred Toepel Svend & Lois Toftemark Kurt & Lennie Torgerson Rev. Roy & Edith Tribe Larry & Phyllis Vachal Gordon & Dorothy Vangsnes Hank & Sid Voorhees Thor Waage Marty & Liz Waananen Wendy Waananen Marilyn Walsh Joe & DeeDee Watson Shirley Watson AnnMarie Webster Jerry & Sally Ann West Richard & Kathy Whitwer Kristi Wilde James & Yvonne Wildish Floyd & Sharon Wilson Rev. Zane & Mary Beth Wilson Ronald & Donna Wilson M.J. Wolf Gary Wolfe David & Lori Yandell Bruce & Vivian Zagar Linda & Nick Zimmerman

Other Organizations AmazonSmile Central Lutheran Church Endowment, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Foundation, Eugene Central Lutheran Church Women, Eugene Columbia River Associates, Vancouver Emerald Excavating Emmaus Lutheran Church

Women, Eugene Gray Family Foundation InFaith Community Foundation Michael Stapleton Construction Milwaukie Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, Milwaukie Milwaukie Lutheran Church Women, Milwaukie Morning West Publishing Murdock Charitable Trust OneHope Foundation Oregon Synod-Region 1 ELCA Spaeth Lumber Co. Inc Technaprint Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars Viper Aviation YourCause Thrivent Gift Multiplier

Volunteers Jim Anderson John Barnum Dick Bemrose Katie Bode Bob & Terry Buchholz Nathan, Peter, Samantha & Clara Christensen Alan & Judy Christensen Rev. Tom Dodd Eric Elwood Craig & Kyle Farnstrom Chad Frazee John Gustafson Jack Guthrie Mark Hammond Tom Hellickson Justin Honda Revs. Joe & Patricia Hughes Rev. Dale & Donna Koehneke Jim Krueger Jeff Krueger Daniel Krueger Art Labahn Rev. Jeremy Lucke James MacDonald Tom Mains Deb & Rev. Joe Medley Lowell Nelson Cody Offchiss Steve & Diane Palmer

Please note that we may have left names out unintentionally, please notify a Lutherwood staff member to correct this error



Camp Lutherwood Community of Support, continued Volunteers cont. Don Richard Steve & Debbie Sandau Phil & Nina Sjoding Charlotte Stelzer Sarah Stolp Heidi & Gerry Stolp Blake Strom Nick Tasker Nathan Tew Becca Tew Bill Thompson Joanna Thurner Sarah Tolleson Lennie & Lars Torgerson The Jon Isensee Family Wendy Waananen Nathan Whitwer Bruce & Vivian Zagar

2018 Year Round Staff: Andrea Scofield Executive Director, Caitlin Elwood Director of Operations, Charlotte Trent Director of Programs & Spiritual Renewal, Allison Westerhoff Development Associate & Marketing Coordinator,

Brandie Mehlhorn Guest Services & Host, Tom Brewer Site & Facilities Coordinator, Cindy Culpepper Financial Administrator,

Special Thanks to Former 2017 Year Round Staff Kirsten Larsen, Maddie Bernard and Pastor Sara Gross Samuelson

2017 Summer Staff Debbie Adamson* Maddie Bernard Peter Bernard* Zane Burton* Natalie Carlisle* Henry Elling* Austin Gillem* Angie Gornik* Brian Hix Megan Holt* Justin Johnson* Kasey Kallevig Jamie Kresl* Rebecca Louie* Chloe Mankin* Samantha Matthew Brandie Mehlhorn Jessica Norris Alina Nussbaum* Gabby Scheck* Lauren Shon* Rachel Summers Nathaniel Taylor Becca Tew Nathan Tew Charlotte Trent Skyler Waterman Timothy Woolf* *Indicates new staff

Thank you for making Camp Lutherwood Oregon your “place set apart!�



Camp Lutherwood Oregon mission


core values

what we do

Camp Lutherwood Oregon offers an outdoor experience that empowers staff and guests of all ages to discover caring and affirming relationships with God, others, self and the natural world.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is a vibrant center of spirituality, service, and hospitality open to people of all ages and faiths. Lutherwood provides experiences that bring people into a deeper awareness and connection with God, self, neighbor, the community and the earth. Laughter and shared experiences result in a richer understanding of the connectedness of life to one another and to the life giving grace from Creator God. We are a sustainable organization cultivating lives of faith and service.

- Community: Intentional, life-giving relationships with Christ as the core - Faith: Nurturing faith through sacred texts, sharing and experiential learning - Leadership: Trained and dedicated professional staff and volunteers - Stewardship: Responsible use of our resources and facilities - Worship: Inspired worship through creativity and music - Creation: Caring for and interacting with God’s Creation - Play: Non-competitive play and outdoor recreation - Our Lutheran Heritage: Lutheran theology, congregations, laity, clergy - Partnerships: Collaborative relationships with congregations, Lutheran judicatories, local, regional and national organizations, various faith communities, human service organizations along with schools & universities - Discovery: Providing a safe place for personal discovery and the cultivation of servant leaders

- Provide an exposure to and experiences in the great outdoors - Teach about our connections to the natural world and how to be good stewards of the earth - Ground participants in community with others - Cultivate lives of faith and service - Play, laugh, be still, listen and try new things - Share delicious meals - Offer hospitality to everyone - Recognize all things as a gift from God - Encourage a life of gratitude in response to all God has done for us | 541-998-6444

2017 Annual Report  

Read a summary of our accomplishments of 2017, and our goals for 2018.

2017 Annual Report  

Read a summary of our accomplishments of 2017, and our goals for 2018.